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I have had mouth ulcers on and off my entire life. This last time, I have a very large one on my tongue, and one in the valley of my cheek, where it touches my gum. The large one extends so far back, I feel it in my ear. It is a very deep pain, and it makes it difficult to do anything: talk, eat, concentrate, just anything. I have been taking Advil, 800mgs every 4 or 5 hours, and it mutes the pain enough to allow me to sleep, but it is 4:42 AM, and the pain just woke me up. Time for more IBU.
Sometimes, I am convinced that they are rooted in the toothpaste that I have used in the past. This time, I am really at a loss. This is the biggest one I have ever had, and it hurts like the dickens.
I hope everyone on here finds the cure that they needs. Lord knows mine is many years overdue.
Gerry 15 September 18
I am actually relieved to find there are symptoms to what I feel like I'm experiencing. I ate the skin of an orange which I enjoy eating and within hours I had developed like burns on my gums. So what I am doing to help with the pain is using Maalox as a mouthwash and a swish and I hold the Maalox in and around where the burn feeling feels and it gives a coating over the area for relief. I wondered if my earache was from the ulcered/ burned area. MAALOX a great help-also holding hot water as hot as I'm able to stand helps
Cindy 1 February 18
I have a mouth ulcer...due to this I have a pain in l feel pain while swallowing.. Plz suggest any remedy?
reeta 10 December 17
Iíve constantly had mouth ulcers since childhood (Now 32) thereís rarely been a time when I didnít have at least one but most of the time I have multiple on the go. The worse places to get them are on the tongue, the inside of the bottom lip (a common place for me) and in the throat. When I get one in the throat it can cause cold/flu like symptoms for up to a week. For the third time in my life I have vertigo and sickness related to a mouth ulcer on my throat which has led to an ear infection. I have given up smoking and drinking but it seems to have made no difference.
Dan 22 November 17
Hello I have a question that I have a mouth ulcer from 6 weeks and I hav enlarged lymph nodes and ear aches and my face area aches and my neck stiffness pain and my gum swollen what could it be any idea iam so worried and couldn't sleep and eat well because of tension that I might not have any mouth cancer
Pinky 14 September 17
Hi everyone. I recently have been having tooth sensitivity and gum tenderness.. in the meantime, i developed an ulcer that is located in my upper left lip. I didn't realize this and thought I could have had a tooth infection because it was such excrutiating pain. Went to the dentist and he said it probably is coming from this ulcer so prescribed me some ointment. While the horrible pain has subsided, I now can feel some pain in 2 teeth that are below it. They already have fillings so not sure if it is from the teeth or referred pain from the ulcer. I'm also having some ear pain on that side too. This is so confusing because I never realized ulcers can cause this much pain as I've had small cankor sores before and felt fine. Not sure if i should go right back to the dentist. I already had been there 2 times for this problem and feel sort of stupid for not really understanding where all this pain is stemming from.
Annmarie 7 September 16
You should try using RAW apple cider vinegar with the mother culture. mix 2 table spoons in a half glass of warm filtered water. If I feel myself getting sick or getting a slight fever It kills it... I works much better on healing mouth sore that any mouthwash and it is a natural antibacterial and anti biotic... Hope this help you....
Justalady 18 August 16
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers since childhood and frequently spend many hours online searching for new ideas for anything that may help to relieve them. My worst case was one Christmas where within a few hours I had developed 30 ulcers throughout my mouth and throat. Other times it is just 2-3 large ulcers. I work for a dentist and sometimes the pain is so bad that she will inject me with local anaesthetic to get me through the day. I came across this blog today as I have been trying to determine if tender glands, earache and
and heat in my cheek is normal when you have an ulcer on the buccal side of the jaw... and it appears it is. I am curious to know if anyone has used silver nitrate sticks? If so, did they work for you?
Dianna 29 June 16
I get these large ulcers in my throat, under my tongue, and the back of the roof of my mouth. The hurt very bad as most hav described. Going to the Zdoctor and getting steroids is one way to treat them. The medicated mouthwash helps too. However, for a more accessible immediate remedy I brush every time I eat and use Listerine Everytime. If for some reason it just starts hurting I use the Listerine again. This seems to get rid of them in about 2-3 days and provides much relief while healing.
Kimberly. 26 June 2016 27 June 16
I have been suffering from canker sores off and on for the last two years. I discovered that using SLS free toothpaste helps me tremendously. Unfortunately I bought some mouthwash recently and really didn't take into consideration that SLS would be in it. Needless to say I now have two mouth ulcers, one of which is in the back of my mouth on my gum line and is causing me severe ear pain :( I won't be using the mouthwash anymore and hope that I won't get any more of these very painful ulcers.
Polly 17 March 16
I've never had a mouth ulcer in the back of my throat before. This one came about 4 days ago. It's sitting on my left tonsil and it hurts terribly. Pain down my neck, pain in my cheek and around my ear it's horrible. The doctor gave me an antibiotic and some magic mouth wash....the antibiotics aren't working is there anything else I can do? And when is it going to go away??
megan 18 May 15
I have an ulcer in the back of my throat by my tonsils this morning I woke up with an earache too. I can't get in to see a doctor until next month do you think I should go to the ER?
Jacqueline 14 April 15
Donny, if you never had ulcers before, you could ask your GP for a short high dose treatment (7-10 days, 30mg a day) of prednisone tablets, this for me was the only cure to get rid of the large ulcers (within 10 days) when I fist got them, over time however (and after several prednisone treatments, the prednisone did not worked anymore for me. About the jaw/ear-ache, I have this everytime I get a large ulcer somewhere on the side and in the back of my mouth.
Rob 9 April 15
Hi everyone. I'm 62 yrs young and thought I was a picture of health. I was diagnosed in October 2014 of a tongue tumor at the base of my tongue and cancer of limph nodes in my neck. I received 3 treatments of cisplatin and 35 treatments of radiation. I still have a really dry mouth at times. I can taste my food which I consider a blessing. Jan 6th 2015 was my last radiation treatment. I went before the Tumor board and was told that my pet and cat scan went well with a great response, (no cancer was detected). I've been doing pretty well using my food peg everyday for my food intake as well as trying to eat soft foods. about a month ago, it seems that I developed a ulcer at the base of my tongue where the tumor had been. The doctor's didn't seem to worried about it and said it would take some time to heal. I'm ok with the pain of swallowing food but I'm really struggling with ear pain and some jaw pain on the same side of the ulcer. Can anyone tell me what I can use until the ulcer is healed. Is there anyway I can speed up the healing or is it just time?. I've been living ibuprofen and Tylenol with an occasional oxycodone when I really struggle. But I would really appreciate any help. I do like reading all the messages and thankful for all the sharing. I feel so blessed and still in the hand's of our Great Physician.
Donny 21 March 15
Hi guys, many times these issues are due to the MU's combined with the nerve pain that follows. the back/side of your mouth is connected to many nerves some of which go through the ears, jaw, and neck. when these nerves become over stimulated due to inflamation it can cause pain in any of these areas even the scalp. Once the nerve becomes to active it also causes the muscles in the skull/neck and jaw to become very tight further aggravating the issues. Hope this helps, of course you should still see a family Doc etc just in case it isnt something more serious/ life threatening
Cody 10 March 15
Thank you all for sharing...found this site after waking again with ulcers in roof of mouth , accompanied by earache and stuffy nose on the same side. I get cold sores and thought it was cross contamination from previously healed sore in the corner of my mouth.

