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How long will I have canker sore, it is very painful . normally how long it take to stop this ? 7 days ?

Thanks ,

AndreasNX 8 February 19
I just had my wisdom teeth pulled and I noticed a sore in the left side of my soft palate, does anyone know if putting salt on it will help it heal faster
Karianne Gonzalez 10 January 18
or if that doesnt help try using bonjela to aid with the heal as well

jose 20 December 16
Wish I could tell you all what causes these, most likely a T cell-mediated immune response (look up Aphthous stomatitis). However, for those of us who have recurring mouth ulcers, I do know without any doubt what helps and it's pretty simple: A CONCENTRATED SALT RINSE.

SALT is a known antiseptic, a cauterizing agent, an alkalizing agent, and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are people here talking about applying the salt directly on the ulcer. Ok, whatever works, but that's just spot treating. I personally use Balene's Sea Salt mixed with warm water, but any salt will work I think. The key is to rinse and swish the entire mouth. This takes care of tongue issues as well.

1. Put about 1 tsp, or even up to 1 tbl, of salt in just enough warm water to make a mouthful.

2. Swish around aggressively for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can stand it. Do not swallow!!! You should experience relief almost immediately. You'll notice the salt attacking exactly where you have ulcers or tongue issues.

3. Spit out the salt solution. Completely rinse out your mouth.

Do this twice a day or at least once at night before bed. This won't always work to prevent a recurrence, but overall you'll have less and smaller mouth ulcers that will heal in about a day or two.

- Just say no to pizza.
- Avoid salty, rough, snack foods.
- Avoid too much cheese
- Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a very common cause of mouth ulcers.
- Hydrogen Peroxide is not nearly as effective as a salt rinse and it drys out your mouth.
- L-Lysine and a B-Complex may help, give it a try.
- You can try some of the other herbal home remedies people advocate here, but honestly salt is the best. Who has myrrh laying around?
- Kenalog Orabase (triamcinolone topical) is good for emergencies, but try to avoid regular's a steroid after all.
- Lemon juice and lemonade does not bother me or cause mouth ulcers. Weird, huh? But, avoid it if it bothers you.
- For those with acid reflux: get off any proton pump inhibitor medication you may be taking for acid reflux ASAP. If you must, take generic famotidine (brand name Pepcid). Try 2 ounces of Aloe Vera juice twice a day (buy the good stuff: Lilly of the Desert - Preservative Free)
- Ask your doctor to recommend a really comprehensive stool test to rule out a fungal infection like candida. Fungal infections are becoming more and more common and bacterial infections often accompany fungal infections. You may need to be treated with Diflucan and/or a powerful antibiotic.
- Take probiotics with caution, they are not the cure-all people think they are.

