I know of something that will kill all ulcers

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My grandfather was a doctor, an old school doctor. When I was young he had these wooden sticks almost like matches, and the very tip of them was coated in something, Iím pretty sure it was called SILVER NITRATE. Anyways, I still get ulcers today because I donít have any silver nitrate, but when I was young he would touch the tip of the stick to my ulcers and the pain was excruciating, but the next day they were gone. Anyways this is an honest account to my recollection someone should look into this b/c I hate ulcers and I have 4 of them right now.
will 20 October 06
It wouldnít surprise me, I am sure they would get rid of ulcers, but I just canít imagine it is safe!

I work in pharmacy, and to my knowledge Silver Nitrate sticks are still available in different strengths, but they are used for the purpose of treating íwartsí and íveruccaeí. They burn the wart off... I can not believe it is safe to do this in the mouth..

Sarah 20 October 06
My OB actually used these to cauterize my cervix after post surgery bleeding sent me to the er. It didnít hurt at all surprisingly but I donít think Iíd have the guts to stick them on my ulcers. Iím a weany. If it canít be swallowed in pill form Iíll just suffer thank you! LOL
Kay 20 October 06
I would think burning a canker sore would result in a much worse canker sore, any thoughts?
Nikhil 21 October 06
Nikhil - I know damaging an ulcer causes a bigger ulcer so I bet for some it would make it much worse. All those that talk about scrubbing the heck out of them with their toothbrushes are nuts. That would give me the canker sore for the guiness book if I did that.
Kay 21 October 06
here is some information that most of us already are aware of but incase other or not.I was reading this and just as thought post the web page.
any way,the strange thing occured,I had some chocolate syrup on my icecream and I broke out in cancer sores on my lips.Maybe it is an allergy afterall.I go the the infetious disease doctor this monday
Gail 22 October 06
When I was young, I had mouth ulcers and my dentist would use a silver nitrate stick. It always worked and when I left for college, he gave me some of the sticks to use. They always worked for me.
Nell 23 October 06
I have tried everything - still to no avail and they are now getting me down. As I have a chest infection I am taking antibiotics which are probably making them worse. I have got 3 on my tongue. Pharmasist suggested that I might have collitis!! Made me feel awful. Sorry but have struggled with them nearly all my life, now taking zinc - who knows, try anything just to get rid.
emma 23 October 06
the reason this works is because ulcers are dead tissue in the mouth. if you scrape an ulcer (painful as hell) it will go away. use an over the counter treatment that forms a seal over the ulcer. when the seal sloughs off, so will the dead tissue
abby, registered dental hygienist
abby lasseigne 5 November 06
My doctor precribed me Silver Nitrate sticks and a spray numbing solution. Yes, it hurts like heck, even after the numbing solution is sprayed. And if you donít get the ulcer thoroughly it will worsen. The silver nitrate cauterizes the ulcer and allows it to heal more rapidly. This is more effective on smaller ulcers. I still have some of the sticks, but I much prefer the doctor to perform this as I get them in the back of my throat and it is hard to reach and stay focused through the pain.
Joel 16 November 06
My father worked for a local textile mill and he brought home some silver nitrate sticks. He had used them on his ulcers. I used them on mine and it helped by cauterizing the lesion. Sometimes I would get them so bad I couldnít eat or sleep. Now that he is retired I hadnít thought about looking in a pharmacy for them.
One thing I have used that has really helped is Kenalog with benzocaine. It is a paste that one of our local pharmacies mixes up.
Joy Rivers 17 November 06
A product called Rincinol by G.U.M is truly effective in healing painful mouth ulcers. You have to swish 10 ml of this solution for 60 seconds and it forms a thin invisible film to protect your ulcer from food, drinks, etc. Results are usually achieved within a day or so. I highly recommend this product. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. If they donít have it ask them to order it, thatís what I did!
Tanisha 17 November 06
is chewing tabaco also one of the reasons.well.may be not they say rub it hard and they will dissolve.any takers?
bubbs 17 November 06
I have just started using wooden match sticks. Just holding them on the ulcer for a minute a couple of times a day. AND IT WORKS!!! I love it. Probably will give me cancer, but oh well. Deal with that later.
