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What can i rinse my mouth with after eating cinnamon sweets and mouth is sore and burning
June kearney 16 November 19
nlip...thanks, I did order the Squigle and will never, never, never let another cinnamon flavored anything near me again, youíre right, sux...I love cinnamon. Right now, I am, fingers crossed free for the moment of the buggers. The squigle toothpaste is not bad tasting and I have my DH using also. Thanks to the advice on this board.
Brenda K 28 April 07
steve your regiment is about identical to mine. the only exception is i use b12 instead iof zinc. good luck dude.
nlip 25 April 07
brenda get squigle and for god sakes dont ever do that to yourslef ever again. cinanmin is by far the WORST thing you can use. im talking candy and gum too. you pretty much have to consider it like cyanide. it should never even be a notion in your diet. sux cuz i loved it. GET off the SLS toothpaste asap.
nlip 25 April 07
Er... does using salt cure uclers? Im very irrated with mine. It has last for only 2 weeks, but itís killing me. I tried using salt... but it does seem to have any effect and afterwards, it got worst. im really worried... is there anything i can do about it?
Crystal 25 April 07
I have always had mouth ulcers since I can remember. I recently switched to a toothpaste that had a Ēcinnamon blastĒ component and I broke out in the worst case of sores I have ever heard about. I had 17 of the little buggers all at once. I never cried so much with pain in my life. Well, prednisone and lots of novacaine topical later they cleared up and then to break out again with 4 more under my tongue...what a nightmare. I finally realized it was the toothpaste and quickly tossed it out. I am on the down side of the recent outbreak and have been using a prescription mixture called ĒRonís RumĒ, it is novacaine liquid, Benadryl liquid and milk of magnesia. I have to dab on frequently at first, but it does coat,numb and soothe the acute stage of the ulcer. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the end of them for now. Hope this helps.
Brenda K 22 April 07
To give independant support I have tried other SLS free toothpastes (from Holland & Barratt) but think Squigle is somehow better than those, maybe it is also something to do with the other ingredients also. After having 3 months ulcer free they have now tried to come back but taking 2 tablets of Lysine a day does seem to stop them taking hold and giving real pain (I try and take only 1 lysine a day normally). I canít help thinking Ulcers can be a type of viral herpes type infliction. Quite often I can feel that ulcers are trying to break out in about 5 parts of my mouth. I try and not eat anything to agravate them (chocolate, tomatoes, nuts, lager etc etc) and put Adcortyl in orabase on anything I think will break through. It seems Lysine helps to fend them off and sometimes they just donít break through or if they do they go in 3 to 4 days rather than 7 to 10 days as before and arenít nearly as painful. Iíve done the food diary and wheat free thing and for me I think foods can be an ĒaggravatorĒ but still think the root cause is something else.
Steve H 21 April 07
I have suffered for 30 years with fever blisters and occasionally ulcers. Doctors always gave me Zovarix, and it was not very helpful. I discovered LlYSINE and rarely ever have fever blisters. If I feel one coming on I take 2000 mg (one of the morning, one of the evening) and it STOPS the fever blisters. I suspect that may also be why I do not get mouth ulcers anymore. Hope this helps someone.
Darsan 21 April 07
I was just wondering everyone,
Well, this is a little embrassing.. but I went down on the guy im seeing, and i dont really have an ulcers at current times, ( well maybe one or two- not bad ones).. im freaking out he might get a break out on his penis. is it likely?.
Samantha 15 April 07
Many thanks for that site Dr. Edward Cutler, will checkout the site and order some.
Yes Lizzie We have been using Corlan pellets and Difflam spray for our daughter but its for something to prevent the ulcers coming in the first place rather than relief, as there is plenty on the market for this.
thanks for all the information on here from everyone.
robert 15 April 07
Bonjela is super at soothing mouth ulcers aswell.
Lizzie 14 April 07
Dear Robert,

