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I found these references about "magic mouthwash" or "magic mouth wash". Looks you can mix your own if you can find the ingredients.


"When I worked in retail pharmacy, a physician would write a prescription for “Magic Mouthwash” and the patient would hand over the prescription with this look of “magic.” This special blend of WHATEVER would be the cureall for their sore mouth and throat caused by thrush or radiation or any other mouth/throat pain condition. The physician rarely would include what he/she “thought” to be their special recipe. So, we would have to call and clarify.

“What would Dr. Doe like in his magic mouthwash?” I would ask simply.

“Magic Mouthwash?” asks the nurse, “I don’t know. What do you normally put in it?”

Sigh. “Well we could start with diphenhydramine, lidocaine, and nystatin all at a 1:1:1 ratio or we could do tetracycline and throw in some mylanta with the formerly mentioned ingredients at all different ratios. There are probably a 100 different magic mouthwashes out there. What is the doctor treating?”

And it would end up that I could pick whatever I wanted. That made me think… hmmm placebo effect.

So what exactly should you put in Magic Mouthwash?

The usual concoction contains equal amounts of viscous lidocaine and diphenhydramine for analgesia…and Maalox or a similar antacid to enhance coating of the ingredients in the mouth. Some also include nystatin to prevent or treat fungal growth…a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation…or tetracycline to prevent secondary bacterial infections.

Who knows if this stuff even works and is worth the money since we pharmacists usually tack on a compounding fee. I say get a prescription for lidocaine viscous and buy your own benadryl solution and mylanta and make your own… for less.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Duke's Magic Mouthwash

Q: The Board office regularly receives questions on the formula for Duke's Magic Mouthwash. What is the formula?

A: Duke's Magic Mouthwash Formula:

1. Nystatin Suspension, 100,000 u/ml, 30 mL. or Nysatin Powder 3 Million Units
2. Hydrocortisone 60 mg.
3. Diphenhydramine HCL Syrup
q.s. ad. 240 ml.


In the past, many mouthwash products have been formulated by numerous medical centers to combat oral ulcerations; and we, at Saint John's Medical Plaza Pharmacy, in working with physicians, have been successfully compounding these formulas to speedup the healing process. Names of some of these formulations include:

* The Kaiser Mouthwash: Tetracycline, Nystatin, Hydrocortisone (antibiotic, antifungal, steroid)
* Kraemer's Mouthwash: Nystatin, Dyclonine, Glycerin (antifungal, anesthetic)
* Powell's Mouthwash: Tetracycline, Nystatin, Hydrocortisone, Diphenhydramine (antibiotic, antifungal, steroid, antihistamine)
* Reynold's Mouthwash: Tetracycline, Nystatin, Hydrocortisone, Chlorpheniramine (antibiotic, antifungal, steroid, antihistamine)
* Stanford's Mouthwash: Tetracycline, Nystatin, Hydrocortisone, Chlorpheniramine (antibiotic, antifungal, steroid, antihistamine)
* Magic Mouthwash-version I: Maalox(R), Benedryl, Lidocaine (antacid, antihistamine, anesthetic)
* Magic Mouthwash-version II: Mylanta(R), Benedryl, Carafate (antacid, antihistamine, anesthetic)
* Miracle Mouthwash: Tetracycline, Nystatin, Dexamethasone, Diphenhydramine (antibiotic, antifungal, steroid, antihistamine)

Most of these concoctions contain a combination of an antibiotic (to reduce the bacterial flora in and around the lesion), antihistamine (for local anesthetic and relief from pain and discomfort), antifungal (to stop any fungal growth), steroid (to reduce inflammation) or local anesthetic/pain reliever.


an over the counter remedy called Magic Mouthwash. It is something your pharmacist can make up for you as follows:

Magic Mouthwash recipe
Viscous Lidocaine (1 part)
Maalox (1 part)
Benadryl (1 part)
TomF 4 February 08
tom great post
nlip 5 February 08
Very Thorough post. I went thru the route of finding out about the "Magic Mouthwash" from a friend, asked my dentist, talked to a very helpful pharmacist who indicated much, but not all, of what you wrote. At his advise I mixed my own with the Lidocaine, Maalox and Benedryl. In my case unfortunately, nothing happened. Oh well, at least it killed the pain for awhile. (My friend still swears by it and takes it prevently).
cc in tucson 5 February 08
I already saw a DR for my ulcers and he only prescribed lidocaine, plain. It tasted terrible, so I looked up this "magic mouthwash". For me it worked well enought to kill the pain to eat or make it through a work day that includes much speaking on my part. I found this site very helpful because I was not told the ratio and this made the difference. Thanks
JH in Pa (LPN) 4 April 08
Thanks TomF a very interesting, and thorough post (as always).
Dom Walton 4 April 08
I have used the first formula listed for canker sores in my mouth. As long as I swish with it 2-3 times a day and once with peroxide the sores heal up within 2-3 days - much less time, and a lot less painful. It is a great combo
rm in nc 16 April 08
magic mouth wash is an absolute savior for me. my breakouts are very infreeqreent now due to Squigle and i think supplemts of lysine and b12. i believe its time for me to stop the supplements and see if the non sls use of toothpaste does the trick alone. my mouthwash consists of prednoslone,benadryl,and a tetracycline with mix precsribed by my dentist not doctor. most doctors have their head up their asses in regards to mouth ulcers. tomf it seems to resemble version 1 from your friggen bitching post with teh exception of it looks im getting a predisone base instead of lidocaine. you rock brother.
nlip 24 April 08
Two issues to remember....Magic mouthwash containing viscous lidocaine is not is RX only. And be careful of how often it is used, as lidocaine can be absorbed, even if not swallowed and cause cardiac issues.
Tom Alexander PharmD 29 April 08
definlety rx only for sure
nlip 29 April 08
I'm interested at Version1 of the Magic Mouthwash: do you think we could replace lidocaine with benzocaine, which is used in Orajel and is thus probably available OTC? I am trying to concoct a formula for a new type of disease: lie bumps, also known as lingual papillitis. 25 days with bumps on the tongue and no doctor in sight able to help me. "Wait it out" they say, witout any empathy whatsoever. Disgusting.
alien 12 June 08
which type of patients should use magic mouth wash
arun kesava 30 June 08
Why don't you try Gelclair. It's for oral mucositis in cancer patients along with any other sores in the mouth.
Michael 15 September 08
Hello I'm newbie here and can't find a search on the forum
Could please someone point me to it.

