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i kept biting where the lips join on the left side and there was a little like growth? i mean like the gum cme out. i had a nap round about 6, (am ill) and woke up and it felt huge, and it is... what should i do? and i keep biting it still. thanks kamilah
kamilah 19 February 18
I see in my inner center side cheek minor point drain some water like per me open my mouth in vomat conditions then the work why
sahil 15 January 18
Cheek biting scar as a flesh BEEN THERE FOR LIKE NEAR 2 MONTHS NOW been to dentist twice who says it is fine but i am still worried to what it is please help
Nabyla 12 December 17
Hi Iím 24 and have patches on both sides of my cheek, iv been to the doctors and my dentist, who then referred me to the hospital and they told me it was nothing to worry about, but itís spread since then. Iv now started to get ulcers on one side of my cheek and upper lip, Iím not sure if Iím biting my cheek whilst Iím sleeping but it does feel really rough when I run my tongue along it. Anyone have something similar? Please hellppppppp!
Helen 8 December 17
I see in my inner center side cheek minor point drain some water like per me open my mouth in vomat conditions then the work why
Imran 3 December 17
A lot of you should know that fruits may cause not bumps but ulcerations and canker sores. I had them really bad one time when I lived in Orlando, FL and a neighbor asked if I was eating fruits. It was especially the stone fruits: mangoes, peaches, nectarines. They are too acidic. The yogurt might be a good idea. Now that I don't have that problem, I have the problem of biting my inside cheek when I'm eating. I have a huge painful bump right now. That's because yesterday I bit the same bump that's been there for about 8 months and won't go away - was told it's probably scar tissue. best of luck to us all!
Nancy 1 September 17
well i have this mouth ulcer that i have no idea how it got there... i didnt bite it or hit into anything. and it has been getting worst. its painful every second. i cant even open my mouth... it has been on for 3 days alrd. it feels heavy and swollen. but there is a way for 'curing' ulcers that was bitten. just apply salt to it and it shld cure in 1-2 days. it has worked on my ulcers that i bit. it will feel vry pain but just bear with it. i mean its better u just get slit by a knife than burned to death right? basically just deal with the full on pain and not need to suffer. though salt is not workin for my current weird ulcer
IG-@fleotrix ~follow me on instagram 22 January 17
Hi! I'm a 10 yr old girl, and I want to stop this pain I'm feeling. So I said to my cousins that we'd play hide and seek because it was so boring in the house, then after, I went to our bedroom and hid. After I thought to move further at the very back of the bed because maybe, I would be seen. But when I moved, I thought the bed was until the wall and there was the surface of the bed there. But I was wrong. I moved thinking there's still the bed but there was a big gap there at the back. Then when I moved and sat on nothing, I hit a small table on my right, causing to make a little cut on the bottom of my cheek, and the hit was hard so it also caused my bitting my cheek. Now the next day, my cheek inflamed and it hurt. My mom will be coming very soon, and I hope she does not find out about it. So how do I treat my cheek for it to be gone in 1 day? 2 days can be fine, but 1 day? Even better. So please... Help me!
Juliana 28 December 16
Hi, I have a habit of cheek biting. And i feel inner lining inside my mouth over cheeks when I changed my toothpaste. Is there any risk. And are its remedies
Kavish 25 August 16
Hello! So I just stumbled across this page. I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences to me. About 2 days ago the inside of my bottom lip started hurting. I messed with it a lot with my tongue unconsciously. Fast forward to today. Now, not only do I have that same patch of irritated skin on the inside of my bottom lip, there's a cut next to it, ulcers under my tongue at the bottom of my mouth on both sides, the bottom of my tongue is irritated, the tip of my tongue has a bump, and my tongue tie is also irritated. It hurts very much to swallow. It's all very painful. I don't know what the heck happened all of a sudden. My lip tie is also irritated.
Charlie 17 August 16
My name is ibrahim am 19 ,I have been have this kind of feelings since when I was 10 I start chewing my inner lip and it doesn't hurt me even if blood is coming out,but recently I start getting mouth odour and my mouth meat swell up I cnt talk to person because it is really embarassing to me.pls help me I want this to stop ...............I need drugs or helpful tip pleeease
ibraheem 15 August 16
The tissue on my inside cheek is all messed up but that's because I have braces. So what's painfully hard for me is to choose between talking & getting mouth ulcers or staying silent all day... And I'm a chatty person too. I use special wax but it just moves about and doesn't really help. If anyone has any suggestions thanks, but, really just giving people that are going to get braces a heads up!
Rubie 23 May 16
I would also recommended visiting the the dentist for a mouth guard if, like me, you grind your teeth in the night. It will stop regular ulcers that form from being further damaged and possibly becoming infected. Hell, it might even stop the ulcers from forming.
Anon 4 May 16
I get ulcers every few months normally around the time of my period and I assume they are caused by hormone imbalances but I badly chewed the insides of my cheeks where the ulcers where and it caused both sides of my face to swell and double in size. I chewed through the ulcers and was left with horribly painful cuts. For about 24 hours I was horrendous pain and tried to treat it by gargling with warm salt water, antiseptic&anaesthetic throat lozenges, bonjela AND ibruprofen for the pain and swelling. None of this worked and I was still in agony. Since then I have visited clinic where the doctor told me that the cuts were infected and the enzymes in my mouth were causing the flesh to be further broken down. I have been prescribed a week course of antibiotics and an excellent anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic mouth rinse called benzydamine hydrochloride to use every few hours for the pain. For anyone in a similar situation I would recommend making a GP appointment or going straight to a pharmacy to see what over the counter medication can be sold to you but don't suffer the pain by using home remedies.
Anon 4 May 16
Hi I'm 13 and I bit the inside of my cheek for a while near my lip and it made something that looks like a rice bubble?! It's weird and I want it gone. Help please?
Richelle 24 March 16
I've chewed my mouth ever since I was little, specifically to suck on the open sore for the blood, and especially if I'm really hungry. The only thing I can really do to prevent gnawing on my cheek is eating or chewing on gum, but even that doesn't always work. I also tend to get sores when I end up sucking on something too hard, causing my teeth to rub against the soft tissue of my cheeks. Things that I have noticed that make my sores go away (which can be as big as a quarter and chewed down into the muscle) have been salt rinse (which works at first, but soon loses effectiveness) and rinsing them with a higher proof liquor (brandy seemed to work for me, but it'll burn like hell for a moment.) Are there any other methods of getting rid of sores from chewing that are a bit less painful?
Victoria 5 January 16
Put a frozen chip on it or swirl salt water around your mouth
Cathy 16 November 15
Go to dentist and get a properly fitted mouth wife has the same problem and it has worked wonders
iain 26 September 15
Hi i just woke up sunday with a mouth sore in the upper part of my right cheek . can you bite your cheek way up there on the inside. It is very sore and swallon . I have been putting pure salt on it. I want it gone. Has anyone ever had one in the upper part of your cheek kinda lines up with my upper teeth.
shanny 18 May 15
So I posted on here about 3 years ago now. I was told ulcers were by biting my cheeks by my then dentist and doctor. I wasn't satisfied with the lack of help or support as it was really affecting me. Until you are in a position where you can't sleep, eat, it is painful to talk, can't read books to your kids, hate going out for meals as you can't enjoy them, can't drink wine, you just don't know how terribly this can impact you. Anyway, long story short, I changed dentists. The new one instantly had me on antibiotics, they didn't work, she then referred me to the hospital for emergency biopsy's to check for mouth cancer, which is scary, and turns out I wasn't biting my cheeks at all - I have a condition called lichen planus which causes severe ulcers. They were just swelled up and then my teeth rested against them to make the imprint. After the ulcers being really bad and having them for weeks with no let up, suddenly it all calmed down. The dentist was and still is brilliant - she checks my mouth every 6 months for changes as there is the possibility it can turn cancerous. She prescribed me a rally good mouthwash too which helped enormously, Difflam. So moral is, don't let the professional fob you off.
One Night Insomniac 6 May 15
Start Doing Mouth Exercises to make
your cheek thin... Fill up your mouth
with the air as much as you can and
move it left to right and right to left..
keep doing this every morning and
when ever you are free or when you
are in office after brushing. It helps
to avoid this gradually in a month........and in case....biting & bleeding , avoid ulcer may use HEXIGEL like gum gel to relieved.
dixit 22 April 15
Smoking and drinking doesn't help, eat 3 courses a day, eat as much fruit as you can and exercise regularly wish I could help

Flight lieutenant Evans 20 February 15
Molars, cheek teeth and wisdom teeth are causing me to bite my cheek. It is very painful, it bleeds, and besides it swells and makes me to bite again. Then it comes an ulcer. While still swollen, cheek causes bite me again and it's a never ending story. The ultimate solution is to remove the cheek tooth or both, top and bottom, which are causing bites. Nobody wants to extract their molars, but it seems to be the only solution to stop suffering this problem.
Fabian 12 February 15
I have a tendency to bite or wat I call chew my bottom inside lip and for some reason i chew it so much I make it bleed and I for slme resin suck the blood out and also I heard putting salt on an ulcer hurts but helps a lot and it does
Trisha 7 February 15
i am 10 years old and i went to the dentist a couple times last year and i got my teeth numbed and i always bite my cheek and it is turning red and starting to get annoying what should i do
rigdby 1 February 15
I am 25 years old. I have a problem. I always bite my cheek and lips roughly. Bad smell in my mouth. How can I stop cheek biting? Please help me.
saiyed afridi 23 December 14
I am 55 and have been biting my cheek for about a year. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon for a checkup. He confirmed that the irritation on my cheeks was nothing sinister and confirmed with a biopsy. He prescribed a gum shield for my lower jaw. He also told me it was up to me to stop doing it when awake. I picked up the gum shield and it doesn't seem to unpleasant to wear. I'll know better in the morning. I was told it is takes about 6 weeks to get used to.
maj 31 October 14
This is so weird!
I too bit myself one day on the cheek & ever sense I get mouth ulcers.
I started scaring myself, thought maybe HIV?! Even though I knew that would be impossible!
Would having my tonsils removed, antibiotics? idk.. what would work to cure and never have the horrible sensations again!
Kev702 19 August 14
i have two very liitle holes in each side and same position on the cheeks..and these are not painfull
abcd 13 August 14
I've been biting (both) sides of my mouth including my bottom and my top lip since I was young. It hasn't gotten bad until now. The insides of my mouth feel kinda rough and when I think they've finally healed I can't help but bite the skin off it again. Ugh. It's driving me nuts. Can I get cancer from doing this too much? What can I do to stop it ???
Valeriepaneto 20 July 14
am 20 years old when i was 13 i was injured by a nail in my eye, i had a surgery, after some few years my eyes begin to shift the other side making it look like half past one, what drugs and medicine can i take to make it better?
Eric 15 July 14
Hello, I know this message is very late, though I thought it might come in very useful for some people on this chat. I'm a 14-year-old girl who suffers from extremely bad insomnia and anxiety and I have for many years. However, recently I have taken to biting the insides of my gums on my top and bottom lip until they bleed and I can't stop it. The habit has led to me taking massive chunks of gum out of my gum walls. I have developed 3 excruciatingly painful mouth ulcers that are thick, covered in a white outer lining. The cuts give me a pain constantly of that of when you get salt or sanitizer into a deep, sensitive cut. On top of that, I get the occasional hit on it that leads to pains high enough to make me cry. I know I do it because it's a way to deal with my feelings ans I know I really need to stop, however I'm finding it very difficult.

I have tried many methods, though none of them have worked and I've come to the conclusion I should allow them to self-heal over the next few months, after that I'm going to put something on my gums that makes the hotspots taste foul and makes me realise I shouldn't do it ever again.

Kind Regards,
Elizabeth, aged 14.
Elizabeth 29 June 14
This has happened to me since after puberty. I have had my thyroid checked. The doctor said it was a normal thing that happens, But I do not think she really understood how often this occurs. it seems like it happens to me around every 3 months. it seems to happen if I brush my teeth very hard and a part of my gums or cheek is rubbed raw. it starts, sometimes, as a small nub that pops if bitten, but that is rare. it almost always happens in the same place, in the crack between my lower gums and my cheek on the left side. most of the time it starts as a raised ulcer and then opens up with the core being white, but only about twice, the core went from white to black. I showed my doctor one of the times it was black. I wish this would stop happening to me. :c
Kee 23 February 14
I do have similar Problem. I tend to bite my inner cheek and do not even realize until it leaves a white lining inside my cheek. I haven't been to professional dentist but from my experience it's directly associated with dehydration. If i drink plenty of fluids, the white lining gets better. After drinking coffee or liquor i see it more. My suggestion is to drink plenty of water, chew sugarless gum, Brush twice a day and wash your mouth with Biotene dry mouth rinse (listerine doesn't help).
Michael 21 February 14
I also get mouth ulcer regularly. One of the causes is while sleeping on my side, sometimes I keep my hand under the face pressing teeth onto the inside of cheek , presumably for a long time, causing injury/cut. Over few days it becomes an ulcer. I am trying to eliminate such postures which are making it to press the teeth onto the inside of cheek. Any suggestion?
Suresh 6 February 14
Dom, ENT said that it is stomatitis, and will take sometime to heal. I am on multi Vitamin tablets for a month and a half.
But, the left portion of my mouth starting itching and burning kind of after eating anything, this could be due to healing?
Gyan 17 January 14
Gyan, the itching you describe certainly could be due to healing, let's hope so!
Let us know how you get on when see your ENT later in the week.
Dom Walton 13 January 14
Thank you, Dom, I have been recommended MTV Forte, 2 tablets a day for a month and asked me to apply TESS (Ointment) for 7 days, things look good now, but I have been having itching on the left portion of my mouth. Could this been due to the healing process? I am going to see my ENT again this week...
Gyan 13 January 14
Gyan, 9 months sounds like a long time to heal, certainly I'd recommend having your ENT take another look, or getting a second opinion. Probably isn't cancer, but, whatever it is you need it to heal. Let us know how you get on.
Dom Walton 10 January 14
Friends, the message posted by me on 30th December 2013, does it sound like cancer? My ENT said that this happens to smoker and tobacco chewers and will heal with time..If any doctor's read my post please help me understand this issue which is going on for more than 9 months now.
Gyan 9 January 14
Use perixode it cures ulcers
Debbie jean 31 December 13
I have rough patches on both cheeks in my mouth and they are for 9 months now, I consulted an ENT and he said that nothing to worry about them, but the thing is when I push them with the tongue hard they pain a little and also they are on the upper lip as well. I use to chew Tobacco and Gutkha (beetle and tabaco mixed), now at times one side of the cheek itches whereas the other doesn't. What is this please advise
Gyan 30 December 13
Hi everyone! Guess what, another girl who chews the inside of her cheeks! Both me and my best freind do it and we both also have uneven bites. I think my bite is worse then hers but she is also a HEAVY smoker and drinker. She's 24 and I'm 26. I tend to bite my cheeks when I sleep ( I don't realize I'm doing it) and when I'm stressed, which is pretty much constant for me. I also habitually clench my jaw and grind my teeth. My best friend does the exact same thing and I even catch my boyfriend (who is 23) sleeping with a clenched jaw or I see him with a tight mouth. All three of us. Its crazy. For me, its a side effect of severe anxiety. I can never seem to relax and that is when the jaw clenching and cheek biting happens and before I know it, I've been chewing my cheeks for an hour. I have the white lines on both sides of my cheeks lime some of you ladies do, and today it looked like there was a bloody, white and red pus filled ulcer on the inside my cheek. I screamed and started crying. I go to the dentist on friday and I'm asking for a mouth guard for when i sleep. Tired of sore jaws and constant pressure on my teeth. This cannot be healthy. I ve been doing this my entire life (so I can remember) and so has my bestie. I remeber it getting really, really bad (so bad that my mouth would bleed and i couldn't eat because of the pain when i was in middle and high school and being teased a n d bullied every single day. My boyfriend says he started noticing it after his dad almost died at age 9. My bff got worse with her biting a d clenching after sbe was raped 2 years ago).One thing I have noticed that is a trigger for all 3 of us is the severe anxiety. Oh! We all also either bite our nails (bf f and boyfriend do this and I pick at my nails till they bleed) and I don't think its coincidence and chance either. Odd how we all deal with our an xiety in similar, yet connected ways.It does feel nice to know there are others who do this too, at all ages. Even seniors and little girls only 12 years old. I hope we can all find a way to deal and work arou d this annoying and potentially harmful habit.
murron 19 December 13
try adding yogurt to the diet. Have some every day to start. If you are not a fan, have a half serving every other day
Barbara 14 December 13
Hi I have had a bump inside my cheek for a few weeks now. Had a real good look with torch today and it turns out it's actually catching on my wisdom tooth, which is just starting to come through. I'm 20 years old. Anyone around my age, have a good look, this is probably it.
Jon 11 December 13
Hi everyone. THE CHEEK AND LIP MUNCHING YOU ARE ALL TALKING ABOUT IS A HYPOTHYROID SYMPTOM. It means you all need to get some thyroid hormone into you. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis diagnosis since 2005 and this symptom goes completely with thyroid hormone. In these years I have been on synthroid (T4 only) as well as thyroid extract (T4 and T3) and they should both stop the munchies. If you THINK you have been checked and you haven't got a thyroid problem think again. The lab ranges are very wide and often doctor doesn't realise you can be hypothyroid with a TSH of 2.5. Anything over 2.5 should be looked at more carefully. Also ladies it best to get the antibody check for thyroid abs as you can have Hashimoto's and have the TSH within range. So I hope you can all stop chomping really soon. Best wishes. xx
Julia Lazydog 10 December 13
Trust me and try this once: Eat full heartily. When I eat less this happens. Eat full 3 course meal and your ulcers will vanish. Something from Indian Aayurveda. No harm in trying :)
Vijay Kamat 30 November 13
I've always had mouth ulcers but never as bad as when I turned 40. 2 to 4 times a year wasn't bad most my life.
Here is the scoop. Since I've turned 40: I have gained 45 pounds, quit smoking, got very stressed, work more, unstructured lifestyle. out of shape and body aches all the time. have had a lot of dental work (caps, bridges). Now I constantly have at least 2 or 3 sores in my mouth at one time. For the last month I have had about 6 floating around. My husband doesn't understand the pain (he has never had one). I carry Chloraseptic sore throat spray around and when the pain is unbearable, I spray the sores. That is the only relief I have found so far. I too have Acid Reflux now and Gerd issues.
Ronda, 48 Nov 15 2013 15 November 13
I'm really in pain all the time because of the sores in my mouth from cheek biting!! I'm 65 yrs old and NEVER bit my cheeks it happens 2 or 3 times a day!i am miserable...both my Dr. AnD Dentist have said there is nothing to cure it unless I stp biting my cheeks...and inside lower Lip! Easier said than done!
Lauren 7 November 13
does anyone have all the symptoms with the pain when eating and things like that along with a piece of skin thats like in the way of your teeth and feels like sticky............
the sadness 1 October 13
I had posted here last year about the swelling and biting of the inside of the cheeks. After that I think I found a solution which is working for me. I am on a diet and lost a few kilos. That reduced the swelling on the inside of the cheek. I am also doing facial yoga, particularly exercising the cheeks. This has reduced the biting problem to some extent. I hope that as I continue to lose more weight the problem will go away altogether.
Nita 27 September 13
You are describing linea alba (the white horizontal lines inside your cheeks where the teeth meet)
It is very common and nothing to be concerned about. It may be more pronounced since your new filling as your bite may be different. Have your dentist check your bite with the new filling. An adjustment might help. The lines do not need treatment though and may leesen over time as your mouth and tissues get used to the new filling.
Hygienist 1 September 13
Glad to find all these posts!
I'm 61 and have rarely had issues with the inside of my mouth.
Several weeks after a recent dental filling, I began to notice...via my tongue swishing around inside my right cheek...a thin raised line which runs along the entire line where my upper & lower teeth meet, but only along the inside of my right cheek. This line is not particularly painful, it's more of a nuisance...yet, it's worrisome.
I have no idea whether I'm biting that cheek while asleep. The line does seem more pronounced on some days.
Thanks for all the ideas. Maybe I'll try a few of them.
Bill 1 September 13
Went to the dentist for regular visit and cleaning when I complained about my sore inner jaw. She checked it out and suggested I use the mouth guard to sleep in since I probably was biting or grinding in my sleep. Did it for the three weeks+, until the next follow-up and an oral rinse was prescribed that was also quite pricey. Got it and before I could use it, got a call to NOT use it, but to take METHYLPREDNISOLONE (21-PK) instead. Well, now, this stuff has so many other uses, none of which indicate oral sores, from biting will be helped. It isn't even mentioned, but all the terrible side effects just immediately scared me into "gritting and biting" it. Has anyone else taken this for the same issue?
Syl 29 August 13
Ok, so here's the thing, about two days ago I bit my left cheek way in the back on accident while eating. It's not so painful, but I can't really eat properly cause of the twinges of pain and my speech is a bit messed up on some sounds. I think it happened because I had recently got a cavity filled up and it feels...weird I guess and I have been bothering it. Anyways back to the point, I took a look at the bite and there's some sort of white stuff on the bite. I used the salt and water thing today but I don't know if it really works. Hope this thing doesn't become infected or whatever.
Luisa 29 August 13
I have this problem too,, my Dad is a Pharmacist and he told me to use Glyoxide. Tastes awful but heals pretty quick. Although I keep sucking my tongue at night and cutting it, I guess I need to get the molars filed down.
beth 20 August 13
Hello. I have always done this. I am 18 and ever since my teeth came in I was bitting my cheeks. At this very moment my cheeks are actually really chewed up and swollen because my habit gets worse even I sleep. I find if I don't sleep with my retainer in it chew them up. So I would suggest if your one of those people who chew on your cheeks when you sleep to get a night guard if anything you will just chew on that with your bottom teeth. It works for me and I get really bad.
Brianna 26 July 13
I used to bite my cheeks when I was small and my mother always said to me to put some sault over it and it will go down. Now after 40 years, it's comming back and I every now and then bite my cheeks on the inside. I wonder if my mother's advise was working because I don't quite remember. Perhaps it did. She died years ago ao I can't ask her. She was no modern woman by any sense, but a traditional Persian woman. Actually ancient in her thoughts. But many of the ancient advises do work. Now that I know there aren't any modern solution for this problem, I'm going to try her advise.
habib 15 July 13
I read most of the posts on this site but not all - so I'm not sure if someone mentioned this or not. I've suffered from cheek biting for the last 20 years. About five weeks ago, I fell asleep with liquid bentonite clay in my mouth (actually in an attempt to heal some cavities I have). Well - in the morning, the inside of my mouth was completely shredded. After cleaning up my mouth, my cheeks were so smooth! I have not chewed my mouth for about 5 weeks now - which is totally miraculous. I feel like there was something in my cheek that my body was trying to get rid of for years - not sure if that's true or not. This is the first time I can remember where the inside of my cheek is smooth. If you're struggling with cheek biting, I'd give the clay a try - just brush it on your teeth. Hope this helps someone!
Renee 9 July 13
All, please try oracort or Trinoline oral paste. It works for me.
Andy 14 May 13
Try mouth/gum anesthetic Anbesol overnight. Don't drink or eat anything after applying it if you do it during the day. Relieves the pain.
Me 6 February 13
Hi I have suffered for 3 years the lines run all the way round my mouth my dad and sister have it too is there an answer to this problem???!!!???!!!???
Dora 13 December 12
I have had a really annoying sore on the side of my mouth. I have braces, but sores caused by the braces are different then the one on the side of my mouth-- that sore is a white-ish color, while sores caused by my braces are just cuts on the inside of my cheeks. My brother had several white-ish sores in his mouth and told me that putting salt on it or drinking salt water helps those sores heal. I tried it, and it hurt a lot, but it's healing pretty quickly. Maybe it'll work for you! If it doesn't, I would recommend asking a doctor or dentist.
I hope your sores/mouth ulcers heal soon!
Elizabeth 1 November 12
your bite must be way off!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes your top teeth are wider than your bottom. bone loss, missing teeth
its not that you are biting and chewing your sides of your mouth delibertly. Its in the positioning of your teeth that causes the pressure on the soft tissue inside the cheeks of your mouth.
I am finding dentist do not want to get involved in trying to fix the problem.
Also your bottom jaw can be to far back and needs to come forward. so many things can go wrong as we age our teeth shift.
If you have missing teeth on the bottom and bone loss the soft tissue can lean into the space and your top teeth come down and put so much pressure on the spots....... that they form a sore on the iside cheeks!
Until you can find someone to help and correct the problems you can try putting cotton on the sides of your cheeks when you can not stand it anymore. Chewing gum puts some type of barrior between teeth and soft tissue.
You have to seek out a dr. who takes on a challenge and sees that you suffer daily with this problem
jmp 31 October 12
My mum had mouth ulcers for thirty two years, they would cover the inside of her mouth at times and make eating nearly impossible. Her doctor told her to take one Zinc tablet a day, every day, don't take Zinc with any other multi vitamins. My mum has been taken a Zinc tablet for about a month now and her mouth has cleared up, so it really seems to work. She can't believe one tablet has taken away something she's suffered with for so long. So I thought I would share that info on here, hopefully it might someone else.
Michelle O M 10 October 12
I did not have this problem until I went to UC/San Francisco Dental Clinic and had a molar pulled and replaced. Then the biting started, I have 3 ulcers while I'm typing! (I wash my mouth out with Listerene every night to keep them from from infecting). The Dentists in training (with Dr. overseeing) did everything they said they knew what to do. I complained enough so they gave me my money back, $700.00 but I'm stuck with ongoing biting! I'm wondering: 1) if I should sue UC for this 2) keep insisting they do something 3) Go to another dentist that would charge me additional money. Please help me with this if you can.
Libby Sherwood 7 October 12
Mine is similar to Clare (search winter and her's is first post with winter in it). I have trouble with my mouth seeming to dry and "cut" easily on my teeth. It only happens during the colder months, and my diet does not change during those months. I also have wheezing during those months that is not allergy related (did many tests) and only due to cold/dry air. Lungs are fine if I stay in warm/humid places. Not sure if they are related issues. I drink all kinds of water which barely helps. I gargle with salt water to clean and numb it. It cuts during the day even if I'm talking or mouth closed, and bad at night. Then a few days of pain and it heals. Any ideas on what does it? I'm 37 and it has been about 10 years of this.
Ben L 26 September 12
could be blocked salivery glands inside your mouth. they become raised little bumps and are very sore which makes you want to bite them off.. when your tongue touches them it hurts like hell. i have one on each side of my cheek inside my mouth. I think they are tiny glands that feel infected and perhaps should be removed. I have had them every day for 4 years now. still searching for a dr to help me. hurts like hell morning noon and night for 4 years.
jmp 8 September 12
Oh god, today i woke up with two massive ulcers on me left inner-cheek and an unrealistic amount of pain.