Answer? Not sure, but going to return to taking lysine, iron, and vitamin with zinc daily, and get more rest. Like cold sores, I think it was my bodies response to increased stress and decrease in rest and healthy eating habits that include lots of green veggies. I just can't keep chewing gum all day to mask the smell of infection I smell with these things in my mouth!...good luck everyone.
BackToHealthyHabits 8 February 15
I have suffered with MU pretty much all my life, (I'm 41 now) and in the last couple of years I have been getting a MU in the exact same spot in my mouth every few months. It is also accompanied with earache, sore throat, eye pain and scalp pain on the same side as the MU. Sometimes my face will get red on that side as well. It always goes away when the sore goes away. I wish I knew what to do. Any suggestions?
shay 4 December 14
I have one small ulcer where my tongue starts left hand side I also have a sore ear on same side went to doctor
margaret morrison 25 September 14
I went to the doc I was running fever for three days 103.6 got so sick thought I had strep throat got to the doc discovered I had two big white ulsers in the back of my throat he gave me a lo dosage shot a steroid shot the next day I felt like a different person and he gave me a prescription of maxi mouthwash
Tammy 11 August 14
My mouth sore started as a blood blister that popped up within 30 seconds of eating vegtables. I've gotten these blood blisters a hand full of times but never had a sore this bad. The pain was like glass scraping d no matter what I did it got worse. Water, talking, food, tea, everything hurt. I could feel it in my ear and eyes and even nose. It is slowly getting better. The best help was Magic's a perscription! Also no hard foo, acidic foods, and use a straw.
Lexi 25 June 14
I currently have a cancker sore on the back of my throat on the right side. It is painful to eat anything from soup to crackers
To a sandwhich or even drink water. It is also making my right ear feel like it is on fire. I have felt this way for three days or so. What can I do to help alleviate some of the pain and when can I expect it to subside or when should I see a doctor?
Pamela 8 June 14
Hi, so awesome to have found this site. It brings me to tears that so ma many pple are suffering as I. In having acute ear troubles and sinusitis problems too. I was diagnosed with cancer in early 2014. As a result of treatment many things hunt me. In just now getting rashes and mouth ulcers. My gums remains open after tooth decaying and there isn't a dentist in town or the world who will touch me. I feel trapped by all these diagnoses and remedies that just don't work. However, I have two beautiful children to raise and live for.
Latisha (almost 33) 14 January 14
Hello everyone and what a relief to have found you. I have been getitng ulcers at the back of my throat (mostly the right side) for the past nine months. I have also had ear and shoulder pain on the same side, as well as a temperature and head aches. I've been to the doctor but he has no idea what the cause is, just thinks is related to a viral infect, I'm now waiting for a referral to ENT. I do suffer migraines which are linked to my menstrual cycle so will definitely be keeping a diary now in case the ulcers are also connected.
Jane 16 December 13
The relationship with stress is clear to me as when I was working in the Special Care Baby Unit is the only time I was Suicidal with them, unable to swallow my own spit let alone eat or speak.Nowadays merely excruciating.
Deb 7 December 13
Hi all, yes Mary, we all have the ulcers, & many of us have that referred ear pain - I was on my way to a walk- in clinic-my ear pain was severe, so this was my 1st time using the computer to find help & I find all of you! I had a steroid inhaler ( sprayed the mu) thank you Emily, hope all are better soon!
Jill 31 July 13
Turns out it was just a mouth ulcer that way located waaaaaay at the back of my tongue (cannot be seen and too far down to reach). The pain went away within a week, just like when I get canker sores in the mouth.
Zoeoeoe 29 April 13
Look up coxasackie virus just had it awful canker sores fatigue
Rachel 17 April 13
Hi, two nights ago I began having a strange type of pain under my tongue on the right side at the base of the mouth - the pain feels similar to a sore throat, but my throat isn't sore. I don't have a fever or swollen lymph glands. The pain hasn't gotten worse but it hasn't gone away.

I can only feel the pain if I move the tongue up. My throat doesn't have any swelling or redness or whiteness, my voice is still the same, ears are fine and gums are fine.

I tried prodding the right base of the mouth and tongue with a cotton bud and the pain is nowhere to be found. I can only feel it when I move my tongue, but when I press the base of the tongue it does not hurt at all.

