What should you eat when you have a mouth ulcer?

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Sodium laurel sulphate should be avoided in toothpaste...i use biotine ..after years of canker sores, I eliminated all other toothpastes and have not had a canker sore since....
Bits Barnes 19 September 19
With such terrible mouth ulsers on my tongue am trying what your telling to get rid of..thanks
Sharoniezoe 23 May 19
Hands down, THE best treatment for ulcers in the mouth: Buy an inexpensive STYPTIC PENCIL from the drug store, wet it and then rub it gently inside your mouth on the sores. It will sting like crazy for a couple of seconds and it will taste terrible for a very brief time, but then it numbs the ulcerated areas and youíll see improvement overnight. I repeat this process several times a day for my worst ulcers and definitely last thing before bed. I havenít read through all of the posts above, so apologies if this is a repeat.
Ashley 9 October 18
Very painful ulcers each side of tonsils getting me down now keep coming back on steroid mouthwash but not helping only startded having them since having iliostomy two years ago
Terry 23 February 18
Very painful ulcers each side of tonsils getting me down now
Terry 23 February 18
I have had mouth ulcers for 3 years. I have eaten nothing but soft cakes which has been causing me toothaches.
I have nearly 10 mouth ulcer.
I don't know what will help it. Please can you tell me
Amy 15 November 17
I have had mouth ulcers constantly for 37 years.

This is not encouraging for most of you. My doctor did say, when they first started to appear, that they may sort themselves out within 20 years, but if they didn't, then I should consider making them my new best friends...(and I should work on my sense of humour, some are still saying that)!

So, sometimes I would have 15-20 at a time, the smallest maybe 2mm across, the largest 10-15mm. They occur all over my mouth and tonsils. On odd occasions I will have a day or two without, about two or three times a year, but nothing will stop them coming, it's an auto immune issue. Basically, your own body is trying to destroy itself! I have learned to manage them best by the following means:
steer clear of toothpaste containing SLS,
no acidic foods, (many have been mentioned on this page), or drinks, (no fizzy drinks at all, not even water),
no wine of any sort,
no chocolate,
no spicy foods or peppers,
no vinegar based dressings,
no sweets,
no boiling hot drinks,
no sharp foods like crisps or crusty bread.
However, things that do help:
regular rinsing your mouth with dilute salt water, three to four times a day, certainly after meals,
getting enough protein,
getting enough sleep,
taking extra minerals and vitamins, lysine, B complex, vit C and zinc, along with 15 mls of aloe vera every day.

By following this regimen, I have reduced them to around 5-10. These may only last a week or two and they are rarely bigger than 4mm. Not perfect, but better. The not so good news is that a new crop will appear elsewhere in my mouth before the previous ones have gone, just in case I get lonely...

Some other random words of advice.
Try to reduce your stress levels, easier said than done, and try not to get too tired. And, stating the blindingly obvious, they will be worse when you're ill.

Good luck folks, I know how hard it can be. I talk for a living, and sometimes I go home at night and cry.
Vanessa 3 August 17
I am rajesh.I am suffering from mouth ulcers.it hurts me.iam feeling very bad.once it came it suffers me as for 3-4 weeks.it damages my face.how to reduce fastly ulcers.it opposes eating .so please tell me how to cure it.
Rajesh 14 April 17
I have had the problem of cranker sores for a decade, until quite recently, I figured out that it was caffeine that caused the ulcers. Anything that contains caffeine e.g. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Black Tea, Green Tea, Coffee, Black Chocolate, will all cause canker sores pretty soon. Avoid these and use yogurt more often.
Also take supplements of vitamin B complex and the problem will be solved within a week at the most.
Hoping it helps. Asfahan
Asfahan 24 March 17
Hi Everyone. I had a terrible breakout last year where I had a mouth full of ulcers all the way down my digestive tract even on my nether regions I have found that the only thing that helped was a cortisone injection from the doctor and a follow up 5 day course of cortisone. I have just had another outbreak where I think a weekend of drinking more alchah was the trigger. Been suffering for two weeks going through all the natural remedies then swabs to check it's not bacterial or viral. Today I had my cortisone injection and 8 hours later feel it is already better. Hope this helps someone. Nicol
Nicole Final relief 8 March 17




EVERY 15 DAYS YOU HAVE TO TAKE 3 TABLETS FOR 3 DAYS AFTER 10 P.M. OR DINNER (totally 6 months should follow per month 6 tablets 15 days after 15 days 3 tablets after 10 p.m.) AFTER DINNER. 30 MINUTES LATER FROM THE DINNER TIME

Becosules tablets daily 3 tablets after food. morning, afternoon and night (6 months)




MOHAN RAJ A 11 November 16
mainly we get cankers due to eating potatoes or Tamarind food items or greenchill items or cabage or groundnut or mango or orange because they have iron compounds who have cankers problem i think they have lot of iron or heat inside of body so those items digestive system suffer so becareful guys eat normal food butt dont eat potao or carrot or tamarind or chills food not spicy foods or non veg foods it increase our cankers size so eat food such washless rice or i mean poolish less food due to poolishless food it have b+ vitams in food it produce vitains to body
itachi 5 November 16
guys take govatress leaves it may be 5 or 6 leaves and take small glass of water keep in stove with low flame until 2 or 3mintues after cooling water you can drink it but we should that water when empty stomach drink that earlier moring and after evening when your stomach is empty but becarefully dont eat nonveg items do it for 2 months your mouth ulcers removed permentant
itachi 5 November 16
I have terrible ulcers due to effect of antibiotics. Im in terrible pain and i feel very cold like feverish. Pliz help if you are familiar with this
Vandu 10 October 16
I am on day 6 of having horrendous throat ulcers. They are making me feel so down and depressed. I can't eat sleep or even talk to my little girl. I have done loads of research and started taking l-lysine tablets, B12 & Biotine. I am praying these will work and prevent future ulcers from happening. So comforting to hear that other people are going through the same thing x
Kayleigh 26 September 16
Sameer Qambrani 13 September 16
Try using Igloo gel or Bonjella gel its an anasthesic for ulcers, you can get a mild one for children too. Just remember to use igloo you have to apply it to a dry surface.there is also an Benzydamine Hydrochloride spray for ulcers and sore throats or an ultra chloraseptic Anaesthetic throat spray it helps numb ulcers too you can get the mouth wash which is green in colour to numb the ulcers.

As for food honey is an anti oxident and can help a certain type is used in surgery to cure wounds from infections i think its called Manuka Honey. etc. Look it up.
Try vanilla ice cream on its own.
Or an ice lolly or sucking on crushed up ice cubes.
Non creamy cup soups without noodles are good to have. They fill you up especially if you can drink them via a large staw such as a mc donnalds straw.
Omletts are verry good to eat as is mash potato maby add some cheese to taste. Or yogurts also are good too. Anything to eat that doesnt involve chewing.
I find couse cous is good to eat and rice because like a baby you dont need to actually chew the stuff. Add a nice sauce or some egg and cheese you can swallow it streight down. Piella is great for that