I can't talk - I can't even smile!

It hurts so much, and i don't know what to do. My father suggested a mouthguard, but im not grinding my teeth.. i just biting my cheek and it hurts so bad.
Nelliel 15 July 12
I FOUND A CURE FOR MINE! I have dry mouth and bit my cheeks and my tongue (back side) for years. My tongue was often swollen and sore, my cheeks always ulcered. I tried packing my mouth w/ pads and Ora-gel, and a mouth guard helped (I don't grind my teeth). Dentists and Oral Surgeon were stumped (and expensive). After reading that low B-12 can cause mouth problems, I tried it. My mouth healed right up, I was shocked. Later, I found a few foods make my tongue swell. My mouth can get worse if I eat poorly, or if I'm getting sick so I take from 2000mcg to 6000mcg under the tongue pills B-12. It is soooo nice to have one less annoying health problem! Good luck guys!
DB 14 July 12
wow , I didn't know this was such a huge problem for heaps of ppl.I 've had braces and that sort of thin when I was young.I already had 10 good teeth pulled for the braces.
Now my dentist wants to rip out more teeth as my mouth gets smaller from age to stop the cheek biting.
Has anyone tried chewing or bubble gum?
I know it's not the best if you already have ulcers but, it's worth a shot giving your teeth and gums a spacer.
Phil 3 July 12
I feel all of your pain. I keep biting my lower lip all the time my doctor said that it is because of my overbite. He told me that I would probably have to have surgery to bring my lower jaw forward a little bit and then get braces afterwards.
cassie 19 June 12
for mouth ulcers, or if you slip and 'jag' your gums with the toothbrush and break the skin, try a tiny dab of tea-tree oil on a cotton bud applied to the wound immediately you've done the damage. Works for me! Tea-tree may not be a good idea for small kids.
Belbel 19 June 12
I feel all of your pain!! I bite my cheek at night on one side without realising it; I can feel and see the teethmarks every morning and as it is swelled up, I bite it more the next night - a vicious circle. I've been doing it for years.

I've had an awful ulcer for 3 weeks now and it is not getting any better. I can't eat, I'm not sleeping properly, I'm tired and grumpy, I can't talk! Just a nightmare. I've been to the dentist and she said all my teeth were really sharp and making it worse when I bite so she has just "shaved them" all down to smooth them over. Sounds like I'm vampiric! I'm really hoping it helps. I'm staying up all night tonight to end the vicious cycle and give my cheek a break. I also find rinsing out my mouth with cold water as often as possible in the day helps and the ice thing that someone else said. Also, sounds and is horrible, but try dipping a cotton wool ball in tcp, squeezing it out slightly, and then keep it sitting in your mouth where the ulcer is; Vile, but it does help to heal (I haven't tried it in these 3 weeks as I think I have overdosed on TCP now and it makes me wretch! - I might try the vodka though that someone mentioned!)
One night insomniac 15 June 12
I'm new here also! I really don't know what to do about my mouth. My bite must be off, and I'm suffering. The doctor gave me pain medicine, because I thought I had an ear infection.....but it was only because of my jaw. I bit the inside of my left cheek, and now I have a lump there. Well when I'm nervous I find my tongue keep touching it. Well now it's grown, little bigger than a pea. I'm so, not wanting to show anyone. I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like tieing a string around it and tighten it....maybe it will fall off??? Sick of it!!! I'm 69!
Dina 8 June 12
So I to like many of you have been biting the inside of my bottom lip and cheek since I was young. I am 25 now and very rarely now will I chew.. I remember last year telling myself "never again" because it was such an unnecessary pain to inflict uPon myself. So I just got a brand new job waiting tables at a super busy and very nice restaurant 2 weeks ago and this past weekend I was watching bridesmaids and started to chew after biting my lip accidentally eating the day before. So my liP became raw and I continued tO chew knowing full well what the consequences would be but I just could not stop until bits and pieces of my skin started to come off and it was bleeding. Of course my lip swelled soooo much and was so embarrassing. I had to work the next day and could barely smile or talk because the stinging was excruciating and constant. It then turned into a mouth ulcer and is about the size of half of my pointer finger on the inner part of my bottom liP towards one side. So I ended up calling out the next night because it was so swollen and painful. The past 2 days I have worked and relied heavily on "kank a" to help numb and some old anti inflammatorys to keep the swelling down, I am about to run out and have work in 2 days and all next week. I am nervous the swelling won't reside and the pain will continue. I have rinsed with baking soda and it burns!!! This is the worst I have experienced after biting and I'm scared it will not heal fast enough. My job requires almost constant talking and smiling and I just keep aggrevAting it more. Anyone have any better suggestions??? Desperate. Thanks for your help.
Heather 7 April 12
This is seriously annoying me. Almost everyday when I wake up, I've got a bite on one side of my cheek.
Jake 5 April 12
this is been going since 2005 after i have moved to my parents to chicago but back when i was in Texas i never had it,,, i have never got any treatment of it. and people ask me why i always bit my lips and my inside cheek but they have never get the answer that they are looking for and all i have to say is a habit that i have and i can't help it. And i have finnaly realized that is all about stress that i have all the time, it terrible and anouying to, i feel so sad and sorry to myself even when i am on a date i couldn't help it but i always try to have gum in my mouth,,,,, so please if you have any idea or anything that i can help myself to fix my inside cheek i really need your help.... please help....
Amir 3 April 12
biting inside of gums really hurts and sometimes gets infected . i use saltwater but im going to try the propolis if i can get here in vancouver, b.c. im going to look. right now i have bitten inside gums and flared up using salt water and it really helps. thanks for this forum sheryl
sheryl greenfield 1 April 12 many of us. I am still at 53 years old biting my cheek and tongue. Sometimes while eating and at other times when asleep. I do believe this is slightly stress related, as with me it happens at times when I am more stressed or feeling uncomfortable. I will bit my cheek while eating at a table with other people whom I do not know or at night when living somewhere different from my natural habitat.
For me the best cure so far is wearing a gum shield while sleeping. Doing relaxation exercises for 5 minutes a day. Just relax my neck and jaw muscles and lastly taking my time when eating
mark 22 March 12
the hell? is this where bite yer cheek people gather? stop this madness and put in the solution to this legendary problem someone please T_T my face isn't symmetrical anymore its friggin swollen
HELLalujah 8 March 12
I bit my cheek badly last week and its still hurting and annoying me, I mouthwash it and it eases a little, however I do think that eating slowly, thinking about what your doing has helped me, I tend to rush my food down, but because of the pain I have been thinking more when eating, making myself slow down a bit and it seems to help.
It was interesting to read from someone who remembered biting inside of mouth when they were a child, It brought it back to me too, I used to chew the inside of my mouth - but it always healed, but it may have scarred my inner cheeks making them more swollen so easier to bite - just one of those really annoying things - good luck everyone.
JES 7 March 12
I have been suffering from this problem for ages too. My teeth don't look that crooked but my bite is off and that's why I always bite my cheeks and tongue by accident, I have tried so many things from having all my wisdom teeth removed, then using steroid mouthwash but the doctor wouldn't let me continue to use it as he said it was dangerous? (Idiot as it was working for me!)
Also I sleep with my mouth open as I find it hard to breathe through my nose so I'm sure this is the main trigger where the biting starts. I have a gum shield too but find it hard to sleep with it in.
Living with mouth ulcers makes me so miserable when I have them and I'm glad I'm not alone in this problem just wish there was a solution!
Does anyone know what vitamins to take to help prevent ulcers?
Holly, 26 5 March 12
I've been having this problem alot lately. Last night I was crying when I was trying to eat supper (seemed like every other bite I was chomping on my cheek , so I was desperate to find out what was going on. I had never thought of it, but when I was a kid, I used to get a little bump on either side of the inside of my cheeks, which I used to chew off. Every once in awhile lately, I bite my cheek, it hurts and makes me feel angry yet helpless. I am to the point where I'm trying to get my teeth pulled so I can get false teeth. (My mom says she used to bite her cheeks alot, but has not had that problem since she got false teeth.) Anyway, what do I do now? I noticed I seem to have more problems with certain foods. Like cabbage, or anything with cabbage in it. This is strange, because I did searches today, and cabbage is supposed to be anti-inflammatory. Anyway, reading some of the posts on this page and others, has been very helpful. I read one that claimed dabbing the spice Alum on the sore on my cheek (from the bites) would help. I tried it right away, and even though I haven't tried eating anything yet, the pain is gone! I still have coleslaw left from last night that I'm going to try eating for lunch.
Tintay 25 February 12
I have frequently given myself ulcers biting my tongue and lips etc but recently things got much worse. I noticed that I was constantly thrusting my tongue at/around teeth convinced i had debris stuck between them and later started sucking my cheeks, lips and tongue intensively. All these uncontolanle involuntary habits formed ulcers and fears for my sanity. I've just learned that the problem may be linked to taking medication for high blood pressure (ACEs can cause swelling of lips and tongue etc) and my med's have been changed. If this doesn't return things to normal I'm going to try hypnotherapy. I use bicarbonate soda directly on ulcers with good effect. I bought a great spray in china but have run out and don't know where else to get whatever it was
JAE 17 February 12
Yeah I had this I went to a dental hospital and straight away she said the lines and ulcers are caused from grinding your teeth at night so I got a gum shield :)
hannah 6 February 12
I bit my right cheek really hard on Friday nite and now I have a sore where I did it. All I can do is drink from a straw. Any suggestions on any meds i can use on it to make it feel better?
Jdawg 31 January 12
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CREERFOWL 30 January 12
Hi ladies and gentleman
Have a look at a site for completes for the use of crest 3d whitening /tooth paste produces. You may be very surprised at what you read. I know I am going to chance my tooth paste.
Bob Jan23 23 January 12
hi... im 40 yrs old... my inner cheeks are hurting by teeth.... actully 5yrs back i sufferd from toung cancer... done surgery, radition and chimio thepry...due to this my teeths became sharp that y its hurting my inner cheeks... i consult to my surgen.. he suggest me that go for caps... i really dont know wat to do.... if any one knows plz suggest me... thank you
kouser 5 January 12
Ive got the worst sores at the back of my mouth, and they feel like they are turning into ulcers. I cant eat, drink or even speak without being in so much pain. Im going to go to the doctors tomorrow morning and as soon as I am recommended anything I will let everyone know. Il let everyone know if it works too. Ive been eating ice cream as it hurts the least to eat and cools the sores. Just a note incase anyone is really finding it hard to eat.
Zoe 5 January 12
I woke up two days ago and my mouth was very sore. I thought I had an ulcer but when I went to check in the mirror there was nothing there. Both the left and right inside of my mouth was sore and it is very painful to eat and drink. After closer inspection all I can see are two lines on the inside of my mouth which I am told are natural but it is these lines where the pain is coming from, I was thinking something to do with my glands and possibly taking some penicillin, it's really frustrating as it is Christmas Dinner tomorrow and I would really like to enjoy it! ha ha
Mark 24 December 11
JULIE PELER - why dont you get your son to wash out his mouth every night with pure alcohol? It kills bacteria and viruses. Obviously, tell him not swallow any of it.
Andie 21 December 11
I use to bite my cheeks, lip, finger nails.
When I was younger, I would bite the feet of my barbie dolls.
When I got older i chewed pens.

Now i have some pretty bad TMJ. I am living on soft food and it doesnt look like I'll get to enjoy pastries, nuts or anything not ridiculously soft any time soon

Ive stopped ALL the biting.

I just hope to god I will get my jaw fucntion back somehow. Please try and stop the biting. Get a mouth guard. Meditate. Its possible. Look at me, Ive stopped biting my nails which I have been biting for 10 years because I CANT BITE THEM any more.
Andie 21 December 11

This'll take a bit of explanation;

SYMPTOMS: lack of free breathing, swollen stiff flat tongue, stiff jaw, difficulty talking, difficulty breathing, what looked like brushing too hard on my teeth (it wasn't, don't let a dentist near it, its due to teeth clenching), right swollen cheek, line on cheek

PREVIOUS AFFLICTIONS: very sporty and had chronic knee injury (stress), women trouble (more stress), unemployed (even more stressed), didn't know what I wanted to do after my degree (stress), car accident and deviated septum (altered breathing), crooked impacted wisdom tooth

Now, if your breathing is altered in any way, get it fixed - meditation breathing exercises worked for me and nasal spray. Humans were designed to breath through your nose, not your mouth.
swimming with proper breathing technique will help alot with your breathing and relaxation.
lookup some jaw exercises and do them daily this will relax the TMJ symptoms.
if you can practice speaking exercises, this also helps a hell of alot.
get your dentist to check for any wisdom teeth abnormalities and fix them

I know it sounds like mumbo jumbo, but unfortunately there is no quick fix for this as its stress related mostly.
It took about 6-9 months for my symptoms to reduce to bearable levels and I could continue my voice over work and acting.

