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Does anyone have any experience of using Betnesol Mouthwash (this is a small pink steroid tablet which disolves in water, prescribed by GP)? It’s supposed to reduce the inflammaion I think - not sure if it works too well... I have been under-going treatment at Guy’s Hospital for Mouth Ulcers for the past two years. I am nearly up the top of the treatment ladder now, as most of the things orescribed haven’t worked - for years I have had ulcers on/under the tounge - each time I get them, I get severe fatigue and feel very drained.. I tried swapping toothpaste to Sensodyne to try and avoid SLS, - I think this has helped a little. I do wonder about food intolerence though, things like mayonnaise, thousand island dressing and salad cream ”seem” to cause the ulcers? Guy’s poo poo the food idea, but say just avoid food that triggers them - not that easy if you don’t know what ingredient it is that ”may” be causing the ulcers??? Anyway, following unsuccessful treatment, I am to be considered for Thalidomide - supposed to work quite well, they say, but does anyone know about this treatment for ulcers and indeed anyone actually been on this? If so, what’s the result?
Paul 28 January 02
i am a 16 year old ulcer sufferer i have reached the top of the ladder at guys hospital and am now on thalidamide. i have been under guys for 4 years and have had everything going and now this is said to be the only thing. i have been on this now for 18 months. im sorry to say but yes like they said it did work but for only a short period of time and i am now still taking the medication but am also still getting bad mouth ulcers. plus also you have to have regular nerve checks in which they test the nervous system as this medication can cause problems in this area. i have had many other medications in which i have had to experience trial and error. if anyone else knows of any other cures i would be very grateful to hear from you
Shanelle 1 February 02
I myself a female would never take it. It causes Brith defects in your children, they only realized it AFTER perscribing it to pregnant women, so what do they really know about it? I know what one woman went trough for 1 12 years watching her child die from where she had taken this drug. What are the Long term effects..REALLY?
17 April 02
I am a 33 yr old male suffering from hypothyroidism, which is medication controlled, who too has suffered from mouth ulcers on a continual basis for as long as I can remember and the only thing that seems to be a fix is, little stress and plenty of sleep not always possible unless you like to a hermit and don't work. I have 5 ulcers at the moment and they are driving me mad they make me miserable and cause pain wen I eat and drink. I have been referred to Dental hospital who more less say that it's something that some peole get and have to find a way to cope with it I have tried Betnesol but for ulcer sufferers this isn't not a quick fix as it only releives pain, I have been advised that it could be a vitamin deficiency. Bonjella isn't worth the money or igloo, I don't like the sound of Thalidomide after all the history that has follwed this medication I would advise caution to anybody thinking of taking this. I guess as I said sleep is natures best cure, if anybody does discover a ground breaking cure to get rid of these blessed raging things please post it on here.
Andy Bell Bristol UK 1 October 08
I have been using Betnesol for over a year now and thankfully have had NO ulcers. You have to take them every day for 3 months, then 1 every 2 days, 1 every 3 days, etc etc until you only take them when feeling an outbreak. Take a few that day and grab an early night - unbelievably they are gone in the morning and have not broken out. It is very important to blitz them early and I find this by far the best preventive measure having tried everything throughout the years, including eliminating alcohol, spicy food, late nights which worked but life's too short to eliminate fun things like that! This is the only thing that works and has given me my life back - a MIRACLE!! Would greatly recommend these steroid tablets - see your GP. Let me know if you have any questions... Good luck ! Mark
Mark from London 28 October 08
I was prescribed Betnesol a year ago and after 4 days there was a huge improvement in my mouth and the soreness and ulcers I had experienced for over two years, in an ideal world we woudnt need medication but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and I suspect all the chemicals etc. that make up our every day life have contributed to mine and othere conditionsso we cant rule out chemicals to resolve it. I have two kids and another on the way and I like most have to work to pay the bills so I cant just ensure I get 10 hours sleep and eat perfet food all of the time. Betnesol changed the quality of my life immensely and I would recommend it to anyone. I havent used for over six months, and whilst I wouldnt because I am pregnant I havent even needed to consider it until now as I have been symptom free for most of this time. Good luck try it I say. Debbie
Debbie from Wirral 5 January 09
reply to Debbie and Mark
I have lichen planus in the mouth (which may be what your 'ulcers' are) - google it. I have been prescribed Betnasol from GP aftter hospital consultant's letter. Luckily I remembered he said it was a mouthwash because the instructions on the pack said take 2 tabs daily with food! Did some research on internet and Mark's comments were very helpful except that I only have 28 tablets. I can avoid flare ups by avoiding all acid fruits and tomatoes.