You can buy SQUIGLEģ Toothpaste on this website. SQUIGLE is the gold standard for mouth ulcer prevention. Money back guarantee. Hope your daughter gets relief.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLEģ Toothpaste
Dr. Edward Cutler 14 April 07
Update on my daughter 10, she has gone past the date for when she was due an outbreak of Mouth Ulcers, by 2 weeks.
scared to say that we have found the cause[i.e tooth paste]but for to have gone 2 weeks past the time she was due an outbreak is good news ,espeially for her.
will update in a few weeks to how things are going for her.
we have been using Colgate Total, here in the UK, was also told about a tooth paste called Squiggle but cannot find it here, also one called Kingfisher which we will try if the Colgate does not work.
Hope you are all well
robert 14 April 07
I am also a sufferer of Aphthous ulcers (oral ulcers/ canker sores). I constantly have 3-4 in my mouth at all times. Have seen various doctors over the past 10-12 years. Biopsy said they were neither viral or bacterial....which then led them to believe that the ulcers were a ícontact allergyí to something I have been eating. About a month ago, had a bad stomach virus which affected by eating..... I ate nothing but jello and popsicles for 2-3 days. The ulcers cleared up. Then when went back to my normal eating ...they returned. Searching on the internet, I read articles that talked about these ulcers being a symptom of celiac disease ( gluten intolerance). Have been trying a gluten free diet -- and the breakouts have gotten much better. Possible Wheat allergy ?? Anyway, time will tell. Trying to read and research to find out a new way of eating.

Regarding Toothpastes: Any toothpaste that has sodium lauryl sulfate...can cause mouth ulcers in some people. Also cinnamon flavored pastes and floss (and gum) can cause problems. (Learned this from an Oral pathologist at Emory Univ.)
Hope this info helps some out there.
Glenda 31 March 07
Hi Jason. have been doing this for the last 2 years, things i thought it might be we have stopped her eating, have stopped sweets drinks certain foods , but as yet unable to find out what it might be.
reading about the toothpaste on here ,which was never mentioned to us by the hospital, just might be the trigger especially with her biting her mouth on the inside in her sleep, so heres hoping
robert 29 March 07
Hi robert if you want to help your daughter start logging everything she eats and drinks and i mean everything. by creating a food diary u can find out what causes them because you seen the survey its different for everybody. find the cause thats the key
Jason 29 March 07
My Daughter 10 has been suffering mouth ulcers for about 2and a half years now. They come regularly every 4 weeks approx, lasting anything from 7 to 10 days.
She attends hospital, they have gave her iron, zinc vitamins , told us to cut out certain foods and drinks , all to no effect.
I have decided after reading some posts on here , to use colgate total tooth paste ,only started using it this week , and will see how this works over a period of time before starting some of the other stuff.
She grinds her teeth when sleeping and breaks the skin in her mouth , hence starting with the tooth paste, hoping this will help.
does anyone know if children can take Lysine and how much.
hoping you are all well, as this is really a painful condition.
robert 28 March 07
Iím a dowser and I dowsed for the dose of Lysine earlier tonight; for me it seems to be 2000 mg when I have ulcers (like now) and 300 mg to keep them at bay. I tried Lysine and it seemed to work for a while, but I hadnít thought about the dose! Iíll try this when I get my order and see how it goes.
jane 18 March 07
Well I started with 2 X 500mg tablets per day but now just have 1 x 500mg tablet in the morning. I think I researched the long term effect before but couldnít find anything notable. However my hope is in 6 months or a year my body would have worked it out and Iíll try to eliminate totally as Iím not one for pill popping, but these babies definately do work.
Steve 12 March 07
How much should be the quantity of Lysine one should consume on daily basis? Are there any side-effects if consumed for a longer time?
Sudarshan 4 March 07
As Iíve noe gone for 3 months without a single mouth ulcer I think Iím in a position to report back, which hopefully may help others. Iíve always had mouth ulcers but over the lat 5 years Iíve been getting 2 to 3 every 2 weeks or so. They would last ~1 week so would more often or not always have one. Althoí maybe not as excrutiating as some of the descriptiopns on here thy were certainly bad enough to stop me going out at night due to the pain to talk.

Anyway, I used;
Squigle Toothpaste
Lysine Supplement
Zinc supplement
Gengigel mouthwash

It took about 2 to 3 weeks for this treatment to fully kick in before I had no mouth ulcers at all. Iíve now reduced this to just using Lysine & Zinc 1st thing in the morning and then using the Squigle toothpaste.

Personally I think it is probably the Squigle & the Lysine that are the most effective.

Hopefully this helps and all the best to everyone trying to rid themselves of this scurge....

Steve H 14 February 07

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This is the cure thatís worked for me

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