Could this be a tiny canker sore at the very back of my mouth? I can't see it because the pain is so far back.
Zoeoeoe 12 April 13
I have a bad sore in the left side of my mouth. I am assuming after reading evetyones post that it must be a mouth ulcer. I am also experiencing severe ear pain. I went to the dr and she was dumb founded. I am over here thinking I have mouth cancer. These dr need to get it together. I am just learning to live with the pain when i eat and hope it goes away soon. Thanks everyone for your posts
Katie 31 March 13
The only thing I've found that helped mine is Kenalog. It's a paste that is applied directly. Helps it to heal faster too. The day after I found this I could eat for the first time in 4 days! Hope this helps.
Anni 16 March 13
I am suffering from mouth ulcers, earache, my skin is awful, feelings of hot & coldness & a raging thirst.
jo 10 March 13
I have currently got a huge mouth ulcer on the inside of my cheek towards the back. The pain it is causing at the site of the ulcer and in my right ear is excruciating. I have been in constant acute pain now for 5 days and it is getting me down. I have been taking strong painkillers and anaesthetic liquid in the hope of some relief but neither has worked. Went to the docs yesterday and he prescribed antibiotics. Took two yesterday and they made me really sick! I am at the end of my tether with it and wish I could hibernate in bed until all the pain has gone, but with 2 young children to see to and work this isn't an option.
Lisa 9 March 13
Thank you SO much for this amazing site. I just finished two rounds of antibiotics for sinusitis a day ago. The second round was Doxycycline - a known side effect is mouth ulcers. I was so concentrated on getting rid of the sinus symptoms that I ignored the tingling feelings in my tongue, then tickling/itchy and before I knew it, it was downright sore. No doubt a result of the antibiotic but I now have agonizing ulcers all down the left hand side of my tongue and back into my throat and I can barely eat or speak. I also have painful feelings in the back of my left ear - again! This was also a symptom of the sinusitis before I even had the ulcers! It is all clearly very closely linked together. The sinus infection seems to be gone (the distinctive unpleasant smell has gone) but now there is a kind of sour smell in its place. In between flushing my sinuses out with warm saline solution through a neti pot (something which is definitely helping keep any recurrence of a bacterial infection in my sinuses at bay) I am swishing baking soda and salt gargle around and trying to hold out until the pain and stinging subsides. The pharmacy gave me Hydrocortisone but I think I'll stick to natural remedies for now. Steroid treatments can cause oral thrush and I think I've had enough stuff at this point! By the way - myrrh - though it really stinks - really works to numb down the pain. It's apparently best used as a tincture (mixed with a bit of brandy or whatever) but I just dabbed the essential oil straight onto the ulcers and it worked. Nothing like rediscovering a very old treatment!
Ingrid Arthurs 12 December 12
I'm so glad to have found this site. I have been to A&E twice and really fed up! First of all I was given antibiotics then told it was a blister and give anti inflammatory spray. Have been using that which does ease the pain. However, it there still seems to be a canker sore on the right tonsil and pain in my ear. I honesty broke down today because of the pain it causing me, I don't even feel like speaking and feel very irritable! Please can someone tell me how I can get rid of this? Thanks a million in advance!

Sara 28 October 12
I regularly get MU, on my tongue, lips and under tongue, and have done for years but this time the one under my tongue is getting bigger and bigger and i am getting excruciating pain in one ear and bad headaches. Its getting too painful to eat :(
Danielle 15 August 12
Yesterday I woke up to pain on the left side of my tongue and the pain went towards the back of my ear, and from time to time I would get sharp pain that would shoot up to my head, I do not know what it is, I did see a small white soar like when you bite your tongue or cheek on the left side of my tongue, It hurt so much to just rest my tongue on the left side, it was soar, but most of all I could not open my mouth to speak, I felt like I had a cold and an earache, today is day two and I am feeling the pain shoot on and off towards the back of my head and near my ear, I don't know if I should go to my Dr. or my dentist because I know I do grind my teeth at night when I sleep so I don't know if I bite my tongue and/or if I am having gum disease since I was told that I did the last time I was there. Please email me a response as to what I could take and do I do not have the patience to read all the post's above I have too much pain, I think in the meantime I will take some motrin. ~ Laura :( Please email me at
Laura Samaniego 6 April 12
i have always suffered from mouth ulcers but the last 18 months these have developed into canker sores. I now have one after another and they are always extremely painful and last about 3 weeks. When they finally go another appears in its place. I currently have a really sore one under my tongue which has caused earache and is keeping me awake at night. I went to the drs and had my blood tests done to check for various problems but nothing was found. I also have had swollen glands in my groin for a similar amount of time and wonder if this is related.
Helen 20 March 12
Ear ache for me goes hand in hand with my mouth ulcers when they occur at the back of my throat, or roof of the mouth. I use the canker melts (sold on this site), which are the best thing in my book to stop the pain, and aid healing.
Jo 18 March 12
Agony does not even closely describe these horrible things I get from time to time. This one is under my tongue and constantly pressing against my teeth which feels like i am chewing a razor blade. Although i went to see my dad yesterday and ended up having a few pints of guinness and a couple of ciggies and within one hour all pain had completely gone and i was so happy. Foolishly to celebrate i got quite drunk and woke up this morning only to find the ulcer back with a vengence... am so in pain it's killing me. Reckon a couple pints not more of guiness does help though as it is packed with Iron. Am also drinking about a dozen actimels as cant get anything solid down my neck and taking nurofen extra strong painkillers cordosol and bonjela.... just have to wait it out and watch my diet in the future, this is madness
William 17 March 12
A few days ago I suddenly got this sharp pain in my ear which came on suddenlyW, as mentioned above it was like a sharp shooting pain that came and went every few minutes. The next day I thought I felt a sore throat coming on and as I already had a cold 2weeks before I thought it was odd. However , the pain was only on one side of my throat so with closer inspection I realised I had a mouth ulcer. I have suffered with them in the past but this is the worse one as its in my throat and it is very difficult to swallow and eat . It's a constant pain and I don't even feel like talking with it as it hurts so much. The pain has had me close to tears. I have now had it almost 4 or 5 days. A pharmacist gave me Merocaine mouth lozengers and said if its not better in 3 days go see my doctor. I have also washed mouth with salt water but it only helps for about 10 minutes and then the pain is back again. I also feel dizzy and headachy with it. Just wondering if there is much point in going to see my doctor with this??....
Ash 7 January 12
Just as a warning i too have awful MU, about 22 in total, and earache, and a swollen lymph mode, i have lost my hearing too. I have had a persistent MU at the back of my mouth for about 6 weeks, had antibiotics, anti-viral, steroids & the strongest painkillers. I amNow off to see the maxo oncologist on tuesday for further tests, please please if you have the worst MU please
Go and see it GP.

