Foods that are painless to eat.

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Hello everyone I been having a lot of mouth ulcers recently I donít know what I can eat I like omelettes I like egg fried rice as itís soft but donít know if itís good to eat and fish is another one for me as well any other suggestions or any oils that can cure this mouth ulcers are the biggest pain ever
Tom Moore 20 November 17
Hi I have been suffering from mouth ulcers for quite some time but recently I went to see my colleague at the pharmacy after years & I mentioned that I suffer regularly on mouth ulcers. & guess she suggested the gel 'Iglu' . This gel just works do better coz it seals the ulcers like a shape of an igloo! Trust me it really works
Sharon bascher 18 March 15
One of the only things I can eat when my outbreaks are pretty bad is jelly. No nutritional value whatsoever but at least it is something. Dairy and egg free custard is also ok. Again, not very nutritious but at least it's something!
Lexy 2 February 08
Hi I am a mom of a 3 year old little girl, that is having a really bad problem with these ulcers. Been to dr's advised to try steriod cream and change tooth paste. But nothing has workd. I am not sure on things she could eat that will help. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
Shannon 22 January 08
I find that any food with liquids, ie. soup, beans, stuff like that makes mine hurt really bad as i can't control the liquid moving around my mounth and it easily gets into the ulcers and really stings. So to be honest only dry pasta, cheese, mash or scrambled eggs omlettes too.
Rachael 21 January 08
When I have a bad attack I try to eat Greek yoghurt (a drop of honey livens it up a bit). Not only is it easy to eat but it puts some good bacteria into the mouth, so I think it helps the healing- or at least makes me feel I'm doing something positive.
Louise 19 January 08
when my ulcers are particularly painful (since i got them a year ago, they have never healed completely) i eat foods that don't require a lot of chewing and that don't stick to the inside of my mouth lol, everything has to be soft:
some kinds of pasta, potatoes, soups, rice, eggs, eggplant, cooked veggies, all cooked without pepper, too much garlic or tomatoes ... and without whatever else irritates the ulcers.
I also find that replacing one or more solid meals with liquids (like ensure) during the course of a day helps because on bad days, every solid meal, for me, causes compounded irritation.

Dianne, Trinidad 16 January 08
I think soup is the best for me, but really anything touching off them kills me, I have 4 right now with one right at my top lip, so impossible to drink! Natural yoghurt is ok too
Karen, Iceland 5 January 08
For my husband we do mashed potatoes cooled down with tuna, also cream soups cooled to room temperature and jello served at room temperature. Scrambled eggs with cheese and deli ham in it. Cooled to room temperature of course.
Kathy 9 December 07
Custard is really good if you dont mind it cold - i suppose you could heat it up and let it cool down.
Been feeding my boyfriend custard, lentil and chicken noodle soup and Kraft Cheesy Pasta (make it quite milky) and so far weíre managing. Also boiled egg mashed up with a bit of butter is quite good too.

Hope this helps.
Em 24 November 07
eliminate the tomatoes,citrus, and anything else acidic; even vitamin c. Oatmeal, cream of wheat
or rice are great for breakfast.
bryn 23 November 07
Pears donít hurt
Dee Holman 20 November 07
Pot noodles work for me! But only when I have armed my mouth with an abundance of gel!
Helen 16 November 07
I find really soft pasta with soup helps. Its not gourmet, but at least it fills up the stomach more than just having liquids.
S.Luna 13 November 07
soupís great. If it doesnít taste of crap.
Emma 12 November 07

Baked beans work for me well. Oh and super noodles, but they are bit rubbish on the nutrient front but something is better than nothing!
Lucie Crohnís Girl 8 November 07
Hiya, this is my first post, but i have been on here a bit looking for stuff to stop these ulcers.
ive had a mouth full of them since i was 6 years old. and im sad enough to remember that cursing day.

I grew up baning foods such as sweets, crisps, chocolate, vinegar, saurce and all other kinds that kids loved at that young age! but i did manage to grow up on plenty of fruit and veg. which is probably why i love it so much now. bad things can actually lead to good things.

ive been on a number of diets since then, just to get rid of ulcers.
Raw energy, no dairy, no fruit, no nothing.
i took all the vitamins for months, especially vitamin b.
ive done the salt water thing.
wait for this, ive even been to the doctor!! but he said Ējust use bonjela. it will work. taraaa.Ē hm?
but i think we all know here, NOTHING is going to change what ever we do.
we all have to put up with things that will always bother us.
so letís just think of the good things to actually eat and drink ey?

I find omeletteís are nice and smooth to eat.
i want other people do share what foods they find close to painless to eat, omelettes are definatly top of the list for me.

currently i just have 7 ulcers.
2 on the cheeks, 2 on the tongue, two big ones on both sides of my top lip, so i cant drink from a glass, or even put a teaspoon in my mouth.
one on the bottom lips near my tooth.
and as you know, they can last for a good month or so.
you can imagen, there isnt much i can actually do.
ahh, i have let out a few tears for couple of weeks, not so much for the pain, but for the fact that ulcers have taken away my bubberlyness i should be sharing with the world. because i find it so painful to socialize properly.

but to eat, an omelette does it for me. you can put anything in it, i have bacon with either tomatoes, peppers or anything i can find that will go nicely. and im not pulling ugly faces either.

thans for reading :] i hope people would share to others painless foods too!
SCRAWL__ 8 November 07

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Foods that are painless to eat.

17 messages in this subject.