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Just bought a tube of Adcortyl in orabase in swaffham norfolk from co-operative pharmacy if it help anyone
T.Bowma 24/02/12 24 February 12
Have any of you tried to get Fluocinonide 0.05% gel. It is a prescription medication in the States - it seems to be similar to Adcortyl in Orabase. I used to use Adcortyl in Orabase for ulcers when I lived in Ireland. I haven't been there in 5 yrs and am sad to hear it is discontinued. I am using the Fluocinonide to-day for the first time and I am finding great relief for a horrible mouth ulcer under my tongue! This stuff seems to be just as good, even though it does not stick quiet as well as the Adcortyl - you have to massage it in - but the pain relief is just as instant as the Adcortyl. Ask your dentist or doctor to try get it on prescription for you.
B.Walshe 8 February 12
Hello so nice to read this (probably sounds wierd as you are in pain) but it nice to hear other people saying how i have felt for years.
I have found a website selling triamcinolone its got a discount at the mo ive ordered 4 tubes total cost including delivery from US is £22 god im so so pleased to have it. hopefully will be on offer for a while kind regards to my fellow ulcer suffferers Nicki
Nicki Monaghan 5 February 12
Hi - I'm in the Philippines and just paid GBP16 equivalent for a tube of "Oramedy", Triamcinolone Acetonide. I'm a first time user but will se eif it works for me, mouth ulcers on lower part of inside lower lip. Made by Dongkook pharmaceutical, Korea
Steve W 29 January 12
I live in south africa and it is available over the counter. would be happy to ship to you for a fee. contact me:
Marc 26 January 12
As far as I was aware BMS discontinued every Triamcinolone based product globally. It has nothing to do with the sales of any specific product more over I suspect it is to do with patents ending.

In my last conversation with BMS they said that a non BMS manufactured Triamcinolone alternative was being launched but could not give any further information.

We shall see as this conversation was many months back now.
Richard 22 January 12
Aspirin is associated with Reye's syndrome, a fairly multiple organ disease. (it is not known to cause it, but the number of cases is too small to draw definitive conclusions) Chldren are much more badly affected than adults so the current guidance is to try to avoid using aspirin on under 16s. Look it up on Wikipedia if you want more information.

The amount of corticosteroid in Adcortyl in Orabase was minute - and nowhere near the kind of doses needed to "over-use" the steroids. Also all the discussions about over use apply to systemic steroids (i.e. tablets / injections) not topical steriods (i.e. in a cream).

The unfortunate discontinuation of Adcortyl in Orabase was simply for commercial reasons (see above) - they could not sell enough of it at the right price to make a profit. Simple as that.
Chris 20 January 12
I agree with all the other comments about the efficacy of Adcortyl in Orabase. Could the reason for the withdrawal of the product be related to the danger of over-using corticosteroids? I think there were warnings not to use the product for long periods. The current product made byBonjela, which contains salicylic acid (aspirin?) carries a warning that it should not be used by people under 16 years of age (it's use can be fatal!) Dangerous these mouth ulcers!!
Barry Clare 19 January 12
Phil, which dental school was this? Do you recall the name of the consultant?

I am a dentist and have a few patients who have recurrent aphthous ulcers. Adcortyl used to be my medicine of choice (and for my own occasional ulcers too). Local Oral Medicine clinic at the dental hospital not very helpful, so a contact of someone who can help would be very useful! Thanks
Chris 18 January 12
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for 40 years and discovered Adcortyl about 5 years ago it was the only thing that ever worked. I was totally distraught when it was discontinued. In desperation I asked my Dentist to refer me to the Dental Hospital, which he did. The consultant took numerous blood samples to test for Celiac disease, vitamin deficiency etc which could be causing the ulcers but so far no definitive conclusions. However, after having the crop of ulcers that I had at the time recorded for posterity by a photographer, the consultant did prescribe the following which works like a dream.

Soluble Pednisolone tablets (5mg) – Corticosteroid to reduce inflammation. One 5mg tablet dissolved in 10ml of tepid water and used as mouth wash for 4 minutes and then spat out (NOT SWALLOWED).

Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% w/w ointment – Topical Steroid to reduce skin inflammation. The manufacturer is Manx Pharma, the ointment is very thick and adheres well. To act as a base for this I was also provided with an Orabase paste, again very thick and glutinous (some aren’t) manufactured by ConvaTec. A pea sized dab of each need to be mixed together and applied as you would Adcortly.

The above stopped pain from the ulcers that I had suffered with for three weeks in two days flat just as Adcortyl did and they are almost healed in 4 days.

The pastes provided are supplied in 30mg tubes so they represent about 12 tubes of Adcortyl.
I’m not sure if these can be prescribed by either my Dentist of Doctor when they eventually run out, if not I will have to return to the Dental Hospital.

I hope that the above information is of help to all my fellow sufferers out there. If in doubt, ask for a referral to your local Dental Hospital. Good luck.
Phil (Marple Bridge) 9 January 12
Does anyone know why Squibb took Adcortyl in Orabase off the Market. It is the only successful treatment I have used in 50+ years of treatment and so very effective. Two treatments two nights in a row was enought to cure all my frequent mouth ulcers. The Lady at Squibb could not give me an answer to this question. My local Chemist suggested it was to do with price controls on drug companies. I would have paid an extra £1 or so if it was made available again. Can someone from Squibb explain why it was taken off the market and would you concider putting it back into production??
Roger of Medway 3.January.2012 3 January 12
I get my supply of Kenalog from my cousin who lives in Australia but, as Jon above said, you can buy it online from Australia. Kenalog is the same as Adcotyl in orabase.

My advice to Marilyn (29 Nov 2011) and others: buy it from Australia.

There is no need to suffer from not getting the supply you need
John of ruislip 28 December 11
im in australia, this is the same as adcortyl i believe, it looks like you can buy online:
jon 6 December 11
Lianna - if it is the same ulcer for 7 years you should get it checked by your doc or dentist.
Dom Walton 29 November 11
Hi fellow suffers used both kenalog and adcortyl in orabase , mouth savers. cannot find it in Trinidad urgently needs it.
marilyn 29 November 11
have a raging ulcer on my tongue, have had it over 7 years and the only thing that keeps it at bay is adcortyl in orobase. I have about 2 or 3 applications left and have just ordered some stuff from Thailand off ebay, will let you know if its any good, if not I guess I will have to splash out on the stuff from New Zealand.
lianna 29 November 11
I suffer from mouth ulcers and am trying to adopt a preventative approach and change the PH of my diet to make it more alkaline and see if it helps, I find eating cucumbers works. There is a downloadable food chart at, any problems downloading email me at and I'll pass it on.
craig 21 November 11
Reading the posts above is like a wonderful Group Therapy. Like Pam above I have maybe one application left of my precious Adcortyl. I have tried Canker Sore paste from the USA but it's useless. All advice welcome.
Paula (from London) 17 November 11
Hi, I am on my very last scrap of Adcortyl in Orabase with a raging mouth ulcer ... I need some more NOW!
Jon: are you producing any yet?
Wendywoo: Did you have any luck with getting some?
Siobhan: what is your contact in New Zealand, a friend is going there in December and I could ask her to get me some?

Pam 16 November 11
I agree with all of the others why take something off the market that is brilliant and helped fellow sufferers, i just despair what are we supposed to use to combat the pain.
Bring it back as it helped many thousands of people.
Deirdre 11th october 2011 11 October 11
Thomas 11 October 11
To Jon re procing your own Arcortyl in Orabase I for one would definitely obtain this. I have had to purchase this from New Zealand. I have suffered from bad mouth ulcers all my life although I appear to have finally outgrown them. My 10 year old son suffers from them quite badly though taking a vitamin B12 supplement helps!
Siobhan 26 September 11
I am pretty sure that the only reason Adcortyl in Orabase was discontinued was to do with profitability but possibly a cost/supply issue with triamcinolone, the steroid (which is the adcortyl) in adcortyl in orabase. Orabase is still readily available from pharmacies but there was a supply problem a couple of years ago. Kenalog and adcortyl are the same thing, just different brand names used in different countries. There may have been a safety issue but I doubt it.
In the grand scheme of things sales of adcortyl in orabase (in the UK) were much lower than competitor products. Not everyone gets horrific mouth ulcers and often lesser cheaper products work well for the average patient. It was also not particularly well marketed after it had been out for a couple of years.
However if you really want this product all the raw ingredients are available and any pharmacist worth their weight should be able to make this for you.
Jon 21 September 11
I am somewhat suspicious about the whole issue. Adcortyl in orabase was a wonder treatment for those suffering from mouth ulcers and who had given up on the totally useless other products like Bonjela. "A production problem" advanced as the reason to discontinue a hallowed treatment among thousands of people seems a lame excuse - I have spoken to the manufacturer Bristol - Myers Sqibb but was afforded a guarded and totally unsatisfactory response. Such is the effectiveness of this product that a doubling of its retail price would not deter those of us who gained real relief from its application. Indeed a wonder drug and although we are now denied it I feel we are entitled to full explanation for its withdrawal.
Bill Kerridge 18 September 11
has anybody tried the united pharmacies web-site which sells kenalog? If so are they a reliable source. Many thanks.
Wendywoo 13 September 11
Hi Everyone.
I am a pharmacist in Ireland with two pharmacies. I have suffered from mouth ulcers for many years and am aware of which products are better than others. Would there be a demand for adcortyl in orabase if I could manufacture it at a sensible price? You would need to get a prescription(repeat would be best) from your doctor/dentist.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Jon 8 September 11
Many thanks for all the messages posted on this website. I had a horrific Ulcer on my tongue that stopped me from talking properly. My last tube of adcortyl had dried up and I was desperate. I managed to order Corlan Pellets and orabase from the pharmacy but coincidently discovered a tube with some Adcortyl left in my bathroom cabinet that very day. The ulcer was gone in 2 days and I can now speak again. I also odered the Kenelog in orabase from the NZ website and it arrived within a week. Usually I find that the Corsodyl Mouthwash is excellent at keeping the ulcers clear and only have had a few sine I started to use it about a year ago. Thanks again to this website for the
John in Galway 7 September 11
There are many pastes/creams which contains Triamcinolone acetonide, the main ingredient. However, some of them are called "in orabase". What does it mean? Fox example, Adcortyl in orabase, Kenalog in orabase....

Unfortunately, these products are not available in my country. I have a product called Ftorocort, which is also a paste and contains Triamcinolone acetonide. The content is same as in adcortyl in orabase. Does it need to be "in orabase" to use it for mouth ulcers?
Andreas 4 September 11
just to add buying anything made from Bonjela is a total waste of money in my opinion , even the more expensive versions have had no effect at all.....good luck fellow sufferers...thanks for all your help have just placed first order in NZ!
angie 30 August 11
I live in Denmark and have previously purchased Kenalog from New Zealand like many others in this forum. This works quite well, but it is costly because the packages are very small. Therefore, my doctor found me a similar German product called "Volon A Haftsalbe" from the company Dermapharm AG. It looks and feels exactly the same as Kenalog Orabase, and so far it has worked just as good. So if you live in Europe, you might want to get some of this. I will do this from now on for sure.
Chris 23 August 11
I am in Turkey and have just bought some Kenacort 5g for about 1.20GBP - dont know if it will work yet - along with some mulberry syrup. It seems very dry and sticky. Seems like its best to use before going to sleep!
Gillie 15 August 11
Hi, Did a bit of research on recurring mouth ulcers and there are certain foods to avoid such as almonds and strawberries also definitely change your toothpaste to one that is SLS free and I've been taking folic acid and Vitamin b12 tablets. these changes have seen a remarkable reduction in the amount of ulcers I get and also the severity of them.
Cath 8 August 11
Why on earth is there no alternative in the UK to adcortyl in Orabse ?. It's obvious that thousands of people suffer regularly with painful mouth ulcers. Is there an organisation out there that we can we complain to?

Griff 28 July 11
Thankyou guys for all the postings on this forum....I have suffered from awful mouth and throat ulcers for the last 30 years, have been using adcortyl orabase for most of most of you, in a crowded Boots pharmacy last year, went to buy some only to be told, by a pharmacist that they no longer have it in stock. I was horrified.....asked if it was just them not selling it or all chemists, when she said 'all chemists i'm afraid' and looking past me to the next customer i could have sobbed there and then...oh and committed bodily harm....but i refrained and went home to vent to my husband instead! I suffer from Chronic Neutropenia, which is an immune deficiency.....and so i too get the most horrendous ulcers, that make my glands swell, make me feel really unwell and generally i'm not the happiest soul to have around when i get them!!! I have spent the last 18 months trying all the other useless remedies on sale, been to the docs in desperation and got nothing.....but to have found this forum today is marvelous....i have a best mate in new zealand who i am getting straight on the blower to.....i'll get her to get me some!!!!!! Wow, what a relief to know you all feel the same way about this paste.....i felt truely awful that i relied that heavily on a remedy and how easily its been for the manufacturer to remove the only thing of its kind from our chemists. Thankyou all again!
Clare 25 July 11 25 July 11
Bought 4 * 5g tubes of Trinolone on eBay from a Thai member. Worked out about £3 per tube. Has the same active ingredient as Adcortyl and at the same strength. Appears to be in a carrier paste similar to Orabase but less viscous. Doesn't adher quite as well as Adcortyl used to but nevertheless has been effective for me! Also has a pleasant minty taste as a bonus. The seller was matth_77 ( but there were others.
Tom G 4 July 11
Thank you to all contributors of this forum. I have made notes and will investigate all avenues suggested - thus is the desperation of an ulcer sufferer. I have also e-mailed the head of Bristol-Myers Squibbs at: to lobby him on the subject. I would encourage everyone to do the same. Surely at some point they will have to listen. My sympathies with my fellow sufferers.
Rosalind 16 June 11
I don't know if this may help anyone, but for several years now I have used Difflam Spray for mouth ulcers that were in a place - back of throat for instance - where I couldn't put the Adcortyl in Orabase but it also works for ulcers anywhere else in the mouth. Simply spray it on them. This was originally suggested to me by my dentist - apparently it is what is (or was at that time - several years ago now) prescribed for patients who were having chemotherapy treatment and who consequently, as a result of the chemotherapy, got mouth ulcers. Difflam spray is available over the counter from chemists and costs betweem £6 and £7. Hope this may help - it works for me.
Cornish Piskie 14 June 11
Just found Adcortyl in Orabase alternative on ebid. ebid is similar to ebay but smaller, and cheaper if you have got stuff to sell.
Ria 14 June 11
Hi ,
Im really suffering at the moment and spent the weekend in the house due to the pain and being unable to eat or drink. Adcortyl was my only way out of a major flare up and since it has been discontinued I have tried everything else available over the counter and on presciption . A elderly lady waiting whilst I was explaining yet again to the pharmacy in Tesco overheard and suggested that I used Orabase which was the same paste as Adcortyl but without the steroid .I ordered some to give it a try. It has the same texture as Adcortyl and remained in place overnight . They have not gone but it certainly has eased the pain compared to yesterday . It cost £ 3.95 a tube which was 30g .
Nicky Tagg .12 June 2011 12 June 11
In Turkey my local Chemist sell orabase for just 3.00 lire (approx £1.30)
R.Collins 11 June 11
just ordered Kenalog from newzeland alas it came same manufacturer as adcortyl.Please try this route best of luck.
ola 10 June 11
FINALLY I have found a website that offers an identical alternative to Adcortyl . Its taken me a year to find but it was worth it. I was sent a tube of the excellent Kanolone NEXT DAY! and yes its every bit as good as the much missed Adcortyl. I have misplaced the full website address but if you go onto Google and search for theulcershop all one word you will get the site. Hope this helps all those on a search like myself.
Margaret 17 May 11
bob 17 May 11
Make sure you are all using toothpaste that DOES NOT contain SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE / SLS / SODIUM LAURYTH SULPHATE. Its a nasty chemical that is in most toothpastes and harms the delicate lining of the mouth. I really cut down my ulcers by doing this.
Do not eat or smoke menthol. Equally bad news.
Frador is the best thing out there.
Emma Kate 14 May 11
devastated that adcortyl has been discontinued,suffered with mouth ulcers since i was 13 now 42.I don't just get one ulcer at a time.They make me feel so ill.I'm going to try the orabse+corlan to see if it works.I just wish they would bring adcortyl back.
Mandy 12 May 11 12 May 11
I have always suffered from mouth ulcers and Adcortyl was brilliant. I am devasted like everyone else that it has gone. No other remedy seems to work at all. I seem to have at least one hideous crater continually these days. Thanks for advice about where to get it.
alexis 10.5.11 11 May 11
You can get Kanolone in 5g tubes over the counter in Thailand pharmacies for 40 baht a tube. (Exhange rate is roughly 49 baht to the pound).
V.W. Singer 9 May 11
Just bought a tube of adcortyl in orabasr from Judds chemist, London. Approx £11 Inc p&p
Paul 22 April 11
oh no - why discontinue it - my son suffers from ulcers, and now he has braces has even more - where can you get kenalone from - and does anyone know if it works?
Tonya 13 April 11
Hey everybody, I can't believe I never looked online for a support group like this before. My throat feels more relaxed just knowing there are other people like me. I've been dealing with canker sores since I was at least 10 years old. I can't remember a time when I didn't know what it was like to get these things. Every few months or so they spring up in my mouth (tongue and gums). But, about once a year I get them in my throat, and that's when the pain becomes a whole other type of animal. I'm so sick of going to the doctor's and being told "sorry you're dealing with this, but it's a virus, and therefore there's nothing we can do." just reading that there are things I can do to manage the pain is like music to my ears. I've never even heard of adcortyl or kenalog so, hopefully I'll be able to track some down for relief. Also.... it just goes to show, at least by my experience, that while it's good to be very respectful of doctors, when it comes to relief you have to watch your own back. I have literally never been told in all the times I've been to doctors over the years (about 10 or so times) that there were products like this. I was only given advil knockoffs and would always ditch those to hunt down somebody I knew who had percocet and shake em down for a handful. Thankyou guys for all the amazing feedback.
Tim 10 April 11
Vanessa, how do you know that adcortyl is not available due to manufacturing problems? I rand Squib and they told me they had discontinued it. Have I been given the wrong information.
Carol 9 April 11
Liziana: Why don't you google "kenalog in orabase buy online" and purchase it on line? Kenalog in orabase in EXACTLY the same as Adcortyl. I KNOW Kenalog is still available in Australia over the counter at Chemists because my cousins are bringing me a couple of tubes when they vist the UK in May.

Good luck!
John of Ruislip 29 March 11
Liziana Briffa Malta 24 March 11
Hello fellow sufferers adcortyl was the best and only thing I ever found that worked however it has not been discontinued there is just a manufacturing problem, so while we wait for it to be available ask your doctor for betnesol tablets 500 micrograms soluble tablet you wash around the mouth for about two mins and spit out only started them yesterday and the pain has eased alot today, I suffer with bechets so these will hopefully help other sufferers as well, good luck xx
Vanessa Sargent 22 March 11
I had an a huge mouth ulcer recently, and i tried everything, lysine, bonjela, mouth washes, salt water. Most would numb the pain but none would help it heal. But then I tried chopping up a garlic bulb and crushing it and putting pure garlic on the ulcer, knowing that garlic has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. It stung a lot but literally within 4 hours its starting healing and is causing me no discomfort. Would seriously recommend this if you are struggling to get rid of a persistent mouth ulcer, if you can stand the garlic taste in your mouth.
Lucas 21 March 11
I've seen some at my dentist's practice in Chichester. It's a private practice - just thinking other practice's may have some too lurking on their shelves
Stockbridge 21 March 11
If you go on ebay and type in Trinolone, its the same active ingredient etc, £4.25 no p & p :) you have to buy it from Thailand and it arrives in about 25 days. Ive just ordered 3 tubes so i hope it will be ok and have none of the ingredients missing. I also went on the site posted above: theyre charging nearly nz $10 dollars plus another nz $10 dollars for p & p and the product there is called Oracort Dental Paste - i mite try their product next time i order. i am so relieved that there appears to be our dear adcortyl in orabase still floating around on the planet and more importantly still being manufactured :)))))
loyalmouse 18 March 11
I bought some tubes of a product called Orrepast when I was in Antigua recently. It has a translucent blue colouration and contains the active ingredient, Triamcinolone Acetonide together with a soothing menthol tasting additive. It's made in Malaysia and costs around $US 6 for a 5gm tube.
Seems to work OK, although the adhesion to the ulcer is not quite as good as Orabase.
Lancerlot 15 March 11
Just another individual who suffers from mouth ulcers and was indeed gutted to say the least when orabase was discontinued. Just like many as well i have tried the numerous other Mouth Ulcer Treatments from igluu to bonjela to mouth washes and in apart from easing the pain they just dont work in terms of healing like orabase did. So thanks to this website i ordered some Kenalog from the unitedpharmacists website which is seems to be NZ based in which where the product comes from and it was at my door within 10 days no questions asked or problems. It is the same as orabase and i have now got the one and only product in my cupboard that works for when i get ulcers. The price is quite high but in my opinion its a small price to say for the relief of mouth ulcers!
MVH 13 March 11
Having squeezed the last drop from a tube this morning, I've just got back from town and was devastated to find out from all the local pharmacies that Adcortyl in Orabase is no longer made and that there appears to be no direct substitute available either over the counter or on prescription. I was offered tablets (which sounded like Corlan capsules), but couldn't see these as being particularly helpful and Bonjela, which I was offered is just a joke. I thought I'd do some research online and came across this site and discovered the plight of fellow mouth ulcers sufferers.

