Help Me! lots of mouth ulcers and white tongue

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I eat a well balanced diet, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but once in a while I get a "canker" sore in my mouth or on the side of my tongue. This is caused by a virus. What I do at the first sign of a canker is hold an aspirin over the spot and let the aspirin dissolve. That will kill the virus and no ulcer will appear.
Pat Patrick 2 June 16
I went to the dentis in december 2013 to clean my teeth the other morning when i woke up i saw all the inside of my lips an cheek stripping off i went back to the dentis and they told me that nothing they use could have cause it its been so long now since my mouth is like this they gave me antibiatis and it still doesnt help im in need of help any one know of anything that can help my sore mouth
shan 5 May 16
The cause of a recurrent mouth ulcer is not always clear, but it's likely to be a combination of factors including a genetic vulnerability and a certain trigger.
FontsDownloadFree 12 August 15
Ulcers also can be associated with other diseases, particularly connective tissue diseases such as lupus or Beh et's syndrome, which cause symptoms on the eyes and genitals as well as the mouth.
BiobiocaR 22 July 15
sir i am in tounge ulcer 2 month.
please right me..
niroj nalini nayak 28 May 15
Try some clotrimazole from your doctor!! Dissolve 1 tablet 5 times a day for 14 days will help you!!
theonelinda 20 May 15
A pure form of iodine or simply X out the mouth wash and use bakeing soda.three times a day and use as a mouth wash
Albert 6 August 14
Prans - have you ever tried using any probiotic yoghurt drinks? If you manage to eliminate the constipation and get your digestion working well, it will help with the bad breath and hopefully with the ulcers too.
Dom Walton 27 October 13
I'm suffering with mouth ulcers for the last 15-20 years. I have tried with various medicines and consulted 5-6 physicians but still I am suffering with this. Wasted money. Problem - I have ulcers in my mouth frequently (remains 4-5 days in a week). My tongue always remain whitish and I suffer with very bad breath. When I have ulcers I suffer with constipation. Sometimes accidentally biting the inside of the cheek make ulcers. But one of the physician suggested me to try with Folvite (Folic acid) and Metrogyl 400 tablets. It really helps to cure ulcers but it's a temporary solution because after a gap of 2-3 days I again face this problem. Now it's like a routine for me. I am really tired with this. Specially bad breath. Please help!
Prans 27 October 13
I just wanted to know if starting B12 strips on the tongue would give me this mouth problem....white tongue and very painful red lips just inside of lips.Feels like a bad case of cold sores but on the inside of the lips...and my gums burn real bad....
gramma 27 February 13
I suffered with virtually permanent mouth ulcers, stomach problems and tiredness for over 40 years. Tried ulcer treatments and vitamin B plus Zinc, which gave some relief but no cure. Doctors reckoned it was stress, but I was experiencing ulcers on Holidays !. Two years ago I read an article in Sydney Morning Herald article by two Melbourne doctors researching Celiac disease who found that some customers did not have disease but were sensitive to Gluten in food. The article convinced me to at least try a gluten free diet, as I had tried everything else. Within three weeks the ulcers disappeared and have not returned, I do not feel tired, and my stomach problems cleared. After staying on this diet modification for two years I am convinced it is not a placebo effect. It would appear many others have also had a similar experience, as there are many shelves in the major supermarkets with a large range of gluten free products, while most restaurants in Australia have menu items marked GF. As I have enjoyed relief from those disabling ulcers, I hope this helps others.
Kevin Parkes 28 October 12
it's been for many years I don't even remember how long those painful sores appears in my mouth. I figured out that when I drink coffee, stressed, lack of sleep, after having sex (this is the worse cause makes me very unhappy) create the ulcers. Yes taking vitamin B or multivitamin, drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of fruits helps to prevent as well. I think It is all because of weak immune system. I use albothyl medicine to cure it. It works for me. medicine science has been getting better day by day. I wish there will be a way to cure our pain as soon as possible. Get well soon people!!!
alibaba 26 October 12
Hi,Here kind request if you solve it really I am happiest person in the world nothing I want other than health and love of Parents.Here i am writting about my health problem,please please please anyone give me treatment,please cure it.
One day I took Beer(Alcohol) after that suddenly my tongue full whited coated,I was habit of smoking,after that coating form i am not having taste of smoking,bad smell feelin,It will always 24hrs since 6 years after taking beer.and daily 24rs some poison taste in throat and in head ,it is not ulser,something else Almost i spent 2 laks,because tonge shows health,really daily I am crying,please advice me imdly.Thanks you.
Praveen 20 April 12
For over thirty years I have had an upset stomach. Also from time to time very painful mouth ulcers. I was on medication to combat both problems. It helped a bit. Worrying if the problems I searched the Internet for possible causes. Thinking it was someting I was eating or the sugars and sauces on my food. Tried cutting out several things No result. However I came across the cause on the Internet. TOOTHPASTE & MOUTHWASH. The so-called "Ring of confidence" had been killing all the good mouth bacteria my body and digestive system needed. Wandering round stores, chemists and health shops I finally came across an Australian product or toothpaste that uses Natural Alovera to do a better job than fluoride, the other ingredients are all natural. If swallowed it is much kinder on the stomach, also the natural ingredients of this toothpaste help combat any mouth ulcers. From the day I started on the Natural Alovera over the months I have never had another mouth ulcer or upset stomach and once again the vital bacteria from my mouth and teeth is flowing back into my body after 30 years of killing it with normal toothpaste and mouthwash. When I first look at at my current toothpaste and saw the little Koala I thought it was a true reflection of a great product using healthy natural ingredients.

Peter B. 13 March 12
Hi All - as a life long sufferer of mouth ulcers - here's my bit of advice (I've tried all of the variations and combinations of treatments) corlan Pellets - if you can tolerate the taste do reduce inflammation BUT vitamin B deficiency is a known cause so if you know that an ulcer is about to develop take Vit B complex (I now have it prescribed by my doc). Avoid tomato based foods and anything else that makes them sting (they hurt enough!) Adcortyly in Orabase or iglu will stick over them but will also stick to teeth and may hurt depending where the ulcer is. My brother (a fellow sufferer) swears by teetree oil - dabbed on neat (don't swallow it). Generally they will take about a week to begin to heal but if they last more than 3 get to see the doc.

