after 20 years ive found a cure that really works

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After been diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome about 8years ago I tried everything to no avail, then unfortunately I had major surgery and radiation treatment which left me with further mouth problems, after much research I found Bioteen moisturising mouth wash and Bioteen toothpaste, the way they work is the products have no alcohol in them which most mouth washes and toothpaste have, by using Bioteen products you dont aggravate the mouth and keep it moistered, this in long term will help the mouth not to get ulcers, also on research I found a product called Gingival mouth gel another fantastic product for mouth problems, I do hope this information will help people as mouth ulcers and other problems are awful.
Eileen Bateman 9 February 18
Michael - if it's the same ulcer in the same place then you should get your doc or dentist to check it.
Dom Walton 2 January 18
Ive an an ulcer for a month or 2 and it wont go away Ive tried everything, what do? 😬
Michael 2 January 18
Hi Everyone. I have suffered from a growth in my mouth for nearly 8 months now, iv had a biopsy and the results are negative for everything. It doesn't respond to any treatment, it heals and drops off in a two week cycle only for it to grow again. The consultant has performed every test under the sun and has said he has never ever in 20 years of practising never seen anything like this. The next step is an operation to remove it and see what happens. Has or does anyone have any experience of anything similar?
Andy 27 September 17
Been battling wit it for ova 13yrs now. After chancing upon this pg last week thru a Google search for a cure 'cos I had abt 9 in my mouth, am finally relieved; thanks to u selfless pple, sharing wat u'v tried/use. I read till d wee hours of d morning on dat day. Fast forward to morning, I swishd coconut oil b4 brushing wit my usual oral b toothpaste. I did dat for 2 days, nd spotted anoda sore at my throat, probably an allergy to coconut oil. Plead wit mum to get me Sensodyne toothpaste b4 I com back from wrk. So I started using dat d third day and at night I do d tea bag of a thing (and oh wat a relief dat brought). Afta two days I realized leaving d tea bag in d mouth and pressing on d areas for a long tym at night, works wonders instead of doing it in d morning. As am typing dis, I don't av any. I just pray dey don't com back again. Meanwhile, av stickd wit Sensodyne daily care, thou mum couldn't get a pronamel sensodyne. Thank u all for sharing 'cos other pple don't understand wat we going thru.
Qdot 24 September 17
I was experiencing mouth ulcer right fro my age 22 and i was getting from almost 13 years. I am one of those population category who get recurrent mouth ulcers. I get one every one month and lasts 5 to 6 days.

1) SLS free tooth pastes
2) Salt Water
3) Cocunut Oil
4) B or C Vitamin Tablets.
5) Stress Free. (Well you cant be stress free in this generation :-). LOL i laugh myself when people say dont take stress.)
6) Avoiding Spicy Food.
7) Having Yogurt
8) Applying Lemon

After 13 years of research on what things will work and managing the ulcers with Pain killing gels. I finally got a solution which worked. Attack the Ulcer on the 1st day of its appearance. Yes you heard it right...ATTACK IT. We can recognize if we are going to have an ulcer as it starts like a small dot and you have the tingling effect. Appear yourself in front of a mirror and start SCRATCHING that Ulcer area with your finger nail as if you want to make that surface plain. Do this until you see a small blood coming out of that spot and that's it the next day you see the ulcer starts healing without being appearing in its main phase.

I got 5 ulcers in last 5 months and i did the same process and all of them started healing next day onwards without ulcer being reaching to its pain staking stage. I am not using the Gels anymore. Im not waiting for 1 week to get the ulcer cured itself :-)

I think if we hurt the ulcer by damaging it well before it forms. Then the Immune system reacts much faster and starts the healing Process before it reaches its main paining stage and you will see the ulcer fading the next immediate day.

Reach out for me on for more information.

I hope you can try this and share if have the same results. Not sure if it will be same wih every other person. But just want to share my experiences as i know how much they hurt.
Vijay 22 January 17
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Dr Jerry Mark 17 December 16
Permanent solution for mouth ulcer is blacknightshade leaves( in tamil we call it as manathakkali keerai) and even have coconut milk in empty stomach, these 2 remedies are very effective, add seafoods too
harini 18 November 16
O how I sympathies with all of you, for the last week I have been using coconut oil for relief, makes it more bearable.
I agree with the painkillers which seem to be a trigger.
Susan, 18 November 2016 18 November 16
I have grown up for as long as I can remember getting canker sores. Sometimes they are so unbarable I can hardly talk. Right now I have about 10 in my mouth, I have clusters of multiple ones under my tongue. Usually when I get them they heal within a couple weeks and take their time before reappearing. Now, every time one starts to heal another reappears in it's place. I can't seem to get rid of them. This has been going on for about 4 weeks now. If anyone has any information or solutions to this problem please share! I am desperate to get rid of them I will try anything.
Blair Willis 18 November 16
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Mariana Skota 28 September 16
I have had mouth ulcers for a while, I recently started putting Tazo english breakfast tea bags in my mouth, as I enjoy the taste, but don't have time to make a pot of tea. The ulcers were numbed almost immediately, and the ulcers have healed quickly
Anon 12 September 16
Just spent ages typing in my comments about Betamethasone soluble tablets and lost them! Get to your doctor tomorrow and get him to prescribe them. 50 years of suffering and a cure at last.
Mike Smith 27 August 16
I did a line of cocaine my sores in a hour reduced in size and the white came down
Robet 27 August 16
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Charlotte 5 August 16
iam suffring inner cheek pain and swelling last three years what was it .
girish 17 May 16
Hi, guys! I was here in the middle of the night months ago, in agony, from a barely visible, but very painful, little, whitish spot that might shift 1 mm left or right but never left the tip of my tongue. But I am fine now, and I wanted to report back and tell you what helped me. In desperation, I went and had acupuncture. The TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioner examined my tongue and asked me a bunch of questions. He diagnosed it as "Heart Fire," explaining that, in Chinese medicine, the heart and small intestine are paired, and an excess of heat in the small intestine backs up into the heart. An excess of heat in the heart manifests ("flowers") in sores on the tip of the tongue. Yeah, I know. Made no sense to me whatsoever. (Presumably why it takes four years to become a practitioner.) Main point: I went three times in ten days, and went from agony to, "What sores? No, that is a thing of the past." I still don't get why it worked, but it did. Over a month has passed and no sign of return.
Diana 10 April 16
I've appreciated reading your comments and symptoms because I've found it really impossible to accurately explain to people--just how much pain and discomfort comes with mouth ulcers. People say "try anbesol" or "do you take lysine?" Well, neither help me. And right now I've had a mouth sore (roof of mouth) for at least 7 weeks. It healed pretty well then got a new one right over the raised scar of the one going away. I FEEL like I have a bad virus or strep. My throat feels sore but it's a phantom pain caused by the sore. I've gone to the doctor in the past and said I know I have strep. But I test negative and he tells me my throat isn't even red.
Dentist tells me to warm salt water rinse. That helps with the pain but nothing but time makes it go away. I usually take aspirin or ibuprofen a couple of times per day just to keep going. The ulcer can give me what feels like a sore throat, facial pain, headache, fatigue, malaise, feeling of barely able to function, nausea, and overall viral symptoms. Or, it might just hurt a few days and go away. But trying to describe it to someone who thinks it's just a "mouth sore" is very frustrating. I've finally learned to just say I have a virus and its knocking me out.
I've experienced this (although much worse symptoms last 20 years) since childhood. My sisters have it too as well as my daughters. My brother and son have never had one. Funny huh?
Miss moffatt 21 March 16
what a relief to find this forum. Am 63 and having mouth ulcers for the first time- this last one under tongue is so painful cannot eat or speak and absolutely done in by 4pm with pain etc. As to cause, think some small trauma from a crisp caught under tongue but if helpful to others - I do have a severe gluten intolerance and for the last 20 years battled with gum problems which would point to auto-immune reactions to things going on in my mouth. This last ulcer coincided with a bad attack of herpes as well. Will be going with suggestions of lysine, bicarb of soda, probiotics and ibuprofen and will confirm how this works for me.
sally berkeley 31 January 16
Happy Kids . - -.
ShellyMew 19 January 16
some people on here mentioned it, but i,ll say it again in case it got lost in all the messages... : OIL PULLIN WITH COCONUT OIL (COLD PRESSED). It cured me. I do it every morning for about 20 min and i don't have one single ulcer, BUT , the second i stop i get them back.
S.hidden 17 January 16
I'm a life long sufferer of mouth ulcers, have usually relied on zinc to help the healing process but have had half a dozen for the last couple of weeks that wouldn't heal. Last night, for no other reason other than I like the stuff, had 2 pints of Guiness and within 24 hours all are virtually gone - can still feel a tingle here and there but not the pain that makes your eyes water whenever you try to eat or brush your teeth etc.

I have no metal fillings, am not celiac, I know salt (potato chips etc) is a definite trigger as must be some flavouring or chemical in potato chips (crisps) but haven't narrowed down which one(s) but there's brands I avoid as I can guarantee a crop of ulcers after I eat them.

Came here today to see if others had mentioned it - some have - for sure give it a try. I know it may just be I've had these ones that long that they finally healed but unlikely they all went at the same time; will be trying a pint or 2 in future for sure. Hope it helps someone somewhere.
RIBinOz 3 January 16
i tried so many things, including the doctor's advice to use mometasone furorate cream, but it is having other side effects and my lips not healing. i used turmeric, but due to sensitive lips, it is burning my skin, so i stopped. Finally as per my mom's advice, i used the butter milk of cow, this butter is very oily and even after two times of washing my mouth, it was still stick on my lips. :) i felt soooooooooo.... much relief finally. Not even a single crack, and very smooth. Here in India, at my city where i am recently residing, here people sell very fresh and non-processed milk, with real butter. Yes u heard me right. Here cows are very much respected, they wander freely and people extract milk naturally by hands, without using any machine or without hurting them. It is really a very good feeling, applying butter extracted from these cows. When a plant or animal are free and living happily like family with people and those farmers, their milk & butter too are very good and in fresh condition. I am feeling sooo lucky being here in this country. And usually we ignore maintenance of dental which is the actual reason for effecting that whole part including lips. So anybody have any problems of lips becoming dried or itching in gums , reddish and lips dryness, method is simple..... Apply milk natural butter, if possible buffalo's milk butter cause they are more think and oily with much needed nutrients. And clean your mouth every night before bed and day after brushing with salt in drinking water and rinse and flush out. do it 3 times. And while doing brushing, instead of toothpaste, go for some salt + turmeric(natural) powder apply on teeth, wait for 2 to 3 mins, now flush out. Results will be very effective. U will no more feel like any itching or reddish and it will relieve u from migraines, clean fluoride from pineal gland... healing naturally is possible and smile again please :) ^_^ :) :D .....!!
Alekha 17 December 15
How many of you having amalgam/silver tooth fillings?I think most if not all. remove all first.then see how the ulsers gone.
aup 9 November 15
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Rosaline Petros 20 February 15
I hope that has grabbed your attention, because I have found a solution to my recurrent ulcers breakout. I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone as there may be another underlying cause to your situation, but try out what I have been doing and see if it makes a difference. I really hope it does, considering how terrible ulcers can be.