And this sounds silly, but, force yourself to be happy, I know, cheddar as cheddar can be but its proven that laughter is linked to being relaxed and happy. I started talking to complete strangers at train stations, doing radioplays in front of drunken audiences and in any situation I am in, looking on the bright side.

Take it, leave it, but it works, I know how to relax myself trying these different variations of exercises and over time it will become habit and need less and less effort.

please try these techniques and stay constant, it takes a long time to fix
steve 20 December 11
Have you heard of 'Watermelon Frost" Powder? It usually heals up my ulcers. It is packaged in a small bottle and can get it in most chinese medical store.
Duane Tan 13 December 11
when you bite your cheek in your sleep how long will to take to heal
Jason bamsey 9 December 11
I have braces, and let me tell you, it is painful! Normally I would bite my cheeks, but since getting braces it's about 10 times worse. I have 2 at the moment (not much) but my braces rub on my bites and it gets so painful to talk, I even stop eating some days because I can't bare the pain. Is there any home remedies that don't burn (salt water etc) thanks!
Michelle 23 November 11
JOSE NOV 11 14 November 11
there nothing just ct them open with knife
hi 4 November 11
Am I glad or am I glad. Sorry for sounding happy that others too have this problem of biting their cheek unknowingly. It'sort of reassuring to know that many many having the same problem and suffering the same consequences. My thoughts went off at tangent and I thought it could be cancer. I am quite healthy and there was no need for me to have such negative thoughts. My doctor said the inflammation inside my right cheek is caused due to biting. I have never had this problem before. After reading these mails, maybe I should go in for a mouth guard. How many days do we have to suffer this? is there no permanent cure? Thank you all for sharing your pain and views. it snapped me out of depression. Thank you once again.
Utthara 31 October 11 31 October 11
Hi. My little two year old girl is always biting the inside of her cheeks. The doctor just brushes it off as nothing which I assumes means the doctor doesn't have a clue. I was wondering if anybody has ever been checked for worms. I am going to the doctor with this theory since I just dewormed my parents dog. My two year old has spent some time around this dog which was pretty heavily infested. Worms are hard to diagnosis and blisters on the inside of the mouth is a symptom of worms.
Ryan 26 October 11
Hey everyone. I just came across this website. I also have the same problem! I get mouth ulcers all the time! But this time I got it on my inner cheek and its swollen. It's been 3 days now. Since 2 days I staryed my usual treatement which is (usually) like magic! I use an iodine gargle every 2hrs and a sort of paste I got from my last trip in thailand. It really works without stinging like bongela. It's called "Trinolone oral paste". The ulcers usually go in 2-3 days max with this. I hope that it works this time too!
Stella 25 October 11
Omg, I've been searching online for soars in mouth and nothing came up, so today I just type I bite my cheeks and wow! So many of you out there. I was sitting here thinking I was all alone. I have fibromyalgia so I never know if the pain I feel is from that or a new problem. My tongue hurts so bad it bleeds. I'm becoming allergic to everything. The glands in my neck are supper swollen, and I can stopping playing with my ulcer with my tongue,it drives me nuts
Pandorica 26 September 11
I have been biting my cheeks for about 40 years. It is getting worse and I am worried about developing cancer. I did biopsy and the doctor said it is hyperplasia and it is a habit more than it is a medical condition and advised me to break the habit but I have been trying for years in vain!!! I visited about 10 different doctors and nobody could help me get rid of this issue and it is getting worse and painful and I do not know what to do. I tried to see if it is related to stress or food allergies but never could link it to anything because some days it ivery bad when I am stressed out and other days it bad when I am having a great and happy day!! Everyday is different and sometimes I feel spicy food triggers that but other days spicy food does not have any negative effect. I am very confused and I have been suffering since i was 10 years old and I am 51 now.
Suffereing M 21 September 11
I am a 17 year old girl and I've been biting my cheeks and tongue for as long as I can remember.
I landed on a post which said to check for thyroid diseases though it didn't embellish. I do have hyperthyroidism but I have been biting away for much longer than when a was diagnosed.
Some doctors suggest it's a nervous thing, constancy chewing. I've been told I grind my teeth too. I know I'm a total fidget in bed (no not from there people's accounts) because my bed covers are always splayed on the floor and pillows chucked away. I've broken a few lamps in these night fights but I digress.

I find that they heal well when I make the conscious effort not to bite.
If they are really bad, gargling salt water helps kill bacteria. And some kind of antiseptic gel, helps rid the pain however I would suggest using it at night because you could be chomping away at your mouth and feel it even less so.
I think I will chat to my dentist and invest in a mouth guard (I live in Scotland, UK where health care is free so finding a suitable one will be not too costly).
Megan from Scotland, UK. 15th of September 11. 15 September 11
i get him to get rid of it my son also bites the inside of his cheek and now has a blister or ulcer what should
jos 10 September 11
I had a problem with biting my tongue or the inside of my cheeks at night, these bites then ulcerated and you know the restÖ I eventually realized that this was usually occurring due to the bodily muscle spasm that often occured just as I went to sleep (hypnic jerk). I am now taking a small dosage of Amitriptyline (10 mg) in the evening for a neurological problem, ATP (Atypical Facial Pain) and happily find that this also suppresses this jerk when I go to sleep. I believe there are other medications available for it and would suggest you go and see your doctor if you have this problem.
Willow 9 September 11
The only thing that helps is time. and a glass of lemon juice even though it'll burn like crazy it helps to keep it clean.
Bob 2 September 11
I had some bulimia issues for the past 2 1/2 years straight but recently this month have barely thrown up or anything. I'm doing much better. Do you think the inside of my cheeks have swollen? It's only on my left check that I seem to accidentally bite my cheek while eating no matter how slow I eat or try to avoid it and it does hurt and make eating hard. I'd really like an explanation so I can know how to solve this problem. Nice to see I'm not alone. And I agree with Holly (13 July 11), it's cool to see that this thread is still going strong up to today! :)
Alexa 21 August 11
I am having the same problem doctor adviced me to take riboflavin (vit B), which i am about to do.
Victor 21 August 11
Seriously even am having the same problem and its too painful , its been more than a week and i didnt went to the doctor and i think i wanna do the home remedy so hopefully now i'll start salk gargaling and vinegar
Alaqmar 19 August 11
I guess we all have some issues, I have some of the same symptoms as all of you. I have a nervous tick of biting the skin on the insides of my mouth and lips sometimes leaving me in pretty bad shape. I call that nerves. I also have had a several mouth ulcers due to biting my checks accidentally and as someone else suggested keeping teeth brushed and mouthwash or in my case peroxide (do not swallow) has helped the issue. I have also had an allergic reaction a few times to processed "potato salad" in which the whole inside of checks swelled roughly half and inch or more and you could tell from outside of my mouth it lasted for several hours and luckily my airways did not constrict needless to say I do not eat processed potato salad or coleslaw anymore. I am sure it is a reaction to one of the preservatives not sure which one so I check foods these days before buying or eating. My only suggestion for the biting on the insides of our mouths is to slow down when we chew, I eat on the run many times and that is when it happens the most, and for the nervous ticks I try to chew gum, but have bit my checks doing that too, lol...I have a scar line on both sides inside my mouth.
Debbie 17 August 11
Well, i do nancy but my mouth does not bleed then when i woke up this morning my mouth was really sore in the back. When i touched inside my mouth it felt like i had salt inside of my cheek.
imani 16 august 11 16 August 11
Read this pleasee!!
Well, min is diffrent. I bite little threads of skin inside my mouth on my cheeks and my tongue. It doesn't hurt until I rip big chunks off then it bleeds bad. My cheeks have liitle bleeding spots and tiny threads of skin. & my tongue just looks like cancer. It's not because I know it's because of my ripping skin off. I don't know why I do this. & I'm wondering if anyone else does.
Nancy 16 August 11
It was such a relief to read this post. I was sure I had cancer because apparently head cancer starts with mouth ulcers. My cheeks have been swollen for at least a year, resulting in sores not healing. I am going try all the remedies listed here! Thanks.
Nita 4 August 11
#1 rinse ur mouth with any product contains soda right away , it will cure it immedietly
#2 no soda then try salty water
#3 listerine also helps
.........................just make sure u do it right away
moe 4 August 11
Best solution. Dab salt directly on to the ulcer, or use salt and water. Slosh it around your mouth focusing on the area of the ulcer. works a treat.
Amber 26 July 11

I just went to my dentist today because of gum swelling and a huge sore in side the mouth on the cheek area Hurts like hell. Tried everything to releive the pain , helps for a while and back it comes. Its from biting on the cheek while sleeping grinding my teeth. Now it's infected so I'm on Ciprio I to suffered from mouth ulcers all my life. Food & alcohol has alot to do with it and stress. Friday I go to my ENT Dr, for this also is related to infected sinius .
Angela 20 July 11
Angela 21 July 11
Wow, this thread was started so long ago and is still going strong! I first realized that I'm not the only one with this problem when Huffington Post did an article on it. Boy, were there a lot of responses! The article claimed to help people stop chewing, but didn't tell us anything anyone didn't already knew. I honestly don't think there is a cure besides sure willpower.

I am 22 and have been chewing probably since I was about 7. I chew on both sides of my cheeks where my teeth come together, all around the perimeter of my tongue, and my bottom lip. I don't do it in my sleep--I'm always conscious of it, but most times I'm zoning out, not really focused. Sometimes I realize I'm doing it and keep going because it feels too good to stop, like a guilty pleasure. I may do it more when I'm anxious, I'm not really sure. But I think I have noticed that I do it more when I haven't eaten in a while, like my body wants to eat and will eat anything that happens to be in my mouth, like my tongue, cheeks, and lip. No one has mentioned that it occurs more when someone was hungry, so I thought I'd bring my case up.

I tried to stop last year because it seems like such a childish habit, and I did manage not to do it so much a month before my wedding, but now that it's over, I'm back on full speed again! I almost don't want to quit because it's a stress reliever. I know, however, that the only way I'll be able to is to focus and force myself to stop.

Good luck to all of you!
Holly 13 July 11
Am blown away by # of responses, some very helpful. My accidental biting along left cheek and tongue is probably caused by small mouth, misaligned teeth and cheeks becoming concave from age and weight loss. Eating with mouth closed is helping. I love to talk and laugh when eating with friends, but will have to stop that. It's worse when I'm run down or sleep deprived. KANKA SoftBrush Gel is easy to use and very soothing. It pinpoints sore area so there's no waste. Small as mascara brush, so I keep one in med. cabinet and one in purse. Thanks everyone, hope these help!
Ann R 12 July 11
I have problems with my bite and wear a tanner (mouth guard) on my bottom teeth to correct it. My jaw has to be aligned by the chiropractor to keep it working properly. Sometimes my jaw can 'shift' and cause me to bite on my cheek. I also then get nervous system disturbance because the muscles around my jaw and neck become misaligned and affect the nerves. I get a rapid heart rate and nervous feeling and a sudden feling of falling which wakes me up. It's a kind of big 'swoosh' and I wake up with a feeling of anxiety which is physical rather than mental. It won't go until I go to the chiropractor and I am distressed that I am totally dependent on a practitioner who charges £50 a go. However, it has been happening for so many years I am glad to know exactly what is going on (although I don't alwys know the exact trigger) I'm interested to hear about women who get it before their periods as I am just about to have mine - I have never considered this correlation.
Helen 12 July 11
i have been doing this too which im completely embarrassed by!i have lots of anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder so i wonder if thats what its from but i was on a pill called topomax and that seemed to completely stop it am i crazy?
frustrated 9 July 11
my son is 12 and gets ulcers every 6 months.. sometime it is only one and and other times it breaks out wild in his mouth and nose and throat and lips... It is very aggressive and takes over these areas within 24 hrs from the first ulcer... We have been in and out of hospital over the last 4 years and they do not know why he is getting it or how he gets it... Just treat him for the pain for it.... they say it is a mouth virus but why is he getting so offen... our gp put him on a product by the name of nilstate and if caught early enough seems to help keep it at bay with him only getting one or tow ulcers but then it has come back again this time and the nilstate seems to be helping but the ulcers are still winning... I wish i had answers to why and how he gets it... It can start off with blood shot eyes and swallon lips and eyes and then the ulcers come... it can last 2 to 3 weeks.... I wish i could do something to help my baby boy.... feel so lost and it cuts my heart in two every time he has to suffer with this nasty mouth thing....
julie pedler 8 July 11
At long last I have found a near perfect answer after trying many home made appliances. Buy flat silicone toe separators from the pharmacist. Use the biggest ones in the pack. Insert one each side between upper teeth and cheeks. The stay in place all night.
I know I couldn't sleep with a mouth guard and everything else I've tried drives me mad also. These very soft very pliable toe separators are superb, hardly know they are in place. Let me know how you all get on with them.
Caz 4 July 11
I have dealt with canker sores since i was a child. Many years ago I was told to try L-Lysine. It doesn't prevent the biting, but it does increase the speed of healing time without a doubt (at least for me). Be sure you are taking enough though. I usually take just one 5oomg tablet a day to prevent the sores that used to occur unprovoked, but when I am trying to get rid of an existing sore, I will often take the recommended 6 a day. It also recommends taking on an empty stomach. I have heard taking it with vitamin C helps absorption, so I often take it with a glass of juice. So, it might be worth checking out for those suffering from mouth sores. It's made a big difference for me.
hhg 29 June 11
EVERYONE: If your mouth is swelling and you develop mouth sores, you are most likely allergic to GARLIC. When you eat garlic, your mouth will swell and then you might bite your cheek, etc. You may also get irritations and bumps on your tongue.
Jennifer 20 June 11
Ihave been accidentally biting the inside of my cheeks and mouth for a maybe 6 weeks or so. I believe it's because the inside gets savvy like the outside as we age. I had a mini lower face lift to improve turned down mouth and genetically engineered bowl and neck. Love the improvement but am thinking perhaps it caused the inside to be more in the way of the teeth since outside was tightened and inside wasn't.
joyonthebeach 19 June 11
i have been suffering from this ulcer. But i get relief within week. i noticed that when ever i bit my cheek, i get this ulcer. few days back i saw very tiny small white pimple type (as in back ground) started to develop with one red painful one, in the inner line of my cheek. i went to doctor she said they are due to cheek bite. but i have noticed that even that red ulcer goes with time and only come when i bite my cheek. but why this small dots never goes, even though they don't hurt.
anuj 18 June 11
My uncoscious habit of cheek and tongue CHEWING I call it started when I was prescribed Sertraline for anxiety and feeling stressed/depressed.I am lucky its not too bad and I believe the meds and chewing have caused my tongue and cheeks to swell a bit so biting occurs now and again.
Pat 17 June 11
Yes, I bite the inside of my mouth. Usually when I'm in stress. I also wake myself up from biting my lip, tongue or inside of mouth. Or when I rush eating, sometimes my gums get in to my biting path. Campho-Phenique was the only thing I tried. The label says it's not for the inside of the mouth. It does bring some relief. Well, I am relieved to find out other people chew their gums.
Mark 15 June 11
nick 8 June 11
All people with any form of mouth sores should avoid sugar for several weeks or months. And then a person should check whether he or she has allergies to any foods or objects that are placed in the mouth. When washing your mouth with salt and baking soda water it should not be burning hot. And if your sores are bad do not swish it violently, or you could make your sore worse. The salt and baking soda does hurt, yet it works as an antiseptic. For pain, clove tea is very helpful. Pour a little powdered cloves with lukewarm water, and sip this frequently. If a person has such large sores that it is almost impossible to eat, try soft food like yogurt with honey, cream of chicken soup, mashed banana, or apple sauce. Avoid stressful situations and take plenty of vitamin c. And if you are on a diet or a vegetarian, check whether or not you are getting enough iron or vitamin b12.
They call me Doc 8 June 11
I started to get ulcers when I was around 6! I have had them since then which is a really long time. Right now I have 5 and can barely eat, talk, or brush my teeth! My mouth mouth feels disgusting, it hurts, I'm starving, and I don't know what to do about it. I've tried hot salt-water, and that HURTS like crazy! That works with 1 or 2 canker sores but 5? Thats MUCH more painful. I have also tried orajel and other similar products but they only numb them for 20-30 minutes- but its impossible to eat, talk or open your mouth at all for me. My mouth is tiny and doesnt have much space, and ulcers are such a pain. I will try Alum but I'm not sure if i could stand it..
kayla 6 June 11
I tried Alum from the grocery store and it worked! One day and I was much better... thanks for the help'
L mil 4 June 11
ah i see lots of other people are getting these i bit down on my cheek and all the sudden it feels and looks like my skin was stretched together and hurts hella to move my teeth i thought it was just another canker sore at first but noticed it wasnt white or looked like a little hole on the inside of my cheek dont know what to do about it if its serious cause i dont want this thing for no 2 years... or even weeks
Devo 4 June 11
An Indian gentleman told my friend to eat chillies to stop ulcers in the mouth. The ulcers stopped completely after my friend started eating hot chillies. It works
Omar Doha 28 May 11
Powdered alum that you can buy at the pharmacy is an absolute cure for canker sores. Just dab a little bit of the powder, enough to cover it completely, on the sore. Let it set for maybe one minute. Yes, it will hurt. Then rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. Do this twice a day and by the third day the sore will be almost gone. It has never failed me. If you catch one when it is just starting, using is once will usually keep the sore from comin one. This has never failed me. I have a friend whose doctor told her to do this and I have helped many people telling them about it.
KFC 26 May 11
Hi all,

For about seven years I have been biting the right side of my tongue/cheek when I'm asleep. There are, of course, moments of relief, but most of the time there is some kind of ulcer there, even if mild. I have a few tips for coping:

1) use Corsodyl mouthwash as soon as you feel an ulcer coming on, and continue to use until it goes away
2) taking Echinacea *short term* can boost your immune system and prevent recurring ulcers
3) I tried a mouth guard, made for me by my dentist, but it was very thick and I would spit it out every night during my sleep. MUCH better is to get two bleaching trays made, as they are slimmer and have a tighter fit.
4) Avoid alcohol, citrus and salt when you are suffering - it only makes the ulcers last longer
5) DE-STRESS! This is where I have not been able to change, hence why I am always suffering.

