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What is Vegemite and where do you buy it?
shaqattack12 8 August 17
I just whacked a pinky chunk of vegemite on my lovely new coldsore that has come out of friggin nowhere after a long and stressful weekend, and it sure does hurt like a bitch, but i had been told the salt in it wards off further spread, reduces healing time & the only difference i guess is to remember that topical creams like zovirax blend in clear, whereas the chuck of poop colored vegemite doesnt blend.....hahahahahha SO DONT DO WHAT I DID AND LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH THE CHUNK ON YOUR LIP IN
betty 8 March 16
No, I love the Sinterklaas candy! It's so cool to see what other people eat and enjoy (especially bsceuae we don't get many foods here). I loved every minute of your vlog and I really hope you are able to read the Swedish books before you leave. I should try to find some German and Spanish kids books too since I know a little of both. What a good way to learn and those look like good stories too (the only one I knew was Pippi Longstocking). You and Zee should vlog together when you meet! heheheI thought your English was fantastic and you didn't speak too fast with your Dutch phrases. I can get it. That's what pause and rewind are for. I just need to plug in my earphones to practice. I'll try my best to pronounce it correctly. It was a fantastic vlog, Iris! You were very good and you should do more! Never worry about your accent. You speak very clear! I loved it!
Seru 26 September 15
1 Dianne Williams on March 13, 2011 at 9:51 am Loved Anthea's programme when it was on BBC 3 and wcahted it every week without fail and even bought the dvd's of series 1 and 2, however I cannot for the life of me find any other series except the two I have. Please please please can anyone help me? I can't even find it online.Yours desperatelyDianne xx
Dina 26 September 15
2 on May 18, 2011 at 3:42 am I love Anthea too. I bought her two Perfect Housewife seires from Amazon UK and watch them over and over. I even have them on in the background when I'm doing housework sometimes. They keep me motivated! I am so hoping seires 3 will be released eventually. I wrote to the company that released seires one and two on dvd but they told me they don't have the rights for seires 3. I have the pink How to be a Perfect Housewife book also. Ahh, Anthea, you changed the way I think about my home.
Norhusain 26 September 15
This is such a refreshing daislpy of Aussie love in comparison to the usual meat pies + beer / "go back home, foreigners" / "our way or the highway" type "patriotism" that's so rampant these days. Thank you.
Senthil 26 September 15
Hi EllieJust came across your blog looinkg for 'make oliebollen from scratch' recipe.... Having moved to NL from Sydney this year couldn't help feeling Oz-sick seeing cheesymite and Adriano Zumbo.... I used to drive up to his Balmain shop on Sat morning to get my sugar kick.... All the best and keep up the good work!Alex
Sripada 26 September 15
I just put some vegemite on my lower lip where my mouth ulcer is. Omg! It hurts but the pain is tolerable. I had to get a towel though as my mouth produces too much saliva after putting it. Hopefully this will work for me. I'll check it tomorrow. P.S. Prayer really works to handle the pain. Fill your mind with positive thoughts to divert your attention from the pain. :)
Fairy 2 September 15
Well, I've had a couple in fact 4 ulcers in my mouth for the past few days. Funny thing, it was caused by an AFL ball smacking me in my mouth and my braces, I think, either cut my lip/gums or just rubbed against it real hard. It hurts like hell and I can't smile because my braces rub against it and hurt (told my friends at school and we all just cracked up which hurt as well). ANYWAYS! I tried the vegemite cuz GO AUSTRALIA AND ASIA AS WELL (wished we came up with that...) Gosh dammit! Hurt like the dickens (where did I hear that saying?) kept rubbing it over the ulcers and after a while it numbs the pain. It was the most painful 5 minutes of my life but afterwards it was mostly fine but if I put more vegemite on it hurts but not for other things. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS TIP GONNA BE USING THIS FOR ALL MY ULCERS!
#vegemiteisthebest <--- You guys better SPREAD that around, geddit? Lol I so funny :P
Alvaro, Australia (but still an Asian ftw!) 23 June 14
