Salt on the ulcer

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If you cant standvusing dried salt u can mix it with warm water and gargle 5 times a day. Or use tetracycline capsules and warm water. U will have to open the capsule and empty its contentbin a littlevwarm water and use as mouth rinse. Best solution beleve me it works.
Perry 24 February 19
After I read these messages I went to grab some salt to put it on my sore. It hurts like hell but after that I couldnít even feel my sore.
Tina 27 October 18
I have a huge canker sore in my mouth and my brother told me to put some salt directly on it. It worked like a charm, tho it really hurt
Edson 22 October 18
Iíve had these for years. I have one on the inside of my upper lip and one on the inside of my bottom lip. When they get to a certain point where the skin is dry and rough against my teeth ďI have an overbiteĒ I usually bite at them all day and try to get the skin off.. however the sharp tingly pain I get from it feels good to me. Itís sort of similar release and popping your neck, knuckles, or back.... Iíll intentionally bite them down to the point where I can barely put my teeth on them without stinging, them Iíll go get the rubbing alcohol. It burns a LOT and it feels great to me for some reason.
Tyler 9 September 18
I put salt on my ulcer and it hurt ALOT.
They are painful!
Dean Scott 2 August 18
Just applied salt directly on the sore, hurts like hell, but I feel relieved.
Tess 24 June 18
Stiptic pencil works as well as salt and also alum..itís a spice used for pickleling...
Mary 22 June 18
after i read the messages, i got salt in our office pantry... i poured it directly on my sore... burning like hell to tell you , i wanna cry in the office and i ran to the sink because i know i felt like im drooling.... but it really takes away the pain after.
Jov3rt 8 June 18
Putting direct salt on the canker sore is effective. However, for your sore not to bleed, do not press hard the salt too much on the spot. Just put it nice and gently and let those white little warriors do the work.
Andrei 10 April 18
I had ulcers inside my mouth. I applied salt and turmeric and it hurts very bad. but salt cleans bacteria and turmeric heals wound as it act as a healing process.
Namsy 26 March 18
Salt seemed to make the pain worse for me. Bonjella hurt like heck on application, then only lasted awhile giving relief. I tried Bi carbonate soda (not baking powder ppl! ) and mouthwash. Bicarb rinse and mouthwash helped the most. I hope the damn things go away asap. Misery!!! I bit my lip twice then ended up with x2 of these torturous things! :(
K8 11 March 18
Tried the salt remedy last nigjt for a canker sore on my tongue at about 4am, it didnt butm like people on here are saying but i did feel a little bit of pain. I made sure to put the salt directly on the canker and kept it there for at least 2 minutes. I repeated it ahain about 5 mins later and then rinsed out my mouth. At this point my canker started feeling numb but just to be on the safe side i put zilactin b on it and went to sleep.woke up this morning and the canker is gone!! Very great remedy!!
Echristian 2 March 18
I kinda like the burning stinging that the salt brings when putting it on canker sores but I DO NOT like canker sores. I also stab and scrape them with sewing needles and sharp knife tips as well, sterilized of course, if the sore is in a place that I can do so. But yes, salt is the best solution.
flying crossbody 20 February 18
trust me youīd rather have to pour salt on that bastard than have to deal with the slightly agonizing pain for ten days straight pouring salt on it doesn't make it clear up but it numbs it. It's really bad when you wake up n the morning with your lips dry af but you cant lick them or put chapstick on because it hurts like a bitch.
Quincy R. 1 February 18
when i tell you that salt is the cure, salt is the damn cure. i am a big puss, i hate feeling pain and so when i tried the salt i was tearing up like a baby but girl when i tell you it was the cure for canker sores, THEN TS THE CURE! mf, my canker didn't go away but the pain went away and if y'all have had a canker sore you know those sum bitches hurt worse then a fly starter from your mom. shittt, THANKS GOOGLE!
Libbi Ransom 23 January 18
I've been getting these fairly consistently for about 7 or 8 years now... and I'll be frank: salt is the best home solution I've found. Yes, it will hurt and can sometimes feel comparable to a shot pending a variety of factors. But honestly, that 30 - 60 seconds of pain is FAR WORTH letting it fester all day long - it helps alleviate pain too.