For the past 3 years I have been having recurrent mouth ulcers, on my inner cheek, tongue, inner lip, ocassionally on the uvula, and quite frequently at the back of my throat. I am a 28 year old mother of 2, and i noticed these recurrent ulcers started just after a few months from having my first child. I could not rule out the cause, was it my food intake causing this reaction, was it bad immunity-i was constantly getting colds that first year after having my first child. I also went back to work just 2 months after having him. It was quite a stressful three years, and was constantly feeling lethargic and just didnt have the time to eat or sleep well... Anyhow, i basically could not figure what triggered it.

So i started taking the following supplements about a month and half ago, and i have basically stopped getting any ulcers.
*Vitamin E : 400IU. BRAND: Nature's Bounty
*Vitamin A : 10,000 IU. BRAND: Sentinel
*Vitamin B complex BRAND: solgar, per capsule taken once a day (contains: thiamin B1 100mg, riboflavin B2 100mg, niacin B3 100mg, pyridoxine HCl B6 100mg,folic acid 400mcg, cobalamin B12 100mcg, d-biotin 100mcg, pantothenic acid B5 100 mg, inositol 100mg, cholin bitartrate 20mg)
* echinacea & goldenseal root 450 mg BRAND: Nature's Bounty
Dee 12 February 15
I accidentally found this chat and I feel bad not to share with you this info. Hope It helps you as it has helped me ;) vitamin B12, mouth sores, Probiotics ect ect ect. It's what you eat that makes all the difference. You don't need to be a Celiac or allergic to wheat (like me). Wheat is so programmed in our lives we refuse to find it bad.. good luck and good health to you all..xoxoxo!
Rocie Rocio 26 August 14
Hi, re mouth ulcers, I read that you can have a severe Vitamin B12 deficiency (related to pernicious anaemia) and often standard blood tests won't diagnose it. Your results may appear normal. One of the symptoms is mouth ulcers. Apparently it's a national scandal in the UK, and an ex nurse has highlighted the problem to David Cameron. Sufferers need regular B12 injections, far more than the three month government guidelines. I believe oral B12 may not work in this case. I will try to find the article I read and post it.
Ruth 23 August 14
I brush my teeth and tongue with baking soda to alkaline it. I rinse and gargle with a good sea salt and sometimes with peroxide. Today I listened to Eve Pew Prag and she gives her patients a chewable probiotic with salivarius before bedtime . I will be trying that next.
steph 13 August 14
I'm 47 and have had mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. I had severe malabsorption problems when I was a baby and it is thought that the mouth ulcers are connected to that. They are miserable things, but a pharmacist suggested a solution that has improved things greatly for me. That is to brush my teeth with bicarbonate of soda powder, instead of toothpaste. The bicarb is alkaline and it seems to calm the mouth down and has drastically reduced the number and severity of mouth ulcers I suffer from. It doesn't taste as nice as toothpaste and it doesn't work quite as well as toothpaste for cleaning my teeth, but my dentist says it's good enough and it's definitely worth it for the improvement. I'd be really interested to know whether this works for other people as well.
Hazel Nowell 1 August 14
I've been suffering for 1 month now it started a tiny little spec of an ulcer on the tip of my tongue which got bigger and bigger about the size of your little finger nail and there was swelling. Then came the lessions on the sides of my tongue as well as my lips and burning of the entire mouth. I had lost 17 lbs because I could not eat. You will feel like you are dying. I also had swollen glands and ear pain. I went to my doctor and was tested for just about every nasty disease know to mankind HIV 1/2, Herpes Simplex, Varicella Zoster IGM(Shingles) and a complete a CBC even had a biopsy taken NO cancer. Everything came back NEGATIVE. I now consider my self the healthiest person on the planet except for this mouth problem. The only that helped was drinking a teaspoon baking soda and half glass of water 2 times a day. Rinsing with baking soda, rinsing with straight peroxide, Listerine and even Tanqueray No. 10 Gin one right after each other 3 or 4 times a day or more. And took a course of Valtrex. Finally it started getting better but it was not until I started rinsing with Gin(super powerful germ killing feeling) that it started getting better and was able to eat again. So I stopped my rinsing and a day or so later they started coming back but not as bad. I read that acid reflux and Hiatial herina can cause this as well as a bad tooth which I do have all three of these things. So there is no way on earth will put up with this as long as someone people on here have that is totally unexceptable. So I'm going back to my doctor and I will keep going for more testing until the root cause is found and corrected. This not normal something is causing it and until you find what it is you will suffer and that is not me. This without a doubt the worst thing that has ever happen to me and I feel for every poor soul who has to deal with this. Never give up
Jerry 31 July 14
is tough, mine is 3yrs now but is very painful. does having these ulcers means you have hiv... that is what is killing me now because i tried so many medications but all to no avail. i feel am going to die soon. a physician priscribed doxycycline and am about to try that soon. may God help us all.
lyrcal 30 July 14
Thanks to everyone who contributed things that helped them. I have a persistent ulcer on my tongue, and of course always imagine that I have oral cancer . Feeling encouraged now. Will try some of these things.
Ginny Weber 10 July 14
If you have one or two ulcer just use the honey on the cotton or the sweet candy soak straight on the ulcer as long as possible (10-15ms) you can feel the skin shrinking. As osmosis process the Sugar will bust the bacteria cell and You will notice the healing process by the next morning. But remember rinse or brush your mouth afterward as sugar is bad for teeth.
Tuan 6 July 14
Thanks Robert D, very informative post, I haven't heard of an "ozenator" before, I guess it works in a similar way to hydrogen peroxide. Glad to hear you have found relief.
Dom Walton 3 July 14

CANKERS: I've experienced terrible canker sores for over a decade now. But I may have gotten a handle on it (see below).

I used to get them almost exclusively on the sides of my tongue, which made eating almost impossible. But really, I would get them everywhere. Up to 50/per year. They would last for close to 2 weeks, and for at least one of those weeks, the pain would be almost unbearable when I tried to eat (and I'm no wimp when it comes to pain). This is a special kind of pain. Persistent, sharp, stinging. I try to explain to people that it's like someone taking a lit match and burning your tongue or the inside of your mouth. Then, once the skin is red, raw, and exposed, telling the person to go eat lunch. See what happens.

When food hits the swelling canker (and it's almost impossible not to), it's like being stung by a bee. But what's especially jolting is that you never know exactly WHEN the bee sting will come. Even though you dread eating, because you know how painful it is going to be, you get to the point where you're so hungry, that you convince yourself that you can eat without food hitting that spot. But, of course it will. And when it does...well, let's just say it'll wake you up. REALLY wake you up.

I kept a food diary for years. I tried fasts, cleanses, mercury detox, candida cleanses, gluten-free diets, etc. My weight plummeted. Nothing really helped. My tongue and mouth would swell. I had to skip meetings because I couldn't talk clearly. I tried (and still use) non-SLS toothpastes, like the ones sold at Trader Joe's, and they help a bit, but they certainly don't "cause" or "prevent" cankers from happening. I also tried numbing agents, or things like Canker X (which isn't bad if you apply it before bed), but none of these things help very much because it's your mouth we're talking about. These agents get washed away by your saliva and constantly moving tongue, in seconds.

Doctors and dentists told me repeatedly, "It's probably just stress," which, after the 10th time hearing it, and knowing that's not what it is, can make one a bit stressed. As most people who've researched cankers even a little bit, the one we DO know is that no one knows precisely what causes them.

MY TRIGGERS: Anything overly salty. (Potato or corn chips, pretzels, capers, artichokes.) Anything overly acidic: Protein shakes; lemon/lime/raspberry/cranberry/blueberries or their juice, heavy soy sauce, ginger, wine, microbrew or wheat beers, and definitely seafood items like ceviche, which is chopped fish, just basically sitting in whole bowl of acid.

EVENTUAL SOLUTIONS: The first thing that reduced the amount of cankers I had drastically was getting all the metal fillings removed from my mouth. Now, I'm NOT saying anything here about "mercury levels." That is a whole other debate entirely. I think my cankers reduced significantly after this mainly due to the metal interacting with the acidic foods, and causing more severe and frequent cankers. (I had 8 metal fillings from childhood. 2 of them were cracked.) Maybe it was simply that the metal was leeching from the fillings or just having it that close to the sides of my tongue. Anyway, this was the first step, and a significant one.

The 2nd step was cutting out all (or most of) the items above, and when I did eat them, making sure that I took a couple of antacid tablets beforehand. Every time. This also seemed to really help.

The 3rd (and most important) step was talking to a former dentist friend of mine. One of her former colleagues has done quite a bit of research on cankers and how to best heal them. This was refreshing to hear, as most dentists will simply shrug when you bring up cankers and say...."Probably just stress."

Anyway, he suggested that I buy a water "ozenator." I had no idea what this was. He said that I didn't have to buy a really expensive one that some Web sites try to entice you into. Just go to Amazon and buy one for $40. It's this little plastic machine (approx 10" x 8" x 3") with a rubber cord attached, and a small stone ball on the end of it. You put it in a glass of about 8 ounces of water, and set it to 20 minutes. It "ozenates" the water. You rinse with it 3 times/day. It is supposed to act as a major antiseptic.

I was skeptical, but I gave it a shot. I figured, if it didn't work, I'd just return it to Amazon. HERE'S what I found. It actually worked! Does it make the cankers go away instantly? No. That would be fantastic. But usually, rinsing 3x day with freshly ozonated water (you can ozenate a glass of water for 20 min in the morning before work, and 20 min at night), for 3 days, will do the trick. If you keep the glass in the fridge, the ozone water will last up to 12 hours before needing to be "re-ozonated." I have found it to be the absolute best way to cleanse my mouth (better than peroxide) and keeps the canker sores clean so they can heel quickly (remember, you mouth is a very dirty and acidic place).

The cankers healing in 3 days was a HUGE improvement over the 10-14 days I would used to have to suffer through. After awhile, I started to think maybe it was a placebo effect, so I went and bought Colgate's Sore Mouth Rinse with peroxide, just to see if it would work just as well. (Also, I could travel with it. Something that wasn't as easy to do with the small ozone machine.) Unfortunately, I found it didn't do nearly as good a job as the ozone water. So, I returned to the "ozenator." So far, it's the best solution I've found.

Now. I am still not "canker free." That would be a dream. And I still have to watch what I eat. But through the methods mentioned above, my cankers have been reduced significantly. From 50/year, down to about 6/year. I hope this helps someone! Cheers.
Robert D. 3 July 14
I had a huge ulcer on my cheek that wouldn't go away when I was 26. A remedy provided by a mates girlfriend using Tea Tree Oil proved to be an immediate cure. First dry the ulcer completely using cotton wool balls. Ensure that the ulcerated area is completely saliva-free. Next soak a cotton wool ball with undiluted tea tree oil and apply and hold directly against the ulcer for around 30 seconds. Be aware that this is going to sting like absolute hell for about 10 seconds - Just keep the cotton ball against the ulcer and know that all will be well in no time at all. The instant relief afterwards is like winning the lottery.
Dean from Sydney 1 July 14
HI all. After suffering from mouth ulcers for years I realized that when I had gone on a special diet for my digestive problems ( the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gottschall ) and I STOPPED EATING WHEAT, my mouth ulcers disappeared. This was WAY before going gluten free became a trend, so it's been about 13 years that I've been free of those horrible sores. Occasionally when I do eat wheat for a few days in a row (Usually around the holidays... STUFFING) I'll get them back so I know it's the wheat.