JJ aged 33 29 December 11
Soooo glad to have found this page as i thought i was he only one that suffered this badly! Have history of constant MU's and currently have huge ulcer at back of throat and several small ones inside lips and roof of mouth. Also exruciating earache.(hence the reason i am up at 4am googling mouth ulcers!) Has been impossible to eat, which is not good on Christmas day! Have also felt hot, achy, clammy, dizzy and fatigued. Was interesting to hear of them coinciding with menstrul cycles/hormonal change. Will def start to keep note of timing of outbreaks. I use sls free toothpaste, take zinc/multivits and find Igloo paste, painklillers and antiseptic mouthwash help in the short term. Will also be trying some of the other suggestions mentioned above. Have been to doctor several times but they never seem to takeit very seriously or realise how debilitating and depressing it can be. My heart sinks when i feel one coming and i know they never come on their own so its potentially weeks of suffering.Sleep, social lfe, diet and sexlife are all affected when an outbreak occurs. I pray that some of your sugestions help me-Thank you in anticipation!
Lisa 27 December 11
I'm at the end of my tether with my chronic ulcers. I haven't been without them since 5 months ago and I've tried everything. It's now boxing day and I'm having to go to the emergency hospital clinic because I woke up and my lips were stuck together with pus. I'm trying to get some antibiotics to see if all of my ulcers will go away. I have at least 10 at a time, some being up to 2cm. I get referred pain to my ear all the time and the only thing that temporarily helps is popping your ears.
Sally 26 December 11
I have a very inflamed canker sore at the back of my throat (by tonsils) and started getting an earache. After reading this blog, I figured it was just the inflammation putting pressure on my ear and making it feel like an ear infection. I went to the pharmacy and was told that canker sores are sometimes caused by eating acidic foods or caused by stress. I have had them since I was a child and never understood why I was getting them...I doubt I had stress as a child so I'm thinking it was the constant acidic foods and candy I was eating. :)
Bella 18 December 11
Thank you for your stories ladies. :) I now have one mu on the back right side of my throat. For a little bit there I thought it went away but then a very bad "jaw"/ear pain occurred. Excruciating. Looked back at my throat again and it was there and little bit bigger. I'm now taking lysine/ibuprofen/probiotics and oregano oil. I'm also interested in looking into removing gluten from my diet along with dairy. More specifically, Paleo/Primal lifestyle is what my goal is.
ella 14 December 11
Try suggestion here for occasional mouth ulcers.
rani 29 November 11
Has anyone looked into this being shingles outbreak? I recently was doing yet more searching after two months in a row with symptoms, the last couple weeks got severe flu like sypmtoms accompanied it again. This occured after beginning exercise and an unusally high increase in activity in general. Seems to fit what I have read about shingles on one side of the mouth or face, including the ear involvment.
Jen 29 November 11
I began getting mouth ulcers and swollen gums accompanied by the worst earaches a person can have after having a wisdom tooth pulled and developing and unknown infection at the injection sites for the novicane. The infection spread into my head, jaw, and neck. I was unable to open my mouth all the way for about 6 months after, due to muscle issues. Since then, about 8 years, I have sores that begin only on that side of my mouth, my gums will swell in very localized areas, and I will have terrific ear pain/ throat pain. I can feel it all the way down the back of my throat begining where I was given the shots. When I swallow I can feel it all the way down my throat. It is about every two months and each instance lasts about a week but I can feel it when it is coming on, before it is what I would call active, I get a funny feeling in my mouth. I also get very sensitive on my head, my skin hurts if a single piece of hair touches my face, I can't brush my hair and it feels like a line is drawn down my head at my nose where the pain starts and stops on each side. I have been to the doc many times with no solution, only that i coudl have an inner ear infection and should take sudafed to clear the passages. When i have asked dentists they just try to get me to buy $500 bite gaurds saying I must be having pain from grinding my teeth. I also have celiac but and gluten free for 3 years but that has not helped it.
Jen 16 November 11
I too have a single mouth ulcer next to my rear teeth (near wisdom teeth). When I eat, I have sharp bursts of pain that radiate through my jaw and to my ear. Also, the pressure point near my earlobe is very sensitive at the same time. The ulcer's only been there for about five days so I'm hoping it will go away. It's reassuring to see so many others with a similar thing.
Side note: I used to get mouth ulcers very often. Then I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and since switching to a gluten free diet, I now hardly ever get ulcers.
Luke 29 y.o. 30 July 11
I have also gotten ear pain when I have a sore at the back of my throat and to one side. The pain in my ear is a sharp shooting pain as though somebody is stabbing my ear with a knife. The pain isn't constant, will come and go but when it does happen it makes me wince it's so bad.