I'd go as far as saying that salt will make these things go away as early as the day you get them - sometimes almost instantly. I think the longest I've had to do the "salt procedure" for is 2 or 3 days.

Additionally I've found that the earlier I start hitting it with salt the earlier it'll hear - i.e if I use salt the first day it will almost always go away within a few hours ... if I wait 5 days we might be talking a day or two recovery.

My strategy:
1. apply salt directly to the canker sore
2. let salt sit for 30 - 60 seconds
3. every 1 or 2 hours do this procedure - I typically don't do this for more than 10 times unless I'm panicking because of a date the next day!

Hope this helps!
Will 29 September 17
I got a canker sore today and applied salt to my mouth directly with some pwper towels, for the first 30 sec it hurt really bad but later it started to numb and i could barely feel any pain though my lips were swollen
Helin zhang 19 September 17
This sounds crazy, but it really work. Use a laser pointer and point it directly on the sore (about 5" 6" away). I actually went to the dentist one time and he did it to my sore. I thought he was crazy, but the next day it was virtually gone. Salt works good too, but as a suffer of canker sores, it's by far the best remedy. I guess it somehow burns it shut? Idk how, I just know it works
Nate 17 September 17
I bit the hell out of my lip in my sleep one night (????). I woke up with a huge canker sore and a monstrously swollen lip. The swelling went down after about two days. Then the pain set in. For a week I tried everything. Every OTC medication, salt rinses, hydrogen peroxide, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, ice, etc. 10 days later I felt like I hadn't made any improvement. So I decided to pour salt directly on the wound. I was terrified, yes, but I was desperate. Not only did it hurt, but it was slightly visible when I spoke. So I took 1500mg of acetaminophen, pulled my lip out, prepared for the worst and liberally poured the sea salt on the wound. I didn't cry but it stung. I thought it would have been worse. At first I did 30 seconds, then washed it out. Then I did a minute, washed it out. Then went for two minutes, and washed it out again. For the next hour I felt a slight tingling sensation and it was slightly uncomfortable, but I could already feel it going away. I had found the remedy. I did this again 3-4 times a day for the next two days, and then it was virtually gone (I had a huge canker sore). POUR SALT DIRECTLY ON THE CANKER SORE, and it will quickly go away.
Franklin P 15 September 17
SALT WORKS! Finally, relief. I'm not going to lie-- the pain is very very real when you first apply the salt but in my opinion it's nothing compared to the days of canker pain. I find that if I essentially pack my lip with salt and, if I can handle it, apply pressure to my mouth to really push the salt into it, within a few minutes it fades to a very very mild stinging or almost numb sensation. A few hours later I thought it did not work because it looked brighter white than ever, but then I realized it was becoming flush with my normal lip, and eventually the bright white film on top rinsed off and it was barely visible (or feelable). Put salt on your canker!!! NOT SALT WATER, SALT.
Veronica 10 September 17
Okay so i tried the salt only thing, it didn't hurt as bad as i though it would. It did burn but I've felt worse. It got really red and fleshy as it someone had poured acid on it. Not sure if that's supposed to be a good thing? It didn't numb the pain it just hurts very bad now. Sooo.......
Mayah M. 5 September 17
Buy a b complex capsule,and a gel for healing the capsule and miz it with gel.apply to the canker.will hurt a bit for a second but not like salt.salt is also good but hurtfull
Anush 30 August 17