Rita from Essex 2 Feb 09
Rita Ireland 3 February 09
I had a very painful gum ulcer and found "Igloo" proved useless, "Bonjela" is better and half the price. The best relief I found was drinking a glass of COLD water before eating, and and applying liquid TCP on a cotton wool pad to the area of the ulcer from time to time.

Phil from Northampton, 14 February, 09 14 February 09
Does anyone know if taking Betnesol as a mouth wash carries the same risks of side effects as taking them orally?
I have been presicribed them for lichen planus which is not really very bad.
Isoebl 8 April 09
I tried bonjela, anbesol, corsodyl and adcoryl...and still this 'ulcer' would not budge. So I recently went to my GP and he prescribed Betnesol as a mouth wash. 7 days after I see no real improvement. I've been referred to the maxofacial unit for a mouth cancer biopsy as I also have a white patch on my inner cheek (opposite the 'ulcer'). I'm 33, I don't smoke and hardly ever drink so hopefully it wont be mc.
Ellie 10 May 09
Ellie I think you will be ok. It is probably Lichen Planus. I saw a maxofacial surgeon and he took biopsies to make sure the LP wasn't malignant. Only 1% is malignant and it may be even less than that. He prescribed me Betnasol mouth wash tablets and I have been using them for 3 weeks now and I am looking forward to the improvement that Mark mentioned.
Good luck
Elaine 22 June 09
I am 20 and have had mouth ulcers since about 2 years old! I was given corlan pellets to begin with as a child, these were useless. Bonjella and stuff from the chemists is a complete waste of money - there is far too much rubbish in them and doctors said the same. I found that Adcortyl in Orabase was the only thing that shifted them, but shelf life of the stuff is short and being a steroid it is best to avoid overuse of this. I am prescribed Betnesol tablets which are pink and dissolve in a small amount of water for a mouth rinse. Its OK if you can catch the ulcers really early but is not always effective. Again its a steroid and overuse is not recommended. Mouth ulcers can be caused by vitamin deficiencies. Lack of Vitamin C is thought to be one of the main reasons. However, I think food intollerences and allergies play a role (delayed allergy IgG type). Also if you have leaky gut (intestinal permeability) from antibiotic, steroid, NSAID use etc. then toxins can go into the blood from the gut and set up all sorts of problems which can reach everywhere. It is important to link any other illnesses you have with the mouth ulcers eg. irritable bowel syndrome, bladder problems, allergies, fatigue, dark circles under the eyes, acne. Leaky gut syndrome is very common thanks to overuse of antibiotics and high sugar western diets etc. Maybe some of these things contribute to mouth ulcers. Get the immune system up by natural methods or see an alternative practitioner, nutritionist who will look at the whole body and not just like traditional doctors who will only treat the ulcers with drugs. Thalidomide is a definite NO!!!
Peter 31 July 09
I would like to respond to Isobel's question. I had lichen planus and took Betnesol as mouth wash 3 times a day for over 3 months. It works.
Eric 4 October 09
Hi there,

I'm 24 and have suffered from painful mouth ulcers and / or inflamed taste buds my entire life. Over the years I've tried Bonjela (useless), Corlan pellets (useless), adcortyl in orabase (didn't notice any improvement and hated the gritty texture), Iglu (doesn't get rid of ulcers but does coat them so you don't keep catching your teeth on them), Oraldene mouthwash (no difference), Difflam spray (useless), applying neat clove oil (horrible) and even chewing liqourice sticks (disgusting). I have a healthy diet, rarely smoke and eat plenty of fresh stuff so I don't think my ulcers are due to a vitamin or mineral difficiency. I do tend to get them more when I'm tired, run down or stressed but I often get them for seemingly no reason. I currently have a big painful one inside my bottom lip :(

I've recently been prescribed (by my dentist) Betnesol tablets to dissolve in water and rinse with 4 times a day. They definitely help my inflamed taste buds; and I think they might be helping my ulcer a little too. Of all the many remedies I've tried, I think these are the best so I recommend giving them a go.