blowblob 20 September 08
Drew, return to the homepage, find the "magnifying glass" icon or button and click on it. That should bring up a box for search terms.
TomF 22 September 08
is it safe using the tetracycline ? because it make stain the teeth ? and it will be hard to get ride of that? so what do u think guys ? any alternative antibiotics works well ?
Mohammed Pharma 3 December 08
Tetracycline only stains developing teeth and that is why children who have used tetracycline will have a grey to brown discoloration of the tooth that would be developing at the time. This may be a stripe or a portion of the tooth that absorbed the antibiotic. Topical tetracycline should have no effect on the color of fully developed teeth.
fangdr 9 December 08
That's all good but how do you decide for the stability of the mixture? Are there any data?
dk 12 January 09
I had the same question on stability. How do you determine? Do you just give a generic 30 days?
sa 29 January 09
I love Magic Mouthwash and have used since I was a kid. I always feel like a kid asking for it, but the ulcers get so bad that the embarrassment quickly goes away. You are right to say there ar emany forms. I don't think I have had the same mixture yet. SOme say swish and spit and some say swish and swallow. The kind I have right now is not as strong as the prescriptions I have ahd in the past.
What a savior this has been and has worked for me more than anything else.
Shannon 3 February 09
How many times a day can I use the following combination (Malox & Diphenhydramine), I cant find any of the other ingredients, so Ill try the two only!
Beverley 4 February 09
i have a bad crack on the corner of my mouth that just won't go away i've tried 1% hydrocortisone, abreva, zovirax's only gotten redder and the crack deeper and more painful.....when i open my mouth it bleeds and i'm miserable...i recently lost my job along with insurance and was barely making it then....any advice?
bobbie 10 February 09
Might want to try some neosporin (triple antibiotic ointment) for awhile for that crack on corner of mouth. It probably just needs some help in healing. I would put on the oitment every night before bed so it has some time to work without being wiped away. Hydrocortisone is for swelling, itch-so that won't work and abreva and zovirax is for herpes blisters(cold sores) and won't help you either.
darla 18 February 09
The mouthwash is a life saver. It really dulls the pain.
kiera 18 February 09
Magic mouthwash is awesome for patients! I am a dentist and use it for patients a lot! There is 1 drugstore in particular we use more b/c there is no question that they know what to put in it, instead of a "generic" magic mouthwash RX.
The dude above with the crack in the corner of his mouth needs to try an antifungal cream on the corner of his mouth.
mel 19 February 09
Same question as Beverley -- Nurse Practitioner recommended Maalox & Kid's liquid Benedryl...however, forgot to ask her how often & how much at a time (I've done 1tsp equal parts so far swish & swallow---lasted long enough to have a bite for dinner...)
Marie 24 February 09
my problem is not cancer sores or such. my tongue fel as i have eatten or drank something hot and burned it. it is ok in the morning, but from late afternoon to night it is terible. my dentist wrote a rx for duke mounth rinse, i have not had it filled yet. is it expensive
jackie 4 March 09
I have had Lycume Plantis in my mouth for 12 years, and was told it is from stress and having diabetes. Well my mouth has been in pain for that long a time. Having diabetes I figured it went along with the desease, so I just lived with it and chewed my food on the other side of my mouth. Hot food, spicey food, hard food all played in to eating on the left side. Well I have a new Dentist in Bluffton, So Carolina where I live and he prescribe Dukes Magic mouthwash, and for the first time my mouth has healed. I must finish the bottle, and I will. I don't know what is in it but it works and that is all I care about.
Teri 10 March 09 11 March 09
My nurse friend told me of a recipe to use with my 4 year old with viral pharygitis. 1 part liquid benadryl (or generic) 1 part cherry Maalox (regular) and 2 parts water. My 'parts' have been teaspoons ie: 1tsp benadryl; 1tsp Maalox; 2 tsp H2O. After 2 days of dealing with a screaming child every 2 1/2 hours and not quite time for the next dose of Tylenol/Ibuprofen, this has truly been a lifesaver. Perhaps because the benadryl just knocks him out to the point that we can all get alittle rest. Having never seen ulcers/blisters on the back of his throat before, no wonder he's miserable!! To any other parent out there, try this if you have a child with a horrible sore throat w/ or w/out blisters. (Of course, if they are sensitive to any of the ingredients...check with your pediatrician first...)
meg 12 April 09
My mouth comensed to give me this new trouble after extensive dental work. I was given antibiotic because it royally acted out with an apparent infection during a previous episode. My dentist, in an attempt to prevent a reocurance, prescribed and antibiotic. After about 3 days, and a reaction to lemon juice which irritated my taste buds, (along with a bitten cheek) I developed Thrush. Nystatin oral suspension was the solution for the thrush. I simultaneously or consequently (not sure which) developed a Ph imbalance, leaving me with burning mouth because I confused the acidity symptoms for thrush. I've been using Magic Mouthwash - maolox, lidocain and perhaps benedryl(?) -60% each -I was shocked at the resounding numbing sensation that overwhelmed my mouth, but was remarkably relieved. I now monitor the amount I put in my mouth to swish and spit, however. Anyone else with this experience?
eve 17 Apr 09 18 April 09
Hi, I'm new
Where can you get these ingredients from? And am I safe to mix them by myself.
I'm sorry if these questions have already been answered I'm just so desperate for any solution.
Charmaine 23 April 09
so is the magic mouthwash OK to swallow? It just tastes nasty to me, almost like gargling pepto bismal. I've got a horrible sore throat, i can barely swallow water. I tried swishing the mouthwash and I just can't get it deep enough in my throat to numb the pain. So is it ok to swallow? even just a little bit?
Kristin 4 May 09
Yes you can mix these solutions yourself, but you will need a Rx for the lidocaine. The ratio I use is 1:1:1
Cindy 26 May 09
I have Addison's disease and take Prednisone daily. Lately I've been getting mouth ulcers alot. In the past my reumatologist prescribed liquid lidocaine, which tasted awful, but today my endocrinologist prescribed magic mouthwash. I'm pleased with the results. Numbs my mouth for a few hours, so I can eat and doesn't taste bad!!
Jessi /Nashville, Tn 6 June 09
can Kenalog-40 be mixed with erythromycin Er 250mg & benadryl? Can they be swallowed>
Susan 10 June 09
I just had nose surgery and developed mouth sores. The doc prescribed lido/nystat/maalox. Great stuff! It took the pain away immediately but the stuff only worked for a few hours. the bottle only allows for application every six hours. Kinda of a tease but a relief from the pain is helpful
dandy 18 June 09
To bobbie 10 february 2009

I get bad cracks in the corner of my mouth if I use certain teeth whitening toothpastes. If you use teethwhitening toothpaste; try switching and see if it helps.
saidthegrl 24 June 09
I went to the Dr with a sore throat and it has been sore off and on for awhile. She prescribed Dukes mouthwash for me. I have been taking it off and on for about a month now. I will take a dose or two a day and I swallow it. It says to take it 4 times daily. But after taking this, I have had the worst headaches and also High Blood Pressure, is there anyone else out there with the same symptoms as I have? My HBP was 160/90 just a few days ago. The medicine instructions said, do not stop taking this medication & finish ALL of it. Well I have skipped a day or two and then maybe taken a dose or two a day, and I'm afraid that I have made myself worse with this medicine. I wish that I had never seen it. But I have no more sore throat.
Some one please respond to my letter, and let me know if I took it wrong or what.
Eleasea 29 June 09
My ENT Dr. gave me an Rx for it, due to hair growth and a mess/ coated tongue, I had 35 radiation treatments for cancer of the epiglotis 10 years ago . From time to time, the least thing sets it off.....the mouth is suspect to nothing in this world but viral infections.....radiation causes dry mouth, but mostly that's misleading, it's more like a mouth full of syrup......and also .....mucus becomes a factor too..over the counter will help that....
Magic Mix is what mine is called on the RX and the druggists has to mix it....they have to work a little for a change, as the doctor prescribles exactly how much of each of 4 ingredients...a sterroid is one, maloox, benedyl and don't know what the 4 th one is....

they say swish it and spit or swallow....trial and error has to work ....they say 3-4 times a day, think in my case too much.....i've now landed on 1 a day and at night before I go to bed, along after my night time medication.