( sorry im not good with my spelling due to migrains )
J. h 26 August 16
Do salt water gargles
Mr mister 20 August 16
I have been sufferring from mouth ulcers from many years it comes 2 or 3 times in amonth i have tried all things as salt and water and i have use zytee medicine which is for mouth ulcer but it doesnt work . Due to this i cant eat any thing nor i can talk . plz tell me some permanent solution of this. I am RID of this.
Rashika lama 11 August 16
Sir, i am manoj, i also suffering tongue ulcer. i take vitamin b complex, but not cure, what is solution for this, pls help me
Manoj, Kolkata 2 July 16
Drink plenty of water, PLENTY! Milk is good, as is plain yogurt. I'd avoid cheese due to the salt content. Often, mouth sores indicate a problematic digestive system (especially if you're constipated). I always get mouth ulcers when I'm constipated so I'm always careful in what I eat. (avoid strawberries, pineapples, green apples. Go for red apples - juice them with water - too TOO TOO painful to chew solids - SIGH - CRY - SOB) Green tea is good, as is anything that will alkalize the body (eg Barley Grass) I'm back seeing my Chinese doc after i got a sore mouth, gums and tongue while taking antibiotics for a sinus infection (supposedly) anyway the Chinese doc did a tongue analysis and was truly disgusted at the state of my health, she was even more disgusted when I showed her all the antibiotics and pain killers I had been taking. I'm taking Chinese herbs to bring everything back into balance (I have no idea what she prescribes but it always works, I trust her, based on past experiences, she is old and well experienced and even treats cancer patients.) She also advises on diet. So yeah, first and foremost is your water intake. Drink as much as possible - go crazy, go wild.. no salty or sugary foods, although I cheated yesterday and had a bit of ice cream - after about three years! But I won't be doing that again - sugar is BAD and will not help. I have suffered for almost two weeks with the mouth inflammation and have eaten nothing you could say. Think I may be dying of starvation. I tried soup, mashed potato, mashed papaya (papaya is excellent for the stomach BTW, if your sores are due to constipation) I cried on the plane last week when breakfast came I was STARVING and the breakfast looked great yet I sat staring at my food and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed! This is THEE most painful condition I have ever suffered and would not even wish it on an enemy! Take care guys and get that water down you, regardless of the pain. Best wishes and may God cure us all
qumfaandhir 30 May 16
Having a daily pot of natural live yogurt containing lactobacillus, acidophilus or bifida bacteria can speed your recovery. Some of them prefer cranberry juice (which is especially soothing when combined with ice cubes). I have take Becosules capsules (internationaldrugmart.com/over-the-counter-meds/becosules.shtml), it will help you a lot.

Sarafrye 11 May 16
Hi please can I have some tips on how to talk properly because I have this ulcer on my tongue and I can not talk properly my mom keep saying talk properly but I carnt please help me 🤔
Megan 31 January 16
Hello, I have them too, mostly on my tongue. The best treatment to stop them is to get rid of the ACIDITY in your body. Try Bicarbonate of soda, also vegetables, no meat or sparingly.. ......the acidity is also a BIG problem , coupled with allergies and Stress! Vit B12 and loads of bicarbonate, tablet form or otherwise, this will help! I hope this helps. Acid in the body is a big culprit.
Ginger1 24 January 16
Suffering for last 20 years(I'm 30 now), have more than 5 sores in my mouth now. I will be free only for 10 days in a month.
Tried almost everything in last 15 years
"Oil Pulling"
"Salt Water Rinse"
"Changing toothpaste"
"Changing Food habits"
"All medicine available in India for Mouth Ulcer" (including homeopathy)
Even I tried "Yoga and Meditation" thinking that Ulcers are due to Stress but all in vain.
Plz help me
Arun Raj 18 November 15
from childhood i suffer mouth ulser till now,try a lots of docter ....after that clear for 4 to 5 days and again show like before pls need help for permanent sollution....
tulu 17 November 15
Hugs girl. Sorry I forgot who I was taiknlg to yesterday when we were emailing. Don't worry I'll be one of the nice shoppers tomorrow. I've worked a few Black Fridays so I can relate to your husband's crazy hours. Good luck & I hope it is not too terrible for him!
Suzi 26 September 15
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Jerome 26 September 15
1.eat banana with honey
2.you can also pour some water in baking soda and apply ot on the wound
warning :it hurts like a hell but you wil get rid of throat ulcer in 2 to 3 days
luqman qureshi 15 September 15
Thanks everyone. You have given me helpful information three dentists and an oral surgeon have not given me over the past three years. There is a lot of stress in my life right now because my husband of 53 years has lung cancer, so I can't change that dynamic. However, I can change what I eat and the toothpaste I use. I will let you know how it goes.
Sarah 8 September 15
I used to get canker sores often but now I use only Biotene toothpaste and mouth rinse but most importantly I ate cottage cheese and moved it around inside my mouth while I ate it. You don't have to eat very much. I ate a few spoonfuls 3 or 4 times a day and the canker sores went away after 2 or 3 days. I got them much less often and now I don't get them.
Jeannette 5 August 15
Hi i have 3 canker sores 1 on the tip of my tougne and 2 on the sides of my mouth the best thing for me to drink is milk and the best thing too eat is sugarless oatmeal
Kitty 23 July 15
Avoid crispy/ hard food, spicy, tomatoes,orange/pineapple/acidic fruits and juice, salty, very sugary stuff

I would recommend eating soft food that you don't have to chew, much like mashed potatoes, tuna, plain rice, pasta no tomato sauce, softbread, soups etc and when it's so bad I don't want to eat anything I drink tons of vanilla ensures or make milkshakes and drink everything through a straw cause even drinking water without one hurts.
Pam 24 June 15
Sorry typing mistake its CHENNA DAL you can get it in any Indian store
sofiya 21 June 15
Kindly try chenna deal it really helps to shrink ulcer ...just keep spoon full of chenna dealin mouth and swallow the juice allow it to stay 10 min..don't chew it let it stay in mouth for a while it really soothens ur ulcer and helps shrinking ulcer do it as often ....
Hope this helps .
sofiya 21 June 15
I am 13 years old. Since Monday I have had a Mouth Ulcer and it really hurts. I gargle salt water but it doesn't grow shrink. I am desperate.
Erik Gil 10 June 15
give up gluten, salt and sugar guys. drink plain milk without sugar. drink lots of milk cause water irritates the sores. try taking sedation pills to sleep better. i had an allergic reaction to antibiotics so i took a course of becosule pills. im fine now. please take care what pills you take. they maybe a cause as well.
Victoria 16 May 15
Hi all
my sister is suffering from terrible mouth ulcers since last 2-3 days, due to which she is not able to talk nor open her mouth. she tried having cold milk, tender coconut, and also becosule tablets. Has not made that great difference. I wonder what could be the immediate remedy for this terrible mouth ulcers. Hope my sister recover from this mouth ulcers soon.
Trupti 11 May 15
i have a terrible mouth ulcer. i practically want to commit suicide. it's hard to even drink water. i can't even brush my teeth properly since spitting requires tongue movement. i haven't eaten anything in a week. i have tried ice cold milk. it works for like 5 min and the pain returns. i haven't slept in days. every time i move my tongue to swallow the milk my tongue brushes against the teeth and i cry out loud. i had a reaction to some damned antibiotics. the ulcer is not going away. please help me!!
Victoria 11 May 15
On my last post I said I gave up gluten. Well I almost always have one sore starting or going away. Now they all seem to be going away. I would suggest giving up gluten for awhile and see how it goes.
Dan 7 May 15
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for many years and I find they subside if you eat very boring meals. Any sugar or spice seems to set them off. I have been to the doctors to have them looked at and they results came back with no culprit. I don't know what the underline cause is but I also went to an allergist and they couldn't find a cause either. I bet stress is one major factor but I am not very stressed out when they happen. I am going to try to have no gluten for a while and see if that helps.
Dan 4 May 15
Things I've noticed that have helped me:
I don't use Colgate toothpaste any more I only use Macleans. It's changed my life.
When I have one eating cheese stops them hurting - my grandma told me this tip.
I can't eat strawberries or I get them I worry about other acidic fruit too.
Cheers - good luck ulcer ruin your life!
Rebecca 29 March 15
Hi i am ver y glad I found this form. I thought I was going insane, I have canker sores in my thorat and back of the thongue sobre tha last 3 days. Beca use it started as a sore throat I went with two different doctors telling me I had nothing, maybe allergies or begining of a cold. Prescribed with antibiotics and tylenol. But the pain last nite was horrible. I really thought I was going to die from the unbearable pain in the mourh, throat and ears so with a little lamp I saw several small bumps and sores in my thongue and thorat, I couldnt sleep anything. In the morning I took a suplemment vitamins with zinc, folic acid, B12 and vitamin C, supposabbly helps cure faster, and started doing garles with 5 drops of tea tree oil disolved in water, and sodium bicarbonate and seems to be helping. Paracetamol for the pain and lidocaine spray. I have been eating oatmeal and pasta just with cheese and without any extra sauces and doesnt hurt. I started meditating for relaxing and getting some sleep. I hope with all of this I can help someone else
Monica 25 February 15
Hi I have red like blister things on the back of my tongue and all the way down my throat I am finding it really hard to swallow and eat things I feel loke I could cry at times it really hurts does anyone no what it could be my doctor is useless he just said it will go away well its been two weeks now and no change it seems worse on a night
kayleigh 10 February 15
When your system is acidic you will get canker sores or mouth ulcers. One boy said he gets them every October or November. Here in America my kids eat so much candy around Halloween that they frequently get sores in their mouths. Stop eating sugar and sugary fruits. An easy way to balance the pH is to drink lemon water. The lemon, which is acid, turns into alkaline in your body. Until you get your pH balanced, you chronic sufferers will continue to suffer. Make sure you drink lots of water and rinse your mouth out after anything you eat. ALSO, a good Xylitol toothpaste will neutralize the acid in your mouth.
Ruth 14 November 14
hi frnds I want to tell your that becosule capsules are best dose for mouth ulcers .
shubham rana 26 October 14
Man I never had a mouth ulcers until now .I'm 36 got 3 on roof of mouth and a couple on my throat.I hope after they heal they never come back .feel bad reading some stories that so many of you had this all your life.I felt so much pain I didn't wanna live anymore.
mario 16 September 14
ive had gum water blisters for 3 years now when they burst the empty skin turns into a ulser.had biopsy blood test nothing came up.if i even eat soft bread it will form a blister.have been using sgiggle toothpaste for a few weeks at least it dont sting and gives you fresh breath.but still getting blisters been tested foe mucus membrane.a rare thing but was inconclusive.will keep using the sgiggle in hope it will help me as now ive had enough pain.
shirley 5 September 14
Solanum nigrum leaves (European black nightshade or locally just "black nightshade", duscle, garden nightshade, hound's berry, petty morel, wonder berry, small-fruited black nightshade or popolo) is a best medicine for mouth ulcer. Just eat the leaves raw after washing it.
PH 2 September 14
I never know what to eat when I have ulcers because everything I have hurts.
The only food that doesn't hurt and also kind of stops the pain is ice cream.
Jessica 1 September 14
I also want to express sympathy and wish everyone else the best of recovery in dealing with their ulcers. I went to Burger King on the 28th of August and ordered a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, 3 hours later I felt the most burning sensation on my lip and woke up with a tongue and mouth full of ulcers. Bottom of my tongue is so irritated I can barely talk and anything I eat or drink does slightly burn. Anyone who is having trouble even eating soup I suggest using a straw and position it over the painful ulcers and hopefully you can eat or drink with slight discomfort instead of burning sensational pain.