Hope this helps you.
John 16 May 16
So I used to get canker sores all the time as a child, but eventually grew out of them. I always treated them by making a thick paste of table salt with a little water and applying that directly to the sore, which I leave for about 5 minutes at a time until the burning subsides. I would usually repeat this process 3-4 times for best results. I would do my regimen several times per day and when I was a teenager I gradually stopped getting them. I got braces recently and the tension wire on the bottom has caused a massive ulcer on my bottom lip due to the rubbing I assume. I still treat it with salt, the way I have always done. But because the friction is causing it something like Bonjela Complete Plus that creates a barrier would help a lot. Only problem is that I live in the US and they don't sell or distribute it here. Does anyone know of either a similar product in the states (I don't) or how to the Complete Plus shipped here?
Rebecca Lopez - Chicago, USA 5 May 16
Salt works. Its all iv ever used since I was a kid and it always got rid of my ulcers. Too many pipo here want simple pain free remedies. If ur grown ass person jst grow up nd get over it. Pain comes and goes pipo. U won't die from it. I can promise u that it will be fine. Most home remedies are painful and uncomfortable bt I can assure u they always work.
cecey 4 February 16
Hi all, I did have a little bump come up on the side of my gum, but it went on its own accord, however, I seem to have developed a very sore tongue? Anything tangy stings it? I had a little tube of soothagel but decided not to use it cos its supposed to be for ulcers which I don't think I have? Just a sore tongue, I read all the reviews, yep! Salt is a killer haha. Seriously though, please will you log in to EARTH CLINIC! There has been over 31,000 cures! I just came on here by accident, but honestly, thousands come from all over the world from every country, and say what they tried and whether it cured them, helped them or didn't! Whatever your illness, just type in Earth clinic you will see A TO Z, look down, and click on to what you want to check? This really is one of the most brilliant sites, and its amazing what simple remedies can cure you of something THE MEDICAL PROFESSION CAN'T! I am off to check Earth Clinic, and wish you all the best of luck with your mouth ulcers! I know they must be painful! Good luck all.
Rosina Lock from London 29/01/2016 29 January 16
Sometimes I just end up using my mouthwash. It tends to get really painful when you use it, but usually in a day or two, it is gone. That however did not work this time. Last night my mother told me to swish Pepto bismal after a salt, water, and baking soda treatment.
Amber 21 December 15
I have had mouth ulcers on and off since I was 6 and at 18 I had treatment for a stomach ulcer. 36 and still getting mouth ulcers on and off but the best time free of ulcers is when I treat myself for intestinal worms, as I have had dogs my whole life and do this twice a year, and drink aprox 5 litres of coconut water per week. I have only realised this in the past month as I have stopped drinking coconut water and currently been living with a friend who has 2 cats and I think they need treated and now I have mouth ulcers again. I also use salt every time they occur.
Ray 11 November 15
Rinsed with warm salt water then applied sea salt directly to the ulcer for approximately one minute.. Much less pain instantly - and I experienced little stinging pain from the direct salt to ulcer application. Plan to repeat every four hours until this ulcer is GONE.
Trey - Ft. Worth 15 June 15
hey there. ive been living with apthous ulcers for 25years now. i dont do the salt rinse. i usually rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide to debred the wounds. this is painful and feels funny after the pain goes away. once the wounds are clean i then rinse with a mouthwash to get the taste out of my mouth. following that i do a fresh water rinse. i use bottled water. then i put orajel or anbesol on a toothbrush and gently brush my teeth with it. this process can be tedious and painful but not eating for days on end and being sick is more painful in the long run
Maureece 3 June 15
I use salt all the time , its really painful af but just for a while and after 30 mins its not gonna hurt that much and heal very fast . Thanks salt <3
kuay kuay 19 May 15
I have ulcers on the tip of my tongue. I've just tried applying salt and they hurt so much!!! It was bearable before but the salt has just made it a million times worse. I won't be able to sleep tonight. The white bits of the ulcer have disappeared but the open wound still hurts. I remember a medicine from Pakistan called Somogel that worked like a charm. Pity that it isn't available in Australia.
Zaeem 6 May 15
Hi i get mouth ulcers every month and they were taking weeks to go away. i went to the dentist and they give me a brown inhaler for mouth ulcers. you spray the inhaler right on the ulcer. The ulcers just last a few days after spraying the inhaler on it
majella 22 February 15
Mix salt in warm water and after rub your mouth with honey you will be well within a shortest time
Alex Uganda 20 September 14
It's worth being tested for Helicobactor Pylori... This bug can be responsible for stomach and mouth ulcers.
ah 4 September 14
Hi I'm going to try salt, but did anyone try A pinch of Allum powder on it that you get in an Asian shop that someone suggested ?
Linda Hinch 8 August 14
Thanks to horrendously painful mouth ulcers I haven't been able to sleep for 3 nights in a row. After stumbling across this site I feel heaps better already. The great advice and the hilarious posts by those still managing to keep a sense of humour even through their suffering has worked wonders and that's before I have given the salt cure a try. Hope I can get some relief and some sleep. Thanks to all.
Anne (Australia) 10 May 14
tr this! worked for my Daughter and she had an ulcer on her tongue and could barely eat and not really talk because of the pain. I had her previously mentioned to her to use the warm water and table salt and swoosh with that but she hadn't barely done that. Once she did that 4 times a day she was alot better the following day. She also dabbed a little organic coconut oil on the area but said she didn't really stick to doing that but twice and gave up. what she says worked was then she swooshed 4 times a day with the warm water and salt. 2 days and she is talking and eating now with barely any paint..pretty much gone. when I had gotten this same problem..I figured automatically the warm water and salt and I would also make sure to use a mouth wash, not a harsh one but the crest pro health one without alchocol to just get rid of any germs before going to bed and in the morning and then throughout the day rinsing my mouth alot especially after eating and swooshing with the warm water and salt alot and mine never lasted long at all before it would stop hurting and going away. Hope this works for those of you suffering.
Dalia-42 April 20 21 April 14
For tonsillitis , try a soaked cotton with iodine and covered with salt on a tweezers end , then rub your tonsils and the inside of mouth as much as you can ,,,, it is hard but feels great ,,, spit ,,, then the inflammation will start to heal ,,,, Best wishes.
Alaa 3 November 13
Salt helps a lot, although it sting a little...but well worth it.
Ikwan 12 October 13
Hi Everyone its so nice to read your posts because people who don't get ulcers really dont understand the pain! I used to get an ulcer once a month and they would be massive and none of the doctors or dentists knew how to help adviced ranged from just get on with it to being told that they could be burnt off OMG! My mum has osteoporosis and when I went with her to the osteoporosis doctor I was really suffering and got talking to this doc about them and he took a look as well although he looked like he might throw up when he saw the massive-ness of them he said that bread is the cause. So I stopped eating bread which for me miss bread lover was so hard and I have gone from a ulcer a month to having 1 in the last 13 months and I got that because I ate almost a loaf of bread which was soooo nice :) and when I got that ulcer I used salt water as my cure bonjela never really helped me but I hope all of this helps
Natasha Manchester 16 September 13
Ok so I have gotten ulcers all my life. They are so painful so I decided to find a cure I just poured salt on it and it does feel better.I also just bought the vitamin LYSIL. Just curious does anyone else feel like there teeth are affected when I get an ulcer on the inner lip my teeth feel so tight. Praying the salt thing works they are making me miserable.
Karen 3 March 13
I have had ulcers since being a child...i am now 46. After having my tonsils out last year I had one of the most horrendous outbreaks of sever ulceration on my mouth, gums and throat. So bad infact i was admitted to hospital and put on a drip as i could not eat or drink. I was also quite ill with them suffering from a temperature of almost 42 degrees C. Nothing they gave me worked or helped!!! They just didnt have a clue!!! I have always rinsed with salt water and had mild releif, buts never thought about rubbing salt into them. I gave up smoking in October 2011 and since then i have had a continuous outbreak of ulcers and have 4 at the moment, (tongue, cheek and gums). I am going to now go and rub them with salt. Thanks for the advice...hoping it works.
Debbie 15 January 12
I like to put some nice grounded rock salt on a mouth ulcer,the pain to me is the ulcer dying.Then i wipe it clean and put some Bonjela on.
Smid 29 June 11
Salt water fish heal up to 5 times more faster than fresh water fish due to the brine.
Got to be something in it.
Ray 21 January 09
I have this ulcer about 3 days ago and its like expanding alot on the inner portion of my lower lip. It really hurts alot. AAAARRGHHHHH!!! I almost cried when i applied a little salt and well, i guess it sooths it a while since i got used to the pain. My mom just got me this melon frost thing and i hope it works. doesnt seem to bother me now though.
Bryan =) 21 January 09
I have one at under the tip of my tongue now and it's killing me!! I'm using Bonjela now and it only relieves the pain for a while.. and I have to say, salt is still the best cure! I'm going to apply salt to it when i get back home, Bonjela is just for temporary relief.. I can't even talk properly.. :( I HATE MOUTH ULCERS! they are EVIL!!!
Mandy-21 19 January 09
Never had mouth ulcers before, was seriously ill last year on antibiotics for over 6 months then eventually an operation to remove a fair bit of bowel and an ovary. Then the mouth ulcers started with a vengeance and I get them on the tongue, top and underneath, roof of my mouth and on the gums. Get 2 days relief at most, had the steriod mouth wash, pellets and all the usual over the counter gels etc. Never tried the salt will give it a go and see what happens. Wonder if anyone like me feels that there immune system has been destroyed with prescribed drugs and these are the consequence?
Helen from Inverness. 18 January 09
something ive been trying on a few ulcers on my bottem lip lately is mixing vinegar with salt then swabbing it onto the ulcers it stings like hell for about 30 seconds or a minute but after that in numbs it for a while...doing this usually removes the white layer on the top of them and makes them bleed for a bit.....note-do not try this if ur not very good with pain!!
andrew :) 12 January 09
got one huge ulcer for a week now.

