Ulcers and Tonsils - a link??

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I have suffered from recurrent tonsilitus for years, I have also suffered from recurrent mouth ulcers for years. I was wondering if there is any sort of link ie the same basic virus. Does everyone that suffers from mouth ulcers a) still have their tonsils b) suffer with regular tonsilitus?
Lizzie 12 April 08
Hi all,

in my case, my tonsils were removed when I was a child and I was thinking whether this is linked with moulth ulcers. A doctor said that without tonsils my inmunity system is weaker.
John 12 April 08
An interesting thought.
Although, I still have my tonsils intact, and don't suffer with tonsilitus.
Dom Walton 13 April 08
i've had my tonsils out since i was 10 [i'm 25 now] and my ulcers have only gotten worse.
christine 16 April 08
my daughter suffers with both ...when she has a bad case of ulcers she also gets tonsilitous .....
wendy 17 April 08
Definitely. Glandular Fever too.
Nick. 17 April 08
I have had recurrent mouth ulcers for three years now. Prior to that I had ulcers probably 4 times a year. When this problem started I had a new ulcer every day to ever other day. It's gotten better but you're totally right, I do still have my tonsils and I've been wondering if there is a link. In addition, I have noticed pockets of infections within the tonsils that produce foul-smelling, cheese-like formations. Disgusting. I'm wondering if there is a link because I am also getting ulcers on the throat area of the soft palate. Interesting. The other interesting thing is that these ulcers are apparently not contagious yet about a month after this started happening to me, my boyfriend started getting rampant ulcers in his mouth. We've seen many doctors and after full exams, they don't have a clue. They say it's a coincidence, but I think not. We have the same strange problem, and no other symptoms.
Dani 12 July 08
i had my tonsils out as a kid and i get ulcers all the time :-(
It hurts! 18 July 08
My little girl age 8 has had horrible ulcers for years, also on her tonsils. She had her tonsils removed at xmas and now she gets them on her tonsil scars. They have given her nystan, which works after a couple of days but then they just come back. She cannot walk talk or see either as she had a brain bleed as a baby. Doctors have tried most things but nothing works.They make her miserable, it isnt her diet either because last year she had a gastro tube into her stomach and her diet is the best you can get.
Angela 1 August 08
Angela - is your daughter taking diclofenac or ibuprofen following her tonsilectomy? I had this very same problem and ended up being tube fed in hosital, weighing 6 stone because they spread to the the whole of my digestive system. It was wholly down to the drugs - so if she is taking them, stop now! It took me a year to recover but I am now fighting fit and only ever get ulcers when extremely run down - am much better off without my tonsils, so its all worth it in the end!
Emma 2 August 08
Wow, I had my tonsils out when I was three and I started getting the "ulcer curse" about mid-teens, I'm now 32 and sitting here right now, I have a really painful ulcer on my lower lip! What is interesting is I also have tonsilitis right now! Obviously they didn't take all my tonsils, or some grew back, 'cause it managed to get itself infected!

Anyway, there might be a link here, having said that, not sure if there is much I can do about it now.
Anthony 7 August 08
My son who is 21 has tonsilitis and many ulcers inside his mouth . H e is taking anti biotics. There must be a link re the tonsillitis and ulcers i think.
Catherine 12 October 08
I have an ulcer on my tonsil? Has anyone got a tip for treating this? I won't be able to see a dr for several days.
nick 17 October 08
I have been getting mouth ulcers for about 4 years now usually on my tongue...started in my early 40s. I just had a biopsy (quite painful) that came back absolutely normal for virus, cancer and bacteria. My doctor is suggesting a tonsillectomy as a "radical" approach to ending my problem. She has had success in a few cases w/ ulcers in children. Our local paper has doctor's columns where people write in for advice and there seems to be @ least one letter per month pertaining to mouth ulcers. I have tried everything, i.e., prescription medication for herpes virus (including Valtrex), acid-reflux med., salt water rinse, changing toothpaste to non-SLS, kiwi, sourkraut, many over the counter meds....I'm @ my wits end. I don't understand why some get relief from these home remedies and others still suffer and research hasn't pinpointed the problem. Anyway, am now pondering tonsillectomy for no other reason than to get rid of these ulcers for good (never had any ulcers on my tonsils)....but now after reading that some of you have had your tonsils removed w/ no relief from the ulcers, maybe not. Anyone wanting to try some home remedies, check out peoplespharamacy.com (I think)
Kerry October 08 31 October 08
Ive had bad mouth ulcers for around 20 years, in the last year ive had tonsillitis twice and both times ulcers appeared on my tonsils and my dangly bit at the back of the mouth. Perhaps theres a link. My tonsils are a mess, small craters all over them.
Stewart 17 November 08
I had my tonsils out years ago and still suffer really bad ulcers. Sorry!
ally 17 November 08
I've suffered with tonsillitis all my life and mouth ulcers are definately linked to them I never get 1 without the other...so so so painful when i get ulcers on my tonsills:(:(
orla 25 November 08
i have suffered from mouth ulcers and tonsilitis my whole life. very sore and painful. i had my tonsils out when i was 18 and now being 27 years old i get a mouth full of ulcers every 2 weeks without fail. i have 4 at the moment. aparently is linked with tonsilitis as the mouth still carries the germ and instead of getting tonsilitis i get ulcers.
mel 28 November 08
I've had regular ulcers and tonsillitis since I was about 12. When I was 19 I had my tonsils taken out.
4 years later I still get regular ulcers and tonsillitis (well obviously not tonsillitis as I have none, but sore throats.)
Lee 16 December 08
My daughter has severe tonsillitus at the moment she also has ulcers on tongue and gums has any body else suffered all of these symptoms at the same time. Any tips on pain relief.
michelle December 08 18 December 08
friends, it's all about what you put in to your system. tonsils are gatekeepers on duty - when bad stuff tries to enter, they do their job. for doctors, when problems arise, it's easiest to kill the messenger (and it pays). mouth ulcers... just a sign that conditions in there aren't tip-top: you've had too much of this or not enough of that. for anyone ready to fight their own diet patterns to the extreme for extreme results, please give a listen to victoria boutenko (all books, start with green for life) and gabriel cousins (his 2003 book only - very advanced level, not recommend for starters), then pass your book on to the next person who needs it.
jm 25 December 08
I read an article about Sodium Laurel Sulfate, common stuff found in toothpase, and mouthwash. Some people develop allergies to them and then develop mouth ulcers. You should try to look for products without this chemical in them and see if that may be your problem.
Elaine 10 August 09
Hi Lizzie

