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A couple months ago I decided to stop drinking soda completely. I didnít have a sip of any soda for 2 and a half months, until about a week ago I decided to have a can of Diet Coke. I drank it and had a little bit of a burning sensation in my mouth, no biggie. A couple days later, I have swollen taste buds and blistering on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I definitely think there is a connection to the Diet Coke and blisters.
Daniel 3 May 18
November 25, 2017 I have been drinking 3-4 cans a coke a day for quite some time. As of today, I'm staying away from Coca-Cola, as it has now peeled the skin off my tongue and throat, and little bubble blisters on the insides of my lips. They have been healing in the last 3 days.
Catherine Lajoie 25 November 17
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers for the past 3 years, i've had numerous blood tests, x-rays and dental work, medication and nothing helps. I usually have between 6-10 ulcers at the one time all over and under my tongue basically my mouth is full of them. I'm not stressed at all and i've tried to change my diet but nothing seems to help... I do drink alot of fizzy so I think this could be the problem... but i'm basically just looking for other people's opnions as to what they think it oculd be? i'm only 22 and can't go on much longer with the pain constantly.
Erin 20 March 17
colas, stress, lack of vitamins, C, B12, etc., malnutrition all cause cold sores
deborah 1 November 16
Many people blame a lot of problems on coca cola; in many cases they are right. However one thing you never hear mentioned is how corrosive Coke can be. So sitting in aluminium cans, sometimes for weeks and in some cases months a slight amount of metal from cans or micro polymers from plastic bottles can leach into the very liquid you drink. This not only can lead to dry mouth and other problems but also polymer particles taken into the blood stream can lead to Cancer, also long term intake or ingestion of any metal including Aluminium into the human system will help raise the risk of Parkinson's disease or DEMENTIA. Drinking Coca Cola in some way's a bit like smoking. By the time it has done its damage over many years it is to late to fix the problem. If you still want to drink coke I would suggest buy it in GLASS bottles. Take care
Ian Furber 31 October 16
I had been suffering from ulcers/cold sores since I was a teenager, I'm now 40. I could not figure out why I kept getting them more than the average person, until one day I knew exactly why.. I can categorically say that Coca-Cola is the reason why I get them. I know this simply through drinking the stuff and experimenting. I have absolutely no idea why? The other cause is stress. Without these two I simply don't get them.
Stu 4 September 16
Been an ulcer sufferer my entire life. Usually had 2-3 at once, constantly. The worst ones are the big ones under the tongue, causes a complete lack of appetite and painful to even speak. The severity of them seemed to get worse as the years went on, even getting sore and swollen cheeks, and lymph glands. Drank about 3 cokes a day, but gave them up roughly 3 months ago, haven't had any ulcers or anything since! Only drink water and milk/coffee now. Definitely recommend giving up soda, if you haven't done so already. The stuff is poison.
Dylan 9 June 16
Okay, so I understand our skin thins as we age but wow! I am almost 60 and for the last 6-8 months I've been having trouble with my lips and gums. My lips seem to peel now and it's one cold or mouth sore after another. Drinking diet cola is not the pleasure it used to be as my lips feel like they are burning when they touch this carbonated stuff. I try other flavors or sparkling water and I don't have the same reaction. I will try to quit or at least put a huge limit on my daily intake and see if there is any improvement. Can some sodas have more acid than others? Can some brands or batches be more acidic than others to the point of pain?
Mary 26 June 15
Don Jones 24, I drink an average of 3 to 4 Cokes a day & about 4 cups Coffee. Eat way too many different sort of Chips. Sort of a snacking thing I have done for many years, as well as the Coke & Coffee. Think it has caught up with me the last the last few months. My mouth & tongue burn and I get what assume are ulcers. I am 70 years old and quitting or really slacking back at my age, well we do what we have to do. Tired of the burning feeling. So out went the Coke.