I presently have some that are different to my usual in shape and saw the doc - he thinks it's a response to a virus that I've recently had but because they are so bad he prescribed a very strong mouthwash to use every hour and half (Difflam) - hope this helps someone out there!
Polly 8 March 12
Pls help me out.I've been depressed by these symptoms sore throat,mouth ulcer and headache and sometime chest pain though i have hepatitis but the symptoms is for the past one month now am still observing despite medication.For the past 7 months i had unprotected sex but i have hiv test twice and is still reading negative.
Dan 24 January 12
Mark You may have Bechets Syndrome. My Dermatologist suggested meat tenderizer brushing, lightly with a toothbrush and it should help with the problem if it is Bechets. Mandiee Lupus ( Steven Johnson Syndrome) among other auto immune disorders has oral thrush as a side affect, it is not necessary the HIV virus, I also suggest using Acidophilus tablets three times daily and alpha lipolic acid it kills the candid yeast in your body. Both of those supplements can be found at Trader Joe's. Mandiee it is also very difficult to diagnose which auto immune disorder you have your doctor will most likely refer you to a rheumatologist, dermatologist & ENT.
Tia Pre Med 12 January 12
For mouth ulcers use a toothpaste without the ingredient Sodium Laural Sulfate (SLS). SLS is a harsh detergent that is also found in laundry detergent. I suffered as a kid and young adult with mouth ulcers until I switched toothpastes. Now I never get them and I am pain free.
Robin 5 January 12
Rinsing or dabbing on clove oil numbs the pain. I'm convinced they are related to the cold sores I get. Occur when run down, stressed, and eating poorly - same as cold sores. Going to try an antiviral that is prescribed for Oral Herpes.Been looking for answers for 1 1/2 years now. I guess it's an effective weight loss program....if I wanted to lose any.
Danielle 31 December 11
ive had oral thrush for 14 months now no treatment works i read it a symptom of hiv i got tested 4 times this year al negative could it really be hiv and the test not picking up the infection i tested upto 11 months
mandiee 13 December 11
I am suffering from ulcer and get them on a regular basis and thick layer of White coat. I am a Christian and do lot of fasting atleast ten days in a month and my sleep is about four hour. I am vegetarian by default, I have been asked by the doctor to take Vitamin"C". My daughter complain that mouth smells. This is been happening to me almost one year may be more. I need to know how can I come over and what is the right diet.
My E mail ID is
Oswald 5 December 11
Those pesky "canker" sores can be a real nuisance. If you really want to get rid of them, rinse with pure listerine for at least 30 seconds straight about 3-4 times a day. Eat lots of vitamin C, and take multi-vitamins. Vitamin water is a good supplement because it comes in a liquid form that is more easily absorbed by the body. (Some people have a harder time than others absorbing nutrients. Body weight/ type and diet has a lot to do with this.) This should all help you to enjoy longer periods between outbreaks of the virus (yes, these are caused by a VIRUS), and also it can help decrease the severity of outbreaks. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the herpes virus (this is NOT the same strain of virus as the "downstairs" cousin), but a strong immune system can "fend off" the virus. Hope this helps.
Mr. Nimbles 17 November 11
acid in lemon, limes, and other fruits could help eat up the unwanted linen in your mouth. In Tonsilitis and/or strep, whereas white pus filled sores make home in your throat, natural acids help remove them faster. Ibprofen helps swelling, and antibiotics are need to kill any bacteria that might be the cause of the lesion-looking sores in the throat.
Often, if a persons tongue hairs (taste buds) are on the longer side...the tongue will need to be cleaned more often then most because it is prone to yeast infections because the long hairs collect more stuff. You can get a yeast infection in your mouth, and if you have sores or a nascious smell coming from your mouth don't infect others. No kissing, and do not give oral sex. Gargle with salt water. You can also gargle with listerine or peroxide, but peroxide taste horrible so many people wont do that. DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!!!!!
TinaMD 27 September 11
I've suffered with mouth ulcers for years like all of you here. Mine always seemd to last what seemed like forever .What I've discovered over the years is that when they are there there's usually something not quite right in my digestive system. Most of the time you see people say your system is to acidic when you have these ulcers but it's usually just the opposite. I found a product called ZilatinB (burns like hell) that works wonders for the pain but as gross as this next info may sound it works. I had a huge ulcer on the inside of my cheek about the size of a quarter which I bit the crap out of and it bled like crazy but what I noticed was the next day it was almost completely gone. So... I thought about it and when they are when they are at the height of soreness they are swollen because of the blood accumulated in them. So the next time I got them I tried an experiment. I tried (this is going to sound gross) to position them where I could suck on them as hard as I could (hurts like hell) to draw the blood out of them. I had to be careful when doing this because they enlarge for a few minutes afterward but ... the next day they were almost completely gone. The ones on my tongue were a little harder to do but it works. The main thing to take in mind here is that whatever is happening in your mouth is a reflection on what's happening in your digestive track. Hope this helps.
Becca 20 September 11
Hi all I have been suffing with mouth ulcers for years but when I was a kid I didnt get them very often that I can remember. A few years ago I started developing stomach problems. I then had canker sores (usually one severe painful one at a time) about 3 to 4 times a year. Then last year my stomach syptoms got worse and I started getting real sick with other symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpations and the canker sores still showed up every few months. My doctor realized my b12 was real low due to not being able to properly digest it from the foods I ate because of my stomach problems. I also thought it was the cause of my canker sores. I started taking b12 and a few months later had my gallbladder removed. Now I dont take b12 everyday because I dont think i need it anymore since surgery but after surgery the ulcers are a lot more frequently. I get them like once a month to every few weeks. Its very frusterating. I know stomach probems and vitimin defficiencies can cause them but it didnt help me so I cant figure out whats causing them to reoccur more frequently. Both of my parents have stomach problems but they dont get canker sores like I do. I feel like im alone and I worry if I have something more serious wrong with me. My stomach still isent 100% better but its a lot better then it use to be and now the ulcers have gotten worse. I also get some.thrush on the very back of my tongue. Have had it for years but the doctors never say anything about it. I have tried mouth wash it didnt make a difference so I might,rry a different tooth paste.
Crystal 9 September 11
I have ulcers on my Tongue,Its full of pain.I am getting Irritated with this.I think I am feeling depression and emotionally down, feeling alone.I think Its with everyone who having this mouth ulcers disease.I have full sympathy with all of you guys. I think its linked with stress and feeling alone.Its a devil.
Vikrant 2 September 11
HI there - am going to the GP for the second time in 6 months as I have a couple now that are unbearable and about 3 wks old, hopwever I decided to take a Panadol Neck and Back Pain Killer - and it seriously made the discomfort ALOT better, I am in Oz so will tell you the ingredients are: 500mg Paracetemol, Potassium Sorbate,Sodium, gluten, lactose and sugar free. Hopefullly the GP will be bale to help better this time...Hope this helps someone!
Lisa 29 July 11
Hi All I would just like say that I have suffered from mouth ulcers of and on for most of my adult live but it is only over the last few years that I am getting to understand some of the causes. I live in New Zealand and we have a TV program called ..... What is in your food.... and they did a segment on tooth paste . Their findings were that some tooth pastes can cause mouth ulcers.So I suggest maybe trying a change of your brand of paste.
The main cause I think is the bacteria in your mouth builds up for one reason or another (I think this is more to do with brushing correctly) The best remedy I have found is washing my mouth out with strong salty water at night .I think this drops the bacteria level down so if you nick or bite the inside of your mouth it doesn't become infected. If I keep using the salty rinse I don't get ulcers ,When I stop I do . Hope this helps
Craig 5 July 11
I am also suffering from mouth ulcers for the past 5 years .i had tried lots of vitamin tablets and oinments . But nothing worked. Doctors told that there is nothing wrong with the blood test results. It is so painful that i an not able to eat anything,pls help me.
Al wyn 90 29 June 11
I have had horrible cases of mouth ulcers since I was a kid, all over my tongue. They were so painful I couldn't eat or sleep and did nothing but keep ice cubes in my mouth for a week. I have had them a few times as an adult and sometimes would miss a day or two of work still experiencing the same amount of pain, though I have not gotten them as often as when I was younger. I have tried everything including showing up at the E.R. one time in the middle of the night I was in so much pain and my tongue was actually bleeding! One day when I was in the middle of another round of ulcers, a friend turned me on to a homeopathic remedy that I could buy at Whole Foods and I decided to try it. I figured what do I have to loose? Anyway, it works it works it works. It's called Borax, it costs about 8 dollars, it's in a little blue tube that looks kind of like a tube of chapstick. There should be a whole section of these little tubes for different things. Borax. Get the 30 CC strength, not the 6 CC. take 3-5 pellets. I took 3 that afternoon with very very pronounced painful ulcers, and then 5 that night before I went to bed. I was kind of sweaty when I woke up but the ulcers had completely receded to the point where I could rub my teeth along my tongue without it being painful at all, the next day they were gone. The tube has 80 pellets in it. A few months later a girl at my work got ulcers and mentioned them. I gave her a bunch of pellets. Same deal. They work like a charm. So it's not just me or my body chemistry or whatever. I hope this is helpful!!!! I will never suffer again! I hope you don't either. Cheers!
Michael 27 June 11 27 June 11
i have mouth uesing mouth wash.not going so i am on tcp.that take the pains away.
elizabeth 25 June 11
if you want painless cure try apply watermelon frost
johnnybegood 25 June 11
I recently just experienced the pain from ulcers. It started with a small white bump on my tongue, and within 5 days my mouth, tongue and lips were covered.

