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I want my Amosan back!!!!!
Brenda Pilkington 27 June 17
When I was 13 years old I got pyhorrea and our family dentist said he was going to extract all of my teeth (my gums were bleeding and my teeth were loose and I couldn't eat). I refused and used Bocasan and lived on liquids for about a week. It did the trick and I still have all my teeth. Great product and will be ordering some from Holland!
Heather 6 April 17
Its a pity they discontinued Bocasan off the market I have a gum disease . Besides bocasan the only other medicine that helps my gums is
Jenson Violet (purple medicine) even the Professor as the University of Wits was surprised that it helps my gums.
K. Karodia 28/10/2016 28 October 16
As an industrial chemist by profession, a box of Amosan sachets lasted for many years. I was too thrifty using it in a sneaky manner. Instead of dissolving it in water I used to put a small amount of the dry powder directly on the infected gum. my saliva did the job of the required small amount of water. When I wanted to by a new box in July 2016, the pharmacist did not even recognise the word "Amosan". In my search for the stuff, I came across this page. Well, an effective remedy, but not as fast, is to soak your infected gum several times in a concentrated solution of table salt dissolved in warm water!
Mohammed Hegazi 10 July 16
The real ingrediants are Sodium Perborate Monohydrate 68.635% = Sodium Hydrogen Tartrate Anhydrous 29.415% @ that made for KNOXLABS LTD LONDON ENGLAND
karl webb 3 December 15
hi i still have boxes of the original Bocasan , full
karl 3 December 15
Thanks to Vintage Brands, Amosan should once again be available in the UK and beyond, within the next week or so.
Dom Walton 12 May 15
In Canada Vintage Brands Limited have begun manufacturing and selling an oral antiseptic rinse containing 68.635% (w/w) Sodium Perborate under the Amosan brand name. It is now available for sale across Canada, in Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, London Drugs, Overwaitea, Sobeys, Lawtons and Pharmasave pharmacies.
Dom Walton 12 March 15
Hi, am amazed at how many people are in the same boat as me. We used bocasan in Kenya and then found amossan here when we came to Canada, but the past few years I have not been able to find any as "it has been discontinued", and mum needs it desperately now as nothing else seems to work as well. Please add me on your list pleaing to p&g to restart it's manufacture. In the meantime I will try the life brand product suggested as colgate's stuff has not worked as well.
Melissa 27 July 14
Dear Dr John, Thankyou for letting us know that we can purchase the generic form of Amosan from Advance Dental. The only drawback is that the price is well over its worth at $160 for 6 sachets. I have been ordering Bikosan from in the Netherlands for a few years now. It is a fantastic replacement for Amosan at a reasonable price. It works and tastes exactly the same as Amosan; the only drawback being that you have to mix two powders together for each use. Go to to order. Delivery is fast and the service is exceptional.
Dianne Fitzerald 21 June 14
Just to let you know, the Generic form of Amosan from Canada is now also available in Australia at http//
Dr John 13 June 14
If you search for Amosan, a generic exist. Go to eBay and you found it easily.
Johnny 31 December 13
Je suis comme toutes ces personnes, qu'un si bon produit disparaisse soudainement, ce n'est pas normal, je le cherche encore, je vais essayer chez pharmaprix.
Rosane valois 14 September 13
I have ordered the Bikosan from in the Netherlands. Product works as well as Amosan did for mouth sores. Shipping took less than a week. I just emailed them on how much in US funds. The responded quickly. You have to mix the product, but it works great. I am so happy I found it.

I ordered two for total cost of $30 including shipping. Not sure how many applications I will get out of it as you have to mix it. But well worth the cost.
Kiki Newton 19 August 13
Has anybody tried the Bikosan from Bik-Bik drugstore in the Netherlands that Paul mentioned way back in Dec 2011? Be interested to get any feedback.