I was reading through these comments as I have a massive ulcer on the inside of my bottom lip that rubs on my front tooth. Anyway I just would like to point out that I read some of these comments and if you have them on the outside of your lips it is a cold sore or herpes. It is contagious. It is caused by a virus. Do not put salt on your cold sore. They have medicine for this go get it. They're also contagious so keep your lips off of people until it's completely healed...
CSP 28 August 17
That hurt like hell!!! It lasted for like 20-30 seconds of intense, tear bringing pain but now its fine... hope it works!!!
Gordon Chi 16 August 17
Alright.... I'm going to try the salt method now... it's probably gonna hurt like hell haha, but I want to get rid of it cuz it hurts like hell when I put my elastics on and when I eat... schul starts next week hope its gone by then
Gordon Chi 16 August 17
I've had canker sores off and I my entire life.. nothing heals it faster than pouring salt directly on the white area... You might cry at first but afterwards you should have a couple hours of relief. (probably due to endorphins kicking in to block the pain but I am not sure) After a few treatments you might see portions of the white area turn run much like one of the other commenters mentioned. At least for me the red spots is the indication it's going away rather than still growing. Pure salt hurts like crazy but I have never found a better solution.
@robthorell 11 August 17
I tried putting salt directly on my canker sore, yes it does hurt but took away the pain for a few hours. I will have to see if it speeds up the healing.
Rhonda 15 July 17
I've always put salt on my sores because I used to get them a bunch when I was younger. It's worked almost every time, and this method does hurt at first but you get accustomed to it the more you use it. Or that may just be me, but it works either way.
Brynna 30 June 17
Hi I tried putting salt directly to the ulcers, and yes it's painful but I'd rather do this than suffer for days or weeks. As of now, one of the ulcers disappeared already. I had 2 on my gums. The remaining ulcer is already getting smaller.
Anna 30 March 17
I put always hold a piece of sea salt on a spot for a while. Sometimes the white spot goes away immediately. It really helps get rid of the pain. I tried the salt water thing for years when I was younger. Direct salt is so much quicker.6
Sabrina 28 January 17
Okay, so I got this assignment in English class where we have to write a speech and present it in front of the class. This just brought a hurricane of stress into my life, but the worst thing is that I got an ulcer/canker sore shortly after getting the assignment. Probably from the stress, but I'm not sure 'cuz I'm also anemic. . . but it's THE WORST THING EVER. I got the sore about 5 days before I have to give my speech and I was frantic b/c I don't think I can handle giving a 5 MINUTE SPEECH with an effing ULCER. Just thinking about it makes me want to scream. . . So I scoured the internet and found the direct salt method, and I try to do it thrice a day, holding it on there for 30 secs. . . I almost died the first time I did this but I'm holding up. . . I'm currently on day 3 of having the ulcer and 2 days before my speech and I NEED IT TO GO AWAY FNJEWNSUFHDWLKFJ ADKJSF:D But now after looking at all these stories of people who've had 13 at one time (whoever has to deal with that is effing superhuman) As for my sore, it's starting to turn red around the edges of the yellow spot and the mouth tissue around it is turning red. From what I've read, I think it's healing. I think. . . wish me luck on my speech. (I'm gonna need it!) And I'm glad that I'm not alone in this and I'm not the only one dying over here.
Who needs names 4 June 16
Hi All. Wish I could tell you what causes these, most likely food allergies or some sort of autoimmune reaction, but I do know without any doubt what helps and that is a really concentrated salt rinse.