These days I'm not completely following The Specific Carbohydrate diet, because it's extremely strict (no sugar at all, no processed foods at all) but the elimination of just the wheat still makes a big difference. Hope this helps.
MsFine 9 June 14
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Shiela Garcia 23 May 14
I had bad mouth sores tongue. Mostly on my tongue though. The best and most healthy that I have found and have been doimg it everyday is oil pulling. You could write a book on how many benefits there are from it! Its really simple. Go to the grocery store and get some organic unrefined coconut oil and take a teaspoon of it and put it in your mouth.(texture may be hard to get used to) but put a timer on for 15-20 mins and push it in and out through your teath and just massage it thoroughly through your mouth. After the timer goes off, spit oil out into a trashcan or a baggy and throw it into the trash. DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL!!! Because oil is sticky, bacteria and toxins get trapped in the oil and the toxins are not only pulled from your mouth but also your body! After starting pulling I immediately(within a couple of days) noticed my mouth healing, my teeth getting whiter, bad breath completely gone, gums heathier, my energy levels through the day went up and many other improvements. You can use different types oil if your allergic to coconut or just dont like it. If you want to know more about oil pulling,there is a,ton of info over the place I found to have all the info in one place from multiple sources though is pintrest. Hope this helps many!
Justin 21 May 14
Def allergy something you eating
magda 18 May 14
Hi - I had mouth ulcers for the last 2-3 weeks, and a sore tongue/throat, split tongue with white spot since April 12 (it is now May 10), 2014. I also had stomach ache/chills on two days a week apart. I think this was caused by a virus. THe doc finally gave me Magic Mouth wash on April 30th, and after about 4-5 days I was able to take it less and less. I'm not taking it at all now. The white spot was not thrush. Thrush brushes off, this did not.

Things I tried.
No OJ - drank Mango Juice instead.
No salt (I noticed sunflower seeds and chips made it hurt worse), no salt water gargles.
Started taking vitamins and B vitamins.
Took an allergy tablet equivalent to Zyrtek/generic.
New toothbrush.
New toothpaste.
Lots of water (like 8 glasses a day).
Reduced coffee.

The ulcers no longer hurt, but they are still there.
My tongue doesn't hurt but it still feels a little funny.
White spot is almost gone.
Still have cracked tongue.
Now have sore neck/back - but not sure if it is related.
Kris 10 May 14
Same here! Another toothpaste that doesn't have sodium laurel sulfate is Toms Of Maine
Kid with Braces 10 May 14
I suffered from mouth ulcers for many years. I finally came across an article a dad wrote in regards to his son having ulcers and it being linked to sodium laurel sulfate in the toothpaste. Since then I have switched brands to sensodyne pro enamel. It's not the freshest tooth paste but it doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate and I no longer suffer from mouth ulcers!!!
Lmk121 6 May 14
I have suffered for years with mouth ulcers every time I give up smoking. Last time I managed 5 years smoke free but returned due to the pain I was in from the ulcers. I stopped smoking again about 6 weeks ago and have moved onto a brand of electronic cigarettes - menthal 10motives (look them up on google) I haven't been totally ulcer free but they are not lasting for weeks and I've probably only had about 4-5 when normally I would of had at least triple that amount. I did some research and it could be to do with nicotine hence why the gum and lozenges also work.
Krys 28 April 14
Im only 14 and ive had ulcers for 14 years. ive realised that using sensodyne toothpase makes the ulcers less painful in general but it doesnt stop them. also keep applying vasseline. hope i helps. good luck guys
Jawad 15 March 14
It really is painful. I thought it was a kind of curse on me. I avoid much stress, vit B injection and yogort works well but i want a permanent cure. Good look to you
Sylvester 27 February 14
My manager had Mouth Ulcers for 15 years of his life, and so in year 2009 i spent about one year searching various causes and various proposed solutions. I gave him natural toothpaste [ small improvement only], improved diet with high amount of vegetables,[ small improvement], various vitamins and miners [ maybe 20% improvement maximum] These were the well known and published solutions from users at about 125 sites on the internet.
Finally I found several sites discussing dental mercury amalgam [ thats the silver fillings in your teeth:)] and its role as the ROOT CAUSE of mouth ulcers. It cerauinly made sense to me as a very high amount of people still have silver fillings in their teeth, which means that mercury is continuously leaching from the teeth to the mouth, 24 hours a day. The end result is danage to the mouth lining and it responds by giving you these painful ulcers!

So now you haver the solution:
1- Get rid of all of your silver fillings [ its not silver, its mercury mixed with Silver] and change to a Ceramic type filling.
2- Do go to Natural practioners specialized in Mercury Detoxification to remove the mercury accumulated in your body. Its a safe natural method, don't worry.

Good luck......................... Abdulrahman- The Nature Doctor
Here is one site discussing this problem:

What are the possible negative effects on health of dental amalgams?

The main exposure of patients to mercury from amalgam restorations occurs during placement or removal of the fillings. Therefore, it is more harmful to remove amalgam fillings than to leave them in place, unless the filling is damaged or defective, or the individual has an allergic reaction to one of the components of the amalgam.

Metals in close contact with skin and mucous membranes are well-known causes of allergic skin inflammation and mercury is no exception. Among allergic individuals, reactions to mercury or any of the metals in dental amalgam can result in inflammation of the gums, and in red and painful sores and ulcers in the mouth. The inflammation is not always limited to the mouth and can be observed as rashes in the face or other parts of the body. However, these reactions are rare and removing the filling usually resolves the problem.

There have been claims that amalgams might be involved in many diseases and in some neurological and psychological disorders such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers diseases, depression and anxiety. However, for many of the claims, scientific investigations have generally provided either refutation or found no link. No link has been found between dental amalgams and chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney diseases, autism, fertility, birth defects or coronary heart disease. There is no indication that amalgam affects the human immune system, and there is no evidence of a link between mercury and human mental health problems or psychological conditions.
Abdulrahman- Natural Doctor 17 February 14
I have had mouth ulcers for years getting them at least six times a year. The ulcer in the mouth takes at least two weeks to heal. They hurt so much but you can buy mouth ulcer ointment from the chemist which numbs the pain. You have to put it on every half hour. After all these years I just found out that I am allergic to bananas and they are giving me the mouth ulcers. I stopped eating bananas and I have not had one ulcer in one year. Yay! Hope this helps other sufferers.
Ingrid 12 February 14
I have never had an ulcer before it is in the inside of my lower lip it hurts to talk and eat and hurts for no reason sometimes.i wanna know how long it will take to get rid of because it is really annoying also I can't use bonjela or anything with aniseed in because I'm allergic thx in advance.
Jack.p 15 October 13
Deglycyrrhizinated Liquorice is my fave for this, now that Adcortyl-in-Orabase is no longer available in the UK. You can buy DL tablets from health food shops here, and I've found it works as quickly as A-i-O used to but without the painful application.
Chris 3 October 13
Peter, glad to hear chewing gum is helping, if you can find one with loads of Xylitol in it should be even better. If you need to use something like Corsodyl again try out Curasept, it has the same active ingredient but tastes OK and doesn't stain your teeth.
Dom Walton 24 June 13
Hi, I've had these all my life. I recently discovered Corsodyl which is non-prescription and works pretty well at clearing them up. Only downside is the taste and it tends to stain your teeth. I then read that chewing gum can help stop the build up of plaque and tartar, so I started chewing after meals. WHat I've noticed is that since doing this, mouth ulcers have stopped developing and heal up in a day. I don't know if this is because of something in the chewing gum, or the fact that chewing releases more saliva - but its working for me and my teeth look much better too. I'm using Orbit (and no I don't work for them)!
Peter A 24 June 13
Hi, I was just wondering, can a change from your regular toothpaste cause mouth ulcers?
I've been getting ulcers for 25 years of my life. Last year the doctor gave me steroids for them which worked at first but then it stopped working, she then referred me to the dentist who gave me the diff lam spray. The difflam spray really helped and I actually didn't get ulcers for a whole year until now. I usually use Colgate but last month I got married and live with my husband who uses another brand. I wast I king could it be the change? Has anyone experienced this?
Farida 14 June 13
The cause of mouth ulcer can also be due to the tooth paste you are using, try changing the paste to some Ayurveda example : Himalaya Tooth paste this can help you, even taking tender coconut water on empty stomach can help to reduce the heat in the body. :-)
Navin 8 May 13
i hate mouth ulcers... i have started getting them since i was a teenager... happens especially wen i have some sort of tension...
i try so many things.... but they just lower its stinging effect...
it always has cured up by itself...
i hate ulcers so much.... i wish there was a permanent cure of not getting them...
Neeraj 8 May 13
If you haven't tried lemon water yet i suggest you do! Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink! Couple times a day make it a daily habit. Goodluck
Luke 5 April 13
CAROL 31 March 13
Vegemite it hurt but it works
Mary 17 November 12
I began suffering from ulcers about 3_5 yrs ago. I tried it all but no one could have prepared for the most simple and cost effective solution. PEROXIDE ORAL rinse three times daily. Began your morning with a prebrushing mouth wash Anti_plac wrks best for me n Colgate has a good pre brushing wash aswell. As soon as u feel it comming on began the regimen. It wrks i promise. Good luck to all of you, I know your Pain!
ussipay4o 21 September 12
All of you suffering are my inspiration. I quit most citric acid foods and got relief. Store bought Orange juice was main problem. Even fresh oranges or juice. Yogurt helps. Thanks and God bless to all of you who are suffering. I thought I was bad until hearing your stories.
West 30 August 12
Hello All,

My Name is Pankaj. I am from India . I have been prone to Mouth Ulcers since last 7-8 years.

But as they say prevention is better than cure.

10 Mins of Yoga Daily will eradicate this this most irritating and painful disease from your system.

The Following Yog Aasnas( postures ) are the best remedy to prevent them.


