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So, i believe around friday (roughly a week ago), i began to experience some unpleasant pain in the back of my mouth where my wisdom tooth is. I of course dismissed it as simply wisdom tooth pain (because it just felt like a normal tooth growing in just painful and annoying and itchy) anyway, by Saturday it was still hurting and i finally decided to visit the dentist sunday morning. He looked at my tooth and said it was fine and just growing in. He poked at it with a syringe and cleaned it with i suppose it was water (but it may have been some other solution). He had gone underneath the gum around the tooth and clearly left a cut.. I was sent home with instructions to rinse with salt water as often as possible. By Monday i was in severe pain. The back of my mouth by the tooth was white and it looked like pus was beginning to come out of the sides of the tooth and near the gum. By Monday night it has spread and was slowly moving towards my second tooth and up my cheek. By tuesday i had small ulcer like spots around the sides of my cheek (the one on the side of the wisdom tooth) I even had a white sore on my lip (where there had been a cut earlier). By tuesday night the ulcers had spread to the other side of the cheek. My lymphnodes were swollen and it was spreading to my tongue and the back of my throat even. I was panicking. No one knows whats wrong. The dentist basically said they are just aphthous ulcers (basically rlly bad canker sores) and i need to jus wait for them to go away. Now i'm being checked for herpes and mono but the tests are taking forever. Other doctors said it could be due to severe stress which i have definetly had a lot of, but it hurts so much it honestly makes no sense.
ilona 2 March 13
I also every few weeks will wake up with a blister insisde my mouth ,last time was on the right side,this morning,the left side is swollen,took 2 benelyn,I have a lot of stress in my life as I am a care taker,but I also take very good care of my health,DR. says she thinks I am biting my tongue ect.,it happens during sleep,also would love to know the real issue,help??
Lee,Nov. 13,2012 13 November 12
yep :( It seems to be a re-occuring problem with me.Was given a blood test by the doc and was put on folic acid to sort my problem.It really did help! If you go to the chemist you can buy it off of the shelf in the vitamin a months course.It helped me !
The times i have also thought it was my teeth! but it turned out to be an ulcer.They are so painful, as bad as an abscess under your tooth sometimes....agony! ughhhhhhh
Jane 10 October 12
I started to get symptoms on Friday.Now my cheeks are swollen due to the ulcers.Used mouthwash and bonjela and it hasn't gotten rid of them.Went to doctor hes put me on an antibiotic and nystatin.Also told to eat soft food like soup,ice cream and noodles.Also to keep me hydrated plenty of water.Fingers crossed that this goes asap.
Mart 15 August 12
I have like two mouth sores and a swollen jaw for like two days. I can't eat or drink as it is painful. I am in extreme pain and thought it was my wisdom tooth. But my teeth don't hurt. Just my cheek inside and out. I am going crazy as I am also a single mom of four. Two of my children are disabled. I can't sleep it off and over the counter drugs are not working. I tried rinsing with salt water and mouthwash but it seems to get worse.
tasha 3 May 12
My boyfriend been running a fever, and his face is swelled up slong with swelling around back teeth on his lower jaw, he also has gotten white bumpy sore like things in his mouth also, he cant eat because it hurts and burns so bad. Hes been to the dentist and they said it could be his wisdom teeth but they didnt know. im really worried about him because he cant eat due to this. Any advice for him??
annie march 9 9 March 12
Hi i dont know whats wrong with my teeth i had a golden tooth put in but now after having it for a year now my gum on top where the tooth is just torn and now im left with a whole in the gum.any help
Candice 8 March 12
I suffer from mouth ulcers and I've started using OraMD. Apparrently, there is a substance used in normal toothpaste called SLS which affects the gums of certain people and causes ulcers. OraMD has only natural ingredients and stops the ulcers. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a whitening agent in it so my teeth are becoming discoloured. I've not had any ulcers since using OraMD and I thought I'd try a bit of normal toothpaste the other day to try to whiten my teeth up a bit. The result is that I've woken up with a nasty ulcer and a swollen face!