I also suffer from recurrent tonsillitis and the mouth ulcers are killing me( I have 4 at the moment)! I definitely think there might be a link. I'm having them removed soon so I'll keep you posted.
Shaun 13 August 09
Hi, I have got tonsilitis. Well, I am asuming so, and I also have ulsers all over my mouth. very very painful :(
jenna 14 September 09
Hii, i am 14 and i have hade tonsilitis for nearly three years and just recently i have started get mouth ulcers really bad :( there must be a link somewhere !
cassia 12 October 09
Currently suffering with tonsillitis and have in addition now got ulcers on my tongue, gums and lips - they're more painful than the tonsillitis itself!
Abi 15 March 10
i got 5 ulcers right now on my tongue(2) gums(1) lips(1) and tonsils (1).eating b complex tabs.BTW if one tab a day doesn't do it,eat 4.
neeraj 21 April 10
I have got tonsilitus and glandular fever and I have got all ulcers really bad and very painful
lynne. 28 April 10
I've got tonsilitus now and I get it once every couple of years however this is the first time I've got ulcers with it. They are all over my tounge, my gums and my lips. I'm not able to eat and can just about manage to drink water without being in pain. Its vile.
illgirl 15 May 10
had tonsillitis 7 times this year and ulcers mainly every time. This time the tonsillitis went away quickly but now i have 10+ ulcers on cheeks, gums tongue!
Tan 5 July 10
Have had no tonsils for 28 years but managing to suffer with tonsillitis probably due to over partying. But the tongue and gum ulcers are even worse. First time ever had them. Can't eat with swollen gums :( not happy Jan
Sickgirl 12 October 10
taking antibiotics for my toncilitis and now got so many mouth ulsers .painful azz :(
mike 4 December 10
AW well i am 48 had Toncilitis many years ago but nothing like this..The mouth Ulcer pain is much worse than the pain in my Toncils.I had to go to the GP on call on Sunday as i felt so ill ,Head ache temprature aches and pains all over my body even my eyes hurt.he gave me Penicillen tabs 500ml 4 times a day and was told to take Paracetamol .i woke up this morning Mon with more ulcers on my tongue cant eat hardly drink.glad i found this forum as it has put my mind at rest about the Ulcers.never heard of the two being linked before.....AGONY>>>>
Ellie 28 February 11
Thank goodness its not just me. I have tonsilitis and mouth ulcers. I went to doctor yesterday so started on antibiotics...so throat feels much better, but ulcers are now burning like crazy - and even sting when I drink water! I've had mouth ulcers before, but never anything like this bad. I've never had a bad case of tonsilitis until now.
crosby 29 March 11
(Male, age 29) I had pain in swallowing for a day - with fever and fatigue. Then ulcers started .. went to doctor, no viral/bacterial infection was found. Mouth smells, cant swallow my own spit due to pain, cant eat anything solid, drinking liquids is an exercise in pain ... depressed, in pain, dont want to talk to even my wife, living on ibuprofen/antibiotic/Vit B ... Hope end is near !
Rahul 31 March 11 31 March 11
(Male, age 29) I had pain in swallowing for a day - with fever and fatigue. Then ulcers started .. went to doctor, no viral/bacterial infection was found. Mouth smells, cant swallow my own spit due to pain, cant eat anything solid, drinking liquids is an exercise in pain ... depressed, in pain, dont want to talk to even my wife, living on ibuprofen/antibiotic/Vit B ... Hope end is near !
Rahul 31 March 11 31 March 11
(Male age 23) Suffer from ulcer and tonsilitis all my life. But ulcers in the mouth are the worse. Currently have 5 on my tongue, two on the back of my mouth. and Swollen sensitive gums that bleed...of course..at the same time i have tonsolitis or some strep throat burning sensation. Taking antibiotics licocinin, erthynomin, but they seem to help at a minimal. Been swallowing Ibuprofen to try to minimize the pain, but thats barely working. Wish this hell gets over soon.
Jeff 7 April 11
Jeff - It will be over in some time. I got Amoxycillin - 3 times a day for 10 days.
Also, I would suggest gargle with warm water and salt.
Rahul - M29 11 April 11
I am 16 and have tonsillitis, bad breath, fever, swollen bleeding gums, tooth ache, tongue ulcers, mouth ulcers and cracked lips. I was wondering if the penicillin I am taking for the tonsillitis (the original infection) will help cure my other symptoms... Does anyone know? Please reply - I've been living on mini milks and magnums for the last week...
TorturedTonsil 14 August 11
I am so glad I found this forum! Thought I was some weirdo who is having both. I have been on amoxycillin the past 5 days, didn't work..now and another two different antibiotics. Mouth is a horror. Full of ulcers and even the scan showed the ulcers go down to my throat. My lips are blistered from being cracked and dry. Its miserable and now its comforting to know that others have experienced the same. My gums have all massively swollen up and I cant chew on anything. Wishing this nightmare would end soon. So far ice cream jelly has been my source of food and clear soup.
Celia in Despair 10 October 11
(Female, aged 32 years) I am also glad i found this forum. Have been diagnosed with tonsillitus, i have no energy and can't eat or drink as it hurts too much to swallow and the ulcer on the end of my tongue (which is huge), the roof of my mouth (3), under my tongue (2) and on my lips (1) sting like mad. My gums are sore and my teeth ache, I can't even clean my teeth it hurts so much. Have been on antibiotics for 2 days but feel no better. When will this ordeal end? Can't seem to find any relief. My husband has been away for a week and what little energy i have goes on missing food not him, which is awful.
Badwife 11 October 11
Wow, I didn't realize so many people had this same connection! I was worried I had some rare issue in regard to my dental/tonsil problems. For anybody reading who is looking for information on what to do with their symptoms (as I was earlier this week while trying to figure out what mess I was in), I'm currently at the end of a very long day where everything was sorted out. But until this afternoon I was on day five of these terrible effects of the illness:
100+ fever
swollen gums
a few mouth ulcers
a throat so sore that I couldn't even swallow my saliva
body aches
I was originally prescribed (on day two) Amoxycillin to cure what the first RN thought was a bad sinus infection, but the sore throat and swollen gums worsened until I could barely talk without crying. Luckily (though I wish I had done it earlier) I decided to rope my dentist and my college's health center together - the dentist looked at my gums, told me to call him in two days if the antibiotic didn't improve the gum situation, and when I did with the news of the awful progression of the swelling he prescribed a second antibiotic to accompany the first and a bottle of vicodin to fight overall pain. Another doctor appointment that day (today actually) went through the standard testing for tonsil related issues (mono, bacteria/viral, strep - all negative), decided it was severe tonsillitis, agreed with the dentist on the second antibiotic of Metronidazole and provided an additional prescription for Magic Mouthwash - seriously the best thing ever created (after vicodin) - completely numbed the sores and my gums. In a few days I have an appointment with the dentist to make sure everything is okay, but other than that I'm starting to feel a turnaround, at least in pain.