Amy 20 October 09
Hi guys,I have been tortured by these hateful,torturous THINGS in the last 10 years.I have tried every known cure from supplements to steroids.Steroids were becoming less and less effective so was referred for thalidomide.I had a few funny sides at first but it kills them dead within 12-14 days.I have had wall to wall ulcerations for the last decade with minimal relief. My family have seen how it has destroyed me, with my confidence reduced as I could not speak without either being annoyed of aware of how I looked.I would gladly speak to anyone who feels the same way as I used to... I am a new person.
Daren 13 November 09
Does anyone have any tips on how to get the bethnesol tablets to dissolve quicker and on the right area of the tongue. I've just statred taking them and they take forever to dissolve and keep coming away from the ulcer.
Graham 17 February 10
Betnesol tablets small pink ones should be dissolved in a small amount of water and used as a mouth wash . Not dissolved in mouth . Only white Corlan pellets dissolves in the mouth .
Len 24 24 February 10
I dissolve the betnesol tablets in warm water. They dissolve much quicker. Have just got a new prescription which I cannot fill! I've been to five pharmacies and none of them has any stock. When they phone their suppliers, they are told there is a manufacturer's delay and that the tablets will only be available again in APRIL!!! Any ideas on where/how to get them? They have been a life-saver for me and while my dose has been reduced from 4 per day to 2 per day, I definitely still need them. I'm terrified of the dreaded mouth ulcers breaking out again!
Rose 25 February 10
I always get my Betnesol from Asda chemist, presribed for Linchen Planus, they work very well. I also dissolve them in a small amount of warm water.
Anita 26 February 10
i eat them-they work quicker and remain in your system for a long period. thus reducing the need to keep taking the tablets continually. When the ulcer re-assertes itself-in my case about 12 months-just repeat
michael 1 March 10
Michael, I think you should check with consultant, dentist or doctor who prescribed your tablets. Betnessol is a corticosteroid and should not be used unwisely as it can harm your internal organs. If you have mouth problems it is most likely that you should dissole the tablet in water and use as a mouth wash.

I have bad lichen planus and find that I cannot get betnesol at the moment. It is not good enough to say that they will only be available from April.
Astrid Cairns 3 March 10
Yes, it's ridiculous. I've now been to 6 pharmacies in Guildford, and my husband has tried in London, but no Betnesol tablets are available! I am going to see if I can get some in South Africa when I go out there for Easter. I bet I'll be able to get them there!!
Rose 8 March 10
ive had lichen planus ( mouth ulsers) for 28years it comes and goes and I have found that Gengigel mouthwash can help. I had been in remission for over a year but unfortunatley it has just come back and I am sure it is because I have been under a great deal of stress for a few months, over the years I have leart that stress does cause mine. Im going to try Betnesol after reading these messages and hope it works!! Thanks
sylvia 11th march 2010 11 March 10
Stocks are available in Norwich from Boots outlets.
Nibor 12 March 10
Suffering with mouth ulcer been prescribed soluble bethnesol. How do u I take it ? Sure Dr said let it dissolve n the ulcer.
michelle 28 April 10
Hi there Michelle
I have also been diagnosed with Lichenoid Reaction and using Bethnesol which you dissolve in a small amount of water, gargle mouth, do not swallow and spit out, it does help. My dentist sent me to hospital to confirm that the white marks around ulcers on my inside cheeks were Lichenoid Reaction, doctor asked if I had a rash on arms or legs or anywhere on my body as Lichen Planus can also causes a rash on the body as well as white markings around ulcers in the mouth. I do not have any rash and doc said I have Lichenoid Reaction which is caused by allergies ie some fruits, dental fillings, wine, just try to find out what triggers an ulcer, tomatoes are now on my no-no list along with bolognese and anything really made from tomatoes. I also use toothpaste without SLR which helps a lot for me.
Hope this info helps anyone out there.
Elizabeth 28 April 10
re Sylvias message 7 March Lichen Planus, does it give a rash on the body as well as ulcerated mouth.