Good luck people, and keep posting tips!
Ruth, London 20 May 11
I to have ridges on both sides, my dentist said the cheeks catch on the wisdom teeth and the ridges could develope in to tumors so they have to come out. I have also seen an orthodontist and she said a brace to pull the wisdom teeth in should solve the problem. So currently deciding which option to take but problem getting worse so will do this soon.
C Biggs 16 May 11
39 male. Yea I bite the inside of my cheeks too, and am a confirmed nail biter... slowed down on the nails(it was really bad when i was a kid), and kind of just picked one finger to 'pick on'. and the rest have recovered nicely. I've had this cheek nipping habit for a few years. They dont get infected or ulcerated and seem to heal by the next day leaving white dead skin ridges, that get nipped off the next day...grr i think being mostly vegetarian helps you heal faster. or at least...eating your vegetables every day gives your body the nutrients it needs to heal in your sleep. Definitely a nervous or thinking habit for me. I'm amazed there are so many other people that do this! i've stopped before but it takes constant vigilance...
jack 13 May 11
Hi. I have really bad pain on the inside of my mouth on my cheek. I do have an ulcer at the top of my jaw line but the whole cheek, teeth and glands are killing me!!!!!!. I do bite my cheeks now and then and there are skin tags as a result from this and they are exceptionally sore. I have just been put on Antibiotics for a chronic middle ear infection and i have a feeling it is all linked........Not to mention i have an absus under a tooth that really needs pulling out. I am going to the dentist on tuesday so i shall post my results for all you lovely ppl and i hope it will help you too.
Jenna 8 May 11
I just wanted to share my experience: I grind my teeth at night and somehow I bit my cheek. I continued to unconsciously bite on it and it formed a small bump. Each time i bit in it, the bump grew bigger and bigger. I went to a dentist, who referred me to an oral surgeon and he said it was traumatized tissue. I finally gathered my money and the courage and had the bump surgically removed yesterday. As of today, I do not feel any pain, and the only thing that is uncomfortable is the stitches sewn inside my cheek. Hopefully everything heals fine and it doesn't reoccur. The bump is being sent in for pathology testing just to make sure its not cancerous or anything.
vampira24 5 May 11
I'm 25, and I have a half-way in wisdom tooth which is also growing in sideways. Getting it out is on the list for things to do, but it's so expensive due to unethical dental practitioners ($1600 for 45 mins is a bit ridiculous, even with gas). I am not sure what's causing it, but I recently had a costco jumbo dog with hot peppers, and I'm pretty sure one of the seeds got into the flappy wisdom area for a while. So, even though I love spicy food, I will have to avoid it until after a surgery/removal. Also, berries with seeds... seeds are the bane of my existence. Thanks for all the tips. I use listerine and salt water, but didn't get any listerine while i was at costco, because they didn't have my favourite flavour... what a mistake!
pickanick 29 April 11
Hi, I have this ulcer on the inside of my bottom lip. I have just turned 15 and I have braces. I sometimes bite down on my bottom lip ( the inside ) as well. The ulcer is clear. I have had these ulcers in the past - since i was about 4 or 5. The ulcers usual appear after i have bitten the inside of my lips. These ulcers have appeared on my tongue, the back of my mouth and so on. I am just really afraid that it could be related to the herpes cold-sores. I can perhaps be getting a bit paranoid, but i really need to know if it is just the braces and the biting that are causing these ulcers. Can anyone help me out? I am not interested in what can help to relieve/heal these ulcers. I just want to know the cause! I appreciate any possible causes.

Jo xx
Josie 25 April 11
I recently just started this a few weeks ago when my entire world flipped upside down one day without warning. Since then I don't sleep and I don't feel like eating and i am 24/7 chewing and scraping and biting the insides of my mouth. my tongue has bumps and sores and raised taste buds, open sores up and down the sides of it, the inside of my cheeks look like a weed eater got ahold of them and lips are chapped and have open sores as well from biting and chewing. I've NEVER had this problem before.
Jaimey 13 April 11
I have been biting the insides of my cheek for a while now but it's weird that ulcers have never appeared and I don't want them to. I just can't seem to stop this bad habit. Any advice?
Jasmine 10 April 11
Hi i have a different case, kindly urgently assist, i bit my cheek at the lower of the lower cavity near the outside of my mouth, it developed to be a relatively big sore. now my friends are threatning saying i should go for a HIV test. could you kindly tell me how to treat it and permanently.
my email is -
Richy 10 April 11
hey, does yogurt help get rid of the ulcers?
i heard that they have a certain mineral that helps get rid of the bacteria or something like that.
when i ate it, t was semi rozen and when i put it to my ulcer, it numbed the pain and when i touched it with my tongue, it didnt hurt. it only lasted less than an hour though.. but its a affordable and nice.
Amy 7 April 11
To all,
i've had mouth ulcers since i was a kid. i know it isnt heredity because my family members rarely have it. it started out as biting the back of my cheek. then it turned into an ulcer. it is yellow-ey in the crater-like centre and hurts painfully. i've had it for more than a week now and wont go away. it would usually go away within a few days, a week at the maximum. i've tried Bonjela before and it never worked with my other ulcers and i doubt this one will. it tastes and smells unpleasant. whenever i bite, my teeth scrape the ulcer and the pain is excruciating.
Kenalog was supposed to be helpful. is it?
Are there any other remedies?
Amy xx
Amy 6 April 11
MIA, first of all it sounded like you had a little infection to begin with. A wisdom tooth coming in or just going bad causes irritation and can lead to infection alone. Then you had the tooth pulled and you have to realize mouths are bacteria breeders! Also every body reacts to extractions differently. some people recover in hours with little problems while others it can take weeks to recover from one pulled tooth. When you went back to the doctor did they mention dry pocket? Your problem seems bad and if antibiotics didn't work then it can be some kind of a flesh eating virus. Sounds horrible but can be controlled. Go back to the doctor and get a tissue sample taken. Its not cancer because it progressed to fast. You need a tissue sample and im sure with one they will tell you exactly what's wrong. This information im giving you is just my best guess. I am not a doctor and i can be wrong. See a doctor again and do not leave until you get answers. Some cases of ulcers are caused by viruses. Also with the doctors saying its a bad ulcer i cant believe they didn't give u a tissue sample already! HOPE THIS HELPED! And dont ever give up because there is an answer to every situation!
raph 5 April 11
Hi! My case is a bit different from all of this, but i would really love to hear from you guys. Maybe someone have heard fill free to express your thought ! I am exhausted, constantly in PAIN!! Few month ago i noticd my mouth was tender and i found out that it was because of my wisdom teeth so they both got removed and THERE IS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TOUCHES MY CHEEK!! The problem was supposed to go away but it just on its own started to grow bigger, inflammed and larger!! I definatly can't bite it, i actually cant even eat at all it i mostly drink even that agrivated my hole! Water burns when it gets in there, can you belive it?!!! The wound is preety large on my right cheek only. It is really open, really raw already for couple mounth, full of blood, completly swollen! I can feel my nerve twitch, i even can feel my bones on that side get sore. I even a little while ago had a bone infection from this ulcer.The hole is Stinging and Burning PAINFULLY!!! Burning feels as oven is being turned on high. I keep taking alot of painkillers and only get a short relieve, but it does not take away the burning!! I lose alot of blood, alot of times it would be dripping from my mouth, my hair, cloth would be covered in thick layer of blood!! I tried antibiotics, sprays and injections full of streroids! I tried everything even chinese herb medicine!! My cheek is very tender, cant move my mouth, hard to talk!! I cry alot, the doctors dont know what to do with me as they say that this the most severe case of ulcer that thy seen!! The blood test show that my iron is very low so i am a bit anemic!!!! If anybody have any suggestions please help!!!!! I need you guys!! I changed my toothpaste, i dont eat any spice food!! I am tired, loosing hope, but not ready to give up!!!!!
Mia 20 1 April 11
How exciting to find this site...I thought I was the only one with this problem. Thanks Alex for the toothpaste tip and reminder about stress playing a big part. Raph, I didn't know that coffee causes swelling too. I'll lay off coffee to see if that helps. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
Theresa 23 March 11
I had the same ridge like line around my bottom lip. I thought it was irritation from my teeth rubbing my lips. A friend of mine said its a type of fungus and to use scope. I used generic mouth wash and it went away in about two weeks. The cheek swelling went away first then the elevated line ended up slowly blending into my normal looking lip. I was also told it is irritation from the acid on your teeth and triggers the swelling then the line. IDK but mouth wash seemed to do it! Hope i was some help. Good luck!! Oh and Alex is correct about some mouth washes and allergies witch can cause swelling too so keep that in mind! Smoking, alcohol, coffee , and minty foods cause swelling also.
raph 20 March 11
Ive always had this problem i guess its from being a little chunky and my cheecks barly hanging over my back teeth, but i also have a gag issue i have a hard time shishing, just tried the peroxide mouth rinse and it didnt end well for my but so far a q-tip + oragel = wonders just sucks i have to live covering the pain every 30 mins or so.. i wonder if i can just get my 2 back bottom teeth removed wouldfeel beter than this...
Nick 18 March 11
yes i also unconsciously cut inside of my cheeks with teeth , mostly when i m tensed or thinking deeply . i m doing this form 3 years:((((
aysh 7 March 11
this page started with a problem from one rachel. i am rachel and i have the same problem. its being a weekk that its paining too much and there is swelling on jaws as well. i am always thinking its because of my wisdom tooth and now i got to know its not.
rachel 3 March 11
I can't believe there so many of us! id id not even know what to search for but somehow I got here. I feel so hopeless sometimes cause I get this fairly often and I just know it goes away and so I do nothing about and instead just allow it to heal itself, but now I will at least have somthing to try. thanks to you all cheek biters and the advisors! The beauty of internet!!
Lineekela 25 February 11
Hi there thought I'd add my two cents.

It might be your toothpaste or mouthwash. if you look on the label of Corsodyl mouthwash it mentions side effects such as cheek swelling and cheek peeling. I have the same problem and am currently changing my toothpastes and mouthwash to see if that makes any difference.

I also have bitten my cheek right at the back of my mouth, but I suspect that is because I have a wonky wisdom tooth which I will get removed as soon as I can. I only have it on one side of my mouth.

stress can also play a major part in how much you can feel the ridge, try relaxation and breathing exercises as they relax all the neck and mouth muscles.

regards alex
alex 16 February 11
I have found a way to stop the ulcers when you bite your lip or jaw. Put alcohol on the bite area right away. Works every time for me. I use to get the ulcers when ever I bit my lip. You can get some alcohol swabs and carry a few with you so you can have them on hand.
Tim 14 February 11
i use to bite my lip when i was little but, it went away but, now that i am older i losted my job and i realize that i took up the habit again, it is painful and hard to stop what do you do, i even find myself doing it in my sleep
lynn 26 January 11
I'm constantly biting my cheeks for a week now. The swelling really sucks! The feeling of biting my cheeks while eating really sucks too! I cannot enjoy eating delicious foods. I'm always conscious to make sure not to bite my cheek again. I already tried gargling using some oral antiseptics but nothing solves my problem. I'll try alum tomorrow to find out if it will do well. Please give more advice. Thanks. God bless.
Jaylord 15 January 11
I have had the ulcers on the inside of my checks for 3 years. They have never clesred up or gone away. They have been there evry day for 3 years now!!!! I am in constant pain from them. I started with my primary who could not help me, Then an oral surgeon who biopsied one and it cam e back as nothing. But it grew back in 2 days after he removed it. Some Dr.'s I have been to think that I bite or suck on the corners of my mouth but they are wrong. i do not have this biting problem that you all talk about.
I have neen to tufts Dental School of medicine in boston. They have made me upper and lower bite guards to wear. The bottom one I am suppose to wear all day nd the top one wear it at night. This does not even help the ulcers on the side of my mouth. They told me that I have top teeth that are to big for the bottom teeth. And I have what they call a collapse jaw! I do not have any jaw pain so go fiqure!!!! These ulcers hurt so bad morning noon and night for 3 years now with no relief!!!!!!!!!!! I can not understand how this problem started out!!!!! I did have all my silver fillings replaced with white ones and I think the drilling caused all my teeth to shift and now my bite is all screw up. The top teeth squeeze the inside of my cheecks and I think that is how these nasty ulcers have formed. tomorrow I go back to Tufts in Boston and I am telling them my theory. The bite guards are not curing these ulcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My next step will be to ask them if braces will stop these ulcers!!!!!! I need a very experienced Dr. to help me with this problem. Every one else talks about that they bite themselves. That is not what I am doing. Its the position of how my teeth are and the fact of skin elastisity as we age. You kow how the corners of your mouth tend to sink in as you age? I am 58 and all this has a lot to do with it. Right now my ulcers are killing me!!!!! got to go
jmp January 3, 2010 3 January 11
i have this small lump under my lips (inside part) as i got a cut while eating something 3 months back. I kept cutting the same spot again and again while eating and at times while talking. Does anyone know how to deal with it. Its visible when i'm talkin to someone and its embarrasing. I'm 34.
Addy 28 December 10
I have been really worried about this problem too! I think I must have bitten the inside of my cheek, as I too have the raised white line inside my left cheek, my ear has also been sore and my jaw line too, if it's still like this tomorrow I'll go and see the Doctor. Interesting that some people have mentioned having iron deficiencies, as I had very low iron awhile ago, and also grinding their teeth, as I do this too. It is nice to know you're not the only one though isn't it.
Jacqui 19 December 10
Try gargling with a warm solution of salt ( disove say one and a half table spoon idissolved in just boiled hot water, and allow to cool until the first mouth-bearable temperature.) Unlike normal saline whichmay be isotonic with your body fluids, this water is hypertonic to. As it is more concentrated than the swollen cheeks, it will draw water from the cheeks. Repeating this gargle 2ice a day for one week should help permanmtly unswell the cheeks,
Mediso: 16 December 2011
Medico 16 December 10
Welsh granny is hilarious. I stopped reading there. Now I don't know whether to be relieved or alarmed about all this cheek biting business. Who ever would have thought it was so common? I've been wondering if the inside of my cheeks are swollen because of culinary spices I use quite a lot. You never know, do you? I upped my usage of cinnamon, turmeric, chili etc. after reading about their amazing benefits. Okay, I try to think logically about this problem. When did it start? Could it be caused by toothpaste? Maybe the new toothpastes are too harsh? I also notice mine started after the dentist applied flouride to the teeth and gums--at least I think that's what he applied. I'm turning into a medical intuitive as I try to find out why. Tell you what, I'm also a homeopath and I'm going to do some further research to see while remedy is best for reducing swelling. If the cheek wasn't swollen in the first place, biting wouldn't really be a problem because we'd be biting into empty space. Louise Hay might say we need to relax and stop talking for a while, she says with tongue in cheek, or cheek in teeth. It must be some sort of allergy. I'll do some further investigation and get back to all you good people. Don't even think of the word 'cancer'. HELP!!
modernmystic 7 December 10
im 18- my left bottom wisdom tooth is coming in and it caused my left cheek to get very tender and sore.. i used a flash light to look at my cheek and there is a white colored raised line inside of my mouth (assuming the glad) and closer to my tooth as a huge ulcer.. the pain is horrible and i can not eat anything on that side of my mouth.. even gum hurts. does anyone know anything to do to eat the pain until i can get the tooth pulled?
Jessica 2 December 10
I found that if i have eaten to many sweet things or just the abundance of sugar in so many foods this time of year my cheeks swell on the the point where I'm biting them..this has been going on for years.. not knowing why?...but i do know for me, it's when i'm eating to much glucose or sugary foods..WHY???
Robert 30 November 10
patricia 2010 27 November 10
Hi, I am 30 years old and since May I have been having so many problems with my mouth. I noticed white thick lines on the insides of my cheeks, pretty much the same as what I have been reading. I haven't recalled biting my cheeks or grinding my teeth but I must be doing it in my sleep as I am quite stressed worrying there's something serious with me. The left side of my tongue also burns and stings most days and i have a painful taste bud on the left side most of the time which is causing concern. I have had it checked out by an oral sergeon and he said it's nothing to worry about but I just like the pain to go away. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it itches. I was told I have and Iron and vitiman D difficiency and been taking supliments for 1 month. I know it takes time but I was expecting it to have made some improvement. Also where the 2 end teeth are at the top there are normally semetrical lumps that are normal part of the mouth but on my left side there seems to be a split in the lump which concerns bme because I have never felt it like this before and this also tingles. Any help or advice would be good. Lisa
Lisa 26 November 10
I am 19 years old I have ulcers almost everyday in a different part of my mouth for as long as I can remember I was given oracel mouth wash by my dentist but it numbs the ulcers for a few minutes then the horrible pain is back..I feel everyones pain and as of now theirs really nothing that makes them disappear forever...this site was helpful I thought me and my mother were the only ones who got them but I guess it isn't as uncommon as I thought. And definitely keep away from sour or spicy foods when you have ulcers because if they come in contact with this kinds of food they will burn like crazy..
Sash 26 November 10
I have been having a bad ulcer for 6 days. It was so painful that I could hardly speak, eat or smile. It made my cheek swell up. I went to see my doctor & he gave me some painkillers & a cream to apply. Both gave me only temporary relief. So last night I went to see my dentist & she told me that both my wisdom teeth which had grown out were biting on my cheeks. This was most probably causing the ulcer. My cheek is now very uneven and has a tiny blood clot. The only way to resolve this was to remove my wisdom teeth, but she said it's quite a common problem. She applied Oracot on the ulcer & numbed it...the pain was gone! It was the first time in 6 days that I wasn't in constant pain. She also gave me mouthwash & advised me to use it to kill any bacteria.
Ashes C 10 November 10
BITEY 9 November 10
For all mouth ulcers try rinsing with maalox and benedryl mixed equally. The Maalox helps the healing and the benedryl helps to relieve some of the pain.
Robin 6 November 10
always have cuts or sores in my mouth they last only 2 or 3 days not sure what they are I wish I knew what they where they usually don't hurt and they usually come out in my in cheek.. or inner lip could it be herpes??
Zz 26 October 10
Hi I have just had a really painful mouth ulcer on the side of my mouth. I am sure it has occurred because I had a really bad cold, hate the Winter and am stressed as well. I found that pastes from the chemist just didnt help at all, they seemed to make it worse. I think that it is gradually getting better but very slowly. I am swishing my mouth with a TCP and water solution. I am changing my diet, eating less sweet stuff and taking vitamin C. I am also taking a multivitamin with iron and eating more fresh green leafy vegetables. a salt water rinse also helps. It is one of the most annoying little things I have ever suffered!
Louise Gill 25 October 10
Hi all. I'm back for my regular bulk order of Squigle toothpaste. This is going to sounds like an advert but if you're anything like as desperate as I was you'll probably try anything! Here's the deal. It doesn't work for everyone, but it does work for lots of people - pretty much all the males in my family, for example (I guess ulcers must be genetic). My pattern was every Monday or Tuesday to get between 3 and 6, usually on my lower gum but often on my tongue, under my tongue, behind my upper lip, anywhere. They would last until Sunday, sometimes longer, especially the ones that were 2 together. I read about Squigle on this site, bought some, and 3 weeks later no ulcers. Now I get 1 every month or so, and they last for 3 days rather than 6. Squigle is not cheap, £6 a tube, and you can buy non-sls toothpaste in other stores. SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and it's a whitening agent or something, present in almost all toothpaste. It's also a rather nasty chemical which strips away the lining of the mouth in some people. It's definitely, for me and my family, the sls that is the cause as my Dad used superdrug's non-sls toothpaste and got the same result. I stick with squigle as other stores tend to change their toothpaste so what you thought was non-sls is suddenly full of sls. I can go a day or 2 with an sls toothpaste, but not more than that without the ulcers coming back. If you haven't tried cutting out sls yet, please please please do. I know what you are going through and I don't go through it any more. You can get squigle on this site, or try your local supermarket/pharmacy (but read the label every time you buy!).
Andrew 24 October 10
I have a problem with my teeth hurting every month right on time, and lately, within the past year or so, I've started accidentally biting the inside of my mouth when I eat or chew gum. The worst is when I bite the inside of my lower lip, makes me feel like I have a horrendous overbite! OMG...the pain is the worst! Anyway, I asked my dentist about it years ago when the hurting teeth started and she told me it's because just before that wonderful time of month when our bodies start their bloating process that our mouths swell too and it puts pressure on everything. So, I'm guessing that since I'm alot older now, and have to be on a prescription diruetic for water retention that my mouth is really swelling because I'm biting it alot more now. Chewing gum is a game of chance, one I'd rather not take because I can't take the pain. Eating has become scary because I never know when I'm going to injure myself! Not to mention, my teeth clink together alot more now too...and if that doesn't send some painful reverberations through your mouth I don't know what will! (As for the men, I don't know what your answer would be...even though I'm more than sure most of you have your time of month too!)
PDavis 24 October 10
As a result of me biting the inside of my cheek in my teens i have developed spots and whites and peeling lips. Im at my wits end i have tried everything i can think of it has ruined my life. HELP SOMEONE!
LionMAN 24 October 10
For me, it's the smoking! Dry mouth at night and the cheek swelling and biting thing disappears when I give up! 'Been fooling myself for years that it's not! It's true that the problem has serious health repercussions like sleep deprivation - I awake 25 times a night and am a complete fruit-bar!
Superbuggg 22 October 10
I have this same problem! i wish i knew how fix this.. it's like my cheek is to close to my teeth :/
Rebecky92 16 October 10 daughter is 3.5 years old and she is having pinkish spot (not raised skin and not whitish in color) inside lower lip. When she closed her mouth, we can't the pink spot. When she opens he mouth we can see the spot. The size of this is O (double the size of capital O). Please advise what is this and how can we cure this ? Thanks so much.
jaanu 12 October 10
OMG not to be happy you all have this but I thought I was nuts! Or that I was getting cancer or some such thing! I have epilepsy and thing that I bite the left side of my cheek in the middle of the night. I get the ulcers and it swells. While waiting for it to heal, since it is swollen, I tend to have more there to bite.....this is a vicious circle! Now I am putting SALT directly on the ulcer as long as I can stand it.....this was recommended at another site. It is supposed to help with the pain and promote healing. Then I rinse it out with water as hot as I can stand it. For me I think the only real solution is a mouth to Walmart I go!!!
One Sore Mouth! 8 October 10
Ok, so after a course of antibiotics - Clarythromycin (because it turns out I had probably got an infection following the self inflicted ulcer) and after having my wisdom tooth shaved to stop more ulcers, FINALLY the pain went away...but...I've only gone and chewed the scarred ulcer up all over again and the pain is back and quite possibly another infection. The thing I'm annoyed about is that despite having the tooth shaved I still managed to hurt myself.