Mark 26 October 09
I've used silver nitrate sticks my entire life on my mouth ulcers and they work like a charm. It will hurt like hell for about 5-10 seconds but after that you are pain free.
Leland 3 June 10
I work at an OBGYN clinic and I used it a few times on little sores I've gotten in my mouth. They burn when you first use them but feel much better in the long run. Goes away alot faster than letting it go on it's own. I would recommend it.
Jackie 14 August 10
VEGEEEMIITTTTTEEEE helps :D seriously! Stings like hell though
Alexis Texas 15 August 10
I had a doctor use the sticks on my mouth ulcers but he uses a spray humming agent before apply the nitrate stick. It works great and safe.
Mouth ulcer sufferer. 12 October 10
Instead of using silver nitrate sticks, you can use common salt to kill your ulcers. It burns like hell but it will go after few tries!!! It's cheap and the best!!!
SleepyBird 10 November 10
LIZ 11 November 10
Debactirol, something a dentist used on my sores, worked the first time. But the second and third? Nope.
patsy 14 November 10
I just left the hospital and the doctor used a silver nitrate stick on my canker sore inside my bottom lip and YES it hurt like hell for about 10 seconds, and then right after i swished ice water in my mouth and spit it out. Did that a couple of times, then rubbed lanocane on it with a q-tip and i'm still putting lanocane on it because it still hurts....so will update tomorrow about what has happened after a nights sleep
SUNNY=] 20 January 11
Gentian violet is what my mom used to heal ulcers inside the mouth. After drying the area she would hold a q-tip with the medicine on it to the spot for a little while and usually after doing this once or twice the ulcer was gone.
Old remedy 2 February 11
My mother is a Pharmacist and gave me the silver nitrate sticks. They are completely safe.
genevieve 8 March 11
I just went to an ear nose and throat dr about ulcers yesterday and this is the exact treatment he gave me and they are gone today. He numbed my mouth first with HURRICANE spray and it helped with the sting from the silver nitrate. Best of luck to all I know the pain is awful!!!
Sarah 9 March 11
hello everyone...as for the silver nitrate?..its the best for all canker sores..i caught two canker sores last week. one on the upper lip and one on my uvula. yes very painful..i couldnt eat anything but yogurt due to the pain.Today my doc applied silver nitrate and now they are both almost gne...yes on my uvula i applied the silver nitrate and yes it hurt but only for 20 seconds i promise.It was well worth it..
jc0509 2 August 11
I purchased the silver nitrate sticks online (amazon.com) and I just tried it on one of my 3 mouth ulcers. HOLY CRAP! Brought tears to my eyes and burned like hell! I got scared I had done something wrong so I got back online to research more. I was wondering, for those that have done this at home, how did you apply the silver nitrate? I just dabbed it on the entire surface. I am going to wait to see how this one feels tomorrow before I start to believe it's actually helping, much less put it on my other ulcers. I've had them all my life, and this was just another shot at relief, I hope it works, I'm desperate!
Erin 4 August 11
A couple years ago I had a particularly bad string of canker sores. For some reason the anaesthetic I used to use no longer worked for me. In desperation I bought a tube of 100 silver nitrate sticks off amazon and ordered the quickest shipping available. I received a clear container with an opaque black bagful of sticks inside. I dipped the tip in a bit of water, and touched it to the largest sore. Later that day I had completely forgotten all about the sores until I saw the tube in my bathroom. They stop hurting that quickly believe it or not.

Honestly, there isn't an expletive to describe the pain this causes, but imagine if all of the days-long constant pain of an untreated sore were compressed into about 10 seconds.

Two tips:
1. It will blacken skin, so don't close your mouth before rinsing thoroughly or unless you want black-colored lip splotches.
2. Silver nitrate slowly decomposes into elemental silver in the presence of light, so you should store these in a lightproof container to maintain their potency. Hence the black-bag packaging they were shipped in.
random sufferer 13 October 11
okay I have a new one for you. Went to the doctor again today because of a partial vulvectomy that will not heal. Used the nitrate sticks down there!!
Patty Knight 27 October 11
Actually, I've had the silver nitrate sticks done to a few of my ulcers. It's great because the next day all the pain in your mouth is gone. It kills the ulcer, it turns grey/black and falls off like a scab. Really gross and when the stick is applied to the ulcer, its the worst pain, but its only a few seconds and your done.