I visited the doctor and he prescribed me some Lidocaine which does numb the pain but only for about 30-45 minutes. Currently on day 3 of having these and I am noticing some of the ulcers on my bottom lip are clearing up and around my tongue. But yeah, I can relate to anyone else on here going thru this and just to drink lots of ice-t, water, and milk. Avoid citric foods and spicy foods of course. And if you wanna get a boost in your recovery buy some flake cereal which is very high in vitamin B12 like Total Bran and blend the cereal with milk in a blender and eat the blended cereal via straw that way. That's what I'm planning on doing until I can finally chew food and swallow it without being in pain. Best wishes to all in your recoveries. And don't let it get to you!
Paul 31 August 14
When I have mouth ulcers, if I go on a pretty drastic diet for a few days, it definitely gets rid of the ulcers more quickly. This diet entails cutting out all acidic or sugary foods and drinks, eating only very bland food such as mashed potato and scrambled egg, and drinking only water or milk. It's boring but it works! I find that by sticking to that diet for two or three days, the mouth ulcers last just three days, rather than three weeks.
Hazel Nowell 21 August 14
It really kills when u have mouth ulsars. Please some tell me how we can prevent this!! And the best remedies for this terminating this killing disease. Because of this I couldn't enjoy myself for my cousins wedding:(

sanu 19 August 14
I've recently been diagnosed with glandular fever, my tonsils were covered in white puss, once them symptoms disappeared I started getting mouth ulcers. It's been a week now and my mouth is covered in them, I have 25 in total and cannot eat or even talk.
George 5 August 14
I have suffered with constant mouth ulcers since my teens. I am now in my sixties. I have discovered after all these years that the cause, for me, is an intolerance to wheat. I now have a wheat free diet and no more mouth ulcers.
David 13 July 14
I have had my teeth pulled out last Friday they left a root in my gum witch spreader a infection in my mouth the swelling started going down a day shoe but now I notice a ulcer on the side of my tongue & every time I go to talk my ulcer hits my teeth witch really hurts then last night I went to hospital cause I felt bumps on the back of my throat & the nurse looked down my throat & found a ulcer on my tonsils with hurts when I eat anything it is very painful don't no what I can eat I haven't had food in one week I'm really hungry & need to eat somethink is there anythink I can eat that won't hurt my throat when eatting
Kk 4 July 14
Mouth ulcers can be treated very easily......
use an antispetic mouthwash with chlorhexidine
use pain reliving gel .....
becosule tablet before going to bed...
and having lots of water....
Within 2 days u will get relief. ...and from third day it will start disappearing....
.......It is the best way to get ride of them
vikas Dubey 15 June 14
hi whenever i eat cardimom seeds then definately happened to ulcer in my mouth
pooja 11 June 14
Hey, so I've suffered with ulcers ever since I can remember. I'm also mildly allergic to gluten which causes ulcers. 5 days ago I to all of the symptoms of strep throat and the next day I got a throat full of ulcers all over my uvula, tonsils, and down my throat. Swallowing my own spit is excruciating even water. I've been taking antibiotics twice a day and yesterday got a shot of antibiotics and a steroid shot to help heal my mouth. In the mean time I haven't eaten in days. I'm starving!! I've tried hot chocolate, sugar free yogurt, milk, really anything that I think I can stomach and nothing is working. Even lydocane (sp) and hydrocodone (sp) haven't worked.. I'm desperate!
Megan 5 June 14
Hi , glad I've found this . I currently have loads of throat ulcers , on day 3. Can't sleep cos as soon as I do drift off I wake up and mouth is so dry the pain is unbearable so only had an hours sleep past two nights. Tried natural live yoghurt , ice cream, ibruprofen, paracetamol, gargling with salt solution and dr gave me medicated mouthwash today , tried throat spray, losengers and nothing gives me pain relief. Driving me mental. Only thing that helps slightly is very cold water or warm water with honey. So so painful and so depressing. Suffered with mouth ulcers all my life but not so much with the throat. Even resorted to sucking on neat garlic cloves today ... Didn't help and now I stink of garlic!
Michelle 28 May 14
I love you guys so much. You are really helpful :)
I used tea tree oil. Not too much though. And salt water... But DO NOT EAT ANYTHING ACIDY
Mr nice-cheese is good 19 May 14
i'm suffering from ulcers from 6 days. I eat buttermilk, curd etc.... For cooling mouth . They are very painfull . But for no pain i've adopted them in my life. I made them the painfull part of my body. Thnku.
Ravi kumar 30 April 14
For mouth ulcers try dabbing a tiny amount of Tea Tree oil on just for a couple of days - no longer though as you don't want to ingest too much but it really does help. Also avoiding grapes, pineapple & tomatoes helped me.
Michelle 18 March 14
My doctor suggested me to apply honey on mouth ulcers. Natural honey contains antibacterial properties, which help to cure the ulcers. Manuka honey has more percentage of antibacterial properties in it than any other honey. Read more about Manuka honey here.http://www.comvita.com/health-foods/umf-manuka-honey.html
Julien Zeran 11 February 14
I am 63 years old and i am suffering from mouth ulcers from childhood. Since the last 20 years or so, it aggravates when I eat potatoes, eggs, cauliflower, cereals, etc. Also, these foods make my stomach gastric and either make constipation or loose motion. Sometimes I can not even open my mouth or talk because of the severe pain and burning sensation of the ulcers.
Joshua 9 January 14
I've had mouth ulcers since i was around 6. I'm now 13. They appear a lot in my mouth and it's really painful. I'm getting put off eating from having them.
Martin 3 January 14
I am suffering with 4 mouth ulcers and im in agony it hurts that much im living on soft soggy food it may not be nice but its working so I say to my self you eat it then it will start going if not I have them longer and I hope
all of you that have ulcers I hope they are gone soon xx
ellie 27 December 13
I have been sick for 3 days coughing, headache, throwing up, upset stomach. My 12 yr. old molars still have a bit of gum over them it has never hurt before. I also have a sore throat. I am 13. I have like bumps on the roof of my mouth that are painless, but I don't know what they are :O could you please help me? How do I cure this? Ooh and also since I've been sick the outside of my gums feel a little score. Is this normal? I'm really scared. What do I do to help this, and make it go away?
Heyley Mae 16 December 13
I first started suffering from ulcers when I was four years old I was in hospital for a week and I was hooked up to a drip, there was a five year gap with no ulcers but then they came back they have been occurring every time around November and October.
I am eleven years old and my ulcers are back I have them down the back of my throat, on my gums and all over my tongue which makes it very hard to drink and eat.
it is now day seven and my lips are all stuck together and I am having to take lots of tablets like ibuprofen, paracetamol and antibiotics.
If you cannot drink out of a cup or a straw then use a syringe it is really easy to drink out of the syringe and it does not hurt at all.
what to eat:
Really milky Wheatabix.
Angel delight.
Cold ice cream.
Also try drinking some hot chocolate or tea because when you drink it it'll burn the ulcers and numb them for about five minutes.
Jonathan 15 November 13
I have had the odd ulcer in the past but nothing more than a mild inconvenience for a day or so. For the last 5 days I have been in so much pain and inconvenience, with a mouth full of ulcers ranging in size. Like almost all here, unable to eat, get a decent nights sleep. I have lidocane to null the pain before eating but it doesnīt really work, I still can eat chew solid food and survive on water, pureť soup my wife makes, and the odd vitamin drink. I think one problem is knowing what we can eat without making the pain worse and add a little variety, because water or milk alone gets you down after a while.