Have a painful cold sore that hasn't gone away for days now, I just applied marmite and I'll let you know how it is I'm the morning... It stung for the first minute but now it's fine. Thanks guys
Hannah 10 May 14
Oh my gosh, I am in hysterics and also have my family in hysterics because I'm reading aloud these hilarious but true posts. Our favourite is the Forest Gump reference hahaha. I am going to come to this forum whenever I have a painful ulcer. It's great to know I'm not the wuss my family make me out to be when I have an ulcer. Thank you all for the laughs. Ps vegemite works.. Feels like a million little needles for about 15 seconds and then it's like a breath of fresh air.. Completely numbs the area. So get comfortable on the couch with a jar of Vegemite and keep applying as it dissolves!
Chantel 6 May 14
Omg thank you thank you thank you... whoever came up with this remedy is a superstar.. My poor husband has a mouth full and lips full of ulcers due to Chemo and is writhing in pain.. I was at my witts end trying to find things to ease the pain when I resorted to Dr Google.. being 5.30pm on a friday night and the hospital being over an hour drive and him not wanting to be drugged to the eyeballs any more than he already is for the pain.. I read the suggestion about vegimite and Im so pleased to say he now has a degree of relief.. he is still of course in pain but the ulcers are not so painful now.. <3 cant thankyou enough for the suggestion..
Deb Fisher 28 March 14
For those wondering about vegemite, it was a spread made from the remnants of brewers yeast. Australia starting producing its own version of Marmite when wartime shipments of Marmite were scarce. Vegemite was born, became an Aussie icon and was sold to Kraft in the 80s. It became famous in the US when Australia won the America's Cup, a yacht race so called because America won it so many times... But the link is because the theme song Down Under, from a band called Men At Work, had a line saying "She just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich" ... interest grew. Aussies love vegemite. We can eat it off a spoon, but it is a super salty nutella-looking spread that others pick it up thinking it's a black Nutella and lather it on their toast and subsequently have a heart-attack when the mattress of the spread hits their mouth. As far as ulcers go, it is the salt and yeast that attacks the ulcer. The body eventually releases cortisol to numb the pain while the vegemite keeps saltifying the ulcer. Also, because vegemite is very high in various Vitamin B, which is very good for preventing and avaoiding all kinds of skin and mouth conditions including ulcers, cold sores and other skin disorders, as well as giving you a bit of a caffeine-free Red Bull pow-ga-zapp, vegemite is essentially an awesome, power-packed elixir of vegemitamins. And that's exactly what I told my Singaporean wife who is currently writhing in pain and is sticking her lip out like Bubba the shrimp king from Forest Gump. She'll be right. :)
TimWade 19 January 14
I Love Vegemite ive had it since i was a toddler back here in Sri lanka and im so lucky to live in Aus now coz its where the Vegemite roots are.. I have it every time i feel like having a bite, every time i wanna get rid of a bad taste off my mouth wow its awesome.. Ive tried it out with every type of food lol... I probably have one of the biggest collection of Vegemite bottles throughout 3 decades.. Marmite is not bad too its more grainier the taste is slightly different. I guess its an acquired that people should have for it coz some hate it..
chandy 13 July 12
vegemite is very yummy so this is a HUGE ADVANTAGE!!!!!!!
asdasdasd 28 June 12
OMG, Marmite really works! Just applied it to the v painful ulcers on my tongue and the pain is so much less already!
STEF 19 June 12
vegemite rules! nothing beats vegemite. i have grown up with my mum always saying this works and i have a ripper ulcer at the moment and i have tried to alternate between bonjela mouth ulcer gel which disolves in 5 seconds flat and vegemite which taste stays for ages after and doesnt dissolve as quickly. i normally get an ulcer here and there that doesnt bother me but i have a ripper at the moment! its on the back of my gum at the front of my mouth at the base of my teeth under my tongue. i cant stop touching it because it hurts that much!
jess 29 August 11
Danny again. Last post.