I couldn't eat, drink or talk. The pain was immense, I couldn't even sleep without waking up needing pain killers, bonjella and to wash my mouth out with antispetic/anthestic mouthwash.

I want to the doctor who put me on Cilex and Valtrex. Within 3 days I started to heal and am now back to work after 2 weeks off dealing with this. I pray to god it never, ever happens again. It was awful.
Dannielle 12 May 11
Go on an all-fruit diet for a few days, the ulcer will heal in 1/3 the time and will be alot less painfull. You'll also feel alot better overall at the end.
JJ 7 May 11
So, I recently underwent chemo due to lymphoma and was told to valtrex because the imbalance of my immune system. I had canker sores a couple times when I was younger but never full blown "ulcers." During and after the chemo I had no problems with actual ulcers, but I did get thrush. This is for all of you hygienic freaks out there; first, using an alcohol based mouthwash on a tongue with thrush hurts like hell, and though it seems a good idea, it kills the natural (good) bacteria of your tongue which not only keeps your tongue in constant pain, but will actually make it take longer to heal. As for the "ulcers," people it's herpes, most people are born with it...not sexual herpes for the most part either. Anyway, after I have been in remission for a couple years now, I get sores on my lips, it seems at least once every couple of months. I know the problem is improper diet and lack of sleep, and the stress doesn't help either, however, I find the best and easiest way to reduce and even stop it is taking lysine, and over-the-counter supplement sold in your local vitamin section. I have found that taking Lysine once, and putting a regular everyday lipton teabag soaked in cold water not only get's rid of the sores, it also reduces any pain, and even redness, like it was never there. Do this at the first sign of a sore, you know the little tingle you get on your lip, and if it's not gone by the next 2 days, you can hunt me down and kick me in the chin.
Jaßon 25 April 11
Swish with 1 teaspoon of bi carb soda and half a spoon of salt this eases symptoms. Also, vegemite burns a little but is Vit B too so really helps.
Leeanne 17 April 11
my daughter has mouth and tongue ulcers and is in lots of pain, only started when she started wearing her retainers. now she cannot put them in as her mouth and throat is to sore. lots of tears at mo and i dont know what to do
Pauline 2 April 11
My name is Clarice and I have a verruca vulgaris (wart) on my tongue. I've had 2 extensive biopsies which I thought would take care of it. It grew back. Then I had a small biopsy which came back as a wart. It is white and mostly under the underside of one side of my tongue. The top part looks like a cauliflower, but small. I have gone to several doctors. None of them know much but to say that it is a wart. It hurts. I have to follow through with exams periodically for fear that it might turn into cancer. I want to find some medicine to suppress its growth or remove it. One doctor told me that he was going to take out a lot of my tongue , hospitalize me for a few days, and I'll be in a lot of pain for several weeks. I then went for a second opinion. I was told that it's not necessary to go to such extreme treatment, I should have it just cut out by an oral surgeon. Theat didn't work. Help
Clarice 1 March 11
Gerie, I was interested to hear your thoughts about links between periods and mouth ulcers. I used to always get an upset stomach during my period and then I realised that I was craving dairy products at that time of the month (eating more yoghurts, etc). Maybe there is a link between lactose intolerance (causing ulcers) and the fact that your body thinks it need the protein when you have your period?
I have had mouth ulcers for years (fairly minor - never more than 4 at a time) so think I will try more B12 and less harsh toothpaste to see if that helps.
Anna 11 February 11
Just came across this article and thought I would share experience. I have had ulcers in my mouth and tongue for years, they seem to just pop up when ever it suits them no matter what I eat! I did a detox to cleanse my body and they went for a while but returned. I have since gone to an Acupuncturist who has told me the reason is not just stress but due to my internals (mainly liver & stomach) being severely inflamed! I did not trust this at first so went to another Acupuncturist who had checked me out and had told me the exact same thing! so to cut a long story short, I went in for treatment to release the heat from my organs and also prescribed herbs to cook at home to take and I have not had a single ulcer since! This is quite amazing considering I used to get at least one every two weeks! I had stacks of Bonjela medicine to use on my ulcers which are now just lying in my cupboard. I also had the white tongue which was sometimes thick and sometimes thin but found that this is due to various problems from 'Qi' (Body energy) deficiency to Damp retention in your organs! It all depends on what else is on your tongue, for example my tongue was sort of like swollen and was getting in the way of my teeth so I had teeth marks on the sides and also little pink spots on the end. The diagnosis was that I had Qi deficiency and too much heat in my system! All herbal doctors know that the tongue is the 'mirror' to see what is happening on the inside of your body. I know it may sound strange to people who have never heard of these forms of treatments and only use pills etc but it makes sense that you cant just keep getting rid of the ulcers which are on the outside when the actual problem is on the inside so you need to get to the root of the problem! I never would have tried this had I not already tried almost everything else! Its been two years since and I was cured of it within 6 months but go there every two weeks as a sort of maintenance session to make sure my body is running fine! Most consultations are free from most clinics and the prices are no more expensive then say going to the dentist! I would recommend it to anyone! Good luck everyone!
Peter 21 January 11
Hi people ,i do have canker sore 2 . I got testet for herpes and im positive and they give me ACYCLOVIR 400 mg . So this shit is for herpes simple hsv 1, I feel much better now .Try it out.
niko 28 December 10
Hi, I'm 13 years old and I've been suffering from mouth ulcers since I was young. According to my parents (cos' we're of Chinese heritage) it's a result of eating heaty foods and not getting enough sleep (thus causing the body to overheat maybe?) Their advice is to drink cooling herbal drinks and eat more fruits. Does that help?
And FYI, the ulcers I'm currently having - One on right-hand side of bottom lip. One on left-hand side of upper gum. Two on top surface of tongue, and three on bottom surface. Countless ones littering the floor (basically, underneath the tongue) and some on throat opening too.
They all hurt so badly. I tried Medigel and others, even this cooling powder thingy that helps only if the ulcer hasn't erupted yet, but none of them work. I can't do anything without being in agony! The throat ones are the worst. I don't dare try Bonjela yet because there was this case I heard of about this guy whose ulcers were caused by a virus, then he used onjela and they worsened. Is it possible?
Stephanie 20 December 10
got this mouth ulcer since i started to have a menstrual period.
When I got pregnant, its gone.
After delivery when my period comes back, my mouth ulcers were back also.
the doctor said it has nothing to do with my period then why the heck it always comes along with it? every month!
there were some things I simply don't understand...
gerie 15 December 10
my brother had got ulcers/white tongue he went to the doctors ant they dont actully know what it is, its cant be anything serious because they would have sent him strate too the hospital, but he got to go but he is waiting for a letter from hospital so that he can go and get some tests done to actually find out what it is... hope yu are all ok :)
leona 10 December 10
>Bonjela Once or the boots own brand
Or Galpharm Mouth Ulcers treatment same stuff, £6 for three applications
>Corsodyl Mouth Wash
Or Curasept, same active ingredients, but, no alcohol and doesn't make your teeth go yellow.
Both available mail order from the shop.
Dom Walton 16 November 10
ok guys, I've been getting ulcers for years. Here are my two tips, I could make a huge list, but i'll keep it short and sweet.

If you have mouth ulcers already, then go to boots/superdrug (uk shops) and buy something called Bonjela once or the boots own brand. This isn't the crapy gel or paste, this is ONE treatment which basically kills it. It comes in the form of one of those ear bud things with red liquid in the middle. When you snap the top off you lightly dab the stuff onto your ulcer, be warned it hurts like hell, I almost shed a tear lol. But a couple of minutes later I was talking and eating normally again with no pain - result!!!

Annoyingly I was in my local boots store a couple of weeks back and they said they were discontinuing the product because it was too expensive. What a load of BS. Anyway I went to superdrug and they sold it there, its about £8 for two applications. Should only need one, but good to have a backup in your draw.