Phoebe 4 June 13

I think removing bocasan was a conspiracy, it is very effective in treating gum deasease consider the cost of treatment by your dentist plus prescription charges and further visits it is a shamethis product is no longer available.
albert 31 March 13
Walmart in Sudbury Ontario Canada has discontinued Oral B but have said they have replaced it with sometning similar but instead of the powder mixed with water this new product is already mixed :-) I am hoping it works as well
gramma 27 February 13
A very good dentist recommended Bocasan to me when I had trouble with my gums and it really was good so I was very disappointed to find my local pharmacy don't seem to have heard of it.
As so many other people have asked, Why have they taken it off the market ?
Julia C 20 February 13
I cannot understand why Amason is no longer available. Did it hurt anyone - I am so sick of things that work all of a sudden get taken off the market. If I had of known I would have stocked up. It really worked wonders for me.
Judy Bradshaw 14 October 12
This is just crazy to take something that works ( I mean really works ), off the shelfs. I won't try any thing else for the fact that it won't do the job. I believe Amosan evn clears up infections of the mouth. It saves you a doctor bill! Maybe thats why its gone. Think all these people deserve an answer? I'll try to find some even if I have to pay more $$$ . Good products nerer last and new stuff is never as good. Is'nt that strange?
Barbara A. 24 April 12
Over fifty years I have had to uses Bocasan because when at the age of twenty I sailed to Newzealand calling into Ceylon where I contracted ginger vitas. When arrived at Perth I visited a dentist who recommended Bocasan. I used it for fifty years and was the only product that kept the ginger vitas at bay. Ten years ago it was impossible to get anywhere, so I struggled with other products that were useless and the result as been the loss of two teeth and another looks dodgey. I know if I could have continued with Bocasan I would still have all my teeth. I am now 74 and have not long discovered the internet. Thanks for all your messages, they will help me to find something I know,and
April 21st 2012 is a great day for me.
John headington 21 April 12
FYI...If you live in Canada, Shopper's Drug Mart/Pharmaprix offer a generic Amosan under the Life Brand. It's just called: Life Brand Oral Wound Cleanser. It's the same thing as Amosan, 20 sachets, each 1.7 g and you mix with 30ml of warm water 3 times a day. I paid 9.99$ for the box and expiry is in 2015 so this must be pretty new! If you can't find it in your Shopper's Drug Mart or Pharmaprix, ask them to order it as it's a Life product so they should be able to get it on the shelves. Good luck !
PV, Montreal 16 April 12
Why would you discontinue a product that so many people rely on. We need this back. Amason is the best. It is one thing that was so reliable. My whole family depended on it to take care of mouth sores. I didn't know it had been off the market for so long.
Mabel Williams April 2012 12 April 12
Why is Amorsan discountinued? Are the manf. mad. It was a good seller. Look at all the people wanting it.
margaret/australia 10 March 12
NO MORE AMOSAN available in Australia. Will write to ORAL B/P&G and ask for them to start producing it again.
martin 29Feb2012 29 February 12
bring back amosan the best
pat 10 jan.12 10 January 12
Have been a big fan of amosan, very disappointed to see it go. Researched and tried Peroxyl today (colgate) and it is working just as well as Amason. We had to go to two stores to get it because the shelves are cleared. Seems to be a lot of positive chatter about Peroxyl online.
Toots 31 December 11
the best product for mouth ulcers. Such a shame it is discontinued!
michael sparey 30 December 11
Bikosan replaces Bocosan:
Paul 8 December 11
Sweet Jeeezus, RWS, no need to SHOUT.
Jedd 2 December 11
RWS in Canada 2 December 11
Please inform me of the active principle amosan bocasan
check if there is in Brazil.
send message to
Vilson Vargas 30 November 11
Hi .
I was using Bocasan for intrenal dental bleacing for more than 15 years (mixing very small amount of the powder with cotton pledget & was left inside the pulp champer with temporary filling for one weak interval) it is safe ,easy,and effective,"""''????/. But not available
antwan 28 November 11
How could this page be sent to P&G? I t might make an impact on them that we are all desperate for AMOSAN. Me included.