I've suffered, like only sufferers of mouth ulcers will know, with mouth ulcers for most of my life so am astonished at this ridiculous state of affairs. Like others, I've tried practically EVERYTHING sold as a mouth ulcer treatment but Adcortyl in Orabase is the ONLY effective treatment I have ever found that actually worked in terms of pain relief and the promotion of healing.

I've worked in consumer marketing for much of my career, so I am staggered at Bristol-Myers Squibb's stance when there is clearly: a demand; no directly competitive product available; and consumers willing to pay well over the odds. I just can't see how this can't be commercially viable for Bristol-Myers Squibb. Could it be they have a sinister hidden agenda or just that they wish to achieve margins measured in several thousands of percent?

In light of the spiteful, inhumane and commercially stupid act that Bristol-Meyers Squibb has perpetrated through their withdrawal of Adcortyl in Orabase, I had to laugh (in between flinching from my ulcers) because the only person that could possibly believe the B-MS corporate bollocks mission statement is 'Lambo' Andreotti and his board of directors.

Wake up Lambo, I'm off to shop online in New Zealand and start posting on the social media networks. Let's see how your share price looks in a few months.
Andy G 9 March 11
I agree, just received one tube of Kenolog to try. It arrived just in time as two ulcers.
Kenolog felt and worked just as Adcortyl, i will now order more tubes fron NZ.
Jack 27th February 2011 27 February 11
I Live in Ireland and was using adcortyl until it was discontinued. I am originally from South Africa and could get adcortyl there, over the counter without prescription. During my Vist in December 2010 I tried to get it in SA. The chemist told me that the new name for the product is Kenalog in Orabase.
It is the same thing and works fantastic. The pharmaceutical company making it in South Africa is Bristol-Myers Squibb Ltd. They are worldwide.
Martin 25 February 11

the BMS CEO is if anyone wants to let the man at the top know how much we value this product.
Dave P 21 February 11
Just looked at ordering the Kenalog-in-orabase from the Chemist Australia website and it's $56 in total! $45 of that is postage!
Heather H 19 February 11
just looking at my last tube of adcortyl in orabase as i had a few tubes as both my daughter and myself would have a tube on the go .We have just realised that she hasnt had ulcers in ages more than a year she is on other meds and was put on folic acid as a precaution as she neared puberty and guess what her severe mouth ulcers are no more !Could this be a help i think ill start folic acid
mary 11 Feb 11 11 February 11
Oracort is available over the counter in Singapore at Watsons pharmacies - assumably also available in HK in the same stores. May be useful to know for people passing through Singapore / HK as Watsons are in both airports.

Oracort is better than adcortyl in a way, as it also contains pain relief (lidocaine).
jody 9 February 11
Just ordered Oracort dental Paste 5quid a tube and £5 postage (for 5 tubes) from a NZ web site with secure payment.
I have ordered similar stuff from in the past. I thought it was a USA site but it was in fact CZ the payment was unsecure and the site crashed whilst paying. Other people seem to have had the same experience from what I have read on here. I still received the meds but they were sent from india, same drug but a thinner paste and a not quite as effective. It was better than nothing though. I hope this info helps
Micvn 29 January 11
Hi, have contact from my M.P with response from Bristol-Myers Squibb (Fiona McMillan, Corporate Communications Manager and Lord Howe (parliamentary under secretary of state, responsible for medicines and pharmacy) Department of Health. B-M S have stopped production despite trying to divest the manufacture of Adcortyl in Orabase to other parties for 12 months, and Lord Howe states the 'marketing authorisation' (license) remains valid. However, he does urge caution when buying medicines from overseas. B-M S state that existing supplies are available and can be sourced by your healthcare professional from Idis Pharma. (customer services 01932 824071) As a next step, maybe we should sign a petition and send it to B-M S, perhaps get some high profile celeb involved with a campaign. I dont think we should just roll over and go away! Health and happiness to all.
Kev 43 29 January 11
I was likewise disappointed to find Adcortyl gone. However I've found Oralmedic works just as well and you only need to apply it once ... most of the time. As long as you dont mind the initial pain when you put it on the ulcer (it seems to be a close relation to Sulphuric acid) it works a treat, kills the pain straight away and then forms a coating over the ulcer that slowly rubs off after a few days. Got it in Tescos - Boots don't seem to stock it. One word of caution £6 for 4 treatment - so its not cheap if you've got multiple ulcers!
Nik 39 23 January 11
I'm im Australia and can buy the paste here which is known as Kenalog in Orabase, for those overseas this online pharmacy sells the 5g tubes for $11.95AU
Sonja 21 January 11
Adcortyl in orabase has been the only thing that has helped with my Ulcers i have stevens johnson sydrome and had been on predisolone up until 5 years ago but with big doses of steriods it was not doing my bones or skin or any good a GP asked me to try Adcortyl in orabase and hey presto it worked like magic........... my ulcers dont go by themselves if left untreated they just get worse and worse until i end up in hospital. now i only have one option left Back to the dreaded steriods.......
Dean 20 January 11
Just got Kenalog from Healthchemist N.Z easy to order and arrived within 14 days. Only problem with post and packing its expensive! Still glad to have it, should keep me going a while. Will Squibb be convinced to make it here again? People are willing to pay a good price but but we would like it to be fair and available in Ireland and England.
Lets keep up the pressure.
Kay ONeill Dublin 20 January 11
I ordered three tubes of Kenalog from NZ on 7th January and received them on 14th! As I had just used the last scrap from the last tube I'd got on prescription here in the UK, I'm relieved more than I can express that the only thing that works on mouth ulcers is back in my cupboard. What's baffling is that it's made by Squibb, so why on earth won't they make it here? Rather gives the lie to all the patient-orientated declarations that company makes! Anyway, praise the Lord I can still get the same product, even if it's more expensive!
NDB 15 January 11
I have ordered kenalog orabase from N.Z will let you know how i get on.
Kay ONeill 14 January 11
Also worth avoiding toothpastes with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) in them. This is a really strong abrassive and can cause (or make worse) mouth ulcers. I only ever use a toothpaste without it and it's definitely reduced the number I've had.
TJ 6 January 11
I've found Orabase with Benzocaine in America it's a paste in a tube made by Colgate and it helps when I have vicious ulcers. Pain is significantly reduced and healing speeded significantly. I'm still here for 4 more days. Does anyone want me to bring some Back to the UK? (if you see this post later then mu boyfriend can send me some but it'll be slow).

It'll be about £10 for a tube, which has 6g in it and it saved me!
Birgit 5 January 11
I've just ordered some Kenalog from the United Pharmacies UK website - £9.50 plus £5 post and packing.

Thanks to Enver, the poster above, on 28th November 2010.
Anders, UK 5 January 11
I suffer from mouth ulcers several times a year. The latest one a few days ago led me to go to the chemist for some Adcortyl only to be told that it's been discontinued. I've tried Anbesol, which has made it worse! In desperation I went to Boots today and bought their own brand mouth ulcer patches, which don't seem very effective. I also bought Aloclair mouthwash from Boots and that seems to have some limited effect. I've just read on another forum about someone who used bicarbonate of soda to brush their mouth with and it has reduced the frequency of their mouth ulcers by 80%. If an acidic mouth is the cause then that would make sense, so I've just tried that too.

I can't find Kenalog on Ebay now, but it seems the only way of getting an Adcortyl substitute whcih contains triamcinolone acedonide is to get in online from New Zealand. I'll try and find the Corlan that someone on this thread was referred to by their doctor too.
Anders, UK 5 January 11
I seriously can't believe that such a website exists - but I so needed all of the above support. My eleven year old and myself suffer from mouth ulcers and when I found out that they were discontinuing the treatment I too was gutted!! I also was nursing the last dregs of a tube that I had left! I used to work in a hospital dental department where a colleague recommended the paste to me in the early 1990's and it is/was such a fantastic product. Upon discovering this website yesterday, my husband looked at me as if I had gone mad. As it has been mentioned so many times before, here, that you just don't understand what it is like until you become a mouth ulcer sufferer! At midnight last night I logged onto the pharmacy, also mentioned here, in New Zealand to order a couple of tubes, I will be so relieved when it arrives - I've been suffering for the past week. P.S. Prior to reading this site I
e-mailed ER Squibb & Sons Ltd!!!!
M Francis - 4 January 2011 4 January 11
To Sally Wilding: Just read your message, and sorry to hear of all your problems. I can really empathise with you regarding Lichen Planus, as I too suffer with this condition. Not much is really known about it, and I have been told by my Consultant that there is no cure, only palliative treatment to give ease, but none that I have tried or been prescribed does much good. I too found some benefit from Adcortyl in Orobase while it was still available, but now like all sufferers, I have to grin [or rather grimace] and keep trying other remedies. After lots of research I know that severe illness, stress and trauma can bring on the condition of Lichen Planus, which is very different from mouth ulcers, although both are extremely distressing conditions, so I shall keep on searching for remedies, and praying for every sufferer, with the anticipation of the condition disappearing, as I was told it could do. That would be BLISS indeed.
P.Chris 29 Dec. 10 29 December 10
Hi all - my friend, who knows how I suffer with mouth ulcers, thought he was doing me a big favour and brought me a whole load of Kenalog from South Africa (their name for Adcortyl). I'm really grateful, but I won't get to use so many tubes before they expire, so I have some to sell. Contact me on
Robin 16 December 10
Well done all
Thought i was alone, like so many others
Two years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer, but was lucky enough to have by growth caught quickly.
Had the lump removed several lymph glands removed, then a long course of radio therapy.
After 6 months on Tamoxifen which did not suit me, i was changed to Arimidex. After only two months i could hadly move a muscle, all joints swollen and in terrible pain. They prescribed me with Diclofenac. Relief...
But then the Lichen Planus started.
So after a biopy on my tongue to confirm it was nothing more sinister i was prescribed Adcortyl. BLISS! What a treatment...yes closely retated to wallpaper paste in your mouth, but boy did it work.
Taken off Diclophena and Arimidex. They decided that was the cause.
But pains in joint no longer relieved, so i walk round like a 90 year old.
Now, no more Adcortyn, so i eat like 90 year old.
I have grumbling gall bladder , and have just spent 2 weeks in hospital getting rid of the latest infection of my bilary tract.
I was a fit 50 year old, but i now feel dreadful
Even if i can't walk, and can't eat fat!
Gosh i feel like a 90 year old, who has nothing left to talk about but my ailments.
No i am an active Assistant Head Teacher who teaches Catering in the upper school.
By the time i get home at the end of the day i have no energy to do anything else, and can't move my tongue for the pain after trying to teach, on hourly rinses with Difflam.
I am going to order some NZ stuff to be going on with
Sally Wilding 14 December 10
Further to my recent post on 1st December I have contacted my local MP (Alok Sharma) who has written to Alan Lansley MP, Secretary of State for Health. I asked for him to be made aware of the discontinuation of Adcortyl in Orabase and the plight of fellow sufferers (he was asked to read this message board) and further he contacted the M.D of Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd to enquire about restoration of production of Adcortyl in Orabase to the UK market or to find a suitable alternative producer.
I await his reply when he has further information, hoping this may get us all some A in O back in the bathroom cupboards again. Believe me I know it doesn't last long.
Kev 43 13 December 10
I too suffer from mouth ulcers and found by pure accident that, for me, caffeine was the problem so now only have decaffeinated drinks and only get the odd ulcer maybe once/twice a year.
G. Matthews 11 December 10
I went to the pharmacy today to get a tube as I had run out and I also cried. I have 6 mouth ulcers on my gum which, have started to join together. I have 3 on the underside of my tongue and 1 on the roof of my mouth. They hurt so much ! Im going to try the corlan pellets and orabase.
J.Griffin 10 December 10
Kenalog is exactly the same as Adcortyl in Orabase: it is the antipodean name for same steroid. You can buy it here:
The shipping charges are large, but it might be worth it.
Belle Epoque 8 December 10
I have just searched the internet out of desperation as I am nearly out of Adcortyl. I've been nursing my last tube for about six months and using this interchangeably with hyrocortisone tablets which were issued instead of Corlan tablets as these are apparently in short supply. Although these provide some relief the tablets are nowhere near as effective as the Adcortyl paste. All of your comments and the research people have done to find the Kenalog alternative has now given me hope. I discovered Adcortyl late but thought that I had, at long last, found a miracle cure. To learn it had been discontinued was devastating. Now I'm waiting for my first order of Kenalog. Thanks to everyone who has searched the globe for an alternative!
Kate 7 December 10
Like everyone else I suffer from ulcers .Now using CORSODYL daily tooth paste which seems to help .I also now get ORABASE paste and CORLAN pellets on prescription from my GP . It has been suggested crushing the pellets in the paste. I have not tried this but using the pellets does seem to reduce the size if placed near the ulcer at night .also the paste does protect and stop it rubbing .
John Sargeant 6 December 10
Hi All!
I've not had an ulcer for over a year, which was nice, but got one the other day and was dismayed to find the discontinuation of Adcortyl... I have one now and it's... well you know!!! Just ordered some Kenalog from united pharmacies! Kev, I'd support you in your bid to get the wonder-drug back on our shores!!
Kieran 3 December 10
Hi fellow sufferers, have suffered for thirty years myself with recurrent ulcers the worst time being when I had four wisdom teeth extracted in hospital, the result was ten ulcers along with the recovery from the operation. However the best time was after the birth of our first child, I also changed jobs from a revolving shift pattern which included night work to working days only and noticed I hardly had any ulcers for ages, but the most important find was stopping drinking Tea. Now, I love a cup of tea but if I drink more than one cup within a couple of days instant ulcers. The only other benefit was Adcortyl in Orabase, I am going to try to contact the Minister for Health to see if the government can do anything to help get this vital product back on the shelves. Good luck with the remedies. Currently suffering with six ulcers after drinking tea last week, back on nights too!pah!
Kev 43 1 December 10
I have suffer with mouth ulcers for more time i wish to remember, I had a really bad time when I could hardly open my mouth to eat or drink. My gps where worried for my welfare, but the first doctor I saw told me that things in his book of medication to subscribe are being withdrawn or discontinued due to vary reasons not being used for what they made for or no longer required.

Any how he gave me antibiotics to crush and rinse in my mouth which is just rough, leaving a powdery resdue on all my teeth.
The second doctor was really worried gave me soluble paracetomal and told me to use thing before I eat and drink..
Use difflam mouth wash and spray to help with applying oralbase... Easy way to apply is to wet your finger which your applying place directly on to ulcer...

I currently have an ulcer todate which is very sore, I went to my pharmacy and asked for Corlan Pellets. Which I feel is working but not as well as the Adcortyl. Last night I was applying the pellet to my ulcer on the inside of my lip and I caught it. I was amazed how much pain I was in but once the pellet work it calmed down.. Downside morning the pain came back.
James 28 November 10
Kenalog is available from the UK website at
It costs £9.50 plus a £5.00 postage charge.
Enver 28 November 10
You may want to have a look out for this product, not as good as it doesnt have steriods in it
but the Benzocaine will ease your pain until your mouth ulcer heals.

Colgate Orabase Paste with Benzocaine
Kevin, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24 November 10
Adcortyl has been removed from the UK market for a number of reasons,
1) Initally only available on prescription from your GP, when available from your GP the medication is heavy subsidised to ensure that doctors prescribe it over alternative medication.

2) Once the medication goes on general release i.e. available over the counter the subsidised funding gets reduced the longer it goes on sale.

3) This medication has been available over the counter for many years and therefore all its funding to subsidise manufactures has expired and therefore making it very expensive to continue to manufactor, with all subsidised funding getting withdrawn, the manufactures had two option keep producing it and put the price up or stop making it. the option to stop making it and offer a non steriodal based product was the option the manufactures went for.


Unless you are a chemist or know the full ingredients of both products DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN MEDICATION.

THIS PRODUCT is still available in many countries, under many different makes and the steriod percentage vary also, ordering or importing medication from over seas to the UK, if not authorised can be deemed a criminal offence and you can be fined or arrested.

Hope this helps.

ps. Write to the manufacture as they may have alternatives or have the same product under a different name, you may also find that this product becomes available under a different name and will start again by only been available via prescription of your GP.

Kevin, Newcastle Upon Tyne 24 November 10
I'm about to place an order for 2 tubes of Kenalog from NZ Health Chemist, but they've just emailed me to warn me about possible extra import duties and charges on top of the original cost - I'm wary of getting trapped into paying excessive amounts - did this happen to anyone else who bought online from NZ?
Helen, Oxford 23 November 10
I got told recently that Adcortyl was being removed from UK chemists due to the amount of steroids it contains... Anyone else heard abou this?
Dan, London 22 November 10
I've suffered from mouth ulcers all my life. A few years back, in desperation, I consulted a cranial osteopath who told me I had to avoid certain foods that increase the acidity in the blood (oranges, strawberries, bananas, some nuts, MSG, hard cheeses, beer, hard spirits...), and gave me a sheet of foods to eat/avoid for my blood group. Since then, I have hardly suffered from them, but sometimes I get some when I'm run down, or eat something with MSG in it (that's a killer). I always used Adcortyl, which was the only thing that worked. So I was devastated when it was withdrawn from the market. I'm going to try and order some Kenalog, so thanks for that tip. But, all you mouth ulcer sufferers - WATCH THE DIET, that's the key to it all. New Zealand's Health House does a Ph testing strip to check your acidity.
Angela, Cork 22 November 10
Hey guys if anyone needs Kenalog my friend just returned from South Africa - he bought me a few tubes of Kenalog more than I will need - If anyone wants to buy any please contact me.
Robin 22 November 10
With another round of stupidly sized ulcers in my mouth I can go no longer without the only cure that seems to work for me, Adcortyl in Orabase... Just bought 2 Kenalog in Orabase tubes from which I would not have done if it was not for the reassurance of the people on here who have previously ordered from them so a big thanks to all of you.