I am going to try a porridge mix with pureť strawberries or cherries, whipped up ice cream like a smoothly with say mango or apricot, all very low acidic fruits, scrambled egg with milk, cucumber juice (nothing against cucumber but not the most exciting)

I think besides the obviously pain, health, hunger, weight loss etc, the boredom gets me down, so I a, going to try and see how this goes.
Phil 1 November 13
if you have bleeding gums drink more fluid if you have mouth ulcers drink more fluid and eat properly this is so simple you just need to drink tea water all the good things believe me i know
Belinda 17 October 13
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers (Canker Sores) for more than 15 years. I have to avoid some foods specially GRAPES or anything that contains grap juice and/or CAFFEINE, in addition to that i have to avoid citris fruits, pineapple in short anything that could increase acidity....If I avoid these foods and keep taking omepraloze (I have acid refulx as well). I never get ulcers until i am careless to eat any of the previously stated food...well sometimes you dont have a choice...other than that I will advise to be carefull in taking multivitamins because some of them can make them worse and many of them could help. I believe you will have to avoid L-Arginine specially if you also have the HSV-1 (aka fever blisters/herpes) in that case 1000 to 2000 mg of L-Lysine will support you. Please note I am sharing only my experience. You should consult with doctor before taking any step. I was told by my doctor to notice my lifestyle and food habits by making diary because different people may have different reasons and therefore, they will need a different solution. Finally, taking good sleep and avoiding stress will help for sure because stress and lack of sleep could lead you to many problems that you may not even expect.
Temporary Solution: 1) Keeping the mouth ulcer covered with cotton for few hours or as long as you can has some magical effect my ulcers starts to recover very quickly you can try them with few drops of Vitamin E oil as well. 2). Canker-Rid from Amazon is best for me to make them numb for long enough to eat food but it hurts like hell in the beginning. Good Luck!
Ursijaz 12 October 13
Hi I have transient lingual papillitis or lie bumps, and i've been dealing with it for almost a week and Its gone down just enough for me to eat sort of substantelly but the sides and tip of my tounge is still irratated; should I eat ramen noodles even though i am dealing with this?
Juliana-Renee 20 September 13
I have some majorly painfull ulcers right on the Tip of my tongue and they are causing me ALOT of pain. Salt water won't work for me, putting ice cubes on my ulcers makes it numb for a bit but then once more Im in alot of pain. Is there anything I can do to help my ulcers, not be so painfull, it's difficult getting to sleep as well pleaseeeee tell ,me a cure I'm desperate.
Izzy 4 September 13
I've been at home for 6days with the most pain I have ever experienced. I usually get mouth ulcers every month or so and learn to live with them, however, this time I have numerous ulcers down my throat and a couple in my mouth. The pain is so great that I can't even swallow my own saliva. I have been spitting in a cup. I have been taking ibuprofen tablets every 4 hours with minimal relief. I have also been gargling every hour with salt and warm water and also an antiseptic mouth wash that numbs my mouth for a few minutes. The only thing I could eat on day 4 was chicken cup of soup. I would take that opportunity to quickly have my tablets with water and bring the pain all back on. Drinking water is so painful. I am now starting to also enjoy tea (after day 5) which is soothing but can feel the ulcers starting to relent. My fiance thinks I'm a sook.... I can't swallow anything and constantly feels like someone is stabbing my throat. If I do accidently swallow it is like swallowing glass shards. The worse pain ever... I have never had ulcers this bad but if they came back this strong I wouldn't be able to handle it anymore..... I did start L-LYSINE tablets on day 2 which started to skin my mouth ulcers. Not sure if it is due to the L-LYSINE but if others want to try it and provide feedback. Do a google search and make sure it's L-LYSINE for cold sores. It promotes soft tissue healing.
I HATE ULCERS 19 August 13
to.help.reduce.ulcers.one.spoonfull.of.bicarbonate.of.soda.in.a.cup.of.water.twice.a.day.untill.gone.and.drink.plenty.of.water.and.eat.plenty.of.fish. if.you.dont.like.fish.it.does.not.matter.try.this.anyway.it.will.help.alot..and.keep.in.touch.with.your.jp.take.care
wayne.jones 24 June 13
Hey Everyone, I know this is a fairly old post but just wanted to post anyway!
I'm currently suffering 8 mouth ulcers after having tonsilitis (ulcers were all over my tonsils too). I think my main cause is stress. I'm currently in my final semester of uni with all my deadlines in the next week or so. I have a presentation in a few days and can barely speak (4 ulcers on my tongue). I'm so worried! Plus, I'm finding eating and drinking a nightmare. I'm trying to live off a few spoonfulls of soup at the moment; literally everything stings.
bug 14 May 13
Hi guys this wont be read probably, but anyway suffering from this as well cause I had tonsillitis and then from antibiotics I got gingivitis and candida and well the mouth ulcers. I can't eat anything, soup hurts, and mash is like wiping grains of salt across my tongue. Which by the way my dad makes me do. I know he loves me but it hurts. I'm 13 and I have lost more than 10 kg in 3 days yeh insane right, but hey now I weigh 30 kg
Sorry cant put real name eg pseudonym Anna 18 March 13
Out of curiosity are there any other vegetarians are on here? I am thinking I have a vitamin deficiency, most likely B12 but it seems unlikely because I eat eggs.
Kira 8 March 13
I found that tapioca pudding and plain chicken noodle soup was all I was able to eat. Sip warm green tea and lots of water !
Ashleigh 17 October 12
The list of things to avoid for sure are: chocolate, vinegar, Citric fruits, raisins, grapes, alcohol, pineapples, tomatoes and spices that aggravate the mouth ulcers. stress aggravates it and lack of sleep so try some meditation to help ease teh pain as the endorphins are released if you have a proper meditation. Exercise helps too.