Megan 5 January 12
Megan are the sticks really that good? I have had them for years now but i just put up with the pain until they go away but were due to go for a family meal Monday night for a birthday and i cant stand the thought of struggling to eat and being miserable with the pain! Do you get them from your local chemist???
Ben Macdougall 6 January 12
The pain from the silver nitrate is WORSE (if you can even comprehend that!) than the canker sore pain. BUT THEY WORK! The localized pain lasts for maybe 15 seconds (I actually cannot control the tears & crying when I do this). And the pain shoots down into my chest which lasts for maybe 10 minutes but is maybe 10% of what the pain in my mouth was. And the POOF! GONE! So the silver nitrate pain is worth it.
Mary in MARYland 17 January 12
SHAILA 26 January 12
I can not find a pharmacy that carries Debacterol. My dentist said I would have to pay for shipping which costs $70! Anyways, I bought silver nitrate sticks on Amazon and I'm hoping they will work. I wish canker cores were a phase in your life but sadly I know I will have them until I die. Damn cankers!!!!
Osker 16 March 12

I've been roaming around this forum looking for all possible cures for my horrendous mouth ulcers. I'm willing to burn the bloody things off. Where can I purchase the silver nitrate sticks ? I've tried googling. I'm in melbourne, australia.

Fed up 29 March 12
oral prednisone works like a charm (25-50 mg daily for 2-3 days). you will need a prescription for it. if the area is fairly dry, say the outer aspect of your lip, use hydrocortisone cream or other corticosteroid cream. this will not work if the ulcer is in a very wet area
ken 12 June 12
I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a child and only recently
Discovered that tooth paste can cause them!!! Since finding this out about nine months
Ago I have not had ONE ulcer ! It's the sodium laurel sulphate
In toothpaste that can be a cause, I found a toothpaste in Aldi
That does not contain this horrible ingredient and I am
Happy to post PAIN FREE
Laura MC 10 July 12
Fellow sufferers prevent ulcers asap after a mouth wound occurs. How? Rinse mouth asap with wine, brandy or similar drink or salt solution and rub wound with tongue at the same time. Dont delay-once an ulcer forms its too late. Mouth hygiene also good.
Godfrey Braganza, 16 July 12
I have discovered a home made remedy for mouth ulcers! It is soo simple! Honey with a few drops of tea tree oil applied directly to the ulcer. Stings a little for about a minute then u feel the pain ease and forget the ulcer is there at all! I have suffered since childhood with ulcers and have tried every thing,creams,mouthwashes,tablets. This home made natural remedy does work! Try it now! :-) :-)
Selena (free from ulcer pain at last) 17 July 12
I have mouth ulcer after mouth ulcer. Tried everthing and nothing really seems to work. There used to be a Paste called Acytel or something like that, which worked....then it was taken off the shelf and could no longer get it. Then i found a cotten bud that contained a liquid that would completley destroy the ulcer in one massive blast. It left the ulcer and surrounding area looking horrible but it was gone..the pain, the ulcer. The skin would heal afterwards as if it was the end of the ulcer. However, that was then taken off the shelves in the shops. Does anyone no what it was called or if they know of anything else? Feels like the Pharmacetecal companies are taking everything that works off the line!!!! SO ANNOYING!
Scott 18 July 12
I get canker sores constantly throughout my mouth and my throat. A year or two ago, an ENT doctor used the silver nitrate sticks to get rid of one. I remember it went away within a day or two, but don't remember much else. I just received my order of 100 off of Amazon. I used it on two of my canker sores, but I'm curious as to how long I should wait before I can eat something. Anyone know?
Corinne 20 July 12
I got this awful ulcer on the back side of my tongue, although at the time I didn't know where it was. I usually eat cottage cheese and they go away much more quickly than if I used any Oral Medication or mouth wash. It started to hurt my throat and my ears. Yesterday morning it woke me up because it hurt so bad. I went to the dentist found it and he put dentist nitrate on it. It stunk a little, but the pain went from a 9 to a 4 out of a 1 out of 10 scale. When I got home my throat and ears still hurt a little. The next day my throat still hurt a little and depending how I moved my tongue it hurt. I heard it would go away quickly and it would scab, but when would it? (Side note: I use to get ulcer's every month and I'm assuming it's because of my menstrual cycles.)