Maya 11 November 11
I hope some other company will make Amosan.I will never buy another Procter and Gamble product again.
Paul Halifax 8 November 11
i am looking for Bocasan..many years ago my mum recommended it to me-she lived in Spain, i assumed it was Spanish..Ie BOCA (mouth) san dibnt need it for several years..then it came to mind, i asked at the counter in Boots, and was given a box of sachets.

However, last week.. at Boots...Blank response, discussion , whispering... i heard a staff member ( who i heard telling the customer in front of me -she was a temp/from another area) she said Ohh can you get that again now ? I said "Well, I dont know" !? im trying, she said words to the effect...brilliant stuff, "yes", i agreed
llauren B 6 November 11
good lord what is the problem with all these companies - this product is by far better than any other available - is anyone reading these messages and doing something about it?? PLEASE bring it back
Henri 2 November 11
Please bring back this is the only product that works fantastic for gums. Bring back please
Joanne (USA) october 29
Joanne 30 October 11
I agree I have also been using Amosan since the early 80's and am lost without it. Why did they disconnect it and will it ever be available in the US again? Please bring it back.
Joan (USA) October 21, 2011 21 October 11
Good news! Found product just as good as Amosan was. Made by Colgate, Peroxly is in a liquid form. Does the same as Amosan and is available for $9.00 Canadian. Take that Proctor and Gamble. Great on canker sores, sore throat, cheek bites etc.
Diane Playford (Canada) 20 October 11
Please bring back Amosan, my mother has Sjogren Syndrome and this product is the only one she can use to get some relieve. Please bring it back.
ARACELY SANCHEZ (USA) 10 October 11 10 October 11
Pues ya está Bocasan en México!!!! es fabricado en el país y se vende en las farmacias Guadalajara, esto es según el último congreso médico efectuado en la Cd. de México.
Mario A. Hdez Soto 10 October 11
Yes, I need for Amosan to be back in U.S. The best product; why Oral-B took it off, don't understand. Please bring it back. I have been using since my childhood. There is no other product like Amosan.
Alex (USA) October 9 10 October 11
Christiene, and all others, i totally agree, this is so increadible strange! To me P&G reacted that there was too little interest, while i have seen many many interest only within my own environment! The Netherlands (Wayne)
Wayne 6 October 11
There is Amosan on e-bay but it is about $36.00 a box plus shipping. i am a dentist and working on finding or getting back this product from Oral-B.
Allan (USA) 5 October 11
I used Bocasan for so many years and now it is also discontinued in Holland. I don't think it will help to contact Oral-B to re-introduce Bocasan, because they sold it. I have e-mailed P&G and they say that they had to get a new license to sell it in Holland and because this license is expensive, they don't want to invest because the market to sell is to small!! Of course this is b.s. and I think that P&G has a conflict of interest with other products they like to sele eventhough they aren't as wonderful as Bocasan. Maybe we can send lots of Tweets to and about P&G and Oral-B. Perhaps this can help.

Christiene (The Netherlands) 2 October 11
I tried AdvanceDental in Australia and it is no longer available even there.
Mon 22 September 11
AMOSAN is very effective. Why do they always stop making the good stuff? BRING IT BACK!

Georgia, 0/19/11 20 September 11
i just bot the last 5 boxes of 20 on eBay. Paid through the nose. Still ... I agree: Nothing compares to how it works on mouth sores. So sorry it went the way of the dodo. Licensing problems? phooey -- we should start a campaign to petition Oral B for help -- like an orphan drug! Thoughts? I'll check back later.
SuZ 18 September 11
I want my Amosan back P&G - have been trying to find - used my last two packs. Great product!
Julie 15 September 11
Following is the feedback that I have just sent to the Dutch firm Bik-bik: Extremely disappointed by my order for Bocasan. it does not taste like the Bocasan that I used to buy in the UK - as it is a trade name and not a chemical name I expected it not to have changed. It does not fizz on use like the old Bocasan and does not leave the teeth feeling really clean.