I feel it important to mention that through my experience a few minutes is clear that the levels of pain fluctuate depending on the area of the mouth the ulcer is when you apply Marmite. The first (inside cheek - large collection of ulcers) Hurt a lot. The last one (on thin gum botton jaw where the lip skin meets gum) - I was in so much pain I went cold as if the very early stages of shock. Very very painful. But the result seems good and the taste of marmite. yum.
Danny 4 August 11
Hi Danny again. It Kinda worked but was hard to work out....but then I realised I had missed one very painful ulcer...and just re applied a little marmite.


My mouth is still sore...but no where near the pain it was before. If it stays this way from now on (unlike bonjela which wears off...) Then you are all my new favorite people ever !
Danny 4 August 11
The pain, the pain.
Nearly through half a tube of Bonjela.
I have a head ache from the stress of the pain and it is only day 3.
Massive collective of ulcers on inside cheek and maybe 5 littered around the rest of my mouth.
Its 3am and cant sleep as i can not rest my head well.
Im going for the marmite now.

Almost unbearable pain. It still hurts now. My whole jaw aches. Eyes bloodshot. I dont want to even lick it.
The taste of Marmite is comforting however.
At the moment it is still stinging about as much as Bonjela. (its been a few minutes since i put the marmite on)

Hope it makes a difference for the morning.
Danny 4 August 11
I have three mouth ulcers, one of them is just GAPING. I applied V'mite to them yesterday and I don't know if some of you guys haven't experienced real pain before or what, but the sting was not that bad (maybe a 3) and totally worth it. I can eat food today without wanting to punch someone!
nainmaree 31 July 11
MARMITE RULES!! Having just tried the marmite cure i can say the one problem is that i found it painful but so delicious that it made my mouth water and I wanted to lick it all away.
Vegemite is alright but it lacks the impact of marmite. What is marmite champagne? That sounds amazing.
Sazzler 18 March 11
Haha I love how this is a post to cure ulcers but has also started a debate on Vegimite V Marmite...
Have to say Marmite wins, its the best...And you can get all sorts; I have Marmite chocolate at home - Marmite Guiness, Marmite wins hands down! - Never tried it on my ulcers though, if it works then I can't wait to put it on...LOVELY TASTE AND A LOVELY CURE!!
Jake 21 February 11
Good GOD it hurts when you put Vegemite on it...but I have found it always works, and within a day too ;)
So not only does Vegemite taste great, but it's medicinal too!

Vegemite SLAMS all the second rate ones like Marmite/promite...Vegemite is the ONLY way to go!

PS - what does everyone think of the Cheesybite Vegemite? It's just not the same at all! :S
Marti 21 February 11
I'm a crazy Ausie living in the UK and I have stressfully chewed on my lower lip causing multiple ulcers. Don't ask me why! I didn't even notice I was doing it. I've woken up today with a blown up bottom lip and I've been lathering it in Vegemite. OOOOCH! I've always used it and it usually works. :S Fingers crossed this time! Just confirming to myself it's the 'in' thing to do, I've found this page and now feel a lot better. Hilarious page!

I've managed to persuade my POM partner, (who declared marmite was better), that vegemite is the best.....and I was successful. :) He lives on it now.
Baz, UK 7 January 11

Have to go to a job interview tommorrow with a really sore ulcer on the side of my cheek. When I talk I sound like a drunk who's trying really hard not to sound drunk. So, doing the vegemite on the spoon thing right now. It better bloody work!!! GO VEGEMITE!!!
Alice, Australia 8 December 10
I'm and Aussie and I've had ulcers since I was a kid and always had a teaspoon of vegemite and it's always done the job. Hurts like hell for a the first little while, but it works so well worth it.