Also an home remedy is cherry milk of Phillips magnus and liquid bendyl . Sorry about the spelling.....
emily 29 June 2009 30 June 09
My son was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease today (Monday). - yukk. He started with a headache & stiff neck Thursday, vomited twice Saturday night, and had a sore throat yesterday (Sunday). He woke this morning with sores in his throat and unbearable pain. I thought it was strep/sinus related, as that has been his "constant" almost since he was born, though he hasn't had strep since he had his tonsils removed 4 years ago. I am totally grossed out by the diagnosis, but am so thankful for "Magic Mouthwash". When I saw his Dr. write it on her pad, I just thought the word "magic" was for his benefit. I now see this website, and am amazed. His consists of: Lidoc1:Myla1:Diph1. I think it's Lidocaine, Mylanta and a type of Benadryl? I do know IT IS A LIFE SAVER. He can take it every 2 hours, and it IS Magic!!! The pharmacist did tell me that he should eat BEFORE taking it, as the "flap" in your throat that blocks food from going into your lungs is "frozen", and may not work as fast as it usually does. A small price to pay for this fantastic RX. Thank you for this site! Back to bleaching everything in sight!!
mary beth 14 July 09
looking at Mary beths post... am I wrong in thinking that this medicine is not 'taken' but swished and spit and therefore unless gargled should not affect the throat. Unless there are versions to be swallowed to coat the throat? Also as mentioned above, wouldn't consuming Lidocaine be bad?
I think therefore I am 7 August 09
as i ask well hydrocortisitisone 20mg hurt your teeth my branking of help
marsha parker 6 September 09
Do they have versions of Magic Mouthwash that you can swallow? My 4 month old got prescribed this for HFMD (see mary beths post) and on th bottle it doesnt say how i am supposed to give it to her.
Kristinna 18 September 09
This Magic Mouthwash worked very well for my 8yo but did cause his developing teeth to stain which was not listed as a side effect. We brushed his teeth and it lightened. Luckily we did not have to use it many times before his ulcer showed very significant healing. I would definitely try it. My son couldn't even eat by the time we got the prescription and it was only $15 to fill.
Eve 23 September 09
Why is my husband's Magic Mouthwash costing $80? it is not covered by medical insurance
Glo 5 October 09
I had my initial RX for magic mouthwash in 2003 from a dentist. He explained the reason why you swallow and not spit (at least for his formula) was that in not only works on the surface of your mouth but also systemically by swallowing it. Made sense to me and I have not had any ill effects. Also as a chemo patient it is invaluable for those horrid moth sores.
Ruth 17 October 09
Would Magic Mouth Wash help cure a burning tongue and mouth?
My condition appeared suddenly 5 years ago and no doctor
knows why or how to treat it. A fungus and Sjogren's have been ruled out.
Biotene dry mouth gel helps me to sleep.
Marge16 31 October 09
I found out that I have HFMD (and I'm an adult!) It's pretty gross. The magic mouthwash really works.
Homer 10 November 09
Magic Mouthwash, an amazing 'swish-swish'! Had sore throat and blister in mouth after inplant denistry.Infection in throat made swallowing all but impossible. Blister added to the misery of eating. Dentist told me to swish salt in my mouth, which I did with not results. His aide told me about Magic Mouth Wash. That night after using, I had numbed the swallow problem. I am still in pain when I eat because the blister has not healed. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope I can give thanks to the mouthwash and have less problems in eating. I have also been taking cefuroxime that has eliminated most of my infection.
Bob, Nov, 24 25 November 09
I was just prescribed the "Miracle Mouthwash" by my ENT doctor today. I swallowed a fish bone yesterday. It still feels like I have a pin in my throat. He told me to swish & swallow & see him in 2 weeks. Yes, the numbing effect is quite a bit & I could absolutely do without it & hopefully I will be O.K. He said that there is no more fish bone, however the bone scratched inside where I swallow & w that is what I feel now. Has anyone ever experienced this? 2 weeks is a long time to take this, I hope it helps to slowly cure it 100%. I am NOT going to eat any more fish after this!
Judy 27 November 09
Our pediatrician told us to try this for sores in my daughter's mouth - she said equal parts of children's benadryl and maalox, swish it around and then spit it out. Going to give it a try after a quick trip to the drugstore!
Beth 3 December 09
Which one of these recipes is best for chemo mouth?? I call it thrush but don't know if that's the right term. I would think the nystatin would be the most important ingredient as it is fungal in nature. Is nystatin available over the counter? My rx costs $50!!!!!!! My directions say one teaspoon ... swish and swallow four times daily.
Alice 7 December 09
KIMBERLY 7 December 09
I'd say swish and spit out.
TomF 8 December 09
my mother is taking macig mouthwash and "took a swig", instead of a teaspoon. she stated that her whole head went numb along with her throat...since i have no clue what is in the mouthwash, i can only think that she took "a little too much" and hopefully she will be ok
yankee57 12 December 09
Please swish this and spit it out. I work now as a pharmacy technician but was prescribed this by my physician a few years ago when my daughter developed a blister on the back of her throat (ouch!!!) I was told to mix using a 1:1 Maalox to Benedryl (5 mls or 1 teaspoonful of Maalox and then the same of the Benedryl) I guess the thought is that the Benedryl helps to numb the pain and the Maalox coats it, again the numb the pain. We used the mixture 3 times daily and it seemed to work. I'm using the same now for a viral thing she's developed on her tongue. Good luck all. Also make sure to use it as a RINSE. Gargle it then spit it out. Seems like that wouldn't work but it really does.
erika 21 December 09
I had my tonsils out 3 days ago and the straight lido is too thick. I also have magic with lido from another dr. On demerol, percocet. I used a teaspoon but swallowed it and now I'm dizzy. Throat feels better though. Should I seek medical assistance or is it ok to swallow it?
Susan M 1 January 10
My new rx has tetracycline in it which expires. The pharmacist said I could still use it after the expiration date if I didn't swallow. Is this true?
Alice 3 January 10
I went to see the doctor today for a severe sore throat that has persisted for four days. After bouncing a giant cotton swab off the back of my esophagus, taking my temperature and having a barrage of nurses ask the same questions about allergies, he proudly announced, "Sinus infection!" Prescription: pseudoephedrine to help with congestion, amoxycillin for bacterial infection, and magic mouth wash "version I" as indicated above.