Message for Clare 2 messages up, if the pain does get too bad don't let the doc pass it off as 'just an ulcer' as I did on the first visit when I only got given antihistamine as you may have an infection like I did.

I'm getting used to it now though I have to say. Still love this website.

Lucy 2 October 10
Oh my gosh guys. My mouth is so messed up. Okay, so I don't really bite my cheeks on purpose but it just happens. Epecially at night. So now the left side of my mouth is hurting really bad and my bottom rear teeth are feeling wiggly but they're not. When I look into my mouth I can see a little cut and it's pissing me off, 'cause that's nasty. So does anyone have any remedies or ideas, because I've had this for a few days now and my left cheek is puffier than the other. Talking, swallowing, amd chewing is really hard. Plllleeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee help me.
Desiree 23 September 10
Oh my gosh.
I bit my cheek right at the back in my sleep the other night. Now it is so sore! My throat and ear hurts but in my mouth there isn't much to see other than it being red and swollen.
Iv never had mouth pain like this before.
If it doesn't go away soon do you think I need to see a doctor?
Clare 21 September 10
My cheek biting and tongue biting just started. I bite my tongue when I eat and my cheek when I sleep. It all started after I had a big amalgam filling in a back molar. The tooth feels very rough. I am going to the dentist to see what is wrong this week. Will get back to you all.
Sue 20 September 10
Here is my solution to cheek biting at night. I made a cheek guard from a piece of Tyvek (house wrap) - I also used paper but it does not last much more than one night. The guard is just a flat piece that is cut to fit my mouth but is about an inch taller. I cut a slot in the middle to breath from and fold the top and bottom edges over to create a smooth edge so as not to get a "paper" cut from the Tyvek, then I dip the guard into melted paraffin wax. It may take some trial and error to get a design that fits well but it will help very much.
Dave 13 September 10
I self inflicted myself with a major ulcer behind my back right wisdom tooth on UK August Bank Holiday weekend and then suffered quite badly with sickness, toothache, sinus pain, temple migraines, throat problems and ear pain...such fun...(had no idea an ulcer could cause such problems!). I had always accidentally caught/lacerated this part of my cheek whilst the wosdom tooth was erupting but this ulcer was a doozy!!!

After finding this website about 10 days ago, I have followed so many of the cures and treatments, Vegemite, Bonjela, ice, green tea, all sorts. The best that worked for me was Anbesol application with a cotton bud and lashings of decent ibuprofen to stop the headaches. BUT today after thinking the ulcer had calmed down/almost gone, the ache came back and so I headed to a new and very nice and clever dentist this time instead of the doctor (who had prescribed me high strength antihistamine for the swollen throat and a summer long allergy reaction. She saw the ulcer but did nothing about it). I now no longer have a sharp edge on my wisdom tooth thanks to the shaving off of it, no infection luckily (which I thought was the cause of the return of the pain, a possible gum infection?). It turns out my ulcer was very large, over a centimetre square and in a very awkward place hence all the head and ear pains. It has scarred apparently and I wont be pain free for some time. But hopefully I wont suffer the bitten cheek and lacerating that has gone on for far too long. Thanks for this ace website. Those of you who experience ulcers regularly, you have my absolute sympathy.
Lucy 8 September 10
thought i would stop back in and say the zilactin b worked great for me.2 thumbs up.
drob 7 September 10
I've had ulcers since I was a young child, but only in the past few years have started chewing the inside of my mouth really, I tend to leave the cheeks alone, as I know if I chew there it will result in an ulcer, and go mostly for the front. However I have noticed that general ulcers, though not proven and is only a factor I have noticed with myself, tend to come more often and more painfully when I am ill. Unfortunately, even though my cell count is apparently okay, I seem to have quite a poor immune system that likes to pick up everything, however I've been taking multi-vits with immune boosting goodness in them. This seems to have actually quelled the rush of ulcers and I havn't gotten a cold since(quite nice after 6 months of going no more than a week at a time without an ulcer). I also think that the chewing could be down to some kind of anxiety, stress or depression, whilst not easily curable at any rate it is worth a look into. Maybe if we can all figure out the stressful part of the lives we live and work on it the amount we chew could reduce. Until then I swear by Bonjella, nothing works quite as well and it tastes alright, pair this with salt water rinses and a lot of patience then hopefully they should clear up shortly. Also, I havn't heard of anything to link chewing your mouth as being a cause of cancer, so I wouldn't worry about it really. Now-a-days there are so many different things that are supposedly connected to it, and unless you get a symptom or it is a clearly proven cause then don't worry too much about it. The pain of an ulcer is more than enough to worry about with out adding that to the list.
Emma 7 September 10
This is a new problem for me...It started with a small ulcer under my tongue, then a larger one under my tongue on the other side. Just about the time the ulcers were healing and going away, I seem to have bitten the insides of both of my cheeks and the gums inside my lower lip area are swollen too! I have read through these posts and hope that this is not a problem that will keep happening. Right now I am treating with salt water rinses (tried oragel, alum, cream of tartar, folic acid, b-12, you name it and none of them helped) and trying to catch up on sleep, it seems to be helping. I have prayed over the names on this message board that you would all get rest and comfort and healing! Have a Blessed Day!
Katie 3 September 10
About five years ago, when I first started getting these sores and swellings inside my mouth, I went to doctor after doctor, thinking I had a rare disease or cancer. After my primary care physician told me I was a hypochondriac and my husband agreed with him, I dumped them both! One visit to my wonderful dentist and she recognized my problem as excessive and habitual sucking caused by stress or just another thing to add to my list of Why I Am Hating Getting Old. I realized she was right. She suggested wearing a mouth guard from the pharmacy every night while I sleep. I try to remember, but to tell you the truth, now that I know the reason for my problem, I don't even care that much anymore. Everything is relative. My son was killed in Afghanistan, and nothing comes close to that pain. I wish everyone luck, especially the children writing in, with this annoying and painful disorder. Thanks for sharing your stories.
Pamela 1 September 10
Hi all! I have the same problem and saw my dentist about it. He told it's happening for two reasons: 1.) My mouth is too small and doesn't have enough space for all of my teeth, so naturally my cheeks and tongue are in the way. 2.) My bite is misaligned, causing me to grind my teeth at night, and my cheeks and tongue get caught when I grind. He was going to make me a mouth guard, but I opted to get braces instead to correct the problem so that I don't have to wear a guard the rest of my life. Hope this helps :-)
Danigirl 27 August 10
I thought i was alone with this problem,i keep biting the inside of my lip and even when i try not to it still happens.gonna get some zilactin b and give that a try.
Drob 26 August 10
Thankyou so much for all your suggestions. I am 13 and my left cheek seems to be slipping under my teeth. It's really painful. Its funny to see the age difference and that we're are all getting these problems. Thanks alot
Analeigh 13 23 August 10
Had this problem for over a month now! I have three ulcers on the inside of my cheek, and it has become so swollen that i have to pull my cheek out of between my teeth! Worst is in the morning because i do it in my sleep too! I'm constantly swigging on mouthwash and i'm tired of it now!
Claire 21 August 10
Iíve heard that teeth alignment is a corrective treatment for this condition. Someone I know had braces put on for 2 years and the biting stopped.
hope 20 August 10
After weeks of searching i think i found my cure. I gotten this stuff called (Zilactin b) and have been applying it for 2 days. and havenít had the urge to bite my cheeck since. Cost is very little under $10. dollars for a tube. It tastes like orgel so you donít want to bite it at the best of time. It covers the area I was bitting like a band-aid. You spend a while not letting it touch your toungue. I had been bitting my cheek for 6 months so 2 days free is like weeks so far. Iíll write back in a few days to update ..I Hope this works for others like me. Iím no doc or rep of this company either. Actually after seeing it online I went and asked pharmacist about it too. Good luck
mel 18 August 10
Hi: I gave the wrong spelling. The correct spelling is: Leukoplakia.

I have decided to share the medication I am on. I don't know what I was so reluctant, but I don't want anybody to think I am practicing medicine, because that is not my intent. I am not in the medical field. I am having problems similar to what has been posted above. Anyhow, I have been on "Triamcinolone 1 mg/ml solution.

As I mentioned earlier, this is my second prescription. The first time I did it, I could feel a difference after 3 treatments. Unfortunately, it did not totally clear up the problem.

If you think this might be your issue, go on to Google and check it out. As far as I know, they do not mention the medication.

Once again , good luck with this issue.
vi 17 August 10
I have been told that this condition in "Leukiplakia". I am on my second treatment; the medicine is a steroid based liquid, that I have to rinse with 3 times a day. I am reluctant to say the name of the medicine. Ask your doctor or dentist to do a scraping to determine what type you have. Good luck! I have been going to the dentist, but I am going to check with my doctor also.
vi 16 August 10
had an ulcer for couple weeks now, starts to heal then swells up when i eat somethin hot, buggin me proper! i thought if i cut it open it would heal but not even that worked i dunno what to do with it. didnt know so many ppl bite their cheeks i thought it was alone with the habit :)
lee20 16 August 10
Try a popsicle thick to hold your cheek away from the choppers~

/had a tooth pulled couple weeks ago. My cheeck is so raw from biting down on it. It really hurts and I can't believe the profanity from this.

I found all the above remedies work excepht for oral jell and absenol. Both mrerely mask the symptom to allow you to bite even harder the next time.
Mike 31 July 10
I had also mouth ulcer, I tried to put some cotton and sleep at night, but my sister said, don't do that, you may swallow it. I took becosule and hope it heals soon. :(
Deepa 30 July 10
The only way I can keep from biting my cheek back by my wisdom teeth on the right side is to puff my cheek out with air before I close my teeth together fully. I am trying to make this a habit and I find I can do it rather quickly but Im not 100% accurate yet. But it works. Puff out your cheek with air and that pulls the skin out and away from your teeth. Then close your jaw / upper & lower teeth together before releasing the air.
Jon 28 July 10
I dont know if i have the same problem but it seems the same as i bit down on my cheek a year ago and got this big swelling on the right side that would seem to sit on top of my molars and it seemed like my cheek was swollen too or my teeth were infected and swollen then it went away but now it is back.i have rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and water but i guess that is not the answer,it did seem to work.i have not gone to the doctor but am worried about more that just biting the inside of my mouth
linda 27 July 10
I don't know but one thing I have discovered for sure is that it always seems to happen right around the time of my menstrual period. It's like the glands or veins inside of my cheeks swell up around that time causing me to bite my cheek. I am 51 yrs. old and I'm sure in to perimenopause. Anyone else have this?
molly 17 July 10
i also bite the inside of my cheeks. i thought i was the only one... but i bought a mouth guard thinking it will prevent me from biting my cheek but it didnt. i woke up in it was out of my mouth. so i had had i idea to tape it in cause i was so tired of the bite markes and it beeing swore all the time. and it work. the tape was off when i woke up though. i tried this for a week and the lines disspeared but i got tired of doing that so i went back to biting my cheeks. can someone plz give me another idea!
the girl that bites her cheek :( 15 July 10
wow i have the problem of biting my cheeks and now i have this bump like thing in it and i have to watch how i chew gosh i hate it i dont no what to do!
Tasheanna 10 July 10
Hi a .I have a large white lump on the inside of my cheek,it is very painful,it is also red around lump.Has anybody any ideas,many thanks for any help given.
linda 2 July 10
Hi all. My daughter is 8 and bites her cheek when she is low in vitamin B. I give her a fizer of vitamin B for 2 or 3 days and she seems to be fine after that. She always seems to bite in the same place and this causes the ulcer on the skin which cuases much pain for her when she tries to eat. I know that when I am run down and have not had enough fruit and vegetables, I get an ulcer in my mouth and the vitamin B fizers, Barocca they are called in Europe, always seem to help. Hope this helps somebody else.
Vanessa 6 June 10
hi,me too i have the same problem,but only at night when i sleep,i bite my toung,and cheeks very badly.please help me to stop bitting my cheeks,tounge when i am sleeping.thank you.
wendy 31 30 May 10
i have been biting all around my lips and on the side of my mouth for a couple of years now, and my cheeks are really puffy and swollen its really embarrassing, i don't even notice that im doing it most of the time, Ive never had any teeth or mouth problems and never needed anything from the dentist but i just can't stop
Anthony 13 May 10

the sports mouth guard has helped me, but only if I fit it, and wear it, on my lower teeth. This hold my cheeks away enough. If I wear it on the uppers my cheeks still get caught between the guard and the lower teeth. I get the cheapest guard (about $1.75) so I can get a new one frequently. I also have to trim away some of the edges so it fits better. I have never had ulcers but I have thick, sometimes swollen lines from the biting.
Rosemary 8 May 10
I bite my cheeks too! When stressed, or in my sleep...Im not really aware of it, but both sides are all cut up and sore. Im not sure how to stop it. When they swell up they get in the way of my bite, and then when I try to eat I bite them again by accident. I think the solution is a mouth guard. I have one that has been made for me but have misplaced it. I think the sporting good store one is a good idea.
Kathleen 4 May 10
god i want to die. i want to fall into a deep sleep until my horrible ulcer is gone,
Kushan 28 April 10
A canker sore is a painful, open sore in the mouth. Canker sores are white or yellow and surrounded by a bright red area. They are benign (not cancer).

Canker sores are a common form of mouth ulcer. They occur in women more often than men. They may occur at any age, but usually first appear between the ages of 10 and 40.

Canker sores usually appear on the inner surface of the cheeks and lips, tongue, soft palate, and the base of the gums.

Canker sores can run in families. They may also be linked to problems with the body's immune (defense) system. The sores may occur after a mouth injury due to dental work, aggressive tooth cleaning, or biting the tongue or cheek.

Canker sores can be triggered by emotional stress, dietary deficiencies (especially iron, folic acid, or vitamin B-12), menstrual periods, hormonal changes, food allergies, and similar situations. They occur most commonly with viral infections. In some cases, the cause can not be identified.

The first symptom is usually a tingling or burning sensation that you feel before other symptoms develop.

The following symptoms may then occur:

* Painful, red spot or bump that develops into an open ulcer
o Center is colored white or yellow
o Usually small (under 1 cm) but occasionally larger
o Single bump or group of bumps (crops)
* Sore may turn gray just before starting to heal

Less common symptoms include:

* Fever
* General discomfort or uneasiness (malaise)
* Swollen lymph nodes

Pain decreases in 7 to 10 days, with complete healing in 1 to 3 weeks. Particularly large ulcers (greater than 1 cm in diameter) often take longer to heal (2 to 4 weeks). Occasionally, a severe occurrence may be accompanied by nonspecific symptoms of illness, such as fever. Canker sores often return.
Treatment is usually not necessary. In most cases, the canker sores go away by themselves.
If you have a canker sore, you should not eat hot or spicy foods, which can cause pain. Mild, over-the-counter mouth washes or salt water may help. There are over-the-counter medicines that soothe the painful area. These medicines are applied directly to the sore area of the mouth.
Other treatments for more severe cases include applying fluocinonide gel (Lidex) or chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash. Powerful anti-inflammatory medicines called corticosteroids are sometimes used.
Antibiotic treatment for canker sores may lead to oral thrush (a type of mouth infection) or other Candida infections. Rarely, bacterial infections such as cellulitis and Ludwig's angina may occur.

Canker sores are not cancer and don't lead to cancer. But if you have a mouth ulcer lasts more that 2 weeks, you should see your doctor to rule out possible cancer.