Wendy 25 February 12
Thankyou all for the advices! I have a extremely huge ulcer and swelling below my right jaw. Really hurts alot :( gonna try every possible way to get rid of this damn thing. Hope everyone get well soon too
Rach 30 December 11
Lip or mouth sores (canker, ulcer, cold etc.) plus swelling of face or jaw has turned out to be a symptom of Lupus an autoimmune disorder. When I'm under stress this is one of my symptoms. Come to find out mouth sores are a symptom of many autoimmune disorders. A Rhemotologist is a good place to start if your plaqued with mouth sores.
Dianne 29 September 11
Had 2 fillings done last Monday, severe mind numbing painfriday morning at 2 am. I culdnt make it to the dentist till the following monday(today) so until then she prescribed me to a 800mg ibprofen. Then Monday rolls around And my dentist tells me it is just an ulcer. Prescribes me to tylenol 3 and more ibprofen. I asked her how an ulcer can be so painful. She says they just are. I have doubted her before, feel she's very inexpeirienced so I looked it up onli ne, and I see its obviously normal to have his kind of pain with a mouth ulcer. So thank you everyone for putting me at ease.
chelsea 26 September 11
Three days ago I went to the dentist for a broken tooth. He stated I needed a crown. It was a small tooth & he said his staff was able to now make the crown in his office. They would make the crown, fit it & finish it in the same day.
That nite my face & lips began swelling. A phone call to his office the next morning & he called in a RX for Clindamycin 150mg caps to be taken every 8 hrs. It's the weekend. I'm not sure what has just happened to my body. How to I confirm this infection is from unsanitary instruments used in his office/ something else. Could the infection have been there before the procedure was done. If so, why did he do the procedure?
Julia 22 August 11
I've been suffering with a mouth ulcer on the inside of my left cheek. - this come and goes, but cause by left left cheer and neck to swell. Ive been to the dentist and my teeth are okay, and advised me to see the doctor. Booked an appointment to see the doctor...they were not interested as it has to be a certain size before they take any action (at the time though my face was not swollen...dont think the doc believed me). I have tried cutting out certain foods/drinks to try an prevent it but that has not helped at all. should i be concerned that this happens on a regular has occured 4 times in the last 2 weeks.?
Roxy 30 July 11
For 3 days now I have had a swollen right cheek, and this morning noticed a tiny ulcer in my mouth on the inside of my cheek. This worried me because my friends said it could be an absess, however I am feeling no pain at all. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, is it likely that he will prescribe me with antibiotics?? Few friends have said he will send me to the dentist, although I couldn't see that happening because the ulcer isnt on my teeth or gums. A reply asap would be appreciated.
Alex 30 June 11
I have an exam in the morning and have been suffering with mouth ulcers due to stress, but about an hour ago they really flared up and my cheek is now swollen! :( I've tried ice and bonjela and think I'm just going to have to sleep and hope it's gone down by the morning! Thankyou for all the really useful advice! :)
Jess 21 June 11
I dont know if I am in the right spot but I had the first part of a root canal done about 2 weeks ago. 3 days later I had SEVERE pain in my jaw on the right side, opposite and lower from the tooth I had the root canal. After 10 days and 3 different antibiotics, my dentist finally referred me to an oral surgeon. The surgeon told me that I had a small bone in my jaw that was irritated by tissue damage from the root canal (trauma) or biting down on food. I think I will go with the root canal story since the last 35 years I have never had an issue with eating with my teeth, and the fact that my jaw was being pried open for an hour and 2 sets of hands and multiple instruments were clanking around during the procedure. Best part, Doc today says the pain will last 2 more weeks and the bone will just "fall out" on its own and I will spit it out and it will all be just fine. Wait, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY? ....thats what I asked him and he repeated himself. I am not buying it. I want to go and rip this bone or whatever it is out of my skin but he insists it would be a bad idea...any suggestions....
-week 2 of 4 in pain
Jon 20 May 11
Hi there,
I have a very similar issue - I originally thought it was a spot but after squeezing the life out of my face (which has left me with a nasty looking scab!) I have realised it's actually on the INSIDE of my cheek just below my teeth line. It feels about the size of a large pea and if I press my chin from the outside going inwards, it REALLY hurts.