The magic mouth wash is thick. I don't have mouth sores, but throat sores. That means true gargling is necessary. I can pour the prescribed teaspoon into my face, look up, and read half a page of the Wall Street Journal by the time the rather bizarre tasting potion arrives on scene where it's needed. And gargling? Umm, well.... good luck with that.
Jim 12 January 10
what is the most important ingredient for mouthwash to fuffill its duty of eradicating the bacteria in the saliva glands
Rabi 16 January 10
Chlorhexidine digluconate is probably a good candidate.
DingBat 17 January 10
There are two products which are available in pharmacies, called First Mouthwash BLM, which contains Benadryl/Lidocaine/Maalox in the ratio of 1:1:1 in a very plesant tasting viscous suspension, and the second mouthwash cantains antifungual agent called First BXN mouthwash which contains Benadry/Lidocaine/Nystatin in the ratio of 1:1:1 again in a very plesant tasting viscous suspension. Rinse and gargle for at least one to two minutes and then spit it out or swallow it. It is used by oncologists and dentists.
Dilip 26 Jan. 2010 26 January 10
What one numbs the best. I tried one with tetracycline and it felt like I was gargeling with red pepper sauce. It felt like it was ripping the flesh off of my tongue.
kyabean 26 January 10
I have a really sore tissue area on my lower jaw in mouth. I wear a partial with sev. teeth on it but at the moment I am using Magic Mouthwash. Actually I don't know exactly the 3 ing. but am sure Lidocaine and Benedryl are 2 of them and prob. Maalox. It is a rinse and spit thing and have experienced only temporary relief. The dentist gave me only 2 days with it 3-4 times a day then a repeat visit if no improvement. Tomorrow is the 2nd day. May need the Nystatin for healing as an ing. for the mouthwash?
Carol Olson 27 January 10
I had cracks in the corners of my mouth for years and nothing helped. Then I tried a cream that is RX called Clotrimazol and Bethamethasone Diproprionate Cream 1%/0.05% (base). It has worked wonders. The sores went away and if they come back, I just use the cream again for a few more days. It is an anti fungal/cortisone, I believe.
Mariann Katz 10 February 10
I had dental surgery last Wed. (three teeth extracted and bone grafts put in) and a temporary appliance put in. I developed numerous ulcers. My dentist prescribed "Magic Mouthwash" which says Nystatin...1 Hydrocort/Diphenhis. Swished for well over a minute and did not swallow it. Got dizzy and headachy shortly after. Is this one of the side effects. Can't find side effects anywhere. Pharmacist said it contained Benydryl and a steroid.
Lynn 15 February 10
When I get mouth ulcers I use Vince dentifrice. This stuff releases oxygen and mouth flora are anaerobic. Before I go to bed at night I just wet a fingertip, pick up the powder and pack the ulcer with it before retiring. It is usually healed by morning.
Gail February 15 16 February 10
I have mouth ulcers and throat ulcers. I went to the doctor earlier today and I was prescribed "Magic Mouthwash". The Mouthwash is not helping as much as I had hoped, and the ulcers don't seem to be getting any better. It's painful to talk and eat and I'm starting to get very worried. If anyone knows how to speed up the healing process please let me know.
Alexis 27 October 10 27 October 10
My daughter was prescribed this yesterday, for her severe sore throat (not strep, though). It is 10cc of Lidocaine|Mylanta|Benadryl 1:3:3, which she can take per meal and before bed (therefore 4 times a day). It is runny and easy to swish and swallow, and numbs pretty well. She has relief from her throat pains. It has not made her tired like Benadryl normally does, so I don't believe the Benadryl is as much or perhaps not as concentrated as taking the 25mg tablets (2x).
Brian 18 December 10
I'm a single mother,eventhough I work for an oral surgeon I can not afford 38.00 for magic mouthwash. So thank you ill get the Lido.from work:))
nikki 19 December 10
I had an infected mouth ulcer about 2 years ago (I was 15 at the time.) It developed to a large oval sore under my tongue and, eventually, impeded my speech and altered what and how I ate. This all happened within about a week. My father became concerned when I had to stop chewing my food and called the pediatrician to make me an appointment. The nurse actaully said to save a trip, just take one part each of hydrogen peroxide, benadryll, and mylanta and swish it around in my mouth for as long as I could at about 2-3 times a day. I thought that was disgusting and would burn terribly but it actually took care of the problem completely within about 3-4 days!! This is a wonderful "secret" and I'll always keep it handy for these little problems. I stongly recommend it to anyone with such an issue!
Tiffany 30 December 10
When my autistic son missed a bedtime dose of his antiseizure medication (on New Year's Eve), he had a seizure early the next morning. He seemed OK afterwards, but was complaining about where he'd bitten the side of his tongue this morning (2 days later). The doctor can't see him (required before he'll prescribe more "Magic Mouthwash") for another day & a half, so in the meantime we'll try one of the DIY "magic mouthwash" recipes earlier commenters have suggested. Thanks, all!
Catherine A. McClarey 3 January 11
I did not know one could make their own magic mouthwash. i have been using it for 2 yr now. one pharmacy it was liquid and worked better. my new pharmecist it is like a jello that has not completely solid. i have problems with my tongue and bottom lip burning and feels like a fever blister that does not come out. hurts, causes my teeth to hurt. can not brush my teeth without the magis mouthwas to soften the burn from toothpaste. went to oral surgeon, he sd no cure, just bare it because it is something like shingles may go away may stay. without magic moouthwash. i would be hurting
memory richey 17 January 11
I am curious to know why my son's DR prescribed this for his heart problems. She prescribed the maalox-nystatin-lidocain. Does anyone know why? He has pericarditis or costocondritis and has had it about 5 months ever since he had his 14 yr old shots the very next week he was running and then had irregular heart beats and has pain with them.
Robin Curious MOM Feb 11 11 February 11
After getting a severe throat infection that required a shot of anitibiotics and 3 different antibiotics in pill for for 4 weeks to get rid of it I developed Thrush from all the antibiotics. My ENT prescribed the the version of magic mouthwash with benedryl, steroids, tetracycline, and nystatin. 2 tps 4 times a day for 2 weeks to swish and SWALLOW. Within 24 hours it was much better! Great stuff!
Barb 16 February 11
Re: the posts about whether or not this magic mouthwash may be helpful for burning mouth syndrome ... I have burning mouth syndrome and was prescribed this mouthwash yesterday. Haven't picked it up yet but as hopeful. Have had BMS for about 5 years also .... less in the morning and worse as the day goes on. So irritating.
barb 17 February 11
Can you use the Rx lidocaine by itself? It is VERY THICK.
ltkaunt 22 February 11
