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I actually get the ulcers under my tongue on the sides and down my throat, so it is sometimes difficult to swallow my food. I start last Saterday to drink 5 tablets of Folick Acid 1mg for each tablet. Drink 5 in the morning after breakfast and then another 5 in the afternoon at about 3 o'clock. Since Wednesday it is gone. I have the one after the other since October last year from October till Tuesday. I stop smoking in September last year. I olso stop eating Tomato, I olso start eating more broccoli, green beans, so that I can get Iron in. Maybe you can try that, if you dont try you wil not know if it wil help.
Juliana 16 February 13
Hi I just wanted to share my experience. I have had some terrible days over the last few years with sometime dozens of ulcers on the side of my tongue. I couldn't talk properly, dribbled, couldn't eat and generally started to get really down. Had to take days of work etc. I checked this website and on the recommendation of a friend also i tried myrrh oil and I have to say it worked. I have used it every time i have a tingle or a sore coming and just rub it straight on. It tastes vile, and don't want to use much, but it does seem to work. The other thing that seems to work is the Weleda salt toothpaste. I just rub that on whenever there is one coming. I haven't had a bad case since. I really hpe this helps people because I know how disabling this condition can be. good luck to everyone.
Jackie 30 December 12
I have been ill for 2 weeks with the flu, viral I think, the symptoms disappeared within a week and the only symptom remaining is my sore throat. My tonsils were swollen and covered in ulcers. As I was feeling so ill with the flu and a sore throat I couldn't smoke. I decided to quit seeing as I couldn't do it. Now I have a huge ulcer on the side of the tongue, it hurts like hell and is also causing ear eche on that side. One tonsils is still swollen but I can see the ulcers are healing at least. I think the one on the tongue is because of a viral infection but it could also be that my vitamin b12 is low (had to have shots once a week a month or so ago because it was low) and it could also be that quitting smoking has caused my ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) to come out of remission. Sounds strange but it is true that smokiing cessation can cause it to come back. Mouth ulcers are also associated with the disease. I really empathise with all of you. The pain is so bad I don't feel up to anything, hope I am ok to go to work next week :(
Sarah 29 December 12
I have suffered with mouth ulcers for most of my life - 47 now and agree with some of the comments above that the most painful mouth ulcers are on the side of your tongue. I find I can't eat, I can't talk properly and I am so miserable. My job involves a lot of speaking and when my mouth ulcers are really bad I feel like being off work it is so bad. I don't as non-suffers do not understand how painful they are and would think I was crazy. I have scars on my tongue from past mouth ulcers they have been so big/deep and lasted for so long. Its good to know there are people out there who know how miserable mouth ulcers can make you feel.
Lulu 23 November 12
I first developed a small ulcer on my tongue when I was stressed to the max caring for three elderly in my life. My hygienist first diagnosed the condition as "lichen planis" dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. The surgeon prescribed "dexomethasone" in liquid form as the only thing which might help. My original dentist used Negatol liquid in the office and then allowed me to purchase some from him. I have sinced moved and my dentist has never heard of this product. It is available at compounding pharmacies. It is expensive and has a very short shelf life. One must have a prescription to have it made. It is applied with a dental stick with a tiny cotton ball which you dip in the liquid and apply to the sore. It cauterizes the sore and allows it to heal.
Maryellen November 17, 2012 17 November 12
I have one on the back of my tongue. Now 29 days. It's shrinking. Looks like a small bubble now. Pls recommend what I need to do to get rid of it. Thanks
Ziya 1 October 12
Try salcoseryl dental adhesive paste... Sticks to the surface and it is an excellent healing agent.... It drys on the ulcer forming a rubbery barrier ... Truly the best
Dr.A 26 June 12
I got a sore tongue and sides of tongue after eating hard candy with delicious caramel in middle.I rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide and after rinsed with salt water. the pain went away and so did the sores on side and tip. It came back and I did the same thing...and it goes away. I hope this helps someone.
Elaine 17 June 12
Hi has anyone ever had an ulcer on the tip of there tongue that has burst with blood eveywhere worried me to death when it happened but stopped when i applied pressure
ray 13 June 12
Hello. I got an ulcer on the tip of my tongue and have been trying to find a way to heal it and every site says something different. Worse yet I followed a friends advice that poping the ulcer with a knife helps and to use salt water on it. I could eat before I did this and was very desperate. Not a bright idea. Anyone got any good ideas about what to do or even how long until this goes away?
Jason 12 17 March 12
Morning fellow ulcer sufferers - as a lifelong sufferer with mouth ulcers I've tried every solution going - I presently have about 40 on my tongue - worst I've ever had in my life but good for the diet and it shuts me up! However, on a serious note these are different to my usual big round ones that I get with trauma injuries and my doc thinks it's residual from a cold and my body is fighting a virus. CURES!! Corlan pellets now available as hydrocortizone buccal tablets (ask at pharmacy) are good for big ones or severe but you have to put them as near to the ulcer as possible - for the tongue I crush them between two teaspoons and then with a damp finger dab the crushed tablet over the ulcer to allow it to stick and dissolve. Don't open your mouth for half an hour to allow it to penetrate. My doc has prescribed a strong mouthwash (Difflam) only available on script. Low vitamin B is a known trigger so first sign of an ulcer get the Vit B compound in (my doc now prescribes it for me). When you have an ulcer avoid acid/salty/spicy foods - it only makes them hurt more and they hurt enough -especially anything tomato based. For smaller ones in creases and on gums the proprietary Iglu sticks and protects so allows for eating. I find that Bonjela etc only gives relief for a very short time so for me it's never been worth it. Also avoid toothpastes that foam because there is something in them that are known to cause/aggravate ulcers. Hope this helps - glad I've found this site!
Polly 10 March 12
I have a very big one on the side of my tongue.

Last Saturday, I was chewing gum and bit the side of my tongue very hard. Even though I kept the spot clean, the sore has grown to a side of a pea. I can barely talk sometimes and I can't eat. In fact, I've been pretty depressed because of this.

Everytime I rinse my mouth with either saltwater, mouthwash, or just plain water, the sore starts to bleed. I'm scared that this is a sign that the sore will be prolonged and I will feel the pain much longer. Whenever I brush my teeth, the sore starts to bleed because the toothpaste touches it.

I'm now on day 5 and I hope it'll start healing soon. However, is it a bad sign if it is still bleeding whenever I rinse my mouth or brush my teeth?
aclee 2 March 12
I've only discovered this forum...didn't know so many people had this problem but it's nice to know lots of us are out there. I get ulcers on my tongue frequently. They seem to recur in the exact same spot, as if there's a weakness there in the tissue. The ones on the tip are the worst, you can't eat or speak and sometimes the pain seems to go into the gland right into the ear. Then I have to take a painkiller. Horrible things.
Maureen 2 March 12
I am almost afraid to share this. I have had ulcers on and off for years. I thought it was because of too much acid(I eat alot of fruit)About 6 weeks ago I got one that just seemed a little different. I am a former smoker and thought I should check it out. I went straight to a ear nose and throat MD, by passing dentist and oral surgeon. They say they are "concerned" and will decide next week if I have to have a biopsy. I monitered this about 5 weeks before I went and used a non alcohol rinse, salt water, antibiotics(not all at the same time)but got no positive results. If your ulcer doesn"t go away in a reasonable time, especially if you smoke or are a former smoker or a heavy drinker pay special attention. I hope I haven"t scared anyone but better be safe than not.
magical thinking 23 January 12
Very good post. Made me realize I was totally wrong about this issue. I figure that one learns something new everyday. Mrs Right learned her lesson! Nice, informative website by the way.
dress 2012 16 January 12
How can something so small cause soooooooooooo much pain?! The worst thing about getting ulcers on the tongue (apart from the pain) is not being able to talk properly! My kids think I sound hillarious but I'm not finding it so funny! I have just come down from the ceiling after putting salt straight onto it and now the initial pain has subsided i think it may have helped a little! I am 31 and have suffered with ulcers for years but it is only in the last few years that they have been on my tongue and they are most definitely the most painful ones, this web site has made me feel much better knowing that I am not suffering alone!
Jodie 15 January 12
For everyone's information-there is treatment available. Ask you Doctor to have Negatol compounded at a compounding pharmacy. The doctor will dip a cotton tipped stick into the compound, hold the compund on the ulcer for a count of 10, remove, examen, if the entire apthae (canker) isn't silver (cauterized), repeat a second ten seconds. It will hurt like heck, but when you walk out of the office the sore will stop hurting & will heal very quickly. I have been practicing medicine for 30 years, had never heard of this, but a doc that I work with had an apthae and her dentist used this compound in her mouth, it worked so quickly & well that she asked about it. Now we have it & use it here in our office, when appropriate, people walk out feeling better than when they walked in.
Cathleen-a family practice PA 10 January 12
Had this high power baking soda spray to clean my teeth for the first time, and then they put this cap on my back molar which wasn't right and I bit the inside of my cheek. My whole mouth was off trying to eat for two weeks. My dentist was on vacation. I kept getting this burning sensation on the side of my tongue on the opposite side of where the cap was put on. I finally got the cap grinded down, but I woke up this morning and the side of my tongue was worse than ever. I'm 59 years old and never had a problem with canker sores. I don't know what happen between that high power baking soda spray and the bad fitting cap, but I got one heck of an ulcer on the side of my tongue that hurts real bad. I pray to God this dentist hasn't caused something that will haunt me the rest of my life. I have enough problems. I'm worried reading all these messages about these things coming back and some got them from trauma or accidents.
Lisa 7 January 12
hi all i keep getting ulcers on the tip of my toungue and have a real bad one right now on the side of my toungue the pain is unreal i cant talk or even eat much the pain makes you feel awfull,guess im not the only one looks like it really common ,i just feel for any1 right now who has an ulcer it aint nice unless you have had 1 on ur tongue i dont think any1 will understand where we are comeing from good luck to any1 who has 1 hope it clears soon.
kate jones 18 November 11
I have tried a remedy that was used in the old days. Only seems 2 work on ulcers on tongue. Make a paste with baking soda and water, should be of a dryish consistancy apply to ulcer and press with back of metal teaspoon. Feels like its burning ulcer off but heals quick. Key is the metal teaspoon for some reason. Good luck.
Ree 20 August 11
so last night i went to the pharmacy and looked for glycerine, but there was none available, not sure if it's even stocked in Austalia, however i was shown "SM-33" (BAYER) i tried it when i got home and it instantly took away that burning, stinging feeling and made my ulcer feel smaller, less irritated. its almost like a film was put over it and the pain was numbed. honestly if you can go out and buy it!!!! i'm not sure if it'll make it go away overnight, but it sure helps with the pain. its a liquid formula i applied it on my tongue with a cotton tip it stung for half a second (nothing like the salt) and didnt have too bad of a taste. hope it helps someone out there.
marianna 20 May 11
I have ulcers all the time, all over my mouth. i have 3 at the moment but the one on my tounge is so bad i can barely eat or talk. Im 27 and had had them all my life. Im sad to say i've never found a treatment thats helped and fear i never will. Best advice is keep your mouth clean, use bonjela and the like whenever possible and just wait about a week for the ulcers to die. I bloomin hate ulcers!
Rocks 19 May 11
I get ulcers here and there, not very often usually when i get them they are smallish ones on my gums or the tip of my tongue but at the moment i have a monster ulcer on the side of my tongue towards the bottom, hitting my teeth everytime i move my tongue, it is SO painful. i've had it for a week now, have done listerine, sucked on an ice-cube, warm water with salt, salt directly on it (which hurts like hell) but none of it seems to be working, its the longest i've had an ulcer and its very annoying. i work as a receptionist and every phone call i get i talk like an idiot and am very short with people because i cant stand talking for too long. tonight im going to try glycerine, i've read on here that it helps so fingers crossed it helps.
marianna 19 May 11
Dear nelly.i too have geniospasm and nocturnal toungue biting is something that almost all my relatives and i have lived with.The Neurologists in australia are doing some research into geniosasm and it is very rare,so you and your son are not alone.At present im looking for relatives in scotland ,canada with this geniospasm because we have tracked the gene to originate in scotland in our family.only 27 families in the world with this rare gene. my email is
lobsang norbu 12 February 11
I used to get tiny sores all over my mouth, and they would hurt a little but go away in a few days. I recently got clean off a five year addiction to pain meds. Suddenly, I have massive white ulcers that slough off and bleed like crazy. I have one on the underside of my tongue and four on my bottom and upper lip. I freaked out thinking that the blood would spread the ulcer to other areas of my mouth. I really hope this isn't the case. This is my second flare up of these since I quit pain meds. My doctor gave me a steriod paste that doesnt do anything, she doesnt even know what it is. I make at least 200 calls a day at my job and my mouth is in absolute agony. I haven't eaten in 4 days, even water burns. Has anyone's doctor given them anything that makes them go away quickly?
Sarah 7 February 11
OMG the pain. I have a massive ulcer on the side of my tongue. It looks a bit alien and scaley (eek). I'm tempted to try the salt but kinda dreading the sting.
DD 25 November 10
I have one on the back side/underside of mine. Apparently that's the main place that tongue cancer pops up, so I'm pretty concerned. Going to the dentist in 3 days, hopefully it will show signs of healing by then.
Troy 15 October 10
I have a two horrible ulcers on the side of my tounge right now! They are slowly growing bigger and when they meet, will be about the size of a quarter. I tried Nexcare but that didn't work. I tried a herb concoction with no results. Last night and this morning I put Aluminum Sulfate on them and I had incredibly intense pain after doing that. It didn't help a thing either. I have no idea what to do next. My boss is planning to sent me on a paid vacation in a couple of days. I want to go, but I am afraid it will be the most painful vacation I have ever been on. I can't eat hardly anything or talk or swallow. The only things I have been eating are nutrition drinks, yogurt, ice cream, and very very thin soup thats almost all broth. What a pain!!!!!!
JesseZ 18 August 10
I'm starting to feel not so sorry for myself after Reading what some people go through.. I cant imagine the pain some of you suffer..