I noticed that the postage on the small package was only 4 euros so that you have made an extra profit of 14 euros for "packing and handling" - I think that this is extortionate.
I will not be buying from you again and I will put a copy of my review on the website where I (unfortunately) got your details. A complete ripoff, not what I would have expected from a Dutch company.
Margaret 10 September 11
Trying to buy some bocasan. Used it many years ago to great success. Can you help?
Sue Thody 5th Sept 2011 5 September 11
I have tried to find Bocasan all over in the Uk and SA they say this has been dicontinued what can I use
Trisha 2 August 11
I have tried to purchase amosan in U.S.,could not. This was the best product to remove pain from your gums and save your teeth.Get it back on the market
Pat u,s. July 27 27 July 11
This is to advise that Amosan is available from Advance Dental Health Supplies, Mt.Lawley, Western Australia ( I put in an online order on Tuesday and the product arrived this morning.
ALLEN Australia 14 July 11
I had the same experience as Sharon when I submitted a comment to P&G. I used this URL
I plan to put a request for anyone (regardless of whether they've used it) to message the company to ask for it to be produced again.
Abby 6 July 11
I used to buy Amosan here in Canada, but now they stop selling it. Then I found a Completely Natural Mouthwash called "G19-mouthwash" which works better than Amosan. It tastes very good, and even you can Swallow it.
You can buy it in this website:
Carlos 5 July 11
Also wrote Oral B with regard to Amosan and they responded with a thanks for writing but so sorry. Have tried to find smaller out of the way drugstores hoping they may still have some but no luck. One drugstore clerk just laughed and said if they had any, it would be at her house.
Dea July 7 11 4 July 11
Thanks Diana,
I went looking this weekend (in Montreal) for Amosan and was told at Walmart that it was discontinued. I did not believe it so I went to Pharmaprix and sure enough they confirmed this. It;s the ONLY product that has worked effectively with fast relief and results. I was told that Peroxyl from Colgate was equivalent. I paid 9$ and it has not begun to have any effect at ALL. My canker sore is driving me mad and painful to eat. Amosan would have healed this in no time. I just ran out last week. I did write to P&G for more info. I used this for 7 years and not sure where to turn from here. AGHHHHH!!!
Natalie 4 July 11
DIANA 1 July 11
I was told to use Bocosan in the early 80s for gingivitis, was told yesterday that I have gum disease, if I get some Bocosan/Amosan will it work or do I have to may large sums of money to a hygienst to clean the gums. ???
kim 10 June 11
Please bring back Bocosan. l am in agony at it's the only thing that worked. I was prescribed this by the dental Hospital in the early 70s and used it until it was taken off the market. Why????? If it wasn't used enough in the past then that's down to bad advertising. Get it back out there and advertise it properly. Why does a company remove a product with such great portential? Please bring it back I am constantly getting ulcers as I have an alergy to certain foods and Bocosan is the only thing that clears them anfd gives releif, not to metion lovely clean white teeth.
Jo 2 June 11
I have used it since I was a very child. I had a worst gum codition in the family. My dentist prescribed it. It cures in less than a day more than anything that was found in the drug store. Each time I feel discomfort in my mouth, I washed my mouth and it releives the discomfort. It was the reason I was able to keep my beautiful teeth. It is the most wonderful I ever know. Thank to the dentist who priscribed it. Thanks to Oral-B. I emaild Oral-B to bring it back.
Meg 28 May 11
To all of you who are interested in Amosan. I wrote Proctor & Gamble and received a reply that the demand was not great enough to keep making it. They also said that receiving mail saying that you want it does make an impression. Please e-mail them and ask them to start making it again. Tell them how important it is to your health. The link is: Go to Consumer, click the plus sign. At the bottom, it says, (e-mail us). Click on that and write your message. It certainly cannot hurt to try. If we all do it, maybe it will sway them to start making it again. As to the above, he is right. I found a report that said they found it lowers reproductive values in 2010. So I believe that is when they found they could not make it. I still think we should push for it.