My 4yr old has a viral infection, none of the docs care to look more into it and she has been to three diff ones. They told me the benadryl and maalox mix. She has a lot of sores in her mouth and hasnt been able to put anything in her mouth besides gatoraid. Making her take her medicine is hell for her and I cant imagine the pain she feels. The mixture seems to work for 15 mins and then she is crying again. She even started grinding her teeth because of the pain. Can i put oragel in her mouth or will that just make the sores worse.. oh and her tongue is turning white now. She doesnt have them any where but in and around her mouth and right eye(she has meds for her eye too). Please help she isnt getting any sleep or nutrition..
pleasehelp 24 February 11
Well we went back to the dr today and they gave her liquid loritab because the lidocain will numb the gag reflex. The new med didnt help just made her fall asleep and still not eat, she is still waking up every hour and crying. I took my 9 year old to the er and they said that they both have stomititis. ~Sigh~ My baby also lost 2 lbs in 3 days. I cant stand watching her cry because of pain and worce cry because she is hungry and cant eat.
pleasehelp 25 February 11
I have mouth ulcers and Lysine supplements have helped a ton. In addition, for active ulcers the magic mouth wash works to dull the pain long enough to eat a meal.
LDog 25 February 11
Can you tell me if the mouth ulcers you get that cause you to have to take the magic mouthwash prescribed by the doctor is contagious?
DJackson 26 February 11
I have strep throat and was diagnosed Thurs it now Sat I was giving Cephalexin and a mouth wash to swish and gargle but cant find any info on it ? is this maybe the moouth wash you are all talking about PLEASE HELP I just want to feel better and still no luck at that it just dont seem to be working for me !!the med is called NYSTATI/DIPHEN/TETRAC/ORA-BLEN !! please anyone !!!
peanutlou77 26 February 11
They gave this to my husband nystatin, mylanta, benadryl & xylocaine viscous magic mouth wash. They gave it to him for severe sore throat after thyroidectomy & radiation & he said it was the best thing ever for his throat. He finally got his voice back & was able to eat good food before he passed awway. But they had him swallow it & it did great.
RhyDonna 17 March 11
How long should I take this mouth rince?
Frank A Terrell 4 April 11
I have a badly reaction to Lidocaine where my lips are so swollen and my lymp nodes have caused the left side
side of my face to swell up. I've also had a cow value put in my heart back in 2004 and being treated forAML
Cancer, I'malmost 77 years if God spares me.I'm taking IC Clotrimazole 10Mg Troche 2x a day also and another
pill Valacyclovir 500MG 2x's a day& ICAmoxTr-K Clv 2x's a day And they want me to take Lidocaine/CVS ANTAC/CVS Aller to gargle calle the {Magic Mothwash} I'm afraid due to earler reaction
Marie Mackin 10 April 11
I have over 150 ulcerated canker sores, the nurses suspects HFMD, but it is not presenting the same. I haven't been able to eat, sleep or really talk for days, so today she gave me lidocaine (2%) and maalox for after if needed. I swisher with the Lido, and it was awesome for about 30 minutes, but then the pain was back. She told me not to eat for at least a half hour after taking e Lido. I am so hungry, and it kills to eat. Anyway I can stretch the pain free time, or can I eat sooner?
KatS 3 May 11
I had a bad case of strep throat strangely followed by an outbreak of hand, foot, mouth disease. I got the type 1 Magic mouthwash for the strep episode but didn't use it much due to trouble gargling with such a thick liquid. It did get me by though so I could at least eat and get meds down. So, for the HFMD, I tried it again due to the severe pain of those ulcers on my throat. It was a lifesaver! I did figure out that adding a very small amount of water to thin it out helped get it posterior enough to gargle with it and let it coat my throat.
By the way, to those who suffer with the cracked corners of the mouth, that is angular chelitis and does need to be treated with an antifungal. The common cause is ill-fitting partials or dentures, or sometimes in women it can happen during hormonal imbalances like during pregnancy.
Tama2 14 May 11
We were told to make our own Magic Mouthwash that COULD definitely be swallowed: Maalox, Liquid Benedryl and Liquid Tylenol. Ratio: 1:1:1. We chose all three in cherry flavor. Swish, gargle and swallow.
Kathleen 14 May 11
My son was officially prescribed "Magic Mouthwash" by an ER doctor but prior to that, multiple Advise Nurses advised me to mix, Benadryl/Maalox and coat the sores. I always use Q-tips and dabbed them. I don't believe they said to have him rinse/gargle. The last time I called I was also advised to use baking soda or corn starch to help keep the sore(s) coated, which really helped also. He's 3 and it's horrible to see him in pain/not able to eat/and irritable. This stuff really works.
Momof7 3 June 11
We live in the UK and can not get hold of this magic mouth wash, does anyone know where on line it can be bought? Thank you
Jayne Towgli 3 June 11
If you have insurance its cheaper to just get the Rx for the mouthwash. I will also say that its not much different than oragel but it is much easier to use especially if you have multiple canker sores at once. The last advice I can give all of you is to not shy away from using the classic salt water wash as well. I was using the mouth wash for a couple of days but I didn't notice any long term improvement until I started gargling with salt water before using the mouth wash.
Mikey D 11 June 11
I held a large amount of magic mouthwash in my mouth before going to bed..the next day my upper lip was swollen..could taking too much have done this?
b.j. 12 June 11
can i take lidocaine for a sore throat while pregnant?
Lese 24 June 11
I was given a prescription for magic mouthwash for treatment of bone spurs in my gums and for surgery to remove other bone spurs. It feels good to use. It was very expensive and I am wondering if my plan is going to pay for part of it. I could only get half of what was precribed. Anybody know if it is covered by insurance if a Dr. writes for it.
Barbara 2 July 11
I have about 20 ulcers in my throat right now and I had a few in my mouth..under the tounge on the lip etc.. And I went to the doctor and he gave me the magic mouthwash and it cleared up all Of them except the ones in my throat within the same day. But it is too thick to reach the back of my throat. So o tried adding water but it didn't work. Any suggestions on how to get it thinner and still make it work?
Brandi 4 July 11
i started taking magic mouthwash yesterday. the thing is that yesterday the compound was liquid and this morning it's jelly like. is this normal?
Carlos 12 July 11
Carlos, this may seem like an obvious comment, however when I got my Rx for benadryl, lidocaine and maalox, it says to shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Just a thought. 30 seconds is longer than it seems, that's for sure. Anyway, that may be your problem. Or call your pharmacist and ask - you'll no doubt get an answer long before you get a call back from the doc.
Jennifer 13 July 11
I have taken the one listed above that is listed as "Miracle Mouthwash." It was a great help to me when I had Coxsackie. It hurt like hell for about 30 seconds and then was good for a few hours. I think every 4 hours was the maximum amount I could take it. That one is permissible to swallow. I have a feeling that those containing lidocaine are not.