And remember, if you pay by credit card, it doesnt matter what happens - your card issuer is liable not you.
Dan, London 18 November 10
Hi Can't believe the company has stopped selling it in the UK. I have suffered from Mouth Ulcers for 30 years or so. They range from the ones that you know you've got but can live with, and the ones I currently have to top along with my 3 weeks worth of laryngities, ulcers which have filled my mouth and are killing and nothing is working. The silly stuff they sell Igloo don't make me laugh it hurts too much.... I've managed to survivor ulcers for the last 30 years with saving grace of Adcortyl in Orabase. I wish I could give them just a couple of the 5 I currently have in my mouth and they soon understand why we want the life saving stuff back...........
Emma 15 November 10
Hi Everyone....I cant believe they have discontinued Adcortyl - but I have found the identical replacement on
ebay its called KENALOG and its made by the same company but in South Africa I bought one and its identical!!!
the person I bought from was great - I recieved it the next day!!
Gavin 8 November 10
Hi, I am also struggling with my chronic agony i.e. mouth ulcers, actually I don't have much to add to your comments except that we in Jordan and Middle East are also dissappointed with the irresponsible call for the discontuation of Triamcinolone Acitonide meds such as Kenalog in orabase and other pharmacutical products contributed to the treatement of mouth ulcers, and for all manufacturers I say that not only Diabetes, Tuberculosis, and Cardiac malfunctions are fatal and need prompt attention and treatment, but also mouth ulcers, and as you can see it is a global epidemic, please reconsider your discontinuation decision. Moh'd Momani. az-Zarqa. Jordan
Moh'd Momani. az-Zarqa. Jordan 2 November 10
Why when a product actually works does it get taken off the market? I have suffered with ulcers for as long as I can remember and having tried everything available through my doctor, dentist and pharmacist, Adcortyl was the only thing that worked. I'm not happy purchasing products from abroad when in reality we should be able to buy with confidence through our own pharmacies. :-(((
Karen 2 November 10 2 November 10
Guys, I just discovered that Kenalog is available in S Africa!!! I am so happy. I thought I was doomed to have ulscers for evermore! It's just the same stuff as Adcortyl and made by same people. If any of you are desperate for it, I can bring back to UK with me in January and post to you. It cost about £10 out here so quite expensive, but worth it!! Ali
alison 28 October 10
To all that have ordered Kenalog from NZ what is the use by date on the tube and from which seller? Trying to work out how many to buy, I don't want to stockpile if it goes out of date before i' likely to use it up... ?
Ulcr 22 October 10
Try putting in 'ULCER' or/and 'Triamcinolone Acetonide (0.1mg)'' or one of the brand names below in the EBAY search term and look in the over the counter section, there are a number of ideas, including the Indian import TRINOLONE and also KANOLONE from Thailand at a very fair price too. Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1mg in orabase paste is what it all boils down to whatever the actual brand name, and during my searches I've seen quite a few brand names at a lot of different prices. A lot of people seem to be having success buying at premium prices from New Zealand, but you can get the same stuff from Ebay at a lesser cost.
Jo, telford, UK 17 October 10
I have only just found out that it's been discontined - and I didn't stockpile. I am not very happy with buying medicine on Ebay from India...... Boots suggested Bonjela. If Bonjela worked, i'd have used it years ago. Gargling with Oradene helps but doesn't solve the problem. I can't believe a small pharamceutical company won't move in and pick up the licence - PLEASE
Jo-Anne 15 October 10
TRINOLONE paste ----from EBAY UK
saw a posting further up and just wanted to highlight it to everyone...............

Trinolone Oral Paste 5 g
£5-98 INCLUDING POSTAGE from India,
same ingredients as Adcortyl in Orabase
by far the quickest , cheapest and easiest way to order an alternative,
much easier than New Zealand supply
just ordered mine.
Jo, telford, UK 12 October 10
Just arrived home from a visit to the Farmacia ( I live in Spain ) . I asked if they had anything for mouth ulcers and they gave me a product which appears to be new called Aftex . This is made by a British biotech company called Bioplax , see , where they have a website devoted to this one product . I cannot try the product at present as I am free of ulcers for the time being but I suggest all fellow sufferers to at least visit the website . I bought my tube over the counter for 10.49euros in a 15mg applicator. If this stuff is as good as the blurb on the website indicates , this could explain why Squibb suddenly withdrew supplies for commercial reasons . Hope this helps . Good luck.
Roger, Costa Calida , Spain 8 Oct 2010 8 October 10
Having suffered ulcers all my life, & finding Adcortyl the only thing for clearing them up quickly, I am devistated to find it has been withdrawn. I have over the last eleven years suffered three mouth cancers, & the obturator that fits in my mouth, causes ulcers. two days using adcortyl orabase used to clear them so easily, but now without it, I am in agony, & even feel at times' is it worth it, going on!' I love life, & feel blessed the Lord has given me this extra time on earth, due to the care & skill from the NHS, but the pain without this prduct is a suffering that can be cured so easily. Please bring back this product.
Daphne, Loughton, Essex.September 10 25 September 10
Vitamin C. When I was in the Army we were not allowed to have candy, so I bought some Vitamin C drops. They tasted like hard candy, but were sold like cough drops. Let me tell you those suckers gave me some of the worst ulcers I have ever had. I believe that I get ulcers after eating foods with cinnamon, citric acid, sour candies (citric acid), mint gum, citrus fruits and bbq sauce with vinegar. I love all these things and pay the price for enjoying them. That is what brings me to this site. I had lots of bbq sauce the other day and am now in lots of pain. I wish there was a simple cure for these evil basterds.
Jason 23 September 10
I cannot believe, that when you can get umpteen painkillers/ sleepaids / cold and flu treatments/ vitamins etc. from over the counter - there is not a successful mouth ulcer treatment. This is a very debilitating condition and Orabase with Adcortyl worked perfectly, but I am now having to rely on Rinstead Pastilles - which I find just about the next best thing. I have tried Bonjela, but get through a tube in no time and mouthwashes don't stick!

I am now trying Vitamin C and also Zinc tablets to help prevent them, but I have to admit, that at the age of 63 and having had mouth ulcers ever since I can remember - I wonder whether this will make any difference. Orabase with Adcortyl was a great cure.
Philippa 22 September 10
Use Coraln pellets to ease the inflamation then use Orabase paste, which will form a protective barrier.
Should help heal mouth ulcer a lot faster. Can be obtained form
Chandra 17 September 10
I may have found a really good alternative to adcortyl - if I managed to get my hands on a supply...would anyone be interested - it is the same product with a different name, obtained from Australia.
Marilyn Bamford 16 September 10
Like everyone else here I was a huge fan of and sorely miss (no pun intended!) Adcortyl. I've tried many products since to no avail, but finally tried Igluu. I was reluctant at first, largely due to the huge advertising campaign which made me suspicious, but having tried it for the first time today, it's got the same glue-like consistency of Adcortyl which at least will stay in the mouth longer than the 10 seconds most gels last. I haven't tried it long enough yet to see how good it is at curing ulcers but it numbs the pain and certainly sticks so it's the best I've found yet.
NB 27 August 10
It's a nightmare not being able to get Adcortyl. I just found out today that it's been discontinued and my little stockpile is almost done. Is Iglu the same thing or different from Orabase? tell me please; so I can start my alternative search. Thanks
Pat Dumfries 25th August 2010 25 August 10
Oh I forgot to add that I do not drink or smoke, but I have used Difflam and other mouthwashes for the last 4 years. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol!
Lilian, Devon 21 August 10
Hi I just bought 3 tubes of Orabase from Healthchemist NZ total cost £68.04, but its the only thing that helps, although my mouth never really heals up, I find I have to start reapplying Orabase every 2/3 weeks. I have suffered with LP for over 15 years. I had another biopsy in April this year, which showed Atopia and Dysplasia, so I have to attend hospital every six months, for the next 5 years. Having checked this diagnosis on the net, I am at a pre malignant stage! Anyone else had this experience, any advice, any help?
Lilian, Devon 21 August 10
Thanks to everyone for all the help and information on this site....I was looking for a substitute for adcortyl obviously and I did buy three tubes of Kenalog from NZ as mentioned above, which amazingly arrived in two days. However I also tried combining crushed Corlan pellets (from Boots) with iglu paste which worked even better than adcortyl on a series of distressing ulcers. The reason being that for some reason, whatever is in iglu sticks like a limpet to the ulcer and stays there all night while effectively dispensing the steroid. Especially I discover, in an alkali environment. Brushing with bicarbonate of soda before applying the Corlan/Iglu mix at night will achieve this, and help to keep ulcers at bay in any case.
Pere, Brighton 18 August 10
Hi all, just a tip when ordering from websites you are not sure about, especially if they are abroad - when you hit 'proceed to checkout' the address bar should change to https. The s indicates it is a secure site, meaning your card data should be encrypted. Don't enter your card details otherwise. I know there are loads of sites out there claiming to sell meds, so glad to see we are all helping each other make sure we only use bona fide ones to get some relief! Just looked at to get an idea of price; the quote I got to ship 3 tubes to the UK is about £18. Not bad when I paid £6.50 for a tube when I was in NZ recently.
LouiseB 16 August 10
I found this site last night while suffering from a really painful mouth ulcer - so much that I could barely eat or speak. I have had mouth ulcers all my life and have used adcortyl in orabase for years with great success. I was distraught when I found out it had been discontinued and ordered 3xtubes from NZ last night costing £30. I went to a local pharmacy today to try and find corlan pelletts to use in the meantime but could not find them. One pharmacist recommended Bonjela Once and I was a bit sceptical but decided to give it a go - amazing! The ulcer has almost gone about 3hrs after application. It is eye-wateringly painful to apply but has had unbelievable results. Based on this one experience I can wholeheartedly recommend this product.
Valerie, Northern Ireland 15 August 10
I have sent the following message to Sunil Shaunak, the Business Development Manager for Taro Pharmaceuticals UK; "I have been given your name and contact details by one of your colleagues in Taro. I am led to believe that Oracort Paste is virtually the same as Adcortyl in Orabase, which Bristol Myres Squib ceased to make available in the UK last year. Since its withdrawal there has been an outcry among both pharmacists and the users because there is no readily available replacement in the UK. It has led to the absurdity of desperate users importing its equivalent (Kenalog in Orabase) from New Zealand and elsewhere. BMS have assured me there it was purely a commercial decision for the withdrawal (no HSE problem). I would like to suggest that there is a significant business opportunity for Oracort Paste in the UK. Please take a look at the following website and see what you think. ". Let's see how/if he responds.
Lawrence, Tunbridge Wells 14 August 10
I'm so relieved to find this website. I thought I was one of the few people who couldn't believe that Adcortyl had been discontinued. I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a child (am 55 now) but forgot what it was like to worry about them after discovering adcortyl many years ago. I now find that worry has returned and with it the daily pain of ulcers. Have tried all the other solutions mentioned but to no avail. Will try NZ order thanks to this website but definitely think we need to keep up the lobbying pressure on manufacturers. Is there no other manufacturer who could be persuaded to develop?
Jean 13th Aug 10 13 August 10
CORLAN PELLETS- Just to let you all know they are apparently available again in UK. My chemist spoke with his wholesaler today and they are back in stock and he'll have delivery of them tomorrow, so your local chemist should be able to order them again. Hopefully if the info's right I pickup mine tomorrow, just in time as down to my last couple. They are the only thing that works for me when the ulcers are in the throat, but personally I find them my first line of defence as soon as I feel one coming on anywhere in the mouth and often clears them before they become a major pain. Then as others have mentioned if needed on to the adcortyl, (now Kenalog) which I also get on line from New Zealand.

I have recently found that Corsodyl dailly mouthwash has reduced but not stopped my instances of mouth ulcers and it comes without the bad long lasting taste of the usual Corsodyl, particulary where my mouth ulcer would have been caused by a minor cut/ injury to inside of my mouth. I've had ulcers since I was a young and Corlan, Adcortyl amd Corsodyl have been my main weapons and having tried loads of different things I always come back to these three.
Pete Fg 13 August 10
Kenalog in Orabase is the exact same stuff, but, I believe there is something else calling itself Kenalog - Triamcinolone Acetonide is the ingredient you are looking for, this is the steroid... preferably in Orabase which is the gloopy stuff which sticks. If in doubt check the Triamcinolone Acetonide article in Featured Articles at the bottom of this page.
Dom Walton 13 August 10
I bought Kenalog in November of last year. Am sorry to say it didn't work at all for me. Tempted to try Oracort now. Am sat here feeling absolutely miserable, got a huge one on the side of my tongue, my life is effected too much by this damn curse. Adcortyl was the only thing that kept me sane :(
Starbar78 12 August 10
very excited to hear that you can still buy this in australia - i will be emailing my cousins over there immediatley....!
George 5 August 10
I was absolutely gutted to discover adcortyl had been discontinued. Tried 3 pharmacies just in case they'd got it wrong! Its good to discover that others feel like me about it, thank you for threads advising where I can go for a replacement.
Clare 5 August 10
Kenalog from BMS has been discontinued in Denmark as well. It has happened before, though. A couple of years ago it was withdrawn but returned to the marked after some time again. No explanations, just the way it was... It don't know if such an unpredictable behaviour is common in the medical industry, it just seems a bit unprofessional. If this TARO Pharmaceutical company and their "Oracort" is OK, this might be a better long-term solution. I'm going to try them out, when my stock of Kenalog runs out.
Chris 3 August 10
My Kenalog arrived tonight, having travelled its 12,000 miles in 6 days from Made by Bristol Myres Squib so why can't they ship a stock to BMS UK who can then can make it available to the UK customers it has let down?
Lawrence, Tunbridge Wells, UK 28 July 10
I have been using Adcortyl in Orabase for the past thirty years without suffering from any side affects known to me. If however this medice was taken of the market with extremely painful experinces for all those who like me suffer from this condition why then was the drug stoped without a replacement and without an explanation to the patients?
I am sorry but I have not found anything on the pharmaceutical industry as a good replacement.
Joaquim Correia 28 July 10
You can buy a product called Trinolone Oral Paste on ebay for around £4 plus £3 postage from Thailand. It has the same active ingredient as Adcortyl - Triamcinolone Acetonide.
Heres hoping it works as well :o)
Rae 25 July 10
I have finally weakened and ordered Kenalog from NZ because my son's mouth ulcers are so painful. I still consider it a disgrace that Bristol Myres Squib failed its UK customers. We are now faced with the absurdity of people having to fly their individual supplies almost 12,000 miles. Come on BMS, think of your customers and the environment and bring over a freight container load and provide it to a UK distributor. Perhaps this is a story for Panorama to pick up.
Lawrence, Tunbridge Wells, UK 22 July 10
How pleased am i! I ordered my 2 tubes on 15th July from, arrived superbly packaged first thing on the 20th July. Fantastic service, thankyou Thats a better delivery than most uk web sites.
John 21 July 10
I placed an order on the 13th July for 6 tubes of Kenalog in Orabase from a pharmacy in NZ. ( It arrived yesterday 20th. July and I am delighted to have found a replacement for Adcortly in Orabase, as I had been using it for almost 40yrs. It was probably 3 times the price, inc. postage, but it is priceless to me.
Kay 20 July 10
Hello fellow sufferers. Following on from my comment of 9 July I am pleased to report my Kenalog in Orobase has just been delivered - total cost of about £20.00 including delivery from New Zealand and worth every penny. Delivery was a total of 10 days which is impressive.

It is most unfair that we have the hassle and if there is any petition to Bristol Myers for access to the product in the UK count me in!

Thanks for the many suggestions and although I hate the thought of others having the pain of recurring mouth ulcers I feel less lonely knowing that I am not the only one suffering.
Mo 20 July 10
Must apolgize i failed to say the name of the ulcer treatment.....KENAOLOG...... sure you all realized that anyway.
Shirlie 18 July 10
Hi all sufferers, i like many others of you have suffered with mouth ulcers most of my life, the panic set in when i found i could no longer obtain this little tube of magic, thank goodness i came across this site.Put in my order to a chemist in NZ on monday 12th july and it arrived yesterday 17th july. A costing of £23.97 for 2x5g tubes , worth every single penny, use by date is january 2012, now going to order a few more tubes. loads of luck to all
shirlie 18 July 10
Like everybody else Why when a product is so popular do they stop manufacturing it. It definately was a life saver. I never went on holiday without it, and was never without a tube in the bathroom, i have recommended it to so many grateful friends. Have just come back from Turkey which is annoying as i would have tried to get some out there,still guess it's an excuse to go back there.Am dubious about ordering from abroad as have been caught out before by having three amounts taken from my account from different suppliers which have accessed my details from the first firm i ordered from. So people be ware!

P.Cundall 17 July 10 17 July 10
Reply to Trish1937 [June 14], Ihave used Corsadyl mouthwash for many years, not specifically for mouth ulcers, and it only has the same affect as Difflam, ie: temporarily numbing the area, it does stain the teeth with prolonged use. It has not been discontinued as informed by Boots, and is available in supermarkets as well as Pharmacies. I am still using supplements of Vitamin B12, Zinc and Vitamin A, so keep persevering fellow sufferers!
P. Chris 17 July 10
Hi All. Regarding my post 6th July, the Kenaolg turned up yesterday (16th July) from NZ. Quite happy with the 10 days postage time, but did have a surprise when I was asked to pay an additional £14 postage since the company in NZ had not put enough postage on it. I have sent them an email to ask for refund of £14 and will see what happens. In the mean time I have 5 tubes of lovely Kenalog in my possession - just in time for an emerging ulcer. Lets face it, I would have paid the extra postage even if I had know about it.
Simon 17 July 10
(Simon 6th July) I've also placed an order with 2 tubes work out at just over £12 a tube (incl postage). The site looks secure, i did a few checks, although i guess most things can be manipulated. Anyway i will report back when the Kenalog arrives.
John 15 July 10
Like everyone, I'm devastated that Adcortyl is no longer available. I haven't been without a tube since about 1965 when my doctor suggested that it was worth a try!
like Lawrence I think that some commercially minded individual or firm should be encouraged to import a quantity from abroad and make it available in the UK via the internet. There is surely money to be made out of this "miracle cure".
It has always been important to me, but I had no idea how many other people were affected
Mike, Lutterworth, UK 14 July 10 14 July 10
Adcortyl in Orabase is a miraculous product that can heal a mouth ulcer overnight and from my own experience and the number of testimonials I have seen and heard one wonders why a company would withdraw it from sale, particularly when there is not a similar product available within Europe. The first thought that came to my mind is that it has an adverse health problem associated with it but the manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), has assured me that this is not the case and that the reason was purely commercial. You can usually take this to mean it was not profitable enough but there is a non sequitur in this argument because if a product is not as profitable as it needs to be then you increase the selling price, particularly when people are banging at the door to buy it. Any product manager worth his salt will recognise this. The current clamour for the product could even be used in advertising to increase product sales – I could imagine the heading, “Adcortyl re-introduced by public demand”. The product should be able to take a large share of the Bonjela market if the re-launch was handled right.

However, there is a more important issue to be raised and that is the Duty of Care, and the Corporate Social Responsibility, of BMS. They had a product that alleviated the suffering of many people and that had no readily available replacement yet they took it off the market. Is this a company that truly cares for its customers, who are arguably equally as important as stakeholders as its shareholders? Just read the words of Lamberto Andreotti, the global Chief Executive, on the BMS website It gives the impression that the company truly cares for its customers but is this really the case with Adcortyl? The corporate mission statement is “To discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases”, so does that mean mouth ulcers are not serious enough for them?

Purely as an observation, Mr Andreotti attracts a lot of adverse web chatter on matters associated with drug costs. Furthermore, the words “higher profit margins” appear in some news articles related to BMS. One might conclude, therefore, that profit is his main goal and that customers have a lower standing than the shareholders.

I have noted the reports that people have been reduced to trying to formulate their own A and O surrogate by grinding up a steroid in Orabase paste. This really is an appalling situation and self-formulation of pharmaceuticals is hardly something to be recommended.

Let’s get to the bottom line. What can be done for the people who can no longer access A in O or an equivalent. There are a number of options.

1. Orabase on its own is still available at the pharmacist because it has other uses. It is manufactured by a company called ConvaTec, which used to be owned by Bristol-Myers. If an ulcer can be caught at an early enough stage, just Orabase itself appears quite effective at healing the ulcer. What it is missing is the steroidal benefit of Adcortyl, which helps to reduce inflammation.
2. BMS could be badgered into restarting production and sale again. I sense this is unlikely because mouth ulcer sufferers are not a big and influential enough stakeholder group to get Mr Andreotti’s attention. Such a campaign would need to involve major shareholders of BMS because they would have an influential say. Perhaps if one is an ulcer sufferer there might be a chance!
3. BMS could license a third party company to produce and market the product in the UK. That could be pretty time-consuming and the Adcortyl would still need to be sourced.
4. A UK health product supplier could become a supplying agent for one of the overseas producers – this should be do-able and BMS UK could assist with setting it up – it is the least they could do for the customers they have dumped and would indicate they are giving some regard to their corporate social responsibility.
5. Individuals can, of course, continue to import the stuff from New Zealand and Canada via the Net. This is an inefficient and expensive option and option 4 above would be the logical way forward.

It would be nice to see a response to this by BMS.