I have 3 on my Tongue and one at the back of my throat right now, it stopped me eating for a few days but it's going now :)

I've had one on my lip before, like, the visible part, and I tried baking soda but that just seemed to spur it on..

I cut out chocolate, and for a while it was working wonders, until I had a tiiiiny bit and they all came rushing back, now I haven't had chocolate in months and they're still coming on eager..
Doctors are so useless when it comes to these things!! I've been several times (once with practically a faint hole in my Tongue) and he said "yup.... That's an ulcer"

And I think it's funny when I hear other people complaining, the other day at dinner, my sister turned to me and said "owwww, I have a mouth ulcer, it's so so soooreeeeeeee"

while I sat there nibbling away with 5 in my mouth...

Ah well, I'm not alone :)
Zspence 29 July 10
my two year old has geniospasm (quivering chin) and one symptom is that he bites (chomps really hard!) down on his tongue and cheeks while he's asleep. he always wakes up crying and often with a bleeding mouth, and currently has painful ulcers on the side of his tongue and cheeks. someone suggested trying spray on colloidal silver and its about the only thing he lets me use on his tongue. he is refusing to brush his teeth at the mo, i guess because it is so sore. when i do succeed in brushing his teeth, i use the wiggles toothpaste as suggested on here. he has been to a paediatrician but no suggestions on how to improve the situation apart from sleeping pills?! i dont really want to go there... who else do i take him to, an orthodontist or dentist?...anyone else with this condition?
nelly 27 July 10
I have one massive blister on the side of my tongue and I know how I got it! I ate a small package of Hot Tamales ( the artificially spicy cinnamon flavored candy). Chewing cinnamon gum does the same thing to me. Why partake in these things, you may ask. No self control I guess!
Jim S 24 July 10
i have three big thumb size mouth ulcers on my inside bottom lip, one developing on my inside bottom lip, one on the back on my tounge and this huge mother load on one of my tounge side, which is where the side i chew. Nothing is working for me. just counting the days till it goes away.

can't brush teeth = breath stinks
have not eaten properly = hungry as hell
and it bloody hurts like satan poking his stick at my mouth, like a razor pain and last of all i have to talk like a baby.

i have found that increasing your saliva will help.
ivy smith 24 June 10
Get with the program you lot, I have been using Glycerine on ulcers for over 60 years for quick relief and healing as have my wife and 4 siblings, it works great.
Frank 28 April 10
Hilary, try clicking on the "magnifying glass" icon at the top of the Message Board page and then typing "gluten" without the quotation marks/inverted commas and see what you get. I got 343 just now.
TomF 26 April 10
My husband had mouth ulcers constantly which wouldnt heal. He was told this was because of a vitamin deficiency caused by intolerence to wheat and after eight years suffering he was diagnosed as a coeliac in 1998. Since then, following a gluten free diet (ie. one with no wheat products) he has regained health, no ulcers in all that time.
Although I havent read all 151 messages above, I didnt see this as a possibility in any of the message I have had time to read.
Hilary 26 April 10
God am i glad i found this web site, i was beginning to think i had a serious thing going on (cancer ) ive had ulcers for years big ones on the tounge and lips ,the docs dont know what to do and nor did i but now ill try some pf your remides and see if it helps, thanks to you all and take care, try to be happy even with your horrible ulcers .
julie 17 March 10
I get a crop of red glassy looking small ulcers recurrently at the back of the roof of my mouth . I have had this for the past year and have changed toothpaste mouthwash etc. I recently went to the doctors and have been told that it could be linked to me having shingles about 18 months ago. The doctor has put me on a long course of aciclovir since christmas eve. Has anyone else had had this suggested as i am still getting ulcers ?.
Patsy23 17 March 10
I have gotten mouth ulcers during the course of my younger years and every so often in my 20s and I am now 28. I have notice that when I get these ulcers that my stomach hurts each time I touch the ulcer plus my bowel movements are horrible. I have heard from some people that when you have a sour stomach or blockage in your colon which can cause constipation that the body forms the ulcer in your mouth as a sign that your colon needs to be clensed. It may sound crazy but as of right now I have an ulcer on the side of my tongue and its really hard to remove my bowels. I have not eaten fruit or vegatables in a while but will add them to my diet on a more daily basis. Good luck preventing them everyone!
MrWolf41 18 February 10
yes i have one on the side of my tongue right now - they tell me nothing like the old remedy salt and warm water
is that true - i just changed my toothpaste to arm and hammer is this a good toothpaste and what kind of foods should i stay away from - thank you
lulu 17 February 10
Hi folks, dont often get mouth ulcers, but have had a seriousely painful one on the side of my tongue for a week now. Can hardly eat or drink and get fed up trying to talk to people on the phone for too long as they seem to think its funny that my speech is impaired.
Have got to go back to work tomorrow as a nursery teacher and am dreading talking all day. Great site for info on medications.
Diane, Scotland 15 February 10
when i get mouth ulcers i take some Iron supliments which seem to help clear the ulcers and it stops them coming back for a while
Charmaine Selby 9 February 10
Eh, i have an ulcer on the side of my tongue in the very back by my teeth right now. :/ i have gotten them alot on the outside of my teeth at the bottom and a few other places ever since i was younger but this is a first! it hurts to eat.. does anyone know the cause of ulcers?
Haley Nicole January 8, 2010. 9 January 10
I'm not usually prone to mouth ulcers but have had one on side of tongue for two plus weeks - very painful. Also have some antibodies showing in the blood - so wonder if there is any connection here??
Kathleen Mason 7 January 10
Greetings from lil Ol New Zealand.
I have never had a tongue ulcer my life! - I have one on the side of my mouth near my wisdom tooth, cant eat, speak properly and in constant pain!

- Went to the Dr's and got 'ORABASE' it is totally useless as it doesnt stay on the tongue!

- Bonjela does have some soothing properties but also doesnt stay on the tongue it slips off!

- The gargling Salt & Water method has its limitations...Though I am eager to try the 'Dab on salt' remedy, but did read up further that this method is 50/50...It could heal you...Or you could wake up next morning to a SUPER ULCER! So decided not against this

- Not a great start to the Xmas Holidays for me, But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazed at how many people suffer from this...Arent these things the biggest pain in the arse!!!