Salt is a known antiseptic, a cauterizing agent and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are people here talking about applying the salt directly on the ulcer. Ok, whatever works, but that's kind of intense and that's just spot treating. I personally use Balene's Sea Salt, but any salt will work I think. The key is to rinse and swish the entire mouth. This takes care of tongue issues as well.
1. Put about 1 tsp, or even up to 1 tbl, of salt in just enough warm water to make a mouthful.
2. Swish around aggressively for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can stand it. Do not swallow. Notice the salt attacking exactly where you have ulcers or tongue issues?
3. Spit out the salt solution, rinse with warm water, spit some more.
Do this twice a day or at least once a night before bed as a preventive. It won't always work to prevent a recurrence, but overall you'll have less and smaller mouth ulcers that will heal in about a day or two. What you'll most likely notice is that certain foods (rough foods like chips, acidic foods like tomato sauce, known allergens like cheese, etc.) will trigger an episode and you'll learn to avoid these.
John 2 May 16
Used to get Mouth ulcers ( small ones in the mouth ) and they used to heal within 1 week .
Now I got a BIG MOUTH ULCER on the back of mouth in the soft palate... it starts small but now around 2 cm long .. its been 2 weeks now and still didn't heal . I can see signs of healing on the edges but it still big size . I'm using Difflam-C mouth and some antiseptic lozenges .. Any HELP Please ...
Alan 16 April 16
Madison 9 March 16
So day three and holy crap that hurts. Brings tears to my eyes everytime. It seems the ulcer is healing from the center out instead of the normal ring just getting smaller and eventually disappearing. Tonight before going through the salt torture I noticed the center seemed to look like normal tongue tissue. I might do this one more time tomorrow but after that I'm done. That sucks to do on a daily basis.
Dallas 4 March 16
So I was wondering if this salt thing actually worked. I'm on day 2 of my experiment. I currently have 3 ulcers. One is on the bottom of my tongue (kinda on the side) next to my molars. I took 1 tablespoon of kosher salt and poured it on the inside of my teeth. I shut my mouth and laid down my tongue. Holy mess that hurt. For the first 1.5 min then it went numb. I held it there for 5 min with a timer on my phone. When I was done I rinsed and noticed the 1.25 cm crater had raised to be flush with my tongue. It bled a little. Today noticed it was still there but the crater was not as deep and it was not near as sensitive. Tonight I repeated the process and the pain only lasted ab 30 sec. It bled more than before and the crater raised again. To the point I could not tell normal tissue from the normal ring/edge of the ulcer. More to come
Dallas 3 March 16
Okay so i did the salt thing and my canker sore is in kinda an obvious spot on my lip and now there is this massive red hole
it looks like its bleeding but it isnt and IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A HOLE IN MY LIP
i dont care about the pain and i wouldnt care if it was inside my mouth but it is on my lip where you can see it SOS SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
it looks awful
save my soul 28 February 16
RAW Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (With the mother) I put some on qtip and put it on area and it seems to heal fast. Apple Cider Vinegar seems to heal anything.
JS 3 February 16
Believe me people if you reading this. i had this canker sore that i got while playing with my wife and she headbutted me in the mouth where my teeth ''bit'' into the lip very deep. so you can guess even keeping my mouth shut not moving also hurts since the wound that turned into canker sore are literally right where the teeth are. so...1 fine day, i put my foot down. n here is the remedy...jus take some dry salt and put it on the canker sore n let it burn and sting and i warn you its very painful. let it sting n burn until u feel numb.then take a dry clean tissue and wipe it off. and put salt directly again and repeat everything for 4-5 times. keep the area dry if you possible. you will start to realise the canker sore starts to turn black right in the center which means it is killing all the nasty bacteria and starting to heal properly. if you did correctly your wound should turn from white to a wound that is recovering properly semi reddish black. all the best peeps
Rain 14 January 16
I have 4 canker sores at this very moment. I'm literally going to die if I have to endure one more day with this pain. I wish there was something that takes it away immediately. I put a numbing cream directly on them followed by salt, it helps with the pain for the moment but when the numbing cream wears off, it's back to hurting like hell. Don't know if anything helps with taking it away except waiting for it to heal naturally.
dieingofpain 11 January 16
Hi guys! been suffering from 2 big ones and I think they will join into one. all I do is put salt and it numbs the pain but damnn these things hurt.
Kay 3 16 December 15
Currently have one on my gums right around where a wisdom tooth would be. Kills to swallow, eat, drink, you name it. I get these a few time/month and I use Colgate toothpaste. Seems like that may be the culprit. When I get them on my tongue it's usually because I was smashing candy or anything else with citric acid, you'd be surprised at how much crap has citric acid in it, just about everything tasty!

