sensitivity to xylitol

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Thanks very much, Dom. I am in the uk. Had a severely dry mouth and salty taste for over a year now. I wake up every hour throughout the night as my mouth is so dry and my tongue gets sore. I was really impressed with Xylimelts and was managing to sleep for 4 hours. Trust me to be one in 10000! Any alternative would be much appreciated.
Paula 27 April 18
Paula - in the US where they have sold millions of XyliMelts, they have data which suggests 1 in 10,000 people have a sensitivity to the acacia gum (which is the adhesive). Please contact OraCoat (or if you are in the UK me, there is an alternative.
Dom Walton 21 April 18
I also used xylimelts which were brilliant for dry mouth but then I developed very sore gum and horrific mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth, gums etc. Have stopped using them and ulcers are clearing up.
Paula 20 April 18
I get mputh ulcers FROM xylitol.... so hard to avpid
Bonnie 6 April 18
Eldavia, the esteemed Doc was precise in his answer. Ingesting too much Xylitol can cause digestive discomfort, though much less so than sorbitol - and in the case of Squigle or XyliMelts the quantity is insignificant. However, xylitol is very effective for stimulating saliva production and preventing plaque. As for XyliMelts 1 in 10,000 people show a reaction to the natural acacia gum (for whom there is an alternative). The most likely cause of the problem is mint (specifically the chemical component carvone), for some people with such oral complaints, mint can actually feel like it is burning. Both Squigle and XyliMelts are available mint-free.
Dom Walton 10 February 18
The Dr above didn't really answer your question.. just promoted his product. my husband was taking Xylimelts whose main ingredient is Xylitol, for a dry mouth remedy and developed severe mouth ulcers, burning tongue and roof of his mouth . it took a long time( weeks) to figure it out as he had other issues going on. swabs were negative for virus and thrush. He finally quit the Xylimelts and his mouth started to feel better in a couple of days.. after it settled he tried the Xylimelts again and his mouth started to get sores again.
Eldavia 9 February 18
I totally get a stomach ache whenever I chew artificially sweetened gum. Now I've noticed I get canker sores if I chew it too much!
Roxanne St.John 8 April 17
Dear Bec,

When you chew sugarless gum with xylitol or sorbitol, you may get an upset stomach because when xylitol and sorbitol, and other sugar alcohols, are swallowed, they can act as a laxative. Usually, it takes 1-2 ounces before the average person notices it. You may be more sensitive.

Since you don’t swallow toothpaste, you won’t have this problem with SQUIGLE Toothpaste.

The high level of Xylitol in SQUIGLE prevents the growth of plaque. Plaque secretes acids which can trigger mouth ulcers. Thus SQUIGLE prevents mouth ulcers in two ways:

1. by eliminating irritating ingredients which can trigger mouth ulcers

2. by reducing plaque, which can trigger mouth ulcers

Please try SQUIGLE--it’s more than SLS free. Money back guarantee if not satisfied. You can buy SQUIGLE from this website.

Hope you get relief.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLE® Toothpaste
Dr. Edward Cutler 19 September 06
I see that a lot of people are promoting Squigle and xylitol as cures for mouth ulcers. I have some kind of sensitivity to xylitol and get bad stomach ache if I have chewing gum with it in, so am a bit concerned about using toothpaste with a high percentage of it in. Has anyone else noticed this kind of sensitivity? I have always wondered if it might be linked to getting mouth ulcers in some way.
Bec 19 September 06

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sensitivity to xylitol

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