Well I feel your pain guys, hang in there God Speed...And I havent really found anything that works for me...If I do I will post!
Jerry 30 December 09
NaffeeplyLalo 23 November 09
I find for prevention, eat lots of fruit and vegetables for the vitamins as well as plenty protein for the iron (good for mucous membranes). Brushing with SLS free toothpaste and drink a glass of water after brushing to keep mouth hydrated and smooth (SLS dries out the mouth as well as most mouth washes I've used). I take additional zinc and a good multivitamin.
Stress, sugar and white wine are my triggers but a couple of glasses of red wine sure take my mind off the pain.
I haven't found a cure that works for me but salt directly on my ulcer takes my mind off "ulcer pain" and puts it on "salt pain" for a welcome change. The best pain management method for me was a piece of aspirin tablet (about the size of the ulcer) placed directly onto the ulcer and allowed to effervesce until dissolved.
I have heard lysine is good but haven't tried it as well as getting the ulcer to bleed (I'm assuming your white blood cells fight off nasty ulcer causes). I did try last night but lost my nerve.
AJ 22 October 09
Hi, I must have bitten the side of my tongue last week without realising that i had. Now i have a huge ulcer the size of my middle finger nail, cant eat or drink or speak. Have tried rinsing with salt water and using bonjela which is hell to apply, but the pain in my ear is the icing on the cake. Glad that i am not the only one to experience this.
Stephanie 20 October 09 20 October 09
Great site and I read it often. For 5 months I've had usually 1 ulcer on the side of my tongue, it would heal only to have another pop up next to it. It was very aggravating to think it was finally gone and no, have to wait another week, and another week. At the same time, I had a sore way up in my nose that constantly hurt and wouldn't completely heal either. Like a constant scab. After seeing an ENT, my dentist, an oral surgeon, infectious disease doctor, and blood tests, finally my GP prescribed an oral antibiotic and a topical antibiotic for the sore in my nose. I've been ulcer free everywhere for 3 weeks now. Hope this helps others.
Mark 14 October 09
This is the best site every and i want to thank every one that takes time to post on here. I have really bad tounge ulcers i have had the inside of my lip but they are real bad on my tounge and the take so long to heal .have behcets but it took alot of ulcers and a lot of docters to come to that conc. when i read this site it was before they told me what i had and like so many people i was lost the docters seemed to treat it like a "o well" i had one docter give a some "magic Mouth wash" which was a steroid and milk of mag. it worked wonders helping it go away but the PAIn was still real bad. Then i read this site and it said PEPERMENTS helped and BNGO it did now i always some a bag of mints all kinds work but the red and white or green and white r the best who every posted that was a god send i was in so much pain i couldnt eat but now before and after i eat i get a ment i have to bite them not long after i put them in my mouth because they will make the roof of your mouth sore but i just used 2 or 3 its great great great great its cheep so give it a try i dont know if the work in the other areas of the mouth but on the tounge they r great
matrisha 18 September 09
Hi, i am 37 yr old and suffer with mouth ulcers since child, i find when i take suplement of B12 helps, i know for a fact that this is to do with something that we eat. it always apear tome and my daughter(9y) at same time, i have one at the side of my tongue now for a week, i cant eat, speak, i fell so miserable, i work at reception, and just cant cope.
linda 4 September 09
I have an ulcer on the back of my tongue, i think its on something called the uvula?
:( i think they should make a bonjela mouth wash considering that i cant reach the ulcer cause its so far back and in an awkward position!
I've always suffered with ulcers since the age of 4, im 15 now and i KNOW that i'll end up suffering with them for the rest of my life.
:( us ulcerians have got to stick together! :D
SOPHIA 27 August 09
I used to have mouth ulcers every alternate week. Since I started the grapeseed extract supplement, it doesn't come back anymore.
Louise 17 July 09
oh by the way i recently found a product in local chemist called Frador i used to have when i was a kid thought it had been taken off the market20 odd years ago but its sill available less painful than bonjella once(read the ingredients sulphuric acid?) but helps healing really quickly and helps reduce pain to a barable level
abbsolutions 5 July 09
hi wrote the abbsolutions message in feb 09 have given up anti imflamatories ie ibuprofen, naproxyn etc for aches and pains and my mouth ulcers are now down to a very bariable level. unfortunatley the tongue ulcers left a scar or polup on my tongue that (to cut a long story short) i decided to have removed and biopsed it wasn't cancer but just about the worst pain you could imagine if you ever need local anesthetic in the back of you tongue be afraid, coz i sware i levetated in that theatre the first time the needle went in, by the third time it was worse i ended up upside down drinking glucose to take the green shade out of my cheeks.just like having a tooth out they told me, thats because they don't see you suffering when you get home with no painkillers,unable to swallow and unable to spit just dribbling blood and spit in the sink but i've only had 4 minor mouth ulcers since then got one now under my tongue but compared to what i had its quite welcome turned out the polup was a harmless tongue wart, they say, all i know is don't take "brufen" and since that wart has gone my ulcers might not exist
abbsolutions 5 July 09
yes i keep getting these herpes sores on my tongue on the left side and my tooth keeps rubbing up against it making it worst what can i use to stop these recurring sores on my tongue and they itch like hell and burn and then i get these little white bumps on the side of my jaw (gums)and at the very tip of my tongue and they hurt so bad there is no relief i even went to an ent doctor and he told me there was nothing he can do they have to go away by there self so in the mean time what do i do help me please it has been 5 weeks and i still have them .
Gina june 09 28 June 09
Using Kenalog paste at bedtime when they first appear will shrink them to nothing by the next morning. Just make sure you dab the ulcer first with a tissue to remove any saliva so the paste can adhere. You may have to use it an extra night if you've had the ulcer for a while but it works!
Gina 7 May 09
I think that many people mostly assume these things just come up from something you did. That's a possibility but just like acne they're coming out because you've eaten something or had bad habits of eating too many sugars or bad oils ect...These bad things need to come out of your body somewhere. Maybe some people need to do a clease of many sorts. Just like in a car...if you don't change the oil, you'll get plugged up. Take your LIQUID vitamins and minerals too.
Kris 5 May 09
My lips have swollen. I don't even recognize myself. I think its a reaction to the meds I'm on but the doctor didnt seem to think it was, just an extension of the infection or virus - whichever it is. This is a critical question to know the answer to in order to treat the problem correctly. Can they test to find out if its bacteria or a virus? Improper treatment can create more pain or become dangerous. Im taking Hydrocortisone pellets - hold them on the sore. Its a steroid. I've just learned through my own research that you should not take this medication if you have an infection in your mouth or it can worsen the condition. I've treated (before researching) the ulcer on the back of my throat for the first time tonight. I hope its not the cause of the swelling or I might wake up tonight struggling to breath. but who really knows with these mystery sores! I have been to 3 docotors in 5 days and none have suggested any test of any sort. Surely this would help in the treatment plan even if it is pain management.
Carl 13 April 09
I bite the side of my mouth at night while sleeping, so the whole side of my mouth is sores. I have used Lysine tablets, (Blistex) "Kanka" a liquid that covers the sores, & most recently I heard about Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid concentrate. You put 3-5 drops in a small glass, mix it well & gargle/swish with it. I really think it is helping.

I hope this helps someone.
Renee 9 April 09
I sympathise with you all, as I have gotten mouth ulcers for years on my tongue, gums and cheeks. Horrendous things lasting on occasion up to two weeks. I have tried everything and all may have given temporary relief, but none have shortened the duration or stopped them developing into an ulcer. Finally I discovered 'Bonjela Once' and was hesitant to buy it as I think bonjela gel is a waste of time. I paid 14.99eu for it and applied it according to the instructions. I nearly hit the roof with the pain when applied,but afterwards it leaves a protective layer providing an environment for the ulcer to heal rather than surrounded by the moisture in your mouth. I found a marked reduction in the pain afterwards. That's after the sting of the liquid died down. It needs only to be applied once as the coating stays there. It is unlike Adcortyl in orobase which just doesn't stay on your tongue. This stuff is almost as if it burns the ulcer with this acid based liquid. It's definitely worth a try. I checked online and it's alot cheaper, 8.99 on some sites. I hope it helps
edan 7 April 09
I am 36 and can recall having severe ulcers as early as age 6. I've been a guinea pig for the NHS from the age of 13, seen top oral surgeons both privately and otherwise for many years, undergone biopsies on ulcers in my mouth, tongue and even stomach, had skin patch testing, seen dieticians, wore a bespoke mouth guard at night, have tried every paste, pill, mouthwash, inhalor on the market..and like most of my fellow sufferers all to no avail. My friends and family cannot believe that in this day and age, with all the advances in medical science and research, I still suffer the way I do and 'they' still cannot get to the route of the problem.

I have been on steriods (prednisolene) for about 15 years and manage the dosage myself...whilst I am rarely without ulcers...the steriods certainly keep them at bay. If things are particularly bad, I up the dosage and as things start to improve, I slowly reduce the dose. Yes they come with long term issues i.e osteoperosis..but I have to think of my existing qualty of life. I came off the steroids when pregnant with my two children and the ulcers cleared up completely by trimester 3, but they came back ferociously about a week after having both my children. My 4.5 year old son is showing signs already of being prone to ulcers....I just pray to god he never has to endure what I've had.

I get ulcers all over my mouth, lips, cheeks, throat, oesphegus, and yes the dreaded tongue..which would be the worst as impaired speech and limited eating. But bizarrely, in December 08 I underwent major dental surgery and had most of my back teeth removed (this was primarily due to poor dental hygiene because of such severe oral ulceration). Since then however, I no longer get ulcers on the side of my tongue nor on my cheeks...a clear indication that the teeth were part of the problem. Having a mouth guard created for me (prior to this surgery) did help alleviate the ulceration of the tongue, but for me, it left a horrible metalic taste in my mouth which I couldn't bear. But if you're desperate, you'll try anything!!

However, despite all the numerous and beautifully packaged ulcer treatments out there..the only thing that I found to really work to give an immediate relief is a good old cup of drinks seem to do the trick!

Speaking of which, I'm off for one now.

Tracy K 6 April 09
Hello, I have been dealing with an ulcer on my tongue for about 3 weeks now. There is one that healed but for some reason the ulcer gets irritated and moved down a little bit on my tongue. Just as I thought I was getting over the old one I have to start all over with the new one. It is very annoying. It gets so bad some days that I have to call in sick from work because I can't work with the ulcer. The lymphnodes on the sides of my neck get inflammed also and it feels worse. Orabase seems to ease the pain but the ulcer is on the left side of my tongue and it is impossible not to move my tongue. Does anyone know how to keep the paste on my tongue? Also, I'm thinking of trying the canker not know if it will help with ulcers on the tongue or if it will stick. I know my friends have said it works for sores on the lip and cheek. It is difficult to eat and sleep when you have this annoying ulcer on the side of your tongue lol. I'm open to suggestions and any remedies that you all can offer!
Dave 5 April 09
suffered the damn things since childhood but the tongue thing was recently getting too frequent.Been to the doctors who sent me for a blood test to do with my ability to store iron will get results on monday. But he also gave me an advise sheet which pointed out ibuprofen can be a problem. I frequntly take brufen for various aches and pains caused by my physical job and R.S.I's in my wrists and lower back. Since learning this i have grin and bared all other pains while stopping anti inflammatorys all together and my mouth has calmed down no end no more swollen tongue no ulcers on the tongue only one on my cheek where i bit it. I have had a tooth removed just last year that was at a jauty angle and caused me to bite my lip alot and cause ulcers in the same place over again but then they got worse until i see my doctor on monday I'm sure it's the brufen that have caused the extreme mouth and unbearable tongue ulcers.
abbsolutions 7 February 09
Acid reflux is made up of chronic symptoms and / or mucosal damage that are caused by the abnormal reflux of stomach contents, namely the powerful stomach acid. When the gastric contents are expelled into the esophagus, this creates discomfort, pain and possibly lasting tissue damage.

Sometimes acid reflux is a physical problem, where the lower esophageal sphincter does not effectively contain the contents of the stomach, and some cases where a hiatal hernia is a factor.