Daisy 20 April 10
So many things here to try. Thank you very much. I am 54 and it only started last year. Will definitely try the worm treatment as I do have animals (although I don't kiss them like some people do and am careful about washing hands etc afterwards, but it is always a possibility). I have always had misalignment but only started doing this just before a visit to the dentist last year. Mainly I just suck my cheeks from the inside and move my tongue around my teeth. Most unattractive an doften painful. It got so bad before I started doing stretching exercises that I was having trouble talking. lot of stress etc factors happening there as well.
Robyn 18 April 10
Hi all
After reading most of these posts I was not aware that perhaps I bite my cheeks as they get so swollen at times and for years have been using products for ulcers releif. Anyway to cut it short my dentist said last week when she noticed the red swelling and white lines she said this was definitely Lichenoid Reaction and sent me to hospital where the doctor also confirmed this and is sending me for a mouth biopsy. Lichenoid reaction is an allergy to something either in a person's mouth ie dental fillings or eating something like tomatoes or oranges, strawberries, just a trigger that some people get allergic reactions to, maybe some of you with similar could try and find out just what is giving you a reaction, it has helped me a bit this past 2 week by cutting out tomatoes altogether along with things like bolognese, pizza, lasagna and tomato sauce which are all tomato based foods. I will try other things if the swelling returns but so far so good, I am also using toothpaste without Sodium Laurel Sulphate which is a big irritant for most ulcer sufferers.
Hope this helps some person out there willing to try elimination of something they think might be triggering the cheek swelling. It is a lot cheaper than buying everything on the market for pain relief.
Good luck
Beth 16 April 10
I have been doing this for years, I sleep on my side and that the side I have the ishue with, then if I get to chewing somethingand not paying attention, I will sometimes bite my bottom lip with my eye tooth. They are sharp and pointy.
Jazmen 16 April 10
Thankyou chloe and barry for your response to my post, It sounds like you both can relate to my own experience of biting/mouth ulcers and how such behaviour is related to anxiety.
In response to Barry: panic attacks are a common result of prolonged anxiety and so it seems that you may have been suffering from symptoms of anxiety for a long period. Panic attacks can lead to phobias such as agraphobia and social phobia, which can impact on an individuals daily life and general mental health, so it is important that such individuals access the necessary support to overcome their anxiety/panic attacks. It sounds like you have already seen a doctor about this and you have mentioned that you refuse to take the medication they perscribed. Medication does not deal with the underlying psychological causes of anxiety and actually prevents an individual from 'habituating' (the peak of anxiety; necessary to overcome anxiety!!!), it can however be helpful for individials to take medication for a short period, to initially reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety in order to access the psychological aspects, as a person in a state of anxiety is unable to rationalise (the ability to rationalise is required to challenge distorted thinking and problem solve; necassary to overcome anxiety). Medication can gradually be reduced as the indivual learns to overcome their anxiety. Also, just as our thoughts/feelings affect our behaviour, our behaviour also effects our thoughts/feelings so if medication reduces the physical symptoms then our thoughts are likely to be altered (e.g. relaxed muscles/slowed heart rate = feeling relaxed = thinking; 'I am happy'). It is therefore advisable that an individual taking medication for anxiety also seeks psychological treatment. If taking medication is something that you do not want to participate in then it maybe halpful to ask your doctor for a referal to your local counselling/psychological therapies?
In response to chloe; Keeping a snack at hand seems a good way of managing your anxiety and preventing biting but it appears to be a coping mechanism. Coping mechanisms can be related to taking medication for anxiety, as like medication they act as a cover up offering a temperary relief of symptoms, but they do not actually deal with the underlying psychological cause of such symptoms. Also if an individuals underlying anxieties are related to their self image, such as their body weight , then using food as a coping mechanism may actually worsen symptoms (anxiety is massively related to eating disorders!). I admire your positivety when you say 'let go and let god', such internalised self talk may be the key to overcoming your anxiety and biting behaviour!
Good luck to you both!
Natalie (again!) 8 April 10
DIANE 2 April 10
In the past few months I've found my cheeks to be painful and swollen at the back on the inside. If I puff my cheeks out then shut my teeth together I can avoid biting them! I'm starting daily use of Corsydol, I guess it must be helping but time will tell.
Gummimann 1 April 10
55 year old female that has just begun somewhat regular biting while sleeping, usually waking me up as a result of an involuntary "chomp" mostly, but not limted to being asleep and not always without chewing or talking. I have discovered as a result of reading everyones stories here, that for me, it happens on the inside cheek and sometimes inside lip and tongue, ALL OR MOSTLY on my right side. I will see my dentist about this soon, but this type of info given to your doctor/dentitist may expedite a solution. (How, when, for how long, on what side of face, etc ) This site has been helpful for me in this way. Thank you all.
domino 29 March 10
I have had swollen lumps in side my cheeks and round ball type bumps under the skin on my inner lips of mouth for nearly four weeks. 6 visits to the doctor and to a consultant and they say I am normal and have a healthy mouth. I do not feel like my mouth is heatlhy ,m my tongue feels the bumps all day and they feel enorous and my triangle lookin type lumps on my inner cheeks are still as bumpy. Feel really anxious about what the cause of it is, any one help. Steroids didn't touch it!
hsbucks 24 March 10
TIP: If you get the ulcers on your lips because of biting, try closing your mouth when you eat. Look at yourself in the mirror the next time you chew your food, you might be surprised at how often your mouth opens unintentionally.
Yoyo 24 March 10
I used to have ulcers, almost EVERYDAY. My parents always asked me to put some salt on the swollen part (of course, inside my mouth) or just gargle some salt water. It works, but im not really sure how to avoid that , maybe you could avoid opening your mouth 24/7 lol.
Or, you could have some ice cream :3
Hope i helped
lolyoushouldn'tknowmyname. 19 March 10
this is for have described me to a tea! almost scary! I identify with you. I have tried to keep a snack such as celery, carrots, or sugarless gum or breathmint handy, it has helped when I have the annoying urge. I also use Listerine after I brush at least twice a day, it helps slow the chewing and relieves the pain and soreness. the anxiety is definately one of the things that get me chewing, Personally , I believe the more I ask God to help me with the anxiety , and to let go of the things out of my control , the better it has become. Ever heard the saying "LET GO AND LET GOD" , Thanks for sharing .
Chloe 16 March 10
hi all, i'd have smalls mouth uclers, and they're appearing for years, and i keep have the habit of biting the ucler open, and they mostly appear on my lower lip (inner) they do bled, but stops within minutes when i lick/suck on them. the denist said i need to stop biting to stop them appearing afterwards- like this- a mouth uclear appear, i bite it, another appear, i bite it, and so on. but i've been doing it for years now, it've became a kind of habit to me. and it's really difficlut to stop now... and to add, i only bit them when i'm bored or axinous, and i'm still in my school years. any advice? any gruelsome facts so i'll be put off biting it? i need to stop biting!
Zoe 15 March 10
I've just got this problem like 2 days ago nd it is the worst feeling in the world i cant east spicey foods it burns brushing my teeth burns opening my mouth burns filling my cheeks with air hurts the most and i dont think i can deal with this any longer please someone help me. how long will this go on for is their any type of thing i can drink to make it feel better or anything please someone help me please it hurts so bad i cry when i eat and my whole mouth bleeds .
Ashley 9 March 10
I find that right before I have my period, I start biting the sides of my cheeks. I take vitamins, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep, but I still bite the sides of my cheeks during the day. I have a tingly sensation and it feels good to bite the sides of my cheeks. I have to chew something to keep my teeth off my cheeks!
Kim 9 March 10
Response to Natalie: I totally understand what you're saying and can relate to it clearly. I too have been biting my cheeks for at least ten years now. My dentist has made me a custom teeth guard which has helped but to be honest I've only ever worn it once, and i've had it for four years now. Anxiety indeed it must be..I was clinically 'diagnosed' i as suffering from anxiety after a long episode of panic attacks which 'suddenly' started happening to me..and yes I'm a big worrier too...I was given amitriptyline by my GP but have refused to take any medication whatsoever as i believe it's all in the mind and i can and will overcome this.
Barry 8 March 10
I have sores on both sides of my mouth. My cheeks are shedding. The left side has been shedding for months. I dont get it. They are really sore today, I can tell they are getting ready to shed. My lymph nodes hurt a bit under my jawline.
What is the deal? This has caused me to accidently bite down on my cheeks. Oh man!
Shipoopi 5 March 10
i have a sore on thie inside of my mouth. its on my cheek. i know its not a canker sore, but i dont know what it is. its a bump that is redish in color with a slight white bump on top, and it hurts terribly.
drea 3 March 10
The inside of my mouth swells and my tongue swell from allergies espeically from certain cholesterol drugs. I am trying to find a medicine that I am not allergic to.
Eibhlein March 10 2 March 10
I hate it when you bite your cheek when eating or something then an ulcer forms and you bite it even more when eating by accident and you have to eat on the opposite side of your mouth. Currently suffering from one on my cheek, One BIG one in my inner bottom lip and 2 on my tounge...1 right on the tip of the tounge the other on the side.
Anon 23 February 10
Welcome tot the club people. I bit my cheeks so often growing up that there were minature caves in each cheek.
Unfortunately I found out that eating carbonhydrates (fruits and vegeyables) were the cause.

Once I switched my diet to animinal products the ulcers stopped. The one vegetable that I can eat is corn.

Good luck to you all.
Ed 22 February 10
Sometimes I'll be chewing and I do it off center and always end up biting just this one spot in my mouth on the inside of my right cheek at the back. It's horrible...
Kee 21 February 10
I have had this problem all my life (I am now 25) and basically it scares me! I am trained in psychotherapy and so deal with people suffering from anxiety and OCD on a day to day basis but not one person has ever disclosed having this problem. It is reassuring to know that this is a common problem but it saddens me to know that alot of people experience this distructive habit. Through my training and experience I have tried to examine the root of my problem and it is definitely a coping mechanism for my anxiety and related to self-harm. It is not OCD as I dont feel anxious if I dont do it! Self-harming releases endorphenes which make us feel good and therefore offers a temporary relief to anxiety which makes it addictive. I know I have anxiety as I am a profound worrier who avoids solving problem (procrastination) and so when my anxiety gets too much (always at night when its just me and my thoughts, thinking about all those unsolved problems!) I bite huge chunks out of the cheeks of my mouth until it bleeds. The bleeding makes me more anxious as I worry that my habit may cause oral cancer and so I bite more and more. I now know that my anxiety is health anxiety which means that the root of my worries (worst case scenario) is always the thought of death! This will be the case in all aspects of my life. e.g. If 'I am anxious because I need to book my motor in for a service', the thoughts under lying such worry are..'I will crash'..'I will die'. ...So basically biting my cheeks adds to my problems and worries and does not really relieve the problem nor help me in the long term. The mouth guards sound like a good solution to physically stop the problem but is does not deal with the under lying issues. My suggestion is to identify and rationalise your anxious thoughts e.g. 'is it really worth worrying about?' and if the answer is yes then deal with the problem by problem solving e.g. book the motor in for a service...make an appointment with the doctor (many problem solving techniques are available on the internet). That way the irrational thoughts will reduce, which will in turn reduce the anxiety and prevent the behaviour (biting cheeks).
Let me know what you think to this, can anyone relate to what I am saying?
natalie 1 February 10
HI I also have started getting ulcers do they make the area red only mine seems very red and sore, just had a visit to the denist to have teeth cleaned then i noticed about two days after the sore maybe it was comimg up anyway.
Has anyone tried Gengigel mouth wash and liquid im on those they are meant to be good for gum problems as i do suffer a bit with the area where i had a bridge done.
beau 28 January 10
ok.. i have everything, but the pain..i have the white lines, and my friend who is a dental hygenist said my teeth shows signs that I am a ginder/clincher ( both my children are awful teeth grinders at night), i guess i am grinding in my sleep. i have a tiny white bump on the inside of my cheek, where the white line stops. the bump was really big, but almost "shed"..i thought that it was going away..but noe, or the last month, it has just been this perfectly round, soft, non painful slighthly raised bump. does anyone know what that could be. it didn't look like any cancer from the many pics and research i've done. i am going to the dentist in 3 weeks... but until then, i'm freaking myself out...does anyone know what this could be?
Cathleen 27 January 10
This habit persist for those who have ulcerative colitis.
CHEEK cell peeling indicate inflammation in abdomen.chronic ameobiasis and worms infection are indicated by this syptom.SO by and large if you disturbance in digestive system tendency to keep biting the cheek on teeth grinding become a habit.
to stop it take care of your will take care of its front fort gate(mouth)
Pankaj Kaushik 19 January 10
Hi, fellow cheek biters, I , too bite on the inside of my cheeks when asleep, b/c I clench my teeth both during the day time and while asleep. Now, it's worse, b/c with age,(61) my jowls have sagged, causing more of my cheek to rest on my tooth line. I've tried " tying " up my sagging cheeks and jowls with paper tape. That helps , but make red marks on mk face. I once had a mouth gaurd, but my husb accidently threw it away b/c it was wrapped up in a tissue. : - ( Anyway, can't get another mouth guard b/c no longer have dental ins and they went way up to $500. Yes, I've tried the athletic king, but the sides don't mold up around my teeth adn gums . Yes, I heated it up first in hot water. I need a hard plastic custom built one. I also have a tonge that's too big for my mouth, so sometimes in the night, it'll protrude outward past my front teeth adn I'll clench my teeth then OOOWWWWW ! I've bit on the end of my tonge with my front teeth.
Juliana 30 December 09
I am not grinding my teeth according to my dentist but clilnching my jaws and biting my cheeck during sleep. I have 4 pea sized, white in color, nodules on the inside cheek which are very painful. The dentist said I had probably bitten into the saliva gland but saw no damage. That was 3 wks ago. The swelling has not gone down, my ear aches and have headaches. He said he could clip off the bumps if I wanted?? I am very careful when eating to avoid biting into the bumps as I have done at times. I bought a $20 mouth guard at WMart which I chewed up in 3 nights and almost chocked on it. The dentist wants $300 plus $80 visit to make one. I probably would chew it up also. I will try some of the remedies sent in. good luck to all of you and me.l
scottydog 29 December 09
If anyone is suffering from their very back teeth catching the inside of their cheek causing a ridge and ulcers which simply gets worse as the irritation develops, please see your dentist immediately. I have been suffering for weeks and was at my wits end. It was so bad that my normal resting position seemed to be nipping the inside of my cheek, let alone when I was talking or eating. I seemed to be biting in my sleep too, sometimes waking myself up with the pain and often waking in the morning with an extremely sore mouth. The solution? I went to my dentist and he gently filed down my very back tooth on the bottom and on the top of my mouth, smoothing off the edges. When I left the surgery I was still catching the flesh inside my cheek very slightly but it was instantly a whole lot better. The dentist explained that he didn't want to file away too much and believed that once the swelling had gone down from all the biting, I wouldn't be catching the flesh anymore. I was to come back in a week's time if I was still catching the inside of my cheek but here I am one day later and I am quite honestly pain free! I can still feel a slight ridge where I had been biting, but there is no pain and no further pinching. Please don't suffer this - go see your dentist. The relief has been enormous and this may be a solution for at least some of you who are, like I was, nipping the inside of your cheek with your very back teeth. Good luck!
Elaine 25 November 09
thanks a lot for this
NaffeeplyLalo 22 November 09
i've been biting my lip ever since i was 5 yrs. old i know it's a embarssing habbit. sometimes i'll bite my lip so bad that it swells like i lodged a mini meat ball between my teeth and lip. i do it i think because i like the pain and the pain of salt, vinager, and baking soda and hot liquids on them. it's my way of self medicating my self from depression. i hope i'm not alone
Brenda Miranda 17 November 09
i have the exact same problem ...i.e. biting the inside of my cheek, resulting in white teeth marks clearly showing and ending up with a massive stress(i.e. due to the wear and tear) ulcer...not to mention the swelling on the inside of my cheek. I found out that using a mouth guard, even the sports related one fit to measure might help. Using saline solution would help with the healing, as would betadine oral solution, as well as listerine(although it tends to be more of a pain reliever)/. This is usually brought on during stressful periods of time, where I tend to grind my jaw, especially when I sleep. Apart from this it is also a result of malocclusion of the jaw (i.e. the upper and lower jaw not being properly aligned together) so I suggest seeing a dentist. Some people say a muscle relaxant before helps them out as it relaxes the facial muscles, but that is still debatable. taking vitamins c and b12 supplements helps out too.
Andrea 21 17 November 09
I have had the bad habit of cheek chewing since I was around 7. I am 29 now. It is very frustrating and half the time I do not even realize I am doing it. You would think that looking online at people with mouth cancer would be enough incentive to stop, but as disturbing as the images are I still can't. But maybe this will help someone else. It may sound vain, but I think sometimes knowing that something could actually damage your face/looks it motivates people more. If you think you may one day need an artificial jaw as a result of this habit (turning into cancer) then you may try to focus more on stopping yourself next time you catch yourself chewing.
Jamie 15 November 09
Lately I Have Been Biting The inside of my lower llip in the same place everytime i eat!! Hurts Like Hell!!!.... Some causes off biting cheeks, lipp , tounges etc. is that wisdom teeth could be growing through if you havent had yours taken out,, wisdom teeth cause misbiting.
Paige 14 November 09
Just got back from Dr & he said the Parotid gland is not in the mouth but below the ears, either side of the neck. He took a mouth swab & I will get results in a week to see if it is an infection. In the mean time he gave me some mouthwash & beta blockers to cope with the stress.
Clare 11 November 09
Thank god! People like me! I thought I was going mad! I have had this problem for 3 years - But it is only in winter - October - March when it was cold. 1st Year had checks with ENT but all fine, as were mouth swabs. 2nd year Dr thought I was just a loony but dentist referred me to hospital as my whole right side of face was tight & sore - Was diagnosed with TMJ & given a mouth guard - But as I don't grind my teeth I did'nt see how it could help. This year I have also had a sore tongue & now the white marks at the back of my cheeks have spread round on both sides to my lip & are really bumpy. Sore the Dentist last week (when White marks were just at the back) she said she could see no problem. Going to docs today then going to ring dentist & ask for a referral back to the hopsital (that she offered last week & I refused as my Jaw is not too painfull, just inside my mouth. I keep blowing my cheeks out to stop them grating against my teeth.
I think I bite them at night as I am not aware of it during the day except maybe once or twice but my cheeks are so swollen there is no getting away from it.
I feel tired & stressed & anxious to the point where I feel physically sick.
Clare 11 November 09
i have the white lining on both cheeks from where my molars are biting them at night. i have a huge overbite & the only way my molars can touch is if my top front teeth overlap my bottom front teeth; therefore it's happening constantly. i really should get braces but i don't have the $. and now i also have an ulcer right where my cheek and bottom gums meet. it looks like a hole & hurts everytime i eat, talk, and touch it with my toungue. i get one probably every 5 or 6 months. life sucks.
lisa 3 November 09
i get ulcers (canker sores) in my mouth constantly usually from bitting my cheeks i've been to doctors but they just prescibe me ointments that really dont help...i have use almost every over the counter gel to try to relief the pain...and i have found that the one that works best is called (KANKA) sold at grocerie stores and most doesnt taste to good but it does form a coating around the sore and reliefs the pain for a good while......
bel 28 October 09
My son doesn't get mouth ulcers, but for a time he was getting headaches. His dentist said it might be from impacted wisdom teeth and found by x-ray that the teeth were at an odd angle. She said it would require surgery to remove them and referred him to a maxillofacial surgeon. That man said the headaches weren't caused by his wisdom teeth, but by jaw clenching because of tension. He told my son to stretch his jaw muscles by opening his mouth as wide as possible whenever he felt the tension, and to put a heating pad of some kind on his jaw muscles and temple muscles, and possibly to also get a night guard. He did the stretching and uses a heating pad, and the headaches are gone. Maybe the same approach would help with grinding and cheek biting in sleep.
TomF 20 October 09
I cant beleive you are all out there. I have been grinding and cheek biting in my sleep. I get seriously cut up cheeks and white lines. I clinch during the day time, I know it is stress, but there is nothing I can do about that. The dentist gave me a night guard and it doesnt really work. I chewed through it. Dentist mentioned that there is a different kind of night guard used for people with sleep apnea that covers the top and bottom teeth. I will have to try this becuase I am starting to look like a chipmunk
Vic 20 October 09
Hey, good to know we are not alone, my problem is not so much bitting my checks, I have worn a night guard for several years because I grind my teeth at night, this last year I have been sucking the inside of my mouth so hard that I too get ulcers, I have also seen my Doctor and Dentist and also have my jaw adjusted and massaged by my Chiroprator, but I still continue to do this! I do use the small patches to cover the ulcer for a night or two, it does help and then I create a new one, I think I'll take someones suggestion and check into the gum guard and let everyone know how it goes!
Lennie 16 October 09
Hi All,
My mother and I have the 'cheek biting syndrome' and I must say we have both reduced this by buying those special pillows that are curved at each end..for you neck to you head lowers on the pillow, with you neck rested on the curvy bit. I hope I am making sense..and you must sleep on the lower curved side..not the high one..
Please give this a my mother is diabetic and he cheeks have been bleeding for years..and she has a marked improvement..It also helps if you can sleep on you back..but use the lower side for sleeping either way..just put your shoulder snuggly next to the your head rests in the middle sunken area..I use this one..