I'm concerned about what it is as I've not had this before - would it be stupid to get it checked by a doctor or could it possibly be an ulcer?
Katy 17 May 11
I went to the dentist to have a crown put on a tooth in the upper left side of my month and about 1 week later I have developed an ulcer on the inside next to the temporary crown, it is VERY swollen and painful, it's been 4 or 5 day's now, my check looks like I am storing food for the winter! Is this caused by the dentist or his tools not being sterilized? anyone???? Thanks Jaycee
Jaycee 11 April 11
Hi there Annick
I went to doctor with sore jaw, very swollen and stiff, just got up that morning and my face looked a bit swollen,I also had a large ulcer in the inside cheek of the same side and it was so painful when I moved my jaw . The swelling was getting worse and I thought it was the ulcer but doctor said usually if the swelling goes back down in 24 hours or even a little longer then it possibly is a blocked saliva gland which can be cause by a build up of tiny particles which is really very painful and worse after eating or drinking. However for myself the following day these little grains were flushed out with the drinking of tea, water etc and my face returned to normal. This is what the doctor said but he also said it can be other things and need to be seen again by doctor if swelling gets worse or face or jaw does not return to normal. Hope this helps someone.
Liz 9 April 11
I got the same symptoms right now. My right jaw is swollen wit a toothache and lttle bumps in the inside of my jaw this is the second time in two weeks that this hapoened to me ive never had this before someone please give me some advice
Annick 9 April 11
I am relieved that i have found this page, as i havent been well for well over 3 weeks, started with food poisoning, then flu and now this, I developed an ulca on the lower left side of my face inside of my lip, It started getting quiet large, larger than what i am used too. all of my cheek an jaw as swelled up and theres a light red rash present also, which my mom said looks like teething rash, My face is painfully sore and my eye also feels heavy, I have used Allergy relief tablets, Co-codamol & Bonjela, I have read that there is no cure to mouth ulcas but i must say Bonjela does do its job to numb the ulcer, for some reason my face is really hot, and the only way i can stop the pain of the swelling is to keep my face warm, for 3 days i had a scarf tied around my face at home to stop the pain. i am so relieved that i have found this page tonight as the last time someone in my family (my mother) had an ulca it was bells pawsy which caused her right eye to sag. i was so worried that this would be the same for me.
Charleigh 23 March 11
I've had severe mouth ulcers since 2004. From the lining of my gums to my tongue, cheeks, lips & throat. It got so bad that I had to see an oral surgeon who placed me on "Medrol". It's a steroid dose pack that speeds up the healing process by 70 - 80%. Without Medrol, I probably would have committed suicide because my outbreaks were coming at least once or twice every month or every-other month.
SaintGhost 7 March 11
I am in major pain at this moment. My lips have been swolllen for three days now and they get getting worse. It feels like I have been Botoxed, My lips are huge, i have ulcers and open sores in my mouth. I cant eat, smile and can barely talk. I went to the hospital and they told me that it had to run its course, because it is a drug reaction. I am in tears and I do not know what to do. Nothing is working everything is worse......
Shari 23 January 11
Feel so much better reading everyone's messages but I was wondering how long the lip swelling lasts for? 5 wks ago i took some penicillin and my bottom lip began to swell. I immediately stopped taking them thinking it was an allergic reaction. A wk or so later my lip looked practically normal then all of a sudden it was up again. This time the top and the bottom lips were swollen. U could'nt tell to look at me. It seems to be the inside of my lips and the top of my bottom lip resembles a hill. My doctor could not figure it out but decided it had nothing to do with the penicillin. I was given antihistamines which made no difference so obviously not an allergy. The inside of my lips were incredibly sore. I used listerine, salt walter, cut down smoking, even changed my cigarette brand and still nothing. I never noticed any ulcers or lumps of any kind until about 4 wks later when i was eating a tomato. My lips started burning then very small white lumps came up. I have health anxiety and nearly had a heart attack with the stress of my ordeal. I went to the dentist who said the small white lumps were ulcers and that the swelling may be a side effect of them. Both my dentist and doctor reassured me that there are no signs of anything sinister but looked clueless for most the part. My dentist told me not to use any mouthwash or salt walter, avoid spicy foods and acidy foods. Thankfully he did'nt blame my cigarettes lol. Basically everything i did to make them better was considered to be making them worse and unhelpful. The dentist told me that if the swelling had not gone down in a few wks then i was to come back and he might refer me the hospital should he not be able to work it out. Its been 5 weeks now and my lips are not as sore as they have been, the ulcers are still there and the swelling seems to be a permanent resident. Has anyone had anything like this and for such a long period of time?