ElizaBeth 30 April 10
Hi There,

i've been suffering with Ulcers since i was 7 years old. One day i ate a bowl of Cruncy nut corflakes, bit my tongue and that was it.
I've had many treatments, such as Thalidomide, Colchisine tablets, some other Tablets that you disolve and swish around your mouth. Now i'm taking Azothioprine tablets. these have been quite kind to me and have only had bad break out 3 or 4 times in the 5 years i've been on them. Like someone above, GUYs Hospital Poo Pood the idea of certain food intolleraces! but there must be some sort of explanation. For the amount of people that suffer from this, there needs to be more research. Fair enough, it's no more important than Cancer, but after 16 years, i cant take this any more. Right now i have ulcers on the outside of my lips so i cant even leave the house. It's depressing and i've cried over these ulcers too many times in my life. I honestly think the main foods that trigger are Nuts, Shellfish and spicy food. I do tend to feel tingles after i eat them, but it's hard to know which one it is. I just wish i had more guidance from my hospital consultants. It's so patronizing when you go to the hospital and they look at you with pitty, and show all there students your mouth and previous photos. I just want to be cured for heavens sake.
Ok that's enough ranting! lol I wouls suggest to everyone to use GENGIGEL MOUTHWASH AND GEL as they are pretty good. Use them everyday as pasrt of your dental regime and can cure pretty quickly. Only thing for me was i ran out and live on my own so couldnt get anyone to pick me some up. So i have to resort to the good old Salt water, which isnt quite as effective.

I hope i've helped some people. sorry for any spelling mistakes too. If you need any guidance, or want to offer me any please contact me at: or cant remember off the top off my head

Be happy and ulcer free

Larisa 2 May 10
By the way: Prednisolone is amazing. the few times i've had it, it has cured my ulcers within days. Doctors are reluctant to give them to you if you have ulcers all the time.. but it's worth a try
Larisa 2 May 10
is their any side effect of using betnesol as a mouth wash(3 times a day)??
honey 29 May 10
HI there
I am using Betnesol for an allergy ie canker ulcers and dentist and hospital said my ulcers is allergy related and called it Lichen Planus allergy caused by whatever is the culprit, the ulcers usually in the cheeks of the face get swollen, raw and surrounded by white markings and some folk also get a rash on their legs or arms; so far I have noticed that walnuts, peanuts, almonds almost cause a tingle right away and some fruit spreads, also sultana fruit bun gave me a huge ulcer within 3 hours but the Betnesol rinse is good and doc said just swish it around the mouth and not to swallow as it is a steroid tablet. I think it is good to keep ulcers under control but I hope to find the real cause of what I am allergic to.
Hope this helps someone out there who has similar problem.
Scottie 29 May 10
I've been suffring with mouth ulcers underneath my lips for about 2 years.Seen so many people but now told nothing can be done apart from Difflam mouth wash.Kingfisher (fennel)toothpaste was a great helpto relieve soreness while cleaning teeth-Health shops.Just been given Betnesol pellets to be dissolved and used as mouth wash.Dr.'s pharmacy not familiar with this.Boots made me Hydrocortizone Pastilles but 20 cost £100!Just googled Betnesol and found these messages such a help.Now about to try Betnesol.
Sue 3rd August 10 3 August 10
I've had Lichen Planus for three years and used Adcortyl in orabase to keep it in check. Now that is no longer available I have been prescribed Betnesol tablets as a mouthwash. There are no instructions as to how many tablets to dissolve in ( I presume ) 10 or 20mls of water. A fellow sufferer I know uses 2 but I'd like some feedback from other users. Something that works as a mouth soother is Aloclair made by Sinclair sold in Boots.
Jat 21 August 10
Ive just started using betnesol tablets as a doc said use 4 times a day after meals and then nothing to eat or drink for 1 hr after. has anybody else taken these and how long for. the dr said if they are not bad just use twice a day but when you are taking something new you are always very anxious.