Putting salt on it is a great experience, hurts about as bad as pinching it but it only hurts for a few seconds maybe 5 and then starts to go away. It actually feels great as the pain subsides because you have the feeling that you're winning and it's getting better.

I actually covered my finger in salt right out of the shaker and rubbed it all over the sore, problem was that a lot of the salt stuck to the sore and I had to wait for it to dissolve. When I try salt water I don't feel the violent sting so it doesn't seem as effective.

Anyway, these things are the worst. Those of us that have to deal with them are heroes. Don't be afraid of the salt, it's really not bad and it helps mentally.
Big Weak Sauce 27 October 15
I usually try salt or salt+water for a couple days. And if it doesn't seem to get any better I go to my doctor who puts some qtip thing on it, which kills the skin on contact, it peels off the next day and is usually gone. Although a have had a few that take two treatments
Jr 26 October 15
Hello, just for the people that get ulcers all the time, try switching toothpaste that doesn't contain sls.
I used to get them nearly every couple weeks it seemed until I read online sls so toothpaste like colgate can actually cause ulcers. I switched to corsodyl ( it taste weird when you first start using) but I rarely ever get ulcers anymore, unless say I bite myself by accident when eating lol x but probably one or two ulcers in a year compared to 1 to 2 every other week
jodes 21 October 15
Got this repeatable ulcers every 2 weeks. Sometimes i got 5-7 of them and something 2-3 only, once i had 13 of these horrible thing and it hurt like HELL. I'm anemic so perhaps its one of the reason i had this sores. What I do is, i use lip balm, drinking plenty of water, take hematinics or just Iberet to cure my anemia, change my toothbrush every 1-2 months, change my toothpaste to a mild one, now I use fresh&white instead of optic white colgate. It does help i think. Toothbrushes that I use is either soft or extra soft. I still have it tho :)
Joanne 9 October 15
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Randy 26 September 15
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Bello 26 September 15
Oh I hear you. There are just not enough hours in the day. And the whole bnitig thing? I totally went through that with my son. It was so bad and so stressful. I felt like i was getting the stinkeye every time I walked in the daycare to pick him up.Relax, have Jay help you with what he can do and you'll get a handle on things.
Gurami 26 September 15
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Brittany 26 September 15
Had canker sores all the time since I was like 11. Salt is the best honestly a little painful depending on the location. I used to use hydrogen peroxide but it's almost like I became immune to it. Other than salt the best treatment I have found is the oraljel qtip
Bill 4 September 15
I have 4 canker sores. I would just like to correct someone who said they are associated with herpes 1. This is a common misconception. I did a research paper on herpes in college and I'm quite sure canker sores have zero relation to herpes. Herpes are fluid filled blisters on te outside of the mouth and are contagious. Canker sores are not at all contagious.