Lawrence, Tunbridge Wells, UK 13 July 10
I would like to add that I have just ordered 3 tubes of Kenalog (same as Adcortyl) from LIFEPLUS PHARMACY in New Zealand. They only charge a £5 shipping fee no matter how many tubes you order.
Carol 10 July 10
I too have contacted Bristol Myers and was told Adcortyl was discontinued for 'commercial reasons'. I assume sales in Britain were not making the company enough profit. Drugs companies are driven by 'PROFIT' and do not care about helping PEOPLE. I agree with the person who said we should all keep pestering the company. We should also ask our pharmacists and doctors if they could pester the company too. I have been grinding down Corlan pellets (prescribed) and adding them to Orabase. You can buy tubes of Orabase from your chemist. Corlan tastes foul and although not as good as Adcortyl it helps a bit.
Carol 10 July 10
Like many others I took it out on my poor husband when he returned from the chemist with the dire news that adcortyl in orobase had been discontinued! Apparently the chemist said many other sufferers were dismayed at the news. I sulkily told my husband that the pellets the chemist sold him were useless! How the hell are they meant to stay in place! What I may try though is linked to some earlier suggestions on this link and try to grind down some of the corlan tablets and mix them with Igloo which I find ok but not as good as Adcortyl.
Mo 9 July 10
I too suffer from mouth ulcers all the time it is very rare that I don't have one at some. Currently I have 3- 4 and they always last for ages and are really deep :-( boo hiss! Was gutted when they discontinued orabase as it was amazing! Am defo looking into ordering it online but have used the pellets which do work but are not as good and are more fiddly. However, I used to be anaemic when I was younger and every now and then I get bouts of it, I did a little bit of research and apparently an iron and/ or vitamin b12 deficiency can cause mouth ulcers so I have just bought both and will start taking asap. They are both linked to the red blood cells which do not get enough oxygen. I will keep you posted if I notice a difference but would advise that maybe you up your intake of iron and b12. Can't harm anyway can it!!!
Charlie 8 July 10
I have only just found out about Adcortyl being discontinued - I quite literally wept. I've been using it for 30 years and it changed my life from dreading getting an ulcer, to being aware of my mouth and if I felt the slightest sign of an ulcer coming on, I used Adcortyl and it stopped the ulcer in its tracks on most occasions. I have ordered some Kenalog from New Zealand today - from - and many thanks to those who posted the links.
I have also emailed David Veitch at BMS, and asked him why, if the product was discontinued for commercial reasons, they did not put up the price, as many of us would be willing to pay twice, three or even four times as much for our miracle product. I will see if I get a reply. (not holding my breath though). Fortunately I have a couple of dabs left in my current tube of Adcortyl to see me through to my kenalog arriving from NZ.
EileenS 8 July 10
John (5th July), and anyone else interested. I also am rather cautious about ordering from non uk websites, but I am desperate having suffered all my life from ulcers and found the only way to manage it was with adcortly. Hence I was prepared to take a risk, albeit limited by using a credit card. I will gladly report on status on this thread to let everybody know how I gets on. So far I have been contacted by a Chemist in NZ letting me know that although Kenalog is pharmacy only supply they would send me my order since I answered questionnaire correctly. Seems a bit easy, but if I get the order I am happy. For info the website I used was from other posts on this website it seems safe, but would not recommend it until I have recieved the product. I will happily let you know when / if the Kenadog arrives.....and how effective it is.
As an aside, and too early to claim success, in my desperation today I tried the boots version of Bonjela Once (cheaper and more applications than Bonjela once but exactly the same) and after 4 hours I am still completely pain free (although the initial pain is somthing to behold). This is better than all the other products I have tried. Due to the cost (£6+ for 3 applications) it will only be worth it if the pain is still gone tomorrow. I am also happy to update on the pain situation with 'once' as well should anyone be interested.
Simon 6 July 10
Like many I went to the chemist today only to find this product has been discontinued. I couldn't understand it as it is the only product that actually helps get rid of ulcers. When asking why the chemist told me that BMS had said they stopped making it as it wasn't selling, which he found strange as it had always sold really well at his shop. The mystery continues.....
Andy 5 July 10
Simon, (3rd July) I am reluctant to order from websites that i dont know too well. When your Kenalog arrives from NZ, would you mind letting this board know which site you used please. Myself and others will then be more confident aboit placing an order, thanks
John 5 July 10
Keep the pressure up, maybe worth mentioning this thread on the website too... you never know, it may prompt some action. By the way, Kenalog in Orabase and Adcortyl in Orabase are the same thing but with a different name, both made by BMS, presumably stocks of Kenalog in Orabase will run out too.
Dom Walton 4 July 10
I tried to buy some today and was so disappointed to hear it had been discontinued. I don't suffer constantly, like some, but still found that this product was the only one that helped when I or any of my family members did. I have recommended it to so many friends and family in the past, who have all thanked me when amazed by the result. No other product comes close to matching up to it. I just used the 'contact us' page on to voice my concerns. The more people that do so may encourage them to reconsider the discontinuation. Fingers crossed that it makes a comeback soon.
Nicola 4 July 10
Thanks to the suggestions on this site I have just ordered lots of tubes of Kenalog from NZ. I have been in depression about the discontinuation of adcortyl having been a long time sufferer of ulcers. Adcortyl is the only thing that touchs them. Thanks - and I hope Kenalog is anywhere near as good as Adcortyl. Until it arrives I will suffer quietly in the corner. I may just send some emails to Meyers Suibb whilst I am at it.
Simon 3 July 10
I have just contacted B Meyers Squibb. The customer service line passed me to a medical line. The chap was polite and took my details but could not give any help.
The medical number was 0800 731 1736 and the email address is

I suggest you do as I did and contact them.
Warren 1 July 10
I've suffered with mouth ulcers for 45 years (i can't remember the few years before that!). As a child i tried everything available over the counter, they were all useless. I finally went to my GP who prescibed Adcortyl and i was so happy , .... it worked! It was the only product that if applied in the early stages prevented the ulcer from growing. I have only a wrinkled up tube left. How can they remove this product from sale? I can only assume they are worried about a health risk, or probably they don't make enough money out of it! We should at least be told why it has been removed from sale. I shall try to buy some Kenalog, the Oz version, thx John of Ruislip
John 30 June 10
Just to say I received some Kenalog from healthchemist today. I actually used the chemist in Brown's Bay when I lived in NZ as my friends father used to own it. Let's hope it's as good as Adcortyl
vicky 29 June 10
They seem to have stopped making Corlan Pellets? I asked in Boots (I think I bought it there before) and they didn't know what it was. I'm ordering from right now. I did order from iwantmeds months ago but I don't think I got anything, and didn't seemed to be charged either. I don't get massive crater ulcers often (only had one that was the size of a crater years ago) but I am a regular sufferer of large enough ones that last for days and cause pain. I do feel more for people who suffer more than me, but I also feel for everyone and I am very glad of this website.
Suzanne, Oxford 23 June 10
They seem to have stopped making Corlan Pellets? I asked in Boots (I think I bought it there before) and they didn't know what it was. I'm ordering from right now. I did order from iwantmeds months ago but I don't think I got anything, and didn't seemed to be charged either. I don't get massive crater ulcers often (only had one that was the size of a crater years ago) but I am a regular sufferer of large enough ones that last for days and cause pain. I do feel more for people who suffer more than me, but I also feel for everyone and I am very glad of this website.
Suzanne, Oxford 23 June 10
Very upset at no adcortyl, my daughter has genetic health problems and adcortyl is the only thing she can use. I myself have dentures, so I get ulcers, once again adcortyl is the only product that gives relief. I feel very upset indeed.
patricia. 22 june 2010 22 June 10
I got some Kenalog from my cousins in Australia and understand you can buy it online from Australia, NZ and Hong Kong. So the message to all those needing Adcortyl in orabase is to go and buy Kenalog online which is the Australian name for Adcortyl!
john of ruislip 17 June 10
This is no longer available through your GP or pharmacist, ive been having mouth ulcers that are the so big on my lip like the size of a pea some times bigger, i get collective ones on my tounge, i can be without them for months but i can also get lots of them for months on end, ive been to my GP lots of times they prescribed this to me ive been having this for ten years but suddenly they stopped doing it, bonjella ect doesnt even touch them. im currently using anbesol which is a useless over the counter product as the gp perscribed me orabase paste and small steroid tablets which have to be dissoloved on the ulcer they are unsucessfull for me. I have no idea why i get the ulcers and why they get so bad, when i have them people cant believe that they are ulcers they sometimes can become painfull and infectected making them a folresnt greeny yellowy colour, any advice on what to try next ive given up on my GP.
stephanie 15 June 10
I was told in Boots that Corsodyl had also been discontinued, but I don't think this is true. Any advice?
Trish1937 14 June 10
Just been reading the latest messages, and am still suffering along with the rest of you. According to my Consultant, there is NO cure only palliative treatments such as Difflam mouthwash since Adcortyl in Orabase is no longer available. I am still taking supplements of Viamin A and Zinc, worth a try. Regarding Corsodyl, enquiry by Harry, 1st June, I have used it for years. Like Difflam, it only serves to numb the pain until it wears off. I myself, believe that prayer is the only real answer.
P.Chris. 10 April 2010 10 June 10
As a regular use of Adcortyl, I too was very disappointed to find that it had been discontinued in Mar 2009 by BMS. After a call to them I was told that it was still manufacturered by other parts of BMS, particularly in Australia, under the brand Kenalog in Orabase. After doing some more research, I discovered an online pharmacy in NZ that supplies it. Obviously, I was rather sceptical at first, bearing in mind the issues with "online meds" but discovered that they were real, had a real pharmacy in the suburbs of Auckland and were happy to supply, subject to me answering a few questions about what I was using it for, what other medicines I was taking etc. So I ordered two tubes on 1st June (one for me and one for my mum) and they arrived this morning less than a week later. Everything appears to be kosher too. Yes, they were expensive (working out at £12 a tube with the shipping costs) but it's nothing compared to the agony of a mouthful of ulcers!
Pete, Sleaford, Lincolnshire 7 June 10
I can only add to this list. Used it for years, gutted it's gone. Will be contacting BMS to complain.
Andreas, Sussex 6 June 10
have used adcortyl n orabase for years & I swear by it. So does my daughter. Unfortunately, when I went with my prescription to Boots here in Dublin today, I was told it was discontinued. What a shock that such an effective remedy could be taken off the market, just like that. Hope they reconsider!!!!!!!. Thomas.
thomas flynn 4 June 10
Just had a very pleasant phone call from Bristol-Meyers after my (2nd) e-mail to them. Same explanation as others have received - "for commercial reasons" and "just because it sells well in the UK," etc. etc. Maybe it's that the 5g actual tube costs more to make than the ointment inside, so they should make larger tubes? I said I hoped these e-mails were logged so that maybe the "powers that be" will take notice. Perhaps if we all bombarded them with e-mails they may take notice. Well, pigs might fly and all that, but when there are so many desperate people out there, it would be nice!
Rosemary D 3 June 10
Hello all,

I have been told about "Bonjela once" which is like a cotton bud that you use to dry the affected area(s) then snap the end of the applicator and the red liquid will drain into the other end of thw applicator, then apply to the affected area(s). Now i am quite sceptic as to whether it will work but i'm just curious if anybody else has used it and how they got on with it?

You can get "Bonjela once" over the counter at any pharmacists like Boots etc, and it cost about £8.00 (but obviously price doesn't come into it as i would happily give up a large amount of money to be free from this pain)!!

Whilst i was there i was advised by a guy who had also suffered from ulcers when he was younger, and they stopped at the age of 28 he said. He told me that he used "Corsodyl" mouth wash and how effective it was and suggested i give it a go, so i bought a bottle of the mint flavoured one as he said the taste isn't all that great. And again this only cost about £4.00, and if it helps then i say that was £4.00 well spent.

As i have not tried this before i'm just wondering if anybody else has ever used either of these products on their mouth ulcers, and if so, how effective they was at reducing swelling/pain removal/healing of the ulcer.

Thanks in advance to any knowledge whatsoever :)

Harry 1 June 10
I was dismayed when my doctor told me adcotyl in oralbase was disscontinued,I have tried so many things to get rid of mouth ulcers without success,however my daughter advised using Euthymol toothpaste and after 10 days all my discomfort has gone.Euthymol toothpaste is a antiseptic and has been on the market for many years,one of the original products for teeth cleaning,as a child I remember it in paste form in a tin now it comes in a tube.I buy mine in Sainsbury`s priced around £3.00 the taste is not unpleasant but not as nice as my usual minty one!
Edna 1 June 10
When I looked at the BMS website, it said the 10g tubes were being discontinued, but the 5g would still be available direct from the company. Like the rest of you, I have written to Squibbs and Bristol-Mayer but again got no reply. The manufacturers should all try having mouth ulcers in their full glory then maybe the'd have some sympathy for us!
Rosemary D 31 May 10
I have just returned from a holiday in Turkey where I purchased several 5g tubes of KENACORT-A orabase at a cost of 3 lira each (£1.33). I took a tube of Adcortyl to the pharmacy and they knew immediately what I was looking for so - if you know anyone going to Turkey perhaps they could get you some. Hope this is of help.
Sheena 30 May 10
Hi All

So many sufferers, last night I had one on my tounge the pain was so bad, I was determined to get my last squeeze from the tube and hey presto no ulcer this morning.
ive read a lot of your messages so will try and order oracort and see how it goes, wish me luck.
ruth 27th May 2010 27 May 10
Hi everyone.

If you can find a supplier try "Tincture of Myrhh", yes the stuff from the nativity. It is a liquid anaesthetic. Tastes vile, but apply to an ulcer with a cotton bud, and within seconds that is the end of that. It's immediate relief.
Benjamin 25 May 10
Hey Roger,

Wow 18 days :/ Could you please tell me if it is a paste or liquid or a tablet? Are they good at preventing/healing/numbing ulcers? I had never used Adcortyl in Orabase but everybody is saying how good is was so if Oracort does the same job, i might finally find happiness!! Look forward to your reply.

- Harry
Harry 20 May 10
Just received two 5g tubes of Oracort (same as Adcortyl) from
Total cost £13.34 and took 18 days
Roger Herts UK 20 May 10
Hello Ulcer Gang,

I'm currently having a Crohn's flare up and so my mouth is being ravaged by ulcers... I saw my Gastro Consultant today and he prescribed me Adcortyl in Oralbase and was shocked that Squibb aren't manufacturing it anymore. I explained that the frustration of us ulcer sufferers as it does seem (certainly for me) the only consistent ointment that works.
Anyway, he suggested that should I get them again I see my GP and get a becotide astham inhaler to swirl around my mouth four times a day as the steriod ingredient could help (obviously not swallowing down)...he's prescribed this before and some folks have had good results.

He didn't prescribe it for me as I've just started a massive Prednisolone course and so mine will go because of that...

Hope you get some relief.

Kind regards, as always
Lucie Crohn's Chick 18 May 10
I am stunned by the news tha Adcortyl has been discontinued. Both my son and I suffer from hideous mouth ulcers. We have to bombard David Veitch at BMS with emails. We have to become as painful to him as mouth ulcers are to us. If the manufacturers of Frador brought it back, having ceased to make it, we have to irritate BMS in order to make them manufacture Adcortyl again.
Paula 16 May 10
Hi All,
I too am in the uk, 33 and suffered with ulcers for years and years. discovered adcortyl in orabase a good few years ago and it was brilliant, put it on before bedtime (awoke the next morning to a glued up skanky mouth) but no real pain from ulcer although i could still see it. then it would dissapear.
Been using corlan pellets which are rubbish as you have to try and hold them on the ulcer with your tongue or whatever and its hard to keep them on the actual ulcer as they slip around your mouth.
I have tried crushing a corlan pellet and mixing it with orabase paste but it doesnt create the same consistancy as adcortyl in orabase.
Im just about to order some Oracort from new zealand so I'll let you all know how it is when i receive it.
Andy, UK 16 May 10
Hi Leane, may i ask how old you are please? The doctors have kind of said they hope it wears of with age as i'm still growing etc, and i just hope i haven't got these for the rest of my life. Are you from the UK? How easy was is to purchase from New Zealand, i'm willing to try anything and if there's any chance you could give me a heads up or say how Kenalog in orabase is treating your ulcers i'd love to know. Thanks in advance

- Harry
Harry 16 May 10
Hi I have been suffering from mouth ulsers for the last 15 years and have been in so much pain as a result. I mostly get them on the end of my tongue and the only thing that was helping was adcortyl in orabase. I have been going thro my own stock I purchased last year and when I went to buy more last week I realised to my horror that it has been discontinued. So gutted as in some pain and can't eat anything without it hurting and the gels are just not having the same pain relief.

Have just read thro all your comments and would have to admit it is so nice to know I am not the only person who suffers from this problem as during these years I have not know anyone else to be experiencing the pain that I have. I would like to say thank you for all your comments and for recommending Kenalog in orabase as an alternative as I have just ordered 3 tubes from New Zealand and hope they will arrive soon and help.

Leane Bottomley 15 May 10
Hello all,
I don't know what to do anymore, i have had ulcers in my mouth/on my tongue/down my throat/on my gums for as long as i can remember. They rule my life no doubt about it, enough to actually say i am depressed because of these. I have tried everything Dentists/Doctors and pharmacists have suggested, the only thing that slightly helps is the bright green Difflam mouth wash, but that only numbs smaller ulcers. I wish somebody would find a cure for these as nobody has the answer, i''ve never done an allergy test but they have never suggested it so they must not think im allergic to anything. I guess i should state that i'm 19 and live in the UK.

At the minute i have 2 smaller ulcers on my tongue, and 1 huge ulcer - it is basically a hole in my tongue that does not quite go all the way through, i would say it is 4/5mm in diameter and probably 3mm deep. I have an ulcer under my tongue and an ulcer (if you can even call it that, as its more of a flat 8mmx8mm square-ish shape of pure evil) on the right handside of my mouth.

I've had a Biopsy on another larger ulcer i had last year, and as ever, that came back negative and saying nothing is wrong with me.. BUT THERE CLEARLY IS!! I know you all suffer the same as me and i'm not looking for attention or sympathy, just people to understand what i'm going through, as nobody in my family or anybody i know does.

What do i do? Carry on with my life as if it doesn't affect me every minute i'm awake? Just curious how everybody else manages to truck on with their lives with such a painful medical problem.
I can't say i was ever stressed at the tender age of about 9, but i'm sure that's when they started to flare up. I could probably take a guess that they started to get worse from about age 13 onwards, but with nothing to cause them. School was never a problem, i didn't have troubles at home, i had friends and went out regularly etc etc, everything a "normal" child does/did. I can also say work doesn't stress me out, just the fact i have to wake up everyday with the pain, maybe i'm stressed because of the ulcers? Which in turn causes more ulcers!?

I've never found that eating certain things, spicy food/tomatoes/acidic foods has ever made my ulcers flare up MORE than already, yeah it hurts if any of that food touches my ulcers, but i could say that about any food/drink because even water stings on my ulcers.

Well guys and girls i hope the best for you all, i will keep my hopes up if you do too! Good luck.

- Harry
Harry 11 May 10
Great info for myself and others Chris as I had never heard of Liche Planus or indeed Lichenoid Reaction. I have been taking a one per day iron tablet and Vitamin B complex and must say I do not know if it is the elimination of tomatoes and all tomato based foods and also citrus fruits or the supplements I have taken for 2 months but cheek canker ulcers are 80% better and I have so much more energy, like yourself I will keep site posted as 'touch wood' hopefully they do not come back worse than ever as I have tried everything on the planet, but so far so good, thank you for the update.
Beth 11 May 10
Thanks Beth 24 April 10, for your response to my message re ORAL LICHEN PLANUS. I have had the condition on my skin too which has reponded to topical steroids. But the oral condition has not responded to anything I have tried so far. I have researched the subject extensively, and found several suggestions to ' help ' ease the symptoms as there is no known cure. The one I am trying now is a supplement of Zinc 15mg twice daily, plus a high dosage of Vitamin A, to be taken for up to 2 months, as you have to be careful with vitamin A. Zinc helps to maintain a healthy immune system, and Vitamin A heals mucous membranes. I'll keep this site posted if there is any definite improvement.
P.Chris. 10 April 2010 11 May 10
Just found out today that adcortyl has been discontinued and so I am going to email David Veitch at BMS tomorrow and show him this forum and just how many frustrated people who are mouth ulcer sufferers there are out there!

