Caused by the contraceptive Pill?

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Within ten days of taking Junel Iíve had stomach pain, sores on my tongue, sore throat,white film on my tongue. Nausea! I quit taking them. Iím already anemic, I had a full panic when I read the complications of B9 deficiency and bc pills. Itís like no one reads your medical history before they throw drugs at you.
Cdez 6 October 19
I am having a lot of issues with cankersores lately and I am in the pill. But I always have bad ones even when I am not on the pill so Iím not sure if thatís to blame. I do want to say that pregnancy decreases your immune response since your body has to allow a baby to grow. I suffer from a non related autoimmune disorder and had no flare ups while I was pregnant for the same reason everyoneís mouth ulcers decreased. Our immune system was suppressed during that period. I hope we can find something to help but in the mean time SLS free toothpaste has helped me a bit. Good luck everyone!
Emily 26 August 19
If you take alum which is a pickling agent, wet a qtip and dip it in. Place the stop on the canker sore for as long as you can and will dry the canker sore and soak it up. It burns but it is worth it bc it takes most of the pain away during the day and it doesnít get irritated further. Itís best to get a lot on the q tip and hold it on there for a few minutes. I have the same problem and itís definitely yaz but it happens more when Iím stressed too. If Iím not on birth control I never get them unless I injure my mouth with a chip or something. They are basically mouth blisters. If they donít dry up or stop hurting with alum. They are probably something more suspicious.
Lauren 25 June 19
Hello, I am doing some research on behalf of my wife. She has suffered terrible mouth sores now for close to the last 8 years or so. Sometime thereís so many she canít eat drink and barely wants to talk. Sheís given up on the doctors telling her thereís so many different reasons it could be that they canít help her. Theyíve tested for lupus and iron deficiency and other symptoms. I came across this page by searching orthttricye lo and mouth sores. This was the bc she was on for years and started at a rather young age as well. She did stop taking them around 20ish and we had our first child. A few years later we unfortunately had an egtopic pregnancy and lost our second child plus an entire tube. The mouth sores seem to have started after that and the only real break she has had Since is either when sheís been pregnant which has happened two more times and both times she was sore free during pregnancy. Or when she has her period which is highly unregulated to say the least. Most of the posts Iím reading hear lead me to believe this is in fact a hormonal imbalance and my questions are would others agree based on this information and what have others with these sores done to seek relief? Thank you all for your time!
Mike 11 January 19
Thank you so much for this forum! I had a slip up where the condom broke. I took plan B immediately after. I had just finished my period 2 days before the accident then about a week after taking plan B I started having heaving period. Not red blood, but brown accompanied by very bad lower abdominal pain and vaginal discomfort. So after having my period twice in the matter or two-3 weeks I also started feeling nauseous and developed a sore throat. I looked in the back of my throat and found two sores at the back of my tongue. I was immediately stunned at the fact that I may have herpes!!!! So I put my body into even more shock and stress and spent the entire night researching STDS. I was feeling puzzled because I donít have any blisters on the outside my mouth or labia, just the two sores in my tongue. Somehow I found this forum, put two and two together and realized I am having extreme hormonal imbalance from the Plan B. A cold sore is usually on the outside of the mouth and sometimes the inside, never just inside. Canker sores are only inside. I feel a sigh of relief but this also put into perspective the important of safe sex!
Reina 3 November 18
This is a miracle thread! I am 27 only been on birth control once before and it was only for a few months, decided to try it again. This last week was put on ortho try cyclen lo and the day after I started taking it an extremely painful and large ulcer appeared in my inner lip and then a few daysater it gets worse and more pop up! I now feel like I have an explosion of painful mouth ulcers that are affecting my daily life. I read they could be from hormonal imbalances and that is when the lightbulb clicked and I realized they started directly after the pill was started last week. This thread is a life saver, thank you to everyone who shared their experiences!
Sara 14 July 18
This is sooo helpful! i have the implant and it have made my period last for months on end without stopping so my doctor gave my the pill to help regulate it. The pill stopped my period for the first time in months which was awesomeeee but now i have been gettibg TERRIBLE bumps on my tongue and month that was just incredibly painfu i can barely take and i have lost almost all tastel. i have taken out foods from my diet that i can think of that could be causing them and i never even thought that they started around the same time as i started taking the pill! Thanks to everyone who wrote on here extremely hepful!
roy 19 June 18
I am 22 years of age. My period has always been irregular, it will either not come or come and not go away. The doctor put me on the pill to regulate my period. I was on femaine which didn't agree with me so I stopped after 1 card of pills. A couple months later I started to have sex and every time I had sex I would start bleeding like my period for days sometimes a week or two. I consulted with a doctor and she recommended that I go back on the pill. I started to use Noveynette and ever since I've been so stressed. My last couple pills into my period I had intense migraines for 5days and my 3rd day of bleeding I woke up with cranked sores on my inner lip and a sore throat. The internet had me believing that I contracted herpes, my poor boyfriend got interrogated. But I am relieved I found this page. I went to the pharmacy and they gave me n aointment. Hopefully that works but I'm not going back on that pill.
Brittany899 30 July 17
I'm on the pill and have constant mouth Ulster it's very painful at times n both my lips swell up. I've been on the injection/ depot and you don't get any thing like this on that so I would recommend that, and it has a smaller risk of pregnancy then the pill too.
Ashleigh 8 May 17
I have been on birth control for 8 years. At the end of March I switched to a stronger pill because the previous one didn't seem as effective. Around the time of taking the new pill I have developed mouth ulcers. The ulcers spread across my cheek and before one has completely healed more ulcers are there. This has been going on for about a month. I recently stopped taking the new pill due to chest pain. Could bc be causing the ulcers?
Cort23 2 May 17
Has anyone tried any alternative to the pill that doesn't cause mouth ulsers? I would be willing to try the implant or injection but I am concerned it may bring back the sores, for a longer period of time. Thanks!
Christina 25 September 16