I have 2 huge canker sores from where I bit my lip, about the size of a dime, it's disgusting and painful. I have another 2 small ones in other locations in my Mouth. I have tried alum directly on the ulcer but never salt. The alum didn't seem to help much. To be honest, nothing I have tried except for time has helped to heal these things. I know it sucks but the best you can do is treat the pain while they heal and use PEROXIDE mouthwash. I have read that alcohol can make them worse. It can be harder to find peroxide mouthwash but they sell it for mouth sites at most grocery stores. I wish doctors would come up with something better but that's about all I can say.
jitterbob 6 July 15
I get these sores quite frequent like at least once a month every month and for as long as i could remember ive alaways had em. i got one three days ago on my lower lip gum and i also bit my tounge really hard yesterday the spot i bit my tounge healed from the bite and formed an ulcer and i decided to try salt directly on it. yes it stings but the pain isnt that bad. however it did nothing but make it worce. now the ulcer on my tounge is like a fvking crater and it hurts like a hell plus the one on my gums have tripled its size. i hate these little sh*ts
blair 22 June 15
I avoided using salt directly on the ulcer this time and it's gotten to the point of irritating
My tonsills and eating became uncomfortable, so I went back to my salt directly on the ulcer
For one minute and I air dry the ulcer. It's the best I have felt the last three days.
Yes it hurts but it's worth the sting. While its stinging know you are killing the nasty bugger.
Just do it...
Yvette 17 June 15
I think I am dead because if these things there is so much pain and I bought these patches to put on it and they hurt a lot for a while but I had to wait for a long until it actually didn't hurt as bad but still hurt now I am scared to put the patch on again because I was crying when I first put iron and now i will cut it but I don't think I will do it again but I have it cut if I do I also will by a gel thing but still don't want to put it on and I debt know what to did now im dying I and crying on and off and watching TV all day in my pajamas and don't know what to do I want it gone in 10 seconds! !!!! I hate it!!!
bob 14 June 15
lol sal directly on it does not hurt that bad relax lmfao
carlos 24 April 15
I just poured a mixture of salt and water onto my canker sore, it started to sting a lot and suddenly, it started to bleed. I think it burst. I dont undertsand why it burst. The salt does make the pain go away for awhile, but then soon after it becomes painful again, I had my sore for about 3 days already :(
nicole 21 April 15
i bit my lip hard thought it heal got diagnosed with pneumonia next day day aftet that had a dam canker sore the cut was pretty big i never had a canker sore i just did salt i been gargling salt water seemed to go down i just want it yo go away already i guess see how iit is tomar ill come back with update....
jon doe 7 April 15
I have a canker sore right now, I think I used to get them, but they were never this bad. This is my 6th day I think and it hurts every moment. I've tried putting salt directly on it, and I don't know if its helped or not. All I do know is that it hurts SOO BAD!
Putting salt does seem to numb the sore for a good number of hours, though. If anyone is going to do this, be warned that while the salt is on your sore you will experience the worst kind of pain in your life. Also do it over a sink because you will be drooling everywhere. and possibly crying.
nathan 6 March 15
I am 15 years old, and I have had at least 4 ulcers since my teenage that bad?
I know that I have this bad habit of biting the inside of my mouth, I mean sometimes to the point of it bleeding...but I am not sure what caused this ulcer, because the ulcer is WHITE not red like how I sometimes bite my lip.

I have an ulcer not on the bottom lip like most people, but in the right side of my mouth, very HIGH and Far back..near my teeth at the back, in fact right next to one of my teeth. Is this normal?!
I mean I close my mouth and my teeth knocks it...I eat and the tooth bites which also knocks it..i drink and it stings...I talk it hurts like hell...what am I supposed to do?!

My dad told me about the salt thing, but I am very afraid because the last couple of times I just use Bonjela - it did nothing so I suffered for a few days until it went naturally, but this time, it is SO MUCH WORST. It is in such an awkward position, and I want it to not occur again..I cant deal with the pain?

Someone please help me?;O Confused like hell;/
Saffron 20 February 15
I dont think salt works at all i tried it and the pain became worse than i started using the salt😢it hurts like crazy
lerato monagane 23 January 15
Personaly I like the pain in a weird way, it hurts but idk I can handle it. Always used salt and hot rinse my mouth but I found salt directly on it works a little better but stings pretty bad I recommend that if your going to use salt directly on the canker sore better stay over a sink cuz you will be drooling like crazy
Joe 8 January 15
first step to fighting these disgusting ulcers is to prevent them from even happening! most of the time, these canker sores happen because you drink too little water. when you are dehydrated, parts of your mouth swells up / becomes puffy from water retention (i know, it's hard to wrap your mind around it but think of it as your body is trying to keep whatever amount of water in your body cos you're drinking so little). this is why sometimes, out of the blue, you find yourself bitting on your tongue, or the side of your cheeks accidentally (cos they have swell up and become bigger).

i used to get these all the time but now, i make sure i drink at least 3 litres of water every day and i haven't had a canker sore in ages.

other times, you get canker sores cos you accidentally cut or injure your gums. sometimes i brush my teeth too hard and a ulcer soon pops up. this is the part that still befuddles me. i've tried salt - hurts like crazy - and sometimes, it works like a charm. other times, it seems to worsen the ulcer. i've also tried aloe vera gel (get those organic, almost pure aloe vera gel, not the green ones you put on your skin when you get sunburnt) and they are very cooling so it helps to take the pain away. so i do a salt - aloe vera gel routine and usually, these ulcers would go away in a week or so. it seems like time is really the only cure for such terrible mouth sores.