Also to stop mouth ulcers coming at all, buy Corsodyl mouth wash. Don't buy the watered down version, get the real stuff! Can buy it anywhere, use it twice a day after brushing teeth (thats crucial). Hope this helps someone.
Gaz 16 November 10
I have been suffering with a white tongue and a burning sensation in my mouth for months and have recently noticed a mouth ulcer that will not go away. I have been to the doctor several times and been referred to the hospital only to be told my mouth is fine. After using mouth washes, salt water gargles, taking vitamin b + c I'm now at the end of my tether. Can anyone help
lindsey 14 November 10
I am suffering with mouth ulcer from my childhood. its really very big problem nobody is giving right solution what to do even doctor also.
javed 10 November 10
I suffer with severe bloating,bad breathe,White thongue & reoccurant vaginal yeast infections!!
And now I'm suffering with huge mouth ulsers on my throat!! Someone help'
Rebecca 30 October 10
there is something called hairy leukepenia- along with oral thruh and ulcers- first signs of HIV- please get tested to rule out any STD
AMD 25 October 10
i suffer with mouth ulcer every week althouh i have no habits like smoking or others i use tess cream daily to cure it and wat i had to do now to cure it please
venkatesh 16 October 10
Seeing other sufferers problems makes my mouth ulcers seem very small beer but they are no less painful. I also only get them when I have stopped smoking. What can you do? Fag it and die young or stop smoking and live a longer more painful life with the f///// ulcers. Twenty Marlborough lites coming up.
Kenneth R Smith 25 September 10
I have five ulcers in my mouth at a time and for at least a couple of times a month i get them. I have tried taking l-lysine it is an amino acid and if i take every day it will prevent them from coming back and if i wait until I have already developed the ulcers it helps them to go away quicker.
Miranda 6 August 10
I used to get ulcers all the time as a kid and my dad fixed them in 10 seconds flat. He got some iodine liquid from the chemist (the brown stuff that stains) dipped a cotton bud in the bottle (same as for cleaning ears) then held the bud to the ulcer for 5 - 10 seconds. It hurts like a b*st*rd! Instantly after doing this zero pain and the ulcers completely gone next day and all healed up. My girlfriend gets these all the time and yet she will not do this. So instead of a ten second cure I get ten days of moaning all the time about how bad her ulcers are and nothing she has tried works. She isnt eating properly because her mouth hurts and this makes her moan more. Just goes to show you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink!
Givemestrength 22 July 10
Hi Amy, interesting! How did you find out about the allergy?
PP 24 June 10
I have suffered with Amphous Ulsers all my life, my mother noticed them when I was 2 years old and I kept pushing my bottle of milk away. I went to all kinds of alternative doctors and tried all their medicine, and nothing really worked. I used to get up to 15 in my mouth with yellow puss in them, sometimes if they were on the inside of my lips I would wake up in the morning and they would be stuck to my teeth and they would bleed badly, i used to lose half a stone in a week, because i couldn't eat a thing. My breath was so bad, and being at boarding school with bad breath caused a lot of problems with other kids. Then I found out about 6 years ago that I was allergic to dairy products, and I now I don't suffer at all - I do occasionally have chocolate because I love it - and i suffer but not as bad as I did. Your mouth is linked to your large intestines and my gut hates dairy products and spits it out through my mouth.
Amy 24 June 10
i woke up yesterday and i had a huge ulser on my tounge it had a white head to it aswell but i went to bed last night thinking it would be gone in the morning but now my mouth is covered in them they are also on my lip. i dont know what they are if it is ulsers or spots but they are so bad i cannot eat and i find it difficult to drink or swallow do you know what could be wrong with me ? or have you anny advice? please someone help me.
chloe 7 June 10
about my previous message, had some grammatical error.....I mentioned about the cankers sores as a systemic disease. Yes, that was according to this Chinese who almost died 10-15 years ago who went into naturals. He told me he will give me something which is made from seaweed. I don't know whether it is something to apply on the canker sores or something that I have to drink. He says we have to detoxify our intestines first before fixing the problem which makes sense. He also told me to drink some probiotic. His children were amazed at his survival with some serious disease and so took up to be natural medicine doctors, and one is stationed at San Francisco and one just graduated from a University here in the Philippines and will be also leaving for the States. I can't wait to get into that seaweed medicine he mentioned. will come back and tell you the outcome although I had noticed after several days of mouthwash (painful though) of water and just baking sode (inexpensive, anyone can do this) it has sort of ceased to sprout all over my mouth. I used to have this but they only lasted for a week but this time, BOY, two months of never ending canker sores sprouting one after another in different areas of my, SOOOOO PAINFUL! So...still have some pain in one which is on one side of my throat. I will stop my chocolate?!? of which some of you mentioned might be the culprit...although have had some stresses will had subsided down lately....I just don't know....all I know is that I am happy it seems to have ended......
Baby Lou 19 May 10
i too have the white stripes on my tonghue and been to different doctors one said it is a yeast infection, the othe one said i must do an hiv test and i did it. the results came back negative as well the other saiod it must be a lot of stress so guys u r not alone!
christina 18 May 10
Hi i get mouth ulcers to and have suffered for the last 1o years, i have however worked out the causes, brushing teeth and sometimes grazing gum/inside of lip, biting when eating and according to a doctor spicy food, which i have cut down on and since then have only suffered from ulcers caused by biting or grazing
hope this helps
btw a numbing gel like bonjella or sm33 jel i think its called provides some relief,
Jamie 27 April 10
I have suffered from recurrent mouth/throat sores for the last 10 years. They just started with no explanation or anything. I do have lots of allergies however. I finally got assistance from an oral pathologist at OSUMC who said to try and he gave me a prescription for Betameth Aug DP gel 0.05%. It is a corticosteroid. I apply a tiny dab of that on my sore and it goes away within a day or so. I do believe these sores are caused by stress and allergies. I was given a px for a herpes med from my dentist that did no good. I dont believe these sores are caused from herpes but rather a reaction of the body against itself for some reason hence an allergic reaction of sort. I do also have the white tongue and it feels swollen when i get these outbreaks. I have started watching my diet and taking supplemental probiotics to help my "gut" recover. I hope I help someone.
Chris 15 April 10
has any one experienced bleeding as well.
roma 5 February 10
has any one experienced bleeding as well.
roma 5 February 10
I have been experiencing a smoky taste in the back of my throat and dry red eyes. My tongue does appear to be white most of the time. Seem to have sinus infections with drainage quite often as well. Have been perscribed antibiotcs for the sinus infections and simply visine for the dry eyes (temporary relief) but nothing for the disgusting smoky taste.
tdh 28 January 10
Bev the problem with antibiotics is that they can kill off good bacteria as well. In the mouth this can lead to thrush. Yes, it's happened to me.
John 28 January 10
I always get a mouth full of ulcers after taking antibiotics.I currently have a cluster of 15 on lower lip then others on gums, under and on sides of tongue and in throat. I cant eat, struggling to talk and am drinking through a straw. I am using Corsadyl mouthwash which eases the pain a bit and smearing on loads of vaseline before bed, which puts a protective barrier over, its hard to apply and obviously i can only get to some of them but helps me to sleep.