Meghanu 28 July 12
Hi. I have 5 very large painful mouth ulcers at present, i believe mine are caused as an allergic reaction. 10 yrs ago i took the crap Zyban as an aid to help stop me smoking and it nearly killed me. Took almost 5 years before i felt i was even part of this world again. One very small symptom (i say small b/c at the time compared with all the other stuff it caused it was minor) i had at the time was up to 27 ulcers in my mouth at once, all over my tongue,inside cheeks, gums just everywhere, life was all a blurr then. As i began to get well, which i still am on that same path, the ulcers eventually spaced themselves out until i had them very infrequently. I hadn't had any or maybe an odd one in the last 2 years then a dentist has started messing with a tooth with an old mercury filling, and only half removed it and filled it with a horrid porous filling on the nhs. I am severely allergic to metals and the old mercury filling is a metal. I have visited my doc and dentist several times, now almost begging to help me but both say in England they have been advised that mercury is not a risk in our country as it is classed in others. My point no one is interested in is that i am allergic to metal. Please has anyone any suggestions or advice or willing to pull the trigger as its almost got to that point. My tooth was messed with last November 2011. Thank you.
Ann 1 August 12
include coenzyme B complex vitamins daily to your diet - I went from getting 2 or 3 a month to getting 1 or 2 every 3 months.
camille seaman 27 September 12
I have a huge ulcer at the back of my tongue. It's been affecting my sleep and it hurts to talk and eat (it's right next to my molars). I went to my doctor today and he used Silver Nitrate to burn it and it hurt SO BAD for about a minute. Dull pain for about 10 after that. My doctor says it should be healed by either today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!
julia 14 November 12
I used a silver nitrate stick and have big gray splotch on lip - applied it too wide! Looks like my attempt to heal it so it was unnoticeable as on bottom interior lip backfired! How long til gray splotch is go e - looks heinous!
Susy 16 November 12
many years ago when I first married I had always had swollen tonsils. My husbands doctor took a long cotton tip and put it in the genetain violet and swabbed my throat. For over forty years I had no more pain..I am just beginning to have some pain and horseness after 40 plus years..I want to do this myself..Wonder will it still help..any comments??
[atricia Patterson-gphassociates@gmail.com 16 November 12
Any hospital/ENT doc/vet will have silver nitrate sticks. my parents work at the hospital and thats how i get mine
Laura 15 April 13
Glad to read this page.., that im not alone in this world cause I'm also suffering from mouth ulcer, i noticed it came every month and after my fertile time, or in ovulation time. I guess its from my hormone system. Researcher should take this case, i think. I am now having one, big at the edge of my lip. I'm now trying to take co enzym Q10 like Maren said on august 2012.. Hope it works for me too..
Mavika Tarika Nusrat 26 April 13
anybody has any idea how to buy silver nitrate sticks in india
argentumNitricum 20 May 13
I have 11 ulcers in my mouth after an operation to get 4 teeth taken out I've tried everything to get rid of them I am even using that moushwash that everyone says works a treat anyone know what else I could use I wake up in agony with them?:/
katie 7 June 13
Katie, after an operation Gengigel would be a good thing to use to speed the healing process, for the ulcers themselves best nuke them with some Oralmedic or Frador.
Dom Walton 7 June 13
Reading these threads has been very interesting. I too suffer from mouth ulcers and have since childhood. They usually appear just before my menstrual cycle. I also suffer from Crohn's-Colitis. I have been in remission for some time and the ulcers only appear every few months now. After the last bout, I got the silver nitrate sticks as that is what a doctor used to apply when I was younger. I just applied one to the ulcer, which is on the roof of my mouth behind my canine tooth. Hoping for the best and hoping my Crohn's is still in remission! Thanks to all of you for posting. I had forgotten about the intense pain after the application of silver nitrate so I Googled it and stumbled upon this forum. Glad I did!