Sharon 23 May 11
This is what I have heard.... Proctor & Gamble are no longer ALLOWED to manufacture Amosan under license. So this would indicate that one day another company will take up the license. Many dentists in Australia still have it.

In the meantime is able to express-post personal size quantities of Amosan anywhere in the world. Yes the real Amosan, not some backyard chemical concoction!
Australian_Dentist 21 May 11
I can't believe you have discontinued Amosan....Have been using it for 20 years. Please bring it back...there is nothing on the market that can do what Amosan does.
Sandra Ryan 18 May 11
I love Amosan, please continue to make this wonderful product. I am distressed not to have it, it is the most wonderful, wonderful product and my teeth and gums are in excellent condition because of it. Please, please bring it back to the market, thanking you in advance.
Wendy 16 May 2011
Wendy Neil 16 May 11
My dentist recommended Amosan to me 10 years ago is a wonderful product. Please bring it back to the market.
Bette 16 May 11
pls. continue amosan it was the best oral care antiseptic on the market. Linda, ON Canada
Linda Kaye 11 May 11
Thanks to Avanc2iris and sylvain. Just ordered Bocosan from
Very good of them to post this info here.
Moira 3 May 11
Another solution for cancer sores - take vitamin B complex (timed release is best) and rinse with hot salt water 2 or more times a day - works for me.
Irene 2 May 11
just order thanks Avanc2iris
sylvain 5 April 11
I have been using Amosan for about 40-50 years and also still have teeth partially due to the product. I am more than a little dissapointed that it is gone. I sent Oral-B a note to express my feelings. The product worked very well for both myself and my wife. Will try diluted hydrogen peroxide.
DC 2 April 11
I am also distressed that amosan has been taken from shelves in canada--it works incredibly. Perhaps they want to re-make it in perscription form so we hav to see dentist more or doctor more or if its perscription--it will cost more. I did find site in Australia that wlll ship it. Meanwhile, i guess its hydrogen peroxide gargles. We used to use that as kids but it foamed in your mouth so was not so user friendly. Good luck everyone--
Julie 26 March 11
Are the dentist wanting moor work$$$$$$$$ I am 70 and amasan is why I have teeth.Have been using it for 20 years why stop a product that works , has profits only caused this , would we miss globalisation???????
lucy jordan 24 March 11
Procter & Gamble, please bring back amosan. so many people have depended on this for years for an effective relief from mouth sores etc.
Concerned consumer 19 March 11
Amosan users don't despair. A 3% w/v solution of hydrogen peroxide works even better, and a lot cheaper. It's available at drugstores at C$3.50/500 mls or C$3.50/4x500 mls at Costco. No prescription necessary. Just rinse with 15-20 mls each time and you see instant whitening of your teeth as well.
Polly 16 March 11
I am also disappointed with amosan disappearing off shelves after using this product for years off and on. Went to buy it yesterday to learn amosan has been discontinued. What do I use now? Why is beyond me!
gkryan march10th 9 March 11
jORGE m. dIAZ 4 March 11
We are VPharm Ltd in the UK and are looking into having Amosan manufactured in generic form. Feel free to email for more information.
VPharm Limited 3 March 11
I NEED Amosan. It is the ONLY thing that works for cancker sores! Wy on earth did Oral B discontinue it and is there a comparable substitute?
Terry Todd 2 March 11
Ladies & Gents Boys and girls. Bocasan or Amosan can be ordered here. (Dutch store that sells it as Bikosan, so no alternative just the same product (chemicals) just not in the welknown Oral B box but in baggs.)

Bikosan = Same stuff in 2 seperate Baggs and lose Spoon too mix ;) Chemicals inside are the welknown Natriumperboraat-monohydraat, Natrium waterstoftartraat.
Works like a charm this company sends to every adress and other country pay-pal availble aswell so no ripp-off for honest stranded, Bocasan Amosan users.