Bonjella or seda gel only really cover the ulcer for a little while and that wears off.
Danny, Australia 13 November 10
NZ marmite (unlike the original British recipe) also contains sugar and caramel... so it's just not Marmite! It is also not as strong as British Marmite (especially my favourite - "Marmite XO" - that's Extra Old!)
Chris, UK 2 November 10
Hah, oh dear some of these responses (especially Brenda April '03) had me near in stitches. I knew about Vegemite and their curative effects on ulcers thanks to my wife the last time i had them months ago. Now that i've copped a decent sized one i have started the painful and reasonably effective treatment and was looking to see what others had to say and oh my the entertainment in here alone ha made my day a little brighter and slightly less pain filled.
Mike, Australia 20 October 10
Aren't most ulcers the result of abbraisions inside the mouth that lead to a sort-of infection? I've also heard that they're caused by digestive problems and vitamin defiencies? wouldn't that mean that the salt and vitamin B would be causing the "theraputic pain" and ultimately cleaning out the ulcer for the flesh to heal over?
cam92 17 September 10
Ive recently had an infection from my 2 lower wisdom teeth and now have 2 ulcers on each side at the back of the wisdom teeth that are trying to come through. Ive been using bonjella which burns for a little while but nothing i cant handle but even though i have used vegemite for ulcers most of my life (and it helped every time) it didnt come to mind this time even though ive been suffering for a few days going to go get some and use it and see if it works again this time......... All done and it hurt for like 2 seconds on one side about 30 seconds on the other but the pain is already not as bad as before and on the worst side barely hurting at all. Thanks to all of you for reminding me!
Stacey Lee 10 September 10
You are right with this, as vegemit contains a lot of yeast. that is the answer.
When I was at boarding school I suffered terribly wih mouth ulcers that always lasted quite a long while, and my infirmarian nun at the school made me eat a block of live yeast every day, which made me feel quite sick. the block was about 2" by 1" sqare, but I have to say that it evenutually cured my mouth ulcers for good and I have not ever had one since.
NIcola Devlin 31 August 10
Vegemite is the go, and also try using some manuka honey, it's really good.
Nugget 29 August 10
I have never tasted Marmite, so can't really comment. Promite is sickly sweet and Vegimite is the best thing ever invented. If I am feelng run down, I run for the vegimite and spread it on hot buttered crumpets, THICKLY. It cures everything. The vitamin B and the salt are the fix all ingredients in this heavenly product. Infact, I can't remember a day in my life that I haven't had vegimite. :)
Kareen, Australia 1 August 10
i have about 8 ulcers in my mouth! turns out i have hands foot and mouth disease, which causes ulcers to develop in your mouth. i always get ulcers, mabey two times a month at least. yesterday i tryed to put on marmite. it hurt like hell!! but after a minute of pain it went kind of numb. today i woke up, and it hasn't made any difference. mabey i need to try it for a couple more days?

p.s - gooo marmite :) !!
Grace 18 July 10
Having suffered the pain of a broken shoulder for the last 3 months, the pain of these mouth ulcers I have now acquired is more intense and debillitating. As a fair dinkum Vegemite eating Aussie of 70 years, have raced off and applied some Vegie. Yes it stung, but the residual taste of the Vegemite is worth it and if it works, I will start singing "We're happy little Vegemites " (the Vegemite song !)
Patricia 9 July 10 9 July 10
I love marmite! Never tried vegemite. I've got a new ulcer that came yesterday, just inside my lower lip. It just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Going to go try the marmite....... Ouch! I will never say that bonjela stings again, compaired to marmite it's painless! But all seems numb now!
Jo 7 July 10
My mum told me about this remedy a fewyears ago and I just remembered it, I've had a mouth ulcer for about days now, I don't like using chemicals based drugs from the pharmacy, being from NZ there's Marmite in the pantry so I'm going to give it a go and hope for the best.
Julien 6 July 10
I have had an ulcer on my tonge for days and it is so painful so going to try marmite right now as that is all that is in my cupboard!! if it works will suggest that my daughter tries it as she has been suffering this week too!!
Joanna 16 June 10
It hurt to open my mouth to talk and to swallow for two days. Just put the vegemite on, didn't notice the stinging but I'm swallowing and it's fine. I can still feel the ulcer in the way but it's not throbbing. I can't believe nobody except my doctor recommeded this to me! Thank god for the staple in the cupboard =]
it was sooo worth it!!
Jayme 16 June 10
at first i thought it some kind of cruel joke...but tried it and PAINFUL seconds later it went a little numb and i could sleep peacefully. does seem to really work
kerri 21 May 10
firstly, a fine spread of vegemite every morning of my tedious LIFE has brought me nothing but joy!!
secondly, there is a fat blimp of an ulcer penetrating on my lower tougne, right on the tip, it hurts to speak !!
yaaaaaay life (y)
grace 6 June 09
I love vegimite. Hurts when I first put it on my ulcer but now it doesn't hurt. Going to enjoy diner without the pain tonight!!

Thanks vegimite, you make me proud to be Australian.
mark 29 May 09
definately going to try the Marmite cure when I get home!

I love marmite on buttered toast, even more if I then spread a soft-boiled egg on top...

Oliver 28 May 09
Just tried the vegemite last night and while it's still there, it's not painful and starting to heal. Who knew!
Lisa 21 May 09
I'm an aussie but by reading some of the above descriptions about the pain, I'm too chicken! - bonjela alone makes my head swirl so I'd rather swish my mouth out with salt water which may be a little bit kinder ;)
Gina 7 May 09
sitting here with a mouth full of ulcers and laughing out loud.......... very tempted to get the marmite on them. sure it is all the same stuff. good luck to you all!!!
Michelle 5 May 09
I made the mistake of swilling neat TCP around my mouth to get rid of one ulcer and now have have about 15 tiny ones all over my tongue as a result of it.I find eating dry toast and gently running the surface of the tongue over the ulcers is like scratching an itchy back and feels like it is being cleansed in some way.although this only works after i have used a mild anaesthetic like Merocaine a throat lozenger.