I am not usually a blogger..but did not want to be selfish in sharing this discovery
Tara 30 September 09
I think I've had both cheeks swollen in the inside for at least 7 yrs.;never ulcers. Back then a dentist said that I have such a small mouth and that I have fat cheeks, we laughed, he didn't seem concerned, so I wasn't. I have been a biter ever since I can remember. It used to feel good because it didn't hurt at all and it relieved my constant stress. About 3 yrs. ago another dentist was very concerned about it being cancer or sjogren's syndrome. I do have many of the syndrome's symptoms: dry mouth, dry teary eyes, achy joints...But blood tests didn't show autoimmune problems--it is a syndrome that can develop slowly--so maybe I do have it. I've had thyroid problems 5 yrs. ago that went away with acupuncture and homeopathic glandular drops. Then I stopped that and it came back, went back on the drops and haven't checked in 3 yrs. I got a CT scan 1 month ago of the parotid glands and throat area and results are that I have multiple enlarged lymph nodes on both parotid glands, the biggest is 9mm. The ENT then ordered a fine needle biopsy guided by ultrasound. Ultrasound showed no change in size and doctor didn't seem too concerned about the look of the nodes, but he wants to wait for biopsy because the node is so small that he would poke around too much with the needle with risk of facial nerve damage and/or bleeding. Today I went to a biological dentist to ask about my mercury fillings being the cause. He says he has never seen such swollen inside of cheeks (and he seems to be in his 70's). He took pictures and called a facial surgeon and the surgeon thinks I should check for cancer with the biopsy. I will wait 3 months, get ultrasound to check for change. Then doc will probably want to biopsy. But I'm afraid of risks. I think I will instead take out the mercury fillings and check again. The inside of my left check has 4 mercury fillings and is more swollen than the right one that has only one. I also have those white lines, I thought it was from the biting that I used to do. I haven't done that for maybe the 3 yrs. since I saw dentist so concerned. I just put my tongue in between my molars gently to prevent me from biting. I do accidentally do it while eating, it makes me jump from pain. I used to accidentally bite more while chewing gum. I stopped chewing gum a few months ago because that's supposed to release more mercury into my mouth. Nothing seems to help to bring the swelling down, I've tried many things. I notice when I get up in the morning they are less swollen and less red---maybe the daily stress or the eating makes them mad. I did get the mouth guard years ago from dentist--so expensive!!! About $600. But stopped using it for no good reason. I just never thought it could help for the swelling--well dentist didn't tell me--he said it was to stop me from biting while asleep--and I'm not sure I bite while sleeping-but now I will try it and see if there's a change. I also haven't tried the salt rinse, but it's on my list. I have a list of over 100 things to try, so it's overwhelming. I had been researching for swollen parotid glands and for lymph nodes but I just thought of checking on the biting thing and I can't believe there's so many of us. I'm also suspecting candida infection because my skin in all that area is so reddish and has acne for so many years. Another thing is that I used to have such horrible sinus infections all my life--I wonder if something just stayed chronic. I have the postnasal drip and inflamed nasal tissues. It could be so many things, but I will take it slowly to discover what it is--even if it's cancer--I don't care to hurry.
Anonymous 30 September 09
Well Interesting reading, only had a read because I am in sooooooooo much pain. Taking paracetomol or Ibrubrofen helps as my whole jaw line, ear and neck hurts too. I have had mouth ulcers all my adult life and always put them down to stress/worry or biting the inside of my mouth whilst not realising, watching a spooky film or just concentrating but the next 7 days I do suffer for it and I appreciate how others are suffering too. I dont think there is a cure but I have found that ambesol gel is very good for numbing the pain, thats after I have jumped around the kitchen after applying it, yes its snaps a bit !!! but doesn't help heal the problem. I have just bought 'Iglu' new on the market I believe - so will see how that goes, its quite a thick paste so best before bedtime I think. The old remedies of salt mouth washes works for me to relieve the pain also but I have now started a course of Vit C, Vit B, Lysine, and Zinc all recommended by the health shop, and the Cranberry juice that Donna recommended. I have suffered most in the last few months than ever before in my life, don't know why maybe we worry more as we get older ??
Ann 22 September 09
Thanks to all who took the time to contribute your ideas. My experience is twofold - I get canker sores often and have for years. Some are a result of biting the inside of my mouth accidentally, and the trauma usually turns into a canker sore. Cure? None that I know of. However, the worst offenders are 1) too much acidic foods (tomatoes, cukes, OJ, etc.) which will cause or worsen a sore, and 2) not enough sleep, which is guaranteed to aggravate them. There is a product called Amosan that comes in packets, made by Oral B, that will provide some relief. It can be ordered over-the-counter or on-line w/o a prescription. You can stretch the powder by using just a little water and a little of the powder and get about 3 rather than 1 use per packet. I find that the topical products just add bulk to the sores and they get re-bitten more frequently. The second issue for me is TMJ and some changes in my bite, presumably due to aging (I have all my teeth intact, but sometimes I'd swear I just had them sharpened). Actuallly, the misalignment is part of the problem. I went online to look at some home remedies for this, and if you search for some simple exercises for TMJ, you might have some success. Final tip - make sure you are hydrated well at all times. This keeps the skin in your mouth more supple, whereas "dry mouth" makes it easier for your teeth to penetrate while you sleep. I just chomped down on my inner lip for the umpteenth time, and found this site. I appreciate the participant comments, and hope my experiences help someone!
Anonymous 22 September 09
WORMS!! well its worth a try as is alum.Sodium laural sulphate causes all sorts of mouth problems and since cutting it out of my life, from toothpaste , mouthwash ,shampoo,conditioner and shower gel, my mouth problems have improved but I am still chewing .Better to chew or suck a sugar free sweet than your cheek.I live in hope!!
frankie 21 sept 09 21 September 09
I am so glad that I found this website too. I have been biting the insides of my cheeks in my sleep for as long as I can remember and I also grind my teeth. The cheek biting is rather sporadic, but it's been happening more and more lately. About 3 years ago I went to a new dentist who scolded me for biting them until I told him that I only do it in my sleep. So he made me a mouth guard about $300 even with insurance. I wear it every night religiously, but I still seem to manage to bit my cheeks, it's so frustrating. The pain is so bad that I wince brushing and or chewing on what ever side of my mouth is effected until the swelling goes down. It's so miserable. The only thing that seems to help is Oragel. I don't know what to do. Has anyone tried the gum shield? Do they work and where can you get them? THANKS!!!
jb80 16 September 09
I know this may well sound absolutely CRAZY to you all but.... 90% of the time the reason people bite/chew the insides of their mouths is because they have....WORMS! Yes, I'm deadly serious. Threadworms to be specific. If you don't believe that, try one simple test. Go to your local pharmacy, ask for worm treatment (tell them it's for a child your minding if you're embarrassed) and try it yourself. I swear to God I am NOT making this up. Good luck to you all.
kaliope 16 September 09
I just bit my right cheek two nights ago... my right molar does this sometimes... it usually happens when I sleep on my right side or when I'm eating gum... but more likely happens when I don't drink enough water.
My advise is just to wash your mouth with warm salt water and don't eat solid food for about 3 to 4 days... chicken soup or just any soup without the chunks of protein and stay away from O.J. and sleep laying on the opposite side of the injured cheek... the less you move your jaw the better so keep your mouth shot and don't eat gum... this always works for me...
cfacio 15 September 09
OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! IT STINGS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris 15 September 09
I have been biting on the inside of my right cheek for years now first alittle bump started and then it was very small this was years ago...but over time every time i eat i sometimes bite in the same place now it has become bigger i went to the dentist and they told me they will cut the bump but im scared and dont know what to do .... i would prefer an alternative then to get it cut....anyone knows of a natural remedy?
ursula 5 September 09
hi, im from belfast , i have had the same thing as the poor people on this page , hav been to the school off dintestry in belfast , again and again, and nothing is helping , it cums and goes , salt water sometimes helps ,but they always come back , hav tryed bite gaurds ect , new teeth everything and still they come, its that sore i some times take spasms in my head and neck ,hav had ant b,s they helped for a few days then back again, they put it down to sore jaw, but i think they are wrong, you now your own body , i alway get a swelling and a sore tooth, then the ulcers come , has anyone any help .
chad 23august 2009 29 August 09
I have been bitting my cheek for about 7 years now and i have huge brusies on my face and everyone says what happened to you. It is very bad. I just went and got the teeth grinding shilf to see if it works to help me to stop Will See.
Johnna 24 August 09
For about 6 mths, I've been biting my tongue while asleep, then I started biting the inside of my bottom lip, which I do now, almost every night. I've recently stopped biting my tongue, but the inside of my lower lip is so sore. Anyone have this problem? It's driving me nutts!
Kat 18 August 09
Hey everyone! nice to know i'm not alone. I kinda panicked, i was thinking it was a cancer or something. Certain days it's worse than others. And it's a weird line next to my bottom back teeth. My right cheek is swollen. and I have a canker sore on that side too. It's starting to make sense, I've been extremely stressed lately. It first started with work than I got more calm and it went away, and than two days ago I was in a car crash and all of a sudden it popped back up again but worse! Does anybody have any ideas about the canker sore? it won't go away, it's starting to.. but Still!
Hanna 17 August 09
I am so glad I found this website. It's been driving me crazy not knowing what causes the cheek to swell then that I have tmj and I grind at night. The swelling normally happens after I eat or get really stress out at work. I feel the bump inside my cheek and sometimes my cheek its itchy first before it actually swells up. I am not hearing a lot of how people remedy the swelling. Heat or ice? Please share.
Jax 15 August 09
Well, this is the first time that I have "googled" my problem, and what surprises me most is not that there are so many people with the same problem, but that doctors and dentists have no idea what causes it. I am currently working in a remote location in Qatar and I really wish I had some bongela, my usual "fix" for the ulcer that comes as soon as I bite the left side of my mouth every month or so. I tried the baking soda mouthwash (I have the baking soda because it can help gout) and it has helped to reduce the pain. I never thought about the swelling aspect before, I do feel a raised line running on the bottom of the inside cheek below my bottom teeth line . I have definitely been stressed lately trying to finish work before I go on leave, I will now watch to see if that is when I bite my cheek. Thanks everyone for the information here and to know it is more usual than I thought.
Frank-Qatar 14 August 09
Hi all ..... I started this cheek and inside-of-lip biting long ago. My dentist "thought" I had an alignment problem but that may or may not be the case. About four years ago, I had a high blood pressure problem and as part of the treatment I had to take a "baby" Aspirin (81mg.) This "almost" took care of my cheek/lip biting. I say almost, because I continued to bite my cheek but ever so infrequently as compared to before taking the Aspirin. In my humble opinion I fully believe this is a neurological problem. I also found that if I bit my cheek on the right side, I happened to have all or most of my food on the left side and vice versa. Then I figured if I consciously distribute my food, as soon as I take a mouthful, to both sides of my mouth, it might help. Try and chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly. I'm happy to tell you all this has been most effective so far. I use Anbesol gel for my prior to bed treatment.
Doug, 14 August 09
Doug 14 August 09
Hi Rachel .. check out the mouth guards from .. they might help in your situation ! I hope you feel better moving forward. Ulcers in the mouth do not sound pretty!
Hilary 20 July 09
Went to the dentist yesterday, he informed me that i have a little cluster of ulcers on the inside of my cheek. He said because of the position they're in (right near my tongue) and obviously because eating irritates them, this is resulting in making my mouth feel full full therefore making me gag. He recommended Bonjela. I'm so pleased this has been sorted as its been driving me crazy.
Nikki 4 July 09
I have noticed only in the last 2-3 weeks that I have been regularly biting my lower left inner lip whilst eating. It has become very painful and very annoying/worrying. I am 55 years old and have also noticed over the past couple of years that I am begining to forget things and am now wondering whether the two things are linked in the sense that: Chewing is instinctive but may still require sub-concious motor thought/control to avert accidental biting.
Kay 3 July 09
Hi, I', not sure what is going on with my left side of my mouth but some of the postings sound similar to what i'm experiencing. I have 2 little bumps near my gum on the inside of my cheek which are really prominent, when i try to look at them i cant actually see anything apart maybe from a faint white line but i can feel them with my tongue and finger. When i feel them they feel fleshy and very sore and quite painful too. I am also having trouble eating on the left side as my mouth starts to feel full which results in me gagging which as you can imagine is a real discomfort. Anyone able to shed light on this for me?
Nikki 28 June 09
the reason why you bite all along the inside of your cheek could mean your teeth are the problem, because if they are misplaced or crocked even slightly they are closer to your cheeks, therefore you have more chances of biting them, especially if your cheeks swell.
tania 24 June 09
Try Dr. Tichenor's mouthwash and Glyoxide for mouth ulcers.
Mimi 23 June 09
In saying all that, I just went through a ulcer episode and at the end of it, bit my gum again, ulcers appeared, near the end of their cycle I did it again but the cut is healing normal, it look slike an ulcer but no pain. I think the ulcer is a sign of something much deeper than a small cut
Dom Gee 11 June 09
Further, each time I was found to be iron-deficient/anemic, I noticed a tendency to develop ulcers on my gums and cheeks. To the contrary, once my anemia was cured through regular ingestion of iron supplements, I ceased to develop these ulcers.
Melanie J 11 June 09
I have noticed a correlation between my menstrual cycle and my inner cheeks swelling. I, too, bite them, as their presence becomes much more pronounced during this time. This in turn, results in painful ulcers. I have found that rinsing for a minimum of 30 seconds twice a day, with Listerine, promotes healing of the ulcers. I have taken ibuprofen to combat the swelling, to little or no avail, however. Hope this helps.
Melanie J 11 June 09
ever since I got my wisdoms removed, I have been having cheek bites inside my mouth.
I am a clincher, so it is possible that my bad habbit of firmly clinching my teeth cause this and probably during sleep.

I started to train myself to loosen up my mouth position by forcing it to not close completely during idle periods.
It is hard because my muscles are getting tired but this is probably the best excessive for hard clinchers.

But for sleeping, I will have to speak to my dentist for a mouth-guard because I have not control over my sleep.

I am a nervous and stressful person, if you are a hard clincher.... stop! try to not completely close your mouth when idle. it's tough but you mus train.
Phil 7 June 09
Shannon, if you have Gengigel to hand, that should stop it becoming ulcerated.
Dom Walton 3 June 09
I think I accidentally bit my left cheek a little too hard and now I have this piece of skin sticking out in the back of my cheek that I keep biting on. It really hurts! Does anyone know what to do?
Shannon 3 June 09
I have had mouth ulcers my whole life too. My dentist says I take the cake in severity as I usually have anywhere from 2 to 5 at a time. Two things, one is my dentist now carries Bacterol -- Bacterol immediately takes away the pain -- he sometimes has to apply it to those cankers that I cannot reach. Two, I have recently changed my diet to a macrobiotic diet, in order to deal with depression -- fantastically all my mouth sores have disappeared. I'm thinking now that those sores have to do with diet. No doctor or dentist seems to know what causes them.
Pat 2 June 09
I also bite the side of my cheeks (never when sleeping though). I also bite the inside of my lips accidentally while eating and it always becomes an ulcer. I have had ulcer all my life and I am really fed up of them. 35 year old currently.
ulcer_rules_me 20 May 09
A few weeks ago I started feeling like I had TMJ, my jaw would click, be stiff and remain painful most of the day. Then about a week ago I crunched down on my cheek, uggggh. I tried salt water and eating on the other side of my mouth and a bit the other side!! I think the "TMJ" has swollen up my face. So now I have mouth ulcers on both sides and it is incredibly painful. On top of that I feel like I have a cancer sore on my bottom gum in the front...and my jaw is still in pain! I'm miserable. :[
Sigh 15 May 09
Woah! I googled "stop accidently biting mouth" and BOOM! I'm no longer alone! When I was a kid I bit my inner mouth under stress - I do have OCD, but I also have Childhood-Onset Bipolar Disorder (medicated now, of course). Also had canker sores, but not where I bit my mouth. I got myself out of the habit somehow (don't recall how, just know that it stopped at some point) and aside from bumping my gum with a toothbrush and causing a canker sore to flare up I've been fine, although I've always had a small ridge of scar tissue that only I was aware of.

Then, (now fifty years old) in the past few months I began accidently biting the right inside of my jaw just below my lip - usually while eating. I start bleeding, holding a tissue to where I bit until it stops. I then try eating more carefully - which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. The pain of biting the mouth skin is enormous and brings tears to my eyes. I just wish I could slap a bandaid on it until it heals up or do SOMETHING so I won't keep biting the part that is swollen and sticks out.

I had lap-band surgery a year ago (successful) and perhaps the accompanying weight-loss has something to do with it. Usually, if anything, when you lose the fat deposits on your cheeks you have MORE room inside of your mouth, not less. Throat has more room as well, which is why my sleep apnea has improved dramatically. That's the only thing I can pin it on. I think I'll try the baking soda and mouth wash someone mentioned further up the chain.

Thanks for letting me vent!
Linda 11 May 09
I have been biting for years its like little fat bumps and I bite them off now I bit my lip and it has not healed for almost two months my doctor burnt it with cold ice but I think I will still have to get a biopsy I am really scared and when I bite I just cant stop
marilyn 10 May 09
I do it all the time and now I try not to rush when eating because that's when it happens. I use Kenalog paste at night and they disappear by the morning :)
Gina 7 May 09
I used to have ulcers every now and then before and I really hated it.....the discomfort, the pain, the stress......but I found a natural cure for it. Try Propolis in liquid form. Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. The Health shop sells them. Drip a little of the Propolis on the ulcer at night before going to bed and you will be surprised by the next day the sore is almost gone! Believe me, it works!
Reggie 5 May 09
ALUM ALUM ALUM!!!! It is a spice. You can find it in the spice aisle. It is the wonder (non) DRUG! It will take your canker sores and ulcers away almost immedialty. well, at least the pain of them. It hurts for a minute andwill make your mouth water but you will be in no more pain!!
Heide 1 May 09
I have this problem but it happens when I get indigestion. In other words, when I eat something that does not settles wellwith my stomach, I immediatly get these lines inside my mouth. It really sucks because until my stomach is okay, they don't go away. What can I take??
Lissy 1 May 09
i had to have my top left wisdom tooth out, as i was biting my cheek! this was 3 weeks ago, but i still have very swollen cheek been worrying about it all week, so going back to dentist tomorrow will let u all know how i get on! feel better knowing im not the only one, thanks
fellow cheek biter 28 April 09
try mouthwash by colgate peroxsal i think is what its called in white bottle won't stop the problem but will speed the healing warm salt water gargle also
know how it feels 24 April 09
ahhh i'm so happy .. .. because i'm not the only one who is suffering this weird problem.....I usually bite on my right cheek when i eat my food. Eating must be enjoying for many people, but for me, I really get paranoid
TommyNguyen 23 April 09
I suffer from the same bitting of my cheeck mostly at night, but it started after getting a cavity fixed. After the cavity was fixed the bite was not the same. First too high, causing head aches and pain, then the dentist "fixed" it by filing it down and now its tool low creating a space between my teeth so that I keep bitting my cheeck. He gave me a mouth piece that really helps, but it cuts into my other cheek and is very uncomfortable. I'm going to get another opinion and will let you know what I find out.