Avanc2iris 25 February 11
I found it on eBay.
Donald G. 23 February 11
I have been using Amosan for years and it's the best. I learned today that it's discontinued but found a drugstore with 50 boxes left for sale. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to buy it for you. I live in Canada.
Nadia 22 February 11
I am very disappointed to hear that Amosan mouth wash has been discontinued. I have been using it for years and it was recommended by my Dad. I hope it will be reintroduced into the market as it's the only product that worked for me. Thanks
Pierina 21 February 11
I too am desperate to find more Amosan or Bocasan or whatever. mouth ulcers started when I started taking Metformin. If anyone knows of a good supply, I'd be very grateful. Amosan has been discontinued in Canada as of 2010.
Beryl 16 February 11 16 February 11
Have those who purchased from had a good experience? Is this a reputable company?
Bob 15 February 11
you can find it on eBay sometimes in small quantities
cero 14 February 11
John -thanks for that link -I too am desperate to get my hands on more Amosan -have ordered some from Advancedental and can only hope its still in stock
Tina 4 February 11
I use difflam its good
kim 2 February 11
Plenty of fresh stock of Oral-B Amosan is still available in Australia. Can buy it from
John 2 February 11
M. 1 February 11
Vince is similar to amosan - almost the same ingredients.
Alice 20 January 11
Amosan has been discontinued. Contact Oral-B here to support the reintroduction of Oral-B AMOSAN Oral Wound Cleanser.
Mike 19 January 11
Amosan has always been available in Australia. Just ask the people at
John 9 January 11
Cannot find Bocasan anywhere and am running out of old stock - bought when I knew it was to be discontinued. Will everyone interested in buying this please leave feedback with Oral B via their website so that we stand a chance of it being re-ntroduced.
Janet Sloane 7 December 10
Have tried everywhere had no luck finding amosan none in spain now
dick anthony 6 December 10
It seems crazy that there are many treatments for ulcers available in the UK that prove not to be effective and Bocasan which is very effective has become very difficult almost impossible to obtain.Why are Pharmaceutical companies deaf to the needs of their customers
George 3rd December 10 3 December 10
Help!!! Anyone out there know where I can get Amosan in Europe????
Marion 26 November 10
Yes, I need amosan desperately and cannot get any longer in US in NY and now I read almost nowhere except maybe Spain. Can someone tell them along with me that this stuff is the only thing that takes swelling in gums...It had gone up in price and was only sold at Thriftway chains in NY but no more.
ann 24 November 10
Used my last Sachet expiring Date 2000,today, worked a treat like always.
Have to try now to get more.
Paul 23 November 10 23 November 10
having to suffer through periodentolitus, and now my stocks of amosan/bocasan are running very low, and due to the fact i can no longer get it in spain, does anybody no of where i can purchase it, either online or in which country. thank you..
Craig 18 November 10
Rights for Amosan in North America were bought by Oral-B. Oral-B was bought by Gilette. Gillette was bought by Proctor and Gamble, who discontinued it because it wasn't a "big enough" product for them
Gregg 14 November 10
I can't believe this either, but I have used Amosan for years here in Canada. IT IS THE BEST! Today I went to get some....and I am told it is no longer available in Canada.....but none of the pharmacists I have spoken to know why. Any ideas.....i think it was manufactured here but not sure.
Rob 5 November 10
Am living in UK but my dentist in Australia recommended Amosan to me in 2005 when I was visiting my home in Sydney. What I don't understand is that Amosan is produced in Belgium but is unavailable in the UK. By comparison, it's very cheap and widely available in the U.S. What's going on?
Robyn 27 September 10
Hi, Regarding Bocasan, Why is it that some dentists and Pharmacists seem to deny that Bocasan ever existed?! Or quite obviously lie that they have never heard of it. Seems to me that conspiracy theorists might assume that there was some sort of health risk associated with the use of Bocasan and that is why it was mysteriously removed from British shelves aboot 7 years ago. I too used it for many years and found it very effective but have long ago used up all my stocks. Colgate peroxyl is useless by comparison. If Amosan from Spain is the same Oral B product, then it is puzzling why a close European neighbour still sells it. Any thoughts??