That long personal anecdote aside, to answer the first question on connection between tonsillitis and mouth ulcers... the doctor I saw today originally wanted to test my canker sore for herpes until I told her I've suffered from recurring mouth sores my whole life, and so she proceeded to tell me that they may come from something else - like stress, for me. As for what 'causes' canker sores, i.e. a virus or an organism, she specifically said studies are at a complete loss for what exactly makes them appear. The only thing you can do is keep a record and see if they appear at certain times and what you may have eaten/done to perhaps brought them on - like, if stress, did your diet change during this stress? More sugar, more sodium, more fatty foods? In this connection to the tonsillitis, it just so happens that my case may have been brought on by my most recent dental cleaning, during which I found out I was close to the dangerous zone (and am still not completely out) of periodontal disease. The large amount of bacteria in my mouth that was chipped away and flushed throughout my system may have started the infection of my tonsils, which would also explain the severe mouth reaction I had to the tonsillitis - the stress brought on by the whole situation resulting in mouth sores.
Chris 28 April 12
I have the same problem. It started with just the Tonsillitis, then my gums start to hurt really bad. Then after that I start getting what I think are cold sores on my lip. Starts with two, now 4. Have another one on the side of my tongue and one more on the tip of my tongue. Im in so much pain!!!! I cant even keep my mouth closed. Went to the clinic yesterday and she prescribed Amoxacillin and some sort of solution that supposed to numb my throat. I can see that the white stuff on my tonsils has started to go away but the pain from my swollen gums is horrendous. I dont know what to do. I hope the swelling from my gums goes away with the amoxacillin. All I can do is hope. I have no insurance and spent the rest of my Christmas shopping money on the consultation and meds yesterday.
Celene 24 December 12
(female 19) I started out with tonsillitis and a cold sore, it's now progressed into not one but three cold sores on my mouth, and about 6 mouth ulcers and swollen gums. Never had any of these things before apart from a few mouth ulcers.. I've been prescribed penicillin and it is helping the tonsillitis but I don't know what to do for my mouth.. I've literally never had pain this severe, I can't even talk.
Lisa 27 March 13
what an interesting read. Was looking for information too. Both my daughters have had sore throats, glands up, however, not tonsillitis. A couple of days after the sore throat my 5 year old came out with the WORST mouthful of ulcers I have EVER seen. She literally screamed every time she ate or drunk anything.....I'm guessing they were down her throat too! They were also on her lips. I was told they weren't contagious, however, a week later my 3 year old started with a roaring temperature and looking unwell and you guessed it.....ulcers started to appear. I'm a bit confused!
Kelly 14 April 13
I have recently have got tonsillitis and my gums and mouth is hurting so bad. I then realised I had ulcers everywhere and my molars were hurting I think my wisdom teeth are coming out but I'm very young to have them pop out. It really annoys me because I can't chew anything so I have to make everything seem like its baby food argh.
Don't want to say :) 2 September 13
Oral thrush(blisters on tongue and mouth) can also occur from taking antibiotics for tonsillitis. Try taking a probiotic when taking antibiotics
Jen 6 October 13
Ive been on antibiotics since Tuesday, October 8th. It is now Friday, October the 11th. I have a giant ulcer on the end of my tongue, and some others around my mouth. my gums were severely inflamed and swelled Monday. and I couldn't brush my teeth now for a week so i have been using mouth was to kill any germs. Make sure it has no alcohol though. lol... my tongue is slowly getting better as well as my gums and it no longer hurts to swallow anything, thought it does periodically sting to breath or talk. hopefully eating wont be as painful this upcoming Monday. Have a grate rest of your day guys.
Jasper 11 October 13
hello there, this started when i work as a call center agent. first its just a sore throat that happens all the time, and then became a terrible tonsillitis. now, it's tonsillitis with mouth sores. i cant even swallow water. and i think antibiotics worsen my condition.
fae 24 October 13