I would be so grateful if somebody could shed light on this! I have one huge mouth ulser since starting to take the pill... And every morning I wake up with swollen gums & its getting worse! Its so sore that I could cry with frustration! (I had a dentist check up two weeks prior to this and have a perfectly healthy mouth). I stopped taking the pill for around 2 years and now am back on it! They have put me on Cilest combined pill which I havent been on before and the Dr tells me that because the side effects arent listed then it must just be coincidence! Healthy mouth, new pill, swollen gums? Thoughts?
Rebecca 13 September 16
Thanks for the information! So on the flip side I have been on Bc for a very long time and I recently stopped Bc I finalized realized that they were causing adult acne ! Immediately after I stopped I got a canker sore that has been on my tongue for weeks! After research I see that any change in hormones causes canker sores ay yi yi
Quianna agent 2 September 16
I started taking bc two months ago to help with out of control periods. Middle of the second month of pills and my period hit full on, heavy for a full 5 days. A couple days in, the canker sores began. One huge one that lasted a week and then right when that one was really on the mend, they started popping up all over my mouth. I've called my doctor multiple times and they promise to have her call me back but nope, so I'm on my own to sort this out and so glad to stumble upon this. It's really nice to find answers and to know I'm not alone. Already looking for a new doctor too. Idk what I'm gonna do but definitely stopping the bc pills.
lola 5 August 16
I have sufferers from the same thing from only being on ortho cyclen only a month for two mouth ulcers. The only thing that seemed to help is oil pulling coconut oil in my mouth or apple cider vinegar hope that helps!
Krissy 23 March 16
PS- when I talked about the possibility of the sores being hormone/pill related, two of my doctors just sort of brushed it off. I 'm glad I did my own homework.
AnneMac 20 January 16
I never leave comments or reviews anywhere but I felt I needed to share this info with my fellow females in the hopes that it will help a few of you. I posted this on another forum too bc I feel so adamant about this. I experienced cankers sores from time to time as a kid. Nothing major. Then my early 20's I started getting groups of them week after week, month after month. I changed toothpaste to one without SLS. I gave up wheat. Went on yeast free candida diets, I got allergy tested etc. Nothing changed. I was even so desperate I asked the doctor about herpes but she said they're not the same sores as the ones people get on the outside of the mouth. These interior mouth sores were persistent. I couldn't kiss my boyfriend or eat certain foods. Sometimes they were so large and painful that my lymph node would swell. I even got them on my tongue and tonsils. I could not figure out why I was experiencing such painful reoccurring mouth sores on a regular basis. I had all but given up and resigned myself to a life of mouth pain. Then I found this forum and started thinking. What changed in my life around the time the sores began? A light bulb went off. I started the pill when I was 19 and stayed on it for 15 years. The entire 15 years, I was on the same pill, orthocycln. Well it just so happens that this past June I finally went off the pill at age 34 to begin trying to get pregnant. Guess what? NOT ONE CANKER SORE IN SIX MONTHS. A MIRACLE! NO PAIN! And nothing changed except my hormones. I've read that the pill thins the uterus lining over time and can also thin the mouth lining and other mucous membranes which contribute to this issue. I've also read it's just a hormone spike that triggers it. Either way, I'm canker sore and pain free after years of trouble. All of this I believe is hormone related. Hope this helps someone.
AnneMac 20 January 16
I was prescribed Aviane as well a few weeks ago. The pharmacist did not have it so they gave me Sronyx instead. I took it every day for the first five days but then I stopped. 45 minutes After taking the first pill I got headaches and a sore throat. Both of them were off and on so I chalked it up as sinuses. Well after day 5 I was so fed up with the side effects (I started to panic) so I stopped taking it. I missed the 6th, 7th, and 8th pills. Day 8 and 9 I felt so much better and decided it was sinuses since the pharmacists had never heard of side effects like these before and my doctor wouldn't be in for another week so I could not ask her. Well yesterday was day 9 since I had started the pill and day 3 of stopping the pill. Since my "sinus" issues were gone I started a new pack and took day 1's pill. I was fine last night after taking it (I take them at night). Two hours after I took it my throat felt kind of numb and I decided it was all in my head. WRONG! I woke up this morning and my throat is sore again!! It has to be from the pill, it really has to be. The timing is too ironic. I am not sure what mouth sores and ulcers are (I'm thinking similar to a cold sore but on the inside of your mouth?) but that is not what I get. I get an actual sore throat. No coughing or anything. Just a sore throat and this is really starting to freak me out. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm absolutely done with this brand of pill.
Madison 29 October, 2015 29 October 15
I've been on the pill for 3 weeks now and my mouth has never been in so much pain. I'm 25 and my doctor prescribed me Sronyx, but I believe I may try other alternatives because my tongue has had severe of these sores and they will NOT go away. I'm tired of waking up crying every morning.
Molly 10 July 15
My daughter use to get those mouth ulcers on her gums and tongue it turned out that she was allergic to the toothpaste, peroxide and floride mostly, I went to the whole foods store and bought this brand of toothpaste called Perio Brite and she hasn't had anymore ulcers and its been three years now, ulcer free. Good luck.
GwenB 30 May 15
I hate mouth ulcers. I get them probably every 3 or 4 months. When I was on birth control I got 3 at one time and as soon as those healed 2 more started to form. Gynecologist and family doctors will not help with this problem. Only a dentist will give you meds to relieve the pain. I have medication that makes the canker sore less painful and heal faster and now I'm considering getting back on birth control. I'm just not sure if the pill, shot, or implant is better??????
Clarissa A. 26 May 15
I'm going to try taking wheat germ oil. It creates more healthy skin and membrane. I've used it before to get pregnant as it makes uterine lining thick and healthy- the opposite of birth control which thins it out to prevent implantation. I'm wondering if the birth control thins not only uterine lining but all skin/membranes in the body, hopefully I can reverse that with wheat germ oil supplements.
Steffanie 30 March 15
I have been on SRONYX for two months and during the second month I stared to get mouth sores in the joint that connects the inner and outer gum. Also, for the first time I got what looks like an infected taste bud. I was intimate with a guy for the first time three months ago. I had him get STD tested before so that I would know he was clean but the problems with my mouth have me worried about the accuracy of the test. I was wondering if you guys have had any problems with your tongue or is it only your gums?