I've also been a long time sufferer of canker sores which started when I was a child. Granted I don't get as many now as an adult.
Lyn 30 July 11
I have a sore at the back of my mouth on the right side. My right ear has also been hurting. When I first noticed the pain I thought I was just getting a sore throat with swollen glands, but after using a flashlight to look in the back of my throat I noticed there is an actual sore there. It is way back behind my wisdom teeth along my lower jaw. I am starting to get a little freaked out because I've never had anything like this before.
Missy age 40 July 2011 12 July 11
hi i would just like say this is my second time its so painful to the point that i am in tears, its on the right side along my gums ,the side of my tongue and down my throat and i get earache too . I would very much like to know the reasons why i get this
linda age 46yrs 28 June 11
You are definitely not alone! I've been suffering from throat ulcers only for about a year now, but i get them very often. I haven't gotten ulcers in my mouth, just my throat, but yes-I get severe ear pain when these come along!
Amy 17 May 11
I have mouth and throat ulcers once in a while for past 15 years (I am 38 now) but they were not much severe. 3 years back I was diagnosed with GERD when I had throat ulcers for almost 2-3 months. I am on medication since then but whenever I eat spicy food or something like that, immediately I get throat and mouth ulcers which last for 3-4 days. Sometimes I notice slight earache too. I am pretty sure my ulcers are caused by the acids flown back into my throat and mouth when I sleep. Now I am at a point, I can exactly predict a day before they occur, after I eat large/late/spicy dinners.
Kumar 12 May 11
i have always suffered from cankersores but have recently started getting MU's on my tongue. currently have one under my tongue which is causing swollen gland and severe ear pain. doc put me on antibiotics but have not had much relief yet. ibuprofen does seem to help as well as hot compresses on my ear and neck. take L-Lysine but with this onset, not sure it is working or maybe not taking enough.
Beth 5 May 11
I have about 4 MU's on my tonsil on the right hand side, although my doctor told me I had tonsillitis, and didn't prescribe any anti-bioctics, just said it would get better in a few days, that was 3 days ago. however, I don't have a fever or a rash, I have chronic ear ache which I have had for about 5 days now, I have also developed another huge MU on my lower part of my bottom lip. What can I do to get rid of the earache? It's so painful.
As for MU's I've always used bonjela which I find does help, also with chloraseptic mouth and throat spray, which has an anaesthetic.
Any suggestions on helping my ear ache are much much appreciated.