The most common symptom and complaint of those suffering from acid reflux is heartburn, which feels like a burning, stinging or even ripping type of pain around the breastbone area. Other symptoms include difficulty swallowing and changes in mucosal linings of the throat. In extreme cases sufferers may develop esophageal ulcers or scarring.

In order to diagnose the condition, patients may be given a barium mixture to drink. This will help show the structure of the esophagus, sphincters and stomach in order to determine a good course of treatment.

Sometimes endoscopy is used to better examine the esophagus, stomach and relating portions of the body. The patient will usually be sedated in order to ease relaxation.

No matter which course of treatment you and your doctor decide to pursue, there are many types of food that tend to be more likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms. Avoiding or decreasing your intake of these foods may help to alleviate the situation.

Acidic, fatty and spicy foods tend to promote gastroesophageal reflux. Coffee, alcohol, vitamin C and calcium supplements are gastric acid stimulants. If you ingest these things, it is best to do so during the day or periods of increased activity. Just before bedtime would be the worst time.

Chocolate and peppermint, onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are known acid reflux stimulants. Milk and dairy items should be avoided at bedtime.

Eating smaller meals, elevating the head of your bed and drinking more water have all been shown to have good effects for coping with and managing acid reflux and related conditions.

Visit the blog below to prevent it from eating your children!
biatceaggex 6 February 09
Hello!! How is everyone doing? I am a new member and I would like to introduce myself. My name Is BJ Penn and I am from Mdison USA.

That is all for now. I am eager to interact with everyone one this forum!
BJBabyPenn 3 February 09
I have had mouth ulcer's for as long as I can remember. A number or reasons have been suggested by doctor's and dentists but none of them seem to make sense. Maybe some people suffer because their teeth rub. This is the most common explanation for me but it doesn't explain the different locations or the fact that one always means that others are on their way. I believe mine are due to stress. They always last for at least 6 weeks with the middle 4 weeks being the most painful. I get awful headaches which then causes more stress and therefore more ulcers. I hate the ones on the tongue as it is impossible to get any medication to stay covering the ulcer. I haven't tried Oralmedic yet but some friends have told me it's excellent.
I find that since using Lysine (1000mg per day) and Squigle toothpaste I do't suffer as much. I still get the occasional ulcer but no where near as often as i used to. Hope this helps someone.
Darren. 26 January 09
I am in my 50's and had my wisdom teeth taken out. Now I am biting the side of my tongue on a regular basis. My dentist ground some of the teet down and he felt they were the problem, but it is still happening. Maybe braces for me
at 56. Also, I have been using the salt water rinse and it helps some. Actually yesterday it was far worse and the only help I got was from cold carbonated beverages. It numbed the spot and who know it might have bubbled out the bad stuff.
Mike 25 January 09
Im currently in a very large amount of pain. My name is Mercedes and I just turned 16. well, I currently have a very large ulcer on the right side of my tounge and another on the right side of my lower lip. I have been getting sores every few months for about 5 years but recently have had 2,3, or 4 at a time and they will heal after 2 weeks or so but new ones reappear in about a week. I've had these two for about 6 days now. And it has rendered me unable to talk, eat or drink. I haven't eaten or spoke in 3 days and im not sure how to handle this. Im a chatter box and I don't do well with a lack of food. Im in choir at school and have misses proformances and multiple reherasls. I have read up on how ot handle this but have come across no working method. I thought I was biting myself in my sleep but it seems thats not it. If anyone has any suggestions to help please let me know. I have a play perormance this Friday and a dance on Saturday. Please get back to me.
Mercedes Marie 10 December 08
I just had a outbreak of these ulcers on my tongue haven't had anything like this before I could hardly talk and my gland on my left side was swollen and sore. I started taking L-Lysine 500mg 5 times a day on Monday and today Friday I finally feel good again. I think this nutralizes your body. I use to take this when I was a teenager when I had coldsores on my lips but it also works for ulcers in your month. It's all natural and you'll find it in the vitamin section of your paramacy or Walmart. Hope it helps all you you.
Jeanne 5 December 08
Use Difflam or Andolex which contains Benzydamine Hydrochloride and Chlorhexidine
Doctor M 5 December 08
My tongue has started to hurt at the tip and around the edges... I came here to hear what was being said... I have a old stand by that I used with my kids, when they got them... This should make everyone here happy.. PEROXIDE ... But you need to stay up on this to get it under control.. At least gargle 5-8 times a day... Or hold some in your mouth I have helped plenty with this remedy... Good Luck and God Bless
Charlotte 21 October 08
Guys worst pain ever.... i have 11 on the sides of my tounge at the moment.... cant do anything.... and have swollen glaands also so its the worst ever
Patrick, Sydney 20 October 08
I have never had anything like this before but the last 8 weeks i've had heaps of tests and the doctor has put it down to ulcers. I have them on the tip of my tongue about 10 it kills me to even eat bread as it feels like my tongue in consantly burnt. But they have also moved to the inside bottom lip of my mouth and i have on half way down my tongue on the right hand side. I found that betadine sore throat gargle worked it, took away the pain and i also use kenalog at night before bed. the ones at the end of my tongue have nearly cleared up but gee do they hurt!
Renee, victoria october 2008 19 October 08
I am trying to spread the word about Valtrex curing my ulcer problem. Please see the thread on it and let me know. It truly worked and I am forever gratefull to my Dentist for thinking outside the box to stop the problem at the source.
Scott in Nebraska 17 October 08
I think I've figured out the _cause_ of's weird. I'm a "grinder" but I also create such a "suction" in my mouth when I sleep that I'll wake up, feel the pain, and realize that I've created little blisters alond the edges of my tongue from the pressure against my teeth. I'm 100% convinced that's whats causing the ulcers on my tongue. In a day or so the little blisters open into the rest of you, the pain is awful, hard to eat, hard to talk. The Dr. tried muscle relaxants - minimal help, the dentist gave me a bite splint- helped the grinding but no change in the ulcers. Has anyone tried accupuncture, hypnosis, or any other stress relief techniques? Dr. has suggested anti-anxiety drugs and/or botox shots - both are ideas that are a bit scary to me. I'm as interested in preventions as I am relief. By the way, this has been going on for years, but much worse last year or so. I spend more time with ulcers than without....
sn 17 October 08
i normally scratch them with a tooth brush till they bleed then douse in listerine, make sure you have a tot then go watch tv for half hour then spit it out....burns the live out of it
kevin goater 16 October 08
ulcers suck ive got one now on the side of my tongue an it is killin i keep biting it wen i chew i nearly screamed in the canteen at work wen fully packed, i was an inch from throwing me dinner at the wall, i get ones at the bottom of me gums under me teeth an they nearly go right through to me roots i get tooth ache off them
kevin goater 16 October 08
I am really old ... so I have had lots of experience with ulcers. Bottom line ... there is NO CURE and the majority of mouth ulcers run their course before they begin to heal. More often than not, sometimes when you seem to be getting some relief and can actually speak, they actually get worse, before they get better. You can do the dance around thing after applying an assortment of sadistic tools, i.e. salt, garlic, etc. You can ease the pain for eating/talking by using ice or a mouth numbing gel. I sympathise with you all - it is a surprisingly debilitating condition and although the only advantage is that you tend to lose weight (coz you can't eat!!) that is a small benefit, outweighed by the pain and discomfort. If anyone is aware of a sure fire cure (and a quick one!) PLEASE share it with us. Yours in canker ....
Alita 10 October 08
I have suffered from mouth ulcers all my life. For a while I used Bonjella - I even got to like the agonising sting when it's first put on. But it did nothing for the life cycle of the ulcer, except numb it a bit. Then my dentist prescribed me Adcortyl in Orabase. Works a treat! The Orabase is a very sticky paste, though, so best used at nightime. It's now off prescription and you can ask for it at pharmacies. I use it as soon as an ulcer appears and it's usually gone within a couple of days.
Jo 9 October 08
Hi Folks
I just had a break out of canker sores on the side of my tongue and between my gum and lip. Being desperate, I hit the local pharmacy and found a product that works great. It's called Canker Cover by quantum health. Basically, it's a tablet that when pressed against the canker forms a gel "pillow" in about 30 minutes that cushions the canker against rubbing my teeth and gums. It's doing a great job for me. It's not cheap, it cost me about $10 but what's $10 when you're suffering? The website is if you want to check it out there. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
Joni 9 October 08
Aloclair helps a litte, but I couldn't stand the pain anymore... I need to eat! Went back to the chemist to get Oralmedic (on this site), which they no longer stock, but they now do an own brand of the same stuff, and Bongela also seem to do one, both quoted as HybenX technology and manufactured in the USA. This is the pack with a couple of cotton buds, where you dry the ulcer, the snap the top of the other bud, and the pink acid flows to the end of the bud, and put it on your ulcer for 5 seconds... bloody hell, the pain!!! 30 seconds after rinsing my mouth with water the pain has been deadened completely (it just aches a little), and I'm about to sit down to a chicken dinner, at last!!! Chemical Cauterization does seem to work!
Max 4 October 08
I rarely get Ulcers, however I must have bit the side of my tongue on Wednesday night and got a huge blood blister the size of a small cherry tomato in seconds, I had to burst it because of its size, and the fact it was getting bigger and bigger. That's left an extremely large area of bare tongue which is rubbing against my back teeth if I talk/swallow, and is next to impossible to eat. It's Saturday now, and the relentless pain forced me to Boots where I bought some 'Aloclair', which says it caps the ulcer and is long lasting... huh.. I guess it gives me about 15 minutes of full relief, and the effect is gone within an hour. I normally enjoy my weekends, and enjoy a bit of relaxation and indulgance... but the food/drink is all left unused, and I don't feel like going out because the pain has deffused into the and ache on the whole right-hand side of my face. Bloomin horrible.