I've also read that canker sores can be caused by stress or hormonal changes. other times, canker sores could be a symptom for a even more serious ailment so if you have a canker sore for over 2 weeks, consult a doc!
Sabrina 7 January 15
I got one and I put salt on it and used salt water and mouth wash I did all three of them at lest three times a but when I woke up just to fine it sore and looks like it has gotten bigger.
Brandon 4 January 15
Mouth ulcers are usually from periodontal disease, from not taking care of your mouth properly. Now even if you start to floss and brush correctly twice a day, and use mouthwash, it's still going to take your system to get up to par, and in the mean time you can get more infections. The best way while you are improving your oral hygiene, is to wet the tip of your finger and dab it in a small pile of table salt, and put it directly on the sore. This will hurt like a mother, but do it even one or two more times until it no longer hurts. That should be the end of that. Correct your oral hygiene.
Bill Bukes 19 December 14
put salt directly on my sore... the sore seemed to get bigger.... is that supposed to happen?
Zara 13 December 14
Every time I get a mouth ulcer , I put salt on it and press down . Unlike everyone else on this page , I love the pain of the salt burning . Also , the ulcer disappears , which is great =D
JessicaLovesPain91 23 November 14
Just came from home from seeing my doctor, for a checkup, and mentioned that I had a canker sore for a week-he said if I was brave, to put salt on my finger and press it directly into the sore. Brave, I suppose, means it will hurt like a MF. He said it will kill some nerve endings which are constantly being irritated by hitting the sore on your teeth. Then instead of my immune system attacking the sore constantly, the cells will heal far more quickly. He said hydrogen peroxide does that with little cuts, but not to put the peroxide in my mouth, and do not put salt in skin wounds.
Dana 21 November 14
Sorry alkaline not alcoline.
jeb 30 October 14
PH balance problem? A touch of baking soda can make more alcohline.? Also back off acidic foods like lemons and oranges.
jeb 30 October 14
I put straight salt on mine (inside on my lip) and it looked better instantly after I rinsed my mouth out, felt better too, then I put ora-gel on it right after and it feels a lot better now.
thisgirl 7 October 14
The best way I've found to get rid of canker sores is to scrub them gently with a toothbrush and then put calcium ascorbate vitamin c directly on the ulcer. It hurts but the ulcer is usually starting to heal by the next day.
mp 24 September 14
Iv tryed this,left it on for a minute until the pain went away or the salt dissolved,mega sore,feels like i was doing more harm than good..that was 6hrs ago,i woke up an hour ago to find it seems to still have grown:(
gary 23 September 14
I just tried keeping salt and water in my mouth. I have 3 ulcers, 2 on my lower lip and 1 on the upper lip, where the incisors are, that's why I couldn't take it and i decided to try.
My bro is braver than me he puts the salt directly onto the ulcer. >.<
AL 23 May 14
I've found that replacing my toothbrush very often and rinsing it with listerine or hot hot water helps to keep them at bay. I get them fairly often but most recently they start when I get a cut in the mouth from my braces. Mouthwash makes it worse for me so I don't use it. I'm trying the salt directly on the sore right now and yes, I almost passed out from the pain. I've heard that vitamin C in high doses helps and I think it might have helped in the past to get rid of them. Also, I'm more prone to them around my period so there is either something with hormones or stuffing my face with more food. It's a mystery and a painful one.
sylvia 16 May 14
I have a big ulcer on my lip, it started as very small, but now it covers half of my bottom lip. It hurts really badly. My gums are all swollen. Ive tried warm water, mouthwash, salt it doesn't work it seems like it only makes it worse.
Itzel 26 March 14
If you get reoccurring canker sores, you may want to look into whether or not you have Crohn's Disease. I've suffered from cankers all my life, and was diagnosed finally with Crohn's Disease at age 29 (had to have a capsule endoscopy to finally find it hiding in my ileum). Chronic canker sores are one of many Crohn's symptoms (Chron's is a disease with unclear cause which causes ulcers in the digestive systom, and currently has no medically endorsed cure...and canker sores are just one more of the type of ulcers it can cause). If you also suffer from anemia, fatigue, diarrhea, stomach pains, blood in your stool.....please see a doctor and change your diet! I've cut caffeine, processed foods, and eat more veggies and less meats (especially red) and no gluten, and so far it's put my Crohn's in remission. There's a reason why 3rd world countries don't have these diseases....they aren't eating all the processed "crap" and gluten-heavy diets we eat!!!!!
Valerie 21 February 14
I also have had issues with mouth ulcers. There are a few common causes mine happens to be my auto immune system and thrush. I get thrush about 4 times a year, if you have chronic yeast infections that could be the cause. Also most of the more mundane viruses cause mouth ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, etc. This could be a direct result or that your immune system is compromised already. I have a paste that my doc gives me, also miracle mouthwash; this stuff has lidocaine and numbs as well as cleans. If you are seriously hard up for relief or simply dont want to the doctors use rubbing alcohol with a qtip. It will hurt like hell but after a few burning sessions it will kill it. If you have an absolutely hideoderous ulcer your instacare doctor can "burn" it with silver nitrate. It taste nasty and is painful but it will be dead within a few hours. Cheers!
alyssajane 6 December 13
Oh hi guys! It does feel good to know that I'm not alone with these excruciating things!!! I'm in bed and I have 5 at the moment. It's like I can't think about anything but the pain. Eating chocolate is sooo painful! I'm at the end of my tether. When I get this bad I bite the bullet and dry them and then put salt on them. It nearly hurts more than child birth. :( but when I put the salt on there (I know this will sound crazy) but in my mind I'm thinking "take that you rotten ulcer" the pain is so bad that it must be doing something. I've had ulcers forever. I'm 35. Once I had 13 at one time. :(
I have tried EVERYTHING!! I hope they find a cure in my life time.
Melanie 8 November 13
baking soda and warm water doesnt even work at all :(
josie 30 October 13
Currently sitting in front of a mirror with salt on my ulcer, eyes watering from the searing pain.
As with most people, I get these sores regularly from the time I was a kid. The salt does seem to speed up the healing process and also makes me feel as though I'm killing the ulcer because it changes colour from very white to just slightly white and red around the edges. The pain is almost unbearable but these sores do tend to make one a little desperate.