One secret for everyone here that I got from my doctor: Use children's benadryl, even without anything else. It numbs pain and swelling, and if you're having trouble sleeping, you can swallow it (spit it if not). Tastes like cherry or something else innocuous and turns sharp pain to just throbbing, and in a few mins feels much better. You can take that every 2-4 hours I think too, if I'm not mistaken.
Ryan N. 14 July 11
BTW, Coxsackie is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, if you are not aware.
Ryan N. 14 July 11
Do some one know the what concentration of dexamethasone be more apporpriate in a magic mouth wash,
Gurinder 20 July 11
My husband was taking the drug Sutent for 2 l/2 yrs. The lst year he was troubled with mouth and tongue soreness (no sores though). None of his doctors seemed to know what to do for the problem. I found the Magic Mouthwash site and asked his oncologist about the mouthwash. He wrote an RX and it helped immediately.
murph 8 August 11
I recently had gum graft surgery, with complications. I had repeatedly been using Anbesol for the donor site, and copious doses of T3, Oxy, and amoxicillin to prevent infection. My medication also came with an oral rinse called PerioPlus to help clean the area because I could not brush the left side of my mouth.

Shortly after I experienced what felt like burned tastebuds in the CENTRE of my tongue with a white coating, raised tastebuds and a 'sour' taste in my mouth. I had already finished my antibiotics, and hadn't been rinsing with the mouthwash that my dentist had given me. I should make mention that my partner and I are both HSV2 positive, and I thought it was an oral OB! The doctor confirmed that it wasn't so, and althought she didn't say it was THRUSH, she figured I had 'disturbed the natural flora of my mouth', (isn't that thrush?) from excessively using the PerioPlus (I am a fanatic of keeping my mouth clean, what can I say!)

So she prescribed me Magic Mouthwash Diphen/Nystat/Predisone. I still feel the burn, but no pain. This is my 2nd dose. Lets see if it clears anything up!
CP 11 August 11
I started using this product for a really bad sore throat after two days It feels beter that it did, Thanks Greg in Atl.
Greg 16 August 11
bueno a mi me reccetaron lidocaine viscous oral para el herpes tipo 1 la verdad no he mejorado mucho llevo tiempo usandolo si alguien conoce algun antibiotico o crema que pueda ayudarme gracias
erika zoro 30 August 11
I suffered with mouth ulcers for years before a pharmacist told me about L-Lysiene. He said in his experience it works for about half the people that try it, and the other half said it did nothing for them. It worked super for me !

But the best part is, the included leaflet explained how to not need the L-Lysiene supplements anymore. That is to consume red meat (that's beef, not pork) every few days. It doesn't take much. Doing this has kept my mouth ulcers practically non-existent.

Now my granddaughter gets them and the red meat thing doesn't work as well for her. I think it's because it also said avoid sugary or acidic drinks and food (she drinks alot of juice and eats alot of fruit) and get enough sleep. (She doesn't do that either. :) )