Kirsty 23 April 11
I have found that mouth ulcers occur when you are run down. Particularly around menstrual cycles. When the body is out of balance. I have used silver nitrate sticks in the past, Amosan & hydrogen peroxide solutions used as mouth washes. These all cure the symptoms and do work. You need to focus on the root cause. I have found that having a Zinc tablet when I feel an ulcer coming often helps to fight it off. Drinking drains zinc from our bodies. Eating a diet that is balanced and contains foods with zinc, exercising and not over stressing the body with alot of late nights and variable sleep patterns gives as the strength to fight the ulcers. In Australia, our food does not have much zinc as there is little zinc in the soil where our food grows. In this case we need to supplement, particularly if we like a glass of wine at night. Do not rely on vitamins to replace a healthy diet. There is too much in each tablet. We don't need it all and it can lead to cancer. Read up on vitamin B.
Julie 17 March 11
Oh god, i just got my first MUs attack a month ago and i still have it. The doctor said that i was pretty much imagining because according to him the ulcers in my mouth did not exist. i have lost hope in finding a knowledgeable doctor that can help me. i am glad i found this site as it makes my situation a little more bearable. I have a bad anxiety problem, which has played a major role in the occurrence of the ulcers as wells as the hormonal changes my body goes through before my period. Has anybody else noticed if extreme stress triggers an outbreak?
joana 10 March 11
Hey, im 17 and ive been suffering with mouth ulcers since i was about 10. they cause me so much pain and upset that im almost in tears sometimes. My worst is at the moment having ulcers at the back of my mouth on the side of my gums, its causing me so much pain as it is giving me chronic earache. I went to the walk in doctors over the weekend as i couldnt cope, and the doctor said I have tonsilitis. however, i suffer from tonsilitis alot, and i know for a fact this isnt tonsilitis. Anyone got any advice they can give me to ease the pain as it is really killing me!
stacey 13 February 11
Hi, I'm 49 female and do not think its hormonal, I've had the mu for as long as i can remember BUT not like these last 2 outbreaks, Ist one came after a bout of Sinus (antibiotics) and using Sensodyne Total Care Gel it felt like it burn't my mouth, swollen glands, earache and just feeling like rubbish Dr. gave antibiotics mu cleared in about 5 days 3 days later I'm now on 2nd outbreak just as bad, the worst ones are on the side and under the tongue, salt water mouth rinse really helps..cheers
Karen 5 February 11
Hi everyone, I am 51 and have suffured with chronic mouth ulcers on and off/ mainly on for the past year and a half and have put it down to my change, which I hit when I was 50, stress, started a 3 year degree course at this time and food allergies. Having a bad bout this week, ate some home made chilli con carne and then drunk alcohol last weekend. I felt ulcers coming up as soon as I took first mouthful of chili so stoped eating it - but it was too late....... Inside lip ulcers and massive one under tongue which is giving me fatigue, fever, headaches sore throat and earache. not well at all. Got hospital appointment this week after 4 months wait. fingers crossed they will help me. I use Chordosyl mouth and ibufuren tabs which give me some relief.,,,,, Cant eat chili, tomatos, have fizzy drinks or alcohol among lots of other stuff I am still working out what!!!! feeling miserable but happy to have found this site, I am not alone and can try some of your other suggested remedies.. Thanks
Ellen, England 5 February 11
That's interesting about the Cankermelts, I will look into stocking the brown ones again.
Dom Walton 17 December 10
I have celiac disease and suffer terrible mouth ulcers any time I accidentally eat something with wheat gluten. I also get ear aches, fevers, swollen glands and headaches. I found something that worked EXTREMELY well, until they changed their formula. It was Cankermelts. The main ingredient is licorice root extract. Then they changed it and they use less licorice root and now they don't work at all. What I do now is I buy licorice root extract capsules. I open them and mix with licorice root extract liquid and a tiny bit of water to make a paste. I put it on the ulcers in the morning as I'm getting ready for work and at night before bed. If it wasn't so messy, I'd do it 3 times, but I'm at work all day. It really helps a lot. Licorice root takes down swelling, therefore heals the sores and relieves the pain. If you can find the brown cankermelts, definitely try them out. They're a little hard to use, but SO worth it. Stay away from the clear ones. Waste of money.
Lisa M 17 December 10
I'm so glad to hear all of your symptoms which sound so similar to mine! I've had mouth ulcers since I was young, and only recently have found that when I have an outbreak of MUs (which I do now), I often have swollen glands on the same side, just under my ear and on the side of my neck, and an ear ache, and intense headaches. I also have a history of chronic sinus infections, and I'm wondering if I'm now suffering also from a sinus infection, although don't have all the typical symptoms of congestion, runny nose, etc. I do have some facial pain, but I wonder if that referred from the MU's. I primarily have MUs on the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. So far, only ibuprofen seems to help these symptoms, and only lessens them but they don't go away. Anyone have similar symptoms and any suggestions? And Veronica, I too would be interested to hear if the results came back confirming that it is/was Mono. Thanks!
Kathy 05 November 10
Kathy T. 6 November 10
Look at the answers about Vegemite. It is yeast that is the answer for sure.
When I was at boarding school I suffered terribly wih mouth ulcers that always lasted quite a long while, and my infirmarian nun at the school made me eat a block of live yeast every day, which made me feel quite sick. the block was about 2" by 1" sqare, but I have to say that it evenutually cured my mouth ulcers for good and I have not ever had one since.
NIcola Devlin 31 August 10
What were the results when checked for Mono?
Heidi 31 August 10
I have the same thing. Mouth sores on my inner cheek and enlarged lymph node on the same side(right).
It makes it feel like it is my ear but it is my lymph node. My doctor thinks I have Mono. But I won't have results for a couple days.
Veronica 35 12 July 10
I am 30 years old and have been getting mouth ulcers for years. Initially, I thought they were caused by indents from my slightly misaligned teeth as they would suddenly appear on my tongue in the mornings especially when I suspected I was clenching my jaw during the night. However, very occasionally, I would get a very uncomfortable ulcer on the back of my throat. I've had one now for 3 days which has started to make me feel feverish and fatigued. I have never treated them with antibiotics but with plenty of rest, liquids, anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and keeping the mouth area clean with mouthwash, vigorous brushing of teeth and gargling salt water. I too believe they are brought on, like many ailments, by stress and usually follow a cold or a period of either over work or over play.
Chris 8 July 10
Just started down this road myself (past 2 months or so). Has anyone tried the homeopathic medicine (Borax 6C) along with lysine?
Karen 17 June 10
This may sound odd but when you get mouth ulcers do your tongue become a sort of greyish colour? It always happens me...and once they've gone, my tongue reverts back to its normal healthy colour!
Sara 31 May 10
I have a 2 mouth ulcers in the very back of my mouth right now. It seems like every time I look at them in the mirror, they just get bigger and bigger. I have never experienced this before. I have had canker sores but those were tiny and easier to manage. I also have an awful earache on the same side that my sores are located. I have a feeling this is hormonal. Either that or strep throat(?)
Tara 31 May 10
Hi there fellow sufferers - so glad I stumbled across this website. I too suffer from chronic mouth ulcers, the worst being at the back of my tongue. When I get ulcers there I always get referred earache - I say earache - what I mean is absolutely excruciating "shoot me now" ear pain. My doc is brilliant and told me the answer is to treat the ulcers and the ear pain will stop. He prescribed me a Beclometasone Inhaler (for Asthma). As it is a steroid spray it reaches the areas you can't possibly reach by normal means. I am also taking Corlan Pellets. These are tiny steroid pellets you put in your mouth as near to the ulcers as possible and let them dissolve. I use both of these meds whenever I get the ulcer "tingles" and it stops them dead. Hope this is of help to you all. Emily
Emily 30 May 10
It's nice to know there are otehr people that feel this pain! I am 34 and have suffered from them since I was 3 years old. However, for the past 10 weeks I have had a continuous outbreak. As soon as 4 or 5 heal, they are immediately's miserable. I have tried everything from antibiotics, prednisone, gels, creams, herbal remedies, changing my diet, special toothpastes etc...sometimes a shot of steroids help to heal them ( or should I say they seem to heal faster) but lidocaine is the only thing that helps the pain, and even then for only a few minutes. Incidentaly, I went to a cosmetic dentist that saw I had a huge one in the top of my mouth and asked if he could use a laser on it free of charge...I was skeptical but let him do it and the mouth ulcer was completely gone when I walked out and he was right, I haven't gotten one in that exact spot since. Miracle cure but who can afford to have 10 and 12 sores "laser'd" at one time? I sure can't? I also get referred pain very often ( ears, jaw etc...)
KG 17 May 10
*I'm over here about to lose it from the pain. I have the biggest ulcer I've ever had, and it happens to be sitting on my gums where my impacted tooth won't completely grow in. My throat, and ear are killing me. I've birthed children with slightly less aggravation. I've been searching page after page wondering if I have something more serious. The only thing that helps is Ibuprofen, and that only takes the pain from my ear, and throat. The ulcer itself doesn't stop hurting. I've been getting these things about half of my life, and they certainly are coincide with my menstrual cycle. However, the frequency increased when I was pregnant with my third child. When I first started noticing a pattern I looked up potential causes, and I read somewhere that the drop in iron levels (which often women experience during menstruation) is one cause, not hormones.
Kiara 28 March 10
Hi everyone, this is my first time to contribute, i just bumped into this website. Iam now in my third mouth ulcer!!!its painful and stessing to say the least!!it also caused me to have an earache. its at the back of my mouth, at the upper part of the ulva(soft palate). any suggestion pls write to
James Kamau 9 March 10
Hi everyone. Ive been getting ulcers since i was about 7(im now 18). It runs in my family but i dont think anyone gets them as bad as me. Ive lost count the amount of times ive been in tears due to the pain. Its so frustrating because hardly anything gets rid of the pain. I have found one 'miracle' gel though that has helped me alot in the past, its called Medijel and you can buy it from Lloyds pharmacy in the UK. I dont know why but it gets rid of all the pain very quickly and is one of the only gels that actually works for me. The only downside is the relief is short lived but at least it stops hurting for a while!
Im messaging on this page though because my ulcers almost always cause ear aches. I have an ulcer on the side of my tongue at the moment which is tiny but causing so much pain. Ive also had a sore ear all day. Ive been so grumpy today and its very hard to explain to people that just one little ulcer can make you feel so horrible. You cant eat, can barely drink anything, you wake up all the time during the night. Ugh i hate mouth ulcers!!!
Elizabeth Pugh 26 February 10
This is amazing to read I have been to 2 drs both of who, said I have no ear infection and that the ulcers in my mouth with oral thrush is just a coincidence! I kept describing the pain as like a lump stopping my jaw from closing, sneezing was by far the worst sensation. I am now 100% convinced that it is an ulcer causing the pain. I am a sufferer of them periodically but never had an out break like this. thanks for making me feel better about my problems!
Paula D. 2010 28 January 10
hi i have bad mouth ulcrer when i was in 15. now iam 25. i have suffered form ulcer in mouth for the past 10 years. if I any hot or spicy food the it will come. kindly give me permanent solution for my mouth ulcer.
vee. ram 12 September 06
In the past when I have a large number of ulcers, I have pain that appears to be a earache. Recently I had approx. 15 ulcers in the back of my throat. This was very painful. When I went to the doctor she determined that I had a sinus infection, but I did not have any symptoms of a infection, no runny nose or stuffiness. However, I did have a bad headach. She determined that my ulcer onset was caused by a secondary infection from my sinuses.
Dee Lo 8 September 06
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for 10 years now. I am 46 years old and I dont know for sure what triggered them to come on 10 years ago but, I was on a diet with a bunch of girls from work called the cabbage soup diet and I lost 10 lbs in two weeks and bingo after that mouth ulcers and they have not let up. I recently was diagnosised with a rare form of cancer, although the ulcers were not related to the cancer I am now finding out from a great homapathic doctor that my immune system is lowered by the ulcers and that is how I got the sarcoma. I was just tested (blood)for food allergies and I am waiting for the results> I will let you know if this is the answer, A good tooth paste to use is Rembrandt Canker sore tooth paste I order it online drug by the buckets full, it has truly helped. Mine have been so bad some times that I couldínt work or have any kind of social life. I pray we find a answer to cure us all.
sherrie 8 September 06
I suffer from MUís occassionally. I donít get any when I use Sensodyne toothpaste (non-sls). However, 2 weeks ago I bought Crest Sensitivity without checking the ingredients and sure enough I developed a mouth ulcer unlike Iíve ever had before. It turns out Crest Sensitivity does contain SLS. The ulcer is on the lateral part of the base of my toungue deep in my throat. This ulcer has not only caused severe pain at the site of the ulcer but also an intense earache, moodiness, temporary fever, minor pain and stiffness in the neck, dizziness and has basically made me feel like I am on the verge of death.