If any one knows anything about swimming in a chlorinated pool ad how it affects their ulcers please let me know. Thanks
Harry 5 October 12
I've gotten mouth ulcers since I was a small child in braces every few months or so, I'm now a 25 year old male. I recently came down with what was thought to be a throat virus complimented by 15 or so canker sores, all ranging in size and placement making eating pretty much anything mind alteringly painful. Im 6' tall and only 165 pounds as is, with a metabolism that would put a teenager to shame. So six days of no food (besides milk and when bearable applesauce) the loss of almost 10lbs and high temperatures and I decided to get a second opinion. Turns out, my bottom
Wisdom teeth had become impacted & infected. I first attributed the molars pain to our pesky little friends, not thinking I had an infected tooth. Especially one I couldn't even see. Now the sores I received until this point I could almost always attribute to fresh tomatoes. Only they taste so good, I couldn't help myself. Plus I never had more than two at a time, so I could 'man' my way through them. This was a different story. Turns out the infection(s) in my teeth had created a varitable breeding ground in my mouth, and could be attributed to the severity of the outbreak. I go in for surgery tomorrow AM, hopefully this stops the multiplying, as I can already feel 3 more on the underside of my tongue to make their presence known. Gargling with salt water never seems to help, and the tasteless paste like mouth rinse my doctor have me did less then over the counter goodies. One thing that did help the most for me was zilactin B. says it lasts for 6 hours, but that's not ern 1/3 true. It does last much longer than anbesol or oragel though, don't wast your time or money on those. Another thing that helped a bit was hydrogen peroxide mixed with water and generously applied with a cue tip. I've also been experimenting with 151. Yah. Stings more than any other treatment I've tried, but by the time I spit it out, I had a good 5-8 minutes of eat time. Due solely to the fact that the pain from rinsing it in my mouth makes eating seem half way ok. Any other suggestions are much much appreciated. Especially ones that involve recently operated on mouths, as I imagine the methods I've been using would be excruciating :/ Best of luck to everyone in the same boat! And hopefully we can all just outgrow this. If I'm still putting up with it at 60, I might actually jump off a cliff
Jeson 30 August 12
Hi everyone,If u have mouth ulcers at horrible stage try some steps-
*Take becosules capsule at night.
*Eat milk ice cream,it reduces pain.
*Apply turmeric and honey paste on ulcers.
*Gargle with glycerine water.
*Eat banana with curd.
*Chew 4-5 basil(tulsi) leaves.
I have this ulcer on top of my tongue and it pratically burns me day and night and I can' even talkk properly or eat I've tried salty waterr but that didn't really help any other suggestions???? Xxx
sabrina 4 August 12
I'm so sorry that everyone is suffering too but it's great to find people who know what I'm going through! In the space of a few days, I've gone from having a clear mouth to having so many ulcers I can't keep count! My glands & gums are very swollen too - which is why the doctor suggested gingivitis. The gums aren't too much of a problem, it's the ulcers (one on the corner of my mouth, at least 5 on the roof of my mouth, several on the top of my tongue, a HUGE one under my tongue & several awful ones at the back of my throat. I'm struggling to talk, everything I eat & drink hurts and I keep running a high temperature. I'll try some of the suggestions on here (as well as the antibiotics from the doctor) & see what happens. xxx
Rachel 24 July 12
Hi i am suffering at thw moment with painful ulcers on my tongue,have had these ones for two week;s tried everything.Adcortyl in orabase eases them near the end of their life.apparently thatis now discontinued.But i think they still run their own course.Last night i just kept dipping my tongue in whisky whic numbed them a bit. I am glad i am not the only one who cries with the pain of them.The best product i bought was Frador paint but that has been discontinued .
maureen 9 July 12
hey every one im in depress need of help i never had a mouth ulcer before and i went away at the weekend and came back and about 4 day later i got a troat infection and my doctore put on my anti biotics and the firday i woke up with over 20 uclers i cant eat and only just drinking i have tryed everythink please help! x
jade 27 June 12
I just put orabase (Colgate) - a small bottle comes with applicators on my tongue n gum ulcers (so painful! I'm starving n pregnant!:() and unbelievably the pain is gone! The chemical makes a protective film on the ulcer for 6 hrs. Now gotta go cook something!
Sabz 8 June 12
I suffer from recurrent mouth ulcers, and I get like, 10 at one go. It's usually on the lips (left side of lower lip to be exact) and it was so freaking painful. I went to the doctor, and did all kinds of tests, and he told me there was no apparent reason. I've had this for, well...since I was born! So I have a lot of experience, even though I'm just 14. Hopefully, this will help all my fellow sufferers.

Firstly, eat soft foods. Everyone must be like, DUHHH. But yeah. Eat porridge. If you dont like bland porridge/congee, you can have prawn/fish/egg congee. Delicious and minimal pain. Another thing you could eat for main course would be mashed potatoes! Nutritious too! You can also eat ramen or udon if you cook it a bit longer so it turns softer. Soups are good too, both clear and cream based. However, you should avoid soups with tomatoes as they are acidic and can cause a whole lot of pain. In fact, avoid all acidic foods such as oranges, tomatoes, lemons etc. OK back to soups. If you dont want to go to all that trouble, just buy the campbell brand soup. The chicken or mushroom one should be fine. Yoghurt and milk helps too.

Next, avoid food that contain a lot of yeast! Bread should be fine though, if you can take it. Cheese should be avoided, and so should other fermented food, except for yoghurt. I don't know why, but that's that.

Lastly, drink lots and lots of water, even though it may hurt! Oh and avoid salty stuff too.

So basically, stick to food that are bland and soft. Avoid sugar too.

Good luck with your ulcers!
Sophie 9 May 12
I suffer from really bad ulcers or canker sores in my mouth. i get them constantly. well i have two now. one on the inside of my lip (doesnt bother me really) and i get those most of the time. but i have never had one on my tongue, which is the other one i have. its one the left side of my mouth and it hurts SOOOOO very bad. so much so that i cant talk without sounding weird and having it burn like a (Insert bad language here) and i also cant eat ANYTHING! ive tried, believe me, to eat things. at first, i could eat stuff like noodles or rice and stuff but for the past couple of days i cant eat anything. my mom even pureed my breakfast for me this morning so i could drink it from a straw and i couldnt bear it. im so hungry but im so scared to eat because the pain is so intense. ive had it for about 5 days now and it just keeps getting bigger. it is showing no signs of healing at all. i went to the dentist the other day and he told me that if it doesnt get better by the end of this week that we have a serious problem on our hands. ive read that some serious ulcers can be cancerous. im freaking out a little because i just dont want anything serious to be wrong. i want it gone so bad and i cant take it. i have started to refuse to open my mouth because it hurts so bad. and its not like i havent tried any medications. i have tried any and every over the counter medication there is for ulcers (just on this one alone) and ive tried most of the home remedies, like salt and certain oils and such and i even got a prescription from the dentist when i visited him the other day! it was that magic Mouthwash that everyone talks about how wonderful it works. well guess what? it numbs my mouth for a total of 5 minutes before it goes back to hurting. it barely even numbs the ulcers. and like i said, the one in my lip doesnt bother me much cause its just like a normal one. its even starting to heal. but the one on my tongue is so insanely painful that i cant help but cry if i move my tongue the wrong way. i dont even talk much unless i absolutely have to because of this. i want to eat but i cant without it hurting. im just in so much pain that i really just want to cut it out of my tongue and be done with it completely. i dunno. i just needed to vent cause i am hurting so bad. i hope you guys find what little bit of information in here helpful... thanks...
Molly 7 May 12
After rinsing with Difflam found I could eat flaked fish with home made creamy white sauce (made with fish juices, milk, added garlic and a little dissolved grated cheese) topped with creamy mashed potatoes. Jellies made with half water and half milk have also been successful. Also, after rinsing with Difflam, have found I can eat small squares of soft wholemeal bread (crusts cut off) spread with butter and peanut butter.
Carole 3 May 12
Been suffering from bad tongue ulcers, side of tongue are cut, blisters, sore, inflammed, redness everything. Things that are helping me heal: a) Take muli-vitamin and folic acid twice a day b) take a walk -- fresh air c) take naps and get on a better sleeping pattern (long-term correction for me). Things I can bear to eat a little through the pain and stinging a) milk b) raw/green banana smoothie through a straw c) indian upma (rice meal) d) italian polenta (no spices, just plain) e) boiled noodles f) ice-cream g) baby foods in those jars
Kay 3 April 12
I've used this Medicine called Oralmedic its honestly AMAZING, trust you'll thank me after u try it. you can google it

to bad im just setting here suffering from pain because its not available where i live T_T
Diana 5 March 12
I found that the anti inflammortary drug Ibuprofen made my ulcers so bad I was unable to speak for months, I was almost suicidal the pain was that unbearable.
Wheat is also a big problem as is dried fruit, cheese,especially processed stuff....so much of our modern food is laced with chemicals that trigger all kinds of problems, we have to be very careful what we eat, for me everything has to be bland plain foods...no brown sauce or anything with acidity, even one bite of a banana would have my throat swell in seconds. I have suffered this for over ten years, even now my tounge is white with ulcers on each side , this latest attack was caused by eating museli...I have had enough...maybe my teeth need to be removed as I have had problems with them for many years and after looking on the net it sounds like my problem is my teeth, well the few I have left lol.