Teri 29 June 13
I have a rare auto-immune disease and one of the symptoms I get when I get my flare ups is a nasty mouth ulcer.Last month I tried all kind of home remedy and none of them work... that includes gurgling with warm salt water, crashing an aspirin and applying it. Name it, I tried it... needless to say my mouth ulcers lasted a month:( so I decided to go back to my old treatment which is brush my teeth with biotene toothpaste, clean my mouth with biotene mouthwash then apply the triamcinolone dental paste and the very next day it started to heal and stop hurting. It works every time. The biotene is a bit pricey but its the only toothpaste and mouth wash I can use that does not burn, in fact I notice while I brush my teeth I dont feel any pain whatsoever and I get them on the tongue! Never again I'll try any other treatment.
Amanda 21 July 13
I have learned that I get canker sores as an allergic reaction to a certain type of wood when put in my mouth. This is the wood used for wooden forks, spoons, tongue depressors, skewers, Qtips and tooth picks. If I do not use or let dentists or doctors to put any of this wood in my mouth, I never get a sore. If this wood does get in my mouth, I can get 50 to 100 sores over the following week.

Anyone else are this connection?
Marc 23 August 13
Google copper sulfate cure ulcers. I don't know any other product that works better then copper sulfate. I did apply very small amount on ulcer, and it cured very fast. I had them for 20 years. (Cooper sulfate got blue color, rock or powder) Got my Cooper Sulfate from E-bay.
Mike. 20 September 13
Warning copper sulfate may leave dark spots on your teeth.
Mike. 28 October 13
I've tried everything. It seems like a few of the things like dental paste worked the first time, but not anymore. I only use toothpaste w/out SLS. I'm careful to keep my mouth clean. My doctors says canker sores are herpies in the mouth??? My dentist this week use silver nitrate on a large inflamed canker sore on the end of my tongue. It seemed to help, although my tongue after 3 days is still inflamed and sensitive. It is better, but wonder why it still is sensitive. I know chocolate, and fruit can bring it on. It sure seems like a virus. Wish I knew.
Ebarry 2 March 14
I am a perennial victim of mouth sores. Sadly, it runs in the family. Just recently I have a big sore at the back of my tongue and tried a lot of medications with no comfort. Then I went to see my doctor (EENT) and she used silver nitrate. She sprayed my tongue first with anesthesia before swabbing the solution. the pain is bearable and the sore was gone in a day! Note - don't swallow the silver nitrate as it will burn your throat and hurts like hell, unless of course you swallowed the anesthesia first! :)
LG 26 March 14
I had reason, two years ago, to contact The Mouth Ulcer Shop and was pleased to find that I was able to obtain Frador, which up to then had been difficult to obtain. Dom helped me on that occasion so, this year, when I needed a further supply, I ordered more through this site and received the bottles back by return. Frador is an excellent ulcer medicine applied by the supplied swab sticks and works for me but the box holding the small bottles is difficult to open without the contents falling out. The bottles should be stored with the cap upright as the medicine can clog the cap if the bottle is laid flat.Ö
Peter Yerburgh 27 March 14
I have been fighting mouth ulcers for months, they get to the point where I can hardly eat. I ended up at an oral pathologist about a month ago and he told me to use the silver nitrate sticks. I'm afraid to use them cause I am already in so much pain :[
alicia 30 July 14
Ive been getting these things since I was 20, I am 36 now. Louis,South Africa. Its an awful thing to have and makes me grumpy for a week because of the pain. I will try getting some silver Nitrate as I have one now on my lower lip where I bit myself. I always get one after any form of physical injury inside the mouth and it will gradually get worse before it spontaneously gets better, about a week plus. When i go to sleep it will burn throughout the night. I have learned that placing a little piece of toilet paper, fold it about 4 or 5 times, or similar between the sore and the gums takes away the pain while I sleep. Odd. Or I put a piece of Panado headache tablet between the lip and the gum when i go to sleep and that actually helps a lot and even speeds up healing, its bitter as hell though. Tried another tablet once and it burned the skin of my lip, so be careful. But most important, I stopped using toothpaste containing SLS and that reduced the occurrence by about 90% ! So stay away from that rubbish. Lastly, i tried killing the ulcer with the toothbrush a couple of times and that didnt work, just came back with a vengeance, salt also didn't help as far as could determine. --- good luck to everyone and if you find something that helps please post it -----
Louis 14 September 14
I also have had mouth ulcers since I was a child. At 65 I have them more often than not. Please let me know where I might order the silver nitrate sticks. Amazon is out of stock.