I hate to have my meals in pain!
kei 8 January 09
Hi all,

Salt works for me as well (in combination with saline toothpaste by weleda) but unfortunately however it does not help preventing mouth ulcersÖ When they come they come full throttle and with no mercy!

In my experience mouth ulcers hurt less in first part of the day but become more of a nuisance at the end of the day. I think this has also something to do with the things I eat and the accumulation of bacteria this eating causes in my mouth during the day, drinking coffee hurts like ^#@$&^%&*!

Personally I have come to the conclusion that bacteria make mouth ulcers hurt even more and even make them grow bigger, but one needs to eat to surviveÖ.

Now here is where salt helps me out, it cleans and numbs the ulcer which speeds the healing process up and makes my day more livable.

Eventually, after putting salt (in my case Himalayan salt (which is a lot better than regular table salt anyway)) on my mouth ulcers, an open wound remains which also takes some time to heal, but it does get rid of the ulcer eventually!

I think itís all about finding the correct products and the correct combination of these products.

Iíve given up all hope for a cure though, for me the question now is ďhow fast can I get rid of them and with as little pain as possible pleaseĒ.

Kind regards,


P.s. Feel like some sort of druid sometimesÖ ĎA little bit of this and a little bit of thatíÖ.
Arthur Amsterdam 18 December 08
thanks for your company everyone!
I am going to try the salt
its great to know you are all there!
morag 23 November 08
I guess different people will have different reactions to salt. I'm trying the salt-rinse idea and my ulcer's gone down a lot, but unlike some of the others it doesn't hurt at all (besides the usual feeling you get when you, say, get a mouth full of seawater).
Citrine 19 November 08
my ulcers appeared on 10/11/08 and have not yet healed. I am dying, down 12lbs, constantly fighting dehydration. i hate these things. two main ones - each larger than a quarter in size, one on each side of the uvula.
misery 15 November 08
Do you know just reading all these posts has cheered me up. Nobody I know gets these wetched things and they just don't understand how damn painful they are. The worst thing for me is that I can't eat CHOCOLATE as it hurts too much. I have 7 at the moment all over the inside of my lips and cheeks. Had this lot for about a week and not getting better, infact I can feel more starting. I used salt in the past but had forgotton about it and been buying over the counter stuff which doesn't work. Just packed my mouth with salt and went into orbit, but hopefully it will work!
ally 14 November 08
Anbesol does not work for ulcers on the tongue, in fact it really hurts!
I have never tried salt, but will try ANYTHING...
burningleaf 14 November 08
ANBESOL IS THE ANSWER! It really works and numbs it. Salt hurts too much so i just numb them till they go!
lizzie 13 November 08
Rubbing salt on them DOES hurt (especially if you're like me - I get no forewarning with ulcers like the OP, they just appear) but it works. It also numbs them for a short while, I find...
Strawberry Thief 10 November 08
Just done the salt treatment and to be honest was no more painful than the pain of the ulcers themselves!!
Penny Palmer 10 November 08
the one and only way to completely numb mouth ulcers is the most illegal way you could possibly think of!

i do NOT do this myself and am not recomending that anyone do it purely because you can go to prison!

cocaine is used in some cultures as their primary oral pain relief, i know people that take this drug and have rubbed it into their mouth ulcers (and other mouth wounds) and it instantly cures the pain by completely numbing the area (very much the same as a dentist injection!) this is FACT that this would be the cure for everyones pain, not like salt that doesnt work on some people

just a shame that the best form of pain relief for ulcers is highly illegal!
ste 5 November 08
Salt works. Period
Suzieq 5 November 08
i sniffed ketamine to numb the pain in my mouth then put salt directly onto the ulcer !! it stung like a mother but will keep repeating as it seems to be working !! and all these trippy visuals are a added bonus !!
twistedbiscuit 26 September 08
Salt worked! I had had one on the side of my tongue for several days. I'd never had one before so it was a nasty discovery. Plus a bad cold, so what with not being able to breathe properly or eat or speak..., I mean I know it's not Serious stuff, but still.... Anyway tried salt first time 4pm, ouch much worse for over two hours, but put it again before going to bed and woke up to find it GONE! A big thanks to whoever set up this site!
Tina 25 September 08
Salt worked for me. I had a small but painful ulcer coming up on the side of my mouth and tried this. I have to say it worked as the next day it was not as bad, so I repeated it, and the day after it was gone. It never turned into a big one. Thanks!!!
AJ 18 September 08
Just tried the Salt Cure for the first time on the big white ulcer inside my lower lip. I put a teaspoon of salt on it, left it for 30 secs, rinsed with warm saltwater, repeated the teaspoon and the water one more time. Didn't hurt as bad as I thought, no worse then when I put Pyralvex on.... But the difference it that the pain LASTS, it is still burning now, 5 minutes after. Not a horrible pain, but much more then before the salt... I hope it's worth it and I'll feel better tomorrow!
Lauritz 4 August 08
Salt kills like a mutha! But it seems to help heal. Personally, I find the best time to do a rinse is before I go to sleep, as 1/ it's more likely to stay on the ulcer whilst asleep, 2/ the body has time to heal it whilst asleep. If I rinse with salt but have a stressful day ahead then it doesn't have that much effect. It is rather satisfying to rinse in salt but disappointing that the pain-free feeling is rather temporary.
John 27 July 08
Salt works well with mouth ulcers, because ulcers are a ball of acid on your gum where they are usually found and cause pain and causing you not to eat, by rubbing salt onto the ulcer, it reacts with the acid and causes the ulcer to heal even though when you do rub the salt on, it stings like a wasp sting, but my advice is to just grin and bare it, it will b alot better within a few days if you can grin and bare the pain, just think of doing summit else like being in iraq wen u rub the salt on to the ulcer, it will take your mind off the pain!
Gary, Cornwall 25 July 08
I've got 2 cracking ulcers on my throat and I am SICK OF THEM!!! Had them for almost a week now. Ive also got one on my lip. I use Adcortyl in orobase (concrete paste!) on the little ulcers but the bad boys on my throat are having none of it! I've been gargling with dissolvable paracetamol which helps for a bit, then THEY come back and burn like hell! HELP!!!
Lorna 30 June 08
I think it is meant to be alum (with one 'l'), e.g. hydrated aluminum potassium sulphate.
Dom Walton 30 June 08
do you mean allium powder, e.g., garlic?
daniel 30 June 08
where can u get ALLUM POWDER from????