Dorothy Kashata 5 May 15
I NEVER drink coke from a can or it will cause me to have a reaction on my lips. I usually drink it with a straw to avoid getting it all over my lips. But it really seems to help me to not get cold sores or bad ones. It is said that it releases calcium from the body and if I take calcium I get sick. I also don't eat a lot of dairy. It causes lots more problems than some coca cola does. I think the different effect this has on people is based on their needs and their diet of other things. I cant drink lemon lime drinks or I get plaque on my teeth and a white tongue. I cant eat a lot of anything with a lot of vit c in it. I can have baked potatoes which have vit c. If I drink the citrusy drinks I also get sores and or hives. Regular coke doesn't do too much wrong to me and in fact helps me, but yrs ago I drank diet and it caused me headaches and sore teeth. I tried some again a yr ago out of curiousity and within a couple hours I was getting white gummy rashes on my cheeks near my mouth that itched like excema coming on. So if you find you drink coke and it helps you like it does me don't feel bad because you are not imagining it. It really does make you feel better. Neutralizes the stomach and satisfies the the brain (like an antidepressant), moisturizes my skin, and many many times I have felt either a cold sore or an allergic reation coming on and drink this and bam it goes away. I also notice it relieves my chest indigestion or if it feels dry I will have some and it works like a medicine. No Im not selling or offiliated to coke. I just know it helps ME and my guess is it is from the opposite effect it has on calcium that I don't do well with.
girlygirl 7 January 15
I have been plagued for years with Cold sores on my lips, I have noted it most likely is to happen after drinking from a can. I now never drink from a can and it has receded to the occasional crash of a toothbrush or a nip while eating. While being away from home on a ferry last weekend I was in a situation where the tap water was unfit and the only drink was a can and no other vessel to pour it into. So foolishly I took a drink from the can, my top lip is now; on both sides left and right covered in cold sores. I think the can cuts my top lip gently but enough to set the virus reaction. Keep Away From Cans is my motto.
Alan Brown 4 January 15
Seems like coca cola the real thing not any other or the diet helps me to heal a cold sore. It actually stops the pain and seals over the skin. I just don't think I should drink too much of it but I do definitely drink it. If I drink plain water I seem to get them. It really sucks. My concern is that I have very dry lips though and this is not helping my problem. But a certain amount of coke heals the sores for me.
girlygirl 10 December 14
So reading this has really helped me, i am getting ulcers on my tongue after drinking fizzy drinks, the weird thing is i have been drinking them for years, stopped for a little and now every time i do i get ulcers. I'm just curious if it is something i should be concerned about is it diabetes related? Someone please help me
kirsty 5 October 14 yes cocacolas are the reason for mouth ulcer....because i guess after drinking that next day my bowl doesnt get emptied.....results in mouth ulcer
tushar 9 August 13
If I have an Ulcer in my mouth, it's one of three reasons:

1) I drank a soft drink/soda
2) I had a cut in my mouth
3) I am about to get sick or am already sick

I've had ulcers for over 20 years and I've only been able to figure out those three causes until here recently.
My worst outbreaks come from drinking soft drinks like Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. I've also found that drinking Red Bull give me ulcers (not wings!) as well. I'm not sure if it has a similar ingredient to soft drinks.

Luckily, I can avoid soft drinks and I can be careful not to cut my mouth but unfortunately I have no control over getting sick so I will never be ulcer free I suppose. But at least I know where they come from for me.
LUKE 1 March 13
I have found that Diet Dr. Pepper is the only drink that gives me ulcers. Only on the tip of my tongue. I tried Diet Coke, and it did not have the same effect. I think I will have to stop the diet dr pepper.
jd 26 November 12
I don't drink sodas to often, but when I get a mouth ulcer ido... For me it burns a little at first and then numbs it....
pam 21 July 12
Crisps and cola aren't good. Their also bad for your health. Why not try fruit and water? And the perfect cure for tongue ulcers is lysine!
hope the lysine works!