Please watch this video.
Pankaj 3 July 12
Thalidomide. That's your answer. It litteraly gave me my life back. PREVENTS them...not treats them. Contact Celgene, as this is the drug manufacturer. Had quit smoking and instantly got moth ulcers. Had them100 months before finding Dr Rodu & Thalidomide. That's been about 10 years ago. Tried to stop the Thalidomide a couple of times but the ulcers always come back. There were no warnings on the ciggaretts about mouth ulcers. Seems like we could all get together and file a class action law suit....
Sandra Donour 22 June 12
Nicorettes chewing gum - try it.

chew til soft - dont swallow the saliva that develops, - but then let the gum sit near the ulcer for a half hour.
HH 13 June 12
I have recently gotten some ulcers on my tongue and they are really painful. I very rarely get ulcers and usually they have been on my gums not on my tongue. I've had them for about 5 days now and ive tried lots of things like salt, salt and warm water, vinegar, honey, vitamin C tablets, and toothpaste. None of these things have seemed t work. Does anyone know any home remedies that might work? Thanks!
Elizabeth 13 April 12
I've been there with every one of you. About 18 years of suffering from constant bouts of mouth ulcers. During my three children's early years of development I felt sure that they would grow up with speech impediments due to my distorted speech patterns caused by my ulcer pain. But I have cut one thing from my diet and am pleased to report that I have been ulcer free for almost 3 years. No expense, no hassle and it works. I am in the process of developing a website to provide full free information to sufferers but you can find out my solution straightaway by following me on twitter at amandahg@yourmush The 'mush' bit is mouth ulcer self help. I'm hoping the website will be live in a couple of day. The address is
amanda 10 April 12
My boyfriend did a bit of research on line for treatment for mouth ulcers and found a recommendation of liquorice as a preventative measure. I started taking supplements everyday and for a year now the amount of ulcers I get have been reduced by 75%. Recently ran out and found out that the place we had been getting them from had discontinued. Thought I would see how I got on but a week later I had another mouth ulcer. Have been buying liquorice bars for now which seem to work but plan to find more supplements soon.
Laura 9 April 12
hello anyone here from athens greece?i'm working in uae now and can't find grapefruit seed extract here. a friend of mine from athens greece will fly here in the next couple of days. Does anybody knew of a place in athens where she can buy for me?
nice 20 February 12
Yeah, from reading the comments I've gathered that what you need to do is go natural and just use yeast based products - yoghurt, buttermilk etc to soothe the pain and nuetralise the infection.
Rachel 4 February 12
Hi all, Im suffering from mouth ulcers since the age of 10 or 11, Im t38 now and in the last two years they have got worse, I was on 2 different steroids and pain killers before Christmas with a view bad bouth of them the were above my teeth and the ulcers were hitting of the nerves in my mouth never experienced pain like it. I have tried everything from mouth washes to gels, bongela once is good Aloclair spray is ok its handy to use has a spray nozzle, unless you suffer from them you dont know the pain. Pharmacist told me today a customer of his went of all yeast and hasnt suffered ulcers since. Hopie this helps, defo try the lysine and actimel would try anything at this stage. Trish
Trish 26 January 12
I always suffer ulcers, if i had a cut on my lip it'd turn into an ulcer, even the smallest ones, i went to the doctor an they said i have a vitamin b defficiancy an to eat more healthy foods like bananas, vegies etc an you know what, it actually worked :D
Mitch.k 23 January 12
thanks i just feel the relief that am not alone.... ill try the yakult everyday now am into yogurt actually...
rav 19 January 12
VARUN KUMAR 28 November 11
I'm James, I've had mouth ulscers since I can remember. I'm 19 and I've noticed that I get these things when I'm under stress (exams etc).

I have tried Bongela, Frador, hydroxide, teegel, healthy foods, gentian violet, pyralex, orcholor... you name it I've probably tried it.

Anyway, I was feeling tired before exams a few months back (obviously exams = stress = more mouth ulscers than I can count!) so my friend recommended we go and get vitamin B injections to give us more energy.

Well lets just say, a few seconds of pain cleared all the ulscers within 2 days. I have a vitamin B injection every two weeks and for abouth 8 months have had NONE.

James, 19, CPT 8 November 11
My poor little boy Steven 8 has suffered with mouth ulcers for the last 3 years and no doctor has been able to help him. Its really awful for him as he is in pain all the time with them. He gets them on his lips as well as inside his mouth, he does manage to eat but very slowly and carefully. I worry so much for him for the future as he does get very down about it and as a mother its really hard to see him suffer so much with it. We are trying a tooth paste called forever bright at the moment and have had some success with it in the past. Its an aloe vera toothge with bee propolis but with no flouride. He seemed to get a break from the ulcers for a few weeks when he first started using it, so we goin to give it another go along with some of the suggestions from above. At least now he knows he is not alone in his suffering, but t such a young age its difficul for him.
Deirdre Harris 8 Nov 11 Ireland 7 November 11
I just. Want to thank. The person. That made. This. Wed page. Because. I do have. Pain. In my mouth. And in my stomach. I went to the Doctor. They. Gave. Me medication. But I don't. Think it's. Working. And I'm. Scard That that its not working because. When. I try not to. Us it my food. That I eat hurt. My stomach. I read some of the information. In this. Web page. And I plan. On using. For the. Future so I can feel better. Thank. You and every. Body. That made this. Possible. I hope. That. Now. With. This info. Ivan now. Get Better
Ricardo Perez 7 November 11
Hey guys this is going to be a crazy response and I hope I've really found a cure; drastic but a cure. I had scarring ulcers for over a decade that carved out a very difficult and painful life. These were so severe that suicide was seriously considered. From 14 to 30 my life was miserable. Around 23 I found a doctor that would prescribe a steroid for me in very low doses to lessen the swelling and severity. This seemed to work but not all that well considering its possible side effects. I TRIED EVERYTHING!!!!!!! My doctor kept mentioning that if we could just keep me from becoming HIV positive, if we could just keep me negative. Him knowing I was a gay male and me not really understanding the seriousness and how my risk of contracting such a disease had instantly become much greater this issue became a really big deal. To fast forward to my 30th birthday I discovered from my family doctor that I had contracted the HIV virus and needed to begin retro viral therapy ASAP! I had not been feeling well and this was the culprit not to mention my immune system was greatly compromised and my ulcers were kickin my ass that year. I was placed on what is now Truvada and Viramune and have been on the same regimen for over 10 year to GREAT success and I have never been more healthy in my life. This brings me to my conclusion, a lot of people, HIV+ or not, have to deal with dips in their immune system and I found when mine was down ulcers and MAJOR ulcers would pop up and destroy months of my life. I firmly believe it becomes a cycle, you can't eat well, you get stressed over them, and you cant bring your own immune system back to where it needs to be. So fast forwarding to now, 40, healthy, strong and on daily medication that has altered my life making the past 10 years amazing and pretty much ulcer free.

I realize this is a crazy shot in the dark to ask your doctor to put you on HIV therapy but if your ulcers were as bad as mine, you'll do anything. I think it's worth asking and I have had ZERO side effects from this medication. I know how bad my ulcers were and I really wish I was given this option before becoming HIV positive, I would have taken it.
NoMorePain 4 November 11
L-Lysine doesn't work for mouth ulcers. I got mouth ulcers for the first time, after taking L-Lysine. Rice cake seems to cause mouth ulcers.
Ross 16 October 11
I've suffered on and off for years, (also think mine are worse when I drink a lot of Orange Juice) and used salt water mouth wash, bonjela, etc, but to not much effect, then about 9 months ago, mentioned it to someone who suggested I try the Bonjela Once, that she'd just bought but not tried. I'd avoided it a 9 for three goes, but what an effect... It stung like mad as you apply, but then the relief is instant and the pain is gone completely and it starts healing... Amazing. But not sure you could use it on really enormous ulcers as the stinging from the application might be too much to stand.
But could I find any for my next attack.. No, so through this site found out that Galpharm is the same thing and bought some from Amazon. I've just used the last of that and can't find any more... So why is Bonjela Once and Galpharm not available now when they are so effective? On the advice from this site, I'm off to buy Oralmedic now to have to hand to try with my next ulcer and I'll let you know how I get on... I just can't understand how the chemist or doctors never mentioned this stuff!
WayneC 7 October 11
Im 18 years old and have had recurrent mouth ulcers all my life. However, they only started to become extreme when I started college, which later helped me understand that I got them due to stress. It got to the point, in my first week of college, that I had an ulcer that stretched from the whole of the inside of my bottom lip and the whole of my right cheek. Other cases over the past few years have been over 20 on my tongue alone, and right now, due to starting university, has left me with ulcers on the outside of my bottom lip (which certainly make you self conscious), the inside of my lip and another ulcer about the size of a 10 pence piece on the tip/top of my tongue. Difflam, which is a mouthwash with numbing qualities, is alright, but doesnt last too long on the BIG ones unfortuately. Im gonna try the L-lycine tablets and pre-biotic yoghurts that Judy recommended. Id suggest that if you keep getting them Jonathan go to your doctor and ask for some Difflam to take the edge off the pain, but the big ones will continue to be quite painful regardless. x
Tailer 29 September 11
I'm a few months from 19 years old and I had never had a single ulcer before in my life. About a week ago, I noticed one or two on my bottom lip, and knew what they were, but didn't worry much about them. A week later I have severely broken out and have somewhere around 10-20 ulcers. They are on the inside of my lower lip, cheeks, under and on the sides of my tongue, on the roof of my mouth, and even a few have spread to the outside of my lower lip (but the ones outside aren't completely open like the ones inside). My gums as an entirety have become extremely inflamed, making brushing my teeth excruciatingly painful, even skipping brushing sometimes. I eat and drink very little, rarely leave to go outside, and have become extremely depressed.

Has anyone ever heard of a case this bad?
Please help, I'm literally begging.
Jonathan 11 September 11
I have an ulcer at the back left side just above my tonsils for a few days.. and behind my tonsils/adnoid area it looks like a blister and feels like i have something stuck in my throat. the pain is not too bad a little sore. I just took a lysine and B-12 under the tongue, i'm gargled with peroxide diluted with water. I just threw out my toothbrush never know what bacteria they will hold. I will let you know what it feels like in the morning. I just recovered from the exact same type when we went to vacation in orlando. I havent had one for a long time.
Vern 17 July 11
I have oral lichen planus, which is a rash on my gums. I have had this for years and the diagnosis comes with a biopsy. If you look it up on the internet you might find it similar to what some of you have. Dermatologist will diagnosis it for you. I find my gums get soft and everything can break the skin some of the time. A doctor gave me a prescription of Ambusol and a prescription gel that helped for my flares. Spicy foods are out and vinegar irritates me too even when I don't have a flare. I have to floss all the time because my gums can get really sore if I don't. My husband and boys get big pussy canker sores, especially my husband. Not very often though. He has put alum powder on his. Make sure you see a doctor.
Mlee 14 July 11
God, I really feel for people that have had these things for years. I've just had a 4 week batch of about 10 at a time...and not a lot of sympathy!! At one stage, i think I had been overdoing it with oraldene mouth wash at the specified 3 times a day. it seemed as if I reacted to it and if felt as if I had swallowed paint stripper in addition to the pain of the ulcers. fortunately, i had discovered Aloe vera juice from this site. Anyway fortunately for me it appears to be a folic acid deficiency and I haven't had a any for 3 days now. The relief is immense. just wanted to share that my Mum had recommended a Website called "Victoria Health" There was some natural products for mouth ulcers which looked worth checking out.
Very Best Wishes
Sue B 3 July 11
So happy I've discovered this site. Have suffered from chronic mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember (at least 20 yrs). In the past few years, I feel like I almost constantly have ulcers, and never just one or two, usually more like five/six/seven at once. I get them when I'm run down, and am left feeling totally drained and wiped out whenever I have a bout of ulcers. I went to the doctor recently and had a load of blood tests, but nothing showed up. As I'm in the middle of yet another bad bout, I've been doing some research and think that I possibly have systemic candidiasis, so my ulcers are caused by oral thrush. The pharmacist gave me a gel called Daktarin, which has helped a bit, I think, but I'm so happy that I came across your post, Judy. On your recommendation, I've just ordered some L-Lycine tablets from this site, along with some Squiggle toothpaste (recommended on a number of other boards on this site). Fingers crossed!!
Dee 3 July 11
THE REAL 2 July 11
I was eventually prescribed flixonase spray. I spray it directly onto the ulcer whgen i feel the ulcers coming up. It generallyt works unless im really run down. I was prescribed this by my local dental hospital and get repeat prescriptions from my doctors. they werent too keen on prescribing it at first but now theyve looked it up they agree medically it can work.
sam 1 July 11
i have 2 on my lower lip and eating/drinking is exremely painful and so is smiling or any other type of facial expression that requires me to move my mouth. I've used the teabag method and my ulcers are now less painful so i would recommend that and to prevent them you should eat/drink things which don't contain a lot of acid.
marvin 1 July 11
For a lot of people wheat and/or gluten is the main trouble. Try eliminating it for a while and see if it helps (you have to read labels, as gluten and wheat seem to be in everything). It really helped me. I used to get them all the time, ever since I was a small child! After cutting it out I get maybe one a year (if I'm very stressed, or accidentally eat gluten). It has been the only thing that prevents me from having them constantly. Also make sure you are not deficient in B-vitamins, iron, or folate (ask your doctor for a simple blood test). And avoid toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate, as it can trigger them or make them worse. And finally, you may tend to get them more if you are also constipated. Make sure you eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of water. These really can be connected to the gut.