Kevin 19 February 12
Hi all, very helpful. I have always been prone to getting mouth ulcers. I find they occur for three main reasons: 1. Stress at work, like your body's way of realizing it's all getting too hectic. (2) if I decide to "skip" my period on the pill then it's like your hormones are out of sync and your body reacts with mouth ulcers. (3) If you go out for drinks over a few consecutive days and have fruit based mixers like vodka apples or pineapples then there is too much sugar and alcohol. Food wise o try and eat spinach and find natural yoghurt or vanilla ice-cream (good quality with reduced sugar) and avoid pineapple at all costs!
Mary 23 January 12
i have had very very bad ulcers for a while they have kept coming and going alot for the past four years. I understand all of you in how much pain you are/were in all i am sure you understand the same with me.
I find it best so gargle some salt water (with warm water.) And Manuka Honey helps because it has lots of healing properties in it. The best place to get it from are health food shops but Manuka Honey can be a bit pricey. That is all i know that helps does anyone know anything else or know what to eat and not what to eat. Thank you guys so much i am looking forward to hearing from you. Hang in there all of you we can get through it!! i help this helps!! xxx
Sophie 4 January 12
Mouth ulcers are horrible. I can't eat and have lost 10lbs this week. I might just kill myself if I don't find a cure. Any suggestions????
Faith 20 November 11
Garlic is a great was to heal a mouth ulcer quickly! I just crush a clove up a little so the oil starts coming out & rub directly onto the ulcer. Works a treat!
Sarah 19 October 11
i also have mouth ulcers that i thought came from a tooth. am taking nystatin that is used for thrush. swish a teaspoon in your mouth and then swallow. mine feel much better now. ask your doctor to prescribe nystatin for you. helped me alot and worth the try. mouth not so dry now and i am able to eat. i agree that stress brings these things out. good luck.
margaret 13 October 11
Ulcer...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... its really irritating. i cant eat (though im hungry most of the time). i hv tried zytee gel available with chemist. most of the times it hs worked but this time i have used entire bottle but it doesnt seem to work.
i cant talk properly and all the time i just think wht should i eat so tht i dnt get tht painful sensation in my mouth.
im also on homeopathy med, which works but takes several days.
i hv lost too much weight just bcoz i hv to starve.
Nass 26 September 11
I've had ulcers for 14+ years now and i know a lot of the stuff i cant eat but i've just got another bout of ulcers and its aggrivating a tooth I had filled a few months ago. I imagine its different for everyone but i have to avoid Coca Cola (but not pepsi - no idea why), ginger biscuits, bueno chocolate bars, nuts, praline, pretty much anything that leaves my mouth acidic really. A Food Diary would be a good way to identify whats causing the ulcers.

As for what to eat while you have them i've always thought the best way to shift them is to kill the little buggers asap, so I try and get lots of salty stuff to try and make the ulcers shrivel up and die(hurts like hell but i find it gets rid of them quicker), and then to releive the pain, water, milk(better than water), diet fizzy drinks(pepsi max for example). I havent really found much in the way of food i can eat without being in agony
Darren 31 August 11
my 4year old son has hand,foot,mouth desease with ulcers in his mouth an tounge, he will only drink sachet homemade drinks thru a straw he cant open his mouth and is in alot of pain i tried paracedomol and ibuprofen but it only makes him tired and he wakes up with a dry swollen mouth, bonjela doesnt work he hates me rubbing it onto th ulcers he screams in agony. Wud a anti imflammatary spray work i wonder?
stephanie 30 August 11
This is a food allergy. Everyone need to be tested for all types of foods to see what you are allergic to. I am
allergic to all foods w/acid...fruit,lemon,ginger ale soday, tomatoes,etc...I have to watch everthing I eat one
week I couldn't eat anything and lost 5 lbs. Wendy Aug 29, 11 My doctor told me to talk lysine it worked for
two weeks.
wendy booker 29 August 11
I have a huge one on the crease of the bottom of my mouth. It will NOT go away. Everything is hard to eat or drink. EVERYTHING! Any things that will work ALL THE TIME?
Jack 29 August 11
My 3.5 yr old has hand, foot and mouth and has a mouth full of ulcers, he seems to do ok with jelly and watered down lemonade but am really struggling to find other stuff he can eat with out screaming the place down. I am going to try the milk and yoghurt suggested above and hope for the best. We are now going on 4 days and nights with practically no sleep.
Amanda 22 August 11
i have 11 in my mouth i have 1 right down my throught it is huge i can only
eat soup noodles for drink i have coke or gargle salty hot water it works in about 5 mins
elle 9 august 10 August 11
Greetings from Australia, fellow mouth ulcer sufferers,

A little Australian remedy that my friends over here & I use is: eat a teaspoon of Vegemite (I kid you not!) & get plenty of rest. Stress and/or lack of sleep can be a big contributor. The teaspoon of Vegemite is packed with Vitamin B - gives you rosy cheeks and gets rid of mouth ulcers :)

A teaspoon of Vegemite tastes a little powerful if you aren't used to it, just swallow it quickly :)

It's also great on sandwiches (kind of like a national dish over here), most of us prefer to smear it on buttered bread as opposed to lathering it on.

Annie 8 August 11
This is my experience with mouth ulcers.

I'm not a consistent sufferer as many others are here, but when I get them it's generally pretty bad with a long recovery process. Last week I had a fever and developed a throat infection, the day after this I woke up with five ulcers in my mouth and my tongue swollen to the point where there is a strongly noticeable imprint of my teeth all around my tongue.

The ulcers are, of course, in different locations in my mouth making eating and drinking impossible to be pain-free. Also, as a 19yo athletic male at 6"3 I NEED to eat. I am constantly hungry, literally always starving. This is what I have done over the past 6 days to try and best minimise hunger and ulcer pains. I guess on the upside though I save money on food!

Before every meal I gargle salty water. 1/2 a teaspoon for half a cup warm water. I also just let the solution sit in my mouth for a few minutes. This doesn't sting but rather numbs and makes eating a little more bearable. Porridge is good for breakfasts. 1/2 a cup of rolled oats with 1 cup of water with milk added after. I make it rather runny so its easier to swallow but not overly so that the parts get stuck in my teeth/ulcers - painnnnn. The low GI will keep you full for longer and water you used in cooking is obviously hydrating.

Scrambled eggs are also really good. High in protein this keeps you feeling full for a long time. 2 eggs, 1/4 cup of milk and in the microwave for approx 2-3 mins with stirring will give you a bland, but edible meal. If you mash it into small bits its relatively easy to swallow. Again also good cause it doesn't crumble and get stuck. Home cooked soup is also good. I tried canned tomato which burned everything due to the added flavouring. I made zucchini and potato soup which was quite nice. Bland but didn't hurt too much.

With a fast metabolism I lose weight very fast and im beginning to look like a skeleton. After coming back from the doctors today (who prescribed me antibiotics for infections) also suggested I melt vanilla ice cream and drink it to keep my calorie intake reasonably high.

So just a few foods that might help others :)

Karl 1 August 11
if you put corlan pellets on your ulcer it should go away in no time.
you can get them in a pharmacy or a drugstore
James 26 July 11
Ive suffered with mouth ulcers for about 10 years now and sadly has become normal for me to suffer with them. Every few months I have a mouth full of them and the ones which are on my tongue are the worst. Nothing really helps (ive tried everythign recommneded) and every food and drink seems to hurt. Has anyone found if tea/coffee irritates them? I thought it helped but I didn't have any cups fro a few hours and they felt a little better!
Rose 8 June 11
My sympathy to everyone who's a sufferer.

I "only" have one ulcer right next to my upper tooth, and it's in its 7th/8th day without showing signs of disappearing. Could barely eat/drink/speak and the worst thing: None of my family nor friends really understand how serious the ulcer this time is. I myself don't get why this bout swelled and hurt so much.