catherine 29 June 08
When my sisters & brothers were little, we used to have mouth ulcers all the time. My Nanna from overseas came to stay with us for a while. She treated our mouth ulcer with a pinch of ALLUM POWDER to the sore area. Get ready for major stinging...#*@%+#! BUT after an hour it's healed and you are free from the curse! You can find ALLUM POWDER from any Asian Grocery shops. By the way, salt doesn't work!
ozbzwifenmum24_7 26 June 08
When my sisters & brothers were little, we used to have mouth ulcers all the time. My Nanna from overseas came to stay with us for a while. She treated our mouth ulcer with a pinch of ALLUM POWDER to the sore area. Get ready for major stinging...#*@%+#! BUT after an hour it's healed and you are free from the curse! You can find ALLUM POWDER from any Asian Grocery shops. By the way, salt doesn't work!
BZWIFENMUM 26 June 08 26 June 08
I'm at work, and am having these two ulcers that developed yesterday in my inner lip. I called my wife and told her I'm going to try the rough salt (mountain salt) therapy thing, and she suggested that I go to a drug store instead. In Africa, (I'm from South Africa) rough salt, ( not common Idione Salt) is used as an antiseptic to many form of ulcers and wounds. I'm not sure about basic kitchen salt whether it will do the trick or not. So, if you going to try the salt trick, rather use Mountain Salt, I understand it burns even more but the results are pleasing.
King Bear 23 June 08
This salt business better work because that was THE most painful thing i had ever felt. And whats worse it STILL hurts! It stings so much i wanna cry. But i wont. i wont let that f#cker of an ulcer beat me. i hope it's feeling the same excruciating pain im feeling. im not gonna let it control my life. im not gonna let it come and go as it pleases anymore. i will kill it. it will die.
tinny 22 June 08
If you're man enough to take the pain, salt will get rid of it.

end of
Gayboy 18 June 08
i tried putting salt on da tiniest ulcer in my mouth...n it seems like its stopped growing...but its 2 early 2 tell..will wait for a cpl of days n see hw it works...i hve ths big 1 on da tip of my tongue....n i cant seem 2 get myself 2 put salt on it!!! :(....
viv_123 24 May 08
Alright, I have an ulcer on my lip and another one on the cheek lining between my two back molars on the right side. I'll probably be trying a little bit of salt and see how it goes.
Kkori 24 May 08

Hi everyone!! I have had the hugest ulser I think I have ever seen..last night I applied salt directly to the spot, which hurt like hell but felt satisfying....I woke up this morning to find the white bit gone and that side of my lip really swollen and now I have a lop-sided smile :( ....anyone else experienced this? and is this normal??
Violet 24 May 08
mine bleed too :'( salt never works and just hurts like something unameable if i try anything salt related...
i dont know about the death-by-ulcer-despair thing but im starting to think its possible when combined with lack of food and lotsa pain.

cant anyone come up with any kinda cure that works in more than 1 or two people and DOESNt hurt like ****?
Caitlin 20 May 08

Well - salt seems to work so well for most of you that please don't think I'm condemning it. But 3 hours after my salt experiment, I'm up to 15 ulcers, with swollen glans and feeling like I've been smacked in the jaw. Pain and swelling much worse than before, not to mention more of them. I don't think it's a good sign that blood started pi$$ing out of them when I salted up either. So not for me, at least not when applied directly.

Just had a saline-water rinse though which eases the pain for a while at least.

Thanks again to everyone. Has anyone ever died from ulcer-despair, I wonder?
Matt 15 May 08
Jesus H Christ on a Harley Davidson doing a backwards somersault over the jaws of Hell.

Currently sporting 12 large ulcers: 4 on throat, another 1 in each corner behind wisdom teeth, 1 under the tongue, and 2 inside the top lip. Have found that tend to come on following illness/bad hangover. Have occasionally swilled salt-water for temporary relief - however, having just read all these comments, I have just tried a vigorous salt-grain rub into the ulcers that I could reach (not all of them).

Two of them actually started to bleed - anyone else had this response???

Thanks to everyone for their comments - it's enough of a relief hearing from other fellow sufferers!
Matt 15 May 08

Significant reduction of "whiteness" of ulcers. Gave it another go this morning. Wife much amused by my leaping about the bathroom Kids much amused by my choice of language!

Still mostly unable to eat or drink much, even my own saliva hurts when I swallow it.

Thanks again to everyone and a big HELLO to fellow sufferers. Greetings from Istanbul

John 14 May 08
Yes Salt hurts a lot. I would suggested not putting salt directly on to ulcer. instead rinse your mouth with salt water. no need to swallow. Beach goers will know that it tastes horrible but sea water heals wounds very well. Have lemonade on hand afterwards.
Gareth 14 May 08
Oh My God......

That was the most unplesant thing I heve ever done to myself!!!
Still, willing to try anything at this point. Will have another go in the morning and will report back with any news.

John 13 May 08
I have 50 small ulcers on my throat and on the back of my mouth. They hurt like the devil.. Had them for about 36 hours now.. Going to try a Salt solution.