hello there, this started when i work as a call center agent. first its just a sore throat that happens all the time, and then became a terrible tonsillitis. now, it's tonsillitis with mouth sores. i cant even swallow water. and i think antibiotics worsen my condition.
fae 24 October 13
I have a pet theory about mouth ulcers (whether in the mouth or on the tonsils), and that is that they are connected to the herpes virus. Given that I have had cold sores and mouth ulcers all my life (and right now have a burning mouth and an ulcer on one of my tonsils) and that I don't get them any where near as often when I Valtrex (for herpes) at a preventative dose, I am inclined to think they are related. Anyone else make this connection?
Morag October 2013 28 October 13
I've been getting chronic tonsillitis most of my life and don't ever remember getting mouth sores or ulcers until this time. I have a sore jaw, painful, bleeding gums, ulcers on the sides of my mouth a huge puss filled weepy sore on top of my lip and a dirty great pimple on my tongue. My only thought is that it's because my Dr. used a different antibiotic on me...?
Alana 23 January 14
Would be really helpful if people could re post after the problem has gone to give readers a good idea of how long this lasts, I got tonsillitis on the Sunday and took paracetamol, Because I had shivers and sweats just thought I had a cold, It became apparent to me by Tuesday that toncilitus was the problem but already had the mouth ulcers BEFORE I got to the GP.
So I figure it is either a reaction to the paracetamol, or can just rock up with a bad case of Tonlcilitus.
Hope I can find this forum again and update you. I intend now to cut out all painkillers.
GH 9 March 14
UPDATE..ok here we are day 10. This is the first day I have been able to eat normal food and it is still a bit sore, I did cut out the paracetamol, but still used minimum ibuprofen and washed my mouth out with salt water every few hours, this helped a lot. 2 teaspoons to a pint of water.
Multiple mouth ulcers are really painful, eating is almost impossible without loads of pain, like chewing razor blades.
Intemd to keep using the salt water mouthwash until it is clear. Hope this report was helpful.
GH 11 March 14
Hey. I had flu like symptoms for 2 days then a really sore throat, mouth ulcers and terrible gums. I can't eat anything solid. How long does this take to go away? Please help. Will I have to see a dentist for my gums?
Kirsty 3 May 14
Only read like the first few of these comment and having the exact same problem, I had an ulcer on my gum and I started feeling really ill but I still went to school (I'm 14). I did not get on well and was sick in the toilets. The next day my throat started hurting too and a cold sore was forming on my lip. I went to the doctors and was told I had a severe case of tonsillitis (this is the first time I've had it). Since then more ulcers have hurendous up all at the back line of my gums behind my front teeth and blisters and ulcers all on my tounge that really hurt and my cold sore is really bad and yellow and pussey. I cannot eat anything and haven't eaten in 3 days :(
Megan Birch 14 June 14
I have had tonsillitis numerous times in my life. Despite having had it more than 6 times in one year (the exceeded amount), my doctor has been sure that they should not be removed. Last week I developed tonsillitis after not having had it for about a year. Unfortunately, it developed into streptococcus and then became a quinsy. I had to go through an operation to have all the fluid drained from my throat, and I'm finally on the mend. However, I have now developed a gum infection (i.e numerous mouth ulcers around my back teeth) - I would ignore it but it's become significantly worse over night. Does anyone know if my medication for my other problem should heal this too? Thanks
Fran 19 August 14
I've had bad mouth ulcers my whole life but none since my tonsillectomy.
justme 31 August 14
This is the first time that I have had tonsillitis and mouth ulsers and I can say it is the worst pain I have ever been in.
I can't swallow my own saliva. Can't eat hot food. Can't drink cold water it has to be room temperature. I'm on antibiotics and have been for 2 days. My symptoms started by just a swore throat and temperature of 39.9'C then the next day come all the mouth ulsers as well as tonsillitis.
My advice.
Take some pain medicine (australia=panadol)
Drink lots and lots of water at room temp so it doesn'thurt to swallow it as much
And try to eat lot or soft foods,cut into tiny tiny pieces,to keep your energy up.
(Jelly is a good choice as well as soup at room temperature)

