Mouth Ulcers in the throat too far down to treat

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Try wine or balsamic vinegar just a small amount in contact with the sores
Sus 4 July 19
Got ulcers where had wisdom tooth removed got discomfort how do I get rid of them
Sandra 27 January 18
I have throat ulser from four years what is good medicine for cure these ulcers since I have been using pain killer tab still they have not vanished reply my no 9591960070
maniknath 27 January 18
I would frequently get mouth ulcers in my teens and twenties. I had food Algeries testing and determined that drinking carbonated drinks (soda) directly from an aluminum can, caused me mouth ulcers. It's been 20+ years since, and it dramatically (practically none) reduced my mouth ulcers. Since then, when I drink soda from a can, I pore it into a glass first. Might seam like a hoax but it works for me!
Ray 26 February 17
Dear All,

Please gargle with cocunut oil the moment you get mouth ulcers repeat same throughout day 5 to 6 times and it would go instantly-PLS TRY SAME it would help for sure
Aparjitha 11 February 17
My pharmacist recommended buying Colloidal Silver for throat issues.
It's $25 for 6 ounces.
I have an ulcer down my throat that I can't see and hoping this will help.
Sheila 1 December 16
I m having throat ulcer from past few days...... Its all over my throat and I m having very difficulty in swallowing food and water too...... Please advice me what should I do to remove my throat ulcer permanently
Abhijeet Bakshi 19 November 16
Well... I took the time to read all of the posts...and I'm telling
The coconut oil is the real deal. Immediate relief. I tried
All the remedies..and theat coconut oil really works!!
Michelle 24 August 16
I have had canker sores my whole life. My dentist finally did some research for me and prescribed dexamethasone. It's a liquid mouth rinse and I take a teaspoon 4x a day and if I do this as soon as I feel one coming on, it goes away within one day. It has been a miracle for me. It works every single time. I get them in my throat too and I gargle with it and it works for those too! I hope this helps other people! Try it!
Shell Lenarczyk 19 August 16
I am so sorry for not replying earlier as i could have saved many of you from suffering from throat/ mouth pain. The solution is very simple yet it is so effective.

I do get mouth ulcers occasionally i do not know the reason of getting them more frequently than others. I realized that mouth/ throat ulcers take a week or two to go away but you can save yourself from the pain and suffering by just one trick. apply few drops of coconut oil. In case of throat ulcers swallow few drops directly. It will not only give you instant relief but coconut oil is also anti-viral and anti fungal too. It will expedite the healing process.
My two cents please :)
Himalayan Yogi Ayurveda 24 July 16
hi, i have this problem with my chest its really burning and its so painful whenever i swallow something i can feel the pain goes to my back and the pain comes and go.please tell me what i could be suffering from .
jacky 11 May 16
After years and years of almost permanent ulcers, I have finally found what works for me to keep them at bay.....I completely changed my diet. I still get them very occasionally but usually only when I've had too much acidity in my body. Even then, I can usually heal them in about a week now with diet. In the past, they would have taken months to heal. The body can heal itself from a lot of things if you give it the right tools to do so. So, my diet now is predominantly plant-based and gluten free and sugar free. That means no refined sugar (I do eat natural sugars like fruit, honey etc but not too much). I eat green vegetables with every meal (this really helps alkalize the body). No gluten and very little alcohol. I still eat fish once a week. The foods that bring on ulcers are acidic foods - that means, meat (red meat is the worst), dairy, gluten, all processed foods (including fruit juices), sugar, alcohol. If you avoid these things and nourish your body with fruit, vegetables and real unprocessed, whole foods, it could make a huge difference. It's taken me a year to get to this stage but I now can't imagine eating any other way. Not only have my ulcers disappeared but I have so much more energy, I've lost weight and I feel happier. If you are at your wits end with ulcers, it might be worth a go. Deliciously Ella is good inspiration as is Dr Michael Gregor.
CH 6 May 16
Okay its currently 3AM for me I tried to sleep but the pain stopped me from even relaxing a little it is my fourth night with ulcers in my throat and i cant explain the pain its so much... I had a lot of diseases such as H1N1 but this pain is far beyond it and way more frustrating PLEASE if anyone knows a good remedy to this PLEASE tell me it i cant stand another night like this...
alex 29 April 16
Add a pinch of salt and turmeric powder in a glass of luke warm water. Gargle this 3 -4 times daily. repeat it for 3 days. It will cure mouth ulcer. For faster results swallow a miture of honey and turmeric powder in these days. Avoid oily, spicy , crunchy food. Have food contains starch like rice. Leban is also good to have at this time. Some get fever because of this nfection. Those better to take complete rest. Gargle early morning will help you to get rid from the throat pain.
DS 13 January 16
I have throat ulcers and they come when I eat something my body doesn't like. It can be anything sour, like any sour fruit or oranges, limes, tomatoes. I can't do chocolates or fuzzy drinks. Coffee or tea and spices. If I leave thes out I feel a little better. During the time of an ulcer I only have boiled vegetable. I also raise my head on many pillows at night. They say that the acid reflux comes up when lying down. I also take an anti acid. Some people has less vitamin b , so taking a dose for a recommended period should help. Chris
Chris 8 December 15
please can someone tell me what should i do for throat ulcer. first i got on my tongue and then i got on my throat it is paining like hell please tell me some home remedy please . its happenin from 3 months
afrin 13 August 15
If you can see it in a mirror you can dab it with salt on a cotton wool bud.
It's hurt like hell for 20 seconds and then numbs off allowing you to drink, eat etc

And you can do it as many times as you can bare the pain
DW 17 June 15
I'm beginning to wonder after years of suffering it might be linked to celic disease? I am trying gluten free diet
Laura 16 June 15
Hello I'm 28 yr old girl from one week I'm facing with breathing hvng vry tough breathing.n on my tongue there is chale down side means towards throat doc is facing dis is due air pollution I'm nt able to take easly breath..can anyone suggest me wat is the prblm.
Aisha 11 June 15
Hi all,, I may have an answer for some of you, as we are all made up differently I suppose.. I'm 62 & have suffered with recurring mouth ulcers (aptuous,, canker sores,, don't mistake with cold sores) all my life. The medical profession have no answers except for the fact that Chrones disease & Aptuous ulcers are linked. Without going into my life story of mouth ulcers but suffice to say that I have tried nearly everything mentioned and I still got them. I made a discovery approx 6 months ago which is definitely worth a try. I discovered that CHOCOLATE was a suspect in my hunt for a cure. If you do, even a small amount, what on a biscuit or even a chocolate covered raisin,, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut it out immediately & wait a week or so.. I still can't believe that this has happened to me after 62 years,, I'm afraid to talk about it, in case they come back. I really hope this helps someone.
Martin D 10 May 15
I originally posted this message back in 2008. I have continued to have severe mouth and throat ulcers but I think I've finally found something that works!!!! Since January 2015 I started using Corsodyl Daily every single morning and evening and I really can't believe it but my ulcers have significantly reduced! I still get regular flares BUT, they are little ulcers that now seem to go away after about two days, as long as I keep using the rinse. They don't really get any bigger and I haven't had any in the throat since using it. IF a flare is occurring, I'll use it 3 times a day for two days. My last big ulcer (on the uvula and the size of a 10 pence piece) was in October and lasted nearly 3 months. I finally took a course and steroids and it got rid of it, but usually it would come back again, but so far so good. I'm just going to keep using the Corsodyl Daily and hope this continues. Worth a try I think.
CH 24 April 15
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Patrick 20 February 15
1/2 tsp of kaeopectate (vanilla flavor taste best)
1/2 tsp of Benadryl
Stir well and swallow up to 4 times a day. Miracle
Tanya 4 February 15
They hurt so badly I had one and I hope all of you get better
Emily lagoon 26 January 15
Ok so none of this sounds like what is going on with me. I have had blisters/ucers in my throat and sometimes into my mouth nonstop for 5 months. They were gone for about a week within these 5 months. I gargled everything, numbed them and whatever else. They sometimess turn into cold sores that i then take prescriptions for but they are not going away! They get close to my gag reflex so i gag all day long. Fun! I was recently diaignosed with GERD followed by Gastroparesis. So since i can sometimes feel the acid in my mouth i assume thats the cause yet the acid calms down with meds but they stay. The GERD also cause post nasal drip which makes them 10 times more irritated. Other than going to my gi dr for the other issues I've given up going for the blisters. I did find some relief with a cough syrup with hydrocodone in it but can no longer take that due to the other issues. Why do they not go away????
Tracy123 21 November 14
I may have found the holy grail to help with the severe pain associated with having ulcers in the back of the throat, so far down that gargling anything, does nothing, because it cannot be reached.

I have had ulcers or cold sores on my esophagus(back of throat) for about 6 days now, the pain was so bad that I could not eat, sleep or even swallow.... I researched everything I could, to find relief for the intolerable pain but ultimately, came up empty handed. So I decided to try and bunch of different tonics and concoctions of various combinations, in the efforts to and try and give myself some relief from the sharp constant pain from these stupid sores...

Try this

1. 1/4 teaspoon of natural Sea Salt in a cup of warm water - gargle it in your mouth and spit it out, then, drink a mouth full. It's gross but will hit the sores far back in the throat

2. 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper + 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a tea. You'll need a tea strainer or stretch a fine cloth over a mug and slowly poor the boiling water over the cayenne pepper and turmeric powder so its filtered and not so grainy to swallow. You can always just drink it without straining or buy the capsules with these two powerful ingredients in it at a natural health shop or in the organic section of a grocery store. Add honey for better taste and coating properties.

3. Holy Grail = Milk and Honey, coconut oil, garlic, ginger tea:
1/2 (half cup) of skim milk,
half a garlic clove chopped up,
1 to 2 square inch piece of ginger sliced into thin slices,
2 to 4 teaspoons of natural organic coconut oil,
2 to 3 teaspoons of natural raw honey.
Place the chopped garlic cloves and the sliced ginger into a tea strainer,
boil 1/2 cup of water and poor into tea strainer and let steep for about 1 to 2 minutes.
Then, strain the boiling water into the cup with the milk honey and coconut oil in it.
Stir and enjoy the soothing comfort of this amazing tonic! It will dull the sharp pain, coat the throat and make swallowing easier, it will heal and help speed up the recovery of the sores. The effects of this tea will last for about 2 to 3 hours so I usually also take 1 or 2 ibuprofen (Advil) to help drag out the length of relief, and help control fever and inflammation.

I hope this helps you as it has for me. It's not a cure but it makes this horrible condition be a little more tolerable. And remember to rest as much as you can.
Brandon Hopkins 7 November 14
Owh god! Please someone help could not even read for exam! It is like someone has cut a portion of my tonsil and had put some salt in it! Feels like in hell for 2 days! Couldn't sleep, eat, drink ! Anti-Biotic taken but no reaction till now! :( :'(
Suman 29 October 14
Try Manuka Honey +16. Worked wonders for my bleeding esophagus. Cured the bleed from my throat to my stomach. Eat on toast 2 or 3 times a day. Tastes great too
Christine 20 October 14
hi this is refakat i am also having problem of mouth ulcer in throat it is very painful when i am going to eat any thing i got one solution take antigastritic medication like pan40 or ranitidine and hot water with salt do mouth wash now i got relax it is due to my stomach problem if you are having same problem try to solve your constipation problem and donot eat spicy food it will take time to go but donot take any pain killer or antibiotic
refakat 2 October 14
Hi frnds iam seshu frm india. And i was suffering mouth ulcers from 8yrs. So the treatment is ( Take one anti alergy tablet like " levo certigen " and b - complex forte tabletes for five days. It will work surely. :)
seshu 29 September 14
I had the same problem. As a side effect of medicines given for viral fever , I got ulcers in my
throat. It looked like small white spots. It hurted very badly when I tried to swallow anything.
The best home remedy is to gargle with hot salt water thrice in a day and give it some time.
Avoid spicy food and things will be okay in 3-4 days. Take folic acid tablets if you wish. The best
Medicine is time. It really takes minimum 3-4 days to heal. Have a quick recovery.
Jatayu Baxi 15 September 14
I've been suffering from mouth ulcers for about 8 years now and they used to get me really down,I'd become obsessed and constantly monitor my mouth every five minutes.i didn't realise though so many people suffered from them and it seems some have it a lot worse than others.about 2 years ago some one recommended corsodyl alcohol free mouth wash to me and that really helped,I don't get as many ulcers anymore,I still get them from time to time usually if I bite or knock the inside of my mouth or if I'm run down,but I'm willing to put up with it if I just get them occasionally.has anybody got any tips on what else I could use,some people say toothpaste can cause them?
Michael p 31 August 14
I am thirty years old and started getting ulcers before puberty. I suffered by waiting them out. When I was in college I started dating this young lady, I was stressing about finals and I got 3 really large ulcers two on my cheeks and one on my tongue. She thought that it was unusual that I didn't know how to get rid of them. She told me to go buy some alum. Alum is a pickling spice that is toxic in large dosses. You want to buy the fine alum. I waited to the next morning like she said. You get the ulcer as dry as possible then pack the alum on it in it around it. You leave it there for two min. It stings a little. You take some water and rinse the alum out. Don't swish it leaves a awful tasting numb feeling all over if you do. Then you repeat before bed. To my surprise my ulcers were basically gone. It has worked every time. I had a huge one on my tonsils and it took 2 days and was excruciating. I hope this helps
kcoldem 2 August 14
I have had throat ulcers for the past two days now. It is very painful. I have had them on my tonsils before but never my throat. They are down past my uvula so the salt water solution does not reach it. What else could I do to try and cure these ulcers?
Mike 2 June 14
Your insights on using sucralfate on throat ulcers.
peder 7 May 14
hi, i got 17 mouth ulcer in my mouth ulcer 8 small ulcer and 3 big ulcer at throat 6 at outside. i just cant eat well , even drinking water also pain. after 1 week i went to doctor and the doctor gave me a medicine call amoxicap(antidote), it cure almost all my ulcer in 1 week(still had some). after finished my medicine, i brought vitamin b complex+c supplement tablet that cure the others mouth ulcer in 3 days. 3 week my mouth ulcer all cleared up.. remember drink lots of water..(pain also must drink) ...
FB 24 March 14
PLEASE, please try green beans. When I was a teen I had mouth ulcers constantly, huge painful ones. A friend asked his father, who is a doctor, what to do. He said eat green beans. I was desperate so tried it, it worked. Eat 1 to 2 cans a day. It helps with the pain to hold some against the sore as well. After they cleared up I started having a can a week for 'maintenance' . Haven't had one in twenty years, still have the scars inside my mouth from yrs of ulcers. Hope it works for you all.
Donna 31 October 13
Jay - that sounds like a good plan, I'd stick with the Corsodyl though rather than Listerine IMO.
Dom Walton 16 October 13
So just to sum up... I've had ulcers for 2 months now in my throat. Going to try following options that you all described:

1) Change toothpaste (no sodium Laryl Sulphate)
2) Salt water gargle
3) Listerine gargle or Corsoydl mouth wash
4) Vitamin B12 injection
5) Take Lysine tablets

thanks all
Jay 16 October 13
Mine I cant feel any pain but just irritates me when swallowing. Its a white clot that grows for a week and a half and then disappears for 2 to 3 days and then start to grow again. its on the throat in the mouth to the left. its been two months now since I got it and have been given anti biotics about 3 times but it keeps on coming back. its the fifth time since it disappeared and came back
Eph 16 August 13
I have had ulcers on the back of my throat for months. Told acid reflux was the cause. Anyone know how to get rid of them?
Brittany 14 August 13
Hi all, I too suffered mouth ulcers when I was a kid and I still get them from time to time. A couple of months ago I had problems swallowing and a sore ear and I thought I had a new ulcer growing in my throat, I went to see my GP, he examined me and gave some ointment for the ear and some tablets for the throat. 2 weeks after I was still sore so I went to a GP in town and asked him to refer me to an ENT. $500 later I was diagnosed with throat cancer (I stopped smoking 7 years ago). I am up to my 10th session of radiation - still 25 to go.
So everyone I urge you to seek appropriate medical advice, go and see the specialised doctors, doesn't matter how much it costs, it can save your life.
Genevieve 22 June 13
PLEASE EVERYONE, before you go and diagnosis someone else on the internet with only a few words and you get MOUTH SORES 3 or MORE TIMES a YEAR see your DOCTOR.
I had mouth sores so bad that sometimes the roof of my mouth would of rare from them. They happen spontaneously and heal fairly quickly. It was after almost 10 years that I got a sore in the vaginal area that I went to my OB/GYN MD and after many, many test, including ruling out HIV that he told me of a disease called BECHET'S (Behçet's) SNYDROME or in it's advance stages BECHET'S (Behçet's) DISEASE. It is not common to the USA but they are seeing more cases of it and with more research that it can cause BLOOD CLOTS, BLINDNESS, VASCULAR ANEURYSMS OR SEVERE NEUROLOGICAL COMPLICATIONS INCLUDING DEATH.
I would recommend that you warn the MD that you are going to see so that they can research the disease before you get there. The only way, right now, that you can tell is if everything else comes up negative. So keep a diary of then and where you get lesions or sores. (Yes you can get these lesions anywhere.)
God's blessing to you
Meetthebee07 1 June 13
hi i have a lot of mouth ulcels all the way down my throat. i find swollowing difficult and very painful.

i have had this problem before but not this painful and usully i put bojela on and it goes away in 2 days and my pain reduces.

i am very worried pls help me
lilly 1 June 13
This website really helped with all the suggestions, I have been a throat ulcer sufferer for many years and it has now gotten to the point that every few months or so I get one very large quarter sized ulcer in the right side of my thoat that is very hard to get to. I have used "miracle mouthwash and it helps some but isn't a very long pain reliever. I am a registered nurse and I have been looking in depth into home-type remedies to use for this horrible pain that keeps me from eating/drinking and even swallowing without difficulty. A few years ago I spoke with a physician about the recurrent painful mouth and throat ulcers I get. My mother in law (also a nurse) suggested at one point that I let her cauterize an ulcer inside my cheek with a silver nitrate stick, it worked wonderfully after the initial shock and pain but this is not something one can buy over the counter. The physician suggested that if I had any more ulcers I should crush up aspirin because it is essentially salicylic acid and would cause the same type of numbing but also cautioned it would hurt like "H E double hockey sticks" until it numbed. I have had an ulcer so bad for the past 4-5 days that I couldn't stand it anymore so I purchased some BC powders as I figured they are essentially aspirin that is already crushed into a fine powder and OH MY works!! I can't believe how much relief it provides to me and lasts for several hours. I will caution anyone that decides to use this method, it hurts so bad at first you immediately wonder if it is even worth it. But I promise after a few seconds they pain is GONE! The powdered aspirin forms a coating inside of the ulcer! I will also caution that this tastes terrible, so have some water handy, but believe's so worth it!!!
Kelli C 23 May 13
I have suffered with canker sores for the last 30 years. They have gotten more frequent because 10 years ago i was diagnosed with a liver disease called PBC. I started taking Methotrexate three years ago and that drug causes canker sores. About a year ago i was at the dentist office and had a sore he put some Debacterol on it and it virtually stopped all the pain and the sore seem to go away with a day or two. Thank you it is so nice to finally have a product that stops the pain and discomfort from canker sores. I has my dentist call in the prescription to Focused Rx:
Debbie D. 14 April 13
I had mouth ulcers for a long time as a kid, doctors said brush more, some doctors said herpes.

I found out what caused it. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This is the stuff in most toothpaste that makes it foam up. It is kind of a detergent and some people just can't handle it in such quantities. I now use toothpaste without any in it, and instead of ulcers (sometimes 2-3 at once) every month, I only get a couple a year at most.

And, when I get one "coming in", I use listerine a couple times a day to kill any excess bacteria in the mouth, if it comes in anyway, I use it more often and ensure that the ulcer part of my mouth has the listerine on it the most. This seems to make them go away in a day or two, instead of a week, and they never get as bad. It hurts like hell, but for only a minute and you can talk/eat after.

Hopefully it helps, its amazing how many doctors are just clueless on so many things.
Bad_Syntax 3 April 13
Hi - there are some really good messages here all very helpful, thanks. I have suffered from chronic mouth and throat ulcers for the last 5 years. I have been lucky enough to have long spells without them in the last couple of years, but unclear why they disappeared. For me, not over doing it is key. After late nights and lots of alcohol the ulcers normally come on. Cranberry juice (ocean spray) with ice really helps to soothe. Warm salt water mouth wash is painful, but can be effective. The winter normally effects me too. I found changing toothpaste intially was effective, but it's not a complete cure. I'm going to try some of the supplements recommended and cut out fruit as I've just had a bad onset. Does anyone know if Berocca which has high level of B vitamins is good? It just seems that the fizzing must be bad for your insides too?
jds 26 January 13
I am 27 and I've had mouth ulcers since I was 1 or 2 and they are mostly a very painful irritation that I can begrudingly cope with albeit with immense pain unless I get 1 on both sides of my mouth. I've got my first throat one and had it for 10 days now, and its agony to eat or swallow and sometime to even speak and unlike my mouth ulcers which I put up with, I went to my doctor, who gave me steroid tablets to dissolve in water then apply on the affected area 4 times a day. its killed a lot of the pain, but by 8-9pm it comes back and since apparently I can't take a lozenge whilst on steroids, I'm not sure how to dampen the pain. I find hot drinks like hot chocolate help the pain enormously and will now cut banana's out of my diet completely. I know my Ulcers are brought on by stress usually but sometimes if I have products with gluten in. I have a lot less since I went Coeliac.
Mike 27 December 12
Sam211, that's not true. Mouth/throat ulcers are caused by a very wide variety of things, including mechanical damage to the mucosa of the mouth/throat, untreated respiratory tract infections (including tonsillitis), stress, menstruation etc. Constipation does NOT cause mouth ulcers. Natural laxatives will not clean out your stomach either, by the way.

I have a throat ulcer at the moment due to chronic tonsillitis pending surgery - I'm finding that gargling dissolveable asprin and then drinking it works ok. Please just remember not to take aspirin or ibuprofen on an empty stomach - drugs like these, called NSAIDs, are one of the biggest causes of stomach ulcers. Don't get rid of one kind of ulcer just to get another!
Jade 17 November 12
Mouth ulcer are generated only due to higher stomach acidity, constipation and very spices foods so avoid such kinds of foods and it is recommeded to all pls make your stomach/bowels clean once in fortnight by taking natural laxative medicine. becaseu prevention is better the cure.
Sam211 10 October 12
toothpaste change - that helped for me, to AloeDent - good stuff.

Got some in my 'throat' now, so toothpaste no help there. Will try B12, seems a good idea. Was a bit run down when they hit, so maybe this is it. One went after a does of clorasyl, but the other is more resistant. Having a frozen shoulder helps, as the painkilllers for that kill some of the pain for these!
Dominic 28 September 12
Mouth/Throat ulcers can also be caused by fizzy drinks, so try avoid these if possible
Tim Kerr 10 September 12
Hey - I'm not sure how to treat them but I have a couple of ideas on avoiding them - I gather everyone has different triggers but mine are iron deficiency - taking FGF iron tablets help and doesn't cause constipation, the other is sodium lauryl suphate or anything that sounds similar - usually found in tothpaste and shampoo and liquid soaps but your local natural foods store will have alternatives. My brother on the other hand is triggered by anything with added vitamin c (ascorbic acid) which is commonly used preservative in heaps of processed foods. Goodluck.
KN 28 August 12
Hi everybody. I want to share mum's problem with you and want you to write me back for information if her problem may be diagnosed as throut ulcer. She has a pain in her throut when she chew food and talk a bit long. She went to doctors and they told her that she had a wound in the throut and give her some antibiotics and some mouth antiseptics. although she has used them for two weeks there is no relief in the pain. Can it be throut ulcer please help me what can we do for it?
Yasar 7 August 12
What I do is crush a tablet of Zantac in with two tablespoons of any mouth wash and gargle for 30 seconds and my mouth ulcers go away the process is not fast but helps me get through, I've had mouth ulcers for 3 years and wondered why I had them .
Netto 13 July 12
I did have recurring mouth and throat ulcers for years I then seen on Internet about Lysine tablets and have been taken them for 2 years and no ulcers disappeared overnight also advice would be to start to use Sensodine gentle whitening toothpaste in uk as this toothpaste doesn't contain Sodium Laryl Sulphate which is also bad for ulcers also the Lysine tablets are extremely large so buy smaller doses but make it up to 1000ml
Teresa 9 July 12
Wow....had the same throat ulcers. They came on after a bad throat infection and I was starting to think I had throat cancer! Last week I ran out and bought a bottle of B12 vitamins (1200 mg) from Walmart (about $7) and took one a day. The pain had subsided by the end of the first day and was completely gone the day after.
Phil 3 July 12
doctors dont have a clue with ulcers. ive had them for 6 days now, im i agony. i force myself food and drink to keep my energy up as i have a physical job. you can buy (DIFFLAM) over the counter, it does take some pain away, but not the f"n ulcers.
Dave 22 June 12
Listen. I deal with chronic Ulcers. 1-3weeks is the average time. I dealt with them for years. I was told by a doctor that said she used to get them frequestly. She takes L-Lysein i think is the name. Its a natural supplement your body produces and people that get frequent ulcers usually aren't producing enough of it. Its very cheap and you take it once a day. I have been on it for a long time 0 side effects. I once stopped it becuase i wasn't getting ulcers anymore and about a month later i had them again. Started again and have yet to have one.

It's your choice. But it would be worth a shot if you felt anything like i did or worse. My aunt started it as well and hasn't had ulcers for a long time either.