Thanks to everyone for their posts.
John 13 May 08
I have these 5 ulcers in the inner of my lower lip due to the injury on my chin.. I have been gargling with salt water for two days but they don't go away yet. ='( I feel like dying.. I can't speak, eat or drink "pure water" cuz' it's gonna sting like hell.. and my lower lip and chin are all swollen up.. =( but must I put on the salt directly onto em? it sounds like the hardest thing to me cuz' i can't now even touch my lip.. is there any other way? will just gargling with warm salt water every now and then work??
katie88 13 May 08
Believe it our not the salt works. It burns like the dickens, but it works. I do the salt 4 to 5 times a day and take an ibuprofen about 3 times a day and it helps alot. I statared the salt yesterday and I am doing much better today.
Renee 12 May 08
I thought i was the only one in so much pain! Noone i know has these stupid mouth ulcers! I have 4 in my mouth at the moment! I get them mostly from biting my cheek or tongue by accident. I don't know how that happens all the time, though! I once tried the salt, but it put me through too much pain, i think i'll try again, cause i CAN"T TAKE IT ANY LONGER! ;(((((
Larissa 8 May 08
Well..i think having mouth ulcers on the tongue is better than on your lip or anywhere else..i just think that tongue is the best place to have ulcers although i think ulcers is the worse thing in the world!!!! I'm scared that the salt will kill me like hell..because i saw that people say putting salt on ulcers hurts like..dunno!!!..i dunnno what to there any other way except ulcers creams and salt!!!!?????
tiffany..hurting from ulcers right this moment... 7 May 08
Hi everyone,

I'm sending a reply to my earlier message (2 above) that salt really really does work. All wkend i have been putting little dabs of salt on them and it really helps dry them out, the initial sting is a killer but once uve done it a few times its ok then repeat again an hour or longer later or whenever you feel brave enough,haha. I had a really bad 1 on top of my bottom lip that just didnt seem to go down but that looks like its going to dry over and heal now. I'm excited for when they fully heal coz its been the worst wk n half of my life with these.

Anyone whos wanting to get rid of these plz plz try the salt cure, not just once though, keep up with it throughout the day.

Happy Salting :-)
Lorna 3 March 08
I hate mouth ulcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, it is comforting to hear that some of you have managed to successfully get rid of them. I will just continue to try different things - though I am running out of ideas. My mouth ulcers are not too bad as long as I don't try to speak, sleep, eat or generally live.
Suffering andrew 29 February 08
Thanks guys. I am dealing with an ulcer at the roof of my mouth and it is the worst thing that I have had to deal with. Mines had a puss pocket in it yesterday but I looked and that had disappeared. It hurts worse now that that's gone. Is it okay to gargle with the salt even though it appears to be this big open red pit in my mouth. My Dr. did give me this lidocaine rinse that really numbs the pain but since it burst it wears off a little quicker. Maybe I'll numb it up with the lidocaine rinse and then put the salt on it once it's numb. Yes, I'm a punk! If I can lessen the pain I all for it.
dionne.jemison 29 February 08
Hi Guys,
I've read through all these comments and some are quite funny coz i know what your going through, i have about 5 on my bottom lip and about 3/4 on the top, i have little white dots at the end of my tongue which murder when food or anything touches them, i also have a bit of tonsillitis which isnt helping my ulcer matter, the toncillitis isnt bothering me its these things that only salt can get rid of and i've just tried it and it MURDERS!!! It makes me nearly cry and as i have so many i have to do 1 at a time. Is salt the only thing that will help??? Mine are quite big so missed the crucial point but managed to be brave enough and put some salt on anyway as they are really getting me down, started about a wk ago with just 1. I've never had these before and just praying for the day they all disappear.

Anyone has any other options PLEASE let me know. xxxxx
Lorna 29 February 08
Wow!! This is the best website I have seen in years :-) I never knew there are so many people like me. I have been having mouth ulcers since I was young. I have even tried ayurvedic, homeopathic medicine. No doctor knew the exact reason but a suggestion to reduce stress. There were times, the ulcers did not heal for a month. Thank god! My mom n dad understand how excruciating mouth ulcers are. I used to gargle salt water. It reduces pain for few minutes, but did not cure it ever. I will try to time it as advised here. Im gonna go through this fourm and find out more. Thanks guys!!
Bix 27 February 08
I have been plauged with these awful things since I was a little girl. I get them fairly often 1 or 2 times a month, usually only 2 or 3 at a time. I guess I am blessed that I only get that many but even just having 2 (which is what I have now) is absolutly excruciating. I use the salt method but not in the extreme that I have read. I usually just take a teaspoon of salt and mix it with some warm water and rinse twice to three times a day. It helps with the pain (a little) but I have never noticed it help in reducing the time that I have it for or the size that it gets to. I will have to try what everybody seems to be suggesting and just pour it right onto the fu*%ers!

I have one other problem and am hoping that someone can relate and offer a suggestion or two. My husband does not seem to get how painful these things are. He thinks that I am exaggerating when I tell him it hurts too much to talk or eat. He says "it doesn't hurt that bad" or his typical "Oy Vey" As bad as it sounds I almost wish he had one just once so he would know really how bad the pain is.
Robin 23 February 08
I suggested my sister uses this salt remedy for the ulcer, so we used a teaspoon of salt, crammed her mouth with it and she kind of just dissolved before my very eyes!! Being a slug isn't easy in this day and age. I miss my sister.
Lettuce Muncher 22 February 08
You have to apply salt every few hours, the pain is unbelieveble but dont let it put you off adding every couple of hours. If you only put salt on once it wont do a thing other than really hurt, keep applying and fight the pain and it will go away!
jonny 20 February 08
I had posted a message just a few days ago, saying i will try this method. And i did! It hurts like crazy, but prevents the ulcer from becoming bigger. So try to catch it early on.. :)
Satish Nair 19 February 08
Hi everyone!

Every now and then (3/4 times a year) these nasty things are haunting me too! Fortunately, it's just one at a time. Now just in time for Valentines Day it hit me again! And I just tried this salt method. It didn't hurt as I expected though. But in return the pain ease isn't as good as I thought, too. Well, anyway, right after applying the salt, this white layer has gone and it looks kind of "dried out". I'll repeat the salt proceedure again and hope that it will go away soon!!

What I made some good experiences with is the mouthwash called "one drop only". Applying it hurts like hell, you want to explode, but it releaves the pain and in applied in early stages it prevents the ulcer from becoming real big and painfull!
Jella 14 February 08
I usually get these ulcers due to accidental biting while eating. Since that cannot be solved (can it be?), the only solution is to heal these minor abrasions which develop into full blow painful ulcers.
I sure hope this salt treatment works! Though it would have been great to find a painless solution..however like someone said "no pain no gain". So like Seville mentions, the moment you realize that you have bit your lip, you should try this solution. I will surely do and let you know the results.
Satish Nair 11 February 08
When I get ulcers in the mouth, my stomach also hurts too. I think it is all related, I must have ulcers in my stomach. anyone out there get stomach pains when you get mouth ulcers?

