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HybenX - Oralmedic seems to be gone from the UK market. Any idea where it can be found or if there are similar products?
max 20 October 19
Thanks for mentioning Oralmedic, was on a hunt today for Bonjela Once but seems it's vanished, and it doesn't look like Boots do their equivalent now either. Will have a look for Oralmedic tomorrow, here's hoping I find some...
Chris W 6 July 11
Hi Sandra,

Unfortunately Boots don't currently list Oralmedic. Your best bet is to either order via the mouth ulcer shop (link at top of page) or ask your local pharmacy to order the product for you, as I say they should be able to get it in quickly for you.
Nikki P 23 February 11
Can you buy Oralmedic in Boots in Galway.
Sandra. 21 Feb 2011
Sandra 21 February 11
I work for the UK distributor of Oralmedic. Just to confirm, Oralmedic is stocked by larger Tesco stores and can be found on the main mouth ulcer shelf. It is also stocked by independent pharmacies, as well as in the Mouth Ulcer Shop via this website. If your local pharmacy doesn't stock oralmedic, they can order it in for you, usually the same day or at least the next day. The code they need to order from their wholesaler is 329-1044.
Nikki P 21 February 11
There is a new equivalent it's called oralmedic and it's exactly the same as bonjela once abd the boots equivalent!
Bought it from tesco but I'm sure they stock it in most places
Rp 18 February 11
I have also struggled to find any of either the boots version or the Bonjela once. Just found last 4 packets of Once in a Stevenage boots store. No sign of any boots equivalent. Shame, I really found is a wonder cure.
Top tip. I cut each swab in half and put cling film over the half with the non-red strip for later use. Works fine after a month in storage.
Aaron 4 November 10
It looks like the Boots own brand Mouth Ulcer Treatment (the one that hurts really bad) is being discontinued !!!! Its out of stock online and was in the sale section in my local boots.
Colin 25 October 10
I tried the Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment about 7 months ago on an absolutely huge ulcer, it hurt really badly, if my husband hadn't applied it I don't think I could have done it! However, it became painless very quickly and then healed. I haven't had an ulcer since!! Amazing as I have always suffered from ulcers any time I get any sort of abrasion in my mouth. Don't know what has changed but I would definitely recommend this product.
Helen 3 January 10
They are fine to use on your tongue but t.c - don't use it on coldsores! It's a totally different thing and you could really damage your skin! This is Sulphuric Acid we are talking about here - I have concerns about using it too often to be honest - can't be good for you in the long run.
Kate 18 December 09
Tried it. Hurt like hell. Nothing prepares you! Did get instant relief, but only lasted 24 hours. Now using Iglu which works like a plaster - and is the best treatment I've found
Karen 17 December 09
It's not working for me either, Does anyone know If I can still use anbesol one I have used the boots (HybenX) treatments?
Jen 6 November 09
I just used the Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment (The one that makes you cry and scream when it is applied.. to think pink's my favourite colour too!) Anyway, I used it on my tongue because I have about 5 ulcers on my tongue just now and I'm just wondering whether I was suppost to use it on my tongue.. oops! Does anyone know?
feefsmall 13 August 09
In Australia & NZ the same product (HybenX) is sold under "Oralmedic" brand.
Sam 9 August 09
I found a NZ website that sells another branded product with the same ingredients (HybenX). I think it's been mentioned in other threads on this site, the difference being this one only has two applications whereas the Boots one has 3. Doesn't worry me though, as long as I can give this stuff a go, I really hope it is a once only application for pain relief. The constant pain of ulcers wears me out and I find makes my heart work overtime like I'm trying to endure a form of torture lol I'd be great in an interrogation.
Mark 12 July 09
I'm trying to find this product outside of the UK/Ireland. The Boots website doesn't deliver International :(

Specifically Australia. Is it rebranded as something else in Australia? I currently use sm33 which is seriously painful but does numb the area, however it only stays numb for 30 mins. This Boots stuff sounds great if it works.
Mark 12 July 09
Did not work for me at all, never tried it on coldsore though, used all three over two days with no pain relief at all I guess I am just awkward>>
Stephanie Overson 11 July 09
does it work on colesoures
t.c 28 June 09
I bought the Boots mouth ulcer treatment today and it's brilliant although I agree about the initial stinging. Soon goes though. The Bonjela Once is £1.50 more and you only get two applications instead of three even though they are the same thing.
Sam 29 May 09
I have used the boots mouth ulcer treatment before and agree it does hurt like hell...I had one on my inside bottom lip and used it on there and it swelled up twice the size and today have had to stay at home as it looks so awful...yes there is no pain from the ulcer but thats because it has burned the skin off with the acid! I had no idea it contained 3 different acids....Im going to inform the company about my experience. So be aware that this might happen.
melanie 16 February 09

(Reply to Greg) - Bonjela have made one using this technology.

I dont really get a mouth ulser that much. Maybe one every few years. Well, a few days ago I got one. Yeah. Big one. Used a few things such as bonjela cool, and had nothing. I went to Asda/Wal-mart and got bonjela Once.
Yeah it has HydenX technology. In short, this means the ingrediance has 3 or more concentrated acids in it... and Acid hurts.

Yeah. So i put it on and I'm over 6ft tall, go to the gym all the time and headed to the army soon as well - And someone above said they Daughter was in tears? I'm right there with them !!!! It hurts big time. Worse thing was I had to put on a second dose of it cause i messed it up the first time.