Hope my pain & your pain goes away soon.
Tonsils & ulsers suck 19 September 14
This all started on Tues 2nd. Have a ridiculous job which has left me v rundown and on Tuesday I had a couple of small ulcers on my tongue and a slightly swelling of my glands. Nothing major - this happens to me when I'm run down.mi just take it easy for a while. Wed, not much change in the morning but by the end of the day all my lower gums had swollen as if my wisdom tooth was playing up, small ulcers broke out on my lips, mouth felt v warm and my glands were quite painful. Thus, felt like I'd taken a good smack to the head! Lots or small ulcers all round the edge and under my tongue and the ones on my lips has got considerably bigger and were whitefish. All my gums were sore like on fire and bled and stung if I touched them. Glands still sore and 'wisdom tooth' pain increased but no sore throat or problem swallowing. Mainly just ulcer problem. Fri: oh dear lord the pain! Dribbled a lot during the night and woke up with v sore throat. Every swallow was like swallowing glass. Ulcers were ridiculous. Everything I described on thurs, but worse. Lips has swollen up giving me quite the trout pout! Mouth was on fire! Never been in so much pain. V high temp and increased heart rate and about 12 small really ichy spots on my arms and legs (putting that down to the high temp)

Since the Tues have been to see various pharmacists and doctors who have all said the same thing - you're run down and it will get worse. Fabulous! A doctor said to me on Wed, when you feel your throat get worse come back and we'll be able to treat it. Friday morning I when to the doctors again he prescribed phenoxymethylpenicillin (penicillin basically) on 2 tablets 4 times a day for 10 days and some Fuciden cream for the ulcers on my lips. The tablets should have an affect within a few days and he said there was nothing they could do about the ulcers bar dental mouthwash and salt water.

I've never had tonsillitis before so didn't really know what was coming but I have had chronic ulcers once before and have never been so miserable. The two together are making me despair. It's 5am Sat morning and I don't know what to do with my self. As other people have said, can't even swallow my own spit. Haven't eaten anything proper in days or held a conversation with anyone. Mainly through shear pain and partly because I am v aware of my horrific breath. I can't brush my teeth just using a combination of cordysyl (probably spelt wrong!) and salt water. The dental mouthwash really burns so scared of using it too much

Sorry about this garbled message and any typos or grammar problems: I also have a sterling bout of conjunctivitis which means I can't see too well either. Lovely. Will keep this updated in case anyone else is going through this shite too!
Miserableat5am 4 October 14
i also had tonsilitis but this time it became worse, i had fever for almost a week and then after that i lost my voice and was not able to come to work for almost 3 days. i had to take in higher dosage of medicine for almost a week but up until today my tonsils were still swollen. Doctor's even advise me to have my tonsils removed but i'm hoping and thinking not to and still trusting my medicine and prayers...
christine 23 March 15
First time ever with tonsillitis and also have sores on the underside and side of my tongue, only on the right. My right gland and the right side of my throat were also in more pain than the left, so luckily if I need to chew food I can do so slowly on that side. Antibiotics (26 tablets of phenoxymethylpenicillin) have made the sore throat completely go away, but the sores are painful as ever.