Let's bombard him!
Simon 10 May 10
Trust me, Tomatoes are a trigger for me and accordingf to this site same for loads of people. I do not drink wine but grapes are also a trigger another indication that acidic fruits can cause a reaction to some folk.
NB**Steroid tablets are supposed to be diluted with a small amount of water and swished around the mouth not taken put in your mouth without dissolving,
Liz 9 May 10
Just ordered some from Health Chemist - expiry Sept 2011. Cost me £38.56 for 4 tubes. We will see how long it takes to get here. Gutted to read people think tomatoes are a cause, I eat loads but have never noticed a link. For me it is just a big late night out with loads of red wine then 2 days later get a big ulcer on my throat. Adcortyl makes it go in 2 days, without that 2 weeks. Tried the steroid tablets but they can't be held on the back of your mouth so gave up. High dose anti-biotics also got rid of an ulcer for me when I was in Africa earlier in the year but can't be a regular solution. Hopefully Kenalog and not drinking so much will sort it for me!!!
Madcal 8 May 10
I use Betnesol 0.5mg soluble tablet 3 times per day and before retiring I tuck a Corlan tablet into the offending part of the mouth. I have a few squeezes of Adcortyl left when I get really desperate. I think that we have to keep hammering away at the medical profession in the hope that they will persuade Squibb to start producing again.
James, St. Albans...May 4 2010 2 May 10
Ridiculous situation. I would love to know the reason for discontinuing this "such an effective medicine". What is the reason, Bristol, Myers, Squibb for withdrawing it? something that works for almost everyone, why deliver such a nasty blow!! Typical Pharmacutical company!!! This must be a ploy to starve patients of this effective medicine, and, then put up price by re-introducing it. Money making and BONUS seeking Directors and CEO's. Shame on you Bristol, Myers, Squibb. you don't have a heart. When I find out the alternative in the USA, will be back to this site.
Prem Kapur, New York...April 27, 2010 27 April 10
I don't think I would worry too much about the expiry date. I have in the past used tubes that are years old and opened, too, and it has worked just as well. But then I also found that the orobase by itself was quite good.

When you only suffer intermittently (but badly then) getting adcortyl in advance is a good idea, but one I have never managed to do! Looks like I will finally be using an online pharmacy, too.
Den 26 April 10
A further message to P.Chris, I also use Difflam which is quite good for numbing the pain in the mouth but I must say Sensondyne Blue Gel toothpaste without Sodoum Laurel Sulphate has greatly helped me and elimination of tomatoes Bolognese, sauces, Lasagne etc as I used a chutney not realising that it had a tomato paste in it and boy did I suffer as next day I had a huge canker sore ulcer, it flared up overnight so I know one of the triggers for me is tomatoes which I love unfortunately, mouth not too bad at all at the moment with complete elimination of tomatoes. Just some further info for anyone it might help.
Beth 24 April 10
In reply to P. Chris 10 April re ORAL LICHEN PLANUS, My dentist has told me that the ulcers or canker ulcers on my inside chheks are really LICHENOID REACTION, dentist sent me to hospital for checkup and doctor confirmed that Lichenoid Reaction is really an allergy withingn the mouth to either things like amalgamin(spelling?) dental fillings and a likely cause is tomatoes, strawberries, boiling sweets in fact anything can cause it and just to do an elimination to see if a certain food triggers of inflamation or ulcers of course, doctor said the reason they can tell Lichenoid reaction is because usually the ulcers have a lacy type white markings on the ulcer area, thanks Chris for putting this on the site, doctor also told me that Lichen Planus usually affects other parts of the body like the arms or legs by way of a rash, that is why he said I only had Lichenoid Reaction, hope this helps anyone new to the site that may have same.

Beth 24 April 10
I have added my voice to David Veitch begging for him to reinstate that life saving medication! I am so gutted. I went on holiday with my last tube - untouched - and lost it!!!! I can't believe I could be so stupid. The tube is so small it wasn't hard to loose. I am hoping I will find it, down a shoe I haven't looked in yet or something like that! Until then I am going to try to use the Corlan pellets and orabase gel, if I can get that. Thanks for the advice, I don't know what I would have done without it.
Elizabeth 23 April 10 23 April 10
Just found this website and was pleased to see so many other people who were as devastated as me that Adcortyl in Orabase has been discontinued. Like many of you, I have been using it for about 20 years and it is the only thing that brings relief and gets rid of painful mouth ulcers. I am absolutely astounded that Squibb stopped making it when there is obviously such a large market for it. I have 3 bad mouth ulcers at the moment and am using Orabase that a kind relative sent from the States but it is not working anywhere near as well as the Adcortyl. Am going to order some Kenalog Orabase from New Zealand tomorrow - many thanks to the person who posted this link.
Gabby 14 April 10
Hi, I have just been reading all these messages and cannot believe there are so many people suffering from ulcers. I thought I was on my own. I have just finished my final tube of adcortyl having bought as much as I could from all the local chemists in my area. I have colloidal silver so I will give in a go and let you know how I go on. There has to be an answer!!
Julia T 12 April 10
Hi folks found it interesting reading lots of your comments as far back as september last year , am amazed by how many rely on this product - and thats only thye ones who have internet access - imagine how many more there are out there. I am as devasted as you guys at the lack of help for this problem and will certainly try the NZ site for Kenalog. In case its helps others when I have been out of adcortyl or away from home and stupidly forgotten it I rub toothpaste into the ulcers - it deadens the area completely and I am convinced it heals to some degree - sounds crazy but give it a go. Incidently I use colgate and have no idea if they all have the same ingredients. Would be interested to hear if it helps anyone else at least with the pain.
Pauline 12 April 10
I too have suffered from what I thought were extremely, painfull ulcers, which did not respond to any treatment I tried ie: Bonjela, Corsadyl etc. My Dentist then suggested that what I supposed to be mouth ulcers, was in fact a condition called ORAL LICHEN PLANUS. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis, and apparently most people get it and don't even realise it unless it becomes painfull as it did in my case.. I too was prescribed ADCORTYL IN OROBASE, which helped but did not cure the condition. I have used a mouthwash called DIFFLAM, which numbs the area but then wears off. I have researched a product called COLLOIDAL SILVER, a natural antibiotic, which is supposed to be affective against mouth ulceration, and I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried it.
P.Chris. 10 April 2010 11 April 10
Have been using Kenalog ordered from since January. I order in lots of 3 x 5g and it takes less than a week to get to Wales from New Zealand. It works out at roughly £10 a tube (mostly postage) but seems to work OK. I bought some stuff from iwantmeds before this, which arrived from India - I wasn't impressed and I got the impression some dodgy bloke in Bombay must be making it in his back yard out of wallpaper paste.
Steve from somewhere in Wales no one can pronounce. 9 April 10
I couldn't believe it when I found out this product has been discontinued either! Couldn't find out on the internet the real reason why it was discontinued but my mum went into the Pharmacy at her work (she's a nurse practitioner) and asked why, they replied that the drug was withdrawn because it was addictive. To be honest, I never found that with my ulcers because I'd use it for at most 2 nights in a row, then not at all for atleast a week or two. It was most likely found to be addictive because it contained steroids, but there must have been a significant amount of research with evidence for them to withdraw it like this...

I'm now trying out a large number of alternative products from gels, to toothpastes and mouthwashes, to numbing liquids. So far, can't say which is working the best (but all are helping a little atleast), but I'll update on here if I find anything that's super. =)
Steph S. 5 April 10
i was in thailand recently and took the opportunity to check the pharmacy for kenalog or whatever and got the same stuff called trinolone in oral paste over the counter for less than a euro! how about that! back when it was available i would of had to pay my doctor 55 euro for the perscription and then pay the pharmacy ....? if you know anyone going out there get them to get you some
paul 31 March 10
Hi All, I currently have 3 major ulcers on the side my tongue and inside of my lips, I look like I have just have botox, one side of my mouth is swollen and my throat really hurts. I used the last of the adcortyl last night - am not looking forward to tonight.
Mary 30 March 10
my ulcers r killing me and i cant find thiis medicine anywhere . it was only thing that worked!
ewan 29 March 10
After searching my local area for any remaining Adcortyl, I finally found a pharmacy with a single 10g tube. The 10g tube is/was only available on prescription so I had to visit my GP before I could get my hands on it and I had to make him hand-write the prescription because it no longer exists in the database.

So potentially, there are 10g supplies of Adcortyl sitting on shelves in pharmacies across the country collecting dust because GPs can no longer prescribe it and pharmacies can't shift it without a prescription. My advice is go and get a hand-written prescription from your GP and try your luck at different pharmacies.
Joe 25 March 10
Order some Adcortyl from Walthams Pharmacy (as suggested in many places on this site) but after not receiving for two days gave them a call. Found out that the £1.28 delivey charge is only for second class post! There is no indication of that on the website, so make sure you call or put a message im the message box asking for first class. Looking forward to eating again this week...
Andrew P 25 March 10
I have added my voice to this campaign and wriiten to Squibb ie David Veitch. Adcortyl is the only product that I have use for some 40 years that actually works since recommended by my GP many years ago. I have just got some from Waltham Pharmacy thanks to this site.Please all keep up the campaign
Ian 24 March 10
Add my voice to this campaign! My GP recommended Adcortyl in 1996 and it has honestly been the best product I have ever used. I have been under the hospital for years struggling with ulcers and this product gave me back my ability to eat and talk when my ulcers at their worst. I shall be emailing Bms.
Ali 17 March 10
I too have been using Adcortyl for the last Three years and have found it to be brilliant, i have also noticed that i dont seem to get so many or that they dont seem to get so bad.
When i found out it had been discontinued i was very upset, i've tried Iglue which i think is useless, Bongela etc just numbs the mouth for short periods doesn't seem to heal at all. I think it is a discrace that Bms can just discontinue without a care for us users. It is obvious just reading the comments on this site how many people have benefited from Adcortyl and everybody should protest, lets bombard Bms and get anyone you know to lobby their MP's doctors lets make a stand now!!!
Lynn March 15 15 March 10
Like most of you, my family and I have been using Adcortyl for a number of years - it is the only thing we have tried that actually works. I have emailed David Veitch ( but no reply so far. I think it is a good idea to bombard them, as previously suggested - what else can we do? I am gradually working through all chemists in the area in the hopes of finding a spare tube, but have little hope of success. We are going to Florida in April (BA strike permitting) and will try to buy Oracort over there. I am wondering if there is a medical reason to its being discontinued because of the steroid element?
Vicky 13 March 10
I'm cringeing at the number of people I've recommended it to! Apologies!Some of you more mature sufferers will remember Dequadin,Tyrosets, Tetrosets and Frador! I've been using an assortment of these for years until I discovered Orabase around 1982.In fact, I hadn't realised they'd added the Adcortyl until I had to get a new tube once and nearly fainted at the price rise (Orabase on it's own is much cheaper). I'm going to try Orabase on it's own first and if no joy I'll write,call and lobby anyone I need to, to make them see sense! On a more hopeful note, Frador was also discontinued once and that was re-instated after a few years!
jb 12 March 10
I am a dentist and regularly prescibe Adcortyl in Orabase when indicated not only for ulcers but for other painful conditions such as lichen planus. I am amazed that this product has been withdrawn as the feedback that I have received over the past twenty years of practice has been very positive with regards to it's effectiveness. It seems crazy that a medication that works has been withdrawn without discussion leaving patients confused and distressed.
Mary 10 March 10
I am a doctor and went to prescribe this for someone today, but to my horror has been "discontinued" in the latest BNF. I have personally been a user of this prduct for at least 15 years, and agree with all that is said here that it really seems to be the only product that shortens the life of an ulcer. This is bad for myself and for my patients. I am intrigued by Mr Veitch's comments that this is a global MBS decision - Kenalog is still marketed in Australia, and is manufactured by BMS. I am trying to get a contact through the hospital pharmacy to direct my rantings to. Not sure it will get me anywhere but will keep everyone posted. In the meantime I shall be importing Kenalog for my own use and advising this to my patients.
Dave 8 March 10
I am a doctor and went to prescribe this for someone today, but to my horror has been "discontinued" in the latest BNF. I have personally been a user of this prduct for at least 15 years, and agree with all that is said here that it really seems to be the only product that shortens the life of an ulcer. This is bad for myself and for my patients. I am intrigued by Mr Veitch's comments that this is a global MBS decision - Kenalog is still marketed in Australia, and is manufactured by BMS. I am trying to get a contact through the hospital pharmacy to direct my rantings to. Not sure it will get me anywhere but will keep everyone posted. In the meantime I shall be importing Kenalog for my own use and advising this to my patients.
Dave 8 March 10
Re Corlan - I've had three online orders with different suppliers cancelled now due to a lack of stock.
Re Adcortyl - Don't suppose we can really blame Waltham Pharmacy for taking advantage and cashing in the stock they have left, but it does seem expensive compared to buying Kenalog ex United Pharmacy which ships from Hong Kong for £4!
Robin 7 March 10
I CANNOT believe BSM stopped producing Adcortyl. It changed my life by releasing me from the grip of mouth ulcers giving me 2/3 weeks of misery every couple of months. Thanks to this website I got three 5g tubes of Kenalog from United Pharmacy, four pounds each. It took a couple of weeks but arrived fine. I already knew Kenalog from when I lived in Australia, it works fine. Waltham is asking £11 for each tube of Adcortyl?!? Armed robbery! The only if is that the expire date of the kenalog tubes is very short: 6 months. Having said that, it should work fine for longer than that.
Fernando 5 March 10
Got some from waltham this morning 2 tubes yippee ordered sat after reading about it on here
judy 4 March 10
Told my dentist about Adcortyl last time I went. He'd never heard of it. Does make you wonder! When he looks into it, he'll get a surprise. I too have relied upon Adcortyl for 15 + years. I always rationed it. I am so used to mouth ulcers that basically, I have them all the time and most don't bother me. Then you get a whopper! The one's on the tongue, whilst rarer, are the real problem. Dear Mr. Veitch, what do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning whilst shaving? You should be ashamed. Damned bean counters again. I'll bet your company wastes more money on bonuses, office refurbishments and company vehicles etc than you'll ever save by discontinuing this most efficacious product. Cheers Damp Squibb
Stevie 3 March 10
Its been on the market for all these years and they only now say its not commercially viable, yes after all these years - why not increase the price when they have a monopoly and it makes such a difference. I think we are being told only half the story.
Paul 2 March 10
Hi folks,

two possibilities for you...

1) you can still get Acortyl from as mentioned by David above. They say they have a limited supply, I recieved my order this week. Get in there quick because people like me are stockpiling (sorry!).

2) I also recieved an order of Oracort from Made in Canada, shipped from New Zealand - something is wrong when a product has to travel across several hemispheres on it's way to my letterbox. This stuff has exactly the same active ingredient, in the same concentration, as Adcortyl. And the carrier paste seems to be almost identical.

I think Julia has a point. First Adcortyl, then Corlan disappear. The reasons given are vague and inconsistent - is it a manufacturing problem or financial reason? It's almost like a planned withdrawal of similar medicines. But I don't know who could/would make this happen - government? the pharm companies themsleves? - or why - there is no information about it that I can find.

Micky 27 February 10
See the other discussion thread "Found adcortyl" - a UK pharmacy online still has supplies.

I also tried Iglu but stuck to my mouth aswell as the ulcer so was agony when I tried to open my mouth.
Zoe H 25 February 10
Another fan of Adcortyl, I went into Boots to replenish my stock which I carry with me at all times, only to be told the bad news. I can't believe it. Just like many on this forum, I don't have ulcers all the time but was safe in the knowledge that when I needed the stuff it would treat the lesions quickly. I recommended it to two or three people at work only last week not knowing that it had been withdrawn. Am now using Iglu but this seems to just reduce the pain and doesn't heal. By the way, I take double dose Folic Acid daily and it was made no difference to me ..... I'll keep checking out the forum to see if anyone has any answers. Best wishes to all you sufferers.
Blade 22 February 10
Seeing as Corlan seems to be going the same way as Adcortyl, I wonder if there have been side effects with oral corticosteroids that we're not being told about?
Julia in Greece 22 February 10
Is this a political ploy regarding the none availability of Adcortyl in orabase as the Kenalog which is available over the counter in Australia is the same product made by the same company Squibb. The Australians can only buy one 5g tube at any one time. So what is going on nobody in whatever profession can find out as to why it is no longer available here.
Dave 21 February 10 21 February 10
Adcortyl was unbeatable. My ulcers used to last 2wk with adcortyl the pain would be tollerable after a day and it was dead after 2 days. I'm going to try corlan after reading what has been said on here but the other problem is that i found adcortyl to be a wonder cure for allsorts. If I ever had a big spot come up for example i would put it on that and it would blitz it overnight taking away the redness and swelling. Adcortyl seems to have a cult following how can it be discontinued? it just needs a rebrand like that useless waste of money Bonjella. Adcortyl actually worked
chris 20 February 10
Like many of you, I am now relying on Corlan to treat my MANY mouth ulcers - I too have pemphigus, and I have to say it has minimal effect. When I went to collect my last prescription for this, I managed to get the chemist's last supply. ~They warned me not to expect to be able to get any more for the foreseeable future - manufacturing problem apparently. This is exactly what I was told 6 months ago about adcortyl in orabase and we all know what that led to. I find it very difficult to believe that there is truly a manufacturing problem that results in this medication not being able to be produced for a long time. You have all been warned! I can see a new thread forming here on the discontinuation of yet another important drug for mouth ulcer sufferers.
Jackie j 18 February 10
Thanks John and Larry. FYI I have an order in for Oracort from (NZ) at the mo, will let you know how that goes.

Like you Larry, I suffered for years before hearing about Adcortyl. I was just over the moon when I discovered how well it worked. It mystifies me that it remained so unknown whilst Bonjela is a household name. If BMS sold the Adcortyl recipe to Bonjela then we would have a company that could both produce and market the product. Bonjela do well enough with a mediocre product - just imagine the sales if their product actually worked!

And I just re-read my earlier ranting post above and I must apologise for sounding like an angry communist sixth former. I am actually 29 years old and don't think I am a communist, although I can't rule out the actions of BMS driving me into the arms of far left politics. I blame the irritation of untreated mouth ulcers getting on top of me.
Micky 18 February 10
Hey i'm a sufferer too and had only found Adcortyl in Orabase over the last couple of years and yes its amazing stuff i can't believe i sufferred for about 25 years before i finally got a prescription for this stuff and my familly and i have been buying it since!

Anyway i also found something else to help - take a double dose of Folic Acid as soon as you feel a mouth ulcer coming up and continue to take until the ulcer has gone and im sure it stops them geting so bad and its completely harmless to take. I found this out as children on medication for Arthritis have to take Folic acid every day as the medication prevents the absorption of folic acid which apparently can result in mouth ulcers!! If they get mouth ulcers they are recommended to double the dose of folic acid! So when i heard this i thought it was worth a try and definitely think it prevents them getting so bad and helps them clear up faster, so give it a go!!
Larry 17 February 10
To Micky, Carol and others.

I have ordered Kenalog from United Pharmacies - see link below - and await delivery. You may like to try ordering from them as well.