As I write this Iím suffering great pain and anxiety because about 30 minutes ago Iíve noticed the start of another ulcer on my gums near my top molars. Iím dreading having to deal with yet another ulcer. Iím sitting here contemplating what I will do, how I will cope with this new ulcer along with the one I already have. Iím at work and canít even think about getting anything done; the only thing on my mind are the ulcers.

Life is grand when the ulcers arenít present, life isnít life when they are.
Chad 7 September 06
I have had canker sores as long as I can remember. I was canker sore free during my 3 pregnancies. So you would think its hormone related. However, I had a total hysterectomy 7 years ago, removing ovaries too. I have been on hormone pills (cenestin) for 7 years and my canker sores have continued just as before. So Iím just not sure about the hormone connection. I also get the headaches, fatigue, etc. when I have a major outbreak.
Carla 28 August 06
I have experienced mouth ulcers on and off since I was 16. Im now 27 and they are at there worst accompanied by a sore throat, ear ache, tiredness and head aches. I am also a chrohns sufferer and did believe this was connected however recently my stomach has been fine yet iím still suffering. I have started to make a diary of the outbreaks as im starting to believe like others on this site that my periods and hormone levels are connected to the outbreaks. I have not tried many remedies apart from lysine and cranberry juice both have not worked. My doctor is quite weak in knowledge of this area I feel like taking information off this site to him as all he ever prescribes are anitbiotics to sort my throat infections that develop from the ulcers. I have felt that ICE does soothe the ulcers however im yet to find my cure.Thanks to you lot on this site I now have many more remedies to try if anyone has any suggestions please reply.
Nicola Crees 17 August 06
I used to have ulcers when i was about 18 to 21 years old. Now i am 36 years old and for the last 9 years have ulcers up to 8 to 10 weeks at a time. I thought it was stress as a do run a high powered job (however i eat healthy, dont smoke and exercise frequently). I have tried ALL kinds of remedies. Its NOT/IS good to know that other people experience ear ache with mouth ulcers, this is something i am going through at present. This usually happens when i have ulcers on my tongue (which i have had 3 there now for 6 weeks) GREAT.
Richard Drew 31 July 06
Same thing has happened to me. I have had them all my life, I am 46. The pas six months has been the worst. For the first time I am getting them under my tongue, and my ear hurts. I went to the doctor this is what he said and my dennist has also told me this. It is not what we eat, not easy for me to accept that. It is a autoimmune disorder. Maybe some foods can trigger it. I am very careful about what I it and still get them.

My doctor put me on Prednisone 5 MG QTY 48 12 day pack. That was Tuesday. I am pain fee and feel better than I have in months in only three days. I was in so much pain last weekend all I could eat was soup and icecream. I am still going to watch my diet. I am not ready to try anything with acid yet and strawberries scare me. Do any of you eat yogurt with fruit in? I just strated eating yogurt a few months ago,my dad thinks that may have had something to do with all my outbreaks lately. My doctor says go off my diet,eat I want. I hope all of you go see a MD. My family pushed me into going. Take care Karen
Karen Causey 30 July 06
Itís such a relief to hear that earache and other symptons when I have ulcers are experienced by others. I have had so many ulcers this year and bad earache. I eat healthily generally but am convinced it is stress, tiredness and hormonal related - though I will try the no wine option and see if that helps. I also found Ibuprofen helps when I have earache with ulcers.
Sian, 30 July 06 29 July 06
This is my first really bad ulcer outbreak, Iíve been getting them my whole life, but all of the sudden Iíve had them for a month. I too got a horrible ear ache and was worried the ulcer may have caused an infection in my ears and glands. I have this fantastic prescription mouthwash that is generally for cancer patients, it is Benzydamine, it has a local analgesic that numbs the throat and mouth. Bezydamine is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory and takes down the swelling and pain with a couple days. Iím really happy this site exists, I was worried I was just getting this strange random infection as a result of my period and being tired. If nothing else works for you, I would really try the mouthwash, it has really done wonders for me. Iím so happy weíre not alone on this!