So far its ok, still a bit sore but to be honest, burning the inside of your mouth wouldnt be a pain free experiance.
Thing is though, it is a different pain and will go away soon. I think anything with HydenX is a good thing.

In the next few years, I'll be buying this!
Scott 15 February 09
Aftre reading your comments i think i will try out some of these treatments even if it causes some pain to start with.

My problem is, the last few times i have had mouth ulcers i have not been getting one or two, just now i have been suffering with upwards of 25 varying from small too large. Small ones dont seem to hurt, but the bigger ones get rubbed by my teeth and it is near impoosible to eat. Getting a blood test so fingers crossed its some sort of vitamin defficiency.

Anyone got any suggestions on a decent toothpaste to use? I am using a whitening one just now and i am worried thats maybe the cause.

I use all the mouth washes the dentist says to try, i ahve difflam spray and i also have some sort of cream from doctor that is quite sticky (its the ony way to describe it)

If anyone out there has had similar amounts of ulcers and has advice. please please post a comment
Fraser 27 October 08
I have just tried the Boots treatment for the first time. Was indeed a painful experience applying it, but it seems to have had some effect. The ulcer pain seems much reduced although a healthy part of my tongue that got some of the treatment on it accidentally is now stinging a bit! Will keep my fingers crossed and post here if it works or not.
I saw the Bonjela treatment in the shop too. On examining the packet it is exactly the same treatment in a different package - with a £1.50 price premium!
Steven 26 October 08
Of the three treatments in the box I've used two. The first was entirely successful and I kept the others for when I thought I couldn't "tough out" the pain. That situation arose last week - a new one was casuing so much aggravation I thought it was time to break out the second q-tip. Utter, total failure. The pain went for about an hour and then came back in the night. The area of the ulcer and just around it was well covered by the acid. If anything this is probably the worst one I've had for a long time - getting some relief now by making a mouth wash with 1/2 a dispersable aspirin tablet in a little water.
GG 23 October 08
Yeah, Boots mouth ulcer treatment works for me too. Ive been using the stuff for a copule of years now and every time Ive used it, Ive had instant and permanent relief. Once the pain of application is gone (which can be a bit intense!) there is zero pain from the ulcer which then usually fades aways after 2-3 days. GOOD STUFF!
I have just learned that Bonjela are making a similar/same product, anyone out there tried it yet? Its called Bonjela Once.
Greg 18 October 08
used boots mouth ulcer treatment on my daughter ( she has suffered for years) it really does work, but she screamed the house down when it was first put on !!!!! Am now trying to find preventative methods for her, have bought toothpaste that is SLS free, and tea tree oil! Has anyone tried tea tree oil? ps- it cost me £9.99 for the boots mouth ulcer treatment!!!!
claire 10 August 07
Yeah Ive just recently been using the Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment, its £6.99 I think, but worth it. Stings like hell, close to bringing tears on to be honest but the pain literally disappears within a few mins. The only thing I’ve found that really works.
Tim Ward 9 August 07
I do like the toothpaste and I do agree how to prevent them is the question I have had for 10 years.
How is the medication put on,YOU DON’T HAVE TO TOUCH IT? I hope
Gail 5 July 07
I have suffered with intermittent moth ulcers for ages and can recommend Squiggle (the SLS free toothpaste) as definitely being better than normal toothpaste that will aggravate and prolong an ulcer.

I have been free of ulcers for about 5 months but was down with a cold last week and then went on a trek around London for hours which wore me out - result 3 lovely ulcers. This time 2 under the tongue so more painful than I ever remember.

To stop the pain I used the usual ’UlcerEase’ liquid which is basically the best anesthetic I have come across and helps them to heal faster. Also did the salt on the ulcer treatment (painful but does also quicken healing) plus Xylitol sugar on the ulcers too (this acts as a benign antibacterial).

Still more pain than I cared for so I looked up the Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment (”made in the US with HybenX technology”) and gave it a try.
It does have 3 acids as its ingredients so I had an idea it would - hurt - well it did! tears were coming from my eyes as it went on!

It seems to burn off the top layer and seals it so the pain is indeed reduced - for me by about 80% straight away - and 6 hours later its still stopping the pain. Hoorah!

Some might be put off by the pain on application but its overall better than the ongoing ulcer pain for days.

Note I paid £6.99 for 3 applications (one application (swab) is good enough to use on 3 or 4 ulcers).
Al 5 July 07
how about something to prevent them rather than treat them? See best treatment from darlene bohorquez
db 21 May 07
Thanks Tony, that is very interesting, this must be an OTC form of Debacterol, I will contact Epien directly for the low-down on this.
Dom Walton 20 May 07
Like many of you I’ve tried pretty much every method of treating mouth ulcers without much luck and have had to endure the agony of applying the treatment!

Two days ago I applied a product I’d not seen before in Boots (UK shop) called Mouth Ulcer Treatment with HybenX technology. This is a product made in the US by Epien Medical Inc. and cost just over £6 for a pack which contains three treatments. It works by covering the ulcer with a clear barrier to prevent further pain and to promote healing. I follwed the instructions and as usual was suspicious of the claims that only one application would be needed. As usual there was a stinging sensation when applying but this soon faded and the ulcer pain instantly faded. Two days later the ulcer is going and I’ve had no pain since.

I’ve been waiting years for a product that covers and protects the ulcer and it has finally arrived.
Tony 20 May 07

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HybenX ulcer treatment from Boots

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