PS. I also read that the bite can be off with age as teeth wear down causing the same problems...
Carmen 22 April 09
I can't believe how many people suffer like I do, I started with 3 ulcers last week, one on my inside lip because I bit myself (knew straight away it would form an ulcer) then one under my tongue, then a very small less painful one on the roof of my mouth. Then a few days ago I discovered one on the other side of my lower inside lip and then today one at the top back where my wisdom tooth used to be. So I now have 5 in total. I think its got something to do with me being run down, before these 5 I had only just cleared up 1 ulcer from last month. Sometimes I bite my cheek but I only do this when eating if my jaw slips. I have bitten myself before but there have been a few occasions when this has healed WITHOUT forming an ulcer, which leaves me to believe the being "run down" theory could help to cause them, as I have been busy lately.
I usually treat with bonjela, I have found that the new bonjela "cool" gel doesn't sting for as long as the original one but the numbness doesn't last long enough.
Leigh 13 April 09
I have this problem too! My cheeks seem to get swollen and I bite them accidentally and get all kinds of painful ulcers, I've had this happen off and on my whole life. I find that it happens the most when I am sleep deprived! It makes sense I guess... my eyes get puffy too when I don't sleep enough, maybe it's the same thing in my cheeks?
Sarah 13 April 09
I have had this condition for about 15 months. Even when they heal it is only for a while until I eat something hot, cold, spicy or rough texture such as nuts or chips. I drink cystal light peach tea because the fizz in soft drinks burns. I used to love very hot coffee but now it has to be luke warm before I can drink it. Have to be careful when brushing my teeth and not brush the inside of my cheeks. So far I haven't been to the doctor but am going this week.
Gladys 7 April 09
I bit the inside of my right cheek. The next time I came to eat it was really painful on the right side of my mouth and my right lower jaw (near my ear) really hurt. My face became swollen. After eating it became barely noticeable (although it was still there). After doing my own research I have self diagnosed that I have injured the partoid gland / duct when I bit my cheek and this has resulted in salivary gland malfunction.
Ims 28 March 09
AGGGRRRHH... I had an ulcer 2 weeks ago at the bottom inside of my lip. Just when it got better- I developed another inside this time more painful and on the top lip on the inside. The second one hurts way more than the 1st and now just as its about to heal I bit my cheek somehow trying to avoid hurting my top ucler when eating and now I have two ulcers (one on the mend but still hurts) and now another one swelling inside and making it so hard to chew. Having read the causes of mouth ulcers I am only worried about oral cancer!!!
Elizabeth 27 March 09
It's horrible ... I can barely eat. I have to pull my cheek out to bite down. I dont know why I keep biting the insides of my mouth when I sleep ... You can see the teeth marks :(
Marcie 24 March 09
I suffer from biting the inside of my mouth i.e. around the insides of my lips, not my cheeks. When I do it, I then have ulcers on the inside of my lips. One time my mouth had swollen so much, people at work thought I had had collagen implants!! I went to the dentist several years ago and he gave me a mouthguard that cost £50 and it was so painful I stopped using waste of money and he also looked at me like I was a little odd! I then went online and got a sports mouthguard for £3! Moulded it then shaved it down as small as possible and it helps alot. Occasionally I still bite my mouth in my sleep (but much less than before and usually if I forget to wear the guard) but if I do, listerine antibacterial mouthwash (especially cool mint - its the strong one!) really helps. It really stings when you gargle but the relief after is great!!!!
Jenny 21 March 09
Baking soda works well actually for canker sore, ulcers and cold sores... wash your mouth w/ baking soda and warm water for 1 min and for few times a day. also dab a little on the ulcer.. it's a little painful/stingy but it numbs the pain and it will heal faster. hope that helps :D
Someone 20 March 09
I also suffer from mouth ulsers and the best thing for getting rid of them and for pain relief is TCP!!!! I used to hate the smell of TCP but I like it now!!! Just dab a cotton wool bud in the TCP then hold it onto the ulser for a few seconds. You can repeat as many times as you like. Or you can dilute it and use as mouth wash. Not very pleasant but does the trick - ou must give it a try.
Laila M 15 March 09
Hi, I am also really relieved I am not the only one with the `cheek biting'! I don't actually bite my cheeks but like someone else mentioned I feel I have baggy cheeks inside and when I close my teeth together or eat I `bite' my cheeks and it's very painful. My dentist said they I may need a hospital appointment to cut away some of the flesh - doesn't sound very nice, I said perhaps I could live with this rather than go to hospital but he said I have to be careful because of cancer. I have to go back to dentist in a months time and he'll check me out again and we'll go from there....
Sandra 13 March 09
I have eaten through 2 night gaurds and haven't been able to get to the dentist to get a new one yet - it's been about a week. The first day without it my teeth were aching . . . now a week later - I have a pea sized blood spot behind my teeth on my inner cheek where I guess I bit it while I was sleeping last night - it doens't hurt - but it's making me sick to my stomach to think about it . . . anyone else have a bloody pea sized thing on their cheek?
Montana 11 March 09
I also have being chewing my cheeks for a long time (about 27 years) and I am 46 now! I think it is a combination of stress, boredom, comfort and habit. I have absolutely no idea how to overcome the compulsion apart from willpower, which is easier said than done! I too am worried about the oral cancer issue but can find no info on this. Good luck all you cheek chewers out there. You are not alone.
Elaine 7 March 09
Hi, I'm 20 years old and I also have the cheek-biting addiction. I can remember the night I started doing it. I was probably about 9 or 10 years old and I remember it hurt so terribly but I couldn't stop. I have been doing it on and off ever since, more often and noticeably in the past few years. I think it has something to do with stress, add, ocd, etc. Someone told me today that it can cause oral cancer, so that's when I decided to google the problem. I'm glad I'm not the only one, still, I'd like to be able to stop. I think it comes down to mind over matter, I just need to find the mental strength to be able to stop myself every time I go to bite on my cheek. I know I must look like an idiot when I do it and it hurts a lot! UGH. Good luck to all you cheek-biters out there. Wish me the same...
Leann 27 February 09
killed with mouth ulcers for the last 3 or 4 years, went for an allergy test and im allergic to oranges! stopped them no but i do still get a few, especially when i have a cold or flu. vodka helps, no SLS so use sensodyne orig, corsodyl not meant to be used all the time but i think they have a new everyday use one out now. only thing that really works for me are cortisone tablets that i get in spain but last time the pharmacist gave out shit about because she wanted to know who would prescribe them for mouth ulcers but its the only thing that works for me and its worth it!
Sarah 23 February 09
I typed a few key words into Google, really not expecting to find much useful help, and this message board crops up! Facinating to know other people suffer from this. I dont appear to have 'white lines' and my bite I'm sure is well aligned, I think I have extra baggy inside cheeks. I think mine MAY have first started when I got a punch in the face a few years ago and it has never really healed properly. I find mine to be most irritating when I'm going to sleep. Speaking of sleep, how to people know if they grind their teeth at night? Do you wake up from it?

Thanks for the suggestions by people such as gumshield I may try this at night. Short term solutions I find are similar to what someone suggested before with the whisky - but I use Listerine (or any mouth mash with alcohol), it tightens up the cheek inside. It might be less expensive buying supermarket brand vodka to do this. TCP dabbed onto an cotton-bud can be a quick short term measure for the pain (but not my entire baggy cheek). I don't find it so much to be the degree of pain, but the sheer AnNOyaNcE of the repitition of slight pain when speaking/eating etc. I seem to have this problem on my left cheek with my back teeth.
Alex 22 February 09
I have had the ulcers in my mouth since i was a child.i,m now 29 and still get them.been to the doctor and the dentist and they just dont know.I have found staying away from the spicey foods is a big help and keep yor mouth clean brushing tongue twice a day.I was diagnosed with gerd and since i had started treatment thinks have really improved.I didnt know i even had it and it can really make your tongue and mouth sore from the acid.It makes the taste buds enlarged feels like tiny bumps on your tongue.I take prilosec for my ulcer.good look to everybody.
william. 19 February 09
Hi I have had a cold that is really running me down. I am sleeping alot. I got up from a nap and realized I have raised white lines on the inside of my mouth running from the sides of my lips to the back of my teeth on both sides of the inside of my mouth. I have a couple tastbuds swollen on the tip of my toung. I have not bitten my mouth yet. I think the lines come first. Yes i do have a thyroid problem and i have been warn down lately. When i looked into my mouth with a flash light i did notice that the white spot i had on the back of my throught from my cold is gone.It was there for about 4 to 6 weeks I have had two bad colds. Could these raised lines be a gland- the parotid glands that some one mentioned? I am a believer in treating the cause not just the symptom and i am trying to figure out the symptom. I am going to swish my mouth with some colloidal silver (silver shield) nature's sunshine.
Linda 18 February 09
Hi. I'm totally gob-smacked there are so many others who have a problem with biting their cheeks. I Googled in 'biting cheeks' today and you all dropped out the skies. I'm a daft, old Welsh granny who bites her cheeks - no ulcers - thank goodness, but what a nuisance it is - and painful, too. I thought perhaps I had one big, volcanic shudder from side to side, and could possibly end up slicing myself in half. I have a bit of a shake, generally, but have never put it down to anything serious, like a central nervous system disorder, so what on earth is causing this? I can never wear a gum shield to bed. I already look a mess when I pile in for the night. Heck, a with a gum shield I'd look like a crazed bantam-weight boxer. On second thought, why should I care - my old man is no oil painting. Someone please answer. I'll feel totally rejected if you won't. I'm quite nice really, and feel sorry for all you sufferers
Crazy Granny 7 February 09
HI i had this problem for about 5 years.Im only 12. It hurts so bad it hurts to talk ,eat even do things such as jump and run because my teeth rub agaist the ulcer.I would not wish this pain on the devil. Which is something i hate very very much. The mouth guard thing is really a help.
Bubblelishus(justina) 26 January 09
Hi my mother has had a mouth ulcer that has been coming and going for 7 years now. She is always in so much pain and initially got it as a side effect from medication. Thank you for all the suggestions. Has anyone ever experienced mouth ulcers from medication, and if so, has anything worked to stop them from coming back? Please get back to me.
Thank you
Rose 23 January 09
I am amazed that so many people have the same symptoms that I do. I dont think that I am biting my cheeks at night, because the ulcers are so sore that it would definitely wake me up if I did. I am 46 and when I was young I would get Canker sores all the time and they were very painful. I dont get them at all anymore unless I eat hard candy and then I get one every time, so I dont eat any hard candy anymore. I dont know if the two are related, but I tend to think they may be. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, the dentist told me that I had a very, very small mouth. Maybe thats what is causing all this? My cheeks are rubbing up against my back tooth and has done so for so long that maybe it is a permanent thing. I am going to try some of the recommended remedies from this site and want to thank everyone for their input. We are all suffering together......
BudMan 15 January 09
Hmmm I have just been reading all your posts, and I think I am going to try the mouth guard thing definitely, I seem to get these lines/ulcers when I am stressed, my jawline and now my glands are up to, so may need a trip to the doctors.
Fiona 13 January 09 13 January 09
I have this problem too, seems like a lot of people do. It hasn't bothered me until today so I decided to google the problem. My friend suggest a mouth guard or something. I think i'm doing it in my sleep. I woke up with blood in my mouth this morning and looked in my cheeks and saw the lines on both sides and ulcers that I must have made bleed. I don't know what to do
kc 8 January 09
I underwent an operation to remove my thyroid glands in november. Since then the ulcers have been appearing more frequently. I am relieved to find that I am not the only one that suffers from cheek biting and a couple of the posts here have given me some solid ideas of what to try next.
Steve 3 January 09
has anyone in here been checked for a thyroid disease?
Anne 28 December 08
I have this problem too, but they are not caused by bitting. I get them on my cheeks, my tounge gets swollen taste buds and my gums get "Rashy" They are a type of cancer soar, usualy a genetic non contagious form of herpes.
I noticed that someone has posted about using Peroxide, I use to do this becuause it helps them alot. When I spoke to my Dentist about this he told me to stop using this method ASAP, Older Dentists will tell you to do this but have not seen all the new medical info on this method. PEROXIDE causes skin cells to change and heal rapidly, It increses scaring but worst of all the rapid cell changing can cause CANCER!!!
He then told me that a baking soda paste will decrese the swelling and take away some of the pain. He also gave me a mouth wash called Parichlor. Both methods work very well along with sensative tooth paste every time I brush.

DH 4 December 08
I don't know if it's an ulcer, I'm assuming it is. It's this red lump with some kind of hole which looks to me like puss inside of it. It's so sore n just like an ulcer pain. It's at the back of gum just above my two "almost there" wisdom teeth it randomly happened over night. Also I have like a pinky line going across my gum which leads me to think I could be chewing my gums over night. Anyone else had anything similar- quite concerned n I'm only 20 :S
lisa 17 November 08
James - do we swig the Jack Daniels at the same time as the salt water - I only have single malt and don't want to waste it....

Seriously tho, my dentist and physio friend have really helped with the biting, telling me to check my teeth alignment when stressed - it seems I have got into the habit of moving my jaw to one side a little which makes it easy to grind my teeth during sleep or whenever I am stressed. They suggest using my finger to feel (not obviously in front of the entire office) whether my incisors are resting almost squarely or if my lower jaw has slipped to the side out of habit. I was amazed!! They were both correct, and it explained the muscle pains from my cheeks too. I still get ulcers but not the side biters anymore. Result! Hope this helps.
Rachel 17 November 08
Using a lot of anti-oxidents really helps. When one stops working go to another one.

Ed 17 November 08
i have it two but i feel around my mouth 1 day i was touching my mouth and i felt a line and its a massive ulcer its really sore im gonna try bonjela and paste or something its really SORE!!!!
ps: i have had mouth ulcers since i was 7 it might be my diet :(
emily fenton 15 November 08
I too am suffering exactly what the first poster has written. I think i've started biting my cheek out of stress but now it's ulcered at the back it's so swollen i keep biting it by accident and it's not getting any better. I have sore mouth gel by boots it's fantastic but doesn't seem to be doing much on this one, nor does salt water. Today I tried oral childrens ibuprofen to see if it would take down the swelling, it worked really well so i'd advise trying that if you can. Came across the idea after I got ulcers all round the back of my throat one year, they tested and couldn't find out what caused them, all they could get into me was kids ibuprofen and it worked a treat.
Ella 27 October 08
Dab on some liquid Anbesol (using clean fingertip or cotton-bud (Q-tip)), it's anaesthetic and antiseptic. Stings a bit at first, but works a treat. You can buy it over the counter in pharmacies.
Fran 24 October 08
i have the same problem, dont use bonjela, i got this sugar free stuff, basically it burned like hell when i put it on, was then good for 10 minutes and then it dissapeared leaving me with the ulcer hurting even more. i then went to sleep and woke up and my ulcer had gotten far worse.
the shermanator 23 October 08
I had this problem ever since I can remember. My mother's brother had the same problem. My sister had similar issues. Herditary? Weak Gums? My problem starts when i brush. It slips and hits some place inside. Normally right behind my lips. Initially it is a tiny wound of no concern. Within a week it grows larger and larger. Then it pains for a week. Heals in another week. Which means three weeks of torture. I bite my cheeks too. But those heal faster and in less painful. I have another one inside my mouth near the throat. Its damn painful, cant eat or talk, even headache and bad temper. I have tired vitamins, medications... right now applying bonjela. Its initially painful but settles down later on.
Farooq 21 October 08
I tend to do it in my sleep mostly. Have a horrible sore in my mouth right now and it is driving me crazy. I am going to see if I can find the "sports" mouth guard...WalMart here I come...
Crissy 17 October 08
I get the painful line of swelling inside my cheeks about once a month. I noticed it often happens when i am stressed at work and start biting my cheeks without realising.
One thing that really helps is some whiskey or Jack Daniels, one mouthful, hold it there for 30 seconds and don't spit it out, that's a waste!
Another good thing is plain old salt water, it helps the healing process.
I must admit I am tempted to try the gum shield method.
Wonderful to know I am not alone.
James 15 October 08
I used to bite my inside cheeks and that used to result in a swelling. This is one way I seem to get mouth ulcers. So the way I stopped it was using mental powers. I paid attention and every time the biting started I used mind power to stop it. Kept on reminding myself not to do it. This is a bit like sportspeople doing movements in training, unconsciously the mind takes this knowledge onboard then during the game the mind reproduces the training movements when a new situation presents itself in a real game. In my case the biting of the inner cheek (and tongue prior to that) all stopped. Now I am figuring out ulcers that seem to appear out of nowhere.
Ash 2 October 08
I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with this problem. I was searching for a website that may bring light to what I can do. I don't know if I am doing this at night or what, but both sides on the inside of my cheeks are so swollen. Its to the point that when I eat, I bite them. It is painful. I now have cancer sores on both sides. So, there is nothing I can do? I dont want to continue to keep my cheeks sore. They hurt!! Do I ask my dr.? my dentist? I dont know!!!
Angela September 29 30 September 08
Hi im chantelle. and im only 13.
Im in year 9 now and sinse year 5 i cant stop biting the inside of my cheeks. I no its a really big problem and friends at school ask me what im doing. And im just too scared to tell them. But everyday i get ulsers and everyday i feel my cheek getting smaller. I might be paranoid but can you actually loose your cheek from this habbit. I need to stop biting my cheeks though. I mean im only 13 and already ive got a problem that COULD give me cancer. Please help im really stuck. Love Chantelle xxx
Chantelle 9 September 08
i have the same problems swollen cheeks, and bumps on the right inside of my mouth i did not sleep last night the pain was so excrucuiating what helped me was hydrogen peroxide and orajel antiseptic mouth sore rinse it takes a minute for the pain to go away but it helps compare to the intollerable pain that these awful bumps could cause as long as i continued to use the orajel mouth wash i did not have any problems but i was out of it for over 3 wks and i thought that everything was ok boy was i wrong it came back full fledged now i have stocked up on the mouth wash again and i make an oath never to go without it again try it i thought that i had herpes of the mouth thank everyone for this wonderful website
jacinta sealey houston 5 August 08
Good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I am 61 and wondered if it's something to do with everything going south. I used to have quite plump cheeks so maybe they're slipping and I now keep biting them. I try to be really careful but it still keeps happening and on both sides too. I just seem to get rid of them and then I do it again. I guess I'll just have to live with it along with the hot flushes every 30 minutes - life pretty rubbish as you get old!
Jean 4 August 08
i do this too! try sleeping with a mouthgaurd...the kind athletes wear! you can buy them at any sporting goods store, or even at wal mart. I bite the inside of my cheeks all the time and its awful. I thought i was the only person who did this!
Marysa 3 August 08
I am a 67 year old male and I have the same issue going on in my mouth. I used to wear a teeth guard but I lost it and insurance will not pay for another! The dentist charges over 500 bucks to make one. Another disadvantage of no universal health care! I know my bite is off and I grind my teeth at night as well. If I eat slow of fast it makes no difference, I always bite the inside of my cheeks. I am going to try some of the suggestions here. I want to thank all of you for giving me some things to try. Good luck all you biters, gee, we are like babies again, lol
Richard 15 July 08
I have been biting my mouth inside my cheeks for the past few months, i feel like the swelling is related to my abdomen!!! my abdomen is swallon as well, and when it's worse I feel like my mouth swelling is worse too! any body has the same problem?
maryam 24 June 08
try tea tree oil (available in health food stores) straight or tea tree mouthwash...also aloe vera gel (cold) and sucking on plain old ice cubes will take down swelling...hold them in mouth next to sore area. I do it because my bite is off. Get your bite measured by a good dentist for malocclusion.
Charles 21 June 08
I have the exact same thing! I don't know why, but i constantly bite my cheek and then these aweful painful ulcers appear! I have 4 in my mouth right now! To tell the truth, i don;t know what to do either...
Larissa 8 May 08
Hey, I get the swollen cheeks with lines, and end up crunching down on them when I am going too fast (running around, working too much, eating too fast, not relaxing, trying to talk a lot in between eating, thinking about the next thing i have to do etc). Its great to find out others get these stupid swollen inner cheeks too.
And I get swollen taste buds on my tongue
And I get toothbrush abrasion wounds if I brush too quickly
And they all turn into nasty ulcers.
Bongela is the best. There is no cure. Only treatment after they arrive. Imogen

Imogen 8 May 08
Iíve had mouth ulcers come and go my whole life... try ALUM, you can find it on your spice aisle at the market. It looks like salt and is tart (I think itís used for pickling?). Anyway, get a Q-tip wet, dip it in the alum, and dab it on your ulcer. It will feel and taste awful but doing this once or twice a day and good brushing habits youíll be rid of the worst ulcers in just a day or two... it is like magic! Seriously, I have no idea why it works, but it does and one tiny thing of alum will last you years, a little goes a long way.
Mary 6 August 07
I used to bite my cheeks and tongue when i was sleeping,the hospital made me a gum shield to wear at night,which has really helped.
neal 5 August 07
Just found this website tonight. Rachel, I have the exact same problem. I have been to medical MD and Dentist. No one can tell me why my cheeks swell causing the biting. They only say the ulcers are there because I bite my cheeks. I have a line of healing ulcers all the way around on both sides of my mouth. I have found nothing that helps and this has been going on for 2 years now, and I am at my wits end.
Donna 5 August 07
Ther are natural lines inside your cheeks - these are the openings from the parotid glands. My ulcers started when I bit down on one side of my cheek on the parotid gland, it got infected and then I developed an ulcer at the opening. Have you checked with a doctor about this?
savingsage 4 July 07
Hi all, new here.
I have been suffering for a few years from a kind of swelling on the inside of my cheeks that causes me to bite then ulcers appear.
It usually goes within a few days. But this time round its been a week and the whole of my mouth is so painful with one really massive ulcer at the back of my mouth which is stopping me from eating and chewing. I have lines on the inside of my cheeks like marks from my bite. Does anyone have any suggestions, causes, ideas on what I could do? The Doctor doesnít know what it is and told me to visit a dentist.
Any help would be great.
Thank you all
rachel 3 July 07

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