Its reassuring to know i'm not alone with this problem but do other people get this after antibiotics or is it just me?
They are really getting me down.
Bev 28 January 10
hi pls advice. my husband has a big sore on the palate that has come up few months is atleast a size of a penny. previously he had crank sore on lateral side of his tongue, which were sitting there for almost 4-5 yrs then he got biopsy done but nothing came out. now he has this big sore on the palate that hurts so much he cant even drink water. any one knows anything that can reduce its size. can yoghurt help it. he has suffered from so many years with this mouth ulcers. we have stopped eating spicy foods, etc that can trigger it. he is 39 yrs old. s
roma 20 January 10
hi everyone. recurrent mouth ulcers can occur due to a weakened immune system. One notable cause of this is HIV. 1/3 of people with HIV don't know they have it, and doctors commonly miss it. However if it is treated early you can live a normal life... it doesn't have to progress to AIDS! please get tested if you have ANY or a few of these symptoms: mouth ulcers, glandular fever type illness (fever, aches and pains, swollen lymph nodes, tiredness), thrush in the mouth (oral candidiasis), night sweats, weight loss, general body rash, white tongue (oral hairy leukoplakia), pneumonia, meningitis, recurrent infections. even if you don't think you could have gotten it yourself, your partner may have given it to you without realising it themselves. lots of people on this forum seem to have symptoms that would warrant an HIV test. its simple blood test, just get it done, you could be saving your own life.
med student 17 January 10
I dont suffer from mouth ulcers but used to get general low-grade ill-health, bloated stomach, horrible tongue - white and yellow - bad taste in my mouth etc, then I gave up wheat which helped a lot - v difficult to do but did it over a number of years - and then the real clincher was milk! Gave that up and feel SO much better! My libido is back - i had none for 20 years! It's difficult to avoid as they put lactose and other milk derivatives in everything! tablets, gravys, they call it 'flavouring' low down on the ingredients, but it seems only a small amount of milk or lactose really kills my energy... worth the effort to cut these foods out... believe me. I've got my life back. I'm nearly 50 now, been depressed a bit ill all my life!
dogger 4 January 10
Hi Mark, I too have ulcers in my mouth......i also have them on my tongue. Any way what i used is very easy...i HAD 4 ulcers befor i used i have 2. I used bonjella on 2 to see how it would today i still have a tongue ulcer.....and 2 ulces. Hope it helps.....use BONJELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily 19 December 09
Hello Afzal
Have you tried elimination of citrus fruits, nuts etc, highly coloured sweets, icecream etc also strong mouth rinses some of which almost take the skin of you mouth as I have tried most of them and toothpastes *without SLS*.
On this site some people swear that coffee, wine, cigarettes etc gives them ulcers as sometimes allergies can trigger off similar ailments which you mention, I was never away from the doctor for really bad ulcers for years and other problems like aching all over ie joint pain and since I found Sensodyne Blue Gel without SLS it helped a lot, and stopping certain foods as walnuts, salty nuts also give me very bad canker ulcers and some acidic fruits like oranges which I try to avoid and suffer again when I eat any of them. but everyone needs to find out for themselves what triggers the problem off, try a food diary for a week and switch toothpastes before you think you might have low immune problems then perhaps if you cannot fiind out the problem you need to visit your doctor as there are so much stuff on the market which is far too expensive and most of them never work!
Best of luck, let the site know if you have had success as it helps others.
liz 27 November 09
A weakened immune system and mouth ulcers seem to go hand in hand with me. Gargling with Listerine works as well as a topical "oracort" ointment that you put on the mouth ulcers. Another suggestion from Dr. was to use colchicine ( a medicine used to treat gout). As for the white tounge.., could be lots of things, thrush, strep, best to see your Dr.
Annie 27 November 09
I a have suffered mouth ulcers and greenish tongue for 8 years,i suffer from swelling of the joints,Knee,elbow neck,i have tried everything basically,doctors and dentists are a waste of time.
Afzal 27 November 09
I have ALWAYS had one or two ulcers at a time... but this year, I have had ALOT. I have counted 16 at the most average being 6 or 7). I have found some good ways of preventing the pain; but NO way of preventing them.
I have started using Sensodine ToothPaste, (gum healer version) but it takes disgusting and hasn't helped what so ever. Well it kinda has, as I havent got anymore.. but I still have 2.
Its annoying because I have just got a BF and dont want him to think I am frigid :(
Sophie 12 October 09
iv had oral mouth thrush and mouth ulcers since thursday, iv not ate since then either! im on daktarin? corsodyl? and plenty off water any other suggestions please
kat x
kat 5 August 09
Have 13yr old daughter who has recently been suffering from sores on tounge with peeling with patches. She can barely eat or drink either. She's also Type 1 Diabetic. Anyone else suffering Diabetic?
CYNDI 25 June 09
i totttaly understand what u guys r goin thru i get mouth n tongue ulscers that stay for up 2 5 weeks and then go. i am now gonig thur the pain again after jst gettin rid of the lasst lot 2 weeks ago. i am goin to changem my toothpaste n eat healthier and try to relax. yes i am streed,yes i am nt really eatin properly and yes i am anemic so im hopin if i do try to relax, eat healthier and change my toothpaste..oh n tke sme vitamins it may stop it bt they r drivin me crazy n i at least i knw its nt just me. i akways get them on the same places and they start of the same way. i will get a smal spot on the tip off my tongue that realy hursts then it seems to burst n then by the following day my tonuge on top at the side n even underneath is covered. smetimes i get it so bd that they r on my lips to nt a gd look!!!
nicole 14 June 09
ive never suffered from mouth ulcers untill recently every week i get a little tiny ulcer under the tongue its not terribly painful but i seem to get very regular now along with a white tougue sometimes a little furry i was told i was dehydrated because of the tongue i am very stressed at the moment very tired with it i also read that ribbed at the sides of the tongue is due to s.s.m.p sodium sulphate magnesium phosphate ive noticed this since i was 23 im now 41 what is this for ? and does vitamins help and what ones do i need ?
lyn 19 May 09
I have now NOT had one ulcer for nearly three months now after previously having 9-10 constantly. i tried everything lysine, multi-vitamins, diet changes, excercise less/more, praying-hoping-wishing!! untold doctor visits to be told i'm "stressed"!! YEEEEE right! well you get my drift i was depressed to the point of no hope i was utterly miserable and my life was falling apart! then i came on here and saw the smoking thread and resumed the habit i gave up the same time this curse began and low and behold they stopped!! not the best way of getting rid of them but hey the pain of these ulcers was driving me too despair and im only 26 so a few fags a day itll be!!
dj 15 May 09
I stopped smoking 18months ago, and ever since then I have suffered from multiple ulcers on my gums, tongue and lips as well as sore throats. Having break outs every few weeks. Up to 10 small ulcers at a time. I have been back and forward to the doctors and dentists who have been no help what-so-ever, the same patter- its stress etc. I donít feel stressed! I thought for a while I had developed an allergy to chewing gum and mints and avoided these... but they are still coming. I have recently been tested for celiac disease- was negative but tests for enemia came back positive. There have been some great tips on this web page that I will try.
Zil 14 May 09
i have had it with ulcers!!!! A|RGH!!!!!