Good luck i hope you all find relief.
Gary 6 June 12
Hi iam suhana 25 year old iam suffering from throat ulcer from since six month nearly i have consulted 10 doctors that to from different hospitals but its of no use even after taking so much of tablets i have same time of problem. if i -take nicif tablets i will feel that i have got relief from at least 5 hour after that again same type of pain will start
suhana 4 May 12
Eating some cloves will numb the pain. It's a natural analgesic. If you can put it in your mouth and swallow without water that would be best. Also cayenne pills heal ulcers in a matter of days and clean the system. They burn the stomach for about fifteen minutes but it goes away. Take at least twice a day and you'll be good in a few days.
Jesus 21 April 12
I had chronic mouth ulcers. i would get them twice a month for about 1-2 weeks. literally every time i turned around i had another ulcer. online, i found someone claiming that Resveratrol, a daily vitamin would help. I was pretty unsure, but started taking the 160mg capsule and have yet to have an ulcer. I even just bit the inside of my lip (which normally causes a huge ulcer) and haven't had an ulcer yet. I've tried toothpastes, home remedies, etc, etc and this has finally worked! yay!
Chelsea 17 April 12
Hi everyone, my name is Phil, I am 50 years old and live in the UK, i have suffered with large throat ulcers for around 17 years, have had biopsies taken which have showed nothing and the only thing that knocks them on the head quickly is a course of prednisolone steroids, the pain goes within the hour and the ulcers heal within 2-3 days instead of the 2-3 weeks if left untreated. I know taking steroids is not ideal, but you can get on with your life as normal, instead of the searing pain every time you swallow, the awful ear ache and headaches. Hope this helps .
Phil Hughes 16 April 12
My throat ulcer is worst i cant sleep eat to utter a single word !! it makes me cry and continuesly holiday from university as i get too weak becz of no eating
mariyam 3 April 12
Hi everyone like you all I too have been suffering with constant mouth ulcers, recently they seem to be travelling down towards the back of my throat (25 is my most at one time) my dentist has no clue.
I am currently off sick from work as 6 days ago doctor diagnosed acid reflux as was having pain in throat and between shoulder blades was put on omeprazodole to prevent too much acid.
I haven't eaten properly for days I feel weak and sore I am now under the impression the ulcers have moved further down my throat especially after reading your comments it's so frustrating why there is no cure!!
Pauline 29 February 12
anyone else get fevers because of the ulcer? my fever went up to 102 the other day, i think its related to the throat ulcers
franchie 25 February 12
Hi Ive have had a sudden outbreak in mouth ulcers. Its on a Saturday. One or two popped up which is nothing new but then they didn't stop coming! I went to the doc on the Tuesday as I hadn't eaten or slept. Explained nothing she could do. By Tuesday evening I was in so much pain i was crying in my sleep and i consider myself to have a high pain threshold!! I couldn't talk, sleep, eat. The following day I went to the dentist who said he had never seen so many. He counted 25 of what he could see and said they were all down my throat which would explain the pain i was getting when i swallowed and in my right ear. Again he said he was sorry but I would just have to ride it out. I'm now on day 6 and the pain has become bearable. I've tried everything over the counter but the best i have found is drinking really really cold water and applying Medijel every 20mins. I find a short term fix is more bearable at work. They dont know why this has happened. But all I keep thinking is I hope its a one off. Or if it does happen again. Every 10 years should give me enough time to prepare!!!
muffintop 23 February 12
Lysine works wonders for break outs that occur in the form of a cold sore on the lip. It is a tablet taken daily. It may help stop the outbreak of the blisters for a long period of time. It can be acquired at a health food store or online. Just type in Lysine.
Lysine 23 February 12
Jus started this ulcer thing on valitines. It was hell. I work in a call center where i talk all the time and the only thing that makes it feel better (for a while) is salt water. Jus don't swallow salt water as it makes you gag and sometimes sick. Cordycil mouthwash can work and you can swallow small amounts of it if the ulcer is jus out of gargle reach, jus don't swollow loads or often. I hope this clears so hurts like... grrrrr!!
Anonny Mouse 18 February 12
Hello All, having another episode. Seems like I also get them in the fall because last one occurred almost the same time last year. Pain swallowing, neck, ear, headaches. It's a freak'n pain in the ass! You just have to wait it out sometimes 2-3 weeks :( and do a lot of gargling with salt water, septic sprays, tea, and rest. Good luck to all
JR 13 February 12
Hi, like everyone else I also suffer from Mouth and throat ulcers, I get them about every three days and out of a 2 week period I may not have them for 2 days. The ear pain that goes with the ulcers is so bad. What I found to help is to take a piece of fresh galic and hold it on the sore when it starts. I do this three times until I can not stand the pain any longer. By doing this I cut the size and amount of time with each of the mouth ulcers. I have not found anything for the throat. I also had a biopsy and after all this pain I was told it would go away on its own and there is nothing that can help. It was not bateria or virus. No medication will help. I use read another article this morning and a 65 year old man who gets them offen said he takes 160 mgs of Resveratrol. I ran out to the Vitamin store and purchase Resveratrol 250 mgs. It helps to boost the immune system. I let you know if it helps or if it is a waste of time. But try the galic, this is from an old indian book that was in a friends family. I figure at this point I will try anything.
Marie January 30,2012 30 January 12
2 weeks ago I had braces put on my upper teeth. A week later, what I thought was a blister, appeared on the right side of my cheek caused by the rubbing of the bracket from the braces. To me that was understandable why it would appear and it is also very painful. About 4 days ago I began to feel my throat a little scratchy when I would swallow. Didn't think anything of it at the time. After seeing a Dr. I was told they were mouth ulcers caused by the braces. I was prescribed a mouthwash that worked pretty good for the ulcers on the inside of your mouth cuz it pretty much numbs your whole mouth. But I cannot get it to the back of my throat where I need it the most. This pain in unbearable and I haven't had a decent meal for the past 4 days. I also got very sick with chills and sweats, headache and fever. I cannot eat any solid food and have been surviving on mostly jello. Does.this situation sound familiar to anyone? I am willing to try almost anything to get rid of this ulcer in my throat.
Jesse 26 January 12
Oh yeah no coffee/caffiene or carbonation. I'm done now.
Courtney 24 January 12
Hello, I've an F'n throat ulcer and I beat it. My heart goes to all who have had one. They hurt. All I did was listen to my doctor. I took prilosec on an empty stomach 45 min b4 I ate(its over the counter)it reduces the acid amount your body produces. I also took ibuprofen(anti-inflammatory). I drank lots spring water and cut out fruits, tomato base stuff and anything acidy of course. The pain was drastically reduced in two days.I think it happened cause I wasn't taking care of myself. I quit smoking and eat rice with vegetables now. Good luck getting rid that little shit.
Courtney 24 January 12
Need to take care of your health , take care of yourself, to appreciate the precious moments
Knigotrumnini 23 January 12
I've suffered from mouth and throat ulcers since I was 5 years old. Often they are linked to digestive issues. I cut out sugar and meat for a week - sugar feeds bacteria - and use a product called 'Kenalog'. They are usually gone within 48 hours. A mix of bicarbonate soda and water to gargle also helps massively
Julie 14 January 12
hi im currently suffering with really big throat ulcers havnt been too to my doc cos i know they will do no good, but i have jus got over a mild chest infection think thats what might have caused the ulcers and i have been eating lots of fruit everyday, any body have anymore ideas of what other foods will help or what to avoid
stephen 12 January 12
I too have them, and just have to wait them out. I believe they are caused by an allergy to Citric Acid. I do not get any if I do not have any food or drink containing Citric Acid. Citric Acid is in a lot of foods even bananas which do not contain it normally have it sprayed on to help them ripen.
Martin, 47 10 January 12
Blue Angel,
I am sorry to read you are so disturbed. Hopefully, since your post, you have sought some help and are doing better. Life can be very worrisome these days and searching on the internet should be done with great caution. The best help I can offer to help you through the anxieties of this life is Jesus Christ. He died for you because He loves you (John 3:16) and His heart aches to see us struggle the way we do. I know you can still be anxious even if you know Him but honestly, I don't know how people make it through this life otherwise because there are way too many difficult issues to deal with. Don't give satan a foot hold! Instead, cling to Jesus! Look up to heaven, read your Bible and try to get involved with other fellow believers who will encourage you and hold you accountable to help you with your walk. I know sometimes I just think it would be easier to give up or give in BUT then I am constantly reminded of why it's better to press on. Also, be aware of what junk you allow into your home (and mind) i.e. t.v., music, and other substancless influences, as these can trip you up (garbage in, garbage out). Instead, focus on the beauty and blessings God has provided. And remember, He will never give us more than we can bare..sometimes, we the cause of our own mess... but regardless, He can help us with getting over 'ourselves'...and He will always provide for your needs (not our selfish ones, of course...but then again). He wants us to seek Him first though, rather than run to what 'this world' has to offer. Keep the faith and God bless to you and anyone else who may have been encourage by this message.
Dee, 43, December 11 30 December 11
Hi I have a throat ulcer for the first time had it checked with camera to confirm its an ulcer started gargling with aspirin regularly no pain but does seem to be easing especially now i have just got over a heavy cold to support i am taking manuka honey left over from my wifes treatment which was for breast cancer and successfully cleared i reckon i will drop the fruit thing as i do love bananas and oranges so it looks a bit like diet change until you find what suits
Geoff Bayton 27 December 11
Mylanta, liguid benadryl 50/50 stir in a cup ,gargle and spit. This will coat throat and give pain relief.
All OTC meds for stomach ulcer will help heal throat/mouth ulcer.It is made of the same cells and part of the G.I . tract.
Prelosic,Prevacid, Zantac,etc all heal.
Michele 26 December 11
hey! I suffered from tonsilitious ALOT in the last year and half, i finially got them removed in august and full recovered in september. since then i have been fine, up untill 3 weeks ago.. i caught a nasty cold which has only just dissapered but has left me with a very sore throat. ive been taking numbing tablets which i suck but its not hitting my throat. i have been finding it alot more difficult to eat and drink during the night, im okay throughout the day but in the evening i struggle. ive looked down my throat to see if i have farangitious (another form on tonsilitious- just without tonsilis) but cannot see anything. when my tounge sits on my throat its painful and feels like it has swallen. making it feel hard to eat, drink and swallow...

is this throat ulcers & What should i do?
Donnar Green 26 December 11
Hi guys, i have been haven a huge problem lately. since I have contracted the HFMD my doctor told me i have over 20 ulcers in my throat. If anyone have any advice on what to do pls reply. Thanks
yip ching 24 December 11
Hi all, have recently stopped smoking (5 weeks ago) and have been suffering with an ulcer right at the back of my throat went to the GP who said Wow that's a big ulcer - yes i know that - nothing you can do except take painkillers as wouldn't be able to get bongela on it - come back in a week if not gone - well it hasn't gone and now suffering with earache - dr told me not to gargle with salt water as it wasn't infected - any clues what i can do to (1) get rid of the pain (2) get rid of the Ulcer , Many thanks
Michele - 09.11.11 9 November 11
Eat yoghurt and brewers yeast.
Pat 1 November 11
Hi, there is quite a good cure for Mouth ulcers and that is pure Aloe Vera. Read up on it and try it. Better still if you can get the real plant. Aloe Vera is very good at healing and has antiseptic qualities. Hope this helps.
Rachael Malai Ali 26 October 11
HII..all..m suffering from throat ulcers but the main thing is tht its has no pain but it gets heal time to time and thn reoccur after 2 weeks with no beginnig it has mild pain but later i feel no pain..m really in tention .please can anyone give me suugestion abt it..
Yoona Lee 26 October 11
I am surprised no one here has tried glycerine!..
Apply a little OTC glycerin on your ulcer..It will not only give you quick relief, it also helps tremendously in quick healing of the ulcer,. Also have Folic Acid / Multivitamin tables ..they help in speedy healing of the ulcer...
Wish u luck..

pratik m 20 October 11
My partner has been sufering with these throat ulcers , she cant swallow or eat without mega pain , she dont smoke or drink and doesnt have salty foods infact the most thing she eats are yogerts fruit corners and a good sunday lunch . The doctors have given a her a gargle medication which doesnt realy do anything well thats a lie it does help a bit for a while with the ulcers on the gums and makes them tingle but thats about it , she take some antiflamotries but no luck with anything . Anybody know the best thing for her please as i hate to see her in pain with these ulcers .
Munch 5 October 11
just had my birthday wrecked by 2nd monster ulcer.. so huge on side of my tongue. could not eat or talk. that one is starting to go now but i now have them all down my throat.. i have lost 5 pounds in weight in a week. i am not stressed and are pretty healthy in general. do not know what brought these on. feel for all you fellow sufferers..
Emma 5 October 11
Mouth ulcers/canker sores are not cold sores. Herpes causes cold sores which are completely different.
Hurf 5 October 11
Calm the hell down Angel! None of that works for me. I eat healthy, I work out regularly, I don't drink or smoke, never have, never will, but I have suffered from mouth ulcers as long as I can think, so don't give me shit if you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

To the rest of you guys, it's good to know I'm not alone! I'm having my worst ever bout of ulcers, at least 3 large ones down my throat. Lonzenes, and anaesthetic throat spray help a bit. So does warm tea. Fruit burns like hell. I'm praying they will go away soon. They are making me completely miserable.
Ellin 27 September 11
Hi i have read through most of these posts, My son is 13 yrs old (and no Angel he does not drink alcohol,) is given a good balanced diet but has suffered with mouth ulcers since he was very young, in the past year he has been experiencing very painful ulcers in his throat, He misses school as the pain is so bad and is affecting my job as i have to look after him, The doctors dismiss the fact that they are ulcers, and prescribe antibiotics which do not work for him, please help someone i am at my wits end.
Kim 22 september 11 22 September 11
ANGEL 17 September 11
hi, sm33 is so great for ulcers in the mouth. The black liquid (not the gel). I do however have a throat ulcer at the moment and can't reach it with this :( feel like swallowing the whole damn bottle :|
jd 12 September 11
I tried nystatin its for babies oral thrush and it seemed to work
Ben 1 September 11
Finally got one in my throat after a whole life of getting them in the mouth. I just hate it when those little suckers first come out and you know its just going to get worse and worse and last for weeks. Got 1 under the top lip, 1 under the lower lip and one in the throat currently. Someone needs to find a cure for this stuff.
dude 35 30 August 11
Mouth ulcers can be a very distressing problem. They can also be a warning sign for a myriad of problems such gastrointestinal problems, undiagnosed food allergies, poor diet, stress, hormonal balances (often caused by contraceptive pills), and in the case of deep throat ulcers, glandular fever or onset of quinsy. Medicated mouthwash can be useful against mouth ulcers but also removes good bacteria. The same is said for antibiotics, therefore these treatments must be used in conjunction with a decent probiotic or else you can find your problems worsened over time. Another good way to treat ulcers is by drinking cranberry juice. Cranberry juice prevents bad bacteria and plaque from adhering to the mouth, throat and uterine tract, making it a good recommendation to use with antibiotics in uti's as well. Vitamin B2, B6 and B12 and magnesium deficiency is also strongly linked with ulcers and a good daily dose will help prevent future ulcers. When faced with ulcers, try to avoid as much sugar and dairy as possible as this feeds the infection. Anaesthetic lozenges and sprays can be the best way to handle the pain and an aspirin or paracetamol based painkiller is recommended over naproxen or ibuprofen based ones. My experience in the matter is being the daughter of a dentist :)
Jane 28 August 11
Hi everyone, im suffering with ulcers that started on the roof of my mouth, then progressed onto my tonsils gums lips cheeks she under my tongue and now my throat. They came on within 24 hours, and I've been in agony. Havent eaten anything solid in 5days until tonight. I've been prescribed Amoxicilin 250mg and a sore throat rinse. But they got worse. last three days I had Amoxicilin doubled, along with 2 soluable paracetomol and ibuprofen. It seems to be working. Other things Im having to soothe ulcers is sfreedoms with anesthetic, foxes glacier mints, warm salt water rinse and cold water. Fingers crossed things are looking up as the pain is excruciating. Thank u for your posts theyve been helpful. X
Hayley, Uk 24 August 11
Due to a suggestion from a dear friend of mine I tried gargling and then swallowing hot as you can stand thyme tea with 2 teaspoons of honey. I am in throat ulcer agony at the moment and the tea is a nice soothing distraction, which is also giving me my water needs as swallowing water is like drinking acid at the moment.God this pain is awful just want it to be over. Of course I am using pain killers, throat sprays and lozenges. I just wanted to let you all know as I was so thirsty and the tea is soothing and restorative.
Tonia 18 August 11
Wow! So good to know of a place to come for others' experience with these EVIL little buggars aka ulcers! Im 34 and been getting them since I was around 7-8 yrs old. In the last 10 years, they've been getting worse. Bigger size, getting them in my throat, sometimes the side of my tongue, etc. The worst for me is when its in the corner of my mouth and I can't eat or talk for atleast 3 days. But theyactually hang around for 10-14 days. My lymph nodes (under my chin, is that right?) Swell, I get feverish and have zero energy. Most dr's around here think im over exaggerating. Veryfrustrated. I CANNOT eat fruit or drink juice. Caffeine brings them on, and definitely stress. Also, a certain time of month. I've tried everything people have suggested but they seem to feel worse when it wears off. Would love a miracle!
S. J. 77 14 August 11
The first time I had them was after I had my tonsils out when I was 20. I was in constant pain swallowing, eating and sometimes breathing. This lasted almost 2 years before the subsided. Doctors did nothing but write me scripts. I am now 26 and they have returned it is horrible. I do the same thing everyone else does, salt water gargles and all kinds of meds. I have found some things to mask the pain but no cure. I had to wait years last time before feeling better. I just had pneumonia recently and when that started the ulcers came back. Once again I am in and out of doctors offices and none of them can help a bit. I took the all the acid reflux meds the first time I had them and they did nothing and I took them for months at a time. It is the worst pain I have ever had. This pain cause me to be depressed and removed. I wish I knew what to do........
M.H. 28 July 11
I tend to get ulcers in the back of my throat like clock work in the early Fall. This has been the case since 2001 I would suppose. That was the first time I went to the ER with it because I couldn't sleep or eat anything. I have been to the doctor a couple times since with no help offered other then to bear with it and notes in case I need to miss work. The pain nearly always affects my ears and gives me a splitting headache. They sometimes pop up at other times, usually when some stress is involved (like now). They tend to last about 2 weeks with a couple days of unbearable pain sandwiched by merely extremely bad pain. I attack it with lozenges and advil along with stepping up oral hygiene. The best remedy I have found is as much sleep as I am able to get.
Bryan 21 July 11

Me again I am going to try to prevent acid reflux and see if this helps and stops the throat ulcers, the doctor can give you anti acid drugs will let you know if this helped because when I get these ulcers they can last for weeks and could be the acid which causes these to start.
Donna July 11
Donna in hampshire 17 July 11
Hi I get throat ulcers quite alot seem to come more when I feel stressed. They hurt and I get pain in ears too. Been to doctors just get mouth washes but how can that work when the ulcers are down throat. When I was 22 I had tonsils out which left a very scared throat.I am 39 now . Sometimes I panic and think have I got throat cancer? Wish there was a cure for this.
Donna July 11
Donna in hampshire 17 July 11
Ulcer deep in your throat might be a cause by acid reflux, if you want to prevent ulcer you must first prevent acid reflux
Silvia 15 July 11
Woke up on holiday with a tongue full of these ulcers and a white tongue coating and was freaked out. Afterdoing some research online it pointed to STD's, Throat Cancer and AIDS!!!! Sometimes looking online can be a bad thing as symptoms can be the same for many many illnesses. I am going to the doctor tomorrow but now dont think anything will come of it :\ Hope they are better soon because i cannot eat at all and only drink water.