carol 8 September 10
I have litchin planus and was prescribed Betnosol from Guys. It is the only thing that seems to keep it under control. I have just received a presciption for my dentist and have just found out the Betnosol is under investigation through Brussels and stocks will not be released until it is sorted. I have tried 3 chemists so far and all have sold out. I thought I would pass this information on as I know how us sufferers rely on it. I would be very worried about taking thalidomide>
Margaret 24 June 11 24 June 11
I had Lichen Planus several years ago in the cheek and found betnosol Tabs 500mcg were very effective. A biopsy proved negative. This was in 2008 and I have Tabs left over but slightly out of date. Lately I have developed a dry cough which seems allergy based plus some rough pimples on the soft palet. I got a new prescription but no pharmacy can supply!! So I have resorted to using the out of date tabs and in two days I have relief from this dry tickly cough. I am using it as a gargle. i would like to know the root cause. Am slightly subject to candida, yeast problem in the mouth which can be aggravated with the use of preventer inhaler and Omeprozole acid reduction capsules. However, relief from a cough that as gone on for months with a gargle of Betnesol is a miracle
Robert July 2011 24 July 11
I have suffered for years with mouth ulcers. About 3 years ago I had a severe case which would not heal and just got worse and worse. Following numerous visits to the G.P with nothing helping I turned to my local Chinese Medical Centre. I had a consultation, treated for a number of things. At the time I was very tired and run down I was treated in a holistic way and had weekly follow up visits for 4 weeks. I was prescribed a range of herbs in capsule form. Following treatment the ulcers cleared up and I felt so much better. I still had the occasional ulcer but nothing like before. I have recently been suffering from another outbreak and will be making an appointment with the Chinese medical centre tomorrow. Would giving up smoking cause mouth ulcers I have heard this. I gave up smoking before my last serious outbreak 3 years ago and I have recently tried again and have been smoke free for 9 weeks.
sue July 2011 24 July 11
found out that if you drink pineapple juice every day that helps to get rid of ulcers, then keeps them at bay, so keep drinking daily
Emily August 23 11 23 August 11
really, pineapple juice!? I think pineapples and/or tomatoes are what causes my canker sore - still, each to their own. As to Betensol, I found it excellent. The sore was noticeably smaller after just one day, and there was much less pain. The sore gradually shrunk - it was approx 1/3 of its original size after 4 days with no pain. I could eat on that side, poke it with my tongue, it was only being able to feel the ridge that reminded me I'd even had a sore there.
Kate 4 September 11
I am glad that I decided to look at this website. I have just been prescribed Betnesol for mouth ulcers, and the instructions clearly state "take with or after food".
Having read all the above comments I decided to check with the chemist. I was then told to use them as a mouthwash (do not take them!). So much for 'follow the instructions'. Thanks everyone. Incidentally, I find that not drinking alcohol, and restricting the amount of sweet foods, helps
Ron 20 September 11
Gluten sensitivity is associated with mouth ulcers. Look up celiac disease. Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye, and barley.
Amy 40 26 September 11
One in 60 people have some form of gluten intollerence and one in 100 people actually know they've got it. I have Celiac disease and had 10 years of acid reflux and tablets, mouth ulcers and tablets and lichen planus and tablets (betnesol). With this you are unable to absort as much iton and calcium but more importantly it can affect your auto immune system, lichen planus is the result. It's a simple blood test, ask your GP. You'll be surprised what has gluten in it and as soon as I cut it out, my health recovered fully in 2 months.
Paul 13 October 11
I have Pempigus which is an auto-immune disease. i get blisters all over the body and also in the mouth. my mouth is sore and burning all the time and the blisters break down so cause scaring. I used to get a mouth wash many years ago which was based on Triamcinolone but it was too expensive to has been discontinued. i am now on Betnasol tablets to dissolve. the foods that trigger it off is. Melon, walnuts, tomatoes, pecan nuts, and anything that is acidic. best wishes to all who suffer, no one could appreciate how bad it can be and how if affects your life until they have experienced it.
SHEILA 18 October 11
Can you drink alcohol whilst taking Betnesol soluble?