I've tried bonjella everyday, the chinese herb called watermelon frost, and gurgling with salt water. Will visit a doctor tmr to see if anything effectively helps.
Naka 4 June 11
My heart goes out to everyone on this page! I'm suffering from two big ulcers on the side of my tongue and I'm am in the throes of a nasty cold/flue - I feel terrible. But I thank you all for your suggestions and hope for speedy recoverys for all.
Erin 4 June 11
I also have mouth ulcers often. In summer often these came due to eating eggs but if i realize them on the start i can control them by eating ispaghol. So u may try.
zamir 3 June 11
im in my second bout with these ulcers one on each side of my tongue and several on my inner gums and some in my throat first round i went to my doctor he put me on antibiotic and lynacane mouth wash two weeks later they are back now i 'm taking l-lysine tablets 500 mg and three at a time three times a day to see if it can rid them also change tooth paste to armor and hammer and new tooth brush softer bristles and new mouth was back to old listerine some improvement in two days
greg martin 3 May 11
Hi all, after doing a bit of looking, found out that main culprit is Stress, then comes diet. We have to take less heaty foodstuffs; potatoes or anything that is grown under(beans etc). Red meat is also found to be one of the cause, so, try to reduce that. Coffee and smoking adds to the growth and so does strawberries, surprisingly. Have enough sleeps and drink lots of water, room temp( old folks advice). Last but not least, proper oral hygiene, after every meal and before and after sleeps, we, ulcerian tends to produce more bacteria than others, so mouthwash is a requirement. Good luck to us all, and may we say goodbye to our uninvited mates forever.
faisal 29 April 11
Ack! I get these terrible things because I am always stressed, and when stress falls upon me I tend to grind my teeth more which then in turn I chew on my cheek during the night then these nasty suckers appear. I have one right now that is on the right side of my cheek. I have the steroid (that forms a film on it so it is less painful) from my doctor on it, but whenever I try to talk, the film has stuck to my tooth which then it feels like someone is tearing through the ulcer. I've found that vanilla ice cream works best for me (not chocolate because it hurts the ulcer even more) and I can't suck it through a straw because of course when I try to suck through the straw the ulcer rubs up against my tooth. Ibuprofen works for a few hours too for the pain.

All the best to you all. My thoughts are with you as you are in pain!
Joy 25 April 11
Ive got 5 uclers all underneath the lip and what makes it worst, there right by the growing wisdom absolute pain, i advise bonjela, then in a few days they should be gone. I also advise to avoid anything way to sharp or hard on the teeth and stick to liquids so if youve never tried sunday dinner as a drink then its time to find out what its like.
Alan 1 April 11
ive got a whopper back of tongue right by tonsil,just about talk,have to slide soft food down like a lizard.agony in the morning when mouth is dry and everything starts to crack open again, its agony trying to swallow even your own saliva, ive tried all sorts just stick with ibuprofen and patience,
bobby 3 March 11
Months of stress and a horrible sore throat brought on a mouthful of painful ulcers. It was my first bout and it was by far the worst pain and discomfort I have ever experienced. I couldn't eat for a week and anything that I drank was torture. After the third day of just water and milk, I tried having really soggy weetabix and I was able to swallow that down with bearable pain. I went to the doctor not knowing what the problem was and they simply suggested time, rest and gargling with Corsodyl mouth wash (contains chlorhexidine digluconate), which helped. Apperently, stress is the main factor in getting mouth ulcers, so there really doesn't seem to be any way of preventing them.
In regards to what to eat and not eat during these periods, I found milk decent and bananas burned badly.
I feel all your pain. All the best!
Morgan 3 March 11
I had ulcers for the first time ever four weeks ago. They lasted about a week and now guess what? They are back again (in less than 3 weeks). The most painful ones are on my tongue. The first time I had them, they got so bad I went to an urgent care centre. I was so scared because I had never experienced anything of the sort and the pain was too much. Anyway the doctor advised that I drink a lot of orange juice, I didnít because I had a feeling it would hurt but Iím going to try it this time and see if it helps with the healing. The only thing I can eat is tinned soup, chicken, mushroom or vegetable. If Iím really hungry I put pieces of bread in the soup and wait till they are soft/soggy. For the pain try soluble panado, dissolve in water then rinse mouth with it, or Corsodyl mouth was.
Good luck all. X
Amy 21 February 11
Try cucumber. Either cut a piece or drink its juice if you have a juicer. In my experience, it just vanished a day after. You can immediately feel the relief after drinking the juice. Hope this works for all of you.
will 30 January 11
I feel for everyone on this page i do. Im in the middle of my 1st ulcer on the inside of my cheek and god dammit does it hurt. When i go to sleep i feel its the best time but i was wrong. Sometimes it wakes me up every hour because it hurts that much sometimes. I must agree Milk is very soothing as its cold. I have no idea what to eat its like im almost scared to eat because if i eat sommit wrong it sets the pain off again. Best wishes to all and i hope we can all recover asap
Dan 8 January 11
I know how you all feel! I have strep throat and the infection has put ulcers on the roof of my mouth, gums and tongue. So not only is it painful to eat but it's also painful to swallow--even water feels like it's cutting through my ulcers and tonsils. I have found that Jello is the easiest thing for me to eat, it's very soft and cold. I was also able to eat some Vanilla ice cream, the coldness was very soothing. I've also used a throat and mouth spray that temporarily relieves the pain. Jen, I had to call out of work today too because it hurts so bad to speak from the ulcers on the roof of my mouth. I hope we all get better soon!!
bella 4 January 11
I think I have been punished!!! I have over 30 small PAINFUL mouth ulcers in my mouth!! I thought it was an erupting wisdom tooth, but after beening the second time to the dentist I was advised that was viral, in another word: "you have to suffer". I have behest for the strongest painkiller in the Market but I didn't get any simpathy at all!!! It is my 4th day no food!!! Eating is sooo painful makes me vomit!!! I am tired 'cause I cannot sleep, I irritable and HUNGRY... not to mention in pain!!! I have tried to eat anything but only milk it is ok(ish) as I find hard to even drink water!!! :( this is hell!!! How long so they take To go??
Lio 17 December 10
Hi Jen
I read your input and must say please just watch what you put in your mouth to eat and drink, albeit it will and may be so hard as we all take notions for nice things to eat, notions for spicy, sweet, sour or otherwise, realistically you might suspect what is bothering you but do not have the time or patience to eliminate. Muesli has sultanas which are just dried grapes which set my mouth ulcers crazy, oranges, all citrus and fruit juices, wine (all the stuff they say is good for health) nuts and boiling sweets triggers of ulcers for me, just try a food diary, within 24 hours a reacion will happen if you have an allergy to any of these and I am sure your lovely understanding boyfriend will rewjoice when you find out the culprit. Remember that toothpase with Sodium Laurl Sulphate is a big irritant for sensitive mouths with ulcers - see your pharmacist who will give you a toothpaste free of this chemical. Best of luck Jen for a healthy and happy Christmas, just watch all those goodies!!
Please let me and others know if you have a better healthier life in the year 2011 hopefully ulcer free..
Liz 7 December 10
I've been getting mouth ulcers for years, but the ones I have now all over my tongue are like ulcers on steroids (not literally). I have strep throat and some secondary infection plus the ulcers so I'm at risk of dehydration. Eating anything is absolutely excruciating, but I have managed to choke down white bread (in Hansel & Gretel size pieces), pieces of scrambled egg if I wash them down quickly with water, and super plain potatoes. Water is all I can drink. I'M SO HUNGRY!!! but the idea of putting anything into my mouth makes me wanna cry so I guess I have to decide whether the pain is worse than the hunger?
shannon 6 December 10
jen i feel for you there but i have to say i get them a lot and belive u me they r not plesent. but guess what jen get booked into the dentist asap and tell him what u have tried and ask him/her for this stuff called orabase paste its a bit like a yucky susbstance best to use it before eating drinking within 2 days the ulcer as completly gone just leaving a bit of redness on the gums. also jen get corsodyl mouthwash that will kill all the germs off them to things trust me no match for mouth ulcers belive u me jen and i should no ive had enough of them and tried everything under the sun salt water will help but its the magic in that mouth wash and paste is what will sort it jen. dont use bonjela or anbasol there a waste of time get into the dentist get that stuff jen. with anbasol bonjela the ulcer will be there for 1 to weeks still i found anyway. i cant praise this orabase paste enough.
paul miles 27 October 10
Things that hurt my ulcers:
-Raw or Sun dried tomatoes
-Yogurt, (I don't know why everyone on here is recommending it! Stings so badly for me!)
-Vinegar, (Salad dressings and eastern european soups are out for me)
-Anything that gets stuck in my teeth or that gets caught down between my gums and my cheek, (e.g: crisps or cereal) that I need to use my tongue to pick out. I can't move my tongue enough to move the food and it's so uncomfortable when it just sits there!