Sephie Wise 12 March 12
omg yes yes yes it worked for me i rarely drink soda & i had Ulcer on my tongue for 3 days, u could only imagine the pain T_T & so today i just wanted to drink Pepsi & i did...i felt a little better, so i went crazy & drank 3 cans hhhh
i know its bad & but i swear it almost heeled :)
Diana 8 March 12
I suffer from the occasional Ulcer, and can confirm that I'm fine with Coca Cola, however if I drink more than a can of Pepsi (e.g 2 pints) then within 2 days a Ulcer will start to devlop. Anyone here aware of what different ingredients are in Pepsi but not in Coca Cola?
Ben 25 October 11
avoid all carbonated drinks, I was advised to do this by a dentist years ago because of mouth ulcers, if I lapse up pops an ulcer. Recently started making gingerbeer, thought that would be OK but oh no, mouth full of ulcers in no time!
mary 15 September 11
I started drinking soda pop again, after I stopped drinking soda pop altogether for over a year. It was very hard to quit. I know people are aware of the dangers of nicotene, alcohol & narcotics, but caffeine & soda are a negative addictiion too. Soda pop is the only vice I have. When I don't drink soda pop, I do NOT get mouth ulcers, but as soon as I start drinking soda pop the mouth ulcers come back again. I can't prove it, but I know there is a connection between the mouth ulcers & the soda pop because I'm living with it. I fell off my health kick & it's time I get back on it. The Soda companies are a multi-billion dollar franchise so don't hold your breath waiting for the media to come clean with how bad this stuff really is for you. Just because it's legal, cheap & abundant does not mean it's not killing you.
Jason 09/07/2011 8 September 11
i bite the sides of my cheeks when im sleeping and get horrible ulcers, it hurts to even talk but when i drink soda it burnss at first and then it numbs it and i get like 10mina of peace, i deffinately think its worth it(:
sha na na 21 April 11





MIKE T. 4 April 11
I've had a huge Coke habit for 20 years. My tongue and mouth are ALWAYS hurting. I went to sugar free Coke and it got better. But, recently went off the wagon and drank Coke with sugar and my mouth is raging. My daughter has geographic tongue and also always has a sore tongue. I frequently have thrush and thought it was from the sugar in the Coke.
KAT 29 March 11
I have cut down on fizzy drinks for a few months now and everytime I drink them now I can mouth ulcers on the tip of my tougue. I can't believe what I am reading as I have been drinking them for years without any issues!
Hins 4 February 11
I find that while i drink coke i have no ulcers, but if i try to give it up then 2 or 3 days later my mouth and tongue will be covered in ulcers to the point where it hurts to talk so i start drinking it again and they go away.... does anyone else have any problems like that?
rach 19 January 11
I have found that actually, it's not fizzy drinks, it's the ingredient that is generally in cheaper fizzy drinks but is also in Dr Pepper - Sodium Benzoate. I've suffered with ulcers ever since suffering Glandular Fever 3 years ago and it took the Doctors 1 of those years to figure out that Sodium Benzoate was the culprit! It's not just in pop, it's a preservative so be careful - I'm sure that for many of you, this is your problem. NB - The code is E211 - Sodium Benzoate - Food/drink preservative!
Sian McCarthy 26 December 10
Fizzy drinks cause my ulcers to flare up, I got tested a few year back & found I am allergic ti Sodium Benzoate, which is in 98% of fizzy drinks .... (funnily enough non diet coca cola doesn't have this) ... but pretty much ALL other fizzy (and a lot of non fizzy) drinks have it. I now only drink: Water, tea, coffee or beer :o

(also allergic to Cinnamon which caused em to flare).
Derek 18 December 10
because its nearing christmas my partner has been buying shit loads of coke and other fizzy drinks, so naturally weve been drinking them alot haha
after reading these comments I guess I can blame fizzy drink on the mouth uclers and tingling ive been getting the past few days.
Does the diet ones cause it too? :p
Tika. 16 December 10
fanta cause the ulcers for me, but pure alcohol (95%vol) on them before bed will burn like hell for a second, than numb it, so it won't hurt at all after that and in the morning it will be gone!!
shoogi 3 September 10
I wonder, though, if it's the drinking or the period afterward that's the problem. If I drink a can of pop and then drink some milk or lots of water, I wonder if it would help or if the damage has already been done.