As far as marmite goes, it was first developed in Staffordshire, England 1902 and the Aussies in 1922 struggled to get hold of our English Marmite so managed to derive a similar version made from the left over yeast that had been used by breweries.Before this happened, Marmite had also been slightly developed by the New-Zealanders for a sweeter version of the original English spread. The Aussies will be naming their towns after us next and saying that they are better too! One things for definate I cant see any english place being called Wollongong seving vegimite sandwiches any time soon!
scoteee 5 May 09
i have a great big chunk of vegemite sitting on my lip as i write this msg!

go vegemite!!!!
frank 2 May 09
I agree Julie - just finger lickin' good.
EH 29 April 09
My son has a whopper ulcer on his bottom lip - being a fair dinkum Aussie boy he was tough and just tried the Vegemite cure. We'll get back to you with the results. Thanks! PS And there's nothing like Vegemite on fresh bread and lashings of butter...Heavenly!
Julie 27 April 09
Who'd have thought! I have vegemite in my pantry and steer clear of it when I have my mouth ulcers because it's always too painful(with my toast). Will try it directly on my ulcers next time as I just got over a few on the roof of my mouth. I've never been so excited to get another batch so I can try it. Maybe that may be a cure in itself (usually things only happen when you don't want them to).
EH 25 April 09
I swear by Vegemite to treat my ulcers. Hurts like $%"% but the next day all is good!!!!
Gina 11 April 09
I use vegemite for ulcers, u can get it from here...
Carl Liver 30 March 09
i have 3 ulcers at the moment and i am about to go and try some vegemite haa back in a min......arggghh orrible :L
tom g 26 March 09
I have two ulcers at the moment. One verging on my lip and the other just below it and they keep getting caught on my retainer.
My mother's boyfriend suggested vegemite. I laughed it off and told my friends about it and was greeted with a "Oh my God! Didn't you know that?!???!!!"
So I tried it, tears welling up in my eyes. After unbearable pain fo two whole minutes... no pain at all. Even when my retainer stared to gouge out my cheek. No pain!

Thankyou, highly superior Vegemite.

P.S. I can understand the hatred of Marmite, but Promite...? Come on; it's the food of champions!
Darcie 26 March 09
oh my god. it hurt so much im not even kidding. i have 3 ulcers at the moment and i put it on all 3. one though it on my tonsil and that one is massive, didnt hurt for it though, is this normal?
joijoijoi 4 March 09
I just applied vegemite to my mouth ulcer, the most painful experience I have had. About 20 seconds of agonising pain, it started to go numb ;D
nathan 9 February 09
i will soon be applying vegemite. may the force be with me.
RunnaLittle 12 January 09
Sponsored by Marmite! ( or Vegemite for that matter! ), I wish.
Dom Walton 2 December 08
Im starting to think this site is sponsored by marmite. However as a long time sufferer Im off to try it now. Wish me luck!
Mel 1 December 08
Vegemite fixed my mouth ulcer! Was a bit painful when I put the thick chunk of the stuff on, but I persisted, putting it on a few times a day. I noticed the difference on day two, and although it is still faintly there on day 4 I've almost forgotten I still have it. Do it! Didn't believe this treatment would work but the 10+ days of very painful ulcer drove me to try it.
Paul 1 December 08
Worst pain i've ever felt in my life.
I'd say its the salt??
I've tried putting straight salt on ulcers before, it hurts but doesn't last long as it dissolves fairly quickly. The vegemite doesn't dissolve. But hey, if it hurts that much, its gotta be doing something, right??