Mark 35 3 February 08
hey. . .
i only have 1 ulcer
but i got it when my brother fell off the sofa and landed on my mouth. . . his head bashed my lip onto my teeth
i first felt these two flaps of skin on either side
and then it closed up
and then it turned into a super painful ulcer
i've found that, since I play a brass instrument in band, this sounds weird, but if i play a lot, the saliva that's forced onto the ulcer really helps the pain diminish
iono if the salt works
but im too scared XD
someone in a place 1 February 08
1) Catch the ulcer before it gets too big (as soon as you feel it)
2) Apply copper sulphate or and kind of salt to it for a while.

It clears up nicely, and doesnt bother you again for a while.
CJ 29 January 08
Yes, Salt works.

But there is an even better cure for it.
It works the same way salt does, but its more concentrated and a little dangreous to use.
Copper Sulphate. You remember that blue stuff you used to see your science teacher working with, well, you can buy it over the counter and use it the same way salt is used.
CJ 29 January 08
HELP ME!Im 10 turning 11!I dont know wat 2 do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111its in the painful stage!OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
kim 24 January 08
I heard a lady at a park tell someone her child had mouth ulcers and she used l lysine, pills I presume. My Grand daughter just had two mouth ulcers one behind the other. I read somewhere to put vitamin E oil on for the pain. I opened a capsule and let her put the oil on it and she said it stopped the pain and later that day put more on and she said it was not hurting. The next day she said it didn't hurt at all. I looked at it and the place was a little red but the white part was gone.
Brenda 23 January 08 24 January 08
I have had lip ulcers for 10 years. The first onset was after a serious sickness, I had fevered high and ended up with so many on the inside of my lower lip that for days I had to sleep with gauze in my mouth so my lips wouldn't stick together and pull off my skin, gross, I know. I have salt applied at the moment, directly. I don't even want to try to mess around with swooshing with the stuff. I can't stand going in public with these huge sores on my lip. So, all or nothing! It feels better already and has stopped growing! I just hope it starts to recede now.
Jessica 23 January 08
Ok that was like the worst torture ever, it made me cry, and didnt help with the pain. Guess next time I'll have to catch it before it blows up :(
Meli 18 January 08
Here I go with the salt, you guys have convinced me to try it. Please pray that I can eat something today, as I feel like I'm about to pass out from lack of food.
Meli 18 January 08
Have been rinsing with Salt water a couple times a day for several days, but it bugger keeps getting bigger. Am going to bring in the big artillery now and try the direct salt option. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!!
Jared 17 January 08
Ya have to agree that salt probably is the best option, I'm a regular sufferer aswell but usually only get them when i'm ran down, i've had about 7 this week. so some added vitimens, salt and water to wash mouth, got some corsodyl mouth wash and lots of sleep. i can eat almost normally!
Declan Ireland 16 January 08
I feel like there is an ulcer family out there!! I have had them since I was a child ( I have a small one now but have had rolling ulcers for two weeks ) I keep thinking it is my body saying it did not like Christmas! I use Kenelog (in Australia) which is great once the ulcers are in pain mode... def. helps speed the healing and you only use it at night.. It is like a protective cement. I also avoid the following foods: Red Pepper, Tomato, potatoe skin, cucumber, berries and I think that is about it... they are all from the night shade/cucabit family of foods and are meant to be bad for ulcer-types... I use salt occasionally however I think I might step that up again
James 11 January 08
For the last month and a half i have been getting little white spots on my tongue that hurt terribly and they go away for maybe a day and then a few more will come! It seems endless! I hope this salt thing works, but does anyone else have these little sores??? What are they?? I'll try this salt thing and i hope it works!
Ryan 8 January 08
Firtsly, I think this is one of the best sites on the WEB
I have been suufering with them for as long as I can remember. The dentist tells me to see the doctor, the doctor tells me to go to the dentist! I find the salt helps. Interesting note from Seville Scotland, to use the salt when you get the first tingle. I will try this and report back. Good luck and a happy new year to all
Stevo Durham UK 28 December 07
As far as I know they should not bleed. If they do then I would get them checked by a doctor... Mine gone now, hopefully I can stay ulcer free for the chrismas. Happy chrismas everyone and here is to an ulcer free holiday.
Robbie D 22 December 07

I agree that Salt is the only way to get rid of the little blighters but it is a good sign that they are bleeding or not?
Rob 21 December 07
I have two small ones on my tounge, three on lower lip and two on upper which started yesterday and have tried direct salting which seems to be killing them off. Pity I cannot get to the two large ones near my tonsils which are hurting like hell!!
Robbie D 20 December 07
Salt is the only way but I DONíT put rub it directly onto the ulcer! I dilute a good tablespoon of salt in warm water and swish this around my mouth until Iíve finished the glass. This appears to clean the ulcer and stops the redness and swelling. I find that if I gargle regularly enough I can get rid of an ulcer within 36 hours.
Josh 20 December 07
I currently have 5 ulcers (all on one side of my mouth) and my lip has swollen up and my gland has swollen up and this really is a goddam nightmare. Iíve been suffering with ulcers since I was very young and itís just not getting any better! I apply liquid Anbesol - about 5 times every time - and that eases the pain enough so I can at least drink a (lukewarm) cup of tea! Stings like hell though and makes me dribble! Salt is the way forward people but it makes me want to throw up so much that I just canít do it.

