Some questions about CURASEPT

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How do I use the Curasept gel?
Do I use it like toothpaste
Frank 15 December 18
Daily for up to two weeks.
If longer, talk to dentist.
Three times a a day for 60 secs.
Isak Wøien 20 June 18
i have a cut on my top palate which has become quite painful and i think it's become a rash<?> and has sort of spread to my teeth, how often can i apply the gel? i'm worried it might become infected, have applied once, but have not felt any relief<SIGH> Thanks MJ
MJ 22 August 16
I swallowed a bit of curasept. Will this make me sick?
melanie 2 August 15
Hi ive just had teeth removed and dentures and bottom partial put in .On the bottom i found 2 white ulcers coming up so i went and they shaved itand changemy partial/denture.i must wear these as its just been done ,they gave me Crsept will this aid me in this situation.i know have found anoher on my top corner of gum so 2 down bottom big one on top,how much should i use this.i pray it works as it a few days till xmas:(
Australian daladydee 23 December 14
Update- The ulcer went before it could come. Curasept looks promising...will see how next few months pan out.
SwissGuy 29 May 07
Thanks Dom for the advice.

I bit the tiny 1mm baby wannabe ulcer a second time while eating salad. I have used the mouth wash for last two days and applied the gel before bed and once or twice during day time. It does seem to have stopped the ulcer from expanding and forming the swollen crater around the ulcer. The ulcer is still a 1mm dot but it’s not expanding to the usual 5 to 10mm size. Basically I don’t feel it at all. The apparent stoppage could be just a coincidence but so far it looks promising.
SwissGuy 27 May 07
Q1 I wouldn’t use it everyday, when you are first aware of the ulcer(s) would probably be best - the Curasept should help prevent the build up of bacteria on/in the ulcer site, and thus reduce the amount of inflammation.

Q2 Same as above really, I guess the thing would be to use the rinse between brushing your teeth during the day and use the gel after brushing teeth and before going to bed. I don’t know why it would have been associated with toothpaste!

Q3 It is an anti-bacterial, and it is bacteria that cause the painful inflammation, so Curasept should help, however, it isn’t a cure, and would eliminate whatever it is that is causing the ulcers - unless it happens to be bacteria (waste products produced by plaque bacteria are irritating to the mouth, which is how gum disease and the other nasty things are caused).

This is only my opinion, but, I hope it helps.
Dom Walton 26 May 07
Thanks Dom would love to hear your feedback/advice. I bit my mouth and it’s going to form into an ulcer soon. I applied the CURASEPT gel and used their mouthwash. It seems to have confused the wannabe ulcer a bit and it can’t decide if it wants to come properly or disappear. Or maybe it is the temporary calm before the storm and maybe the gel/mouthwash has nothing to do with it!
I get one or two ulcers every 30-60 days depending on my luck. I have had these since I was a kid :-( I am 33 now. The pain is a killer. I feel very tired/weak/drained when I have them.
SwissGuy 26 May 07
Hi SwissGuy, I ran out of time today, I will try to anwer your questions fully tomorrow (as best I can).
Dom Walton 26 May 07
Guys any answer? those products are in this website’s ”Mouth Ulcers Shop” section.
SwissGuy 25 May 07
So I bought this mouthwash-

Plus I meant to buy this toothpaste-

but accidentally bought two of these gel tubes instead doh!-

I will buy their SLS free toothpaste tomorrow and then it says that I can safely use it daily. Now can someone PLEASEEEEE answer some of my questions :-)

Q1- How do I use their mouthwash? Do I use it only when I have ulcers or use daily? How many times a day? They say not to use it for more than 2 weeks. Should I just use the mouth wash when I feel that the ulcer is on it’s way? Confused!

Q2- Now what do I do with the two tubes of gel that I have got? Do I apply it directly on the ulcer?
How often? I don’t know why they lumped it under ”toothpaste” category! Grrr!!!

Q3- Looks like all their stuff is geared towards gingivitis and plaque control. Is it really useful for us ulcer sufferers?

Any advice?????????????

SwissGuy 24 May 07

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Some questions about CURASEPT

12 messages in this subject.