Be careful with the probiotics as they can cause major intestinal upset in some people, especially if you are also sensitive to fructose. I had a very bad experience with this. Also be careful with the numbing agents as they can make them worse and only offer temporary relief.

If you have swollen glands or a fever with the ulcers, or they appear on the outside of your lips, it could also be herpes. Get tested to rule that out. L-lysine works well for those who suffer from herpes, but may not help with non-herpes ulcers.
Kristie 31 May 11
Mine diminished tremendously when I stopped drinking orange juice every day. The acid apparently contributes. I no longer use any mouthwash or rinse because they caused them as well. The swollen lymph nodes and painful face are from our bodies trying to combat the ulcers with an inflammatory response.
Stacee 18 April 11
Hi all..even i have been suffering from mouth ulcers for past 10 years...severe outbreaks like 6-7 ones at a time...but recently i have found a few tips to keep it in control...using squiggle toothpaste twice a day to brush, stopped having tea,coffee,chicken, tomatoes and marketed orange juices (only have when unavoidable as they all increase heat/acidity in body),eating salads of lettuce and celery thrice a week, not throwing away the water after rinsing raw rice (if rice is your staple diet)just cook it in the same water...and finally having lots of water and curd...remember you are what you take charge of your body!
Bindu C April 16 17 April 11
Can't believe I found this site. I used to break out in ulcers all the time as a child but then there was a lot of stress in my life and I didn't eat. I am 58 now and every once in a while I will have a bought with one or two. The last three week was the worse. I tried salt water (didn't work), ambesol (helped relieve the pain) and then began swishing Mylanta around and holding it at the site of the ulce. Today they seem gone. I also finished doing my income taxes last week (I always owe and do my own and it works my nerves up badly so I think nerves is a big part of my problem. I am going to start taking lysine though. the same products that work for the herpes ulcers maynot be the same for occasional ulcers from nerves, etc. They are painful and ugly. I feel sorry for us all.
Anita B. 16 April 11
I got habit of having mouth ulcer and i am least bother about it because i have a solution to get rid of them..Have YOGURT and water as much as you can..its really work..and just keep your stomach cool always..
razzzz 14 April 11
instead of the pre-biotic yogurt and stuff, why not just try simple yogutrt?
its affordable and delicious (to me anyways). have it semi frozen or something so that its cold and when you put it on the ulcer, it will numb the pain for a bit.
hope that helped. helps for me anyways, though the pain comes back about an hour later.
Amy 7 April 11
Hi im back for an update, im still using the beclometasone inhaler 100mg, once in morning and once at night and i still have not had one ulcer and it's great. I suffered for 5yrs with these things and i no what use are all feeling, the pain sometimes is unreal, but now i can eat things like oranges, vinegar and even red sauce, things that you dare not look at when ure in pain. The inhaler is working for me but might be diff for some ppl. If antbody try's this inhaler and it works for them i would love too no. I have been back too my gp and he said he gave it too another 5 patients of his and its working for them as well, so if you have not given this a go you should try it.....
Keith ruddy 30 March 11
I got the mouth sores foe the pass 8 years and no treatment is helping i wound liketo try Sea Buckthorn oil and see what happens. I also want to know where in South Africa i can buy some Sea Buckthorn Oil. Please help me with infor
Selvan Govenderfrom South Africa 30 March 11
I am under Guys hospital (last 4 years). Have tried beclometasone inhaler; the steroid mouthwash (soluable tablets) and am now on colchicine which are gout tablets. I have also started using Euthymol toothpaste. So far, neither the colchine or the Euthymol seem to have stopped the ulcers but they are only lasting 4/5 days (instead of 9/10) AND the pain is down from 10/10 to about 4/10!
Vanessa 1 March 11
To make the his quick, i have suffered from ulcers this past 5yrs, so here is the cure, and trust me it works, get it off ure gp its called beclometasone inhaler, now its used for asthma, but for the ulcers you dont inhale it. it has a strong steroid that kills the ulcer, believe me it works, SO GO GET IT AND STOP SUFFERING, i no what its like its not nice, but this inhaler works....
Keith ruddy 28 February 11
Canker sores are tied to your immune system and can actually be treated hormonally to some degree (National Institutes of Health>National Dental Institute). Women, ever notice that you got more when you were on birth control pills? But I've never understood the smoking link. I actually started smoking 40 years ago to make them go away. And they did. But after about two years I decided smoking was worse. You would think if everyone notices that smoking makes them go away, it would be a simple research program to figure out what is smoking makes them go away and be able to put that in pill form. I've tried everything else, from yogurt (acidophilus) to ether to herbs and vitamins. Nothing worked. Now that I'm older and not on birth control pills I seem to only get one at a time, usually in one of 3 places. They don't last as long or hurt as much. I'm on a low dose of hormones but I've noticed when I try and cut the hormones more, I get more sores. I use Squigle toothpaste, which is a Godsend. Chocolate processed in alkali, most nuts, palm and soybean oils, sodas, potatoes, tomatoes and most fruits are a problem.
Rhonda Farmer 16 February 11
I have a mouth ulcer at the moment and the dentist describe as the map of Ireland on the roof of my month. I suffer from mouth ulcers a lot, have never had one this size. pain is indescribable from it. I using TCP neat! as a op mouth wash and maueka honey mixed with tiny drop of tea tree oil.Its definitely helping, and I have tried everything else. If the pain is really bad, u have to be taking pain relief also, like nurofen. I dont think there is an overnight cure if you have a really bad one.they are slow to heal up.If there is a real prevention of getting them I would love to know.
Trish 4 February 11
Don't write off the hydrogen peroxide gargle cure mentioned at the beginning of this thread (half hydrogen peroxide, half water). I've suffered from ulcers all my life, but when I was a teenager I had a particularly bad outbreak. The doctor gave me hydrogen peroxide as a gargle and it cleared them all up in a few days. I'd forgotten about this until I read this thread. I'm going out tomorrow to get some to treat the latest one
Dave 21 January 11
I guess what we are all looking for is preventing the 'sores from hell" once I have them its mostly time and suffering that gets rid of them.. Lately I have been researching preventive therapys to keep from getting them in the first place! There is an interesting study out from France where they have developed a product that has an 85% complete success rate for 3 years. I found it at this website >>>>
Hope this helps
Damark 14 January 11

I I've recently started getting the ulcers, doctors don't know what causes them, am 29 yrs old and never in my life have I felt such pain.. Tried salt water, mouth wash nothing seem to work, as a result I just don't enjoy anything I eat as I have no idea what causes this, any advise to what I get here in south africa that was proven to help get rid of them

Dineo (south africa JHB)
dineo 26 December 10
I used to think that i was because of my braces but then the doctor said its stress and i throught stress for a 16 year old... well yeh understood... so i did yoga and meditation and nothing still got them if not worse!!!! and i just accepted it and was like alright its just what happens maybe god didnt give me a birthmark but he gave me ulcers. i changed my diet any way nothing and still nothing. i have one right noe well 4 tounge gum and toncil and it really wears me out and hurts i take all vitium u could ever think of so WHAT IS IT?????
if anyone has any idea pleaseeeeeee HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Hi i am 21 yrs old and suffer really bad with mouth ulcers since i was about 12, ive been 2 the doctors a million times n they cant find out what causes them ive had blood tests but they cant seem 2 find anything wrong and they just tell me its 1 of those things. its really getting me down! and they r so painful some days i cant even b bothered 2 talk! i have tried everything they have brought out 2 help ulcers but they still seem 2 come back! nothing works! can any 1 help me?
rachael 20 September 10
i dont sufdfer but my partner does. he has tried quitting smoking time and time again. each time these sores come back 10 - 20 at a time he cant eat drink or kiss me his life and mine is hell. i will try to get him to try the lysinen and probiotic drinks hope it works or smoking it is. :( i will let you know how he gets on
thanks 20 September 10
I'm back!
Read previous comment.
I have found out that washing your mouth out 1- 5 a day with warm salty water (1 teaspoon of salt with 1 cup of warm water) and when ever the pain starts again you use of bonjela. (bonjela is a teething gel used by little kids. The best type is clear and it should have a rather pleasant taste. The best part is that it sticks to where ever you rubbed it and does not drip down your gums like some gels do) The salty water helps the ulcer GO AWAY; while the bonjela helps numb the pain. Try this. IT WORKS AND IS AMAZING. My ulcers are getting smaller and doesnt hurt as much.

Will contact withing the next week,
Regards and Thankyou,
utc 16 August 10
Grrr. . .
I only have 2 but the pain is excruciating. it is up between my teeth and gum and the whole right side of my mouth is swollen. I can't even close my mouth and talking hurts. I am even missing school because of it :(. Anyways I am going to try walm salty water. Any other suggestions using THINGS YOU COULD FIND IN THE PANTRY AT HOME?

Will hopefully report back with my results :(:):
utc 16 August 10
have 2 at the moment on each side of throat cannot swallow eat or drink more on tongue and lips will try the tea bags left ear aching dribble onto towel at night no relief will try tea bags and probiotics water and lysine tablets will update you soon
cm 22 June 10
Darn these painful things!!!!! I have tried almost everything. Have two big ones under my tongue at the moment. Nice to see that I am not the only one in the world cursed. Peroxide and water gives a little relief but salt and water rinse lasts a little longer.....plenty of Tylenol for the pain is the key....and a dab of anbesol to the site when eating. Then you just wait and hope they don't last too long!!!
janie, bermuda 22 June 10
My daughter gets them periodically, esp when stressed due to exams. This time I gave her Omeprazole tabs and they worked!
Dr. Jayashree Joshi 20 June 10
unfortunatley Adcortyl in Orabase has been discontinued in the UK, I hear there are same/similar formulas available from America, New Zealand and via India or so. What I found on the shelf in America 2 weeks ago is a Colgate product: Orabase. While I don't know yet how well it helps heal: it numbs the ulcer. I just got a new outbreak and this Orabase didn't hurt putting on and immediately relieved the pain. FInd someone to get you a tube. It'll make an enormous difference to your wellbeing. And you can eat and nourish yourself and help heal faster that way at least. x
Birgit 19 June 10
I think this site pretty much answers the question of why we need the Internet. I have about 8 or 9 big ones and my lips have swollen up. Under my Tongue I have loads of tiny ones. It was probably stress but I also havnt had a cigarrette in a while and was over exercising a bit. As everyones been saying, how are you meant to stop being stressed and down with a mouth full of pain. I'm just on ibuprofen at the moment and some gel stuff. I like the look of the boots ulcer treatment and myhrr so I'll try them. Right now I'll try anything though. Sooo painful!