Also dont know if it is just me but when eating or drinking i get a slight pain in the chest and a slight burning when the food goes down? Dont know wheter this is another symptom of the ulcers or just another related illness of being run down on holiday. Glad i am not the only one but sad theres so many out there untreated!
Danny 12 July 11
Update - they seem to be clearing up now, so that's after 9 days, and seems to in line with the ones in my mouth. Cordasyl mouthwash has helped a lot (including letting a small amount go down my throat). There is also now a cordasyl toothpaste I discovered so have started using that as well (tastes horrible but if it helps to prevent it then who cares)
Leon 30 June 11
I've had mouth ulcers on and off all my life (I'm 54) but got my first throat ulcers about 6 days ago, along with a batch of about 6 in my mouth/on my tomngue at the same time. A few days before I had a bad vomiting session and wondered if acid burning maybe triggered it. 2 years ago I had some probs with acid reflux and that also triggered a bad throat - I actually thought it was swine flu at the time as I also had a fever, but now I'm wondering if it was ulcers.
Like others on here it's worse at night and the best time seems to be early afternoon for me when it seems to eas a lot.
Finding this thread is reassuring but also a bit depressing to read how long some people have them for, I was hoping they'd clear up like a mouth ulcer, in about 7-10 days. My sympathies to you all!
Leon 27 June 11
This is my 3rd bout of throat ulcers, I'm 22 and have had this one for about 3 days and now it is giving me earache as well, normally I would just wait it out but the whole back of my throat has now gone white and blotchy. I suffer from mouth ulcers aswell and I find the best thing for them is cordosol mouthwash, gets rid of them pretty quickly, and prevents them too. Am going to try gargling with it to try and get rid of this throat ulcer but for all of you recurrent sufferers that's what is try.
Sadie 26 June 11
im a 19 year old and have now suffered from a single throat ulcer twice.. its directly, left to my Uvula (dangly bit in the back of your throat) and i can see it when i look in the mirror.. they look exactly the same as normal gum ulcers, but its near the back of my throat? how in the world, do they get there?!?!?! it is incredibly painful, as even swallowing my own saliva hurts.. i don't know what to do to get rid of it! the last/first one i had, was a couple of months back, and it was on the opposite side.. i couldn't eat properly for a few days, then one day, i just woke up and it was gone. i've heard somewhere, that it might occur from if you swallow something sharp like a sharp food, it cuts/scratches, then leaves that prone to infection, which creates the ulcer?! does gargling with sea salt help? all my thoughts go to you fellow sufferers, i know what its like xx
Hannah 26 June 11
it hurts like hell when you have a throat ulcer because you can't treat it. Every time you swallow there is major pain and you become weak from the little amount of food you do eat. Mine lasted for 5 days (the worst five days of my life) and to keep the pain at a minimum use ibuprofen. Other than that just wait it out.
Danny 37 June 24 24 June 11
well guys join the club i have been having recurrent mouth and throat ulcers now for the last 6 months. I have been taking vit b12 supplements and zinc supplements also my gp said it can happen in people who are anaemic so i am on iron supplements which has helped a lot. But looks like there is no remedy i always get a fever with them when they come out at there worst and hell are they painful. Its good to do gargles with warm salty water and uses difflam oral rinse as this numbs the pain temporarily. My dr has just put me on some antibiotics. Its very painful but there really is not a cure for them i am afraid.
Neelam 20 June 11
I just had my tonsils out and I think because of this, I have developed an ulcer in the back of my throat. It is excruciating pain to swallow, eat, speak, and sometimes even breathe in. It is awful and it's the first I've experienced this. How long do these usually last? What is the best treatment and are doctors aware of this?
Penny 15 June 11
iam so glad i found this website..i ve been suffering with mouth ulcers, throat, gums just above my teeth for at least 2 years. they are so painful. after watching the dr oz show about oral cancer i started to worry i called the dentist to schedule an oral cancer screening because apparently oral cancer is on the rise esp. in women. esp.and the one cause is HPV (human pappiloma virus) which is a common sexually transmitted disease and now they are finding that it can also be transmitted via oral sex and it is the 14 leading cancer in women. sorry if i worried anyone.. i am going to my medical doctor tomorrow because after looking in my mouth i see a sore on the side and back of my throat and i have to rule out anything serious so i can rest. i must add iam a clean, married women and i do also notice that it happens either around by period and or when i am not sleeping properly or stressed. i just wanted people to be aware of other causes of ulcer looking marks in your mouth. if you usually get ulcers and your familiar with the ulcers going away in about 7-10 days thats probably what it is but if they last longer or look different, if you have swollen glands, pain in one ear, always get it checked out to be safe i really would suggest that people start asking their Denist to do an oral screening at least once a year. please google it .. it will make you think twice..
ny 14 June 11
Excruciating pain. Ive just been hospitalized with these ulcers all over my tonsils and down my throat. They continue to spread. I have been on several antibiotics and prednisone via IV. The pain is so intense that I am being administered Dilaudid every two hours just to cope. Indescribable pain. Im convinced that stress and lack of sleep contribute to these things. Doctors don't really seem to know what to do but just hoping that if bacterial infection, then antibiotics will help and if viral, prednisone will help. Right now, nothing helping. I am going to try vitamon B12 as someone suggested and I will report back. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from this..
Steve 11 June 11
I sip on hot chicken broth - the salt in the broth seems to help w/the pain in my throat and since you can't eat anything it sort of satiates you.
Jen 9 June 11
I've only had these for a weeks or so but because of my braces the ones on my tongue really hurt if I catch the wire with them, and I have ulcers all the way down my throat, I have so many I can't count them, my boyfriend, sister and mum all have some too, and my boyfriend found milk helps pain, I tried strepsils an got nowhere with them, bit I did find listerine numbed the pain enough to bear it for about 2 hours, trying to sleep is just so painful and even if I clean my teeth I wake up with a disgusting taste in my mouth, but if everyones saying they last a few weeks I'm quite nervous because I have my A levels next if u have a quick cure then please advise me
Kissykoo 9 June 11
Had them for 10 years. Tried everything as with everyone above. Then stopped eating all dairy about 18 months ago, and they've gone! Felt like quite a sacrifice at first and I still particularly miss milk chocolate and cheese, but it's well worth it to be pain free and not wake up feeling rotten day in, day out. It's definitely the dairy for me, as if I slip up and eat any significant amount they come straight back. Hope this helps someone else too.
Bubbs 6 June 11
I am convinced that after 2 courses of antibiotics and steroids for sinus and bronchial infections, my immune system was compromised! My bronchial cough has continued, irritating my throat, and eventually, I believe, causing a severly sore throat with small ulcers up where they couldn't be seen. Shortly thereafter, the ulcers also appeared on the inside of my lips. I was given an antibiotic, although the diagnosis was "probably a virus" and liquid Lidocane, which numbs everything completely, but can be used only every 3 hours. The worst thing you can do is not get enough liquids. I've forced tepid water ~ hot or cold hurt too much ~ and cranberry juice with vitamin c. Finally, after 1 week, beginning to feel better. A pharmacist friend suggested mixing Kaopectate with equal parts of liquid Benadryl syrup and gargle, but do not swallow. the Benadryl helps the pain ~ the Kaopectate coats the ulcers. Try it...

Sally 22 May 11
Im the new victim of oral throat ulcers... never experienced hem before and they are AWFUL .... cant even drink water at times.... :@ ... well ... my doc has given me steroids ... 20 tabs to be eaten in 3 days ... 2 with every meal .... Now im in doubt whether to take steroids or not :S ... since steroids do have side effects... can anyone telll me wat to do :( ... and yes...for instant pain relief ... 2disprenes+pinch of salt in warm water ... gargle twice ... once before going in bed ( so that u dont drink or eat anything after gargling) and once at anyother time of the day ... this helps ALOT !!!
Sana 28 April 11
I used to get the occasional canker sore in my mouth growing up, usually before I would get sick or if I'd eaten too much citrus...but about a week ago now, I woke up with fever blisters on my soft palate and down my throat and one sore behind my front teeth on the hard palate/gumline. Every day I wake up with new sores in different places in my mouth. Thankfully for now, it doesn't hurt too much to swallow, but it is TORTURE to brush my teeth. I tried Lysine for a couple days and they just seemed to spread, so I quit that. I went to the Dr., she said it's a "virus" (thanks), and she told me to use Biotene mouth wash, but they just seem to spread using that as well. I was just down with a severe case of mono for the whole month of February...the exhaustion I feel is similar...I just want to figure out what this is so I can figure out how to treat it! I have mouth ulcers all along the gumline, and a handful of ulcers on the backside of my upper teeth...the ones on the back of my throat are still there but no longer hurt. One spread as far as my lip...that one didn't really hurt until today, but thankfully it's scabbing. My gums are so red and swollen and painful--without touching them.

Luckily, advil has been adequate for pain relief, but having had liver complications from the mono, I don't know if it's all that safe for me to continue taking it constantly at the dose I need in order to get relief. I'm considering going to a dentist to see if he might be more helpful than my gp dr.

I don't mind if somehow this all clears up in about two weeks time (as I guess that what is considered "common"), but watching them spread/getting new mouth sores every day really makes me question if this is just the beginning of a never-ending cycle. The new mouth sores I've been getting since the initial outbreak act more like canker sores than fever blisters though...that's another mystery.

I'm extra sad/depressed because I'm supposed to be getting married in two months!!! I just don't know what to do.
helpme79 3 April 11
I've suffered from extremely painful ulcers deep in my throat as well.

Because the doctor cannot see them, I don't think he has any clue how much pain they cause. I cannot eat or sleep. The only relief I have is to not swallow. I hang my head over a large bowl and just drool. Vicodin barely takes the edge off & when I've asked for something stronger, the doctor is very reluctant to prescribe.

I have no idea what causes it or a way to prevent it. Frequency for me is every few years. I really feel for you people who get them on a regular basis. It's torture and very hard to see light at the end of the tunnel.

The last time I came down with the ulcers, the doctor prescribed Prednisolone Sodium Phosphate Oral Solution (gargle), Aciclovir (anti-viral) & at my persistence, Percocet for the pain. The Percocet allowed me to eat soft/cold foods and get a few hours of sleep. The Prednisolone did a little to lubricate the opening to my throat, but not much for deeper down. The Aciclovir didn't seem to shorten the duration. The ulcers lasted about 2 weeks each time I've had them.
mythroathurts 31 March 11
Few days ago just had some horrible sore throat and ulcers at the back of my mouth. It started with some regular sore throat, fever, joint paint. Everything else went away in the first day but sore throat was still there. Then the next day my throat felt sore but there were no ulcer yet. Then the next day 2 ulcers came and hell begin. The first one on the right is smaller and ok but the one at the left is huge and killing me. I could not sleep for 3 days. could not eat any food for 2 days and felt like killing myself. Today I feel much better although there are still some pain i finally able to eat some solid food.

I tried everything: Antibacterial mouthwash, tons of lozenges, herbal tea, spray, milk, vitamin C, cough syrup, antibiotic, ribena, warm salt water etc. but nothing work!

So I think the only way we can count on is our own immune system. That were the worst 3 days of my life and hopefully it will never come back!!!!!!!!!

Besides, for those of you who have the same fate as me, be strong and you have my support!!!
ru40342 26 March 11
I have had mouth ulcers for 5 years, some so bad I had to have it removed. that helped but then I started getting them near my tonsils, front and back. They get so swollen that the back of my head swells and the pain is excruciating. My doctor is trying cortosone shots at the back of my head, but that is not working out very well either. When my ulcers get really bad I have to take a toothbrush and scrub them until they bleed and then that takes the pressure off of the back of my neck. I then use kenalog paste and as soon as they are no longer swollen I put Mouthsore fluid called Zilactin B on them to seal them and I am ok for a while. I also have Behcets disease. That means I have inflammation of the blood vessels, so I get other sores on my body, all muscous membranes are affected. If you think you may have Behcets, check out the web site, American
The kenalog paste melts and eventually goes down my throat to the sores in my throat. Thanks for the informaiton about the bananas, that they make the sores better because I eat bananas everyday. Any cures for throat sores would be appreciated. Thanks for all the info.
Pia 26 March 11
Like everyone on this site,I have suffered from mouth ulcers all my life.I'm 28 years old now and have tried almost all sorts of remedies. ATM I have 5 large ulcers at the back of my throat,the pain is the worst I have ever experienced,it feels like the ring of fire at the back of throat.I can't sleep,eat, enev drink others have mentioned the pain is at it's peak in the mornings and at night.I've also realised over the years certain foods give me ulcers; kiwi,oranges,melons,lemon/lime,coffee...usually any sorts of foods with these ingrediants such as coffee ice cream or orange juice a single sip and an ulcer is guarnteed the next morning!secondly stress...any reason for stress,exams,work related issues,personal matter...and guess what be there to make thing perfect...ulcers!!!my recommened solution...unfortuntely the doctors don't seem to help much n in the medical world there has not been much researchwith success to why we get ulcers n the cures hence we have to go through this agnoy/pain of 10-15days (for me) till the ulcer goes away. So far what has helped, Adcortyl,anesbol (gel), corsoydl mouthwash, merocaine (sweets), tyzrones(sweets). All these are temp relief remedies I have used n been happy with(avaliable in uk). Bonjela,painkillers have not been if much help :0( i hope someone out there can work on a cure for us all...