Anyone have any experience with those Canker Patches for sale on this sites Shop? They sound better than the Aloclair gel which just seems to come off... anything to reduce the rubbing on by back teeth...
Max 4 October 08
Have nice big one on side of my tongue at the moment. Will think the next ones I get on my gums are a breeze after this. AAAARGH! Unbelievably painful and causing my whole mouth, throat and neck to throb. Quite reassuring to hear from other comments that its not just me that gets this side effect. Think the slurring and drooling due to the swelling on my tongue must be very attractive. Tried some of that newly advertised IGLU stuff yesterday in (yet again) a desperate bid to eat something; is very weird thick stuff which won't stay on my tongue! Might work better on an ulcer thats somewhere else as did have staying power on my finger!!!!!
Jenny 2 October 08
I have 4 on my tongue at the moment, hurts to talk, laugh, eat, swallow etc etc. I get them when I feel ill, I have a sore throat and sinuses, so start to feel a bit run down then they appear, all angry and spiteful! I'm using anbesol liquid and chloraseptic spray to subside the pain short term, but wold love a long term solution, is there no magic chinese medicine or something????
Wza 26 September 08
I have some ulcers on my tongue at the minute. I have never had them here before. It's right at the back of my tongue (before it starts going down your throat) and on the underneath. It is very hard to apply anything to this area as my tongue won't seem to stick out far enough :-) It is giving me earache and making me feel like I have a swollen tongue. Is this normal....anyone hae or had this?? Just a little worried as never had it before and it is AGONY!!!!!
Rach 25 September 08
I get these sores on my tongue. Not so much lately. I used to get them on the roof of my mouth too. But I always thought that salt was not a good remedy. I always used BAKING SODA! I just dabbed some on and kept it on for as long as possible (about 5 minutes).
Beth 24 September 08
I've got one now, painful is a understatement
John 41 9 September 08
I normally get them on the inside of my cheeks because i get stressed out. I'm the type of person who when theres something slightly stressful or puzzling i will lie awake at night and bite my gums thinking about the situation trying to sort things out in my head. Then when i think I've thought things through well, nothing goes to plan and it all goes wrong. Then i get even more stressed out and end up biting the ulcers that i have already made on the inside of my cheek! This time, as I've got a little older, when i get stressed out i dont bite my gums. But now they seem to be appearing on my tongue! and they are in the most awkward of places. I have one big one on the tip of my tongue which i find awkward because when i eat food and it gets stuck in my teeth i use the tip of my tongue to get it outa my teeth and because thats how i eat my food its become i habbit and i find myself doing it and then scrape my ulcer on my teeth and the pain starts again and its soooo bad! i have another on the back on the side by my back teeth and when i talk its hurts, also when i eat. I normally put bonjela on all ulcers but i don't have any and the chemist doesn't open in the night or early in the morning. I've put up with a day of pain in school today and I'll have to put up with it again tomorow because i have no bonjela! I've been reading some of these comments and most people say salt water or salt directly onto the ulcer. I've tried gargling salt water all the time and it doesn't seem to have helped this evening as another one came up while i was out! I'm thinking maybe its because i need braces and my teeth are pretty wonky, and maybe my teeth and digging into my tongue. My next orthodentist appointment is in 3 weeks! I can't last that long with more and more popping up each time! I'm in sooo much pain I cant even talk, and i talk ALOT! I'm getting to the stage where im too depressed to do anything, I can't concentrate in school because of the pain. I have enough stress at the moment and I'm just getting more stressed because of the ulcers and more are appearing! gargling salt water hasn't helped. I just want something to numb the pain im not bothered about it clearing up just numbing the pain will do for me untill it clears in a few days! My mate think's gargling mouthwash or putting toothpaste on it may help. What do people think about that? PLEASEEEEEE can someone write back on what they think i should do. Oh yeah, and I'm glad I'm not the only person with a mouth full of pain! (: Writeback someone pleaseeeeeee xxxxx
Abbi 8 September 08
i get them every were
JJ 8 September 08
I get them nearly everywhere. along the side of the inside of my jaw under my tongue. on the side of my tongue, on the tip of my tongue, and recently rite on the inside of my lip and i keep biting it.
brittney 25 August 08
I used to get mouth ulcers in my teens then they stopped and now in my 50's they're back, huge ones, I have three at the moment. The one's on the tongue are the most painful and yes they wake me up at night the pain being so intense as to make me cry. I seem to have tried everything on the list of treatments to no avail it's just a case of they go eventually then free for about a week and new ones start. The only good thing is since starting with the mouth ulcers my migraines seem to have stopped!!!
Jan 20 August 08
I have had a large ulcer on the side of my tongue for about 4 months now. I actually had it biopsied last month and it was benign. What a relief because I used to be a heavy smoker (quit 7 years ago) . Anyway, it is still as raised and sore as ever. It even wakes me up at night with a stabbing pain (like the stabbing pain you feel if you chewed on foil paper) I was wondering if anyone has had a diagnosis of shingles effecting the nerves in the tongue thus causing the ulcer? I am diabetic, maybe that has something to do with it too?
Patti 19 August 08
I have a history of mouth ulcers withme. 27years is that I remember. It happens in almost every corner of the mouth. this time it is on the right side of the tongue. Seen 'n' numbers of doctors, dentists, gastrologists, no treatment. just got one or the other gel for temporary relief.

Still searching for a permanent treatment.
Manish 7 August 08
Hi thanks for all your comments peeps. I have always suffered from mouth ulcers but they seemed to have got worse lately - got one on the side of my tongue now and been the most agonising yet (also with swollen tongue) which led me (in despair) to go searching on the internet! - it's so depressing as it makes your weekend so miserable. Funnily enough though I was told I lacked L-lysine years ago and forgot about this so am going to order it right now! Apart from this I do have to take B-complex nearly all the time and I had stopped taking this as well so am re-starting.
Penny 4 August 08
Have had my first experience this weekend - just came out of nowhere - guess I'm the lucky one - some of you have been suffering for years. Am feeling really ill with it - feels like my tongue is twice the size it should be - is making me feel as bad as when I have full blown tonsillitis. Will try some of the suggestions - was on Ibruprofen yesterday - seemed to help - it's a real comfort to know I'm not over reacting to this - it's miserable and very painful.
Paula 4 August 08
I Have three at the monent. One on the side of my tongue and two on the front. One of them on the front has been there for weeks. They start off small then get bigger and bigger. Eventually they get smaller and go but thet say for ages!!
Gemma 31 July 08
i have 2 now on teh side and end of my tongue. just when i thought they had cleared up. they went from gums to throat to now tongue. it is getting crazy making. my doctor doesnt beleive me how badly i ache with body aches when i get them!
It hurts 26 July 08
Yes, I have suffered from them for a number of years. I had a very stressful job and poor family life and had them constantly. I left my job and got divorced; the instances of mouth ulcers fell almost immediately and I think were only triggered by trauma injury to the gums subsequently. However I am just having my worst bout ever - ulcers all over my tongue and mouth. Funnily enough, I have just had a serious row with one of my children, which confirms to me that stress must play a significant factor!
Carl 23 July 08
had them on and off for years . got two on the side of my tongue at the moment. i find adcortyl in orabase put on overnight helps them to heal quicker . it also eases the pain. ideally i would like to prevent them in the first place.i like my food too much to not eat
sue 19 July 08
Hi all, Im a long time sufferer (30 years) I have two at the moment - one on each side of my tongue, it hurts like hell (not as bad a on the tip - now that is a living nightmare) I have yet to check out this site completely but it looks like I may find some answers at last!!! I use a mix of Bonjella and Anbesol at the moment to keep the pain at bay but I now have A LOT more options, Thanks to all who suggested them.
Baccca 17 July 08
I've got one on the side of my tongue and one on the tip of my tongue. This site is great. I'm definitely gonna try some of the treatment ideas because I'm out of ideas and tired of using salt. It burns like hell and doesn't seem to do much in the long run.
Anthony 16 July 08
Wonderful site. Nice knowing that there are others who have experienced that 'a little sore' is a whole big nuisance. I've been feeling like a wimp. Salt water rinses help. There's no 'Bonjella' here in Greece but they do have ouzo and this really numbs things for a while and it tastes nicer than a mouthwash. I think mine was caused by a dry mouth from having a fan on all night - it's hot here at the moment. So now I go to bed without the fan and sweat it out tasting of ouzo. I feel for you all. A fellow sufferer. Marion
Marion Caragounis 16 July 08
this site is great, cant believe its taken me this long to look up ulcers on the net! I get them very frequently. I buy at least one bottle of anbesol a month. right now i have a corlan pellete on one under my toung. Never used one before but they are supposed to be very good for the healing process.

I'm actually gona show my boyfriend this site, he just doesnt believe me when i say how painful and annoying they are because he's never had one himself. Just thinks im being dramatic. Drives me mad!
jane 10 July 08
ive suffered from these ulcers since i was 7 years old, 15 years on still getting them. Used to get them in the mouth, tongue, throat and down my windpipe and loose up to a stone in weight each time. Would wake up sometimes with blood all over my pillow from when some of them have popped. 2 weeks later and alot of pain and agony passes would all be gone and i be back to normal, was not nice. Doctors said that i might be allergic to certain foods that i was eaten but could not really prove it and told me that it could be stress, yes stress at the age of 10. Ive got about 6 in mouth at the moment and find that nothing really works and just get on with it but it really depresses me at times when i have them. i dont get them as bad no more and i think the only cure is age, as you get older you slowly start to get less.
john 10 July 08
Hello fellow ulcer sufferers........In a way, its depressing to see that doctors/dentists, don't know what causes the wretched things.......and as one sufferer said, why do they seem to appear in the same place?.....As regards to prevention/cure. I think it depends on ones own body structure. I felt this latest one coming, and regularly, washed my mouth out with Listerene...... No joy !! the bl--dy thing still appeared. biggest and sorest one I've ever had.My chemist sold me some stuff @£8.99........wonderful I thought, but all I got was £8.99 worth of agony !!...
Salt water solution is no good for me... Personally I found Corsodol as good as any, and at the moment ,Ive just rinsed my mouth out with a TCP solution. I'm wondering if a drop of neat whiskey may do the trick. If it doesn't you may get so drunk, you won't notice the pain ...... A very sincere good luck to you all .......
Ken 8 July 08
I've suffered with these things for 28 years. I recently came across a new product called Canker Cover. It's like a pill that turns into gel and it covers and protects the ulcers for 8-12 hours. It also makes the pain stop immediately. It's the longest lasting pain gel I've come across yet. The website is It also seems to lessen the healing time. Give this a try. It worked for me. It says you can eat with it in your mouth, but I had the latest bout on the tip of my tongue so I didn't eat once I put the pill on the ulcer. It lasts really long, although its a little awkward to talk with the gel thingy on your tongue...but it's worth it not to be in agony.
Mya 7 July 08
never suffered from ulcers on the tongue, until 5 weeks ago, had a crop of 5 on the tip, and the next day crops of 3 and four on the sides of the tongue, plus on my throat, it just makes you feel so down. I have a new crop this weekend of 4 on the tip again. does anyone else's itch? have been reading everyone's reply, and I too had a bad taste , sour, dont drink a cup of tea when you have this, its disgusting, ulcers must affect the taste buds. Have been to the dentist recently, and just by going on what someone else has written, I have noticed I only started getting these f@*~ing things since then. so far have found salt water and oraldene mouth wash, with ibuprofen helps. good luck everyone
zoe 6th july 08 6 July 08
use soluble asprin mixed with salt and swill your mouth as often as you can it helps the pain
matty 29 June 08
try applying salt. gorgle salt water. Apply tooth paste on gums wait for 5 minutes and brush your teeth with soft brush. use listerine mouth wash also. You may use chew nut powder which will make mouth dry and reduce whoosing of water. you may use some gels which will reduce the pain for taking food etc.,