i tried b12 the better kind not the type in normal vit pills and it did seem to help A LOT. i also taking iron pills. but then recently another bad bunch has come up. its'only' like 3 at a time in my mouth. but i am trying salt washes, the ointments, the echinciea the vitamins.

i dont know wot set this lot off but i think it was when i ate some strawberries. ive stopped eating bananas and now strawberries.

my blood tests say im normal.

i wonde rif bechets or crohns can be diagnoised without other symptoms, just lots of mouth ulcers?
fed up 12 May 09
I have suffered with mouth ulcers on and off for ten years now, I was originally told this was to do with smoking as they seemed to worsen when I gave up smoking. I have ulcers on my tongue, cheeks, lips, roof of mouth, tonsils, some are small and only last a few days, some are huge and last for 7 days. I am not stressed, i have a great partner, I have a great life, great kids, great job but I get these ulcers why????????? Could there by an underlying problem, as you all know we always say THERE MUST BE SOMETHING CAUSING THIS, but no one knows.Ulcers its painful, it makes you depressed, you stop eating and drinking, talking, it affects your family life, and the good old fashion snog with your hubby or partner, its so miserable. I have tried all remedies, all potions, all thoughts but nothing stops these little *******. But there is relief with Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment, it kills when applied but it also kills the ulcer, its also a killing price of £6.99 per 3 appplications, but its worthh it, its my saviour. I keep pursuing this with the Dr's, the normal blood tests, Oral surgeon, but now they are checking my bowels via cameres (not nice) for gluten intolerance (coeliacs) and krones as these are a symtoms fo both these diseases, I suffer with constipation, my stomach bloats, i feel sick, which are also symtoms. With this I decided to stop all wheat intake for a period of time (its hard, no yummy breads or cakes or biscuits) and keep a diary of my ulcers, guess what they reduced dramatically, stayed for only a couple of days and erupted to nothing, its as if I starved them.....I then introduced wheat again, Hey presto, ulcers every where, bigger and better and lasting for over a week....mystery solved hopefull, if the tests are inconclusive I will carry on with this wheat free diet, as i have seen a remarkable changed and you will be pleased to know, snogging has
Tania 12 May 09
I have suffered with mouth sores on and off for most of my life,nearly 50 years, they are usually acompanied with a white tongue, bad breath and a horrible mettalic taste, seen the dentist and doctor on many occasions with no cure, they do not know what causes it. My thoughts on the flare up are they seem to come whenever I get stressed or run down, I have tried just about every cure on the market a lot bring short respite but no permanant cure. The thing I find helps is to drink carbonated water on a regular basis but once I have been free from the ulcers for a while I lapse and back they come, I know it doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a try, if your ulcers hurt as much as one's I get you have my sympathy.
kevin 1 May 09
Hi there... Im havin the same problem like wat u guys are facing.. white tongue.. more ulcers at the back of my throat.. moreover..iv just recovered from having tonsils;white patches at the back throat.. when the tonsils are gone..suddenly ulcers came .. small ones.. and the big one at side of my lips.. i cudnt talk properly.. AND i feel thirsty and my lips are often dry the more i drink plain water.. doesnt help tho.. =( I kept going to the toilet often.. anyone could recommend me wat to do?
Siti from Singapore 23 April 09
I have severe mouth ulcer since my age of 15 now I am 46. I have severe mouth ulcer during, before menturation period. I cant speak also . I cant eat also. Through out the life time iam suffering from mouth ulcer. No english ,Or any other Indian medicine or any natural food reduce my mouth ulcer .Pleas help me by suggeting good medicine.
maya 22 April 09
I have had mouth ulcers since I was a small child. I have always treated them with over-the-counter remedies. When one got really bad, I went to my dentist and--without any testing--he ignorantly and insensitively said they were caused by herpes. I changed dentists. Rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide helps.
SC 13 April 09
I just found I'm allergic to Asprin and NSAID's. A few hours after taking them my mouth starts filling up with ulcers, but then they would only last a couple of days and be gone. Needless to say I stay well away from painkillers now.
LUke 8 April 09
I woke up the other day and i think in my sleep i chewed the sides of my cheeks and my tongue. I have ulcers every where in my mouth. This is the first time ive had them. It's day 3 now and i can't speak, eat and spit. I'm in so much pain. I thought they would be gone now but they seem to be getting bigger and more painful. plus my tongue is white! what do i do?
michelle 7 april 09 8 April 09
I have had something resembling a large ulcer for a few weeks. Admittedly been very run down and stressed, work and all. Not really painful as such more a bit irritating..and its on my lower gum .Due at dentist soon although he said if it was an abcess I would KNOW plus I go regularly, look after teeth and gums etc Tried most things...bonjella (no good) tcp (yuk) bicarb and salt (Sting and made it bleed a bit) but reduced it. Corsodyl gel seems good, upped Vitamin C and Zinc, currently avoiding fruits and tarty stuff.. Some days it's almost gone...and then it's there again!!! So annoying. Wondering if I should go down the gluten free track....
Alison 20 March 09 20 March 09
Wow...I came here and found that I am not alone. I went to my doc and she said I had Herpes. I thought Gee thanks Doc you are really helping me here seeing that she didnt even do any tests to rule out herpes. I am outraged that this is obviously an epidemic and it seems that its a silent yet painful one. I wish that there was less experimenting and more solid results. I have tried Lysine, have tried acidophyllis, have tried eating a wheat free diet, have tried not using certain toothpastes/ mouthwashes, and with no luck, even salt water/ peroxide/ baking soda solutions didnt work. I am sick of this problem yet there arent any cures.
Angela 12 March 09
Hi my name is BJ, I have had mouth ulcers for some 5-6 years now. They seems to come a few days after departing and can stay uptill one week at a time (sometimes longer). My Dr and Dentist have told me point blank that they cannot help me and all i get from them are temporary relief agents. I am really fedup with my ulcers now as they make my life a living hell. I find it difficult to eat, drink or even talk. I have tried gargling warm salt water but I guess I have not been consistent when they are gone. Thanks for your comments above, I have jotted the various suggested remedies and will try them one at a time. I will give some feedback from time to time.
BJ 1 January 09
Hi Brian, I am a big sufferer of mouth ulcers and also my tongue is corrugated/ribbed on the sides. I am sick and tired of going to doctors to be told "I don't know what causes them, probably stress" is all I ever hear. So I went to a naturpath and she did iridology (look into your eyes to see what your body is lacking etc). Apparently a ribbed tongue is a lack of S.S.M.P. You can buy Blackmores tablets called this which stands for Sodium, Sulfate, Magnesium and Phosphate. I'm taking 4 a day now and ive noticed a little difference but it's still early days. For my ulcers I'm gargling with Tincture of Myrrh about 10 times a day and also take 2 teaspoons of coconut oil (twice a day) and hold it on my ulcers until it melts. Coconut Oil is an ancient indian rememdy for mouth ulcers. I'm leaning more towards ancient remedies now rather than this new age stuff which doctors seem to prescribe to anyone! Also take Lysine tablets, I find these can help. Steer away from the normal toothpastes (Colgate etc), buy herbal toothpastes which don't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and don't use Listerine (use Tincture of Myrrh instead). Good luck!!
Hayley 27 December 08
Hi there. I have suffered all my life with mouth ulcers but only the last 7 years with tongue ulcers. I don't feel the sensation of thirst so i forget to drink and then I get dehydrated. My ulcers always turn up when I don't drink enough. I also get a white coated tongue and a corrugated/ribbed effect on the outside edges of my tongue. My wife is Asian and she tells me that foods that are "heaty" don't help my situation these are fried foods with lots of salt, spicy, some types of herbs. I don't drink alcohol or smoke and have be drinking alot more water this year and my problem has reduced dramatically. I might get a small ulcer every 3 -5 weeks now but i'm not too worried about it
Brian Ferguson 24 December 08
Hey guys and gals, Just be carefull with tounge ulcer's if they last for more than two weeks, visit your doctor and get ADVICE, This could be the early stages of TOUNGE CANCER And it effects everyone, Not only smokers, oral cancer is a killer if not diagnosed in the early stages, give me a shout at if you would like any advice.
ALEX TILSON 15 December 08
Salt water, vitamins and a Caneston Tablet to treat thrush. Bonjella for pain relief!!
Tim 6 December 08
hi! i have had a big ulcer for over 2 years now. i went to the docs back then and they said it was fine, but if it didnt go in 2 weeks to go back, but i didnt. i'm worried now because i spoke to other people about it and they think it could be serious. it looks like it has spread right to the back of my tongue as well. they did hurt back then but then the pain stopped. hence why i havent been back to doctors. Could this be serious?
Donna 3 December 08
I am in so so so so much pain i have about 40 ulcers in my mouth at the moment, i have never had one before.
I never want them again, how do i get rid of them? then prevent them in the future?
David 30 November 08
Hi! I have had canker sores and sores down below for a year now. the ones down below only come everyonce in a great while. I have got tested for everything you can think of and all the test are neg. I have had the canker sores in my mouth for over a year and have been there every single day! i have been to every doctor and tried EVERY medicine, over the counter medicines, and every mouth wash you can think of. nothing works. For some people try to suck on a monastat, yest infection medicine i have heard it has worked for some. but not me. It sounds nasty! IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP ME LET ME KNOW PLEASE, I'VE BEEN IN PAIN OVER A YEAR!!!! PLEASE!! THANK YOU!!!
gabby 27 November 08
Hi-All i understand the pain you all are undergoing while having an ulcer. I too suffer from mouth and throat ulcers. I have tried all sorts of things from mouth wash, vitamins to diet. But all were failing to cure my ulcers. Then i started taking Lactic acid bacillus and i was surpised with the results. Actually it produces lot of good bacteria in the intestine which helps in digestion at the same time inhibits growth of bad bacteria. I suggest to have a mouth wash of lactic acid. It really helps a lot in fast curing of ulcers
Mahesh wadgeri
mahesh wadgeri 21 November 08
hi all - I feel for you and hope you all find relief somehow! I occasionally get mouth ulcers but had a nasty bout a couple of months ago after I burnt my tongue badly on my baked beans!! Anyway, I started using euthymol toothpaste and it seems to have done the trick...I now brush with it once a day and it keeps them at bay. When I stopped using it after it ran out they soon came I always have it handy now. Hope this helps at least a few people.
tonyk 15 November 08
Feeling for you all, I have had 6weeks of reoccuring ulcers and these are mainly on my tongue. It seems that the taste buds enlarge and then turn into a little ulcer that lasts for 3-4 days - that disappears and I get another 2 on another part of my tongue. Boots do an excellent anticeptic mouth wash which is bright green and costs £2.95 and actually does work !!
Juli 10 November 08
was it stressful moving?
nath 23 October 08
I have a BMI of 22! We have just had a major move to a new country and a completely new diet. I have been suffering with "explosions" (cause that's what the little suckers feel like!) for the past 3 months AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH to the point where I weep now cause they hurt soooo much.