PS. Im not a great writer so there may be errors
kelly 26 June 14
Oh the Bc i was on that caused this was called SRONYX.
I hope we all find a cure soon as no one deserves this.

Good Luck Ladies.
Latisha 31 March 14
When i was 18 i stopped getting my period. then around age of 20 i got worried so i went to the doctor and they put me on BC to "regulate" my period. they said after about a year or so i could stop taking them when I did... I started getting a period every Month BUT... about a week before.. all during and after I would get ulcers in my mouth and throat that would never fo away. I started getting a period when i was 12 and would get one cankor sore and rinse with peroxide and then a day pr 2 later it was gone. . . BUT these would and will not go way. I told y doctors that it was the BC that did it somehow or another and will not believe me. I told them it must have messed up my natural immunity or hormone balance and they call me crazy. they treated and tested me for everything under the sun. STD... lupes, sickle cell, thrush, aids, hiv, and even tried putting me back on BC but it all made it worse. the only thing that ever worked was predinsone and that has my bones ruined and who knows what else. I tried at home remedies of all sorts too many to list because it seems I tried them all. some give slight relief. some even make me Feel like I'm getting better until i wake up choking on blood and mouth/throat swollen shut from ulcer that have appeared in my sleep. I was always healthy... never had any problems until after the BC but no one would believe me. Reading these messages gives me hope. I am so tired. It's been 9 years with this battle. Almost ready to give up the pain is so much but this gives me hope.
Latisha 31 March 14
Hi All!
I've watched and monitored this site for a few months now as I too have experienced canker sores/ulcers in my mouth. I have been experiencing the sores now for nearly a year but haven't really noticed until the last 5 months or so that they've gotten worse. I have been off and on b/c pills for more than 9 years and it wasn't until I started taking Ortho-tri-cyclen that the ulcers started to form. As the months would go by my pharmacist filled my prescription with an off brand pill made by the makers of Ortho-tri-cyclen called Norgestimate-Ethinyl. The company that "makes" the pill is somewhere in New Jersey, but it is manufactured and outsourced overseas from what I could tell from the packaging.