Messala 26 September 10

I just got it from Ebay.CO.UK
Glen787, Mildenhall 16 Sept 2010 16 September 10 wonder I cant find any in the UK. Mine expired 2 months ago, but my friend is using it until my mom send some from Puerto Rico!
Glen787, Mildenhall 16 Sept 2010 16 September 10
Get it here. Problem solved!
Arthur, Bournemouth 3 September 10
I just had 3 boxes delivered from the guy in Spain via ebay - he posted on Monday. Around £8 a box, but so well worth it! I have to be honest, I'd pay £20 a box because it works so well.
Gemma 26 August 10
I used to prescripe "kavosan"in my praxis in the 70th,long time after I left Middle-east and all dentists prescripe no peroxyd prep.,I lost step by step 8 of my teeth,just befor weeks I found by accident Bocasan,and I`m now using it,very helpfull,I blame all Dentists,that does not preskripe it.
How can man get it in Prague(Czech Rep.)?
Dr.of med.&Radiolog 11 July 10
I tell you have have used this mouthwash since the early 80's why they discontinued it is mad. I have tried so many different alternatives but nothing comes close. I have had people post is form South Africa, France and Oz although last time my Ozzie contact could find any.... may be we should start a pettion
danni 1 June 10
HI ,

You can buy in Canada "Shopers drug.." is very good !
Steve 6 May 10
I have a gum infection. Dentist prescribed Metronidazole. After 3 days, pain just as bad, maybe even worse. My wife remembered she had some Bocasan in her cabinet. I suddenly remembered this working quickly and effectively 10 or 12 years ago. Her 7 remaining packs expired 09/04! I threw them in the bucket, thinking they would be ineffective and I would buy fresh tomorrow. Then I found your site! Rushed out to the bin and retrieved them. Five minutes later, having used just one treatment, the pain was 90% gone!!! Nothing now on eBay. Nobody is getting our last six packets!!! But I would be keen to hear from previous Bocasan users if any current products are as good.
Ron, Aberdeen 30 April 10 30 April 10
Yes, the guy selling it on Ebay is great. And he sends stuff really fast. I searched for Bocasan on Ebay and problem solved. ;-)
Tim, Plymouth 28 March 10
If you do a bit of research, you will find that the active ingredient in Amosan/Bocasan is Sodium Perborate. This actually produces Hydrogen Peroxide when mixed with water and is mainly why it treats the ulcers so well. A cheap alternative to importing is to just purchase a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and swish that around instead. It definitely does not taste as pleasant (if you can even call it that), but it works all the same.
Matt 16 January 10
Bocasan is available on Ebay. There is a seller in Spain who suplies it. He charges about 8 quid a box plus postage. Check it out on
Bob 9 January 10
Bocasan is, effectively and even more old fashioned remedy called "borax" (often used for whitening fingernails, an ingredient in washing powders, and a mild antiseptic for hooves). It's wonderful stuff and a small tub usually costs pennies, but has to be ordered from chemists, and not all chemist wholesallers stock it. The only downside is that it needs to be in fairly hot water to work.
Herself, Ireland 7 January 10
Alright, I just had a answer..the site only comes in german and dutch..
Good news is they deliver in the UK, the P&P will be 9,99.
hmmm maybe a few of the UK costumers can get connected, one orders 10 packets and then you can send it on in the UK ...Just a thought ..laters y'all
Tina from Germany 17 July 09
Hi y'all ,
I can see the interest in Bocasan is still big. I was in need of it too, so after a few searches I found it today in a dutch onlinestore ..the site hiself is in german, so I just dropped them a line to see if there is a english version and if they deliver to foreign countries..will let you know as I get the reply.. till then here is the link.... Unfortunaly you only get the Menuepage..just typ Bocasan on the top left side under SUCHE .. The package contains 20 lil bags and it cost 7,53€ and 4,95 for P&P , well at least when you in Germany :)
I hope it works for you all..have a great Day ;o)
Tina from Germany 17 July 09
I recently bougtgt Peroxyl from my local Boots, £4.36 and also ordered two from amazon's 'Health and Beauty' list here in UK
Two cost £7.98- free postage since it was over £5. for two
thgus cheaper than 2 from Boots-
and they will arrive shortly.