I have kept a food diary to see if any particular foods brings the little suckers out - no help
Drunk Cranberry juice - no help
Taken painkillers by the packet full - GREAT HELP (LOL!)
Drunk excessive amounts of wine - GREAT HELP! (LOL) first decent night's sleep in weeks!
Applied Frador Tincture available from Pharmacies. Amazingly painful when applying but coats the ulcer so you can have all the acidddddddddddddddddd you love!
I've suffered all my life but since we've moved I can't get rid of them. All three of my only available once a month Oral Hospital appointments have been cancelled - now I am stewing!
Jax 23 October 08
Hi there, my husband has had very bad mouth ulcers. he now use a toothpaste that has no sodium laurel sulfate. He has been using this toothpaste for about a year or so and has not had anymore ulces. You may be sensative to the toothpaste that you are using.
Dorothy 23 October 08
I suffer from mouth ulcers alot, and not too long ago suffering from white lumps in the back of my throat which started to come out of my tonsils...tonsil stones i think.... Anyay, I joined a gym and started to gain some weight as I was a bit underweight.

I hadnt suffered from these symptons for a good few months, however recently I have been going to the gym less, lost a few pounds (borderline BMI 20 just above underweight), and have had quite a lot of stress from money, work, relationships.... guess what, 3 massive ulcers back of my mouth, absolutely killing me with pain, and breath.

I get the feeling that your health has a very large impact on Ulcers, and I would be interested to know if there is anyone with ulcers that has a BMI of 22.....I get feeling I need to start eating properly again and get back down gym more.

P.s, people who have mouth ulcers....are you underweight? - I have never known anynoe fat to have mouth ulcers.
nath 23 October 08
I 've been getting ulcers quite recently especially since working in a stupidly stressful IT job. I currently have the 'fantastic four' - one under the tongue, two on the upper gums and a super painfull one on the side of my tongue. I've found that 'Bonjela Once' is excellent for 'burning' the pain out - it contains sulphuric aciddddddddd. However, it's not recommended for use on tongues - it didn't seem to work as well as elsewhere.
Ish 23 October 08
I found big dosages of B12 have worked for me. My blood tests did not show me as needing it, but obviously I did because my ulcers have cleared up almost instantly.
I am not sure if it was the type of b12 i started to take - the new one is bioactive/Methylcobalamin , instead of what i was previously taking "cobalamin" or "cyanocobalamin" or if its the large dosage these new pills are. old pills were 25 and 50 mcg, the new pills are 500 mcg.
but it has worked for me.
ulcers galore 12 October 08
I will highly recommened you to use this medicine (KANKA) .. I've tryed it and it helps a lot. you will probally find at any pharmacy's. It will make u fell better i hope.In addition, it will hurt u a little bit when using it ..
Unis 10 October 08
my name is teresa im 44 i get little sores in my mouth but its my tongue that sthe prob i had like little lumps and white on it it realy sore my doc gave me stuf 4 thrush
teresa 10 October 08
Hi, My name is Karen and I have posted a few blogs on this site over the last few months. I have regular mouth ulcers and have tried most lotions and potions going, ( even homeopathy) but a few months ago I tried Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment. I was put off before because of the price ( £6.99) You get three cotton buds with red liquid in them. Snap off the top and let the liquid go into the bud at the bottom, then put directly onto ulcer. Be warned hurts like hell ! but after a few seconds it settles down and I didnt feel the ulcer again . ( and you do get three applications). Its the best thing I have ever found and I always keep a packet at home for the next time !! I would say to anyone give it a try. After so many times of not being able to eat, sleep, or talk, I feel I have found the solution at last !
KAREN 5 October 08
Ashley : I had two ulcers on my tongue recently and the doctor prescribed a paste called something like "Triamcinone Acetotone Paste" (writing is small on prescription so sorry about accuracy. But it work wonders. It basically covers the ulcer and lets it recover without interference. You can ask your doctor for it. Ironically the more ulcers you have on tongue easier to apply it.
Ash 2 October 08
Hi my name is SUe - I have multiple ulcers in my mouth and a white tongue -these are as a result of chemo therapy treatments. One thing you can use to reude the pain is to rinse your mouth in equal parts of Maalox and Benedryl - sounds wierd but it works. The other is to eat yogurt with active bacteria - hold each bite in your mouth for like 20 seconds and it will help reduce the cankers.
Sue 30 September 08
Hi, my name is Ashley and my wife is suffering with terrible multiple uclers on her tongue. They're all over the tongue including underneath, she's counted 18 at the moment !! The doctor said it was stress and that he could do nothing for her....that's all you need to bloody hear from a GP ! From reading all these posts it seems there is no rapid cure. She's had a bad year with losing her father and trying to shake off stress when you can't even talk to your own children and eat your food without complete agony is an impossible task. I'm so frustrated it makes me mad to see her in tears over this. Please God let someone post a miracle cure on here......Thanks.
Ashley 22 September 08
Hi, my name is Ashley and my wife is suffering with terrible multiple uclers on her tongue. They're all over the tongue including underneath, she's counted 18 at the moment !! The doctor said it was stress and that he could do nothing for her....that's all you need to bloody hear from a GP ! From reading all these posts it seems there is no rapid cure. She's had a bad year with losing her father and trying to shake off stress when you can't even talk to your own children and eat your food without complete agony is an impossible task. I'm so frustrated it makes me mad to see her in tears over this. Please God let someone post a miracle cure on here......Thanks.
Ashley 22 September 08
hi my name is abhishek 26/male from india ... i have big big mouth ulcers over hard palate (both sides) from 1 week... these ulcers doesnt allow me to drink and eat. and its paining a lot every time.. i m applying triamcinolone oinment and before eating i m applying lignocaine gel..... but relief is very less... please suggest me something to treat these devils in my mouth....
abhishek chachan 8 August 08
I have not got any mouth ulcers but i have got a white tongue and a nasty mettally type taste in my mouth. I brush my teeth and tongue but after 5 mins or so the taste is back and it gives me bad breath as well. I'm not sure if it is oral thrush, but could it be possible that it could be a lack of vitamins? As i have been having a hard time lately and probably havent been eating as well as i should, plus i hate to admit it but i have been drinking a fair bit of alcohol as well. It's worse in the morning when i wake up, really bad breath it's not nice. Oh and also over the last couple of days my mouth has been peeling on the inside of my cheeks. Any ideas anyone? Thanks,
Helen 7 August 08
I've had a large mouth ulcer under the side of my tongue for about 5 weeks now. I went to the dentist and had a sharp tooth fixed, that was a week ago and the ulcer is still there. It's still at that painful sharp stage and makes my ear and neck hurt too. I have found that paracetamol helps for a while, I also went to the chemist who gave me this green mouthwash that contains a antibacterial agent and an anaesthetic. I'm going to the Doctor next week and I hope I don't have it then, if I do I'll get his advise.
Gloria 6 August 08
I'm promoting an affiliate link for this natural diet based cure for yeast infection, but would really like to know if anyone has used anything like this successfully. I guess it's not critical because there's a money back guarantee, but it would still be nice to know!
cindydoll 26 June 08
This has been a very interesting read as I too suffer from all syptoms listed. Can I also say to that pratt Tim from the 16th June '08 - if you don't have anything worth while saying then keep your gob shut!!!
Steve 23 June 08
Elizabeth ask your doc to refer you to a rhumatologist to investigate Bechets.
Gail B 16 June 08
I've always suffered from mouth ulcers, but i have never seen them as too much of a problem. when i was younger i would suffer from cold sores now and again when i was run down, however they seem to have been replaced with really severe ulcers. i constantly have a sore tongue, and then a mouth ulcer will pop up and then another and another untill my hole mouth is covered. i'm suffering from an outbreak now and the ulcers have spread to my lips and have swollen them. my ulcers make it almost impossible for me to eat or even drnik at times as they can spread to my throat. also last year the ulcers spread down to my vagina and i instantly started to panic thinking that i had herpes symplex. i went to the doctors, then to the hospital, who then reffered me to the sexual health clinic, i had numerous tests and all came back negative for herpes. i have no idea what it wrong or what to do, and the doctors don't seem to either. my diet isn't great as i try to watch my calorie intake everyday, therefore i suppose i've cut a lot of important things out of my diets such as milk, eggs, red meat and sometimes bread, which i realise now is ridiculous. i've strated taking vitamin C suppliments and i'm going to eat more dairy products, red meat, wholegrain bread and fresh fruit but i don't know what else to do.
Elizabeth 16 June 08
haha thrush in mouth
tim 16 June 08
I have suffered from "canker sores" and mouth ulcers since I was about 8 or 9 years old (am 52 now). I find it helpful to 1. take lysine supplements 2. use mouth wash each evening, and more often if I hve an outbreak 3. gargle (and rinse mouth, including under tongue) with hydropgen peroxide, and them gargle and rinse well with clear water 4. put a spot of powdered alum, a spice used in pickling, on sores on lip, gum, or inside of cheek. For me, they flare up when I am under emotional stress, so controlling stress, diet, and exercise, and sleep are all important. I think I have one in my throat now. It was almost gone, but I was in a smoky environment last Monday evening and it re-occurred! So, for those of you have have throat ulcers, this may be a factor. I hope this helps.
Gerri June 14 15 June 08
Hi all you poor ulcer sufferers,