I have switched pills in hopes of fixing the issue but nothing works. As time has gone by, I have stopped taking the pill all together. In fact, the sores just seem to get worse over time. The week before and after my period are the worse, too! I have seen my dentist who knew absolutely nothing. And my Obgyn seemed to be clueless about ulcer side effects from b/c pills. I was tested for Lupus by the General Practitioner b/c she stated that mouth ulcers/sores were a symptom of this disease. However, I am so thankful to God that the test results were negative. I was referred to a ENT and all he could tell me was that the sores were a form of herpes virus, but when I told him that my obgyn had ruled that out with my blood work during my annual well woman's exam he became mute. I have been put on antibiotics for oral infections and it doesn't seem to be working either. All in all I am just sick and tired of these sores. I've increased my vitamin intake and started taking Ensure to make sure that I am getting all of my vitamins. I am now looking for natural remedies to fix this mess. I ran across a site that explains the uses of Coconut Oil as a remedy for mouth ulcers. I have pasted the link below for you all to view and try out as well.

Good Luck Ladies and I pray that we all are blessed with great health!
CF 19 November 13
SRK you should try your local chinese herbal shop and purchase "zhi bai di huang wan", I had constant really painful ulcers which kept me awake at night, and I had even more leading up to my period - these tablets have all but cured them. I promise I don't work for anyone or anything promotion like that, I'm not even chinese lol, just that I used to suffer so badly with ulcers to the point they were ruining my life and I tried everything up to this point and these are the only things that have worked for me!
Hayley 1 November 13
I was taking my birthcontrol continually for 9 months since I didnt plan on getting pregnant my dr said no need to have a period. Then after the 9 months I began feeling crappy and not like myself and getting yeast infections. I decided to see if taking the pill every month like usual and have my period would make me feel better. Ever since I started that I have had mouth ulcers. I am thinking my body is so out of whack from continual hormones its freaking out and causing the mouth ulcers. They seem to be right before my period expecially. I also use Squiggle toothpaste but I notice my thyroid meds make my mouth extremely dry and so the inside of my mouth is tearing and sticking to my teeth which causes me to bite the inside of my mouth when I sleep which causes more.
srk 31 October 13
Thank god! Me too! As soon as i start to take the pill the ulcers appear and gradually get worse until I have to come off
Stacey 8 May 13
I am 18 and have been on the pill for over a year and have developed sores as well. The come the same day my period does, every single month. I've never had issues with them before but since I have been taking birth control I have developed the sores in the same spots and on the same day each month. They have been progressively getting worse, I keep developing new ones each time I get them and they all come back the following month. I've changed prescriptions of birth control as well to try and get them to go away, but no change in the sores. I've talked to my doctor about this but he is insistent I have cold sores and not canker sores or mouth ulcers. I am sure they are ulcers, however, because they occur mostly inside my mouth and in the corners and under the skin of my lips, and because they are not contagious and occur periodically. They are frustrating and hard to deal with, but I am positive they are connected to the birth control pill.
Kat 2 February 13
I'm really happy to see that I'm not the only one to see the connection between mouth ulcers and birth control. I've been on the pill on and off for the past 4 years and everytime I go back on it i get one or two at some point during the cycle. I spoke to my gynecologist and a general practitioner but they just try to fob me off saying there is no connection there, but I am 100% sure there is. I read somewhere that ulcers may be caused my lack of iron vitamin B12 and folic acid and that birth control pills flush them out of the system so i took supplements but nothings changed. I'm going off the pill again because I can't stand them.
Hanna 7 August 12
I am sooo glad to hear all of these responses. I was goog out of my mind trying to figure out why I kept getting these. I just started ortho lo about a month and a half ago and about two weeks ago, I had gotten the worst canker sore ever. Its quite annoying to me as I'm sure for u all too.
Mk 3 August 12
i have suffered from mouth ulcers for many years, since i was in my very early teens, even childhood, but i have noticed an increase in them since i have gotten older, since i have been on the pill and have noticed when i was pregnant with my son at the age of 18 i had not one ulcer throughout but as soon as i started my pill again after he was born i started to get them again! and not so long ago i wasn't taking any contraception and i noticed that they had gone again but now i have had the contraceptive injection they have come back! i am wondering whether there is an ingredient in all contraceptives that causes these mouth ulcers??? help me they make my life miserable and stop me doing so many things! :(
amy 1 August 12
I am almost 26 years old and I have 3 children. After my daughter was born 2 years ago, about a month later I got the IUD contraceptive. I got the non-hormonal one. Almost immediatly, I began getting ulcers in my mouth. Not just one or two but many many ulcers at a time. It is very painful and very hard to eat, drink, brush teeth, all of the above. I am a smoker and will admit I have oly been able to quit for at most 5 days. When quitting they do seem to get better for the first few days but come back soon after. I too have been to many doctors, ent, dermitologists, the University of MN, regular doctors etc. I also have tried many prescription pills, creams, and ointments. And the non prescription ones too. About a month ago I asked my doctor to take my IUD out just to see if that was what was causing my ulcers. I went almost 2 months without birth control and my outh seemed to have gotten a lot better. I would get the ulcers that seem to be just starting to come in and were not painful but I never had an "explosion" of any kind in my mouth. If you get them as bad as I do you know what I mean. This past Friday, I was at my doctor and had asked to get the depo-shot for birth control. I got it on Friday and over the weekend, my mouth has "exploded." I think I am allergic to birth control. Just wanted to share my story and hopefully together we can find out what is going on with us.
Randi 30 April 12
The pill causes a decrease in immunity so it would make sense that anyone would have more chance of developing a mouth ulcer. I get them quite a lot and im currently on the pill :/
Siobhan 22 March 12
I only just thought about it..... Could it be my bc that's that's causing my mouth ulsers. When I was pregnant i never had them, an even when my son was a new born but now I think about it they seem to have started again since being back on birth control!!!
Lil 9 February 12
I definately see a link. I have been on the pill for around five years and over the past year I have had them nearly every month just after my 7 day break. I have suffered from them most of my life, but they have got worse since I started the pill, and I have found that I usually get two that are directly next to each other, and yes they seem to stay forever!!
Natalie 14 June 07
I can also see a link between the contraceptive pill and mouth ulcers. I have been on the pill for over a year and i have had mouth ulcers reoccuring ever since. My sister also just started on the pill and has had ulcers in her mouth from time to time also only recently..and she has never had them.