I was extremely anxious about taking the penicillin and am thinking i caused them by stressing out to much. I have had health anxiety for two years now and received theraphy. I had the odd moment were I may have worried too much but I was over it for the best part. This swelling and the fact that my doctor and dentist consider me a medical phenomenoun has undone all my hard work and is only making me more stressed out :(
Gem 16 November 10
I have been plagued with mouth ulcers for years and right now have a massive one on my lower jaw besdide my back molar. The pain is unbelieveable and underneath my chin is all tender and swollen. I also have one on my tongue and it is sore to eat and talk. I'm sick & tired of them. If only someone could discover a cure.
Nuala 19 August 10 19 August 10
I've also got a series of mouth ulcers along the length of my mouth and a swollen face plus headache. It started with eating a B&B breakfast with mushrooms which had freshly ground pepper and not taking my garlic tablets that day. I got a blood blister right along my left hand side in a matter of moments. Blood everywhere as usual - it's like being a kind of vampire. I'm now stuck with the ulcers too. Larissa, thanks for the reminder about the ice - that has helped a lot. I will also buy some Gingigel too. I've tried various things, but not this. Philip - I think you are incredibly brave - or a real glutten for punishment! Good luck to everybody in getting rid of your ulcers!
Pippa 31 July 10
I have had several mouth ulcers in the inside of my bottom lip and my face swelled like a balloon. Putting ice on the area every hald an hour or so seemed to help with the swelling and also the pain.
Larissa 16 July 10
I'm glad I found this page. It has given me some relief & comfort. I have a painful ulcer between my top right gum near my cheek, right close to the jaw bone. I hope it's not mouth cancer. I've been doctoring it a lot. A couple of days ago I brushed over it several times with my toothbrush, causing blood and puss to ooze out. Yuck! I was told by my mom and a friend to never brush over an ulcer, and also to not pick at it, as it will only make it worse. I've been doctoring it with peroxide, mouth wash, and salt water. Heck, here lately I've been rubbing salt directly on it! And if that's not painful enough, I've even gone as far as to dip a cotton swab into a bottle of rubbing alcohol and rub it on the ulcer. Needless to say, it burns like hades! I'll be glad when the darn thing heals.
Philip 15 July 10
I have got a top mouth ulcer now and it has made my cheek swell over my teeth it is stupidly painful. I have been wetting a cotton bud and covering the end in salt and placing that directly over the ulcer. Hurts like hell but it has shrunk a little. I am using bongela too which seems to soothe it. That coupled with Ibprofen I am pretty set in getting rid of it. The worst area to have an ulcer. I am avoiding eating anything that I have to chew for the time being so my teeth do not aggravate it. Hope you're all OK. I have suffered with this one day so far and it has made me miserabe especially at work. I went to the Doctors this morning because I was panicking that it was an abcess. My Doctor dismissed me within 2 minutes of sitting down! Good luck with your Doctors but try my methods. They work!
Kerri 28 June 10
I am so glad I have found this site tonight. I have had a really painful mouth/face for over two weeks, been to the dentist twice (as I thought it was something to do with a filling I had a couple of weeks prior to the problem starting), he says there is nothing wrong, even after x rays. I have now been to the docs twice who has really examined the inside of my mouth, tried anti-biotics, and now says it is "simply" ulcers that are between my top gum and cheek, right up by the jaw line and to buy some bonjela! I could not understand why "simple" mouth ulcers would make my face swell, and my jaw, gums, teeth, throat and ear all hurt like they have been and feared something sinister was going on that both the doctor and dentist were missing. it has been painful and scary enough to make me cry - especially later in the day.
although I usually think my doc is great, in this case I think he was pretty dismissive and thought i was being paranoid. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have read all this tonight!
jackie 22 June 10
All of these messages are very comforting, for I am going through all the same symptoms. When I looked in the mirror, I immediately assumed it was mouth cancer. I looked it up and it matched the symptoms for the most part, but later I looked in the mirror and I put pressure on my swollen jaw. When white/yellow stuff came out I was relieved somewhat. I feel like I should still get it checked considering I'm a heavy smoker and hold a high risk of oral cancer.