Sabina 19 March 11
I've suffered with mouth ulcers all my life they make me so miserable! My dentist suggested I change toothpaste so now I only use herbal toothpaste its called alodent and since using it I have not had one ulcer. Now I recently had q throat infection and with it now my tonsils are covered in ulcers I'm in so much pain have tried everything salt Walter pain killers was using covonia spray but worried that has caused the ulcers as I know that oraldene brings me out in crops of them. Will be trying the honey and will look for some of the other remedies you have mentioned
el, uk 28 February 11
Argh! I'm 25 and got my first ever throat ulcer 4 days ago - it's killing! Came down with a cold at the same time so initially put it down to that but seem to shaken that and I'm left with this horrific blighter - thankfully it's just the one (really sympathising with those of you that have a cluster, must be awful!). So disheartened to hear it could last months, hope it's just a sign of being run down as I often get mouth ulcers when stressed or under the weather and they usually clear up quite quickly. Doctor was unhelpful as ever, was prescribed Difflam spray but dont find it very effective. Haven't been able to eat in 2 days and been sick whenever I try. Sleep is near impossible and painkillers aren't making much dent. Saw a few posts mentioning a possible link to Accutane, I started taking this 3 weeks ago and seen as I've never suffered with throat ulcers until now, I think this may have been a trigger. Before having seen these posts, I mentioned the Accutane to the doc and was basically told not to be so silly. Hope everyone heals up soon.
Sarah 24 February 11
I'm a 46 year old lifelong sufferer of mouth and throat ulcers, and the best treatment, by far, for me has been what is known as "magic mouthwash." It comes in different forms, but my preferred formula is equal parts benadryl, chloraseptic, and mylanta. Gargle with it and you'll get instant relief.
Michael 12 February 11
Oh my god, it is so inconvienient having one of these blighters. I'm just popping painkillers and forcing myself to drink & eat so I can fight it. Salt water has just made it slightly worse although maybe it gets worse before it gets better. The pain is more annoying than upsetting.
Kerri 12 February 11
Just remember, mouth ulcers and herpes type 1 can be completely different things as I was tested negative for both types of herpes yet i still get the ulcers. The one thing that i found helpful was i took 10mg of hydrocodone. or a watson 540 and that helped me be able to stomach some food. you have to be careful when taking painkillers like these though because if you take them and then you dont eat anything it can make you sick. after i take mine i usually eat a couple of popcicles and some yogurt. I've noticed that since i have gotten the throat ulcer my throat has swollen drastically so i cannot take most of the pills my doctor prescribes me. however i have resorted to breaking the pill up into 8 little pieces before. I can definitely sympathize to you guys because the pain is almost unbearable. especially in the morning because your throat is so dry. I cannot seem to get ANY mouthwash or numbing sray onto the ulcer because it's so far down. I have found that people who are prone to ulcers should absolutely STOP drinking any kind of carbonated beverage as they are more acidic compared to other drinks. I do believe that the ulcers are stress related because whenever i have a throat ulcer I get so stressed that my whole mouth breaks out all over. maybe this is the reason that they dont go away for weeks. maybe it's because we get so stressed that the ulcers keep geting worse. I hope this helps someone. also something good to eat is very thin grits with very little salt..
Nathans 6 February 11
Hi there
I live in the Uk and have found a little tablet I used many years ago for mouth pain relief. Usually I do not get throat ulcers but I have the biggest one ever and so painful. The tablet lossenger is called 'Tyrozetes' and it has an antibiotic and a numbing ingredient for the pain, must say I just happened to see them in the pharmacy. They cost £2.49 for 2 tubes you suck one every 3 hours and really it has a similar effect to Difflam Spray ie a numbing feeling but it helps heal the sore mouth and throat with pain. Worth a try, I do not know if they are sold worldwide ie USA and other countries but they really are worth trying. they are very pleasant also and are not the usual sweet type lossengers for sore throat. anyone else tried them with relief, will be buying them in future as I can find nothing works except steroids - of course SLS free toothpaste is a must have!
Scottie 2 February 11
*update* - b12's have kicked in and overnight the pain from my throat ulcers has diminished by half. going to keep taking the b12's for another 5 days.
the dude abides 23 January 11
I've suffered with cankers/ulcers in my mouth & throat for several years. I currently have one in my throat. I'm convinced they are brought on by stress and lack of sleep (in my case anyways). I've tried lots of remedies, but none are quick to solve the problem. I have found that taking large doses of b12 vitamins (3 doses of 500mg a day) once you feel the ulcer coming on help to lessen the pain and accelerate healing time. I've tried to get some heavier pain medications prescribed before, but to no avail.
You definitely need to stay away from agitative foods/drinks while you've got these little bastards - citrus juice, chocolate, anything spicy, anything too salty, tomatoes... the list goes on. It's best to stick with yogourt, ice cream, milk, water, cheeses... alcohol definitely seems like it works, until the next morning, which is hell on earth... unless you're willing to stay drunk for a week, it's probably best to stay away from alcohol.
My system has boiled down to 2 extra strength advil 3 or 4 times a day and 500mg b12 3 times a day as soon as you feel the canker coming on.
these ulcers are so damn frustrating sometimes... I've taken chewing gum out of my life, just in case I accidentally bite my tongue or lip - these can be the worst kind of cankers.
trust me though, the b12's work. they're not instantaneous, but they definitely help a typically helpless situation.
the dude abides 22 January 11
Hello to all, I am not a canker sore sufferer but my wife and 5 children are! I recently found this website that has a lot of great information. It is Hope it helps!
Damark 13 January 11
I have a large ulcer inside my cheek and had a painful throat since early November - so I have been in pain for 2 months. Have been to the doctors three times now, none of them are taking me seriously. One prescribed pills for stomach acid whivh they say may be causing this throat problem but I am convinced they are throat ulcers. Will be trying salt-water tonight and get some Lysine tomorrow to try.
Stuart D 13 January 11
I just needed somewhere to have a really good go about how much pain i am in with these ulcers
I currently have around ten ulcers being on my tongue down my throat and just in my mouth .. im absolutely sick of it !
ive had them for about a week now and in the last 3 days ive barley ate resulting in my loosing 3 lb already ! Oh and to top it all off i have a gum infection also. I have been using bonjela .. salt ad water .. aspirin and water and taking paracetamol and ibrufen and non of them are helping in the slightest
im currently at uni therefore dont have a dentist at home( my current location) therefore im going to have to ring my old dentist in the morning to see if he will see me . I really am fed up ive cried 3 times today in pure agony I really cant stand it anymore
thanks for reading me winging !
millie 9 January 11
I'm just going to put this out there: after working in health food stores, dealing with doctors and nutritionists, and having mouth ulcers for decades, I came to a conclusion: 90% of what they claim is completely wrong. The answer to why most of us get them is very simple:
1. Scratch your mouth or throat lining. Potato chips are the main culprit. Toast is also common, and excessive hard tooth brushing or biting your mouth while you sleep (I have bruxism, so I got a lot inside my cheeks where I had bitten during sleep).
2. Take salty or acidic food (lemonade, tomatoes, pretzels). Salt & Vinegar chips are pretty much guaranteed to cause canker sores, since they make the lesion start and fill it with irritants right away. Pizza is also nasty.
To avoid the sores, don't do either of the above things. Try it!
And your doctors are out of their minds. If I had a dollar for each one who though canker sores and cold sores were related, I'd be rich. I've had dozens and dozens of customers surprised to realize how simple it was- not a deficiency, not a virus, just a sensitive mouth getting irritated.
Miles 7 January 11
I have suffered from cronic mouth ulcers for five years now and I also have an auto immune diease which does not help. I now have a little routine which if you keep to should help stop the mouth ulcers:

Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Iron Supplements Daily
I carry a bottle of salty water around with me and wash my mouth out daily - Salt really works!
I use Oraldene twice a day

Keep your chin up everyone. I know how horrid it is!
WIgs - 29 Year Old Female
Wigs 16 November 10
Kamillosan Spray works for me. I bring it with me everywhere and spray before it's time to eat.
patsy 14 November 10
I too get these mouth ulcers most often when i'm stressed. I've been using zilactin b, it works wonders and numbs the area so i'm able to eat.
Lucy 13 November 10
Covonia sore throat spray is great for ulcers in awkward places and a good numbing agent! Hope it helps
Helen 27 October 10
I am 27 and have suffered with mouth ulcers for about 15 years now. The ulcers became intolerable and i started going to my GP. I have been given various medications and there was only 1 that ever helped - Adcortyll in Orabase. However, this has now been dicontinued and nothing has been brought in to replace it! I am under a consultant at the hospital and have finally come close to a diagnosis, behcets syndrome. I take tablets for that which stop the joint pain but do not help with the ulcers. I pretty much always have an ulcer whether it be on the inside of my cheek, tongue, underneath tongue or throat. I currently have a few nasty ulcers down my throat causing intense pain in my ear. I am using a spray at the moment but that doesnt really help. I have found myself having to lose time from work on occasions when they have been really bad. I have had a copule of ulcers that have become infected with a secondary infection, the pain was indescribeable. However, i feel embarrassed when people ask what is wrong and i say "ulcers". Unless you suffer with them, you have no idea!!!!
I have found the messages on here really helpful and i am going to try out all of the suggestions - anything to become pain free!
Kirsty 25 October 10
Throat ulcers - Benadryl & Mylanta mixed 1/2 and 1/2 helps to heal. If you go to the doctor with them he can prescribe (magic mouthwash) It is Benadryl, mylanta & lydicane for pain. Mouth ulcers - dentist can tell you an over the counter paste to use
Kim 13 October 10
I have had my ulcer at the back of my throat since the last week in August. I have been to the dentist and they have referred me to the hospital. I'm just waiting for my letter for an appointment. I have no pain from my ulcer, the roof of my mouth is bright red but no pain at all. I have had anit bio but they didn't help one bit because the ulcer is still there. I hope it goes soon!
Helen 12 October 10
I went to the doctors on Friday as the pain in my throat was so painful that I couldn't eat, sleep or breathe easily. He told me it was a very sore throat and that I needed bed rest and lots of fluids. I often suffer with sore throats but they come and go without problems apart from now. A while back I had a sore throat which looked infected and dosed myself to get rid of it. I drink a lot of wine... a LOT of wine in fact, which I think has been the cause of this. Thankfully, I have used "Ultra Chloraseptic" throat spray from Tesco that seems to help, combined with antiseptic throat sweets, and strong Ibuprofen for the inflamation. The doctor did prescribe me with penicillin just in case my symptoms did not get any better. I have started them today and am hoping this will clear them.
Sara 3 October 10
I have used GSE for them and my kids find relief with tea tree oil on a cotton and hold on the wound. My son says hydrogen peroxide is his favorite method. I put GSE on a Qtip and swab the backs of their throats (for everything including diagnosed strep) and it's gone within a very short time. Except sinus drainage rawness - it won't help that. :( But as for the sores - zinc, lysene is essential to add to your vitamin regime. I was even told by my brother that some dentists can cauterize them. That's the way I would do it!!!! I wish I could do that!!! We get them all the time here. UGH. Their little systems are too acidy, so I'm working on changing our diets.
Tracy 2 October 10
Suffered with mouth ulcers for as long as i can remember, but 6 days ago, got my first on my tonsil.

Thought i was getting tonsilitus as i've never had one there, until my Dr confirmed it was an ulcer. He has been very helpful...NOT. I just have to grin and bear it according to him, and it is so frustrating as i am in so much pain.

It seems to be affecting my ear as well, i have constant ear pain. I bought Boots anaesthetic throat spray, and find if i spray it DIRECTLY onto the ulcer (be prepared to scream, it hurts a lot!) , i get about 10 mins of reduced, bearable pain. This week i have tried everything, i am at the end of my tether, it is really getting me down, but reading all of your comments, it's reassuring to know that i am not alone x
Lauren 24 September 10
I have two or three in my throat at the moment...its hell!
Ive found drinking loads of fluid's (especially hot ribena) work - even though its near unbearable pain to do it - the pain subsides for an hour or two...
Apart from that i cant find any cures, and doctors are pretty useless with solutions!