Donna Christensen 20 November 14
Tea tree oil or malaleuca oil which tasts horrible seems to help. I brush with it and put some on cotton then apply to the sore I have added Spirulina tablets to balance my acidic system. Wine seems to cause flare ups. Using lemon in drinking water and vinegar as ingested in however you choose Also aids in balancing my system but still get them. I just found all these remarks today. I had no idea there were so many of us. I have had ti cancel many apps and social functions due to not feeling well and the pain they cause.
Donna Christensen 21 November 14
I've just ordered silver nitrate sticks at a website called mountainside-medical.com. I hope it works, I have one on the tip of my tongue and it's driving me crazy!!
Maria 24 November 14
I had a fairly large ulcer on my bottom lip (Inside) - Had it for about a week. Driving me absolutely insane with pain. I decided to get a Silver Nitrate Pencil (Avoca) to cauterise my ulcer. The day i did it, i noticed an instant relief. However, there was still some discomfort. I would say theres an additional day of discomfort but nothing like having the ulcer. Deffo recommend using silver nitrate.
Happycustomer. 12 December 14
Just to add to my post of 14 sept 14, i have also now started using l-lysine which I got from the pharmacy in South Africa, and I have not had a sore for 5 months. So, to summarise what works for me. No SLS toothpaste, occasional l-lysine tablets, brushing with oraldine mouthwash instead of toothpaste. Seems simple now but took me 15 years to fugure that out
Louis. 14 February 15
Sorry, correction, listerine mouthwash
Louis 14 February 15
I've had canker sores off and on for 20yrs and found a perfect remedy for "me" about 5yrs ago by using white tipped matches. This will burn like hell but much better than the long lasting pain of a canker that could last for weeks. However, right now I have 12 canker sores that have popped up within 3 days and have now all moved into one large sore that's excruciating with pain, very deep and has given me a swollen lip!! My method with matches hasn't worked at all my surprise. I've tried rinses, baking soda paste, oil's...name it, tried it. All but these Silver Nitrate Sticks I keep reading about. Does anyone know if this is the method Dr's at an Urgent Care wld.use as I really hate to spend $100 on a visit to walk out w nothing but a steroid treatment. If I buy them on my own, what do you do to prevent the gray staining on your lips/inner mouth??? I'm nervous about them for that reason only. The pain described is nothing compared to the pain I'm in! Thanks to all for any help!!
Kimberly 29 March 15
Eat sugarless oatmeal, there is something that cures mouth sores.
Mike. 7 October 15
I'm a life long sufferer of mouth ulcers, have usually relied on zinc to help the healing process but have had half a dozen for the last couple of weeks that wouldn't heal. Last night, for no other reason other than I like the stuff, had 2 pints of Guiness and within 24 hours all are virtually gone - can still feel a tingle here and there but not the pain that makes your eyes water whenever you try to eat or brush your teeth etc. Came here today to see if others had mentioned it - for sure give it a try. I know it may just be I've had these ones that long that they finally healed but unlikely they all went at the same time; will be trying a pint or 2 in future for sure.
RIBinOz 3 January 16
A doctor once prescribed a mouthwash called nystatin oral suspension... You can use it three times a day...Doctor told me to swish around mouth and spit out...This medicine works really well...Hope this helps someone.
Sara 12 April 16
The silver nitrate sticks are a sure cure. It hurts like hell for about 3 seconds and then its all over. Nothing compared to the on going pain of a ulcer running its coarse.
DeWayne 2016 20 April 16
Okay so I'm 15 and get canker sores and they kill like hell. I read online to take warm salt water and swish it around in your mouth. I did it and it killed insanley. Then I read to put a dab of salt exactly on the spot. This killed too. But 10 minutes later, my canker sore is numb. It's all the way in the back of my mouth next to my tooth and so I can barely reach it with my tongue, but the salt did help. It still stings a little, but I'm desprete to get rid of this canker sore. It hurts so bad
Liv 22 May 16
The one thing I've noticed that you have to be VERY careful about when using silver nitrate sticks is this: You may think you're only touching the affected area, but if you look a few minutes after you've applied the stuff, you'll see that there is a larger area of white (the silver nitrate residue) than just the spot you thought you were touching with the stick! You have to be sure you merely touch the spot quite quickly, and not hold it there, erroneously thinking that the longer you hold it there, the more "thorough" the treatment will be. I learned quickly.