uday 29 June 08
i've got two on my tounge one on my cheek one on the bit where the gum and mouth join and both sides of my mouth have lines of them i've tried everything nothing works and no one can help me ,
mike 28 June 08
It is crazy that so many people have this problem...I have my own little ways of dealing. I use this toothpaste called Vicco (made in India) that I have to buy at a certain healthfood store (in the US, where I live). I take Lysine, I use a combo of Orabase paste and Clobetasol Propionate(steroid paste) when they are really bad. I use a irrigator with a product called Therasol (which hits those that are along the gumline). I stay away from Cinnamon. My dentist does not use Mint to clean/polish my teeth. With all of this, I still almost always have several of these, but they GENERALLY do not blow up into a full blown attack. I define full blown attack as unable to speak or eat.
Holly 26 June 08
i have 1 in my mouth on the side of my tounge and this is my first 1!!!gosh it hurts like helland im onli 13!!!! i rinse wiith warm salt water evryday n its not working i hate it i hate it i hate it sooo much i cant talk that good any more cause the ucler is n the back next to my wisdom teeth and i just rubs agianst it...i cant even eat rite
alexis 23 June 08
So I have 13 ulcers in my mouth. It started with one on my upper lip and then my mouth exploded over the next two days. The insides of my lips, my cheeks, my tongue, oh and the tongue is the WORST, and right on the entrance to my throat. I can't talk. I cant drink anything too warm or too cold. They rip open every time I open my outh to take my medicine. It has been a week and the first one is finally getting a little smaller. But they hurt so bad that my doctor has me on magical mouthwash, lidocaine, an antiviral medicine just in case, oh yeah and percocet. These SOBs hurt so bad I have not been able to eat in five days. And did I mention my boyfriend doesn't believe me, he is convinced I have herpes or something? Does anyone have any helpful tips to ease the pain at least so I can eat?
Lola 16 June 08
My teeth were getting sensitive and my dentist said I might have bruxism. I HATE wearing a mouthguard - does anyone know whether some of the alternative therapies work? This one at least has a money back guarantee, but I'd still like to hear from someone who has had some success beating this thing. Thanks.
jedijim 15 June 08
I , like many of you, have suffered from ulcers in my throat, mouth, and on my tongue. I have actually had an ulcer 3/4 of an inch thick in my throat since I was about 8 years old. I am now 23, have taken many different meds, and even have had surgery in which a laser was used to burn it off. It came back, in the same spot, within a couple of months. I am only now beginning to get used to living with it, though I cough constantly. A few weeks ago a smaller ulcer formed on the side of my tongue. Its in that miserable spot where every time you try to chew, your teeth grind against it causing much pain and discomfort. I am hoping that this one does not last as long as the one in my throat.
David 11 June 08
I've suffered from these things since I was a kid the only time I had a break from them was when I was pregnant probably not the best prevention!! Got two at the moment just had fun trying to eat my dinner without accidentally knocking one with a sharp side of my sandwich a mean feat in itself pure bloody agony and as for speaking I've become mute for a few days to avoid lisping!! You're right the ones on the side of the tongue are always the worst but closely followed by one of the buggers on the tip of the tognue now they bloody hurt!!
Louise 5 June 08
Try using the Squiggle tooth paste, it prevents them. I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. Then over a 1 1/2 years ago I found this site and brought Squiggle and I've not had once since. Now when I bite my lip I put squiggle straight onto the cut and it doesn't form into an ulcer. Its less harsh so doesn't have all the toxins in that the regular tooth pastes have....which are what supposedly causes the ulcers. I can't rave about it enough, when I used to get them it could be up to five a time. My Dad suffers with them too and he hasn't had any since he starting using this about 6 months ago.
Claire 30 May 08
Its great to see that there is a website for these horrible things, they can be so depressing, i have three of the strategically placed things at the moment and they are driving me crazy i dont think i've not had an ulcer for about 2 months now, my step mum who also suffers from ulcers got given some tiny tablets which you dissolve in a tea spoon of water then swish round your mouth and spit out and they done absolute wonders but she and my father have now gone to live in america and i really dont know where to get these or what they are called can any one help?? as i do not have contact with her anymore!! and nothing else seems to help!!!!
cat 27 May 08
I am just healing from a two week bout with so many ulcers I still want to cry. On the tongue and bottom lip. So painful. My procedure was warm salt water, brush carefully with biotene tooth paste, cleanse tongue with hydrogen peroxide(use Qtip) and finish with biotene PBF mouthwash. Also after one week of extreme pain I started L lysine tablets. I plan to continue the L Lysine and biotene products daily so hopefully they won't return. I have no idea what causes them. I have fought this battle for years, but never this bad. Not one Doctor or Dentist that I have seen has been of help. Depressing!!!!
Lou 27 May 08
There is a liquid called Applicaine that is BRILLIANT. The solution is an oral antiseptic and anaesthetic. You will get instant relief. The paste options are useless. The applicaine solution does not hurt or sting when I use it. If you use it and do the pain dance then I say "short term pain is worth it.....dont you think"?.
LiLi May 08 26 May 08
Mine never seem to let up...has anyone got a cure that doesnt make you do a pain dance? (hopping up and down making incoherant noises with pain)

Caitlin 19 May 08
where to find cheap propecia?
finasteride 16 May 08
I just had mouth surgery and my tongue has been numb for a while. I guess I bit my tongue on the side while numb. The feeling has come back and not I have this awful ulcer on the side of my tongue. As with everyone else, not much has worked. I gargle with salt water and take liquid hydrocodone. I got the liquid hydrocodone because of my mouth surgery. But have not found anything else that wors. Does anyone know how long these things last? I've had mine for about 4 days now, I am not sure if there is relief in site!!!
Renee 11 May 08
been at Docs today, and got Orabase paste. seems useless on my tongue, wont stay on.

Docs seem reluctant to get to the cause of the problem, and just offer relief, either anbesol, bonjela or the like.

Anyone had any progress with actually finding out what causes them???
Rick 9 May 08
My son used to get sores on his tongue all the time ,until he started eating yogurt everyday. One 6oz. container that contains active cultures seems to help alot. Also stay away from foods that very high in acid ( oranges,lots of foods with tomato, etc.). It's worth a try.
Beth 9 May 08
Hiya, like a lot of you, I've suffered from ulcers since childhood, now reached the age of 40, and still get them. Usually on my gums, which is a pain, but managable.
This time , however, I have a large one appeared on the side of my tongue, which catches my teeth, and makes speaking painful, and eating almost impossible.
Regular Anbesol takes away the pain for a cpl of minutes, but thats about it. Any brainwaves wold be greatly appreciated.
Rick 8 May 08
I have 4 right now. I think they're all terribly painful in all places, esp on the place that connects the lip to the jaw...i can't explain that. It gets worse when it rubs against my teeth. Augh! Sometimes, i just can't stand the pain and want to scream. I live in Ukraine, and there's no medicine against them, noone i know has them. I've been suffering with them since as long as i can remember. I feel so miserable. I can't eat, talk or smile :((
Larissa 8 May 08
I have had sores on my tongue since visiting the dentist a couple of months ago. He used the rinse for oral cancer detection. It seems that all my problems started with this test. First there was a problem on the side of my tongue and now my whole tongue hurts. It compares to drinking a scalding hot beverage. Has anyone has this experience after this dental procedure?
Rita 7 May 08
ive got about 15 at the minute, nener had anything like it and i cant beleive theres a site on it! i've been using pastilles called medijel, they take about an hour to disolve but seem to work, but im of to boots to try the Mouth Ulcer Treatment. Cant eat properly its driving me mad and spending days with my mouth clamped shut cos i dont want to speak (boyfriend happy though!!)
Nicky 29 April 08
i like a lot of you have suffered with them since childhood and so does my son,they are horrible painful things that make you feel so miserable,i know exactly what start mine off,i am at the moment taking anti biotics and strong painkillers from the dentist for an abcess,as if thats not bad enough its the coating on tablets that start mine off so aswell as sometimes being ill i get ulcers too,rinsing with ORIGINAL listerine helps,or oraclair or if they are back your throat definately spray with the throat spray it numbs it.good luck.
helena 26 April 08
I did start a new thread called 'boots mouth ulcer treatment' but don't know how may of you have read it. Please any body who is suffering you have to give this a go. I have suffered from BAD ulcers all my life and have never found anything that gets rid of the pain for more than a few minutes. This stuff DOES work i promise! I have just been and bought my second box today after suffering for 4 days with a huge 1 on my tongue and i could kick myself for not getting some sooner! I have just eaten my first pain free meal in days! Its expensive stuff at £6.99 for 3 treatments but honestly it is worth every penny. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter and you will be wishing you discovered the stuff ages ago! Must warn you though it does sting ALOT when you apply it but it only lasts a few secondsand is definitely worth it. x
Emma x 26 April 08
It is cracking me up reading these and I really can agree that misery does love company. This site has been the only thing funny to me for about 5 weeks now. I have suffered from ulceres lately and as soon as one clears up another pops up. The ones on the tongue are the worst. The only thing that I am getting through all of these comments though is that there is really no reason or cure for the dang things. But the comments are making me smile and that is helping!! Thanks,
Allyson 31 April 08
Allyson 25 April 08
I 2 have suffered with this curse since a child and I have a huge one on the side of my Tongue right now and I have 2 agree it is one of the worst places EVER! It is making my life a misery. :-(
emma x 25 April 08
I have two ulcers right now, at the bottom front of the gum line. Luckily the pain is not really affecting eating, but I noticed a couple of things over the years. 1) Abrasion of the tissue within the mouth often leads to ulcers (like biting your lip, or chewing it) 2) when brushing my teeth, knocking a certain area hard will often lead an ulcer (and I mean really hard, by mistake)

I have always waited them out to heal by themselves, but I am sure that if you switch to a diet high in FRESH fruit and vegetables, and take vitamin supplements, I think it will give the best result. If you can bear washing them with salt water, I say fine, go for it. Otherwise, if they are big (like in my case), you can try bonjela, or try gargling aspirin for longer lasting relief, but, ymmv.