Lets hope someone can find a cure quick!!
Beth 22 September 10
I have been getting mouth canker sores since I was a child. But over the last five years I have been getting the canker sores deep in my throat. They are horribly painful and Doctors don't know what to do about them. It usually takes about 5 to 6 weeks to go away. I found that a cold Jamba Juice Shake helps numb the pain. But what I have experienced a few times the last few years are canker sores on my tongue. Now they are the most painful thing a person could ever experience next to child birth and being burned. They make it hard to talk, eat and takes weeks to go away. I thank God I havn't had one in a couple of years, but I feel for those who have. But I do take Lysine 1000 mg. tablets daily and I do notice that I don't get as many canker sores. Except when I forget to take the Lysine! Anybody have any othe ideas?
Jack 25 August 10
Dont think anyone really knows what causes them or how you get rid of then. I get the odd one every few months after stopping smoking I started smoking again and get them much less now but would rather smoke than be in pain all the time.
justin 16 August 10
I am 17 years old and going through a lot of stress. I will assume that because of the stress I have developed these ulcers in my throat waaaay to far down to treat. It's a pain in the ass to wake up every morning feeling like complete shit due to the pain. I struggle to think straight, to talk normally, and worst of all I have been feeling very antisocial lately. I've tried litterally everything to make them go away. Its been at least 7 days with maybe little signs of them starting to get better. I hate swallowing. Thats the worst part of it all. I hate eating. I hate talking. I feel like the escentials are the things that I cannot do. I have now missed my grandfathers birthday party because of how bad it hurts me. Ughhh. Help?
Alex 14 August 10
I am 25 and have had these ulcers for 6 years (took accutane 10 years ago.) I have been to 12 doctors and no one can figure it out. The outbreaks were initially horrific, couldn't eat or swallow, high fevers, joint pain, etc. The only thing that has lessened the severity of the ulcers is Prednisone (a steroid.) These ulcers are very similar to the lesions seen in the bowel in Crhon's disease, and accutane has recently been shown to be associated with this disease. I would not be surprised if there is a relationship. I have had a million dollar workup for all the things on the differential for oral ulcers and EVERY single test is negative.
Dominick 14 August 10
Sadly my throat ulcer is viral, so no antibiotics. I got an electronic gadget, like a water pik that has a throat mister and use it with the salt packets. That helps, as does cepacal throat lozenges. i find drinking from little juice boxes easier than glasses, unless theres a lot of ice in my drink. very sorry to notice how long these ulcers last. D=
Chris 6 August 10
was wondering how many of you with mouth ulcers took Accutane for acne at some point? My daughter struggles with these and she also took Accutane when she was 18 and we are wondering if there might be a connection.
mom wilson 22 July 10
I have a pain in my throat,it hurts when I speak, near to my ear which I thought was a swollen gland. I looked down my throat with a mirror and a torch, and saw an ulcer peaking out of the right side, I was relieived at first, because I realized it wasnt a swollen gland, which would need further investigation. Now I find that the ulcer is gone, but I still have pain in my throat which leads me to believe that I have more further down. The doctor shrugged her shoulders, and said it would go (Great help!) no anti biotic, no spray, just a gargle. How the hell do you get to the thing- gargling. So I bought Difflam spray, which has an adjustable nozzle which directs to the spot. Gonna do it soon. wish me luck....
Helen 8 July 10
im juzst wonddering if anyone knows whether or not contraceptive pills or injection can casuse ulcers, ive had blood tests, biopsy n they all come back clear, my problem started 3yrs ago when i bleed alot n the docgtor troed me on all sorts of contraceptives to regulate bleeding. this is when the ulcers began and they cover my tongue and its like one congels into massive craters. anyone any ideas?
leo 7 July 10
Hi guys, I'm a 17 year old girl. And on Tuesday I was suffereing from a high temperature of 39 C and a sore sore thorat. I went to the doctors yesterday and he said I have an ulcer in my throat and a virul infection. It's so terribly painful and I sympathise will all of you. I've been unable to go to school and I have exams soon, but the pain is too uncomfortable. Also, he said it's contagious. Do you think It will go away when my virus goes? Thanks for all your guy's suggestions on soothing them.
Tori 7 July 10
Ive suffered from really bad mouth ulcers for as long as i can remember and i just got my first ulcer in my throat and im 18 years of age. Nothing seems to be helping it and i think its absolutely appauling the way the doctors treat you when you come in with a mouth/throat ulcer problem, they are almost dismissive of it. Its simply because they do not understand the constant irritating pain they cause and the worry of when they are going to "strike" again but anyway, thanks for all of the comments you guys have left, i should be trying alot of the suggestions for pain relief starting from today. Thanks.
Kasius Lawla 6 July 10
I am a 26 yr old female, this is my first throat ulcer. I have had it for almost a month now. I am in agony when I swallow. My Dr. told me to stay away from all citrus fruits, vinegars, alcohol, spicey foods, and tomato made products. It is starting to feel a little better. I use Ricola- Honey drops the one with the yellow package, I also take a spoon of honey when its hard to swallow. I told my Dr. it feels like I am swallowing glass and he put a camera tube through my nose to the end of my throat. This is very unpleasant. Hope I helped relieve some pain for anyone. Thanks
Liz 4 June 10
I have mouth and throat ulcers from the age 9.. n i face them till the age 25.. I have 2 operations for tonsills and tongue root .but no relief.. After that some one told me to use an ayurvedic herbal called 'PANEER-DODI', I dnt know english name of this.. I jst tried as he said.. Take a glass of water and put 5 or 6 paneer-dodi piece in it and keep them under water for whole night... In the morning filter that water with cloth.. Now seeds reamains in cloth and below you got dark brown water.. Drink it on.. Taste is extreme sour, but if u drink daily as i told u above process for 15 days.. U will be as shocked as me.. Now 4 years have passed.. I didnt saw even a micro ulcers in my mouth... 4 years without mouth, throat and tongue ulcers !!! Its a miracle thing for me .... Thankx for reading...
Rahull 4 June 10
I've had mouth ulcers before when I was in my teens, but they seemed to clear up for a long time without having any more. Now however, I have one come up on the back of my throat. It's not on my tonsils, but more on the top edge where the thingy hangs down (sorry don't know what it's called!) Anyway I've had this 4 days now, & also have a fever. I've gargled with salt water & also used Oraldene mouthwash which says is for ulcers but these just seemed to dry out my mouth & make it more sore...just wondering if it's worth going to the doctors or will it heal (if so, how long does it take?) I've had a bad reaction to Pineapple before, the acid of the juice made my tongue bleed!...At the weekend I had some very strong tasting grapefruit juice & am wondering after reading other stories if fruit juice acid is to blame :(
Lucy 28 April 10
Hey guys, I'm 17 and my wisdom tooth is growing. It's my first one. The pain is so terrible, I can't sleep, I can't talk, I can't do anything basically.
It's the 6th day that I haven't eaten, I've been in so much pain from these ulcers that have grown. There are many small ones at the back of my throat, a few large one (though not more than 1cm) on the top of my jaw towards the throat, near the growth of my wisdom tooth, on my tongue, and around my lip. In total I have 27 ulcers. I've tried basically EVERYTHING to help it, it's been a week now, and it's not going away. All I've been able to drink is warm water. Help!
Lily 2 April 10
Hi All - I think I may have found a solution....seriously...just as you start to get that tingle and you know the ulcers are coming...try gargling as far back down the throat as possible before swallowing a drop of tea tree and drop of basil homeopathic oils in half a cup of warm water and then for the next few days drink as much water as possible. Best Wishes.
Sam 31 March 10
hi looking for a bit of advice ive had a very sore throat for days along with a sore neck and headaches, i had a look down my throat and at the very far back i can see somethin discoloured looks like an ulcer, although ive never had anything like that before so i dont know if thats what i is, could that explain the headaches etc?
lauren 20 March 10
The same happened to me. I had loads of mouth ulcers in my throaht, also about 5 on the bottom of my tounge. then loads on my lips and gums. I gave me a soar throaght, earakes (on bothe ears) and headaches. I couldn't talk, swallow, eat, drink or even move my head. It was hurting for 2 weeks and then on the day I was getting my braces, I just got them and it suddenly stopped. Just like that. You need to drink a lot of milkshake but that still hurts and try really really soft food. I stil get mouth ulcer but not as many as I did before.
singh 14 March 10
do take some listerine mouth washes frequently. it helps a lot. a mouth wash before a meal also helps in reducing the pain
prita 8 March 10
I have a throat ulcer, mouth ulcers, tongue ulcers for 5 days now and have been to the doctor twice. He told me to gargle disprin the first time, two days later I went in howling at him about ear pain and wondering if my tongue was going to walk out of my mouth along with my tonsils...I demanded everything...I got Zovirax tablets (antiviral) difflam throat spray, and Daktarin oral gel (anti-fungal) paracetamol and Tramadol (painkillers).. and I am still in agony. I was beginning to think I had contracted the plague :) Thank God I am not alone..the ear pain is making me wince my head like a cankerous dog and the pain in my throat makes me wanna groan like a dying animal in the's fruit overdosing smoothies and banana bread out the window now anyway..gonna try everything everyone has suggested..thank you :)
Kelly Irl 26 February 10
I once had a Dr in australia who treated my mouth ulcers by giving me an intraveinous injection of some yellow stuff
"dont know what it was" but as soon as he released the rubber torniquet, the whole of my mouth just seemed to fizz
like I had a mouthful of sherbet... the ulcers cleared up the same day.....these GP "quacks" nowdays mostly have no idea what you have or how to cure it, I was being treated for heartburn caused by excessive acid..turned out I had a blocked artery in my heart and I had to have a stent put in...justvas well I had changed Drs or by now I' be dead.
aussie 22 February 10
i often get large ulcers in my mouth when i am run down (and contracted glandular fever as a teenager, which i believe is somehow related) and have never been able to find something that relieves the pain for more than a few minutes (salt water, kenalog, difflam lozenges etc).
over the weekend i had a very sore throat and swollen glands, however this morning the pain was localised on one side of my throat, in the ear of the same side as well as along the side of my tongue and my gland was more swollen on the same side. took nurofen plus (with codeine) with no effect.
i went to the doctor to ask her advice and all she suggested was to replace the nurofen plus capsules with ADVIL (ibuprofen) liquid caps.
i took the recommended dose and found myself to be in just as much, if not more, pain. i was unable to eat and even talking was unbelievably painful.
next dose round i took three capsules (one extra) again with no relief.
i was beginning to get frustrated, still in agony (i've had two c-sections which i don't recall being as painful as a throat ulcer) and i decided to try my own 'remedy'.
i pierced one of the capsules with a needle and squirted ONE DROP directly onto the ulcer. at first it burned like hell but after a few minutes the pain subsided and completely disappeared. AMAZING!
going on half an hour now and i can slightly feel the ulcer beginning to hurt again but i honestly cant believe the result. SO HAPPY!!
michelle, nsw, aus 22 February 10
I have been suffering from mouch ulcers since many years, and they do not leave me for long after recovery, they just leave me for two to three weeks maximum and I do not know what to do. I really fedup from having lots of antipeutics and gels to cure them without any use and benifit. My much suffer is my ulcers always catching my tongue which affecting my talking and eating and suffering my the continous pain.

If you know any medicine could cure my tongue ulcers permanently, please advise on my email address:
Ali Al Reesi 7 February 10
My daughter 15 years... Just been to the GP after being in agony for 3 days - ulcers in mouth and thoat ... SHe is a bit of a Victor Mildrew so ignored it for a bit. She was told nothing by GP and to go home and gargle with salt water. What can be done to prevent them? She has her GCSEs and all that to contend with. So time of school is difficult
Lorraine James 5 February 10
it seems like some of you guys are sufffering from Hand Foot Mouth disease, it ususally clears up in 5-7 days? I've got it right now ulcers in the mouth back of the throat on my hands and feet. The body ones don't hurt that bad its the throat ones that are killing me... seriously looking for something to make the pain go away :/
Dennis 23 January 10
I just wondered does anyone ever write up here how long the ulcers last for??? Everyone says they have one etc etc but never come back to say if it has cleared and how long it took. I have had mine at the back of the throat for a week now and it still really hurts :(.
Mike 21 January 10
Hi, I am new to all of this. 51 yo female. I have had this "thing" deep in my throat for a couple of months.( I can't see it)
A few weeks ago it got really bad and I could not lay down to sleep as it was draining...well I won't get into all the gross details but it sure freaked me out. My stomach could not handle all of the drainage and I heaved all night. The next am I was at the doctors. He gave me Amox and asked me if my ear hurt. He said it should. He never mentioned an ulcer but a few days after finishing the Amox it came right back.
The doctor is really not a very good one. I can't afford the good ones but I started thinking maybe a throat ulcer. There is NO PAIN so as I read about all the pain you guys are having I have to wonder what the heck it is. The last two days it is getting worse and I am afraid I will go thru another horrible draning session. I know I need a better doc. I don't think it is cancer as it drains. Any ideas??????
Marcia 3 January 10
hi all
having read all your comments i realise im not suffering on my own . Im having my 5th attack as i write . my 1st was in may whilst on a holiday in spain at 1st i thought i had a throat infection i have never felt so ill . As soon as i landed in england i took myself to the emergency doctors as i hadn't eaten for 2 days there wasn't 1 part of my mouth or throat that wasn't covered in ulcers the throat being the worse . since then i have had 4 more attacks, 2 being very mild the rest needing treatment . I find not only do i get ulcers but i also have patches on the tip of my tongue and my gums feel swollen . the mouth i can deal with but the pain from the throat is terrible.As mentioned i also get a fever and feel very unwell. my gp gives me a 5 day course of famciclovir 250mg which touch wood does get rid of them up 2 now . i have also seen the consultant at the hospital and have had tests done for, recurrent aphthous stomatitis and behcets syndrome and vitamin b12 deficencey . Got to go back for results in 3 weeks will let you no keep smiling everyone
alison preston lancs 17 December 09
I have 12 ulcers in my throat justnow. Just returned from the doctors (2nd visit in 2 days). He gave me corlan pellets ( hydrocortisone 2.5mg) to hold against my ulcers. That's virtually impossible without being sick! I was not aware that throat ulcers could be recurrent - already cursed with monthly cold sores. Depressing news. I'll let you know how I get on with them.
Cannyscotslass 14 December 09
BlueAngel - Alchohol won't help. I have been through similar issues, and if you want to avoid disease then keep away from Cigarettes and Alchohol. I would get some help from a councellor, rather than from the internet. Good Luck.
Rob Dodd Bristol UK 13 December 09
Hi all
With out doubt after suffering for many years with mouth ulcers , the very best way to eliminate them is through a good night sleep (8hrs +) they are definately caused through stress and most importantly lack of sleep. I am currently at home with the flu and throat ulcer (extremely painful) the only thing that seems to help at the moment is anti inflamatory mouthwash. The problem with throat ulcers is that it is impossible to keep them dry ( as recommended with mouth ulcers) thus harder to eliminate. Unfortunately in my experience , you need to ride out the pain and get as much sleep as possible
good luck
Al 2 December 09
Ulcers can be a sign of Behcet's Disease. If you have other symptoms along with the ulcers, check it out please.
Netty 30 November 09
Hey, im 14 year's and i've had these ulcers in my mouth for about 6 day's now, i've been to the docter and she gave me some antibiotic, i've been tacking them for about 3 day's they havn't helped at all.
johnny 8 November 09
Hey Guys,

I am worried, I think I have an Anxiety problem which is seriously ruin my life can somebody PLEASE PLEASE help me. Firstly, I ALWAYS think that I am dying of some type of cancer so far (bearing in mind I am only 20) I have been to the doctors various times absolutely adamant that I am dying of some kind of cancer or other disease (each one was a different type so obviously I dont have each illness)

I know logically that is it probably nothing but I cannot shake the thought for weeks or even months. I have had this problem for years probably knocking on for 5 or 6 years and I hate it (again remember I am only 20 so this has been a serious problem for a long time). I have as far as I can remember had an unsteady hand (hand tremor) which I always worried about, Muscle Spasms too, Tension headaches etc etc essentially I have always had anxiety symtoms but have only recently founf out what the symtoms of anxiety are so never understood them if this makes sense. However I have read a lot of posts on here and a lot of people say they will search and search for a non existance illness going from one doctor to the next searching for answers but I am completely different I have to work myslef up to go the doctors and when I go I am that worried that it is something bad that I feel totally relieved when the doctor says it is nothing that his word alone is enough...however I know that this feeling wont last long.

The thing that worries me is that I think I might be developing a drink problem because of this which absolutely kills me inside. Basically when I am around new people I go mute literally unable to speak, even if I want to speak I cannot and its not even like I am not understanding the conversation I just go mute and as a result I drink and drink to lower my guard and to stop this from happening and I also drink to stop my thoughts of my "illness" if only for a few hours and as a result I am drinking a lot to reach a "better place" and this seriously scares me I have even drank alone to stop my thoughts.

Essentially what I want to know is

Is Alcoholism associated with anxiety ??

Are my symtoms associated with anxiety or is it somethng else ??

What can I do to stop my constant thoughts of illness ?? I can convince myslef that I dont have one illness and then I will consume my thoughts with another illness, for example in the last two weeks I have been adamant that I have 3 serious illnesses because each ilness I read about on the internet, the symtoms relate to me (even though they didnt before I read them if you understand)

Finally what kind of anxiety does it sound like I have ?

What products could help ?

I appreciate that this is a long post but I am new to this and am searching for answers before it ruins my life any further.