Vegemite shits on marmite.
Ellie (= 23 November 08
I've had the most painful ulcer of my life for the past few days, right up in the corner between the molars. I just tried the vegemite, and couldnt hold it there for longer than 5 seconds! Hurt like hell!
Apple 16 November 08
Hi Allyg!
Lucie Crohn's Chick 20 September 08
I just found this site, and this is my first post. As an Aussie, reading the vegemite cure had my in hysterics..thanks for making me forget about my painful mouth for 5 seconds - i'm off to try it now!
Allyg 19 September 08
like my ulcers, that is a sore subject in our house..
benj 12 September 08
Apparently, vegemite makes you have sour grapes over the Olympics too ;-)
Lucie Crohn's and Marmite Lover. 12 September 08
my good wife is aussie, so we always have a vegemite jar in the cupboard... i just put some on my ulcers after reading this, and it was the most painful few seconds of my life. cheers for that.
benj 11 September 08
you really can't compare marmite to the awesomeness of vegemite.
Vegimite is made from the yeast extracted from the fine and refreshing beers of that wonderous southern land, bolstered by the blood sweat and tears of nation who rose to greatness from early petty convictions.
Whereas marmite is made using the extract from the swill produced on mud island and the drippings of a nation that rarely bathes and generally can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag...there's a good chance another ingedient is poo.
Hold your head high, you vegemite consuming champions.
Shame, shame, shame on you travellers of the marmite motorway.
Bluey, Thailand 5 September 08
hell o my name is mike. i have a damn big ulcer, and cabam its still there. even after the vegemite treatment. what the hell?
Princess Theodore 17 August 08
Yeast and Yoghurt are good for the digestive system. Mouth ulcers are usually linked to some digestive disorder. I think that's the link.
I hate marmite but I love yoghurt :-)
George 13 August 08
Marmite is the food of gods! I've tried Vegemite recently and it's just not the same! It's not even nice to spread....GO Marmite!! :-D

PS I have no ulcers currently!!
Lucie - Crohn's Chick 7 August 08
Ha ha ha, I love it! As an Aussie who loves vegemite, this post has got me laughing, at least I was distracted enough to forget about the ulcer pain that is inflicting my lower lip right now!

Perhaps it is the Vitamin B, the salt content, or a little of both, but I think it has helped in the past. I'm going to have some vegemite tonight and let's hope it sends this ulcer packing.

Oh, and yeah, Marmite is no good! Vegemite all the way Aussies!!!!
Anthony 7 August 08
Marmite rules!!
Lucie - Crohn's Chick 25 July 08
i love vegemite. isnt marmite like promite? a horrible-tasting rip off of vegemite?
georgia 25 July 08
I've tried swishing camomile tea around my mouth- twice over the duration of 1 hour... live yoghurt- twice... to no avail... I was hungry and wondering how to get rid of my 3 day old ulcer (on the inside of my bottom lip)... following the above advice I set about dipping mini cheddars into a jar of Tesco's Yeast Extract and applying it to the ulcer for as long as possible - 10 seconds. It hurt almost as much as Bonjella, and I felt a rush and light headed...and whilst applying said mini cheddar I read the post on this site where someone blames Marmite as the cause of their ulcer...I'll keep you posted.
jeryl 25 June 08
I find marmite causes my ulcers!!!
Gareth 14 May 08
IT WORKS! Iíve suffered from these sores for as long as I can remember and this is the ONLY thing that gets rid of them. If you can stand the taste, I know people outside AU/NZ donít much like it, but itís worth it. You can buy it online. Just get a small jar, it will last you for a long time if thatís all you use it for.
James 18 May 03
So Iím not the only nutter rubbing Marmite on my gums. LIve yoghurt too, sometimes one after the other. Causes what is known as Ētherapeutic painĒ - i.e if it hurts, it must be working
15 May 03
Yes, Marmite is practically the same thing. What ever is brown, with yeast and is supposed to be spread on toast -- thatís it. Thanks for the suggestion, Iíll go try it out.
Jane 17 April 03
we have marmite here in new zealand im suffering badly at the moment with them so im gonna try it now, be back in 2 and let you know how it feels. OMFG #*@(@)@*!^^@*# LOL it hurts like hell !!! So I hope it helps .. thanks for the suggestion :)
Brenda 15 April 03
Isnít it the same as our Marmite ( in the UK?)i.e. a yeast extract, containing lots of Vitamin B, so could well be helpful
Dain, London 3 April 03
ANNETTE 3 April 03
What is Vegemite and where do you buy it?
Dunk 3 April 03
Vegemite sounds strange but really seems to help me it stings like hell when you put it on but I have found that with in a day of using it the ulcer has mostly gone!! Good luck
Andrea Boyle 1 April 03

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