When my ulcers got really bad this time last year, I spent two weeks just living off milk, cold milk was the only thing I could stand.
My boyfriend held my hand through the two and a half hours that it took me to eat a plate of risotto after that, he was really worried that I hadn't eaten anything but that meal was such agony!

Suffering from mouth ulcers is so frustrating. Non-sufferers don't seem to understand how significantly this problem can affect one's life. I had to call in sick to work this morning and my (lovely and very understanding boss) clearly had never had serious mouth ulcers! I had to explain that I can't speak, eat or drink when they're at their worst. People are constantly saying to me: "have you tried rinsing with salt water?" or "have you ever heard of bonjella?" I feel like screaming: YES I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING AND NOTHING WORKS!!!
"Mouth Ulcers" need to be rebranded. They need to be renamed "The Worst Bloody Thing That Will Ever Erupt In Your Face" and then maybe people would sympathise properly when someone's suffering. I haven't managed to have any solid food today and the pot of bircher museli that I'm trying to get through has been in front of me for an hour now.
My love and sympathy to any fellow sufferers.
Jen in pain 27 October 10
Hi Sally
I also had a biopsy done and dentist and doctor told me I had Lichenoid Reaction which is an allergy of sorts. After years of huge canker ulcers inside cheeks of mouth I eliminated toothpaste with Sodium Laurl sulphate, tried to find out what else was triggering ulcers and for me which is tomatoes, and tomato base stuff ie bolognese, lasagne etc, strawberries, all citrus fruits, fizzy drinks, sour candies etc, you will find out quickly if any stuff you eat and have ulcers next day to eliminate these foods or drinks, then reintroduce them and if another ulcer comes then it is one of the things upsetting your mouth.
At the moment I am ulcer free unless I indulge in wine(made from grapes which is acidic of course) and eat stuff I know irritates me, the toothpaste is a great help.
Hope this info helps you.
Scottie 11 October 10
I have had a biopsy done on mine before and it came back as a food allergy. Mine get huge!!! But I can't figure out what food is causing it.
Sallie 11 October 10
i no how everyone feels,i have had them 3 or 4 times now all at the back of my mouth and down my throat,i get them when im ran down or stressed,i cant eat anything except soggy bread and margarine dipped in a cup of black tea.and sip water all day...cheers!!!!
ash 6 October 10
im on my first ulcer now and its a monster... its under my chin to the left abit and on my throat... very painfull and find it really hard to eat... but chicken soup goes dwn nice... and also if ya like to have a proper meal... try using whiskey or vodca as a mouth wash... you can really eat loads then...
Chris 1 January 07
I can sympathise with sacha - I have one mouth ulcer on the inside of my lower lip, and a group right towards the back of my tongue, resting on my back teeth. It feels like itís spread to my throat as well - itís agony! I can only just about reach some of it and iím sticking to food i donít really have to chew! Itís taking me forever to eat a meal. Iíve so far eliminated oranges and citrus things while iíve got them, that hurts! Anything else I find, iíll let you know.
Naomi 31 December 06
I/ve had a ulcer for 3 weeks now in the lower inside of my lip the size of my thumb nail. My lip is so swollen its better than Collegen!! I find that coke and all fizzy prolongs the length of my ulcers. I tend to get them when stressed or run down. Ive been told its due to a deficiency of somesort but who knows. Bongella doesnt work for me. Im still looking like all of you.
Nicole 31 December 06
i also had five ulcers over christmas, and the biggest and most painful was on my tongue. not being able to eat the holiday dishes iíd been waiting a year for was complete agony. but i found i could eat butterbeans that my grandmother cooked, because theyíre soft and small so i didnít have to chew. chewing food is always the hardest part of dealing with ulcers, so i stick to things like rice and peas and liquids.
rachel 30 December 06
i have 2 ulcers, one on the inside of my lip, wich canes and another on the side of my tounge wich hurts when i eat, i was eating salt and vinegar pringles the other day and was in absolute agony.
i found ice cold milk doesnt hurt but im still in so much agony all the time
sacha 30 December 06
I had five ulcers over Christmas. Brilliant. The worst one is on my tongue and the slightest movement against my teeth aggravates it.

If you like porridge I find it a good breakfast. Add extra milk at the end to make it smoother. Sugar doesnít bother me so I add some.

Also scrambled eggs. Avoid salt, add a bit of milk (before cooking) to make it slightly runny. If I want toast I carefully spread the eggs over it so it goes soggy.

Rob 26 December 06
yogert,soups,water,vitamin water,ensure has loads of vitamins,you can make yogert shakes,but sometimes when they are on your tongue it really is hard to eat or suck through a straw,you tongue moves all the time and we take it for granet
Gail 23 December 06
well you know what i mean lol Its better if you drink through a straw xXx
Sammie xXx 20 December 06
Ive been drinking yahoo with a straw very soothin thats my advice ive been livin on that drink for days, otherwise only go for a straw you can get loads from the pound shop or nick then at your local takeaway lol get well soon xXx
Sammie xXx 20 December 06
Hi, I canít think of anything I can eat while I have mouth ulcers. I have two on my tongue at the moment. I can just about drink fizzy low cal drinks after using Bonjela, but thatís about it. I have been told a lack of zinc can bring on ulcers but whether this is true I donít know . Plenty of stress in my life but other than that Iím at a loss.
Irene 18 December 06
Hi - I only started in the last couple of mos. with 3 episodes each lasting a full week. Very painful eating and drinking anything! My dentist sent me to an oral surgeon who scheduled me for a biopsy in a wk - thankfully it was all healed and he cancelled till the next time...Anyone ever have a biopsy???
Mary, December , 06
mary 17 December 06
hi why do they keep coming back every couple of weeks on my tonge loads i carnt eat at all its absolute agony help please any suggestions very welcome
clare uk 11 December 06
Kenalog in Orabase works best for my family. Unfortunately, it requires a prescription. It is not an overnight cure, but it sure feels good while it is on the ulcer(s). From what my dentist and family physician tell me, it still takes anywhere from 5-10 days for mouth ulcers to go away. Yogurt (without fruit) and acidophilus milk along with the kenalog/orabase treatment as soon as the symptoms appear work much faster for me. Good luck to anyone reading these messages. After all, who else would be interested?
Sandy 28 November 06
ive suffered from ulcers all of my life and now i have an absolute massive ulcer underneath my tongue and im i agony also have another 3 of them but this monstrosity on my tongue is killin me!please help!!anyone no any gud remedies??i live in the uk..
keigan 27 November 06
i find soup (not tomato!!) ok to eat when im having a particularly bad spell of ulcers, chicken noodle in particular! the hot soup sort of numbs the pain for five minutes and so long as theres no ulcers in the throat its easy to swallow, and delicious! then a yoghurt/moose/mashed up ice cream for dessert! hardly a hearty dinner but at least its food we can actually manage to eat! xx
Lily 7 October 06
Jeff, Thanks for the laugh!!!! A bird throwing down a fish, Iíll have to remember that!

I second the yogurt, smoothies work too w/non citric acidic fruits and milk/yogurt. I find that foods that are extremely emotionally fullfilling are the only things I get the guts to eat. Some people like to use the lidocaine on the sores so that they can eat but I personally donít want to risk injuring my mouth while itís numb and getting more ulcers. I also find that water hurts so I drink lightly sweetened decaf iced tea or soda. The bubbles seem to be soothing. Terribly cold stuff hurts too. I also find that food that doesnít fall apart easily, like mashed potatoes, are better because the little bits get into the ulcers creating more pain. Avoid vinegary stuff, citric, acidic, tomato, and spicy. Donít chew gum and I find that even hard candy hurts. Sugary stuff hurts in general for me. Okay, Iíve probably covered everything that I can readily think of. Best Wishes
Kay 5 October 06
I found yorgurt and buttermilk help. When I had really bad ulcers I had to eat like a bird throwing down a fish.

Stay away from citric acid and salty items.
jeff 5 October 06
I have been searching high and low on the internet (which is how I came across this site) to find what you should eat whilst you have a mouth ulcer that might help/wonít make it worse. I havenít been able to find anything! Iím sure the info is there somewhere I just couldnít locate it. So... what do you think? Is there anything that you should always or never eat when youíve got a mouth ulcer? Should you avoid acidic things like fruit and tomatoes? What about milk and yogurt, might they help? Any ideas would be much appreciated
Maddie xx
Maddie 5 October 06

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