Thanks for your time and God bless you all.
BlueAngelHI 4 November 09
i get really bad mouth and throat ulcers. I used to get up to 100 ulcers in both areas at any 1 time. thyey were really painful i had them since i was was 1 yr old. They are much better now i think i've grown out of them a bit as they are not as bad now. I use 'azathiaprine' (i think thats how you spell it)now and that seems to help alot. :) x
Cindy 30 October 09
I am experiencing my first "throat ulcer" and its pretty painful and cause my neck to hurt along with it. I recently started drinking black tea. I drink it very hot. Is there anyone who is experiencing ulcers who is also a hot beverage drinker? I think ulcers might come from not only stress but from drinking and eating foods too hot for the body...
setta 27 October 09
I'm 37 years old and grew up in Houston, Texas. I grew with mouth ulcers from at least the age of 5. I used to get ones the size of dimes and would be so painful that I could barely talk. Usually occured at times when i was ill or under stress. Never failed that right before we would go on a trip, I would get a mouth full of them. Well, I live in England now, and I have come across a product that is AMAZING!!! Its not a cure, but I can tell ya, its the best product for relief that I have ever come across. Its called Corsodyl mouthwash (chlorhexidine.) All I have to do is rinse my mouth with this stuff at least 3 times a day and the pain is gone by the end of the day. It leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, but who cares...much better than the pain. Rinse for a few more days and the ulcers are already reducing. I've been living over in England for 5 years now, and I dont know if you can get it in the U.S. but if you can, then i HIGHLY reccommend it...I thought i was never going to find a remedy for the pain and discomfort. Go to your doctor and maybe they can prescribe something made from chlorhexidine. This is not a posting for a product. In fact if you email me, I will gladly share any information I have or maybe you just want to confirm that I am a real person, with a real solution and not trying to sell anything. ( I will say this though....if you do get some of this solution, then you MUST stay away from any high acid foods or will cancel out any benefits of the solution.
Chris 13 October 09
Im 27 yrs old & i live in australia. i have been getting mouth ulcers since i was very young! The last 2 to 3 months ive had them all through my mouth, some would clear up & then more would appear. I went to my doctor & she put me on penicilin & i also gargle savacol 3 to 4 times a day. I found the mouth wash to be very relieving. They have pretty much all cleared up but now i have got some on my throat. They r quite large so im in alot of pain & i have so much trouble swallowing & eating. I to find it worse in the morning & at night. Ive been waking up all through the night in pain. Im still gargling with the savacol but it doesnt do much as they r a bit far down, although i can see them. Im so sick of being in pain everyday & i just want them to go away so i can eat properly!
Amanda 12 October 09
Antibiotics do work however a combination of penicillin and metronide work in simbiosis. Good luck !
Rita 5 October 09
Anti-biotics do not cure mouth ulcers as they are a virus and not an infection. you just need to gargle something like Difflam which will help any swelling and numb the area and take pain killers. Getting as much sleep as possible will help as they take longer to heal if you are run down but other than that you will have to just grin and bear it!!
Cathy 4 October 09
can u get mouth ulcers under your tongue? and it feels like i got somethign stuck in my throat constantly is that gt summat too do with a mouth ulcer in my throat??
lisa 16 September 09
Has anyone ever been prescribed Acyclovir for aphthpous ulcers?
Shalom 30 August 09
Hi all
its relieving to know that I am not alone! I get it almost every month just a week before my periods. Ulcers in mouth and if its there on my tonsils I get fever as well. Doctors give antibiotics but never helps. With or without antibiotics it takes 8-10 days till I get periods. Once I have it it starts reducing on the 1st day itself!
I generally avoid all kinds all frizzy drinks, wines etc during that time which helps. Try taking juice of half lemon in warm water in the morning empty stomach. It helps me.
sindhu 26 August 09
Feeling much better after reading all those pain relief ideas. Never experienced a throat ulcer before and it is really painful! Have suffered with mouth ulcers since a teenager now 37. Tackling food is a scarey job and have lost weight as the pain is unbearable. My doc gave my amoxy antibiotics, but they havnt worked. I have been sipping Beachams throat medicine, it helps for a bit and helps me to get to sleep. This is my 3rd week of suffering and i can't take no more!
Ghazala 24 August 09 24 August 09
I have done a lot of reseach on ulcers, do some research yourself on: -


2. Cut out coffee (and caffein)

3. For throat ulcers, I have just discovered CORVONIA THROAT SPRAY. Really good painkiller
Darren 4 August 09
For those who have it regularly, try to add yogurt to your every day diet, i eat yogurt two times a day ( lunch and dinner) never had any problem with ulcers. Recently i stopped taking yogurt for a month and now i have a throat ulcer which is incredibly painful.
tester 4 August 09
Hello. I have always had mouth ulcers and used to think it was coz I had a dirty mouth or something and couldnt understand it as I always brush my teeth twice a day. I used to think it was things like oranges and tomatoes that caused them but then after having some juice and not getting an ulcer - I was a little confused but then I figured that one of the main causes of ulcers for me is really sugary things like coke and other fizzy drinks! I also get them through stress. Every now and again I get them but as soon as I feel one coming, I use Adcortyl - really works! It is awkward to use so before bed is best - but try it! Sounds silly but if you have chewing gum alot too - be careful as you may bite yourself and that may cause ulcers! Also - my ex said he got ulcers from eating crisps! Sharp edges or something!! Not sure about that though :)
Ruth , England 1 August 09
Nose strips that are used to stop snoring by opening up the nasal passages do mean that you dont sleep all night with your mouth open - which adds to the dehydration of the mouth and exacerbates the problem
ket 1 August 09
It is reassuring to hear that you are not alone in this situation. I have suffered from mouth ulcers really badly in the past and now have what I think is one in my throat which is affecting my ear and jaw too. I have been eating a lot of summer fruits lately, and did feel run down. I am taking co codemol painkillers and sipping milk seems to help. No more fruit! or alcohol! And lots of rest. At least I dont think I have some terminal disease now after reading all your comments. Will look out for the Lysine and Acidcortyl.Good luck everyone.
ket 1 August 09
I've had throat ulcers all my life (for as long as I can remember) and I'm 53 years old. I have been to the doctor many times also without any real help. I'm not sure if the connection is true, but I have found that I will get an ulcer if I take too much vitimin C. I've found it helpful to swab the ulcer with Zalactin (sp?).
Tom 18 July 09
well i am lucky i read this i was just about to have a nice soft bannana but by the sounds of it i am lucky i didnt, i have had my ulser for 3 weeks now very bad in the morning,took a week off from work because my new indian doctor told me i have to get my tonsels out,i have no sick pay so its going to take me a month to recover to pay all my bills i have done a full course of antibiotics, betadine gargle 1 whole bottle 4 packets of different painkillers nothing works i still have it my ear is killing me,and loud noise is the worst ,this just make me stronger when i am heathy good luck xx
warrick 13 July 09
hi, well im just after any advice really, i've had ulcers before i attack them with tcp and a cotton bud and after a few days all gone, now 4 days ago i was like damn my throat is sore and i have a line of 5 ulcers all at the back of my throat near my tonsils and these ones ae quite painful does anyone know what may have caused that many in that area
Dj 9 July 09
I get mouth and throat ulcers a couple times a year. I'm convinced it's stress driven. Last year my doctor gave me an antibiotic and I don't really think it did a thing. Yesterday I went to a MinuteClinic and was told to mix a teaspoon of Maylox with a teaspoon of benedryl and gargle. That does nothing. Asprin helps the pain some but the pain is still agonizing. I'm going to try this dental rinse I have for my dogs by Petrodex. It might sound funny but when you read the ingredients it's worth trying. .12% chlorohexidine, water, zinc. It comes in a spray bottle but I think I'll try gargling with it.
CB 8 July 09
Like everyone else, I've had ulcers for as long as I can remember. All three of my brothers get them aswell. I only started getting them in my throat in the last few years and this last batch has seen another twist in that they have started on my gums. A count up of my current ones must be 15 or so on my tongue, throat lips and gums.
Its true for sure that They make you feel generally unwell and moody but I almost feel guily for letting what non-sufferers would consider a trivial ailment do this to me.
It is very strange that sometimes I can go for months with out them, then bang loads at once! Night shifts and my period are culprets but unfortunately niether can be avoided. For the eating issue, Ive found those anasthetic throat sprays work, you cant taste your food but at least you can eat.
Maz 7 July 09
Well not sure if this helps but it seems to work for me as I don’t seem to get mouth ulcers much any more , I used to drink orange juice and eat oranges along with loads of general food and I started to take out food from my diet and over time I found that after eating or drinking oranges or juice this included dilute orange juice I would get ulcers so I cut out the oranges and now I get one or two a year and they are no where near as large as I used to get maybe worth a try?
Allan 6 July 09
im 5 weeks preggas and have a heap of them on my throat, i havent slept in 48 hours im exhausted, i manage to eat and drink a bit, the only thing i feel i can take is honey as im worried about my baby it driving me mad, im off to see the docs tomorrow, im really hoping he cando something the pain is unbareable
lisa 30 June 09
I was pleage for years with ulcers on my tounge and sometimes the side of my mouth, they would appear and last for two or three weeks sometime they got bad enough to bleed. about 15 years ago a friend sugested takeing lysine tablets lysine is an essential amino acid and you can get tablets in drugstores and super markets. The first time I tried it the ulcers were noticealbly better in a day and gone in three days. the next time I felt them coming on I took the lysine and it stop the growth and they went away. I still feel them coming on every now and then but the lysine has continued to work. I don't know why it works maybe its all in my head but frankly I don't care. these things were so bad I used to think about killing myself to avoid the pain. Now its just an unpleastanent memory.
awr 11 June 09
people try swallowing manuka honey before you sleep and leave it overnight without drinking water.
The uclers might have been caused by yeast infection so some of you can try taking Lactobacillus acidophilus, commerical yogurt contains too much sugar and too little of it so try getting the capsule. Pour the powder out from the capsule and swallow it slowly. Recovery might not be instant but might be faster.