John of Ruislip 17 February 10
Sory to hear of other suffers, I thought that as according to the manufacturers no one was buying adcortyl and I was alone! I have pemphigus, (severe blistering of the mouth which can be fatal) I can control this with adcortyl in orabase, but now I am desperate. The corlan don't work for me and my GP has no suggestions to make. Will try to get Kenalog, thanks for the advice.
Carol 17 February 10
One more thing. BMS say they have withdrawn Adcortyl because it is not profitable. This is a massive failure by them. They have the best product on the market, actually as we mouth ulcer sufferers know, the only product that comes close to being effective. Yet they can't make it pay? Meanwhile, Bonjela (best of a bad bunch) and numerous other 'remedies' which are only slightly better than useless, sell in droves. Take a look at their website - BMS have obviously spent a lot of money on graphic designers, website developers, marketing consultants, corporate strategy advisers. The website would have you believe BMS is a benevolent aid organisation, dedicated to improving people's lives all around the globe! The adcortyl episode exposes all this as hot air. Obviously they are only interested in making money; they themselves finally admit this with Adcortyl, belying their corporate facade, which to be fair wouldn't fool a school child anyhow. Like anyone believes an organisation like this is not primarily financially driven. It's just part of the game to pretend otherwise. Sorry this was a bit of a rant, but I'm p***** off about it.
Micky 16 February 10
Hi everyone, just a follow up to my comment above regarding the difficulty in ordering Colran pellets. The staff at Natural Health Pharmacy looked into it and told me that the manufacturer says "there is a manufacturing problem", "there is a problem with the item", "they haven't said yet said it's been discontinued". This is pretty vague, but to me sounds very unpromising. I took a refund.
Micky 16 February 10
This place has a limited stock so I bought 4 tubes;
David Daley 15 February 10
Hi I have used adcortyl for years and since it has been discontinued here in UK, I e.mailed the company to ask why , they rang me and explained they were not making a profit by selling it. I ask if there was anyway it would be back on the market. she said if we get enough complaints about it being discontinued then maybe, so START COMPAINING to E.R. SQUIBB & SONS Ltd
good luck
Lynn 12 February 10
Maybe it's because steroids are known to thin the skin? I am sooo pissed off at the moment as I know that the toungue tip ulcer I have had all week , would go in 3 days if I had the orabase !
When I went to the chemist for an alternative , he suggested PAPAYA...I got really excited, but of course it didn't seem to have the miraculous effect that I hoped for.Also chewing fresh ginger is meant to heal, but all I noticed was it burns so badly, it takes your mind of the pain of the ulcer!!!
Mandy 11 February 10
I just tried to order Corlan pellets from on-line pharmacy 'Natural Health Pharmacy'. Got an email back saying they are out of stock, but they they will probably get some stock in the next month. Not very convincing. The pulling of Adcortyl has me in a panic that Corlan is going the same way. Does anyone know a source for Corlan right now?
Micky 11 February 10
Hi, why is it that all the products that are really any good get taken away from us?? It is going to be awful without Adcortyl, it was even better than sliced bread! Hopefully someone will come to our rescue, PLEASE??
Shelley 10 February 10
Hi. I too suffer with painful and recurring mouth ulcers. Out of all the products on sale in the UK at the moment I am using Frador and I have to say it is the best of the bunch. Its reassuring to hear I am not alone and feel devastated that I cannot depend on Adcortyl any more. Regards
Laura 9 February 10
Hi, like others i have purchased the kenalog from New Zealand. I wasnt aware that the expiry date was Sept 09 so if anyone would like to take up to 3 of these from me at cost in the UK then drop me an email at to arange. Many thanks, Leon
Leon Judge 9 February 10
I Spoke to someone at SQUIB and was told it was a commercial decision. I spoke to my doctor and he is trying to get me some Orabase gel and Corlan pellets. there is some gel called IGLU but its only paste I now have started using ANBESOL gel its a bit like Bonjela but stronger it dosn't stop them .but helps with the pain . John FEB 9
JOHN SARGEANT 9 February 10
Having suffered from mouth ulcers for over 50 years Adcortyl has been the only successfull cure.
Every other wives tale or Gel does not.
I rang Squibb and they said it was a "Worldwide Decision" and no other explanation.
I am amazed at the response fom others on this blog, I thought I was alone.
Now I am back to where I was 20 years ago, a mouthfull of painfull ulcers.
The Gels on the market are a total waste of money and an embarassment to the medical profession.
Someone do something about it please.
Total back up from myself if you need help.
Stuart 8 February 10
I asked the doctor for the adcortel and he told me that it had in fact been discontinued. Bummer, its the only thing that worked!
Drew 5 February 10
Hi everyone just back from south africa and got 4 x tubes of kenalog at local chemist no problems just went to the chemist and asked for it.The cost was 105.(SOUTH AFRICAN RAND) for two tubes which is approx £ 10.00 . so if you know any one off to the world cup get them to get supplies for you. My friend has her own chemist shop and i asked her to import it but the license would cost too much. If anyone wants the phone number for chemist in SA or address leave message and i will put it on here.PS have used it and this does work,all smiles again
colin addison 3 February 10
tried another Boots today, pharmacist sneered when i explained that I'd been told it had been discontinued, said, not to his knowledge and that he would order me some right then and there, he eventually got off the phone to say the warehouse was 'out of stock'. I seem to remember this is what happened when adcortyl began to vanish- I would love to be wrong
Jh 3 February 10
Corlan being discontinued as well! Is this just Boots or everywhere?
Dom Walton 3 February 10
corlan discontinued- have been trying for past two weeks to find and girl in Boots admitted today it will not be back on shelves, they no longer want anyone to have access to steroid creams/tablets over counter
I don't know if they are going to be available on prescription- find this incredibly depressing and stressful- which will inevitably lead to more ulcers
Jh 2 February 10
I have just spent two weeks suffering with very painful mouth ulcers as I usually get a group of them and it makes for a very agitated and angry me at the best. I have some addresses and telephone numbers if all it comes down to is the company paying for the trials to prove to the bma that it is needed then come on if we all paid a pound each every single last on e of us I am almost certain that would be a large amount towards it.
My email is email if you too are up to put your name down. We all need to stand together as one voice not lots of individual voices okay. look forward to you messages. Meantime I too will be sourcing some adcortyl in orabase.
Sue 31 January 10
Another miserable sufferer crying in boots, i'm down to 1 very mangled looking tube of adcortyl in orabase that i've squeezed and squeezed. iglu sorts out the pain instantly which is a temporary relief but has made this ulcer last a lot longer than using adcortyl would have done. I also would pay more to have my friend back.
Lisette 30 January 10
Kenalog is available over the counter in Australia with no problems
Kim 29 January 10
Hello again,

I have just ordered 2 tubes of Oracort paste from and it cost me about £12 including shipping. Apparently it should take no more than 3 weeks to arrive, so I'll let you know how it is when it arrives!
Liz Chuter 29 January 10
What is a "named patients basis"?

I too have been suffering from ulcers for years and Adcortyl is the only thing that works. I sympathise with everyone who is already suffering after running out - I have a tiny bit left in my tube and am dreading it ending! I do have some corlan pellets though, so I will try and get hold of some Orabase and mix them.

I too would be willing to pay 2 or 3 times the previous price to still use this product - it really is a miracle worker.
Liz Chuter 29 January 10

My colleague David Veitch has forwarded the mail that you sent concerning the Withdrwal of Adcortyl in Orabase

I understand your concerns and disappointment that BMS has made the decision to discontinue the manufacturing and distribution of Adcortyl in Orabase , and the impact this is having on patients suffering of mouth ulcers.

When discontinuing BMS products , we follow a procedure of informing a number of key stakeholders .
-Notifications were sent to MHRA in June 2008 and July 2009 , to the NHS , British National formulary , Mims , Pharmaceuticals journals.
-All Doctors , pharmmacists , patients who contacted us for information receive a formal response from our medical information department

As this is a global BMS decision , we are not considering to restart the production , and we will not be able to find an alternative source of supply in BMS
However, we have been approached by a few companies which are interesting in manufacturing and selling Adcortyl . This is being handled by our divestiture team in the US . I have requested this team to keep us up to date on the progress they are making

We have checked if similar products were still available outside of the UK , and we have found that the company Sigma in Australia /NZ and the company Taro in USA/Canada have products that are similar to Adcortyl
We understand that the company IDIS may be in a position to supply these similar producst on a named patients basis .
IDIS contact are as follows:
Idis House
Churchfield Road
KT13 8DB

Again , I understand your concerns , and I hope that this answer is addressing your specific request

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information

Yours sincerely

Rob 28 January 10
After reading all the messages on here and my husband having worse and worse ulcers by the day I suggested he get the corlan and orabase mixture. It seems to work pretty well and he hasn't had any getting worse since then thank god! It's a bit of a hassle but as it's the only thing available it's worth it! My dad lives in NZ so I'm considering asking him to buy us some Kenalog if he can.
Louisa in Kent 28 January 10
Argh in my experience Iglu made things much worse- some pain relief for a couple of mins but then the ulcers just got bigger and BIGGER......!
J.H 27 January 10
So can we assume that Kenalog will also be withdrawn seeing as it is a Bristol-Myers product? This is bordering on persecution...

BTW I'd like to echo Tina's thanks to all of you who've posted such useful information here.
Julia in Greece 26 January 10
I found out at the weekend that this has been discontinued, gutted. I asked if had gone back to being prescription only, they said it had been withdrawn without explanation. I was recommended a red liquid called Frador. It's meant to be applied to a dried ulcer 4 times daily with cotton buds. It's a tiny tiny bottle and costs £1.99. This is the 1st time I've used it and I've got an ulcer on the side of my tongue. It stung like mad. It's ok but I'm reserving judgement at the moment until I blast the next one with it (not sure if time has just made it start to go as I bought it after going having it for about 3 days). I apply it with my finger instead of the cotton bud as the bud absorbs too much of it and the tiny amount won't last long otherwise.
I'm also going to buy the orabase paste and corlan pellets and iglu, anything to see what works best.

As an aside, 30+ years ago I used to use gentian violet, can't remember if it worked but I do remember having a purple mouth and gums! Ulcers are not funny but remembering my freaky mouth after applying that brings a smile to my face.

Thanks everyone for posting info on here.
Tina in Essex 26 January 10
my pharmacist suggested ( as someone else on the thread did) to crush up some corlan pellet and mix it with plain orabase paste. I'm off to get drushing, and will be writing to BMS too.
It's the Only Thing that worked, and I would have paid twice as much for it. A bit of slick advertising, and they could have wiped the floor with any competitors!
Lulu in Hackney 25 January 10
Ooops - sorry about the typo above - should have read "They now seem to be getting the message how upset we are".

In partial answer to Dom's message of 19th January, BMS said they have no remaining stock.

When i tried to order Oracort on line, they wanted a prescription or an online medical profile at an additional cost of $4.99 each time I ordered. Can this product be bought online without prescription? After all it was available without prescription here in the UK.
John of Ruislip 22 January 10
I spoke again to Bristol Myers Squibb and let them know once more my concern about withdrawing Adcortyl.
They sent me another email and the most interesting comments were these.

"As you are aware, after careful consideration Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Limited has decided to discontinue production of Adcortyl in Orabase (Triamcinolone Acetonide in Oral Paste) as customer demand did not meet production outlay".

This is the first time I've seen them expand on what they meant by withdrawing the product for "commercial reasons". I do however find it hard to believe that a company could not make money out of a product which was by far the best available for treating mouth ulcers! I said that they could have increased the price to £6, the same price as Iglo, and users would have been happy to pay.

The second interesting comment was this, and this seems to support Al's comment above of 21st January.

"We have checked if similar products are still available outside the UK and have identified other similar products containing triamcinolone acetonide for oral use available in US, Canada and New Zealand.
Please seek advice from your pharmacist or GP regarding your treatment options and obtaining these alternative preparations".

This is certainly better news and well worth following up as Al suggested in his reply above.

Finally BMS said
"Bristol Myers Squibb takes very seriously comments from customers and patients about our products. We are keen to have feedback from people who use our products to help us identify ways in which we can make improvements. As such, your comments will be recorded as part of a corporate database".

They know seem to be getting the message how upset we all are!
John of Ruislip 22 January 10
Hi everyone!
I've been a user of Adcortyl in Orabase for years, swear by it, likewise shocked by discontinuation by Squibb. Read this thread and asked a friend who was on holiday in NZ to pick me up some Kenacort. He came back with four tubes of Oracort by Taro. It's the same composition as our old friend Adcortyl, and is made by a US company in Canada, rather than Squibb's NZ/Aus arm, which gives me hope that even if Squibb cease global production, Taro will be an alternative source.

I'm using the product right now, and am happy to report that it is the same as Adcortyl. It may be that we can look at arranging an import license for the medication into the UK from Canada or the US. At worse, I'm relieved to know that I can still get some internationally.

Just google Oracort and Taro and it will come up.
Al 21 January 10
I emailed Mr Veitch five days ago, and I did get a read receipt.

I asked if:

• It was withdrawn because of a problem with any of the ingredients or manufacturing.

• BMS would consider selling the product/manufacturing license.

• There was any stock left that could be purchased.

No reply, so far.
Dom Walton 19 January 10
J.H. - message of 16th Jan
Try looking at the causes and treatment surveys - just click on the links at the top of the page. I tried using honey as 21% said this helped reduce the time people suffered from ulcers. I used Rowse Blossum Honey which spreads easily but isn't too runny. I think it did reduce the time I suffered from ulcers on the inside of my lip and it sure did taste nice! Honey is a natural preservative and healer so it won't do any harm and may well do quite a bit of good. It is well worth a try in my opinion.
John of Ruislip 19 January 10
Have bought something called Kenacort from India- which is similar but not as sticky as Adcortyl- thought it might be miracle cure, but sadly- no, though it does contain the same chemical ingredient,it doesn't seem to heal the ulcers as quickly. In despair I stuck a corlan pellet onto an ulcer with orabase and I have to say it was pretty effective- however I had a day at home and was able to sit around dribbling slightly while the thing dissolved- I know the pellets aren't always practical- and worryingly, not that easy to get hold of....does anyone have any theories on ulcer triggers and prevention- am willing to try anything?
J.H 16 January 10
Hi All, I am a fellow ulcer sufferer and discovered this wonderful website yesterday. I recently discovered that Adcortyl was discontinued and to say I was distraught is an understatement. I'm currently dealing with a lovely new batch of 6 ulcers and have been barely able to speak this afternoon. After reviewing loads of the message boards here I've stocked up with some new products to try and ordered some bits off the site. It's such a relief to know there are others out there in the same position, I don't personally know of anyone else with this affliction other that my Dad who was generous enough pass this on to me! Thanks to you all for all your suggestions and wish me luck!
Sarah 15 January 10
have purchased 3 tubes of Kenalog from Chemist Australia on line.5 days to arrive, expensive postage but seems a genuine BMS product.
David Devon 15/1/10
David 15 January 10
Steve, was yours the Kenalog In Orabase 5g, in the box as per ht 14 January 10
Like David (message 9 January) I ordered from iwantmeds. Mine came in two hand-written envelopes from India and like he says the stuff is a bit thin and doesn't stick like Adcortyl. I haven't found it to be as effective.
Steve from Wales 14 January 10
Just to clarify Elizabeth's comment "PCTs are Primary Care trusts they are basically the controlling body for GP surgeries in your local area. A county will usually have several PCTs which controls and sets out the budgets for the GP within its area. So in Oxford we have Oxford city PCT, west Oxfordshire PCT south Oxfordshire PCT etc etc. They have the buying power to be able to get Manmed to make it for them."
Dom Walton 14 January 10
I'm another one suffering from mouyh ulcers. Once again, Money, Money MONEY. I hope they go bankrupt.
Ian Hardwick 14 January 10
Dear All,
I am the Elizabeth Lawson posted in some of these posts. I wrote an article for a Professional Nursing magazine asking for professionals to contact me about the decision made by BMS to stop manufacturing the Adcrotyl range of products. The Offical line is a global downturn in demand, so get it from abroad where you can for as long as you can as those sources will run out soon too! There is an alturnative called Iglu, which you can buy over the counter i believe, a colleague of mine has used it and said it was very good( she also used orabase and swore by it).
As far as getting orabase on the shelves again i think it is unlikely. The only thing i can suggest is that you ask your PCTs to contact Manmed at Stoke Mandeville hospital. They are trying to manufacture a form of Adcortyl that we use in our area of work, so may be willing to consider manufacture of the orabase too. If enough people badger them they might do it. Also keep on at BMS as they may aslo change thier minds...I really hope this helps you all and you get some relief from your ulcers soon.
Elizabeth LAwson 14 January 10
I remember first using Adcortyl a few years ago, I was amazed how well it worked. My wife was in terrible pain with mouth ulcers, so i thought a trip to the local chemist and pick a tube up, and the problem would be sovled. We were both devastated when we found it had beed taken off the market.

I am looking for an alternative
jon beeza 12 January 10
My family on my mother's side suffers from mouth ulcers. Whether it's genetic, or due to a person's mental makeup, or due to traumas caused by the classic English cramped teeth, the fact remains that it's a curse for many people. I had a miserable childhood and an even more miserable adolescence and for spells was on Mysteclin syrup and tretracycline. As I aged the incidence of them lessoned a little, but I often had severe bouts which seemed to coincide with stress or traumas (like biting one's tongue). Then, back in the early '80s, a miracle happened! The doctor prescribed Adcortyl. My life was changed. Some years later it went off prescription and, like many users writing here, I kept a tube handy. Sometimes a month or so would pass without the need to resort to the product but I was comforted to know it was there.

To give an example that will probably be familiar to many: I foolishly forgot to pack a tube when we went on holiday 2 years ago (in the Dominican Republic). Yes, I developed a vile ulcer and no local pharmacies had heard of the product! I resorted to using an antibiotic cream that my wife had had prescribed for an ankle sore. Some relief was obtained but that taught me a lesson never to be without our "friend".

I was amazed when BMS withdrew this product. I bet it never would have happened when the company was just plain old Squibb. My chemist told me that it was because of "manufacturing problems"-they couldn't maintain a consistent quality of the Orabase. Sounds like rubbish to me. Why not double the price? They seem to have a world monopoly.

I am perservering with Boots Sore Mouth Gel and Medigel, and keeping Corlan by for bad cases, but nothing will replace Adcortyl.

I'm disgusted and perplexed by BMS's decision.

Nigel Hawkes 11 January 10
I have gone for it ...from NZ .... few simple questions and an Email

£7.66 for the Kenalog and for the postage ..£8.26 ..Total £15.92

2- 3 times the UK price ..but still worth it

Mike Peterson 11 January 10
Just doing some web investigations I right in that Kenalog appears to be made by Bristol Meyers Squibb if it OK for NZ/Australia/US ...... why not the UK .....even if they double the price I am sure most of us would pay that

...seems odd to me ...or have I got it wrong
Mike Peterson 9 January 10
Like many I have only just found out about the discontinuation of Adcortyl ...when I went to Boots to get some for a friend and to get myself another tube as I am running low

Devastated is an appropriate word and I am totally frustrated that BMS can do this without any appreciation of just how good it was ....surely someone can take up the mantle ....there is NOTHING as effective

I do not suffer as badly as some on here but when I do it can ruin my life for several days

I will Email those names given above ...but I hold out little hope ...other than the NZ source ...I have relations and friends out there I might investigate via them
Mike Peterson 9 January 10
I’d like to tell my fellow sufferers about my recent dealings with Webchemist and

In my experience Webchemist are a waste of time. I ordered Adcortyl from them on 16th December. They accepted my order and emailed a confirmation, but I’ve not received anything – either product or apology. (To be fair, my credit card hasn’t been debited either). I sent them a message suggesting they should not accept orders if they can’t supply, but I’ve had no response. On 17th December Jane H posted on this site to say she’d spoken to the pharmacy behind web chemist and they were out of stock. I’ve heard nothing since to suggest they’ve now got any. Personally I’m convinced there’s no Adcortyl In Orabase left in any chemist in the UK.

I ordered 3 tubes of Kenalog in Orabase from on 15th December. The 3 tubes were about $16US and I paid for Speed Post Europe at $24US – I wanted the Kenalog in time for Christmas. To my dismay the website crashed leaving my credit card debited but no order placed. I sent them a message and received a response within 24 hours from “Joe” who apologised for the problem, in broken English, and asked me to re-confirm the order. (I had been under the impression that was an American operation but English was clearly not Joe’s native language so I became curious. I re-confirmed the order by email and a day or two later I received a message to say the order had been shipped. When I tracked the order I saw it had been despatched from Bombay. It arrived on Christmas Eve – to my joy. Each tube came in a little box saying Piramal Healthcare. Triamcinalone Acetonide Oral Paste (Kenacort*0.1%). This is a generic product made in India. It looks similar to Adcortyl In Orabase but it’s thinner. This means it sticks less well and you tend to use more of it. It appears to work and I have faith in it, but it’s not what we’re used to.

I’d like to hear about other people's experiences of overseas supply. Have others received the same product from Can those people who’ve sourced Kenalog from New Zealand describe what they’ve got? Is it the real thing?

Happy New Year - to all of us who are deprived of our important treatment, which used to be so simply acquired.
David 9 January 10
I don't suffer from ulcers as much as some people on this website, but when we do get them - we get them! I have relied on Adcortyl for about 15 years, so aside from trying to buy the alternatives as suggested on this forum (thank you for those tips!), i will also email david veitch the head of BMS (, and ring the freephone number at BMS 0800 7311736 (all as suggested above on this forum) in support of all of us on this forum.
Mandie A 8 January 10
Chester Copperpot 7 January 10
It is outrageous that Adcortyl has been withdrawn without an effective substitute to replace it. As John of Rusilip said we would all pay more for something that helps with the dreadful pain of mouth ulcers. I tried to order Adcortyl from Webchemist on 19 December, they accepted the order but have not yet delivered, nor responded to me as to why they haven't yet delivered. Has anyone had any delivered from Webchemist recently?