They make eating difficult, so can't take ibuprofen to help with the pain, so can't eat easily... I've just stuck to paracetamol, which doesn't do that much.

High levels of fatigue, fell asleep almost collapsing yesterday about 4-5 hours earlier than usual, but waking up to the pain of the ulcers about 6-7 hours earlier than usual, and once in the night. Fell asleep again after around 5 hours and got an extra couple hours sleep, which was nice.

Developed pain in the wrists, probably from high-levels of use on the computer/games since I started taking the antibiotics.

Hopefully the big ulcer goes away soon so I can eat easier and manage to talk, it's much bigger and much more painful and is in almost constant contact with my teeth thanks to its positioning so I'm almost always in pain. I also believe that it got cut open due to its placement and interaction with my teeth, making it much more painful than the others. If I touch it with my finger, it burns quite badly.

Salt water seemed to ease the pain a little bit for an hour or two, mouthwash and orange juice just cause severe pain. Tea has been my saving grace, being almost painless to drink for whatever reason, as well as yoghurt being almost painless to eat.

This also came on after a trip to the dentists for a thorough clean, so other users who've said that might be on to something. Mouth hygiene is something I've been lacking due to depression, but I'll be sure to keep it up after this ordeal's over. No more tonsillitis and ulcers if I can help it, this is mighty painful and the hunger isn't so fun, either!

I'll try to update this when 1) the pain starts to die down and then 2) when the ulcers start to actually disappear.
Joe - Post 1 13 July 15
Next 'morning' (went to bed at 4am, woke at 1PM) and the pain from my ulcers have reduced dramatically, as well as their size. Yesterday I did a salt water mouth wash, ate yoghurt and stuck to my antibiotics, if anyone wants to know what I took.

The pain is still there, but much less severe. I imagine they will be gone fully in 2-3 days, about a week after they first appeared.
Joe - Post 2 13 July 15
has tonsilitus for 11yrs usually twice a year at deaths door with it every time took a week to clear with peniciilen vk antibiotics had tonsillectomy in 2001 never had it for 6 yrs after that then I developed quincy I had no mouth ulcers no bleeding gums or anything like that just severe tonsiltus but yes I think there is a link to the herpes virus wether it be oral or what
mandy 26 9 2015 26 September 15
Hi, i started to develop a sore throat last tuesday, i then woke up wednesday morning with what i thought to be a sore throat and a headache. I then learned that in fact it was my glands which where swollen, this created an issue for me as is still had to go to work, however, by the thursday evening i was in agony, i was finding it hard to swollow and my glands felt even more swollen than before. I eventually got sent home from work as i was told i was unfit to work. Managed to book an emergency doctors appointment for the friday morning. Doctor took my blood pressure, and my temperature. My temperature had peaked up to above what it should be. she looked at my tonsils and noticed i have white blobs on them. She prescribed me with Penicillin V Potassium as i am pregnant so they had to be careful which type of antibiotic to prescribe to me. it is now sunday evening and i have been taking these since friday afternoon and i have no relief what so ever, the pain is still just as bad and i have developed a large amount of ulcers in my mouth. Im stressed out as im not able to eat properly which then makes me worry about the health of my unborn baby. I dont know what to do
Chantelle 23 November 15
I'm 28, haven't had tonsillitis since the second grade. But I've got it now and with the mouth ulcers and blisters. To make matters worse, I also have three bad teeth, molars, that lost their fillings and they are also aching. I haven't had the time or the money to go to the dentist or the doctor.
Can't eat, drink, and even sleep.
mike 17 February 16
I'm in the same boat as everyone else here, got tonsillitis at the moment and a mouth full of ulcers (about 20 of them, on my tongue, cheeks, inside of lip.....) as well as the white ulcers on my tonsils. Drinking water isn't as painful now as it was on day 1-3 of tonsillitis but the ulcers are just the worst, can only drink soup and juice through a straw and even eating yoghurt is agonising. I want to know why is this the only place online I am finding any link between tonsillitis and mouth ulcers, especially so many of them? I often get ulcers but never this many of them! Would like to know if it's down to reduced immunity or what? Lists of tonsillitis symptoms don't seem to say anything about mouth ulcers? It's only because I've found this message board that I'm glad I'm not the only one! Wishing everyone a speedy recovery from the misery of tonsillitis and ulcers!!!!
Helen 22 March 16