Gemma 22 December 11
I have beche'ts syndrome, which causes ulcers in the mouth, on the body and in my eyes, i smoke and have given up a few times, but the ulcers attack with vengence..( as nicotene, suppresses the ulcers) doctors wants me to give up smoking again, and has given me betnesol, but after reading the side effects, i think i will stick to smoking.
eileen 30 January 12
I have tried food sensitivity tests and was told it was a yeast intollerance that meant my body was unable to absorb vitamin C... that was a load of rubbish. I was tested for bechet's syndrome but I dont tick enough of the boxes for that. As well as my mouth ulsers I also get painful red bumps on my hands that get itchy when hot, so i was reffered to a dermatologist who eventually thought that it could be erythema multiforme (diagnosis based on my hands rather than my mouth). It is a skin disorder that is an allergic reaction to medication being taken or an infection that is already in the body. I had already been tested for viruses and had a course of anti-virals that didn't help, so we reviewed the medication I was taking. I take omeprazole daily and also take the contraceptive pill. I stopped taken the pill for about 8 months and hey presto mouth ulsers stopped, my hands were better and I didnt get any migraines (yes, I also suffer from those!)! So, after about 10 years of suffering, it all came down to being on the pill... now I'm just trying to find a suitable alternative without the same active ingredients as the pill - but that's a whole other issue! Until then, I am taking the pill again and the ulcers are back. I use betnesol to treat them (as a mouthwash disolved in water) and its brilliant! Rather than taking a couple of weeks to heal, they are gone in a couple of days. Obviously the betnesol only treats the symptom - it isnt a cure and doesnt solve the underlying issues... The side effects mentioned in the leaflet are reffering to patients who were prescribed the drug to ingest for other purposes. When used as a mouth wash it is not ingested so there are no side effects... At least, that was my impression after reading through the whole leaflet... Once I find an alternative for the pill I wont need betnesol anymore - but I think i'll be keeping some in the cupboard just in case!
Sam 31 January 12
Mouth ulcers are most certainly connected to gluten intollerence and Coeliac (see previous post by Amy who also says this). You do not have to be diagnosed as Coeliac to have gluten intollerence and sensitivity - it is becoming more common. This is because of the use of antibiotics which destroy the gut flora and can give you leaky gut syndrome (also mentioned earlier on this site by Peter, July 09). When your gut flora are damaged your immune system gets wrecked and inflammation sets up in the body and especially the digestive system. It becomes more difficult to digest gluten and you also get candida and candida and gluten have the same protein make-up so the body attacks the candida but also the gluten at the same time and the body mucous linings. So when you eat gluten the body reacts and attacks the mucous lining in your mouth and you then end up with horrendous mouth ulcers. The medical professional are totally slow and ignorant at seeing this whole process. It is well known that gluten and mouth ulcers go together but the doctors just miss is all the time as they do not "think outside the box" and only look at things with the blinkers on. So try going without gluten and see if it helps and get tested for Coeliac - but if it comes back a negative test don't think you can't have gluten sensitivity because you certainly can, especially if you have candida. Betnesol is a corticosteroid so best avoided as it can kill the good flora in your mouth and cause more problems! Why take steroids if it is gluten as you need to remove the cause of the problem not just allow the doctor to "treat" the symptoms. They don't make Adcortyl in Orabase anymore which used to zap the mouth ulcers straight away - however that was also not to be recommended. As far as thalidomide is concerned - definetely NO ! - The docs and pharmaceutical companies work together to make profits. Don't take drugs - try to find out the root cause - try cutting out gluten!
Richard 2 February 12
Hi I have been prescribed Betnesol, by a dental hospital for mouth problems red sore gums amd was worried to read one of the above letters from Michael which was posted last year who swallows his betnesol.
The consultant told me too dissolve a tablet in 10 mls. of water and to keep it in my mouth for 3 minutes and then spit it out,don't eat our drink for half an hour afterward.It does work

Frankie 13 February 12
Suffered all my life with Ulcers and have contributed to message boards several times. When they removed Adcortyl from sale and becoming fed up with ordering from NZ, I finally lost patience and went to a private clinic. After some investigation and trials they finally prescribed Betnesol which I put in mouth undisolved. I use as mouth wash for 5 mins and spit out. I only use it when I detect an Ulcer and it either stops the ulcer completely or if it does break through, it is greatly reduced in both swelling and pain. Betnesol has changed the quality of my life. I only have to use Betnesol about twice a month now for a few days at a time. Have been using it for about a year now with no side effects. Works fantastic for me.