Good luck everone
Tom 22 London 10 June 10
@Fawteestenete interesting.. could be down to theier mouth ulcers I guess. maybe we should ask them?
Mike 5 June 10
the cure is lemon juice. make them at home. lemon, sugar, and water. now mix. drink and viola!
2 -5 days it will go away! salt or saline solution is whole lot bullshit, bloody painful.

anways, drink lemon juice everyday and as often and this you'll never get ulcers again.
Tim Tim Sydney 5 June 10
I am writing b/c i get them myself on occasion and used to get them alot when i was younger, i'm 49 now. my son which 22 gets them now and is about to be married sat. and is suffering bad with them and huge one in his throat that concerns me. i just ordered the sea buckhorn oil to try....hope it works for his sake, jsut got it in today. i know what he's going thru....suffered alot with them myself. they hurt like heck. i think it is the herpers simplex virus. that is what i was told. was also told to take vitamin a at one point, that it was a deficiency of that. i guess it's all worth a try. the zinc did help me at one point. well, good luck to you all...
jackie 27 May 10
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Fawteestenete 6 May 10
I never realised ulcers were such a big problem. I am 18 and just got my first ulcer, not slept for days because of it. I am taking ibruprofen atm for dental pain and have been taking the tablets for weeks, even thought I'm not supposed to because I am asthmatic, but the doctor still gave me them. This site has been so helpful and I am going to try some of the things on here to get rid of it. And also, does bonjella work? Or just a waste of money?
Verity 21 March 10
I have had ulcers for the past 3-5 years now and cannot recall a period ofover 2 weeks when I have not had one. I am immune to all creams, gels tablets etc. When i get them i find that holding a recently used (but not too warm) teabag on them reduces swelling (due to the tanin i beleive) but does not make them go any quicker. Good Luck to you all!
Andy 23 February 10
I've get mouth ulcers every so often and then often a couple at a time. They're not that big, but always painful! Very annoying at any rate. The doctor told me to not have fruit, alcohol, and hot drinks when you get them. She said that you shouldn't put salt on them, that apparently makes it worse - is that an old wives tale? She did prescribe me Sedative Bombastus*N which is herbal but alcohol based. It basically numbs the ulcer completely and forms/burns a film of skin across it. (stings while you do it a bit) It therefore relieves the pain and the itch - but it doesn't kill them off straight away.
Regis 11 February 10
So good to know I'm not alone! I've just been out to luch with clients, me pushing food aroung my plate, taking tiny mouthfuls of food and drink, and trying not to cringe in pain and hold a normal conversation. I'm going to try the Lysine and probiotics, salt and water and B12 injections have done nothing, they just keep growing and multiplying like Gremlins.
Victoria 4 February 10
I have also always suffered from them, along with my brother. We hear they are hereditary. I have not tried this but recently read a study that people that smoked and quit started to get these damn things. When they smoked they didnt and most smokers dont get them. We do not smoke, never have but always have ulcers. Study showed people who chew 2-4 nicorette gum (and dont smoke) everyday, will notice fewer, smaller or possibly even no more ulcers at all. they dont think its enough nicotine to make you addicted but think there is a relationship between the ulcer and the nicotine. I guess its something else to try.
Alana 3 February 10
ive been suffering from ulcers forever i still am i counted 5 today but ive found that if i take vitamin c and zinc,lysine(1000mg holland and barratt) vitamin b12 and iron tablets i can survive for months without an outbreak. yeah it is alot of supplements to be taking every day so i do have a couple of weeks break every 3-4 months or so but it really works for me. lysine really helps with cold sores as well (i take about 4000mg a day if i get one)
ben 32 12 November 09
SARAH! I'm so happy to hear someone else has the same symptoms I do. I've suffered with these all of my life and I'm miserable! But BOTH times I was PREGNANT, I never got them. I will have to check out the autoimmune progesterone dermatitis--thanks for the info, Sall! Everything I enjoy eating makes these things worse: chocolate, tomatoes in all forms, citrus, nuts, vinegar, wine, shellfish, it's impossible to eat out without one of these items being in your food. I'm so sad and miserable all the time from these things, eating, talking, kissing my husband are all impossible. My son wanted me to read to him this afternoon, and it was all I could do to not cry my eyes out from the pain and sadness. WHOEVER CAN FIND A CURE FOR THIS WILL MAKE A FORTUNE!!
Kathy 11 November 09
7 weeks on, still got this huge 2.5cmx1.5cm and deep ulcer in my cheek. Have tried salt water, corsadyl, cortisone pellets, sulfuric acid (Oralmedic or similar). elimination diet( citrus fruit, bananas, hard food, spicy food, alchol & sugar) Nothing has helped. Now Im gonna go out and buy Gengigel and Lysine. I will report back in a few days.
I am 45 and this is my first ulcer. It developed over a few months, started just a little something I felt in my cheek sometimes while eating. 7 weeks ago it was deep enough to have reached nerves, OMG what aq nuisance it has been. Anyone elce out there with a huge single ulcer that won't heal?
CM 9 November 09
Vitamin B complex works for me
talkeen# 23 October 09
lysine works great for me, used to have numerous big bad ones all the time. Lysine has improved things by 85-90%. when i feel a bad outbreak I double my dose... it's like i can feel the lysine working immediatly 8(maybe just placebo effect)
michael 30 September 09
going to try salt and water i have suffered with mouth ulcers for so long the old way is the best so here gose
lisalong 23 September 09
Know what you mean Ciaran, biting them off just seems SO tempting, doesn't work tho.... just that the b.....ds are there and they shouldn't be so can't resist attacking them!
Steve 22 September 09
i have suffered with very painful mouth ulcers for over 10 years - often 3 or 4 at a time. They left me lathargic and tired. I have now found a cure that has worked for me - a herbal / homepathic remidy which can be bought in health food shops called 'Merc Sol'. You take them three times daily - i'd recommend a months supply to anyone to see if they work for you too. Good luck
k lennon 14 September 09
Im suffering with two tongue ulcers at the moment and I guess I qualify to be part of this "club". Its only been a few weeks since I got over the last bout which lasted over a week. My mum is very happy to find this forum and Im sure she will be trying out all your suggestions. My ulcers hurt and are a bit itchy so I end up scratching with my teeth and making them worse. I have also resorted to speeking with a lisp and keeping my mouth open while I sleep. This annoys my mum cos I drool all over the pillow. Any suggestions for a nine year old. My mum is typing this.
Gabby Archibong, 26 August 09
I'm only17, but I've alwys had them! I generally ignore them! Or suffer silently, I didn't realise they were problems untill I saw this site! Can't say I've got a cure, I dab piles of salt onto them everytime
I pass the kitchen, I use citrusydal (grapefruit seed extrAct) seems to work vaguely, and lavender oil! All taste funky and don't really seem t do naff all! Got 5 at the moment, inside my cheeks and on my bottom lip, trouble I have is biting them off! I'm a sucker fo pain, it excrusiating, but it numbs for a bt afterwards, I find the pain satisfying somewhat, also biting THEN putting salt in's a norm for me...

Got to add this is not advise! I take it biting them aways not a cure (and the ulser tends to stay anyway, just damaged)

I'm going to try swishing a glass of vinigar about like suggested up there, painfull but burns the

I can't explain why the pain feels so satisfying, but it's like scratching an itch! I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this?

Cheers people
Ciaran mckeown 23 August 09
Hi Kate
This is my second week of somply watching what I shove in my mouth ie especially nuts, crisps, fresh pineapple (which especially gave me one massive mouth ucler within hours), also wine and vinegar on chips. Perhaps if you try eliminating some or all of these things if they are part of your diet, you may be lucky just to have found the trigger causing your ulcers. I also bought SLR free toothpaste. I am feeling good this week after months of really bad ulcers on my inner cheeks. Hope it lasts, fingers crossed!! Best of luck.
Liz 21 August 09
Try Drinking Tazo Berry Blossom tea with two teabags and some honey. My large ulcer was completely gone over night after two cups of this from starbucks!!! Yesterday i was in the worst pain, now im fine! And yay i can eat and swallow without almost breaking into tears!
Please someone try this to and let me know if it works for you!
Nay.Louise 19 August 09
Amazing, i have been so stressed about constantly having mouth ulcers. Especially after being pretty much shrugged off by both the doctor and dentist, I didn't realise so many ppl were in the same situation. Now...what to try first, pro-biotic yoghurts, zinc tablets or used tea bags!! Hmmmm
Kate 26 19 August 09
I have four ulcers at the back of my throat at the moment. So painful! Cant swallow, eat or sleep. And all one side of my glands are swollen and sore and im getting headaches. I took the Probiotic yougurt suggestion...It helps! It really does. Ive had two drinks of it today and so far its not as painful as it was this morning!
Thnx for the suggestion!
Nay.Louise 19 August 09
i had a coxsackie virus which was horrendous last year i had about 30 mouth ulcers on my tongue and gums and all of my gums swelled so i couldnt eat or hardly drink but putting a used tea bag in your mouth (make sure its not too hot) worked a treat! as it is strongly an alkali- therefore restoring the natural balance in your mouth, it may taste disgusting put just put a used tea bag in your mouth for as long as you can bear, as many times a day as u can it works!
Lorna 17 August 09
i h8 mouth ulcers they are horrible.I have 1 at the moment and i is at the bottom of my mouth i cant eat!!! What shall i do???
Mialumps 11 June 09
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember and am now in my late 30s ,I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in my early 20s and thought that they would subside .They didnt and if anything they got far worse until only within the past year when a junior doctor at my local hospital recommended taking regular zinc tablets.I could not belive the results within 2 weeks I noticed a massive improvement and after trying all the regular remedies I found these little inexpensive over the counter tablets a god send .I dont think this would suit everyone but it suits me and I find that if I miss a few days I can notice my mouth beginning to feel sore
Sarah Derbyshire 10 June 09
My mother had and still suffers from mouth ulcers. I have had them ever since I can remember and at the age of 47 have decided two things about them.
1. When you are run down they tend to strike harder.
2. There is a link with chocolate and sweet foods.
None of the suggestions above tend to work terribly well, though some ease the symptoms (PAAAAIIN) for a while.
I have recently been taking probiotcs, for instance, and it has made no difference - two have started up since I started.
The only vaguely effective remedy i have found is to limit chocolate (sweets generally) intake, and to keep the mouth clean - especially right after eating chocolate. Try rinsing your mouth out a few minutes after eating a small chocolate and see the gunge that you clean out!
Dominic 9 June 09
I am amazed at the number of people who have this problem . I have been suffering with this b/s for thirty years.I tried every thing under sun nothing worked.untill a doctor in rochester ny in a study put me on tha-mid-amide its very controled but your doctor should no how to get it . ulcers are gone. pain is gone. and quality of life is back
sm 8 June 09
Ive had mouth ulcers so many times in my life and ALWAYS managed to get rid of them rather efficiently and promptly. What do I use? Simple. Warm salty water. GUYS GO BACK TO BASICS! Forget about Bonjela, Canker Rid Bottle, Chemical Listerines..... BACK TO BASICS! Rinse with warm salty water every couple of hours everyday. It helps. It does help and your mouth WILL appreciate it. 24yo male Dental Student in Sydney
David 8 June 09
Blimey, I was surprised to find a site like this, and so pleased!! it's also made me realise that other people suffer more than me, and I thought mine were painful! I've been getting them in the last few years, and really thinbk it's to do with stress. But what can you do if you're stressed alot? Nothing. Like others who've posted, I get 1-3 at a time, which sometimes merge into one huge ulcer, which takes weeks to go away. As soon as this goes, within a couple of weeks another'll appear. i was all set to go to the doc, but since reading the above posts it seems like I'd be wasting my time. Might try the pro biotic remedy and maybe b12 vitamins. Will have to scroll thru all these messages to reread suggestions. So nice to know there are others out there as unhealthy as me!!
Fi 7 June 09
Hey Guys,

This site makes me feel SO much better. I've been getting ulcers since I was a kid, but in my early twenties they became MUCH more frequent (2-3 of them and then gone for a few weeks, then back). Of course, I did the google thing and thought i either had A)Cancer, or B)AIDS. My doctor checked me through and couldn't figure out why. The only thing I've found that really helps is called "Canker Free" which you can find online from a company called Lifelabs. Its basically just a combo of Vitamin B, Lysine etc. (more or less a multivitamin for ulcer sufferers). While they aren't completely gone, they occur MUCH less and they are MUCH smaller. Of course, I just ran out the day that i accidentally bit right into my inner mouth and so I'm suffering and waiting for the next shipment. UGH.