God Bless,
Andy 23 April 08
If they are really awful and painful and long lasting talk with your doctor about a round of prednisone or go see a rheumatologist. check your symptoms with
Kay 23 April 08
I have a line full of ulcer on both sides of my tounge and on top of that a big sore below my tounge. I can't talk, eat not even open my mouth. Also have awful taste in my mouth every morning. Taking Vitamin B12 capsules everyday. Hope I recover before my presenation on wednesday. Would suck if I cant speak properly in front of class.
Khan 20 April 08
I've got one on the side of my tongue. It started about a week ago and is real agony now. The last one disappeared less than a week ago and I'm so low now that I can't face getting another one when this one goes. So I'm really interested in prevention now. I've been looking at the site and am relieved almost to see how many other people suffer from the same thing. (When I talk about it here everyone looks at me as if I have the plague !!) The only thing that works for me is Aspegic 1000g mouth washes. The relief is only very temporary, i.e. less than 1/2 hour. The last 3 nights I've woken at 2 a.m. and felt like my mouth was burning. The pain goes does my throat and I have painful pressure points under my jaw. I'd like to try Lysine. I live in France and don't know where to buy it. I can only find mail order. Can anyone help me out?
Kirstin 17 April 08
I use a mouth wash called Oraclaire, it helps the pain, i also read about the acid in food thingy, i've been eating a lot of pineapple lately.
Louise 17 April 08
I've just been to the dentist as i've been miserable for a week now, when i told him I had a mouth ulcer on the side of my tongue,he said. you have more than one! turns out i have 8, and sweet jesus, the pain is awful, i also had a broken tooth which kept rubbing against them, he recommened a gel to put on them, its called Orabase, and its like heaven! it puts a coating on the ulcer and its like having a cushion over it, you cant feel them rubbing against your teeth at all, the Gel is disgusting to apply, but its worth it for the pain relief, I havent eaten anything but yoghurt for 4 days, and i'm bloody starving! I feel everyone's pain, a mouth ulcer on the side of your tongue has to be the worst area of all, i get them about 3 times a year, and i'm a miserable cow when i have them, i cant even sleep as they still hurt when i lie down on my pillow, cant talk ( hubby thinks this is a good thing)! its bloody misery. I've been eating lots of oranges in the past few weeks, and i've read that lots of food containing acid will often trigger them off, wish everyone the best of luck. xx
Shannon 17 April 08
I had been suffering from this affliction for many years. Sometimes it vanishes for a long time and recurs. Decoction of burnt coriander seeds with alittle salt in it seems to help relieve the pain. Take some coriander seeds and fry them dry until they are charred. Pour a glass of water and let it boil until the water is reduced to half its original volume. Add some salt such that the solution tastes good and salty. Gargle with this solution for at least half an hour. Repeat two or three times a day. It helps relieve the pain and rawness of the ulcer. ULCIWOK gel from Wockhardt gives a good temporary relief. Taking Riboflavin tablets - 2 pills three times a day may also help. If you are lucky a Homeopath can possibly put his medicines to work. No harm in trying. I once had such a Homeopathic treatment; it almost cured me. But I lost touch with the Homeo and the devil is back at work. [I tried all the above with some success.] As for permanent cure, G.O.K.!!!!!
Ramam. 16 April 08
Have 5 of the buggers on the side of my tongue and 2 on my cheek. Have a job that requires clearly speaking and being generally friendly...not feeling it. I have had these lots, and they usually come when I am working out alot - training for a 10 Km - and not hydrated enough - get a dry mouth, and there they are. It happens when the skin on the inside of your mouth and tongue get ripped a bit...I'm a hygienist...and also thru trauma - like going to the dentist. I take Lysine for it, and it just seems to shorten the time, but doesn't take the pain away. Citrus fruits - too much of them - can trigger them for me too. I hate to say this, but I can sure identify with some of your messages - and they made me laugh - misery loves company. Thanks
Helen 16 April 08
Had ulcers for as long as I can remember, the worst ones being on the sides of the tongue. At the moment I have 2 one side and 1 the other. Hard to speak, eat etc. tried the Adcortyl paste but one night woke up and my tongue was almost welded to the bottom of my mouth. My doctor has given me corlan pellets ( hydrocortisone) which dissolve in the mouth, don't know if it's a side effect but I now have the worst sore throat ever, what joy!!. I do think it's a food thing but I haven't worked out what it is in my case. At the moment I can't look at fruit, salad, chocolate, sweets etc. Living on porridge, soup,anything soft.
Dave 12 April 08
Is it common for tongue ulcers to cause a bad taste in the mouth?
Joe 6 April 08
LAH 2 April 08
I seem to get ulcers a few days after I have visited the dentist (not sure if the treatment is connected or not) but the pain is terrible. Anybody else had this
Celia 1 April 08
I have a few tips. I get a lot of these on the tip of my tounge and the sides. It is very funny I used to get them only on the gums and they were very painful. Now the ones on my gums are almost a blessing since the tongue ones can affect my speech, eating and everything. I have been taking supplements and they have helped a little. Lysine is the one that speeds up healing. I use Orajel ultra Mouth Sore medicine and it coats the sore and helps with the pain and healing. It hurts like hell to put on but after that it forms a little white coating that is very protective and let me eat and speak better. If you try it make sure it is the ULTRA kind. The other stuff doesn't coat. Also be careful not to get it on towels it bleachs. It is worth a try for anyone! :) How this helped!
Mike 30 31 March 08
i had one on the side of my tongue during the last outbreak. i kept drooling and talked with a lisp. it sounds funny, but it sucked.
christine 31 March 08
I keep getting one on the edge of my tongue on the same spot, and now, it looks as if a bit of my tongue is missing. Has anyone has this happen? I use squiggle toothpaste, which used to prevent them, but not anymore. It's sooo painful, and it sucks!
monica 30 March 08
Hi all, its great to find a website like this. I have been reading your messages , especially the ones about the causes. I am 23 and have suffered from mouth ulcers all my life, however ulcers on my tongue have only appeared in recent years. I do not know what causes them, I have a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty on fresh fruit and veg, take vitamins, take excercise. I have started a new job two months ago, not stressed but they keep on comming, I just dont know, help!
J Clancy 25 March 08
wow when i posted this thread there was no replys for ages i just come back for a look and now its swamped. Well my ulcers seems to have paractically gone accept for when i say bite my cheek or bottom lip. The things that work for me are salt, holding chewing gum over the ulcer seems to deaden pain (weird one i know) and dentyl ph mouthwash. Dentyl ph is a really great mouthwash if you use it all the time i find its very unlikely you will get any ulcers my brother had similar problem and using it has really helped him, also if you use when you have an ulcer it deadens the pain for a good hour or so. When using salt their is a risky solution that can make them heal very quickly, but when i say can i mean its 50/50, after you have applied the salt then skip around the room crying waiting for the ulcer to numb massaging the area around the ulcer will cause it to bleed if you do this then re apply the salt (which hurts even more btw) and repeat if you feel its necessary. It may get rid of the ulcer all together but you may also wake up the next day with a super ulcer it really is 50/50! Or if you prefer something more conventional that i forgot to emntion before their is boots anti septic sore mouth lozenges which work great and really speed up healing time.
Ryan 19 March 08
I currently have one at the side of my tongue, yeah it hurts like hell, for its pretty hard when you eat. All experts have been bafled by mouth ulcers and i thought somehow there must be an inflamation of some sort ( somewhere in the jaw, I guess TMJ also cause it- when you feel a click in your jaw when you eat or yawn, then you have a TMJ). Doctors are one in saying that stress is the no.1 cause too. Anyway I'm just using some mouthwash to relieve it, also visualizing it shrinking and closing
armand 18 March 08
I also have some on both sides of tongue, didnt count it, estitamate more than six. Also have one on my cheek, which rubs against my teeth, then about seven on the back of my mouth. It is a real agony to swallow, I have already lost some weight, as I cant think of food.And then some more behind my theet of wisdom. It lasts more than five days, and every day I find about two new. Like today morning I woke up and my hubby said Ive got something on my lip. And guess what?anouther ulcer! I also tried Bonjela, but it didnt seem to work. Then I bought Oralmedic, which really helps to heal this small devils, but dont prevent them. I am scared to look at the mirror of finding another one. Good luck everyone
denisa 17 March 08
Glad to have found some fellow sufferer's I have one my tongue now, right up against my teeth, it must be up close to a main nerve or something as the pain is hitting my entire jaw on that side and goes up to the ear as well, giving me ear ache, I'm not the most social of people, but do try. However when the ulcer's hit, I end up becoming a bit of a recluse, definitely irritable, and not wanting do anything, I think thats the worst pain sometimes.
Ashley Shelley 16 March 08
i have one, well, at least thats what i think it is. At first i thought that i had just bitten my tongue accidentally. Then i couldn't remember doing it. it's on the side of my tongue and rubs against my teeth. It feels like my tongue is too big for my mouth and that im sluring my words. i didn't realize these things even existed!
So!As a beginner, how long do these beast's last?!?!!
theskylarker 15 March 08
Imogen, I've got an ulcer on my tongue and it was so so painful yesterday morning that I didn't want to talk and eating was practically out of the question. Out of desperation I looked up mouth ulcers on the internet and came across this site, a few people recommended Oralmedic so I went to the chemist asap. When I put the stuff on my ulcer the stinging sensation was extremely painful but within 30 seconds the stuff worked and almost immediately I could talk and eat without wanting to scream in agony, I seriously recommend it. I've tried everything over the years but this is the only thing thats actually worked.
SueJ 11 March 08
I have one on the side of my tongue now. It hurts. I don't want to talk. I am glad I can talk to you guys : )
Imogen 11 March 08
Hi All..
I have been a apthouse(very painfull)types of mout ulcer sufferer all my life.get them on my tongue and cheeks.I play sax and flute and so sometimes suffer my my music
Things improved a few years ago when I upped my fruit and veg intake but still get them..I weaken when relaxed to hard edged foods,chips and stuff..but avoid crisps like the plague.
I have improved my healing time by increasing eggs(poached or boiled) into my diet during the course of the ulcer.They heal much quicker for me.
Pain managment is the worst bit.Donít want to work,speak,eat and am very irratable around people..Lysterine eases the pain for a while but wine in the evening really takes the pain away like no other pain relief...sorry to say as this has its limitations for work of course.
Hope this is useful...I will keep watching this web site..and thanks for setting it up.
Pete Cheetham SK4 14 November 07
I have suffered with severe mouth ulcers now for 5 years, and off and on when I was a kid. I have noticed that they seem come when it is that time of the month. I got pregnant and obviously the monhtly cycle stoppped, I only got little ones that didnít bother me, I had my baby and my periods returned of course bringning with them the ulcers. I then went on the contraceptive injection which also stopped my periods, my ulcers calmed down and I would only get the odd one that didnít bother me, we are now trying for a baby so I have come off the contraceptive injection and guess what?? the ulcers have come back as fierce as ever, I canít speak, canít eat and my job is a job where I talk on the phone alot, but I canít exactly phone in sick with an ulcer, nobody understands what their like unless they go through it as well. Itís really depressing cos I have no energy becuase I canít eat and iím starving.
K Murphy 11 November 07
I am struggling to find anything that works, i bit my tongue in a car accident 12 years ago and have suffered very badly since, worst bouts 8 at a time, always on tongue, one batch goes the next appears.. vitamin levels are ok, think maybe dehydration, alcohol (which causes that as well), stress are major factors.. nothing eases the pain really not even the paste, difflam numbs them enough to eat and talk - they get worse at night i cant even speak by then, feel aggravated, depressed.. had stomach tests to see if its the acid - had endoscopy and colonoscopy recently results are clear so dont know what to do now... any suggestions got 4 really bad ones either side of tongue at mo feel like crying they take over your life :-?
manda 11 November 07
I am struggling ti find anything that works, i bit my tongue in a car accident 12 years ago and have suffered very badly since, worst bouts 8 at a time, always on tongue one bath goes the next appears.. vitamin levels are ok, think maybe dehydration, alcohol (which causes that as well), stress are major factors.. nothing eases the pain really not even the paste, difflam numbs them enough to eat and talk - they get worse at night i cant even speak by then, feel aggravated, depressed.. had stomach tests to see if its the acid - had endoscopy and colonoscopy recently results are clear so dont know what to do now... any suggestions got 4 really bad ones either side of tongue at mo feel like crying they take over your life :-?
manda 11 November 07
I thought i was the only one that had this...Iíve got 4 on my tongue, 1 under my bottom lip, and two under my top lip. I havenít been able to eat, or speak for days. Ive tried an oral paste (kenalog), but somehow it only makes the ulcers worse. Can someone please help me find a remedy that can work?
Randy- U. S 7 November 07
I have two at the moment. One on the side of my tongue and one on the inside of my top lip. The latter is bearable at the moment, but the ulcer on the side of my tongue is horrendous! I tried to eat a steak the other day and eventually had to give up such was the pain. I canít be bothered eating now. Added to that, I canít speak properly, making me sound like an idiot.
Regi 4 November 07
I have one right on the tip of my tongue now and it is killing me, it just keeps hitting my teeth and the area around the ulcer is all swollen and sore. I really hate them!!
The first time I got one on my tongue I had almost 10 in my mouth and I thought something was wrong but the doc told me that was normal to get them there too. They must be the worst when they are on the tongue, so hard to eat! This is my first bout in a few months so they are coming back with a bang!
Anne 18:45 - I had an ulcer a few months back that had a bubble over it and it kept bursting and then re-bubbling, it was pretty gross, it was just on the inside of my gum under the tip of my tongue area. It hurt a lot, but I just let it run itís course and it went like the others.
Karen-Iceland 4 November 07
i always get them on the sides of my tongue! but i have recently chipped my front tooth and now i have, what i believe is an ulcer, that looks almost like a skin tag. its this little bubble, is this normal?? my ulcers are usually much more flat than this. if anyone can help it would be great! also--whenever i apply salt directly to an ulcer it really helps, with this one salt didnít help at all.
anne 29 October 07
Got one right now , hurts like mad everytime I speak and eat . Get them at least three times a month . The ones on my tonuge I get at least twice a year .
Cordelia Rhodes 28 October 07
got one now on side of tongue.. canīt speak properly and it keeps hitting my teeth.. get ulcers maybe 2-3 times a year and soooo sore when they appear x salt and water helps best or Bonjela
Charlotte 25 October 07
im a little sceptical wen it comes to a doctor tellin me dat stress brings on these ulcers. he has told me also to try rubbin salt on them, which caused me more stress than i could imagine. absolute stinging sensation(worse than labour, i reckon cause im male)the ear drum feels like its goin to explode, uncontrollable dribblin from d mouth(i advise leaning over a sink), mumbling out a conversation with the tongue stretched to the other side of the mouth so the ulcer on the side of the tounge doesnt touch off anything. no wonder we keep gettin these things, wer stressed out to the max wit all d pain that before this ulcer is gone, there is another tiny ulcer life being born. ah bless.
stephen, eire 25 October 07
arenít these things the biggest pain in the ass? i have had them on and off since childhood. after i had my first child i started to get them very frequently and the pharmacist said to take vitamin b complex. that initially worked and i didnt have one again until i got pregnant on my second child and had to come off the vitamins. spent my first trimester in complete agony and got completely depressed. the worst were the massive ones on the side of my tounge which rendered speech and eating almost impossible - my two favourite things!! when i had my son and went back on the vitamins they still came and went, albeit far less frequently. five years on having just had my fourth child, it is now as bad as it ever was. the only thing that seems to help is the salt and rubbing bonjela on them. they say its stress/depression or being run down that brings them on, which could be partly my case. i also realy think that sugar triggers mine, particularly chocolate and wine, more favourite things!! if i were feeling a bit more up to it i might try and knock those things on the head but with four small kids those treats are the only things that keep me sane!!!! i also heard tomatoes can trigger them by it have almost completely cut them out of my diet and it has made no difference. it seems incredible that there doesnt seem to be a thing to do about them. *sigh*
Rachel 21 October 07
Yes, they suck when theyíre on your tongue, and are worse when theyíre on that bitty bit of skin that connects your tongue with the bottom of your mouth. But I still say the uvula is the worst.