Corsodyl or Adcortyl and Difflam (antiseptic mouthwash) are excellent for the healing process, especially when theyíre in practically every nook and cranny in your mouth! But Corsodyl and Adcortyl taste absolutely horrendous, Difflam is vaguely minty which is better. HOWEVER... Iím allergic to mouthwash - be it your everyday mouthwash or antiseptic mouthwash so I have to be reeeeeally careful I donít get it in the dips inside my cheeks (saliva ducts) as that causes me to have huuuuge clusters of ulcers there. Itís positively joyful that the cure for ulcers can also give me ulcers!
Dee1982 10 December 07
Maybe the salt dries out the ulcer through killing a snail.
barbiedoll 10 December 07
Salt is an antiseptic as well. I have never tried the salt treatment regularly, but it does help reducing the pain.
Suresh 10 December 07
Sounds stupid but my biggest problem is constantly licking the wound - when i know one is starting to form i lick it - when full blown, i lick it just to see if the pain has subsided - and when itís starting to heal i lick it cause it only hurts a tiny bit in a nice way. man i need to stop licking. however next time i feel one coming will defo try the salt process. did try aftershave once with the alcohol content it killed but was quite painless afterwards for a long period... however i wouldnít advid this.
kj 1 December 07
try salt and vinegar crisps it stings but t works sounds crazy but it does work!
marie 22 November 07
Talking of salt as a cure for soreness. I once poured salt down a sore tube (that men have) thinking it might cure the soreness. Huge mistake! HUGE! Stinging like you wouldnt believe and being a gritty substance really difficult to get out.Had to wait for normal bodily function to get rid. VD Clinic got soreness sorted!
chrisp 21 November 07
new to dis site, glad to hear im not d only 1 suffering wit these. iv basically trid most of d products out there, none of which work...iv tried salt but it didnt work 4 me and didnt like the shootin pain to the ear or d amount of saliva it caused. any other remidies would b very welcome. tnx
stephen, eire 25 October 07
i have an ulcer on the bottom of my tounge with a bit of striny tounge flech like a ven or something or some torn away flesh of my tounge hanging off it like coral LOL

it hurts on one side of the string of flesh it doesnt but on the other side it has a white sac thing and thats the spot
sam 25 October 07
When I first saw this post I laughed a little. Put salt on the wound.... Yeah, that will help. Seriously, this is the best thing Ive ever found to get rid of them. And salt is pretty cheap, I mean you can get a handful of it from mcdonalds for free in perfect little mouth ulcer sized packages. I hadnt had a out break in 6 months, then all of a sudden I get three huge ones on my bottom inside lip 3 days before I go on vacation. I didnt catch them early enough to stop them from forming, but they are almost aready gone after just a day and a half of salt treatment. Thanks!!
Tim S. 25 October 07
i love this site... keep fit, eat well and keep stress free. if this is too much to ask then get salt on it asap and keep applying every few hours to kill them off. *** find that if you use salt or bonjela too much it will just hurt and start to ach. not good ***
Paul.T 24 October 07
i have seven at the moment i am gonna kill someone
aob 23 October 07
Salt does work, My mum used to always have an ulcer as a child (and i really mean always!) and thats what she did, now she passed the curse to me, but I just canít do the salt thing, it makes me gag and feel sick (soo not good before you go onstage) so yeah salt rules, but I am lucky enough to be able to leave mine as theyíre hardly painful at all, more and irritant!!
anna 23 October 07
I have 7 ulcers in my mouth at the moment. Iím only 14.
Is this normal?

They hurt so much, could it be to do with lack of sleep/food?
Anon 22 October 07
Salt! I had been in agony all week with an ever increasing number of ulcers. Bonjela only helped for a few minutes. After reading the messages I packed my mouth with salt (half a cup of the stuff!) and swilled it around for as long as possible. This morning I am totally fine (fingers crossed). Who would have thought something so simple! 1000 Thanks all of you.
Steve G NZ. 12 October 07
Thanks for the advice. I only use salt-water as pain-relieve but I didnít know it can actually kill it with high concentration. I am wondering if I should try this now or wait for next chance, because mines are full grown and in huge numbers (huge and lower lips, side and below the tongue) at the moment. I probably canít handle the pain if I put salt directly now. Should I use highly concentrated salt-water attempt to kill it instead of waiting for it to die out?
Tony Li 12 October 07
I let this last ulcer get too big, since I was out of town all weekend and didnít bother catching it with salt before it got BIG. just FYI though... SALT works. i swear by that stuff. Use salt before it turns into an ulcer (salt directly on the spot), and rinse with salt water when it gets big. It hurts like the dickens, but itís the only way to make it heal fast. it hurts me so much it brings tears to my eyes, and hurts deep inside my chest. it works though!!!
eigna 4 October 07
ooohhhh that hurt, but in a kind of nice way, felt like I was punishing the little bugger for plaguing my mouth and causing me so much pain, Feels better almost straight away though, will repeat and hopefully kill the evil ulcer before too long.
Jess 3 October 07
Iíve suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a kid and well, I am still suffering...I have used everything that has been subscribed to me and have used everything the chemist counter has to offer - but guess what, NOTHING works. And so I resort to using salt (which really does ease the pain....that is, after putting you through much pain!) I just hating knowing that they will last a good few days before they go. P.S the inside of my cheeks, the back of my throat and the bottom of my tongue are covered - they hurt! You canít eat or drink anything without wanting to scream and waking up and having to brush your teeth is a nightmare.....why me?
Natasha L 3 October 07
Just tried the salt and it hurt like hell for a few seconds but then the white bit disappeared and the pain actually went away for a while. I think the trick is to keep reapplying the salt directly on to the ulcer.
Andrew 2 October 07
ok my wife said, use the salt, but i have been resisting it. I cannt play my didge and iím unhappy, so iím going to try the rubbing the salt in and leaving it and jumping up and down therapy.
thanks for the info everyone!
sam gloucestershire 1 October 07
After reading all of this salt lark i feel that it is my last hope!
Doctors and dentists say Il grow out of them but really they just dont have a bloody clue what else to say!
GAHHHH. I have all of the lotions and potions i can find...even the antibiotic cream doesnt do a thing, it just makes an annoying paste in my mouth. Bonjela does nothing apart from numb for a few minutes, Iv got about 10 bottles of different mouth washes, sprays ect ect.
I have 2 on the roof of my mouth, loads at the back where my wisdom teeth are coming through, two on either side of my tongue and another two on either side of my gums. I cannot breathe let alone speak! So this salt is going to hurt but i will survive.
And if your reading this BigNigNog, you obviously dont have as painful ulcers as the rest of us, youíre the pussy!
jimmy 1 October 07
I have a big one right at the end of my tongue. Hurts like crazy. And guess what, came out in a cold last night. Whilst Iíve sporadically tried a saline wash before - Iím now going in for the full salt treatment. Wish me luck - Iíll let you all know how it went.
PS. Would cutting my tongue off be less painfull than an ulcer?
Jim - Liverpool, UK 26 September 07
Che 26 September 07
26 September 07
yea, i am using bonjella at the moment, with little other than a temporary soothing effect.

