Ulcer on the Epiglotis

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Benzocaine in mouthwash numbs so try Cepacaine. It also has germ killer cetyl peridium chloride.
Wayne Thompson 17 November 17
I have got swelling & potentiously an ulcerated epiglottis for the first time ever. I have ended up in hospital as it developed so rapidly between taking my first lot of antibiotics in the morning at 6pm that night that it had started to compromise my airway. This meant major steroids and 2 lots of antibiotics all intravenously due to not being able to swallow at all. Have never had anything like this before but have been suffering from mouth ulcers for the last year or so am wondering if its a mouth infection that then causes the rest.
Helen' New Zealand 7 September 17
It's appears that most of you guys are talking about ulcers on your tonsils your Uvula not infact your epliglottos which is further back in your throats and is not visible by simply looking in to your mouth. The only way to see your epiglottis is by a nasoscopy which is a small camera placed through the nostril and down into your throat. The epiglottis is the flap of skin that prevents food from entering your lungs. I know this because I'm a nurse and one of the lovely ear nose and throat consultants at my workplace examined me in this way. I was complaining of reaccurent sore throats even but my tonsils appeared normal. He showed me images of my epiglottis and told me that actually it was an ulcer. I have suffered with mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. I have many childhood photos that I was unable to smile for because my mouth was so sore and swollen from probably 5-10 ulcers. When I reached my teens and became sexually active I started getting ulcers on my genitals (even more painful than my mouth) my GP at the time told me it was the STI Herpes even though at this point I'd not actually had intercourse or oral sex so I knew it was impossible. She was very rude and abrupt and basically said I was lying. This caused me so much distress and I believed for years that I had this incurable STI. I now know that I don't (although some consider ulcers a strain of the herpes virus) My ulcers aren't going to infect anybody I have contact with like the STI. But doctors still can't tell me exactly what this condition is. About 3 years ago I started with ulcers on my ulvula too and now for about the last 18 months I get them on my epiglottis. Currently I have a huge ulcer on my tongue and lip which is making talking virtually impossible. And presumably I have one on my epiglottis again because my throats is really sore and swallowing is very painful. Although this time it feels different it feels even further down like near my clavicle (collarbone) is where the pain is which makes me wonder if this is ulcer is on my windpipe. It also keeps going in to spasm and when it doesn't It makes me move my neck down and like I can't move it or take a breath for those few moments until it relaxes again, when it spasms the pain radiates across my chest. I'm just getting really worried because these ulcers seem to be working themselves gradually further into my body. And I know that epiglottis ulcers can be dangerous as they can restrict your breathing. My appointment with the Rheumatologist isn't till October. I'm thinking about paying privately to see a doctor as this is been going on for years and I still don't have any answers. I guess I just wanted to post this to see if anyone else has these types of ulcers. The last diagnosis I was given was 'Biploar Ahpthosis' but that doesn't explain my throat ulcers too. Lastly I was wondering if anyone knows of a numbing mouthwash. I lived in Australia for a year and I remembering buying from a chemist a mouthwash that completely numbed your mouth for about an hour it was great for when my oral ulcers were preventing me from eating and talking. However I can't remember it's name and can't seem to find anything like it here in the U.K. I presumed that it contained some sort of local anaesthetics.
Sarah (RGN, UK)
Sarah 30 January 17
Could be acid reflux - specifically laryngpharyngeal reflux disease. Treated with valtrex, prilosec, and zantac. Doc said it is a strain of herpes virus that causes it.
Helen 3 Jan 2015 3 January 15
Obviously stress is a big cause. One trick to help me was taking vit B complex. Seems to drive them away at first sign.
Philip (last seen in Dundee Hospital) 17 August 14
Try becoming vegan with no junk food, and then gargle with raw linseed (also known as flaxseed) oil. A bit extreme you might say but your health is obviously not good. All raw oils have amazing healing properties
Felicity 16 May 11
ulcers come from a lack of sleep, exhaustion and sometimes kissing. Other things to prevent ulcers returning is to change your toothbrush every 3 months, use your own toothpaste (dont share), dont have regrets, be happy, see a hygienist every 3 months, exercise, stay away from cold offices and if all else fails find someone with a bigger problem and look after them.
dr jon 24 August 10
Maybe the problem is that I expected it to be easy and learned too late that is extremely challenging. The difficulty of life combined with the disapointment brought by major experience (love, work, friendship) keeps me up or makes me bury my head under the pillow.
DuffFeava 11 November 08
I suffere from hese darn things and have done for the past 4 years... I am now 16 and the first time i got one of the buggers i went straight to the doctor...The first time i did this he recomended 3 things (seperate) either try:

1 ) heavily salted water (gargle like mouthwash)
this was disgusting and often made me gag and left me swallowing the salty water.

2) Corsodyl - anitbaterial mouthwash cotaining chlorhexidine digluconate (horrific taste but nice smell)

3) mix bonjella and water and gargle again (nice enough taste and soothing)

Robyn H 16 October 08
i have about 12 in my mouth 4 on my ulvulva wat shal i do?
jhon 7 October 08

I currently...well when I say currently i mean regularly get mouth ulcers. I have one on my uvula & it has spread from a small dot to practically covering my entire uvula, not to mention the other 6 on my lips, throat & gums. It is extremely painfull to swallow, cough or sneeze & when you wake up first thing in the morning when your throat is dry, try swallowing with that bugger on your throat. Although the cause is mostly mystery to doctors as is a cure, I have tried everything from Strepsils to Aloclair & I have to say that Aloclair is about the best of the worst.