One way of protecting your throat is to eat less fried and hot (not spicy, like steaming hot) which might hurt your lining of your throat.
me 7 June 09
Hey fellow sufferers, i have awful ulcers on my throat and they are sooooo painful. I feel like a want to cry! They also give me sharp nerve pains in my head! I find sweets and sugar make them worse. Even some mouthwashes with sugar/sweetener in them!
People who do not suffer from ulcers are blessed!
natalie 2 June 09
Last week I had a huge ulcer on the side of my tongue that hurts just by moving my tongue slightly and another one next to my gum on the other side of the mouth. I get these pretty often and it pisses me off everytime. However just when the tongue ulcer had healed I got another one near my throat on Monday and this one is driving me crazy. It hurts just to swallow and I feel feverish and tired all the time, and I get occassional headaches. It's Wednesday now and it doesn't feel like it's ever going to get better. I looked into the mirror and the ulcer looks huge and nasty and the rest of the throat looks red and inflamed. From what I read here, it seems like going to the doctor doesn't help... This misery is really awful but I feel a bit better knowing that I'm not alone with this annoying problem. Argh.
June 27 May 09
I currently have a mouth ulcer the size of a quarter on the left side of my throat, and all I can say is the pain is terribly bad. Some of the worst pain I have felt in my life, and I've been in a lot of pain in my time. I find that during the day while moving around the pain lessens. But in the mornings and at night when I have nothing to focus on the pain gets bad. I just started gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide and it seems to help a lot. I also was using antiseptic spray but that only helped the pain for around 10 minutes. I've had this ulcer for around 5 days now, and can't yet tell if it's getting better. Some Doctors or Scientists really need to figure out a cure for this, because "riding" out a mouth ulcer is honestly a living hell.
Josh H. 23 May 09
I really dont want to swallow.. ow.. just did. My nan said I should use warmish water and salt and gargle for a minute after brushing teeth. I have had i for 5 days now (i had a cold and been drinking alcohol and got too many exams, had to miss my mock today, too painful) so im just gonna see how it pans out and hope it doesn't spread.
Ross, uk 22 May 09
I am new to all of this ulcer problem and wholeheartedly agree - it's a nightmare. So painful. It's making me feel so low, emotionally and physically. Really not sociable at all and a right misery at work. Just want it to go away! Recently had flu/tonisillitis and it's all been dragging on for weeks. Going to cut out bananas though - had been eating one for breakfast for the past month because it was soft, squidgy and I felt that eating fruit would be the best thing - not so, apparently! Going to try some mouthwash this evening and perhaps try and get hold of some Adcordyll... Hope other bloggers are starting to feel better.
Fiona 20 May 09
Im reading all this totally shocked as iv had this problems for yrs now and didnt know any one else who suffered. for as long as i can remember iv had ulcers, im 26 and when i was young i got them constantly my parents thought it was friut coz i used to eat alot of oranges, apples, banannas and tomatoes so they thought it was acid so i cut it out for a while and it seemed to work at first but then they came back. until about recently i hadnt had them for about a year even tho nothing had changed. Im getting massive ones in the same place in my throat everytime, at the moment i have 2 in my throat one just in my lip 1 on my cheek some on the side of my tounge and under my tongue also I get a patchy tounge which gets sooooo sore !!! i feel moody and sore, it hurts to eat laugh and brush my teeth. All the doc said is "thats strange i dont know what to say" he gave me this crap paste which is usless! i use listerine after i brush my teeth to keep my mouth clean but wowzers i almost cry, I have found that im getting ulcers before im ill or have a period, at the mo i have flu so it cud be related. Im going to get an allergy test to see what im allergic to and what im deficiant in, u can get these at holand and barrett. I wish someone wud take this seriously and try make a remedy that really works. help!! good luck guys
Jasmine, uk 16 May 09
I have some really horrible,big ulcers down the back of my throat which are really sore, can hardly swallow saliva :o(
My dr said to gargle with soluble asprin and spit out or soluble paracetamol which does seem to help. Cant seem to eat much without it being agony. First thing in the morning is very dry and sore, sucking murray mints has helped! I was starting to think it was just me - feels marginally better not being alone
Jean 14 May 09
I have several mouth ulcers. To be precise I've got four in my mouth and two I believe in my throat. The pain is excrutiating and my best Melissas is also suffering from this. What can we do? It's getting us down and we've gone through so many tubes of bonjela; which bythe way is rubbish. HELP US! We haven't eaten in three weeks it's getting hard to bare.
MELLY 21 April 09
I have mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth at the moment. I'm 52 years old and female. I can tell you now, that it must be hormone related as usually a week before my period is due, I get ulcers on either my gums, tongue, roof of mouth or throat and they usually disappear a week after my period has finished. I tended to go towards eating softer fruit like bananas at this time - don't! It makes it worse, as do hot, spicy and salty foods. So, I give myself an excuse to eat ice cream. As I am moving toward the menopausal stage I must say it's getting a little worse along with other symptoms. Keep a diary and see if there's a pattern developing ( periods, stress and anxiety). Also, get them checked by your doctor as it could be something else - some people can develop oral thrush anywhere in their mouth and throat that can be caused by some medications ( ventolin for asthma and other meds). Change your toothpaste and don't use mouth washes as they can eat into the membranes of the lining of your mouth, therefore it could be an allergy. Good luck!
EH 17 April 09
I'm really struggling with an ulcer at the moment at the back of my throat. It has been there for a week now but the pain is increasing daily and the mornings are the worst. I've come to the conclusion that it is a stress related ulcer due to revision and stress for forthcoming exams although recently I have been eating a lot of fruit so this may have something to do with it. I haven't yet found a relief after gargling salt water and taking throat lozenges. Any suggestions would be very helpful on how to counter the pain. Thanks :)
TL 16 April 09
I was so surprised to see how common these throat ulcers are yet there is very little information on the internet about them. I have been suffering from a big one in my throat for about 5 days now and it just doesnt seem to be getting any better. The doctor I saw about it gave me no information and basically said I just have to wait for it to get better. Prescribed me some extra strong pain killers and sent me on my way. I have been eating an awful lot of fruit lately and I am wondering if that has something to do with the inflammation! Thanks for all the advice, nice to see we arent alone!
Rose 15 April 09
Please get your ulcers checked. If they send you home from the doctors make sure u go in at least very six month to keep an eye on them. Dont take them for a joke. If you have ill fitting dentures dont let them rub against the ulcers. Keep off acidic stuff and if you smoke - I wont even mention what it can do. Take care of yourselves. I have been to hospitals where all this stuff gets out of control. Dont let it.
Zac. 12 April 09
Hey, I am 27 and have had issues with mouth ulcers since as far as i can remember, they are a complete nightmare, and they do sffect your humour, anything that painful will and they are draining. I am a pretty active guy, eat well most of the time etc Now i do enjoy a night out, like everybody:) But i am coming to the conclussion i always seem to pick up Ulcers after a night or two on the town, maybe you are run down and your body cant fight them , it is the million dollar question? I do agree with the fact that stress has a part to play, maybe a very big part.... i can get quiet stressed out with work and sport... As for a treatment, bonjella once id pretty good, the initial pain is nearly unbearable but the protective cover really does help. I have one at the back of my throat now, i dont know what tyo do witt it .... the worst yet. Lets make a non painful cure, we would make millions:)
Mark 30 March 09
hello, im 13 and in england, i dont know what causes them but but i have three on my finger, 2 on my lip, one on the right of my mouth (at the bottom) and one on the side of my tongue. they dont hurt when i keep my mouth still. although when i go to eat, drink or swallow my ulcers realy hurt. when i move my tongue the back of my tongue (near my throat) feel like it haas something sharp in it, moving. im not that worried about as im going doctors soon. i wash my mouth out with salty water and brush my teeth. when one goes another comes back. please help.
CB 29 March 09
Hi, I am 32 and myself and my twin have always suffered from mouth ulcers. For the last 3 nights i havnt slept-I'm not sure if a i have more than one but they are in my throat and the pain is terrible, swollen and it affects my ear to. Like everyone says its worst through the night and in the mornings. I was going to ring the doctors but not sure they could do anything after reading all your posts. We need a wonder cure!! I'm off out today to try and get some adcortyl(please let it work)and fruit is off the menu.
Hope everyone feels better soon.
Amanda 29 March 09
i have ulcers everyday. there is not a day gone by when i am ulcer free. is there anyone suffering the same fate as me?
i sort of give up hope and think this is just ill health of me.
roro 20 March 09
I've always had ulcers, once I had them all over my mouth tongue and throat, about 12 huge ones (1cm diameter) and couldn't eat anything without horrible pain. When this happened the doctor gave me a numbing spray which was great and some kind of cement mixture to coat them so nothing could touch them (not so great.) I think they're stress induced too although can't be certain. I also had tonsilitis but didn't know it so have a feeling that keeps recurring and causing problems in my mouth. At the moment I have one in my throat, feels like a lump there and hurts all the time but I've gotten so used to it I just ignore the pain when I swallow anything. I am interested in your herbal remedies though and will give them a try.
DL 16 March 09
I wouldn't say I suffer form mouth ulcers regularly but at the moment I've got one right at the back of my throat (I can barely see it) and I've never experienced pain like it. It's much worse than an ulcer in your mouth, it hurts all the time. I went out yesterday to try that new Bonjela Once treatment and honestly I can't express just how much worse it has made it! I don't know if this is because it's not in a regular place in that it's right at the back of my throat but I wish I hadn't used it. It's just on one side but it is incredibly painful. I'm just recovering from quite a nasty cold which is why I think I have it. I agree with Keith, I had glandular fever a few years back and a symptom of this was excessive mouth ulcers ( ihad 37 at one point and they multiplied rapidly) I tried everything and nothing worked until my dad mentioned it to the dentist and he gave him some 'adcortyl' I tried it and the next day pretty much all my ulcers had gone. I'm not keen on the idea of trying to put it on this ulcer in the back of my throat but if you have ulcers in your mouth seriously go out and buy this stuff, it's not very well heard of but it seriously works!
Lizee 16 March 09
I have throat ulcers as well. Nothing so far seems to casue them they occur very randomly i can eat fruit and I don't get them. However, I gargle with salt water everyday and i find sea slat works the best. Also, green tea with honey makes my thoat feel so much better! Regular teeth brushing and flossing and generally keeping my mouth clean tends to really help it is best to brush and rinse after every single meal that you eat! Brushing your tounge and back teeth really well is also recommended. If your going to use mouthwash try ones that exclude sugar and alcohol!

But yes, unfourtunatly there isn't much you can do. However, if you have been introduced to several antibiotics in a short span of time that can casue them! Try eating things like probiotic yogurt to help in that situation!

Hope some of that was helpful!
Ashlea 9 March 09
I've suffered with ulcers (mouth and occassionally throat) all my life (now 56) and have identified one of the main causes in that time. It is eating fruit. I can take one bite of an apple and guarantee that I will have a mouth ulcer the next day. Concentrated orange juice is another absolute no-go. Bananas generally seem to be OK and cooked fruit e.g. apple cruble etc. is fine. I can now go for quite lengthy periods without ulcers as long as I avoid fruit like the plague. The best treatment I've found is a small tube of paste 'Adcordyll' which in particular, if applied as soon as you detect an ulcer starting to form often makes it dissappear within 12 hours. I do apply it frequently (more than recommended) but it works.
Keith 4 March 09 4 March 09
my wifes suffered with throat ulcers for years.the latest bout for 6wks the docs reffered her to hospital where they put a camera down her throat to have a look round ,yes we were relieved they found nothing but ulcers but not happy when they said there isnt much they could do in the end they gave her lansoprazole for dudenal/gastric ulcers seems like a waste of time so far we are gonna try some of the things mentioned inthe letters just to ease the pain.
paul 1 March 09
This is my first time ever having throat uclers and my doc. did not tell me anything about them or what to do. He just gave me some amox. and pain/fever reducer. I have done some research online. But it still does not say much. What it does say is scary. About it being from siphiles(miss spelled) herpes n stuff. But from what I have read from u guys is, it does come back all the time. How odten does it come back and can u give it to other people? I dont know to much about it. My friend first thought was it was cancerous. How often does some1 get cancer from these?
Tiff 15 February 09
I occasionally get mouth ulcers, but have come to the conclusion they are stress-induced. I will get them before a big trip or some sort of event that is out of my routine. From what I have read, this is common. Sometimes, but not often, I will get one in the back of mouth/throat. These are terrible. I have tried certain things like lysine tablets, but nothing seems to help. Mine last about 5 days. Luckily, I only get one or two during an "outbreak" so the pain is manageable. Cepacol lozenges seem to be the best over the counter on the market. I had a doctor prescribe some lidocane once that completely numbs the area, and for about a half hour, you can't feel anything. That was the best thing I have found for some temporary relief, but you have to be able to reach the little bastard with a q-tip to apply.
Patrick 6 February 09
I have been suffering with mouth and throat ulcers since my teenage years. I find that they are ten times worse at the end of my contraceptive pill packet and right now I have 6 really painfull ones. I used that Bonjela once last night and the initial pain is so painful but it does put a protective coat over it which does help. I am going to the docotors tomorrow but after reading some comments on this site I am not sure they will be much help!
Anna 2 February 09
So sorry about your pain..a few thoughts here. Yes, honey is an anticeptic, but I would add a couple drops of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) or Citricidal to the honey 1st. Also, treat yourself internally with the GSE at the same time by adding a few drops (or more) to water or juice. Also, research GSE so that you can see all of the other viral, bacterial and fungal effects it has. It is suggestive to me that you all have something viral, bactrl, or fungal going on in the lower part of your GI tract and you will find out if you start treating yourself with GSE. The first line of defense for all of these problems is to eliminate all forms of sugar, starch & carbohydrates like white bread and desserts. You may also have to eliminate fruit while you are healing. Good Luck!
Carole 29 January 09
my daughter who is now 13 has been under the hospital now with these since 2000 ...still aint found out what is causing them ....she has one on the back of her throat since new years eve ...she has had antibiotics and everything ,and nothing as working ...i got on to the hospital again and said she needs a biopsy on it ...she is going tomorrow so hopefully i might find out what is causing them ...she is very small and petite for her age ...since she has had this ulcer she has lost 5lb i will keep you all up2 date ..if anyone can let me know what they do on a biopsy will be a help thanxs
wendy bradnock x 25 January 09
hey all these can be such a pain! The traditional way to relieve yourself over here(Greece) is putting some honey on (the mouth ones of course) It ll be a bit annoying and painfull but it usually helps,as honey is anticeptic
Ellie 21 January 09
hi can any one plz suggest me what to do i m suffering from this terribly i have it very often my tongue has no taste buds it seems my throat is badly infected have white patches all over in my mouth the upper jaw even ear is painning well my food in take has fallen as i avoid it hurts badly.I have been taking medicines but not of much help i have reduced a lot of weight.I dnt know what i m heading towards
shweta 10 January 09
unfortunately from my experience and many visits to the doctor (as sometimes mine get so bad that i actually get a fever) i have discovered that ulcers are very much like cold sores/herpes virus. once you have it you have it and there is nothing you can do to permanently get rid of them. The only way I have found to get through them is to gargle with iodine and water as soon as I feel one coming on. This prevents them from growing as well as spreading. For the pain I eat throat lozenges like Strepsils (I get them in Australia not sure what your equivalent is) with anesthetic in them. This at least allows me to eat some decent food as I imagine depriving your body of proper nutrition can't be helping your immune system and thus your healing process.

Good luck to all
Oli 6 January 09
I find after eating bananas for a eek my ulcers ar back with a vengeance... i dont believe there's a cure... :o(
MArk 8 May 08
yeh i get ulcers at the back of my throat... i found some throat sprays work for pain relief for a little while at least...
cass 29 March 08
I've found a new way of delivering the cholorohexidine mouth wash. Get a pocket sized spray bottle and spray the back of your mouth/throat 5-6 times and let it run down your throat. Do this 5-6 times a day and just as you are going the bed. I am sure we all have an imbalance of "normal" bacteria in out mouths and they cause an acid build-up which traumatises the membranes which then become infected with the other flora in our mouths. Black tea helps as it washes away the bacteria build up and has a mild antibacterial effect, but it is NOT a cure. Stop drinking milk in your drinks as I find this becomes food for the bacterial growth.
It is one thing to use mouth washes to reduce bacterial over load but we are not replacing it with GOOD bacteria. I am thinking of trying the mouth bacterial was for bad breath streptococcus salivarius from to flood my mouth with good bacteria.
I've had some good results with Hgh doses of Vit B2 and B6, lysine and Vit C. See Kylie . Western Australia notes.
pg 20.03.08 20 March 08
I some times get ulcers on the back of my throat. I find drinking hot black tea numbs them for a while, and since you can swallow it, its releatively easy to get onto the ulcer. Might help...
kat 13 March 08
I have the exact same thing!! It happens every 9-12 months and they last for weeks. The pain is so annoying that it actually gets me down and makes me less social! I definitely agree that they are worse in the mornings and that there is basically nothing you can do. I have seen 2 different doctors about it and neither have offered much useful advice. What I have noticed that seems to help me, is 1 more and better sleep (its amazing what one night of 9+ hours of sleep does), and 2 changing what diet habits you have at the time. For example, my last bout happened about 4 weeks ago. I was taking a daily centrum, eating fruits (bananas included which apparantly provoke them), and I decided to stop all of that. I stopped the centrum, and stopped eating fruits. The ulcers went away within 4 days. I have no idea if its all coincidental but it seemed like it worked. Hope that helps...
Steven 6 March 08
You sound like me, I could have written your note. I find the chlorohexidine mouth washes (savcol) REALLY help too, but it needs to be held on the offending ulcers for 2-3 minutes or longer. I found if I left it on for longer it tended to give a burnt feeling to the surrounding tissue, but this was much more tolerable than the ulcer pain (and I think I have lost my sense of tast).
I presently have a couple of small ulcers on the back of my throat and one the size of my thumb nail on the roof of my mouth/back of the mouth-very difficult to get the chloro onto. I use cotton balls soaked in the savcol and
"feed it" down my throat whilst having it tied onto a bit of cotton so I dont swollow it. It isn't very successful as the swollow reflex keeps squashing the savcol out of the cotton wool. What I find amazing is that antibiotics dont help but the chlorohexidine does - keflex, amoxil dont do anything for the ulcer but the amoxil did hepl reduce the ear pain to a tolerable level
pg 06 March 08 5 March 08
Hi. I've got a couple of horrible ulcers in my throat right now. I've had them in my mouth before but never my throat and was quite upset to hear that's what it was. My doctor could only just see them after a struggle to look down my throat. They are absolute agony so I do sympathise and I agree they are worse in the morning (and during the night). I was told nothing can treat them in the throat as you're constantly swallowing saliva without even realising it, aside of when you eat or drink. I've found mine have been helped by taking a daily L-Lysine tablet and drinking cold milk and soft food, totally avoiding any food that nips or could scratch in any way. I've also been using an anaesthetic spray which helps for a little while but very tricky to use as you have to get the nozzle into your throat to spray down far enough. I also took painkillers when at their worst. It worries me that I might get them there again. Good luck, hope they clear up soon.
EM 16 February 08
Okay, so I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. Really, really big ones. Finally I found that Chlorohexidine in the mouth really works for me. However.... I now have a massive ulcer in my throat and it's too far down, even if I gargle with the Chlorohexidine I can't get to it and I can't even see it. I can just feel it on one side. It is also giving me ear pain on one side. It is agony to swallow food or drink and is particularly bad in the morning and it's been there for at least 3 weeks. Any ideas?
CH 16 February 08

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