I hope this helps someone, because I know just how painful and difficult mouth ulcers can be !!!
GG 8 September 11
I have a canker sore in the back of my throat. Had an upper GI done 4 weeks ago which showed two ulcers(REAL ulcers, as in stomach-type) on my lower esophagus near my stomach. They were caused from acid reflux. Well, last week I developed this canker on the back of my throat and went to doc today....he prescribed Magic MouthWash....I am praying it works. I also have tongue soreness....ARG! I'll let you all know.
TeeHellerinPhilly 13 September 11
Where has this stuff been my whole life!!! I've battled ulcers in my mouth my whole life and I finally mentioned it to my dentist who told me not to suffer in silence anymore and prescribed the Benadryl, Mylanta, Lidocane mixture. I've been using it every 2 hours and its really helping get me through until I can take my next dose of ibuprofen. My sores are only on the one side and waayyy in the back and I don't like the feeling of my whole mouth being numb so I've mastered pouring it in on the one side and tilting/twisting my head to only coat the one side and into the back. Ask your doc/dentist for this stuff if you're suffering! BTW, my insurance covered all but $10 of the prescription which was a plus.
LaLaLa 29 September 11
You can get this with a prescription at Walgreens, for $16, other pharmacies in the area charge $38
bonniebluedenim 1 October 11
I got this Magic Mouthwash last night, it takes the pain away for an hour or so - soes anyone know if it speeds up the healing process? THese sores are unbeatable - and affecting my day to day living - who would think that sores in your mouth would do that, but they do. Makes life totally miserable. I was hoping this Magic Mouthwash would make the sore "magically' go away in a day or two? Any luck with that?
Holly W 3 October 11
It was only 15 bucks, I would rather just let the pros do it just the way my doctor prescribed instead of taking my own time making home-made medicines
Drew 6 October 11
Easy manic mouthwash @my home (I have very red swollen gums which makes it hard to eat) mix a little malox,some children benedryl and anbesol,swish for about 30 sec to a min,numbs ur mouth enough to eat,however if ur very sensitive to anbesol do not use the max strength one.
pain in the mouth 18 October 11
I would like to thank this awesome honest person for putting this info here. BTW I have also been able to get good results by rinsing with warm (mild) sea salt water, swabbing my mouth/cheeks/teeth/gums with some tea tree oil and using Orajel if the tea tree doesnt help completely. (recovering from herpetic stomatitis) Your honesty as a pharmacist is impressive and laudable. You are really helping by letting us know this. THANK YOU AGAIN!
AlterNut M 18 October 11
I found this forum very informative. My Mother was rx'd the Majic Mouthwash because of a sore mouth. She's been taking antibiotics which is probably the cause of the sore mouth. Even before she got the rx, our pharmacist told me to mix equal parts Benedryl && Maalox, it works fine as well, but the rx mix is much better. I'm sure it has the lidocaine in it. Mother is on Medicare only && the rx cost me just $2.50!
Tammy Jo 26 October 11
Is Mylanta as good as Maalox to use for this? or is there something "magic" in the Maalox?
Cristi 10 November 11
My doctor told me to mix mylanta and benedryl liquid (equal parts each) and swish 4 times a day. I havn't tried it yet but am hopeful it works for my canker sores. She also said this is the same thing as the perscription Aphathasol.
Dan 19 December 11
Im having problems with my mouth since two month ago. It feels like burning. My tongue and throat are swollen. In my lower lip I have like white spot that been spreeding. Also my lips feeling like burning. But they are not open. My gums also look a little bit white. Any suggestion? Can the magic mouthwash help for these?
Blanca 21 December 11
My mother has had mouth ulcers several times due to chemotherapy. Magic mouthwash has always helped in the past. Her most recent bout started last Tues. Today, she said that she felt a little better. Tonight, she complained of magic mouthwash burning her mouth. I looked at her mouth and she has severe thrush which is much worse looking than yesterday.
Any other suggestions?
Janet E 21 January 12
Hi there, My daughter is only 3 yrs old and she has cold sores. The doctor prescribed to mix benadryl and an antacid like equal parts and my daughter gargles it. Does that help heal its cold sore or just to reduce the pain? Thank you.
Kvf 29 January 12
I have had mouth, tongue, and throat sores for 4 weeks. So bad at one point, could not talk, barely swallow,
eat or drink. My doc gave me the Magic Mouth which combined Lidocaine, antacid, and benadryl. It's been a Miracle!
I swish and gargle w/ it twice a day. 3 times on a bad day. The ulcers appear to be almost gone, and my tongue looks to be healing. I leaned my head waaaay back so the liquid could get into my throat. Only wish I would have known about this when my daughter had something similiar. It is now a permanent staple in my medicine cabinet!
Peggy 19 February 12
Had severe sore throat and fever. Test for step was negative. Dr gave me prescription for Magic Mouthwash I, which I almost didn't have filled because I thought it was a placebo. So glad I changed my mind. Within 24 hours, the pain is much better and my voice is coming back. My prescription was to swish and swallow. Thank goodness for Magic Mouthwash! My daughter said this is very helpful for certain cancer patients/treatments at the cancer center where she works.
Jeannine 21 February 12
I have burning mouth syndrome and was prescribed magic mix. 5ml, swish and spit. It only helps for 10-15 minutes. I am only supposed to use it every 6 hours. Sometimes my mouth hurts so bad I can't stand it. Chewing gum helps a tiny bit as does eating. Cold has no effect, nor does anything hot (both heat wise or spicy) I don't know what to do. My Dr. just says it happens to mostly women over 50 with no explanation. Does anyone else suffer from this? Any suggestions would be great.
Denise 23 February 12
The magic mouthwash or Velvet Glove as my doctor calls it, has saved me. Im in throat cancer treatment. After the 4th week of radiation and chemo I couldn't swallow because of the burns in my throat and mouth. After using the nystatin/lydocane/benedryl formula, I can eat and swallow enough to stop a 30lbs slide. I was this close to having a food tube installed. If you have radiation issues ask your doc to write the script.
Kc Scorpian61 26 February 12
I am 51 & have had this come on all of a sudden. Mouth feels like it's on fire all the time. I use themagic mouthwash and have found that by bending my headback & try to let it coat my throat for as long as 5 minutes and making sure the mouth is also coated seems to help. Do not rinse afterwards.
Rhonda 11 March 12
the dentist or doctor has to write up a prescription and a pharmacist has to prepare it...ut usually runs about $11 w/o insurance. Id be careful though, everytime i used it i noticed purple-ish brown stains on my gumline.
jen 14 March 12
This stuff works! I had some dental work done (crown fitting) and my dentist prescribed it to me. Without health insurance, it costs $50 -but with insurance it costs $15. I have only used it 3 times in the past 20 hours, but the sore area around my tooth seems to have completely healed and all the soreness is gone. I am not sure if a crown fitting is minor or major, but I am glad my dentist prescribed it. I will finish the 12 oz. perscription as directed (4 rinses per day -using one tablespoon per rinse until gone.)
Charlotte, NC 20 March 12
does the steroid mouth wash help with oral burning.have thie horrible oral burn with ayear and 2 mths.Its hard going.
jo 9 July 12
My 5 yr old has been having outbreaks of canker sores inside her lips, top and bottom. A friend told me about magic mouthwash. I don't get a prescription. And I only mix enough for a one time use. It seems to gel if refrigerated. I use a medicine cup and mix half a tsp of children's benadryl, equal amount extra strength mylanta, and 2 squirts of sore throat spray. Then mix with a q-tip and apply to the sores . Then have her swish and swallow the rest. As long as she avoids acidic and salty foods for a few days they heal up very quickly. Not sure why she gets them but I'm noticing a pattern when she eats strawberries. Happens to me if I eat oranges. The mixture I concocted really seems to help lessen the severity and duration of the ulcers and I'm pretty sure the sore throat spray works like the prescription lidocaine. Hope this helps anyone suffering that can't afford the script. Only cost me about 10 bucks to buy the 3 ingredients and you get alot of treatments out of it.
Carlie 12 August 12
Thank u and just wanting something coparable to biotene
christine Small 13 October 12
I suffer from two conditions mentioned here. Canker sores (those very painful small white bumps) are caused in my case from an ingredient found in most toothpaste (sodium lauryl sulfate). Once I stopped using any paste containing this I haven't had any sores. This is a COMMON problem with folks who get canker sores. (I'm using sensodyne as it doesn't contain this ingredient). The second condtion is BURNING MOUTH SYNDROM (glossodynia). It IS treatable. You should contact a mid to large University Hospital, Deptartment of Oral Medicine. Ask who in their practice treats Burning Mouth. (It has many causes, but once most causes are eliminated, it's usually the result of being over 50 and female. Since I was also having skin problems and hot flashes, my GYN and I put me back on HRT patch...within 2 weeks the Burning Mouth subsided from 4 hrs daily to 2-3 times a week for 1-2 hours. And the intensity has declined. My Oral Medicine doc said he wouldn't normally recommend HRT just for burning mouth and gave me an ORAL anti-epileptic medication (Klonopin) to dissolve ounder my tongue. I ALWAYS start on 1/2 of the amount of any medication and luckily I did because HALF of the .50 tablet made me drowsy and couldn't drive. After 5 days I took it up to 3/4, got drowsy again for a few days and found that it started to help the burning. But it wasn't until I was on the HRT that I had diminshed symptoms. (Also the oral medicine doc said that the Klonopin would NOT make it go away, just help with as of today I'll stay on HRT for next two months and see if I can come off it. Either way, I'm rather persistent at finding physicians who can help me (getting second and third opinions if need be) but I'm also aware that the body often takes time to heal problems and often WE don't want to allow it the time to heal.
Kathy 13 November 12
Is the magic mouth wash suppose to turn to a gel over night?
Jennifer Wilburn 10 December 12
I was diagnosed with oral cancer with very painful lesions under my tongue, my doctor prescribed Lidocaine/antacid/q-dryl combination that you can either swish and spit, or swallow if the throat is irritated, the pharmacy mixes it. This stuff is a God Send (other than the pain meds) your mouth is very numb for a good two hours.
Lee Books 16 January 13
Magic Mouthwash does not work. Go to the Pharmacists Letter "There is a lack of controlled studies to evaluate the efficacy of the many different magic mouthwash recipes. Whether one recipe is more effective than another is unknown. There is only one study comparing the efficacy of magic mouthwash (diphenhydramine, viscous lidocaine, Maalox) to other agents such as chlorhexidine (Peridex) and saline/baking soda solution. In this randomized, double-blind study (n=200), patients with mucositis were followed from the time they developed mucositis until the signs and symptoms of mucositis subsided or until they finished their 12-day supply of mouthwash."
Just google pharmacists letter and magic mouthwash. There are things like Caphosol that have data and actually shorten the duration and reduce the intensity in cancer patients who are getting chemo.
DT 25 January 13
I recently was diagnose with two mouth ulcers and a sever infection to boot. Was prescribed an antibiotic and magic mouth wash and here is what I have to say about the magic mouth wash. Not the greatest or worst tasting but it does temporarily (1 to 3 hours) relieve the sever pain of the mouth ulcers. So in my opinion this stuff is worth taking just for the pain relief. Really the mouth ulcers sting and prevent me for talking and eating normally - these things hurt so bad that i am getting referred (at least I think referred) pain in my right ear. So for me I was happy I was prescribed this - really helps. Combo was diphen el-lido vis-maalox-nyst.
Donna 15 May 13
cracks in the side of your mouth is from B vitamin deficiency commonly particularly riboflavin - i used to get them till i bumped up my vits and b vits.
sarah 1 August 13
We live in the UK and my daughter suffers badley with the Behcets ulcers and we cant get any of the mouth washes you all talk about here eg Dukes or magic mouthwash can anyone help please. Please mail me urgently on
JAYNE TOWGLI 22 August 13
I first took Magic mouthwash )lidocaine, benadryl and maalox Oct 2012 and also Nystatin.