Janssen 24 August 08

Both my boyfriend and I suffer from mouth ulcers! He is worse than I am and has had one at the very back of his mouth. It was impossible to reach with fingers so the only way to treat it locally was with a mouthwash or spray. My boyfriend bought Aloclair spray which has a long nozzle on it - it looks a bit like a dalek! But anyway it worked wonders and healed the ulcer quicker than usual too. Also I am not keen on taking medicines and Aloclair has meant I donít have to take pain killers anymore so Iím pleased about that!
Susie 24 October 07

yes I too have had ulcers on the uvula painfull ent they. I have suffered for 30 years with the little buggers , I have now tried preventative rather than cure. I stopped using toothpast with SLS (sodium laural sulphate) you can buy this from health shops (make sure the one your buying deffinately dosnt contain SLS.) Also LYSINE tablets (which is an amino acid that helps cell renewal) also available from health shop. Holland & Barratts sell both if you have one near to you wait till they have a half price sale The Lysine tabs cost £3.50 ish in the sale. the toothpast was abot the same. I HAVE BEEN ULCER FREE FOR 7 WEEKS NOW SINCE USING THESE TWO PRODUCTS

good luck give them a go.
lita 23 October 07
The dangly bit at the back of your throat would be your uvula, and itís an awful place to get an ulcer. I have one there right now, along with a huge one covering most of one of my tonsils. The uvula, in case youíre wondering, is whatís mostly but not entirely in charge of your gag reflex. Try touching it with a foreign object (e.g. a q-tip) and youíll see what I mean. (Or donít, if you have a very pronounced gag reflex, because you could vomit.)

These, however, are nowhere near as awful a place to get one as your epiglottis, which is the bit further back in your throat that regulates whether something will go down your throat into your esophagus or into your windpipe. If you have an ulcer on your epiglottis, you could be in serious trouble, as if it gets swollen enough it can prevent breathing, which, as one might imagine, can lead to all sorts of complications. Well, ultimately, just one: death.

Assuming that you actually meant your uvula (doesnít it sound dirty just saying that?) there are really apparently only a couple of things one can do about this. Clearly most direct treatments, such as a laser treatment or anything thatís applied directly to the ulceration itself, are out of the question: youíd spend half your time gagging and the other half trying to hit the person who suggested such a thing in the first place. This is a pity, because Iíve had very good luck with Abreva on ulcers on my inner lips, but obviously canít use it on the ones in my throat.

One alternative is a mouthwash of some sort: I have had chlorhexadine (prescription) and phylorinol (over-the-counter in the US, anyway) suggested to me, but have not had the opportunity to try either yet. I have also been prescribed tetracycline capsules, which I was told to break open and mix with water, half of one 250 mg capsule per 8 oz water... apparently tetracycline is an anti-inflammatory as well as an antibiotic. ( http://dermatology.cdlib.org/DOJvol8num2/original/antibiotics2/jain.html ) This does seem to have had some effect, but I wouldnít say it was dramatic... perhaps cut down the symptoms from 6 or 7 days to 5-ish.

My other alternative, when the pain is bad enough (canít swallow, and when I do manage to swallow I have to hold my head sideways and my eyes tear up and my nose runs), is to browbeat my physician into prescribing me about four daysí worth of codeine (or whatever substitute works for you). Used in combination with the tetracycline (or, I hope, one of the other two mouthwashes) this is very effective in making me not give a shit whether I have ulcers in my throat or not.

I understand that some people are able to get some relief from (prescription) sprays or mouthwashes that contain a topical anaesthetic, but in my experience they always last on the order of five minutes. I ran myself out of an ostensible five day supply in less than eight hours once.

Hope this helps. Currently Iím under the influence of 10 mg of oxycodone AND a muscle relaxant... this is the worst set of lesions Iíve ever had, sufficiently bad that my esophagus (muscle tube that your food goes down after it gets past your throat) goes into spasm every time I swallow, which is ... well, novel, I guess, but not recommended for enjoyment of life. The muscle relaxant is doing a good job of preventing that, and the codeine is doing a good job of dulling the pain, or at least making me care a fair bit less about it.

As a bonus, it also makes me vastly more entertaining.

Anyway, hope some or all of this helps.



PS: Oh, incidentally, I wonder if you find any commonality between times that you get these? When I get them, itís nearly always between 0 and 3 days after Iíve recovered from a more usual kind of head and/or chest cold.
Fred Fnord 21 October 07
In the last few years iíve had what feels like blocked ears, sore throat. Nurses would say that my ears where clear and my throat wouldnít hurt every time i swallowed. I was very unsure of what was going on until one day whilst suffering these symptoms the doctor said i had an ulcer on my Epiglotis (the dangley bit at the back of the throat). It is very painful and often i have two very close to each other. Sometimes upto 8 in my mouth +2 on the Epiglotis! Doc obviously could do nothing and it was impossible to apply Orabase or Bonjela. Iím really sick of these things now. Does anyone else suffer from these? What do you do about them?
Matt 20 October 07

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Ulcer on the Epiglotis

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