Good Luck!
amerikajin 4 June 09
Hi all, although it is horrible to hear of others suffering like me, it is also nice not to feel so alone. I have suffered from ulcers since I was about 13, I have several at a time and whn I have 2/3 small ones they merge as one big one. It stops me eating and talking and gets me down!

However i also realised that the start of mine was when the doctors stated that they wanted to retest me for coeliacs disease which I had had since birth. they declared that I no longer had it and that I would now have gluten, which meant that my prescriptions for ridiculously expensive bread was stopped). I began to feel sluggish and my skin flared up within hours. My face looked puffy and I had stomach cramps. A week later I had my first ulcer and it was excrutiatingly painful. Witin a month I had more. Bonjela hurt it, salt water hurt it but that at least got rid of a couple. TCP gargled (disgusting) but that eased pain too.

My mother took me back to the doctor and he said that I should perservere with it and my body justhad to adjust. Over the next three months I put on 2 stone (at 13 very embarrassing) and I looked like it was more as I was puffy, my skin had raised lumps all over it and generally had ulcers, one would go another two came. My mother luckily was a cook and stated the doctors knew sod all and that she would put me back onto a coeliac diet (the doctors refused to acknowledge anything was wrong) it cost her so much money and we didn't have it.

Anyway the ulcers disappeared over the next six months and I had no major problem again until I was twenty except for the odd few when I was tired and stressed. Howver then I found that they became more frequent and that they were more painful. I checked all the food I was eating and found that they had added wheat to alot that I had not noticed. Crisps flavourings, gravy, sauces and so on. I started making things from scratch and they cleared up again mostly thogh now my immune system was a little lower they still came.

Since this I have found that if I cook everything myself they are mostly controlled though I use the SLS free toothpaste and that has eased it and I control everything I eat.

I would suggest that for a few of you, maybe be tested for an intolerance or allergy to wheat/gluten. Also less painful, cheaper and I personally found more effective, TCP on a cottonbud straight onto them. Take care x
Natasha 30 4 June 09
What's happening with your hormones? Are you going through menopause at all? Since you have one every month during menstruation, there is likely a hormonal link.
Ms 4 June 09
I have always had one ulcer every month without fail when I have my period, and that wasn't a problem or a worry, but about a month ago I got about 8 come up all at once and they just won't go! I thought one day they were going, but the next day they all appeared on the other side of my mouth. Today they are on the roof of my mouth, behind my back teeth. It really does get me down. I can't help thinking that there is a more serious underlying problem, but my GP seemed to just dismiss them saying he suffers too! Did anyone else suddenly start getting them later in their early 40s? I've changed to SLS free tooth paste and will be trying probiotic drinks, water and 1000mg Lysine!
Lets hope someone does some research and they find the cause and a cure soon!
Loops 4 June 09
I have always had one ulcer every month without fail when I have my period, and that wasn't a problem or a worry, but about a month ago I got about 8 come up all at once and they just won't go! I thought one day they were going, but the next day they all appeared on the other side of my mouth. Today they are on the roof of my mouth, behind my back teeth. It really does get me down. I can't help thinking that there is a more serious underlying problem, but my GP seemed to just dismiss them saying he suffers too! Did anyone else suddenly start getting them later in their early 40s? I've changed to SLS free tooth paste and will be trying probiotic drinks, water and 1000mg Lysine!
Lets hope someone does some research and they find the cause and a cure soon!
Loops 4 June 09
As I stated on another page, I've had mouth ulcers (cankers) my whole life... my dentist says I'm the worst he's seen. Usually 2 to 5 at a time. I have recently changed to a macrobiotic diet, to deal with stress. All the ulcers have disappeared. Sometimes one will try to pop up, but it immediately goes away. Doctors and dentists aren't interested because noone knows for sure what really does cause them, so they're frustrated. Me, I think it's diet.
Pat 2 June 09
when I first started getting mouth ulcers about 24 years ago, I went to see our old family doctor, he cauterized them with carbolic acid, instant relief, but he retired shortly after, and modern doctors don't seem to use it and I can't get hold of it, so have suffered ever since, somebody help please.
Dave 2 June 09
It could be hormonal - some women are allergic to their own hormones - search for autoimmune progesterone dermatitis on the internet - it's rare, but it could give you some information (ulcers are a symptom). Also, when you are pregnant, your body produces high amounts of progesterone as your immune system goes into overdrive, so you could have some kind of autoimmune disease. Try taking a lysine tablet everyday and see if that helps. Also, I know most doctors are useless but if you can get to a dermatologist you is sympathetic, they'll prescribe you tetracycline and steroid creams which do speed up the healing time and numb the pain. Don't give up on finding a cure.
Sall 1 June 09
I started getting ulcers when I was about 16 and I'm 22 now, the only time in that 6 years that i havent had a mouth full of ulcers was the 9 months i was pregnant and then as soon as i had my baby they came back! So I'm guessing its a hormone problem? The doctors are useless. I've tried endless different products etc to make them go away and i think the thing i tried that helped quite a bit was swishing a capful of vinegar around my mouth, it hurt like mad and i was hopping round the room in tears but it did kind of work, it basically burnt them away. The other one is too dissolve some paracetomol in a glass of water and swish it around the mouth.
Sarah 31 May 09
Hi Gina, I wish I could say that Kenalog worked for me :( My grandma recommended it a few years ago, but unfortunately no result! I have tried bonjella, Kenalog, vegemite (Australian thing), warm salt water, vitamins and still nothing really helps. I will try the Yakult drinks though, and hope for the best. Doctors have told me after repeated visits that it's most likely due to stress, but I always wonder if it's a hereditary thing as my Grandmother (on my mum's side) gets them and my Dad has been known too aswell. I'm like most other people and can go months without any and then they'll suddenly pop up (like now), thinking back I did have spicy food recently, perhaps this is an cause I can look into?
Kirsty 8 May 09
If Bonjela stings try Medigel which works for me. Also try ADCORTYL in Orabase which is a paste that protects the ulcer and speeds up the healing to a day or 2. Apply it at night, the Orabase gets sticky when saliva is added so binds to the Ulcer.
Ray 7 May 09
I have had them continually since I was in my late teens (I'm 45 now) I used to get depressed because they'd be so painful for weeks until a kind new doctor finally mentioned the magic word: Kenalog paste (after my mid 20's). My current ulcers are from a stupid toothbrush (going to change it to a softer one) and the latest on my bottom lip - who knows where that came from..If I drink something too hot, sure enough I get them on my tongue and they are painful if not treated asap! I have been applying Kenalog paste (at bedtime) as soon as they appear and they disappear by the morning! With the one on my bottom lip I may have to apply for 2 nights because my stupid teeth rub against the paste. I will try drinking the Yakult because I'm so sick of the ulcers reappearing although I notice they appear more during hormonal times. I just read elsewhere about rubbing garlic onto an ulcer works so I'll try anything!
Gina 7 May 09
I am 24 and have suffered with ulcers for as long as I can remember. The treatments over the counter dont do much for me as they are generally on the back of my tongue and cant be reached with bonjela etc. I have tried mouthwash, electric toothbrushes, vitamins, salt and sucking sweets that are useless. Im going to try pro biotic drinks. It makes me so miserable and they generally come on when im run down and stressed so doubt there is a cure for me. Its a horrible pain. At the min i have clusters on my tongue and my whole mouth feels like its infected as i have a nasty taste in my mouth./
Amy 6 May 09
I have had a mouth ulcer on my lower gum that is actually pulling my gum down so that the root of my tooth is exposed for two months now! I am going crazy. I know how I got this ulcer though- chocolate. After years and years of suffering, I figured out two years ago that chocolate that is processed with alkali (all chocolate except swiss chocolate) gives me mouth ulcers. I never get them unless I eat something with cocoa or chocolate in it. Why did I eat that stupid chocolate cookie two months ago? Aaaargh!
Caroline. 6 May 09
hi sarah, glad to read you got on with the boots product, unlike myself i tried that Mouth Ulcer Treatment, and i am sorry to say it is only ok if the ulcers are easy to get at and if you only have one ulcer at a time, otherwise its very expensive. If you have ulcers right at the back of your mouth, top and bottom corners(like i have, awkward to reach)you tend to get the acid on the healthy part of the mouth which burns.
Ann 6 May 09
Hi Everyone. I have just bought Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment (around 7 and you get 3 applications). It is absolutely brilliant. I havent been able to eat for the last 3 days and within 10 minutes of using this product have eaten a full meal!! Try it - its fab!
Sarah 6 May 09
I'm so glad to have found other people with the same problem as myself!! I'm 22 years old and have suffered from mouth ulcers since as long as I can remember, I get them when I'm run down, tired or had a heavy weekend on the drink with my mates. I've stopped going out on the drink now, and that cut them down a little. but I start work at 6 in the morning so I am always tired and run down, so I'm always fighting an ulcer!! The massive problem I have is when I get one, it gets me really down and then I get attacked by a load more!!! I've been to the doctors no end of times about them, I've been for blood tests and stuff as well, but they say thee is nothing wrong with me, for the past 5 years when I get ulcers I can't handle, I ring the doctor and he prescribes me with a miled steroid called "prednisolone" these work really really well, they are a 3 day course and within 3 days, they are gone or going, the problem is, they can lead to brittle bones if taken to often, and I'm worried about that. I've tried different vitamins and other different things that other people have recomended, I even tried taking berocca for a month, but that didn't help at all. They prevent me from doing anything, I can't eat, talk, smile, kiss my girlfriend, swallow, I feel terrible!! the one in my throat at the moment is an absolute killer!!!!!! ear ache, head ache, the lot!! I will try everything suggested above! And please if anybody has any more suggestions please put them up!! I hope we all find a cure!!
Ali 6 May 09
If alcohol makes them worse, get your Vitamin B12 levels checked - it's been scientifically proven that there's a link between recurrent ulcers and low B12.
Sal 5 May 09
Such a relief to know that i am not the only one!! boyfriend thinks i am making a fuss about nothing. the pain is driving me mad........ going to try the Lysine. Had too much alcohol at the weekend and i am sure that makes them worse, does any one else find drinking brings them on??
Michelle 5 May 09
I have always suffered with ulcers, couple of weeks off then a couple more weeks with 5 or 6 at a time - always in different places in my mouth so you can't even just eat on one side! Makes it hard to talk when they are on your tongue too - I am lisping all the time at the moment! Will definitely try the Vit B, lycine and probiotics. The new cotton bud things are vile, I have never known pain like it then your bathroom smells of burnt flesh for days!! Can't be good for you!! Mine also got worse every time I tried to quit smoking. At 4 months this time but still being plagued! I do worry about mouth cancer, especially as I work with those patients, but smoking seems to be mentioned as a contributor all the time and I have never heard the doctors mention chronic ulcers! Good luck everyone - my sympathies
Kate 5 May 09
i am like most off the rest here and i used to take an occaisanal fag while out having a drink but stopped at the start off this year smoking that is still have the pints though dont get them nasty mouth ulsers as much now but had 1 last week and persested into 3 killers i know the usual cant smile hard to eat bongela just numbs them for a minute not really any good but i think they are like most other things they come from back from family tree my late granny used to suffer from the feckers she told me to use tcp garrgle it releives pain anyway mouth ulsers going i only garrgle once each time pure with no water hope it helps somebody ps dont swallow tcp love ya gran.xx.
clive 5 May 09
I dont really have a cure but the best pain relief i have used is the really strong throat sprays. Just blast it on the ulcer and let it sit there a bit and after a bit of a sting your mouth, and the ulcer, is numb for a good 1-2 hours.