Rob Neufeld 18 August 16
I've used silver nitrate sticks a couple times and they leave my cankers BURNIBG for a good hour afterwards. Am I doing something wrong? I will get about 20-50 ulcers at a time and sometimes they are so bad my lips will swell. SOS I CANT TAKE THE PAIN ANYMORE
Katie 1 October 16
My contribution is this...PURE HONEY HAS NATURAL HEALING QUALITIES. I use it on bug bites & cat scratches, the ocassional zit, sore throats, more.
I have ulcers, or sores from my new dentures. They're right above where my canine teeth (used to be)... My dentist said she'd treat the sores this week, and that it will be painful (THANKS). I have been using honey to ease the pain of these ulcers by putting honey on a Q-tip & applying to the sores. Also, I apply it to the inside of the new dentures to ease them on without quite so much pain. As long as I annoy these sores with the denture, the sores aren't going to heal...Thank you all for sharing!
Now I have enough info to make my own decision. I appreciate all of your input, and have chosen that I have the option of hurricane spray & silver nitrate if I so desire. Best Wishes!!
Liz 1 November 16
I've had canker sores before, just one or two onmy cheek or tongue. But this time was different. It started with one canker on the inside of my bottom lip. I though nothing of it until another one apeared next to it. Then four more, then three on my too lip, and not my whole mouth and throat are covered in the little red bumps. I havent eaten in two days! My doctor had no idea what was wrong so he prescribed some anti herpes antibiotics and miracle mouthwash. Salt water and the mouthwash help the front of my mouth, but it's impossible to treat the sores in my throat. Im afraid of getting dehydrated but i cant swallow more than 3 gulps of water before the stinging stops me.i wish i knew what to do!
Megan.C 15 December 16
I am 17 YO and i suffer from ulcers very frequently.So doctor suggested me a gel Orasep and what it works like a pro but it pains like hell too for a while..........
Rishi 18 December 16
Crushed cloves in paste. Apply to area. Will number and kill.
Trish Covich 30 December 16
use salt it helps alot I did but it hurts like hell, and wait for a couple days to heal and saltarize all up.
Man I Hate Ulcers 11 February 17
Try chlorhexidine mouthwash or gel. It really helps a lot in easing the pain and after several applications, the sore heals as well.
Plabita 24 April 17
I'm 16 and I have a canker sore on the thing that connects your lower lip to your gums , it hurts like hell but mostly when I wake up. For me personally salt water doesn't burn or help it that much but I have only been doing salt rinses for 2 days . I'm thinking about putting it directly on the sore but scared of the pain. Any home remedy suggestions ?
Unknown 8 June 17
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers since 2007. This winter has been hell for me. I have tried everything and nothing works. I am so miserable and u don't know what to do. Ulcers have been so painful . No relief for 6 months straight now ... HELP!!!
Andrea 8 July 17
I've been effectively treated by medical professionals with silver nitrate for these sores when I was a teenager and later in life, but I've found a preventative method to stop them from coming back. I noticed that when I started gargling with an antiseptic mouth wash (e.g., old fashioned Listerine or generic versions) after brushing and flossing, I didn't get the canker sores anymore. It took time to perfect the method of gargling. I would get sores where the mouth wash didn't hit, so now I make sure that less accessible areas get the antiseptic mouth wash. I don't get them anymore since I started doing this about 25 years ago. I now believe that reducing bacteria in the mouth with the use of an antiseptic mouth wash will prevent recurrence of these terrible sores. If you decide to try it, I hope this method works for you! It's also good for the health of your gums and dental hygiene.
Ben S. 27 December 17
hi what happens after you use tew silver nitrate on a canker sore and then the seal falls off a few hours later? is it dangerous to swallow? what if it happens while im sleeping?
faw 15 February 18
Brandy. Gargle with brandy and make sure the effected area is exposed to the brandy. It will burn but heal within 2 days max.
Hortence 7 July 18
Have mouth ulcers inside bottom of my jaw, cheek and lower lip after radiation.....what suggestions
ann anderson... 23 September 18

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I know of something that will kill all ulcers

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