Every time I get a cold, a day or so after I get well, wham, ulcer on the uvula. This time itís worse: uvula has one, but most of my left tonsil is entirely covered by one, too. Canít sleep (without opiates). Canít eat. Canít work. Canít think. And I have to tilt my head to the left and lift my chin (and whine) when I swallow.

This time thereís a new twist: a three-second esophageal spasm every time I swallow. Makes taking pills a whole lot of fun. Doctor says itís probably just a direct result of the pain.


Fred Fnord 21 October 07
This is an old thread, but gotta say, itís a helpful one.

Never really suffered from severe ulcers, just the odd one now and again, but the other day a small one appeared in the soft tissue under my tongue at the side, making the tissue swell. Never had one there before, and it caused me quite a bit of panic; as far as I knew, ulcers were limited to your lips and gums. Now I know that they appear everywhere and this isnít unusual (Iím not a heavy drinker, havenít smoked for 5 years, and donít do drugs so the chances of it being anything insidious are extremely remote).

As far as cures go, Iím with the salt method; rub salt directly onto the ulcer, run around the room pulling a stupid face and stamping your feet until the pain goes away, then rinse with saltwater. Just wish I could do that with this one, but I canít reach it.
Mat 19 October 07
I suffer with ulcers on the side of my tongue every few with all the other comments, it bloody hurts. Tried a couple of well known treatments, seem to ease the pain but thats all, usually have to manage the pain and leave the ulcer to run its horrible course!!!
Steve 27 September 07
I just finished reading all of your experiences with this really disturbing mouth ulcer. first got Mouth ulcer when m in HS, now Iím already in College, I still cant escape the terror it gives me. But the only problem with me is having a bad eating habit, all my mouth ulcer came from a lip bite then turns into a terror. For now Iím putting salt or what we call here this thing ĒTawas - in Philippines (Country) LanguageĒ, i donít know the English name for this but 100% better than all curing medium. mouth ulcer will last only for 3 - 4 days. not more than a week. And u just need to put it once or twice a day.
Anthony 27 September 07
I cant beleive a site like this exists! Im on here searching for answers! Im a nurse who has suddenly gotten really quite ill, and one of my symptoms is numerous mouth ulcers, im up to 15 and counting, right in my mouth this very second while i type! Im at the point of being unable to talk whatsoever... but have found that dotting lignocaine directly onto the ulcer about half an hour before eating will help with eating, drinking and sleeping....but oh god the mornings are the worst......
Bec 27 September 07
thanks everyone for sharing this! omg. i didn realise everyoneís having so many problems with ulcers too..i have some ulcers now...thereís like 2 on my tongue.
*sobs* any remedies for them? i am too afraid to rub salt on them cause iím afraid of pain!!!
wen 25 September 07
Thanks guys for sharing your experiences!At least now I know that Iím not the only one in this world who suffer from this horrible situation.I also got mouth ulcer every now and then and always on the side of my tongue!I remember I had suffered this before when I was in high school.I got 4 of them all on one side of the tongue and it feels terrible and kinda depressing!But iím still in the stage of finding the culprit thatís causing my agony.
vanessa 25 September 07
I am just getting-over one Ēsort-ofĒ on the side of the tongue. It was just below the side. I think it may have been caused by over-indulgence in almonds. Iíll have to watch and see if almonds cause this kind of sore again.
TomF 23 September 07
Once i has two on the side of my tounge, one on either side. Was the worst pain. I couldnt eat properly, as this is where you chew food. Has to survive on soup and ice cream for several days.
Mike 23 September 07
Iím so glad I have just found this site! I have one horrible ulcer thatís lasted 6 weeks on the side of my tongue - not nice. Plus I have a couple of smaller ones on my gum and on my cheek. Thought it was just me as everybody keeps giving me weird looks (doctor included!). Now I find I may actually not be so weird. Off to try some of the suggested remedies ...
Kylie 19 September 07
Amazing, I got one on the side of my tongue right now too but itís in the process of healing. Also had one under my tongue, one on the inside of the lip and one on the inside gum, all at the same time. I discover that I get my tongue ulcers when I eat certain food, like raw garlic/onion, squid/shell fish. Guess what works? Natural remedy of lettuce leaf on ulcer. I tear a piece of limpy lettuce leaf and put it on my ulcer(overnight), it calms it and heals the next day! Worth a try. In Switzerland thereís this great stuff call NEGATOL that really works, burns and seals the ulcer.
Jenny 18 September 07
I had one last 3months there on the side rubbing my teeth last summer. Sucked sucked sucked sucked sucked. Did I mention how bad it sucked? LOL I found out in September of 06 that I had Behcets now I take prednisone and it keeps the ulcers smaller and they heal faster.

Kay 16 September 07
I find the best thing to prevent the formation of mouth ulcers is to immediately disinfect your mouth after eating (after biting your tongue accidentally), apply salt and use kenalog before bed. Works wonder and usually prevent it from developing further.

And yes, I usually get the ulcer on the SAME spot ever since I first had it.
CMT 15 September 07
having them on on the tounge and the back of the throat are the worst....anywhere else i can bear the pain but when i cant eat or speak or swallow, thats when im desperate for relief. try chloraseptic spray for temporary relief or even orajel or only works for about an hour or so, so youíll have to keep re applying it but its better than nothing
kb 14 September 07
I actually have one on the side of my tongue at the moment itís the first time iíve had one on my tongue, iíve also got one on the base of the gum of my back tooth and it is complete agony as they rub against each other!!!! Iíve always suffered from ulcers since i was a child, but i can go months and months without having any then i can get bout 6 or 7 within a couple of months. the best thing i have tried is salt directly onto the ulcer, it hurts like hell but it does numb it after the initial pain has worn off. Does anyone else have any remedies thet actually work?

Natalie 13 September 07
90% of my ulcers are on the side of my tongue
nlip 11 September 07
When i youst to get alot of mouth ulcers this was probably the most common place for me it was very painfull. They where close to my back teeth so they rubbed against them and it was agony. I donít know why mine have just stopped i used salt and honey while i had the ulcers and taking supplements seemed to help alot. And recently they seemed to have just gone away :S maybe it was just a seasonal thing for me, who knows anyway good luck people.
Ryan 4 September 07

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