I do recommend Corsodyl daily toothpaste, it tastes vile, but is very soothing and I haven't had so many ulcers since using it for the last 3 months, neither do the ulcers last so long. The mouthwash is also soothing but it stains the teeth brown. I don't think the medical profession take the suffering that mouth ulcers cause seriously enough. Oh the misery!

Linda W. 7 January 10
I have just had a reply to BMS about the discontinuation of adcortyl in orabase. They said "this was a global discontiuation for commercial reasons and unfortunately BMS have no plans at this time to restart manufacturing or distribution or to produce a replacement". I wonder they square this "couldn't care less attitude" with their mission statement ofn their website which states "Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global pharmaceutical and related health care products company whose mission is to extend and enhance human life". IF THEIR MISSION WAS TO ENHANCE HUMAN LIFE, THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE DISCONTINUED MANUFACTURING ADCORTYL IN ORABASE, WOULD THEY?

The BMS website went on to say "By pursuing this mission, we are making a difference to the lives of millions of people worldwide. The company pledge is the foundation of our work in the UK: “to our patients and customers, to our employees and partners, to our shareholders and neighbours, we promise to act on our belief that the priceless ingredient of every product is the honour and integrity of its maker”.

Those words bring a bad and a painful taste to the mouth, don't they?

A reputable company wishing to discontinue such a product would first make sure that there was either an alternative on the market which was just as good or found another manufacturer prepared to manufacture the product. They did neither.

However the biggest unanswered question is why they made a "commercial decision" to discontinue a product on which they had a monopoly and which is generally regarded as the best on the market. That makes no sense. They could have increased the price by a significant and still been cheaper than inferior products like iglu. Why would that not have made commercial sense?

I would welcome any comments. This is a company with a British base that clearly sells other products to the NHS. Perhaps we can put pressure on BMS through the NHS for them to resume manufacture of adcortyl in orabase as how can the NHS have faith in continuing supply from a company that withdraws a product without notice and without given a cogent reason?

I also think it woudl be helpful if everyone concerned wrote to their MPs about this matter and asking them to put pressure on BMS though the NHS to resume production. There is no valid reason that I can see why this product should not a commercial success: we would all be prepared to pay more than the old price of £3.95 wouldn't we?
John of Ruislip 6 January 10
email - cheers
Chester Copperpot 6 January 10
Chester - how can we contact you?
Elliot B 6 January 10
Thanks for all your posts, will try the pellets and orbase. Im gutted as Ive used the Adcotryl for most of my life. Have tried many different chemists with no joy.
Karen t 4 January 10
I was trawling the internet today and found that 10g tubes of Adcortyl had ceased production end of Mar 2009. (The website said BMS would still manufacture 5g tubes which is probably a sensible sized tube for the normal user.) I was shocked because for the last few years I've been able to get four 10g tubes at a time on prescription, which can last me up to a year. I have always had mouth ulcers and I get them all the time and nothing helps them except this stuff. I'm now down to my last tube ! Sometimes I get several at a time and until I started to use Adcortyl (10-15 yrs ago) I ended up getting one that grew to 10mm diameter and could hardly eat or drink. I used to bang the table really hard at meal times when the food touched the ulcer and triggered excruciating pain. My life became a real rudge. You all have my sympathy because I know how you feel.
Mark Southall 4 January 10
I don't know if BMS make veterinary drugs but you can bet your life if our pets suffered like this and relied on this drug there is no way in hell it would ever have been discontinued...going to do a bit of research and put this to them....On the plus side I am now pain-free after a week, don't think there was an infection there but going to finish the drugs. On the downside I can't taste much...small price to pay I guess!
LouiseB 4 January 10
Chester Copperpot 4 January 10
As above heaps of problems getting this product. I will be in cape town next week and will check their chemists. I am in agony and have no Adcortyl left. My friend is a pharmacist and she cant get it at all. Fingers x
colin addison 03 jan 2010 3 January 10
I am absolutely gutted to find out that Adcortyl has been discontinued.Can hardly speak my mouth is so sore! It's the only thing that works for me. Will have to try the orabase paste and corlan pellets and hope they work!
Karen W 3 January 10
I was absolutely gutted when I found out last week. Adcortyl was the only thing that worked in stopping the hideous pain that I get from regular mouth ulcers. Have rung SQUIBB and they were so guarded and unhelpful although they did take my name so maybe they are monitoring how many people are contacting them about it. So if you haven't already.... ring them, email them, make their lives a bit uncomfortable because it is nothing compared to what we have to go through because of their stupidity and selfishness. Obviously no one in charge at Squibb suffers. Have just shelled out 40 quid for 6 tubes and postage on the internet from an american site but, like George Michaels, am nervous about putting something in my mouth from an unknown source :)
ben in serious pain 2 January 10
i think its a joke that there is now no adequate medication for the pain and torment of mouth ulcers!!! i have 5 at he moment with one huge one right on the tip of my tongue, cant speak cant eat etc tongue is aching...doctors and non sufferers dont understand!! ive tried corlan pellets as recommended by gp...useless for multiple ulcers ive tried orabase in powder from as the normal type is unavilable!!! ive had all the typical blood tests and nothing......ulcers have ruined the last two years for me not a day goes by when i havnt got one!!!!!!!!! there are so many of us suffering and the health service doesnt seem to care!!!! are we seriously going to have to just put up with this terrible affliction?
sam 23 1 January 10
I have just found this site and at last don't feel quite so alone in trying to cope with my many mouth ulcers without the fantastic adcortyl in orabase. I am saddened to find so many many people suffering from the agonies of mouth ulcers. Sadly, most people have no idea how painful severe mouth ulcers can be and the impact it can have on your life - liquidised diets, drinks through a straw, difficulty with sleeping - you can't lie on your side with a cheek full of ulcers, agony whilst trying to talk, smile and even cry. I too have been recommended corlan and corsadyl mouth wash, but as I am only prescribed 20 corlan tablets every month - it is useless - I have pemphigus vulgaris, and can often have up to 40 mouth ulcers at any one time. As the instructions say, place ONE tablet at a time close to the ulcer and allow to dissolve - how do you make one tablet cover 40 ulcers?
I have always taken the attitidue that I'm lucky and that there are far worse things to have, but that was when I knew I was able to keep things under control with the adcortyl. Having just spent the past 3 months without any adcortyl, I feel really quite depressed about the future. I dread it when I feel yet another ulcer developing knowing there is nothing to help in the same way that the adcortyl used to.
Come on BMS, if anyone in the company is brave enough to read this forum, the least we all deserve is an explanation. Why have you chosen to discontinue such an important medication, particularly when there is no suitable alternative out there? Treatment for mouth ulcers may not have quite the same kudos as other pharmaceutacal products , and probably doesn't bring in the money the way many other drugs do, but that is no reason to let down such a large number of people who have unwittingly been relying on you for many years.
jackie j 1 January 10
Went to the doc today with a mouth full of ulcers and a tongue that feels like a blowtorch is being held on it (the ulcers I have learnt to manage, just, but this tongue burning is a new thing and makes me want to reach for the scissors!). First thing she suggested was Adcortyl in Orabase - apparently doctors don't get a notification when something is discontinued and only find out from chemists and patients - I think that is particularly outrageous, I would have had a wasted trip if I hadn't known to ask her for sth else, and is certainly something we should raise with BMS. So I now have a tube of plain old orabase and some thrush antibiotics, just in case. Unfortunately this means I can't use Corlan with the paste, like some people have suggested, as if there is some infection there it will make it worse, and the burning tongue only started after using Corlan the last time (on the plus side the ulcer went, but I would happily swap that one ulcer on Xmas Eve for what I have now!). Happy and pain-free 2010 everyone - I think I am going to be seeing it in on my own, indoors, if I can't speak properly by tonight!
LouiseB 31 December 09
Also panicked yesterday by the discovery that Adcortyl has been discontinued - Thanks for the tips about alternatives. I will be writing to all those suggested on this thread to express my feelings. I'm a youth worker and trainer so talking is my business - I can't afford to be unable to talk properly :-(
Fiona M 30 December 09
I'm sat here in pain and tears whilst tea is cooking for my daughter (not me!) after driving to the pharmacist only to discover I can't get my one saving grace. I hope we can do something to change this. Can we email a link to this discussion board? They would see how many people are suffering. I'm going to make a trip yo thr over stretched GP tomorrow for some that could have easily been solve by a trip to the pharmacist. :(
Karen 28 December 09
@Alex B - not sure Adcortyl would work will in the throat - as soon as you swallow wouldn't it be washed away? Then you have to digest the drug as well. I found this site has some useful information on Adcortyl, see
James Dickson 28 December 09
Sorry can't remember the name of the cream but last week when my mouth ulcer was causing me excruciating pain i popped into Boots and asked the pharmacist for a strong anaesthetic, she gave me this cream (on same shelf as Bonjela) and oh boy, it really made the pain disappear almost instantly though you have to re-apply every 6-7 hours. It costs about a fiver and packaging was rather bland (if it helps) and i think its only available in Boots. Hope this helps!
Shahid 24 December 09
Hi. I just wanted to join in with people's frustrations on this matter. I currently have about 20 ulcers sitting at the back of my throat - a lovely leaving present from a viral infection I had - and I have just found out both forms of Adcortyl in Orabase and have been discontinued. I am really saddened by this as all of you on here will agree, Adcortyl has been the only treatment that has worked for me over the years. Thanks to everyone for listing websites that are selling alternatives - I have made an order from Webchemist and if that doesn't work then I shall try the Iwantmeds site. I shall also be writing to Squibb expressing my feelings on the matter. If there wasn't a market for it maybe I could understand but with so many sufferers I just hope a soltuion can be found.
Alex B 24 December 09
I, too, am horrified by the discontinuation of Adcortyl in Orabase. My wife and I have used it for years for mouth ulcers. Although we don't suffer anything like as much as some of the people on this list, it's the only effective treatment we have ever found.
David A 24 December 09
Hello all, just wanted to add my horror and fear that this wonder drug is now discontinued. I have emailed Elizabeth Lawson as above, do hope this may help. Ive also found website: which sells orabase paste and corlan pellets - total order was £9ish with postage - lets hope this helps in meantime - at mo I have 2 huge craters on underneth of my tongue - so painful.
J MOOL 23 December 09
I too, to my horror, have just discovered Adcortyl in Orabse is no longer available, having suffered all my life with these awful things (I am now 73 years of age) I was introduced to this product about ten years ago with astounding results. Just the thought now of not having it to hand is totally depressing, it is so true that non-sufferers cannot imagine the agony of mouth ulcers, especially doctors who suggest a mouthwash as an alternative to this magic product.
Barbara F. 22nd December,2009 22 December 09
I tried posting earlier today.

The phone number of the head office of Bristol-Myers Squibb is 01895 523000. I spoke to their customer services and explained to the lady who answered that they were not providing any customer services as they had withdrawn the product! She said I should email them at She also said they were withdrawing the product worldwide.

I live locally to their head office in Uxbridge and I intend to visit them after Christmas in person. I am also considering approaching the local newspaper as I think there is a story for them about how a local firm has let down countless thousands of sufferers of mouth ulcers worldwide. A bit of bad publicity might help them to reconsider their decision. I will also try to enlist the help of my local MP and the MP for neighbouring Uxbridge
John of Ruislip 22December 2009 22 December 09
found your website today, I am a community pharmacist wondering why the product was discontinued as we had not been given any reason. I was interested in the corlan+orabase combination which some have found effective, both products are available from any pharmacy but if not in stock the orabase can be ordered, usually next day delivery. i dont suppose it will be ethical for me to recommend this unlicensed mix, but will try to steer sufferers towards this solution
jackie m 22 December 09
What is required is a consolidated approach, probably to get a generic produced under license... we need to find someone with time and inclination to manage public opinion (so it is not wasted) and lobby BMS - I can help, but, don't have the resources to manage it. Click on my name at the bottom of this page if you, or someone you know (maybe the lady just mentioned?) would be up for this challenge!
Dom Walton 22 December 09
Hey people, I have great news! There is an alternative & i'm using it now. It's called "ORACORT E" & it's made by TARO Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. which is based in Israel. I'm currently nursing almost 10 HUGE craters on my inner cheek, tongue, tonsil & upper/lower lips. It's a yellow sticky paste that you just dap on the ulcer & it sticks there, acting like a protective film. Completely painless too! It contains Lidocaine HCL (an anesthetic) & Triamcinolone acetonide (a form of steroid; for reduction of inflammation).

I also use this medication together with a mouthrinse called "Bactidol" which REALLY stings but leaves my mouth sterilised & numb afterwards. This medicine contains Hexatodine which is Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial. Before I discovered "Oracort E", i've been just using "Bonjela" every chance I get but it didn't help much.

Another fact that I found was that my gums hurt badly when I used "Systema Toothpaste" which was incredibly foamy, a suspicious trait of SLS. My previous experience with "Biotene Toothpaste" was much better, as it contains 0% SLS. I think this SLS ingredient might have been causing us these UNBELIEVABLE AGONY!

I haven't been able to communicate with anyone, had a foul mood & was just in constant PAIN! Only having been through this sort of "mouth disorder" can you truly understand the IMMENSE DISCOMFORT! Hope you folks recover soon! (P.S. I was able to get the above said medications, without prescription @ my local pharmacy.)
Han 19 December 09
Have only recently exhausted my stock , so only discovered the problem last week ! I add my frustration at the removal of the wonder ulcer "paste" Adcortyl...Help!! what will we suffers doooooooo!! if there is no effective alternative ???? I'm off to try Corlan and Orabase.
Angela 19 December 09
Suzanne (or anybody) can you tell me where to get some Orabase paste - for mixing with Corlan? I've tried the local chemists but they don't have it, and the Google results don't look promising.

I've got some Kenalog coming from iwantmeds but its currently winging its way across the world.
David 19 December 09
In reply to Ellie - Squibb are still making the ones that we are buying from abroad - they just aren't selling it here anymore. Which makes it even more frustrating!
Kate 18 December 09
People just dont understand how bad we suffer - i have justr bought six tubes from United Pharmices - i am not a regular sufferer but when they strike they strike big time - my girlfriend thinks i'm mental paying over 50 quid but it is definatley 110% worth it - does anyone know of the shelf life for this product? ta
Chester Copperpot 18 December 09
Sorry that my earlier enthusiasm has now been dashed - webchemist have NOT got this product in stock - they ran out 2 weeks ago. They have had problems accessing their website to deal with orders and unfortunately have been been able to let prople know that they can't supply this product. If you wish to speak to them about your orders dont waste time ring the first few numbers on the list it is actually the Saxon Pharmacy in Byker that is dealing with the web orders on 0191 2766626 their pharmacist was very pleasant and promised to contact me should they obtain any of the product in the future. Her suggestion for an alternative is Orabase (which is the product without the steroid in it) which she says will seal the ulcer over whilst it heals. I will keep trying alterntive routes to get to this product and post the details here should I ever be lucky enough to find some. I feel sorry for those of you who are in real pain. Happy Xmas to you all.
Jane H 17 December 09
I also use adcortyl, devasted to find out on Tuesday that it has been discontinued.

I agree with you Ellie as I tend to get a large abcess on my tongue, along with ulcers.

Thanks to those who recommended webchemist. I have just ordered 6 tubes - just in case. Will let you know if they arrive
Fiona, London, 17 December 09
Just how vital does something have to be before they will relaunch it?

I think we need to make the important distinction between a small mouth ulcer that is painful in itself and goes after a few days, compared with something far, far more debilitating. We're talking about large crater ulcers that take ages to heal and leave scars when they do, yes? This isn't a mouth ulcer - this is oral ulceration and needs to be taken very seriously. Something that interferes with eating and talking, over time leading to weight loss, problems at work and abject misery is a big deal. I am sure all of you are in roughly the same boat.
Whether you have a diagnosed or undiagnosed condition that causes this, I'm sure you all feel that the discontinuation of Adcortyl and the offer of Bonjella is like stopping opiates for cancer pain and offering paracetamol in as much as it simply does not work.
Got one coming in my lip now, and am waiting for US delivery, but its going to get nasty by then. Happy Christmas, Squibb Meyer. Maybe I should send them a bag of liquidised roast turkey dinner and see how they feel just looking at it.
Sorry. Tried phone calls and emails to Squibb and got the brush off. *Frustrated*.

Perhaps we can get another UK pharmaceutical company to make it.

Ellie, London. 16 December 09
I've ordered from webchemist too. Thanks Jane. This is getting crazy, I've bought Corlan Pellets, ordered Kenalog online from America, ordered Orabase paste online, and ordered Adcortyl online. The only thing I have at home so far from my new purchases is the pellets, but luckily I still have some of my old Adcortyl left from the good old easy days of walking into a shop and buying it. How I miss them.

I have emailed David Veitch.
Suzanne, Oxford 16 December 09
Well their site has taken my order
Fingers Crossed - Good luck to you all.
Jane H 15 December 09
I've just emailed the web chemist - they appear to have Adcortyl on their database for sale - if they've got it I'll let you all know.
Jane H 14 December 09
So I am not alone! I found this site this morning and discovered there is an army of us who are bewildered and distraught by Squibb’s withdrawal of Adcortyl. I have Lichen Planus and spent half my life with ulcers, until I discovered Adcortyl, which was the only treatment I found effective. I’ve read the site from top to bottom. Now there is hope from NZ and America and I’ll be trying the Orabase and crushed Corlan mix too. Thanks to all contributors. Maybe now I’ll be able to have a merry Christmas!