Max 6 June 10
I have just been to the Dentist this morning, i have been in agony for 3 days now and the Dentist said i must grind my teeth at night which i,m sure i don,t. As the day has gone on my face has swelled and the roof of my mouth is very painful and my upper gum on the right hand side, i must admit i cannot see anything, as the pain is so severe i am going back to see another Dentist this afternoon and also seeing my Doctor as i cannot manage this pain all weekend i havn,t felt pain like this in all my life its that bad it has made me cry. Just hoping it will get sorted today.
Tina Brown 7 May 10
The face swelling and the ulcer itself could be due to stress. Are you feeling very stressed about anything.

Ulcers can appear due to high levels of stress and the swelling can be a side effect. You need to treat the stress symptons in order to sort the ulcer. Otherwise it will keep returning as happened to me.
Paul 20 April 10
I am recovering from the same thing. Ulcers on my tongue and gums (near where the new crowns are) , also my lower lip is huge. Kinda like on the movie Hitch. Puffy red rash on my chin. This is the third time that this has happened to me. Since I had my teeth cleaned at the same time. The hygienist touches my chin and lip to open my mouth while cleaning. We have discovered that itís the Latex gloves. Have them use the non-latex next time.
jeff 25 January 07
Iíve got almost the exact same symptoms. At the back of my lower jaw, each side Iíve got a white inflammation that almost looks like a blister. Tried taking Curasept for a couple of week, but problem hasnít cleared up. Will have to give Gengigel a try.
Chris 11 January 07
right now my lips are swollen with ulcers. i look like ive had botox and have a super pout. if it wasnít for the pain id be pretty chuffed!
ed 10 January 07
hi, my face also swells up when i get mouth ulcers between the top gum and cheek. I use gengigel which seems to clear them up.
bethany 5 January 07
Hi jenifer yes i also get great swelling on my face and my teeth hurt like hell but my dentist said nothing wrong with my teeth.It also makes my gums swell and ears ache and my jaw is so stiff ,im goin to try to order the canker covers mail order only . I have had hundreds of tests done and mri scans even lumber puncture to find out the problem all come back with negative answers at the end of my tether to so be assured your not on your own ! Regards suzane
suzanne 2 January 07
Any advice would be most appreciated. I had dental work done about a week ago. It went fine, no big deal..just putting in two permanent crowns. About 6 days later (yesterday) I started feeling a pain that felt almost like a blister in my mouth. It was at the back of my lower jaw. If you follow my two bottom back teeth from top to gumline, - right where it meets my cheek it has a deep crevice that is whitish yellow on top and goes crazy when I rinse with peroxide, lighting up neon yellow and over an inch long. The strangest thing is that my the dental work was done on the two UPPER teet, crowns on the back two top teeth on left. But that dental work didnít touch this area as far as I know. My face got enormously swllen yesterday, like I was harboring a giant jaw breaker in my cheek. Despite it being Saturday night, I felt too hideous (and in far too much pain) to go out. My dentist called in keflex and 4 tylenols with codeine today. Only 4! I couldnít f****ing believe it! They barely help anyway. Iím just worried that my jaw is so swollen...itís better than yesterday at least, but still very noticeable. On everything Iíve researched on the internet (because Iíve never had a mouth ulcer before) there is nothing I can find that mentions swelling of the face. My entire jaw bone beneath the ulcerated area is very painful too; like I took a mean punch in the face by a mack truck! Would love to hear back from anybody with any knowledge on the swelling issue. My brain can get carried away with fear...especially since my syptoms also match those described as leukoplatia. Any words of wisdow are greatly welcomed. Thank you!
Jennifer 31 July 06

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