I sw2ished around my terrible mouth sores candida yeast infection I got from IDIOTIC CLINIC who administered 3 lots of ALBUTEROL NEVER telling me to rinse out my b Mouth after using their bn neubulizer and out of no where-tons of sores allover mouth, gums, tongue, like I'd eaten glass

I was prescribed lidocaine only twice BUT NYSTATIN anit fungal have been getting ever since-I swallow the latter, whilst only switch the mouthwash BUT IS STILL LINGERING from last oc till now is end of August-

I had many blood tests run to find out why, out of no where and why is this lingering to no avail-I have no insurance, no medicaid, not working so now what? I want this to go away as fast as it arrived, getting tiring to STILL have it

Tracy 1 September 13
was prescribed Magic Mouthwash on Friday; got teaspoon mixed up with tablespoon, so I was taking and swishing too much. the stuff works, but the effects wear off tooo soon. I am great pain, and really do not know what else to do except rinse with warm salt water and take Ibruprofen for the pain.
vickie mcknight 22 September 13
Hi, Carlie from August, 2012, I have to say that is pretty genius to come up with your own recipe for the mouthwash, and for a whole lot cheaper.
carole 22 October 13
My doctor just prescribed what sounds like the magnc mouthwash for me for coxsackie virus. I just want it gone so I am willing to try it. The ulcer seem to be on my soft pallet.
msweeto 19 March 14
Hi, I'm new to this site.
I've been suffering from ulcers all my life.
I'm off work sick today having woken up with huge ulcers on my tongue and lips. I can't talk, it's hurting to swallow and I just feel really crap.
I'm just wondering if anybody has ever noticed a link between mouth ulcers and thrush? When I have an outbreak of ulcers, I always have thrush. The doctors don't seem to have any idea what to do. I've been booked in for a blood test in two weeks time but all she's given me is Difflan spray and a thrush tablet. It's really starting to have an impact on my life.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Cowan 19 March 14
Hi, I'm new to this site.
I've been suffering from ulcers all my life.
I'm off work sick today having woken up with huge ulcers on my tongue and lips. I can't talk, it's hurting to swallow and I just feel really crap.
I'm just wondering if anybody has ever noticed a link between mouth ulcers and thrush? When I have an outbreak of ulcers, I always have thrush. The doctors don't seem to have any idea what to do. I've been booked in for a blood test in two weeks time but all she's given me is Difflan spray and a thrush tablet. It's really starting to have an impact on my life.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Cowan 19 March 14
Here is some info on the Orf Virus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Be sure to see your dentist. I have a white patch on my tongue that does not wipe off (he says it is not thrush) and sores in my mouth.
I was sick about a week ago with a tummy ache and chills. Then my daughter got a red tongue for a few days but hers went away.
I am under a lot of stress.
Dentist said to brush the white spot - it could be a calus, or like when your fingers turn white when they are in water for a long time.
I was just prescribed the "Magic Mouthwash" from my doctor.
I threw away my toothbrush, and started using a different tube than my kids.
I am being careful to wash my toothbrush with hot water in between brushing the sores and I start out brushing the non sore areas of my mouth - so they do not spread.
Kris 3 May 14
I have had a severe sore throat for 5 days. I went to drs today and strep throat was negative. Dr said it was viral. I asked her to give me something for the severe raw feeling I have in back of mouth. She gave me Lidocaine/antacid/q-dryl to gargle and spit 5ML every 2 hours for pain. I just took it and wished I had this FIVE days ago. INSTANT relieve.
Anne K. 23 May 14
For anyone suffering from canker sores I just discovered there is a cure! Some dentists and Doctors offer this treatment in office, but you can also get a script from your doctor and get it from a pharmacy and do it yourself. It is call Debacterol! Their website is I wish I knew about this years ago. It stops the pain instantly ;) HTH someone
Kaylee 4 September 14
Nystatin (the drinking kind) takes those mouth ulcers aways in no time. My daughter had a bad case and a pharmacist told me about it, even though doctors don't believe it works, my daughter is living proof they were almost gone in 24 hours. Try it! I recommend it.
Nystatin 6 March 15
Hi everyone!
I was suffering from mouth sores and what I believed to be thrush... Every time I ovulated instant mouth sores. The most pain I've ever had. Unable to eat/drink/anything. Miserable Is the only word that can describe it . The only relief I had was when I started my period. Then the sores just got better and pain diminished . Went to the doctor, got all my vitamins and complete blood work done . Everything was great. So we figured it was hormonal.. The doctor gave to me mouthwash. Lidocaine, Benadryl and maalox. I used it.. Instant relief. Crazy numbness but instant relief.. I also got triamcinolone dental paste. I started applying these as soon as I got symptoms of mouth sores! It lasted for 2 days and they never even got developed . I am so happy! I would get these sores for 3 weeks straight every single month. I'm writing this because I searched and searched for the answer & feel SO much better. I am getting tested for celiac disease. Just to be sure it's not that .. Hope this helps!
Krystal from cali 30 April 15
I have a fever and sores they hurt so bad plus the fever. I went to the doctors twice in a row to stop the sores from causing me any pain and so I can eat and talk and at least drink something she gave me alcacid and well pretty much like magic mouth is but it really helps numb the pain and I feel better but just a little bit
Mika 10 July 15
does this medicine have any side effects??????
elsie 14 July 15
I had 3 sores in my mouth and both ears hurt. Went to ear/nose/throat dr and he did not have a reason as to why. Prescribed magic mouthwash. Mine is nystatin/prednisol/rulox/odryl and it took care of my sores. Ear drops for ears. Then 3 days later I got shingles. I believe it was the 1st sign of shingles but the mouthwash worked.
Linder 15 September 15
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Nobi 26 September 15
Tu trabajo es una obra tcodaa por el dedo de Dios..yo soy un ferviente admirador de lo que salgo de mi asombro..he he estremecido hasta mi propia alma viendo tus manos magicas materializar un grito desde el corazon mismo de una humanidad sufriente.En nuestro pais hay mas de 1500 000 nif1os que son explotados y mueren mas de 165 mil por af1o por desnutricion infantil..sobre un escaso porcentaje de algo mas de 40 millones de argentinos..quisiera que tu obra llegue aqui rapidamente, por que su luz permitiria expandir la conciencia de millones y seguramente las cosas empesarian a cambiar, quedo a tu servicio para colaborar con lo que fuera para posibilitar tu llegada o la de tu obra aqui donde impera la injusticia y donde nuestros gobiernos embanderados con una demagogia insostenible hacen oidos sordos a los gemidos de un pueblo desesperado , angustiado,desgarrado de dolor..victimas de una injusticia cada vez mas intolerable. MIS SALUDOS Y MI MAS CALUROSA FELICITACION POR TU MARAVILLOSA OBRA DE AMOR.
Shul 26 September 15
I wish I had a blanket to cover all the cidrhlen in the world with love and protection. This is all ways my prayer! My heart breaks in pieces when I see cidrhlen in pain. What can I do to help you in any why?
Wili 26 September 15
I was prescribed miracle mouthwash at $85 for only 8 days of usage. That's almost $11 a day. Does this cost make sense?
paul 29 January 16
Chronic Mouth ulcers are a sign of candida and an immune system that's not up to par research candida. There's a lot of good info on YouTube, kefir is an excellent way to a healthy gut to build your immune system and bring the yeast levels down. My mom had candida for years and none ohf her doctors never realized it, thrush, toe fungus, rash under her breast(yeast infection) all from yeast, yeast, yeast! Ps oil of oregano for a big ugly big toe fungus, it got rid of my moms big toe fungus she had for years.
Gilded Swamp Girl 6 October 16
Magic mouthwash is the best!! Had alot of mouth pain using this helps 210% but does not last long!!!
Samantha 13 November 16

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