On a serious note, we must all protest to Squibb in the strongest terms. We need access to this simple, effective treatment, which can make such a big difference to our lives.
David 13 December 09
I need help - I can't buy Orabase paste to mix with my pellets I got OTC. Where are you getting it from? I'm in Oxford and I've tried Boots and Boswells. Boswells said they'd order it in for me last Saturday, and when I went to get it today they said it had been discontinued. I told them that people were buying it all over the country! I have ordered Kenalog from
Suzanne 12 December 09

The Head of BMS's UK operations is called DAVID VEITCH. Why not send him an email to and voice your frustrations. If enough people do this, maybe they'll reconsider!
Bella 11 December 09
I just want to add my voice to the huge list of people who are desperate since finding out about the discontinuation. I'm going to call the manufacturer as well just to add my views to their ever-growing list. Perhaps someone should start a petition... there's clearly a market here! I'll be buying mine on the internet from NZ as recommended above - thanks for the advice!
Bella 11 December 09
I also can't believe that the Adcortyl has been discontinued. I rang BMS, 0800 731 1736, this morning and the person I spoke to said that they were getting lots of calls since the discontination. She also said that the meesages were passed on - not sure to who though. As everyone above says, Adcortyl really is the only thing that works for mouth ulcers. I shall try the corlan pellet and orabase method. Even if it does work its time consuming and I believe that you can only get the corlan pellets on prescription - more visits to the already busy GP, when we sufferers know that a quick trip to the chemist used to bring relief at once. I plan to write to the company and am willing to join any campaign.
Sue Booth 10 December 09
just ordered my desperatley needed 4 tubes of Kenalog from NZ . Thanks for the post letting us all know about it.
tony 9 December 09
United Pharmacies has Kenalog for £3.30 if you but 6 tubes
Stephen Richards 8 December 09
I ordered X6 tubes of kenalog from a US site. The kenalog was 16.99US dollars for 3 tubes. I paid 26 dollars on top but that was for their fastest delivery service. It came within a week.
Tara 4 December 09
My Kenalog has arrived from NZ.... can't wait to get some mouth ulcers now to see if it's as good as Adcortyl (it can't be any better). 2 tubes cost me 51.40 in NewZealandish (whatever they are) I think it's about £22 but it'll be worth it when it comes to the difference between being able to talk and not!
Bryn 3 December 09
Mixing the corlan tablets with ordinary orabase is a godsend so thanks to the amateutr chemist above. I've found it as and maybe more effective than adcortyl itself - the orabase tube is also much larger so I'm fixed for the time being.
Peter 3 December 09
Kenalog arrived from NZ today! What a relief! I know a Maxillofacial surgeon too and will ask them whether it's worth a petition or not.
Kate 2 December 09
I have just ordered some Kenalog from the NZ site as posted by Kate 19th November (thank you so much Kate, pain saver!) but its gone up in price now £8.47 per tube but it HAS to be worth it. Lets hope the Aussie's and the Kiwi's keep it available as I don't know what I would do with out adcortyl/kenalog been using it forever. I have also just phoned Squibb and got the same response as others on this forum "commercial reasons" GRRRRRR!!
Michele 1 December 09
I found out about a week ago about the discontinuation in Boots. I felt very lost and not told any reason. They suggested the pellets. Thanks for the paste and pellets tip. I have pellets, will try to get the paste now. I went to my local chemist today to see if they had any Adcortyl left and they didn't. I asked for Orabase paste and they said they didn't have that either. I will try other chemists for the paste but might order some Kenalog today as a back up plan. Like most other sufferers I always kept a spare tube handy, now I've almost got none left! I agree the company owner must not have experienced the pain when eating, talking, kissing or even just smiling caused by mouth ulcers!
Suzanne, Oxford 1 December 09
I think the orabase and corlan mix is as effective....will also try the NZ site..thanks! I HATE ULCERS...AHHHHHH!
George 30 November 09
I can't believe that Adcortyl in Orabase has been discontinued. I am a dentist. I use it myself and recommended it to everyone I know and all of my patients. I will definitely write to Bristol Myers Squibb and telephone as the readily available alternatives are all crap and a 5g tube of Adcortyl was about half the price of an NHS prescription for Corlan or other corticosteroid alternative. It was also really good for the whole family as things that have to be held in the mouth like Corlan and Betnesol are really useless for kids.
Hannah 27 November 09
Adcortyl-in-O has been relieving my pain for over 35 years. Imagine my dismay then panic in all the chemists in Sheffield 10 today when I tried to buy my twice yearly dosage. Sorry, can't wait for any petitions......... I'm getting straight onto that NZ web-site and paying the ransom for the most fit-for-purpose medication I've ever taken.
Bryn 24 November 09
Alan - the information was given to me by a GP that if Squibb are not making money from the product, they are prohibited by some pricing scheme from raising the price automatically - and it therefore becomes not cost effective to carry on production say in the UK. The last tube I bought in Scotland was £3.95 over the counter (not prescribed).
Paul 24 November 09
No more Adcortyl in Northern Ireland. It was the only thing that brought any relief and if got in time stopped the ulcer from developing almost from the very start. Havenmt had an ulcer for a couple of months but now I have 3 and two are excruciatingly painful just below lips for any king of mout movement, drinking, eating etc. Anbesol is stingy and only numbs the pain for half an hour and does nothing for healing whereas Adcortyl in Orabase covered the ulcer up thereby preventing the pain and the active ingedient (cotricosomething???) is what gives the healing / anti-swelling. The Corlan tablets are useless and very on earth can you hold a tablet against an ulcer in all sorts of awkward locations in your mouth and hold it there for 10 minutes to let it disolve ? It is not practical and it is also ineffective. The crushing and mixing with Orabase might be worth trying. I have emailed Squibb and I suggest others do likwise. As to the person talking of set prices in the UK - I believe that may be NHS prescriptions where the patient pays a set fee for their medicine £5 or £6 pound or something like that (Cheaper in northern Ireland now I think £3) or free to those on benefits but Adcortyl is available over the counter without a prescription so I am not sure he is right about that and the tube only costs 2 or 3 pounds.
Alan Day 24 November 09
Probably the best thing would be for a smaller pharmaceutical company to take over production, I have made such a suggestion to Galpharm. Whatever happens it isn't going to be quick.
Dom Walton 24 November 09
Oh no I had no idea - just happened to go on this site today because I wanted to investigate how to find a more effective treatment. Adcortyl has worked but only to a degree with me. It's been the only thing I've used so far. A private periodontist suggested Gengigel but I thought it was just like bonjela. However, after having read earlier message boards & info on this site, I have found that it should be much more effective than bonjela and it should be worth persisting with - there are also other products which have helped some people - not least TCP which I'm going to try. Still, it's ridiculous that Adcortyl is no longer available so how about contacting a Minister for Health about it and referring him/her to this message board? I shall do this and others could do the same to give weight to the issue.
angela 24 November 09
I only found out yesterday that it had been discontinued after frequently trying to get it from my local Boots who would only tell me "there is a problem at the suppliers". Imagine my anger when I found out it had been discontinued and they were making false promises of getting it back in.

I bought some ambesol yesterday which works well as a pain relief for short periods, but most of the time I am in agony. I currently have 5 ulcers in my mouth and would do just about anything for a tube of adcortyl in orabase.

I will try the corlan tablets tomorrow and am about to print off my letter of protest. I would definitely be interested in a more organised campaign.
Stuart 24 November 09
You can order kenalog in orabase from, which is based in USA. It is the same product and cheaper than Australia or NZ
TK 24 November 09
I was also completely in despair today when I found out that this saviour of a paste has been discontinued. I only found out about adcortyl in Orabase about a year ago and it really changed my life, I got mouthulcers at least once a month that lasted for about a week. It's consolation to hear that I was not the only one who felt like crying at Boots, even more so as when I insisted to understand why it had been discontinued the chemist told me very offhandedly that it was because it was "ineffective", obviously couln't be bothered to think scientifically and just rattled off an easy excuse - infuriating when you're trying to understand if there are any alternatives. Glad to see all this blog which proves the opposite but worried that we don't have a very good solution. I will also send a letter to Squibb, would be good if all us dependent on the medicine could raise a more organised campaign. Any ideas?
Natalia 24 November 09
I've heard from a GP friend that the price of the drugs is fixed somewhat in the UK Government by some scheme that doesnt allow manufucturers to put a price up, hence the commerical reasons may be the lack of options drug companies have in the UK. The fixing and freezing of prices may well help some causes yet as with most things there are downsides too, and this looks like one of them. Hence Squibb may not be the direct cause. They can't be losing money on a product for the benefit of all when they are not allowed to raise their price because a UK scheme prohibits it.
Paul 23 November 09
I too am appalled at the discontinuation of Adcortyl. Since I started using it a couple of years ago I have not suffered the awfulness of a mouth full of ulcers which made eating and talking very painful.
Does anyone know where I can get some online?
Pat Sheals 16 November 23 November 09
Its a tragedy, I've been using it for around 20 years and nothing is as effective, everything slides around and misses where it is needed. Commercial reasons usually means not making money, why has it taken all the years to come to this decision, could they not have put the price up so that everybody benefited, sufferers and drug company? Obviously the owner of the company either has lots of tubes in his house or has never suffered from mouth ulcers.
Paul 23 November 09
My husband and I both use Adcortyl for mouth ulcers. Only just found out about the discontinuation, and am absolutely devastated. Nothing works as well.
Carol Wheatley 23 November 09
I'm writing to my Maxillofacial Consultant to ask him if he and other Clinicians intend writing to Squibb, and also my Dentist. I suppose we could try get Pharmacists to write too, as it's been an Over-the Counter medicine, and they must feel useless and distressed not to be able to provide it to we sufferers who rely on it. Thanks to this site,I have successfully ordered some online from New Zealand, after explaining to the Pharmacist why I need it, and yes, it was for me! I await its arrival! Valerie Banks
Valerie Banks 22 November 09
Amazing that there are so many people who suffer the pain of mouth ulcers! Like most here Adcortyl was the only thing that worked for me and I have been using it for about 35 years and, like most, the horror of not being able to get hold of it produced feelings of both immense frustration and despair. So, I wrote to the manufacturers asking why they had discontinued making Adcortyl. The reply I received was bland and totally unhelpful to say the least - it came from Katie McVay in the Medical Information Department contact number 0800 7311736 and was effectively a brush off. For those interested, it might be helpful to avalanche this department with letters or telephone calls perhaps? The address, for those who would like to know, is Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Uxbridge Business Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB81DH.

Obviously this is not an incitement to riot, although, if you feel anything like I do about this, you will probably feel inclined to want to do so - it's simply a means of the 'voice' of fellow sufferers being heard.
Robert Fell 22 November 09
I am not alone - I too have been suffering with ulcers for many years - was diagnosed with Lichen planus about 12 years ago and Adcortyl in orabase is the only thing that works - (igluu is completely useless...) Will be ordering some from NZ but how ridiculous that we can't get it over here. I have been recommending this to friends and family for years - what to do. Got 2 ulcers at the moment and feeling pretty miserable because the Igluu has not stopped them in their tracks - I do know that I really cannot eat sugar when they are up so...
Rose Jones 21 November 09 21 November 09
Hi. I am Joyce from Nairobi. I got my tube after searching for it like gold for hours. But even the pharmacy that stocks the drug does not have enough to give to any other sufferers. I have gone through painful moments and understand what everyone else is going through. The good manufacturer must understand what these patients are going through and avail the drug without any further delays.
Joyce Bosibori 20 November 09
Lorraine for the tip re. mixing the corlan pellets with orabase. I tried it last night and woke up much improved this morning. Much more effective than using the pellets on their own.
Maria 20 November 09
Thanks for the tip on Corlan + orabase + nz. £7 is a small price to pay to have the only effective sure I've ever found. I'm now checking food religiously having found out when I was about 40 that for me they are mainly and consistently caused by some nuts with almonds (which pop up everywhere - cakes, cheap chocolate) being the worst offender
peter, portishead 20 November 09
Hi Natalie - I had a similar experience - with packing and post the cost was probably the same - see my post below from a week of so ago.

Found it! You have to buy from NZ and it costs £7 per tube, but it is worth it!
It is a pharmacy product over there so they will email you to check you are going to use it correctly before use.

Kate 19 November 09
I HAVE JUST GOT ADCORTYL IN ORABASE EQUIVALENT from New Zealand. It's the same drug - Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1%. In NZ it is called 'Kenalog in Orabase'. The product has the same name in the USA but is only available on prescription. You can get it from this website: from NZ. There it's pharmacist only (like it used to be in the UK) and you have to answer a load of questions about your symptoms. It is not cheap - cost me £23 for 2 x tubes and took about 3 weeks to get here but if you suffer like I do you won't care how much it costs. This stuff is made by Bristol-Myers Squibb NZ.

I was so happy to discover this! Like many others I cried in Boots and then again on the phone to the pharmaceutical company as I had 6 massive ones, two on my lip and no treatment - but looks like this is our saviour until they bring it back!!!

Good luck - get ordering!

PS. In the meantime I have been using Igloo at night time the same as I used to the Adcortyl...managed to keep them quite small but did nothing for the big whoppers!
Natalie 19 November 09
help i need adcortyl!!!! IM using Anbesol as temporary pain relief (very good as an analgesic better than bongela) and have igluu but the latter is rubbish an nowhere near as healing as Adcortyl.....
Padwin 19 November 09
Hi everyone - I have used Adcortyl all my life - its the only thing that works everything else Bonjela etc. is useless. Everyone in my family always has a tube "by" for just in case cos ulcers are miserable. I wrung the last bit out of the tube this morning. I've complained to Squibb - they thought someone else might take the product on? I shall try the NZ site.

Kate 19 November 09
Read today that Bristol Myers Squibb are investing £3.5 million in one of their UK bases - could a teensy weensy bit of that go towards making Adcortyl again, please?!! All the pharmacists I've spoken to (during my long search for any remaining stock!) have all expressed real surprise at the discontinuation as they all had a number of customers dependent on it. Corlan pellets just aren't the same thing at all - and they also taste disgusting!
Jacqui 17 November 09
I can only add my cries of despair to yours. When I first discovered Adcortyl it changed my life - I used to regularly miss work I was in so much pain. I can't believe they've discontinued it. Shall try NZ site - don't care how much it costs and thanks for the tip about the Corlan pellets. If anyone thinks lobbying Squibb would make any difference I'm up for it!
julia 17 November 09
I'm so glad I stumbled across this web site as I’ve never met anybody else who uses Adcortil in Orabase nor who understands the pain of regular mouth ulcers! At the moment my mouth is full of them and I have had to cancel a filling at the dentists because I can't face the pain. I've been scouring the streets for Adcortil in Orabase, I’ve tried Boots, Tesco’s, Lloyds Pharmacy and I have also tried the small chemists in the hope they may have a load but NOTHING!! Last night he pharmacist at Tesco's recommended Corlan Pellets to me and I was not aware you could buy the orabase on its own until now so I’m going to try that. I can't believe they have stopped selling it, it's my lifeline!!!!
Mich x 17 November 09
No problem Valerie - I think there is a real argument for using the power of this forum to lobby either Squibb, or to communicate to another manufacturer that there is a big market here.
Kate 15 November 09
Just back from the USA and tried to get the Adcortyl in orabase or something similar in a pharmacy, but they said it was available only on prescription.
Secreto 15 November 09
Oh! some fellow sufferers! Isn't it AWFUL that Sqibb have stopped manufacturing this? I rang them and was told that they were receiving several calls a day from sufferers and Clinicians alike and that it was for commercial reasons! I also emailed the Health and Safety in Medicines advisory board, and was told the same thing - -for commercial reasons! They just want to try having mouth ulcers don't they? Squibb's address is on the packet. Let's all write and complain bitterly. Also keep ringing them. Meanwhile, thanks to Kate who wrote on 10 November telling us the availabliity in NZ. I've just ordered some from New Zealand (thank God for the Internet!). It's very expensive, especially with postage added,but we wait and see what happens. Kenalog in orabase can be bought from Canada, but it needs a valid prescription, and is not licensed for prescription in the UK, so don't really want to ask my GP to put his neck on the line and prescribe it. Thanks for everone's help.
Valerie Banks 15 November 09
Adcortyl is available still as Kenalog in Australia, am eagerly awaiting my Aunt who is bringing over 7 tubes this week when she comes to visit. Have tried the corlan tablets they do work for the ones on the side where you can tuck them in to dissolve overnight, but are useless when you get mouth ulcers down the side of your tongue and they leave a revolting taste in the mouth.
Carola 12 November 09
Found it! You have to buy from NZ and it costs £7 per tube, but it is worth it!

Dom - do we know why it was discontinued? If not for a medical reason, could we put some sort of petition to Squibb?
Kate 10 November 09
Oracort has the same ingredient. Triamcinolone Acetonide. Easy to get with a perscription in Canada
David 7 November 09
GP in Dumfries scotland, i'm devastated by loss of adcortyl orabase too, best alternative but over the counter tube of orabase and packet of 20 corlan pellets, crush pellet and mix with small blob of orabase, place don't rub onto ulcers after meals and at bedtime, remember if doesn't go away in a few days see someone esp if you smoke pipe/cigars>cigs. also remember anti inflammatory tablets es ibuprofen,diclofenac etc can cause oral ulcers, they can also be part of bowel diseases so any bowel symptoms, mention to doc
david strachan 6 November 09
Kenalog in Orabase seems to have been discontinued as well in Canada etc. Have asked my Aunt in Australia to see if any is available there. Am getting worried as finished my last tube yesterday and when I went to pharmacy to buy more was told was no longer available.
Carola 5 November 09
I've had to take a course of anti inflammitary tablets - result , about a dozen mouth ulcers I'm desperate for adcortyl. have had to stop tablets as i cannot stand any more ulcers
will certainly try this idea - many thanks
ray 4 November 09
if anyone is in australia- perth and knows of any products i am desparately trying to get rid of mine atm, cant talk, cant eat. its driving me mad....
please please help me...
please email me a product.... to
kind regards
sarah 4 November 09
Well done Loraine - I am doing the same. Either sticking the corlan pellet to ulcer with orabase paste or crunching pellet & mixing it with orabase paste & using as the old adcortyl orabase. Along with Squiggle or other toothpaste without the dreaded Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & mouth ulcers are few & far between & nothing to fear.
Ann 3 November 09
I cannot believe this has happened. My wife has Behcet's and Adcortyl was the only thing that worked. She is now in extreme pain and life for her is miserable. Why, Why, Why has this product been discontinued? Doctor and local pharmacies cannot help or obtain supplies. If there is a reason for UK discontinuation then please can some one provide a reason or suitable effective alternatives. Cortisone tablets, mouthwashes and other approaches for other areas are not working!
CSR 29 October 09
Just found out today - how are we going to cope!!! have scoured the internet all evening and found...NONE!!Please,if any of you find anywhere let us know.
Lynnlyn 27 October 09
HUTZS 27 October 09
LORAINE 25 October 09
I contacted the manufacturer and got a wall of silence as well. Just rationing my last tube. I am as terriefied as the rest of you. In 20 years, I have never find anything else come close to alleviating my ulcer pain.
Jo 23 October 09
My guess is that the medication has been taken off the market for legal reasons. It always surprises me how completely silent people and companies can become as soon as there is a hint of a lawsuit.
TomF 22 October 09
what a shame the manufacturer cannot take the time to explain why adcortyl has been discontinued or where we can find a credible alternative! i called them and they would not tell me anything other than it is no longer available. Considering many people need it, this seems a little out of order as they were happy to take our money for many years.
Nick 22 October 09
You nearly cried? I did cry. I'm terrified about not having this around. I'm looking at the USA for alternatives. Will post if I find anything.
Ellie 15 October 09
I went to Boots and Tesco pharmacies looking for some, one said there was a problem with the manufacturer and the other that it was discontinued. Neither had any - I nearly cried. They advised me to go round smaller pharmacies and see what stocks remain. The first little pharmacy I tried had some left so I bought a bunch, the batch I got doesn't expire til 2013 so would advise anyone who uses it to go out and stockpile (just check the sell by date like I did)... Then pray it's in production again in four years time!
Emile 12 October 09
It seems that in the UK and Ireland you can no longer get Adcortyl in Orabase, if anyone knows of an outlet please let us know - or if there is a differently named alternative. To see more information click below on Featured Articles and then on Triamcinolone Acetonide.
Dom Walton 12 October 09
you can get it over the counter in australia. it is called kenalog in orabase and is the only thing that clears my ulcers up. I am not sure of the long term affects of using steroids so freely but it cant be much worse than the terrible pain caused by my persistant ulcers!
Sarah 28 September 09
Hi, I've been using this stuff for years, and it really is very effective for a persistent sufferer. As Tesco, then Boots, then local chemists ran out I started to get rather frustrated and worried that one of the few products that works had disappeared. Today I chanced upon an online pharmacy called who claim to still have some in stock. I've made an order and am waiting for delivery, so here's hoping! If you're desperate like me to get hold of it - go order it quick before its all gone!
Steve R 21 September 09
No i got a prescription from my doctor today, and when i went to the pharmacist they said it was no longer available and i was given Corlan instead, which is a little pill that dissolves over the ulcer. Still has the steriod in it, like the adcortyl, so does the same job.
Jo 10 September 09
Hi, I live in Ireland and they are no longer supplying Adcortyl in Orabase, I wanted to cry when my pharmacist told me. This used to be available only on prescription in Ireland. I am heading to London this weekend just wondering if they are still selling it in the UK and is still over the counter. Thanks
Oonagh 10 September 09
I bought some in Mexico where it is sold as ”Kenalog Oral” it is the same stuff but sold in sensible sized tubes rather than the titchy little ones you get in the UK.
Dom Walton 4 August 03
I use Adcortyl and I find that this is best treatment for my ulcers. But yes, they should make the tubes bigger as it’s so expensive only to buy one tube and they dont last very long, especially if you have more than one ulcer.
Caz 4 August 03
I posted here last week in agony!! Read about ADCORTYL on this site, bought it over the counter at a UK pharmacy the next day. After the first overnight application they was less inflammation and less pain. Over the next day or two the ulcers were gone. Apply to the ulcer with a cottton bud. It only needs a small amount to cover it and don’t rub it in. Best done just before you go to bed - say goodnight to everyone first- as it is best to let the gummy solution stay in contact with the sore as long as possible.
Bigmax 29 April 03
I am also using Adcortyl and agree it is the best treatment. Certainly shortens the life span of the wretched things.
carol 23 April 03
I have been using it for a while but I find that I go through the tubes in no time. I might have about 5 ulcers in my mouth at one time and they tend to be quite large. The side of the tongue also appears to need a great load of the Adcortyl; it keeps falling off.
Nick 23 April 03
I am using Adcortyl at the moment. Best used overnight as it turns to a paste covering the ulcer- depending where it is , it can feel as if you have glue in your mouth. By physically covering the sore it can give some relief. It does reduce the inflammation and helps healing of the ulcers
bigmax 23 April 03
Over the counter in the UK, it is made by Bristol Myers Squibb and may of course be called something else in different countries.
Dom Walton 18 April 03
Where did you find this? I can’t find it and don’t know how to? Help me!!!!
Fran 18 April 03
Best treatment I find.
Blackjack 20 March 03

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