Simon 17 February 12
It was such a relief to find this website: I have suffered with (skin) Lichen Planus for several years having been diagnosed in about 2005. I don't suffer with mouth ulcers -but read on since perhaps contributors to this site are confusing mouth ulcers with oral Licen Planus.................... I initially noticed itchy raised bumps over my body around my 'joint' areas - wrists, ankles, base of my back the bumps turned purple (I think this is called 'pupera'). I simply put this down to an allergy of some sort because I have suffered with hayfever & asthma all my life (I am nearly 50yrs old). Eventually, after several months, I went to the GP who diagnosed Lichen Planus and took a skin biopsy from my ankle to check for the big C. Thankfully that was clear but I suffered with sore itchy skin for 18 months or so and used Eumovate and dermovate. During the last couple of years I have had a couple of minor bouts of LP - but more alarmingly, oral Lichen Planus in both the mouth and vagina have arisen. The mouth is as sore as suffering a bombardment of mouth ulcers - indeed the mouth is 'ulcerated' but on really close inspection you may see fine white lines which is a sign of Lichen Planus. I am using Betnosol tablets dissolved as a 10ml mouth gargle and am sternly advised (by my Physician at The Royal London hospital) that it is VERY dangerous to use this medicine in any other way (it is used to treat a myriad of other health issues including mental health problems). A note about Thalidomide: This is usually not offered to women of child bearing age (perhaps the regulations have changed now???). In the early 1960s it was given to women for morning sickness and as a result many children were born with birth defects (my Mother was offered it but thankfully declined). Thalidomide is licensed to be used for a number of health conditions. Lichen Planus is linked to stress and is apparently an auto-immune problem. In my case I feel it is definitely stress related. I hope that some of the above might be helpful to folks in terms of determining whether perhaps their 'ulcers' are actually oral Lichen Planus.
Lolly 29 February 12
This is a message in reply to a lady called 'Eileen' who wrote her piece in january 2012. This is just to advise, she is most foolish to ignore her doctor's advice. Choosing cigarettes above ANYTHING is foolhardy. Surely by now, most educated people understand the very real dangers of smoking. This lady obviously cares little for her life. With regards to the 'side effects' these are only possible, not probable. If you are worried, simply stop taking them at the first sign of anything unpleasant.
Sue Eynon-Williams 10 May 12
hi does betnesol help to get rid of oral burning syndrome.
orla 15 July 12
sir i am suffering mouth ulser from 30 yrs i have consulted many hosiptal in bangalore but vain only relief in betnsol tablet and Tess Buccal paste but side effect now i am using betnsol mouth wash is there any side effect please advice me whether it is good or disconnect the betnsol mouth wash medicine please advice me sir thank you.
Swamy 31 August 12
I also suffer from mouth ulcers and have found out that an ingredient in many toothpastes is causing them . The ingredient is triclosan. It has many side effects including hypothyroidism. I suggest some of you check this out as it could be the reason for your sores.
Ela 13 April 13
hi i have mouth ulcer from 2months after using antibioticks doctor sugest betnesol for gurgle it work and my ulcer and red patch gone.but know i feel pain on that area there is no spot but a pain i feel and my tounge is numed from same side and have pain throat same side is this side efffect of betnesol please if someone no side effects tell me
balouch 4 May 13
Hi I have burning mouth and have started to Take betnesol
Karen 24 October 13
hi ive just come across this site i have had gum disese for some years, for the past 2 years ive been having water blisters on my gums when they burst they taste like salt.the sack like skin thats left behind is very sore i have about 5 at a time and they take over a week to go with dentist said that the blister/ulser was all to do with gum diserese they started to come on the roof of my mouth and when burst it was like a white patch of skin and very sore.i went to my gp who reffered me to a maxoffilian clinic 6 weeks ago..i had a biopsy and have not had results yet but they are sure its membrane pemphigoid a uncommon skin problem that can occur anywhere on the body.ive been persribed besatone soluble tablets to desolve and use as a mouth wash 4 times a day plus cortasil mouthwash.i need to have false teeth and am worried they will make my ulsers worse by presure on eating.they never go away completly and is hell to eat anything my gums are so sore.has anybody got false teeth with this problem that can give me advise please.
shirley 7 February 14
Can anyone get betnesol tablets in the uk anymore? Everyone all the pharmacies tell me they can't get it anymore. They have been a life saver for me over the last couple of years
bz 22 November 14

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Betnesol Mouthwash/Thalidomide

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