Jane 25 July 06
I have just one big ulcer right now and itís on my bottom lip, but I also have nasty earache. Thereís definitely some correlation--I had chronic ear infections as a kid and I started getting ear pain again around the same time as my mouth ulcers got bad. I thought I was getting ear infections again but it turned out it was just the ulcers... I find ibuprofen helps the ear pain, and this stuff I bought in the US, called KANKHA gel helps the mouth ulcer pain. Nothing seems to speed up the heeling process though, which I swear gets longer with each ulcer I get.
elinor 24 July 06
Hi I also get earaches when i have ulcers at the back of my throat. My doctor has said this is because the ulcer is causing the area around to be inflammed and swollen. Your glands become swollen which puts pressure on your ear drum creating a similar feeling to an inner ear infection.
JJ 15 July 06
Hi Oliver, I get them pretyt severely too. I get them on my inner cheeks, under my tongue, inner and outer gums, further back in my mouth and the tonsil area(most painful for me, because where the jaw opens and closes).

I get earaches as a ĒprodromalĒ symptom. Thatsí how I always know the MUís are on the way. I get a warm feeling in my head, sometimes without a fever, even though it feels like I have one. Occassionally there is a low grade fever, though. I get extremely fatigued to the point where I just have to sleep it off!

It would be interesting to know why we get the earaches. One doctor suggested herpes in the ear (gulp), but after being given high doses of Valtrex with no relief, that was eliminated. Valtrex does nothing for me. I used to think that I had ear infections and was sometims given antibiotics without the presence of infection. Then I figured out the connection with the MUís.
Ina 6 July 06
Hi, good to know I am not the only one. I am in the middle of by far the worst ulcer attack ever experienced. I must have about 200 on every part of my mouth. Gums, lips, tongue are all covered. My gums have swollen right up and I can only eat soft things very slowly. It is horrendous. I have noticed though that my ears do ache sporadically and historically I have had a few ear infections as well as being prone to MU. Recently I stopped using SLS toothpaste and I havenít had an MU for 3 months, but having suffered a virus this week the little gits have taken advantage and wreaked havoc on me. I am pinning my hopes on hydrocortisone pills but I canít really see anything working except time. It could be hormonal but being a boy my hormone activities arenít so easily tracked. I would love to get to the bottom of it though. I eat a good diet, am fit and healthy otherwise, non smoker, maybe I should start! Anyone else had such an extensive attack? What happened?
Oliver 1 July 06
HI I just discovered this site. I am a mouth ulcer sufferer too. I have had experiences with ear aches. Sometimes the ear aches gets so severe, it causes a fever.
I find that the ear aches seems to manifest when my ulcers are at the back of my throat or at the lateral sides of the tongue blade.
Mary i have also noticed that my ulcers typically coincide with when my period is about to come. I have long suspected that my ulcers have something to do with hormones but just couldnt be sure.
Thank you for sharing your experience and shedding some light for me.
Jenna 30 June 06
hi mary you need to go to your doctor and get a prescription for becotide 100 inhaler,inhale into your mouth then exhale after 10 sec 4 times a day for 25 days,it reaches all round your mouth and throat were you cant reach with creams.
neal 29 June 06
i have had mouth ulcers since i was three years old. they can be anywhere in my mouth & throat.
i have at this moment a right ear-ear ache as i have ulcers on that side of my mouth & have had aches going upto under my eyes.
my are definitely hormonal as i get ulcers one & a half weeks before my period without fail. this started in my late 20ís.
the only time i do not get ulcers is when i am pregnant, obviously no period no ulcer.
as soon as i stopped breast feeding they started back.
mine last 2 weeks sometimes 2.5 weeks.
i have upped my B vits & zinc & iron & nothing ever ever ever has helped apart from being pregnant, so i know it is definitely hormonal.

i was told by a hospital doctor that thalidomide could help but that it was best for women who had already had children. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PLANNING A FAMILY.
annette 29 June 06

Thank you for sharing your experience. Itís just awful isnít it? I have now discovered that I have about 20 ulcers on the back of my mouth and tonsil area. I would not be shocked to learn that the ulcers extend down the back of my throat. I had some yogurt, as suggested by others on this site. I think it may have helped abate the ear pain to a small degree. I have also been spraying my throat with Chloraseptic every 10 minutes. Of course, the directions say to use it every two hours. . . but oh well. I havenít been to the doctor about my ulcers before. Maybe he could give me something stronger. This a great website. Glad to know that Iím not the only one.

Mary 25 June 06
Hi Mary,

I am so glad I found this site, its been so helpful. Yes,yes,yes. I also get severe earaches, according to my doc I also had 2 small ulcer like things in my ear onch. My ulcers usually occour 5 or 6 at a time and they are at the back of my throat and I can alos feel them lower in my esophogus. I should also mention that I have had chrons disease for 17+ years ( I am 28 now). For my latest bout I was given viscous xylocaine, which comes in a thick gel like consistency and completely numbs for 20 min if your lucky. Unfortunetley I have found nothing capable of helping my earachs, for now but I will keep looking!
Tracy 25 June 06
Hello, everyone. I have suffered from mouth ulcers since early childhood. As a child, I would get an outbreak about every six weeks. Sometimes with as many as 20 to 30 ulcers at a time. Fortunately, my outbreaks are not as frequent or severe now that I am in my 30ís.

Within the last week, I developed one of the worst outbreaks Iíve had in years. I have ulcers on the inside of my upper lip, one on my tongue, two on the roof of my mouth and one behind a back tooth.

Last night I developed the most painful earache that I have ever had. It started almost immediately. I went from fine to ĒOh my God, Iím gonna dieĒ in about 5 minutes.

Could I possibly have developed ulcers toward the back of my mouth or throat, that might be causing a referred pain to the ear? Has anyone experienced this? If so, can you give me some hope?

Thank you,

Mary 25 June 06

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