Be careful not to swallow the throat spray though just spit it back out.
mike 5 May 09
2 out of 5 quitters have the mouth ulcers... keep persisting and u shud be fine eventually.
Sunny85 29 April 09
Hi there, I'm really glad I found this site. I suffered from mouth ulcers for years and then was tested and found to have coeliac disease-so it might be worth a try for you guys. My daughter's going through the same thing-loads of ulcers that never seem to go away completely. She's doing her GCSE's atm and I think they're stress-related, but I'm going to try getting some seablackthorn oil for her cos she's really miserable with them. Good luck everyone! Jackie
Jackie 22/04/09 22 April 09

I started getting mouth ulcers in 2001. The firs outbreak i seriously thought that maybe it was the dentist fault because they were to rough in my mouth with the exrays and stuff. Anyways i call it mystery illness. I have taken so many different kinds of medicines trying to make them go away and nothing seems to work. I dont get any breaks without them. I hurt all the time. I even get ear aches and tooth aches because of them. Dont give up hope. To get through the day i take pain meds.
Linda 32 January 20 21 February 09
Cathy 24 January 09
Ok so I read Judy's advice and I started looking for the stuff she mentioned. I have had trouble finding what she calls "pre-biotic youhurt drinks" are these the same as "probiotic drinks" and what does "youhurt" mean? If anyone can help with this or tell me what site you found all these things for sale on I would GREATLY appreciate it. My girlfriend is tormented by these things and I really want to help her find a way to get rid of them. Thank you for any and all help!
Micah 24 January 09
glad i have found this site, i have been to the doctors so many times with my ulcers and they never seem interested, i have also been refered to the hospital but no joy there neither.they get so painfull i sympathise with you all i have one on my tounge and lip now and the one on the tounge is so deep it seems like it will never go,but il be straight off in the morning to try out the lysine tablets i will try any thing to get rid of these damn things!!
steph 21 January 09
After reading all these messages I'm beginning to feel normal!!! So many people don't believe that so called simple mouth ulcers make you so DOWN, stop you eating, talking et al!! I'm off to Holland & Barrett for some Lysine. Here's hoping...
Jane 21 January 09
Cant believe i found this site.. im in so much pain anbesol seems to be poping up alot, thats what i use, it hurts so bad when i apply it, i dance around the room in so much pain, but then have a minute or two relief so think its worth it. im going to try the lysine and pro biotic drinks. I cant sleep, talk, all of the above, i have a huge one on the side of my tounge at minute nearly 2 wks now, its going no where! the only good thing is, ...i eat hardly nothing! I have found they get me down ALOT, cant stand it anymore help!
jennie 21 January 09
Im 15yo and i have had consistent apthous ulsars from when i was 7. does anyone get them as large as an average sized middle finger nail that lasts about 2-3 months. oh and is it common to have 2 small ulsars merge to create a massive one
James 18 January 09
I've always gotten canker sores, but nothing too bad. Except now I've got one on the inside of my lip, and it rubs against my tooth every time I smile, talk, eat, drink, or try to kiss my girlfriend. Plus my lip hurts from me pulling it down to look at it. This is driving me nuts.
Eric 25 March 08
I'm feeling really down right now! I've just got rid of a cluster of mouth ulcers inside my lower gum - now I've got this really sore one, on my lip of all places. I've suffered with them all my life. Does anybody worry that these things might one day turn in to cancer!
Susan 25 March 08
Wow, I don't feel like such a freak anymore knowing that there are so many others out there that suffer from this stupid condition. My mouth and throat are in such pain right now...well, it's not the worst I've been in. I am going to try every suggestion out there to try to rid myself of these things....just tries to change up my toothpaste to non-SLS stuff as well as the mouth rinse and the gum and the liquid splash "Biotene" it is called. I thought I was onto something, Now I'm blaming the fact that I ate hot suace three days in a row and each day they got worse. Wish everyone luck and hope that the lysine, h20 yogurt/youhurt drinks work!
michelle 25 March 08
I have had mouth ulcers for many years and the last three months have been constant with up to 10 big ulcers at a time. Doctors are unhelpful. I also get swollen glands and is very painful under the chin. Will try the pro-biotic drinks and lysine though - what dosage per day again? Bought the new oramedic which is a rip off, 6.00 for two buds which you can only use twice and it hurts like hell, much worse than Anbesol or Bonjela.
pauline 22 March 08
Has anyone tried sea-buckthorn-oil? It is supposed to be a 100% money back guarantee fix-it. See in america. I is supposed to fix mouth ulcers as well as gastric and intestinal ulcers. I alway thought that after a numberr of years with mouth ulcers I must also have them down the digestive tract lining but you cannot really feel them in these areas. I am asking because I am sick of buying stuff that doesn't work.
pg 20.03.08 20 March 08
theres this stuff called canker-rid from a website called durham's bee farm. it is hurts like hell on the big ones but the pain stops after just a few seconds and they heal so much faster. you have it get it delivered from america though and need to pay with a credit card not a debit card but it is so worth it. the stuff changed my life.
james 13 March 08
I have swollen glands ... and the ulcers are on my gums , tongue , roof of my mouth and they hurt more than any mouth ulcers have ever hurt me before ,,,, i cnt eat , it hurts to brush my teeth , and to even talk ,,, help !!!
jess =( 13 March 08
yes i get swollen glands under my chin. well i assume that is what they are. they hurt when i press them, and usually they are just on the same side as the ulcer.
imogen 11 March 08
hi my daughter is only 12 will she be able to take lysine as holland and barret products are for 18 and over .....
wendy x 9 March 08
If you can handle it, soak your tongue in buttermilk. I really works and it's great for people that actually like to drink it!
debbie 9 March 08
hey mark, i just quit smoking and since then have had painful ulsers all over my toungue and the roof of my mouth! whats with that? i thought i'd be healthier without the smokes, but am feeling worse than ever, its been 2 weeks now.doc said b12 but its doing nothing, will try l-lysine too
mandy30 8 March 08
lisa, I have a mouth ulcer right now, and my lymph node under it on the same side is swollen too!!! gah it sucks.. OH and I think my left ear is having an issue too... WTF is up with everything being on one side of my face? I never knew that a mouth ulcer was an infection :(
Tasha 7 March 08
Does anyone have swollen glands with their outbreaks?I have an extremely bad case right now.My doctor says it is a viral infection and your glands can swell. I haven't tried the yougurt yet gonna do that today. How long does these things usually last? I have been suffering all week.
lisa 35 6 March 08
Hi, Judy. Thanks for your information but I just need to clarify....THe 2 bottles of pro-biotics, is that the 50ml yukult type stuff or the 1 litre youhurt drinks?????
Pg 06 March 08 6 March 08
My first big outbreak happened when I quit smoking 10 years ago. I get big apthous ulcers in the back of my mouth. Nothing works, it sucks!

Mark 35 3 February 08
Hydrogen peroxide bought in the pharmacy. I mix half water, half hydrogen peroxide and rinse twice daily when I have a flare up. For some reason I have had them on a regular basis for the passed six months. I am nearing fifty years old and can always remember having these painful sores in my mouth. I have gone from doctor to doctor and none of them have a reason or a cure. Oh the pain of it all! It is my hell on earth!
Linda 30 January 08
Peroxide?!?!?! As in hair dye? Is that not toxic? (like can killl you)
Ray 23 January 08
When I was in high school my mother took me to a doctor that said the only way to get rid of them is if I would use peroxide as a mouth wash. It was horrible but after a few days of using it They went away and never came back Iam now 40 years old
Lora 15 January 08
im 14 and iv been lookin for a cure for the damn things but iv been told swishing warm salted water around the also once every 2 to 3 hours and if you do this it should work. also by the way people a little tip for you... do not buy bonjella, it hurts like mad and it does nothing to reward you in your pain so plz also take tht in as well. i got 2 ulsars the week but 1 of them has given up and the other will simply NOT give up so im literally trying everything.
Ben 14 January 08
go for it matt, its worth a try,at the end or the day its all natural stuff so it can;t do you any harm if it doesn't work..keep me posted,judy
judy carter 14 January 08
I have suffered from ulcers all my life, and am underweight due to them (as you only eat to survive, you really cant enjoy food with ulcers, as anyone who suffers badly with them knows). I might give this a try. Heres hoping.
Matt 11 January 08
I would try it except all those pre-biotic yoghurts give me real bad infections so I cant drink the things. Glad you found something that works for you though. Wish I could get rid of mine
Anna 7 January 08
i have suffered from almost non stop mouth ulcers for 20 long long years, i used to get crops of them all over my entire mouth,tongue and throat sometimes as many as 50-60 in one go. the treatmens from the doctors never worked and sometimes even irritated them, i saw a chinese herbalist who said that the mouth was a mirror image of your stomach and that i should change my diet, i tried eating only fresh produce and a whole range of vitamins but thatdidnt work either so i gave up all hope!! Then one day i spoke to a friend of a friend who was into alternative herbal therapys....BINGO she said i needed to drink 2 bottles of pre-biotic youhurt drinks per day, two extra pints of water and 1000 mlg ofl-lysine tablets every day (these are easily bought from holland and barrett half price at the moment for 3 quid for 100 tablets.....i tried it and within 3 days all my ulcers where gone, and i havent seen any since.....the joy...and what a simple inexpensive way to solve the problem.....i hope this helps someone else out there xxx
judy carter 5 January 08

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