...Well I think I just found the cause for me..........are you taking lots of ibuprofen to help with the swelling and inflammation of the tonsillitis? Ibuprofen is well known to cause mouth ulcers apparently! That's it, no more ibuprofen for me, natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric or something now :/ The pain of these ulcers has been worse than the tonsillitis! I'm sure it can't be the cause for everyone but worth considering if you're taking ibuprofen. Heal soon everyone!
Helen 22 March 16
So glad I found this. I've got tonsillitis and have been prescribed antibiotics. Started taking them on Thursday and by Saturday I had a mouth full of small ulcers. Tiny ones but about 100 of them! So painful, all over my lips, tongue, roof of mouth and inside my cheeks. I thought the tonsillitis was bad but this is so much worse. I'm just drinking cooled chamomile tea as its the only thing that seems to sooth it. Have stared using salt water but it's agonising. Feels better after but it's so painful using it as a mouth wash.

Will go back to the doctors tomorrow and see what they say. Horrible x
Katrina 10 April 16
Hi, i'm 39 and have suffered with mouth ulcers all my life. I've brought every over the counter product and have had every prescribable product off my doctor and nothing works. For the last 6 months i've began to get a sore throat with the monthly ulcer bout and at the moment i'm on antibiotics for a nasty throat infection, which feels like i'm swallowing razor blades but still have mouth uckers in both sides under my tongue. It makes eating and drinking horrendous and life is miserable at the monent. I'm going to my doctor on thursday to demand blood tests to get to the bottom of it as i'm totally fed up.
Jo Woodhouse 17 April 16
Here's what I've learned about canker sores. They are a skin ulcer that's starts at a skin break. Skin breaks are common in your mouth . The ulcer is formed by different parts of your immune system attacking each other thinking they are foreign invaders. The result is a canker sore . The canker sore is a symptom. The symptom can be treated with cortisone . I Raven use liquid topical cortisone which is gross but works . There is a prescribed version . Also more info can be found on the mayo clinic site. Some day I hope someone will find cure . I happened upon this discussion in hopes to find a link between tonsils which are one of your defense systems and cankers . I believe I did. Good luck In you research
Dave 17 April 16
I have had similar issues. I had a fever from Sunday with sore throat Monday. Went the Dr Monday since then been taking penicillin. It's now Thursday and I've had limited improvement in the tonsilitis , but I have developed what must be 15 small ulcers, mainly around my gum lines especially behind top teeth and roof of the mouth. Needless to say it's horrendous and uncomfortable.
John 18 August 16
I am even suffering from tonsilitis since a week. It started on Monday with mild fever and within a day was not able to drink water even. Visited the doctor the next day evening and it was told it's all becz of tonsilitis. At the same day even addressed some 20 mouth ulcers in the upper jaw inner side and even the lower jaw. Took antibiotic , paracetamol and betadine solution to gargle not more than 3-4 times a day. After four day the tonsillitis got cured but atleast 25% pain left with but these mouth ulcers have became deadliest. I am dying with its pain and splitting of mouth saliva in every 2-3 minutes is suffering me a lot. Please let me know how to cure these and how long will it persists
Sukanth 10 September 16
My idea is this: most people have oral herpes, which causes blisters/ulcers in the mouth. It tends to flare up when the body is stressed. Having tonsillitis puts a lot of strain on the immune system, which may give the herpes virus the chance to flare up at that time
5438 18 September 16
Gr8!!!read most of your stories and could relate with each one of you out here....it feels like a part of family here....m also fighting with severe tonsillitis and mouth ulcers(covered my tounge,sides of mouth and fully upper teeths gum) since 4 days....still no respite from it...and mind you am a gym freak so you can very well understand what I must have been going through.....and I can't live without chicken which makes my cravings a bit higher at the hunger level....this is the first time I am going through any of this sort......I m so depressed right now....dnt know when will I get over this mess and my life be normal again....wish you all speedy recovery....tc guys... remember this is just a phase, will pass.....just stay strong ....
Vivek 18 November 16
stop searching for pictures of mouth ulcers and tonsillitis on google images. it doesn't help, and it will only make you more stressed out. Those pictures are the worst case scenarios, yours is probably only mild. More stress means more mouth ulcers.

If you are currently suffering from tonsillitis and mouth ulcers, i know it's painful but it will pass. Just try to survive the first few days and you're good.