Is it made by Colgate:
I agree- it IS better even than Bocasan.
Doris in Suffolk. 28 June 09
I used some out of date Bocasan (2005) today and got instant relief from swollen gums. There is nothing like it and I am going to write to my sister in Spain to see if she can get me some. Failing that, I have friends in Australia..... Thanks to those who have let me know that it is still available in the world somewhere!
Merryll from Yorkshire May 09 30 May 09
I have one precious box left, having stocked up when I heard it was discontinued. A friend, who has a dentist friend, asked his advice and he said try 'Peroxyl' which he says is much better, I'm not convinced but will give it a try.

Sally from London 7 May 09
I just recently brought some in America, California. The first time I have ever used it, it is the best thing ever, I so wish I had brought some back with me, if anyone finds a source please advertise it well!

Mary Franklin 3 April 09
I am renewing my search for a distributor willing to supply to the UK, allegedly it is manufactured in Belgium, so I am starting there.
Dom Walton 11 March 09
I've just bought some from this website:
They cost nothing (4.60 Euro per pack) but postage to the UK was 22 Euro
What a shame they're not in the UK - the only stuff that has ever worked!

Annie from London 10 March 09
Bocasan is now marketed as Amosan. It is an Oral B product and is definitely still available in Australia, not sure about other countries. I live in New Zealand and Amosan is no longer available here so I have to order from online chemist in Australia. I also saw it for sale on in the USA. Its such a fantastic product but obviously not a big seller so it has been dropped from the shelves here.
Ian Vincent 19 February 09
I live in the UK and I asked at a local Boots the Chemist today if they had it (I had used up the last sachet from a while ago - it's true, it works wonderfully for ulcers or when you accidentally bite your cheek - far better than the Sore Mouth Gels). They said "It was discontinued 5 years ago". I asked why and they said it was a 'licensing problem'. They did not stock any Sodium Perborate - the active ingredient. Does anyone know of reasonably priced sources and their brand names, maybe from France? Unfortunately I have no personal contacts in Holland or Belgium.
Ruth 6 February 09
I used to buy Bocasan in South Africa many years ago. I am in the U.K. now and would like to get something similar. Can somebody please let me know what to get?
Paula Murphy 31 January 09
you can still by bocasan in holland
ken long 17 January 09
After years of intermittent suffering I was recommended Amosan (by Oral-B as sold in Australia) and according to the box, made in Belgium. The sachets say to dissolve the contents in water, but I just tear a corner off and run a small amount of the crystals into my hand then put in my mouth allowing saliva to dissolve them as I swish them around, concentrating particularly on the currently affected area. This means you can have 6-8 applications per sachet, instead of one, making the product so much more economic. Always spit the treatment out instead of swallowing. I find this method usually clears up my mouth fairly quickly, in a couple of days, instead of a week or two if left to itself. Too much ingestion of sugar is often a precursor to a bout of mouth ulcers in my case.
Don from Melbourne 18 December 08
I have never found anyting as good as bocasan and have been looking for it for years, I have just bought two boxes of amosan from ebay from a guy in Spain. It was rather expensive at around £17 for two boxes but if it is the same as bocason it will be well worth it.
Louise 26 November 08
I have been asked about this product often. I believe it has been discontinued in all but Spain and Canada, so far I have not found a distributor willing to supply to the UK.
Dom Walton 29 November 06
Can you please tell me if there is an alternative product on sale in the UK that is as effective as Bocasan and where I can purchase it. Thank you.
Lee 28 November 06

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