Mike 25 September 09
From Pauline 2 Weeks on
I stopped drinking coke 2 weeks ago successfully......... well almost successfully............ except for maybe 2 cans in 2 weeks. Iíve only had one fairly minor ulcer during that time when normally I would have a mouth full. Iím still a bit dubious though I canít believe the answer would be something so simple as cutting out coke. Iím going to continue avoiding it and Iíll keep you updated..
PS. Thanks Dom for a brilliant site.
Pauline 12 June 03
soooooooo, coke and pepsi may be the bastards that ae causing these fuckers, i drink at least 1 can everyday at work or when i go gym of just if iím out and thirsty, i better stop drinkin fizzy drinks, iíll have a 1 week trial, i dont think iíll be able to handle that but iíll try, iíll let you know how i get on......
Imran Leic/Eng 11 June 03
i agree with andy pauline, i happen to agree with you, i never ever seem to have just one ulcr there is always more then 3 at any one time, i do find that drinking coke does help if only to numb the suckers for a short while so i can have a decent conversation without grunting and nodding and shaking my head. think everyone should give it a go. also try sucking on polo mints that helps me and sometimes is the only thing i can eat. xx
Lydia Eng 11 June 03
I love coke and have once mouth ulcer for past few days. Itís been killing me!!! I get really crankly. Brushing, gargling, sometimes, drinking water hurts it so much. I used ĒBonjelaĒ says to ease the pain of ulcers. Applying it to the ulcer was ĒOUCHĒ.... my friend suggested putting salt to the ulcer....donít know if it helps to ease the pain later....though she said that it will hurt when the actionís taking place.
Aida 29 May 03
In reply to Andy
Yeah, I find the cold, sparkling sensation of coke does really sooth my mouth when it is full of ulcers.... I am though now beginning to think that coke & other sparkling drinks may cause them. I am addicted to diet coke and pepsi and have at least 1 or 2 cans a day. Iím 35 now and have drunk it since 17ish....maybe I should give it up and see if my ulcers improve...... Iíll let you know...
Pauline 27 May 03
Well since everyone seems to think coca cola and other sodas are bad when it comes to the recovery and onset of ulcers, my message may seem outta place...I like to drink coke when i have ulcers, it hurts at first then kind of numbs them, and if i continue to drink it, it keeps them numb for a short period of time. Does anyone else do the same?
Andy 22 May 03
As a bit of an íexpertí on ulcers (having spent many many hours researching the subject of food triggers and talking to professors at Guyís Hospital London about this (where I am currently being treated for mouth ulcers)I can say that crisps and coke do tend to bring on attacks of ulcers with me, yes, most definately - especially crisps of any nature. Guyís view was that most fizzy drinks should be avoided if poss due to the acidic nature... I also find personally things like salad cream, mayonnaise, pickles etc.. can also bring on attacks which further enhances the acidic view ..
Paul Cooksley 22 May 03
I also agree that maybe it is the fizzy pop! That is the only thing that has been consistant with me for the last couple of months of trying to locate the food trigger. I used to drink Diet Coke, then I stopped and currently I drink sparkling water, soda water or on occassion Coke. If I can give up the fizzy sodas for a while, I will report on my findings.
Cristen 22 May 03
The only thing I have changed in the last few weeks is that I have started drinking Coke and I have mouth ulcers. I am going to stop drinking coke!
Sandra 22 May 03
Probably the coke isnít very healthy for your body either, try water and milk ;)
Jem 17 April 03
i am 21 and the only drink i drink is coca cola, i have suffered with mouth ulcers for about 10 years at the moment i have 7 ulcers, 1 very painful one on my tongue and some on my throat i am very down about them at the moment, i was thinking the same, could it be the fizzy pop??
rachel 25 March 03
coca cola (or fizzy drinks in general) in combination with crisps lead to certain infection with mouth ulcers. i was wondering if anyone else had noticed this??
don jones 24 March 03

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