I think the pill may not necessarily cause them, but act as some kind of barrier to stop you from recovering quickly from an ulcer. They seem to stay forever. Thats just what i have found, and its interesting to see others have had the same occurance.

Good luck girls..
Robyn 2 June 07
I never thought of this connection but i think you are on to something! i have always had mouth ulcers, but they used to only happen once every 5 or 6 months. Recently I usually have 3 or 4 at a time, and they last longer and as soon as they go away, new ones come. I went to the doctor and they couldnt tell me what was causing them, but now that you say this, i realize they only got to this awful stage right around the time i started birth control pills. i will ask my doctor if these things could be coorelated and let you know! thanks for the idea!
claired36 27 May 07
Does anybody have any evidence or theories on the recurrent ulcers being caused by taking the contraceptive pill?

I have been suffering with severe ulcers for the past 2 years (I am 25). For the past 6 months I havenít had a day with out ulcers, except when taking very large doses of prednislone (steroid). I am told that I canít take that anymore because it is damaging to liver and kidneys.

I am have been tested for everything, treated by the oral surgery hospital near me, tried every vitamin under the sun (yes - Lysine, Q10, B12, Zinc, C etc). I stopped smoking about a year ago, that didnít help. I cut down on alcohol, get early nights, avoid spicy food/citrus/tomatoes etc I use Squigle (which has helped but not cured). I am definately not ceolic, although I am slightly anemic( (but have been on supplements for about a year).

My final idea is that maybe it is caused by a build up of hormones from taking the pill. I also suffer from endometrosis so I take three packets of my pill in a row before having a break. Anyone know of any links with hormones and ulcers?

Sorry this is a bit long - I am just so fed up with taking time of work, missing out on fun and living a life full of painkillers and tears.. Any help much appreciated!
Siobhan 24 May 07

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Caused by the contraceptive Pill?

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