the posts here mention that salt works as a pre-flared up ulcer cure. but if it is already in the hurts-like-crazy phase, is it still worth applying? others have mentioned that applying upto 5 times in a row before all the white is not visable anymore is a good practice. can anyone else back this up?

yorkii 26 September 07
Salt is something i havnt really tried before. I usually find that Soothagel/bonjella works, aswell as listarine.
mike 23 September 07
Been having ulcer for ... well I canít remember. All I know is that SALT is the cure, for me at least. Mountain salt works wonders than common salt, but the pain is a gazillion times worse. I tend to apply salt whenever the pain is unbearable.

I rub salt on the ulcer and leave it for 30 seconds and then wash the area and apply it again (I repeat this step around 5 times or whenever I cannot see the white thing anymore). Do this around 3 times in a day for 3 days in a row. Works for me.
Jasque 22 September 07
For those Aussies out there.. vegemite has so much salt in it that it seems to do the job.. just but a dab on your mouth ulcers.. hurts an incredible amount at first.. but the relief is soon felt. I have two massive ones on my inner lip at the moment.. and nothing else is helping!
Alan 30 August 07
iím currently using medijel, it reliefs me for an hor or so but thatís all it does, iíll try using salt
cassi 28 August 07
Give it a try, it does for me 100% if you catch it at the right time
Seville 24 August 07
Guys i have severe ulcers all over my throat .... and the count is increasing day by day .... started getting some like this on mouth too ... i gargle betnesol tablet crushed with voveran d in water and also gargle with a mouthwash. i get mouth ulcers all the time.. even at the slightest of injury ... .but this throat ulcers hve got it previously once... and took me thru hell for a whole month ... .and it has come back now .... i fear the worst again ... .can the salt treatment work for me???
Shrikant 5 August 07
After using the salt yesterday, I was comfortable brushing my teeth again this morning. Even though the ulcers are no longer hurting, I rubbed more salt in just now (stung a bit). I think itís working! I recommend the salt treatment so far.
Geoff 3 August 07
mine is on my tongue...& KILLING ME!
Iím off to the kitchen nooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......
hi5 3 August 07
I had 3 of them. Doctor sent me to te dentist who cleaned and scrubbed. Iíve now got 4. Letís face it, the doctors and dentists donít have a clue really. Thank goodness for this web site.

The cause for mine looks as though its because I gave up smoking.

Iíve just poured a sachet of salt into my mouth (yuck) and run the salt round my mouth. Letís see how I get on. Thanks everyone.
Geoff 2 August 07
does anyone have a medical reason for salt curing ulcers? like what does it do to them?
jennifer 2 August 07
Put salt on it, stop acting like pussies.
Agreed with Robo!
BigNigNog 31 July 07
i have em all down the sides of my mouth an im goin on hoilday on friday and if the arent there gone or nearly gone im not goin! they hurt so much i cant speak cause the movement of my mouth hurts them soo much

ive tried bonjella an chloraseptic throat spray but it never done nothing!

help me plz
JO JO 31 July 07
I used salt just now - OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUCH! Hope it works coz it certainly hurts.
Barso 19 July 07
I have four huge ones right now, and this salt stuff is going to hurt really bad, so i hope it pays off! i already rinsed with salt water, and that wasnt too bad, so im hoping this isnt any different.
Tyler 5 July 07
I love putting salt on them, I know that sounds weird, but the pain of the salt actually is a relief after the initial sting.
Robo 28 June 07
Good stuff Marcelo, does work a trest
Seville 27 June 07
for those who have tried the salt and didnt have a good result maybe this is the reason: you didnt do it right...get a hand full of salt( meaning a lot), close your eyes (it helps), throw it in there and start jumping like crazy(that will distract you from the horrible pain). Dont swallow anything...let the salt sit there for as long as itís still there. grad a cup of cold water and mix some salt with it...go to the sink and rinse your mouth a few times with the salt that about 4 times a day and in one or two days the ulcers will be pain no gain
Marcelo 25 June 07

As we all know, mouth ulcers are the worst pain ever, give it a try as soon as you fell the start of one, maybe just after biting your cheek or whatever, you know what I mean. It will hopefully come to nothing.

Let me know
Seville 8 June 07
I am so glad to find out when to start the healing. ( before it is full blown) I have 3 as I type, but i will know next time what to do, and we all know there will be a next time...
Lina 7 June 07
Bonjela is good as it numbs the area but by catching it early enough, you dont get to the sore bit

SALT rules
Seville 4 June 07
I suffer with mouth ulcers in the roof of my mouth so painful i could cry i am usind corlan pellets not muh help at the moment though. I am in so much pain do not know what to do
judith 30 May 07
Bonjela I find works whilst it stings for about 30 secs it really works Ive had about 4 ulcers in the last 2 months they are HELL!! LOL
g 30 May 07
Gracey - I find that as soon as you feel it coming on, way before the sore bit, if you rub salt in twice - three times a day for a couple of days, it does not come to a full blown ulcer. You have missed the important timing bit. I have hardly had an ulcer for years using this way. Maybe I am just lucky. I do it at the Ēoh hell - I have bit my cheek and I know what happens nextĒ stage

Sorry it didnít work for you
Seville 29 May 07
GRACEY 27 May 07
It is very important you catch it at the initial stages, keep with the salt for a couple of days and you wont get to the very painful stages - HOPEFULLY
Seville 17 May 07

Thought I would share this ĒcureĒ with all the other people who suffer from these.


At the initial feeling of a mouth ulcer starting, and those who get them frequent will know. Simply rub salt in to the affected area and the ulcer will fail to come to fruition.

This works fine for me although I dont know how it will work with other people
Seville - Scotland 17 May 07

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