There is a big connection within mouth ulcers and tonsillitis. The usual scenario is that, first you'll have tonsillitis and then you'll have bouts of mouth ulcers right? yes. there are two possible reasons why it happens.

a. Your immune system is compromised by the bacteria that invaded your throat and tonsils. It burdens the system. As a result, your immune system is busy fighting the bacteria, so the herpes simplex (virus that causes your mouth ulcers) is left unchecked. That is why they proliferate in your lips, tongue, gums, mouth etc. The virus can be transmitted through sharing of food, utensils, plates, drinking bottle, etc. It is unavoidable as we as a human is a social being.

b. The ANTIBIOTICS you are taking is also indirectly causing you mouth ulcers. One of the side effects of antibiotics is mouth ulcers. Why? that's because the antibiotics is killing all the flora and fauna in your mouth, esophagus, throat and all over your body. As a result, even the good bacteria is killed. It cannot prevent now the bacteria/virus that causes your mouth ulcer.
*but take note! DO NOT STOP taking your antibiotics. IF you don't finish your meds, the bacteria will come back stronger. And you will have bigger problems because they are now resistant to antibiotics, thanks to you. Worst is you might pass this to other humans. So try to be a good human and do the rest of humanity a favor, do not stop taking your doctor prescribed antibiotics.

So survive the first few days. Eat well. Take vitamins, meds. Drink plenty of water to keep your kidney working properly. Get plenty of rest..and pray.
You will survive this, and you will post your story here.
Kindly repost this every few weeks to give new comers a good answer
Hi All,
29 year old male, currently recovering from tonsillitis and ANUG (server gum infection). Guys firstly i must say this has been the most painful situation i have ever experienced. I am still not fully recovered but i thought i would share my journey. Was feeling feverish at work so booked doctors for a same day appointed where i was perscribed a 10 day course onf antibiotics. Day 2 started to delovop sores all around my gums. Day 3 gums felt like they were on fire, tried mouth wash, salt water all throughtout the day in an attempt to get rid of pain and sores. I attended an emergency dentist where i was told i have a gum infection known as ANUG also know and Trench Mouth. I was then prescibed another course of antibiotics to take alongside the ones prescribed for the tonsillitis. The agonising pain left it impossible for me to eat anything. I battled though 2 days just eating 1 baby jar of apple pudding per day alongside water. Still in pain i went to another dentist whom also prescribed me with an anti inflammatory mouth wash called BENZYDAMINE alongside an antibacterial mouth wash CHLORHEXIDINE. I was also prescribed a steroid tablet known as HYDROCORTISONE which is place on ulcers around the mouth until disolved. My dentist has been tremendous as they opened the surgery just for me which i am most grateful. I am still not fully recoved but i am now on the road to recovery. I have never took time out to write on a forum but having googled what i was going throught for 4 days straight I thought id share the medicines etc that i have been treated with.
Hope someone benefits or relates to my experience and i wish everyone a speedy recovery. I literally empathise with what you are going through.
Kind regards
Warren 22 May 17
I have had the most horrendous mouth ulcers this week, which came a few days after tonsillitis. I was 4days into my penicillin script , and starting too see some improvement, when the ulcers started. By the next morning I had enormous mouth swelling and sever pain; no food, no drink, no sleep. I went back to my doctor who presecribwd me Prednisone, an oral steroid. Only one tablet in and I'm already feeling relief. Prednisone can be pretty intense (look up the side effects), my doctor has recommended I take it for no more than 4days. My doctor also said the ulcers are most likely related to a virus that may have also lead to my tonsillitis. Hope this helps someone!!
Gen 22 July 17
Take a multi B vitamin regularly to help heal mouth ulcers, and keep oral hygiene top-top. I don't know a home cure for tonsillitis, and I have suffered from both for years.
Cindy C 25 July 17
Hi I'm 37 and for the last 2 years I get tonsillitis every couple of months . This time it started Xmas eve :( I tried my best not let it ruin my Xmas. But couldn't eat or drink it's awful . I have decided this time not to have antibiotics , as I usually do and it does clear quicker . But my doctor says they can lower ur immune system . So with been off work anyway decided to ride it out with paracetamol, ibuprofen and lozenges. It's now day 5 and my upper gums are covered in ulcers . An tbh they are just as painful if not worse . Thank the Lord for parecetomal that's all's I can say ! Worst Xmas ever
Kate 28 Dec 17 28 December 17
Hi, Iím 23 and currently suffering from tonsillitis for the first time. Had severe fever for 5 days, days 3 of fever and the razor blade throat kicked in. Was not able to swallow let alone drink or eat ! Also a type 1 diabetic so itís been a challenge managing it all! Wisdom teeth are coming through and have cut the crap out of my gums and side of cheek so thatís made eating worse. And after 1 day of penicillin the ulcers started ! Agree with you all they are pretty much more torturous than the sore throat! I think the ulcers have a lot to do with the antibiotics and painkillers, but also the fever and the dehydration I believe definitely play apart in causing these ulcers to come about. Never been sick like this before. Speedy recovery to all !
Chantel 27 January 18

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