I suffered years of agony due to stress, overwork, family problems etc.. UNTIL I consulted a herbalist in desparation. She recommended Vit. C tablets....sure fine, made sense; echinaecea(it boosts your immune system) to me but worth a try and the real magic ingredient MYRRH(tincture of)......if it was good enough for Jesus... I applied this neat, it was like applying iodine to an open wound..sheer agony. After that initial pain, I have never suffered an ulcer since. That was twenty years ago. I recently had to undergo chemotherapy and took precautionary measures (with my doctors approval) of gargling with echinaecea. I was very lucky and experienced no side effects or mouth soreness or ulcers, as is often the case. Whether this was due to my actions or just good luck I don't know. Best of luck
Anyway I hope this helps
barbs 14 June 08
My doc said the white tounge is from HPV. From having oral sex. It is known to cause cancer in head and neck. If you have inflamation in your mocussa and have a white tounge it is HPV.
tony 4 June 08
the white tongue is probably thrush. i get the exact same thing and it does make your breath smell. but also it gives me a constant horrible taste in my mouth and it irritates my ulcers. i think that if your someone who is prone to ulcers and you become run down at all with lack of sleep or illness you usually get ulcers. because your immune system is low then you can also develop thrush. its doesn't develop because of bad hygiene or anything and in fact if your using strong mouth wash or strong ulcer medication it kills your natural bacteria and can make the thrush worse. you can get medication from the doctor and clear the thrush up quite easily if they give you the right stuff. good luck.
Georgia 29 April 08
Hi Mark, my husband has horrible time with mouth ulcers, never had then in his life then BOOM, they started and havenít stopped. he tried everything anyone suggested, even if the label said poison, he still put it on them. just by luck He did get a TEMPORARY relief , we were told it was stress and lack of vitamins, stress probably , but was taking every vitamin that had been mentioned. We bought a bottle of Centrum Silver Liquid one day and he began rinsing mouth and holding it for a couple of minutes before swallowing. BELIEVE it or not, in a couple of days there was no ulcers...
They did come back in about a month and the same ole cycle started again. but at least he got a little relief for a little while, he keeps the Centrum Silver stocked at home.
Good Luck, hope you can get the much needed relief...
Ellen 21 July 07
Hi Mark, I agree with Gail adn Bryn. It sounds like you are really run down. Iíve had a huge mouth ulcer on my tongue and a white tongue and am in recoovery mode now very slowly. I brushed my tongue every day, gargled constantly with warm salt water, went to the doctor to get an ointment to nub the pain and began to eat properly and get as much water into me as possible. And I was very stressed before all this started. I then took myself to a good aturopath who put me on a spcial diet and a liver tonic to clean my liver. Iíve also been very sick with flu liek symptoms so ahve slept as much as I can and am lering to rest. Itís been over a week and a very slowe recovery, but it is improving adn the pain in mymmouth has reduced dramtically. All the best with your healing program and hope mystory is helpful. Warm regards.
Cheryl 21 July 07
I suffer from ulcers and havent found a cure but for your white tongue/bad breath... make sure your drinking plenty of water i find that helps a lot with a white tongue/bad breathe
Karissa 16 July 07
Mark itís sound like a general health problem, lack of Vitamins & Minerals.. An ordinary Doc. may be a good place to start but he will not fix the nasty ulcers.. See my reply to Kate See reply to Sarah 15th July
Matthew 15 July 07
sounds like you may have thrush/yeast infection in your mouth in addition to ulcers.
bryn 9 July 07
If that is the cause of oral sex,use a dental isnít worth it!
Gail 5 July 07
Please Mark, read the messages under additives - yes for sure the stress overload wonít be helping but I think you have to look further - if you work away a lot, I bet you are also eating out, or take aways a lot - worth a look, it could help. The bad breath is a sign that your body is reacting to what you put into it (I remember that from the TV programme ĒYou Are What You Eatí (UK prog but we got it here in OZ - lady wrote a great book too Dr Gillian McKeith). Donít know the answer to the oral sex question - but maybe it has more to do with the meal you ate before the actual eating! Best wishes
Janice 30 June 07
I have ben suffering mouth ulcers for the last year now, YES i am stressed, been through a bad time with my relationship over the last 1.5yrs and house move over the last year, i work away a lot too, travelling and stressing over work. My tongue often has a white coating not thick, i use a tongue scraper every morning, i often smell the gunk i remove from my tongue and it does not smell however my daughter of 12 told me the other day my breath smelt bad, im so paranoid. One last comment to add, i dont know if i am being paranoid or not but it always seems like i get more ulcers after oral sex with the wife! I have performed oral sex with her whilst having ulcers should i have done this, is this likely to make my ulcers re-occur. Iíd appreciate any help, im becoming paranoid about my breath, sometimes find it hard to speak properly with a mouthful of ulcers and the obvious, there painful! appreciate any help, Thanx
Mark Ingham 29 June 07

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