Another thing I've noticed is that as soon as the ulcer pops up, my glands/lymph nodes behind my jaw start to swell and become sore, from the infection I guess. It's a horrible thing to go through. Good luck everybody.
Naadira 20 October 13
How silly of me to add my comment, may I add though, I love my new knowledge "canker sores are ulcers, cold sores are fluid-filled blisters, of Herpes Simplex-1 Virus", the two are unrelated. The cause of canker sores is unknown, but highly suggested to be either, too much intake of acidic fruit/citrus, or stress. So funny because a few others who've commented also had mouthfuls of canker sore, ulcers RIGHT after being ill with the flu! As was I! We are breaking out in them because we drank so much JUICE to make us feel better while sick!! All that citrus saved our butts during the flu, but now the tissues in our mouths are breaking apart ha.

I've tried nothing, and food with texture just makes it worse. Might try the saltwater thing, I wish I was an Aussie or I'd buy vegemite.
Adrielle 1 August 13
I put salt directly to the ulcers...pain like hell...
BB 2 May 13
I have two lip ulcers because someone pushed me while I was eating and I bit into my lip. It bled a lot and the next day I saw these ulcers there and it seems like everyday they get bigger. The only thing I can eat without crying of pain is icecream. I sorta miss food and I get real hungry. I don't really talk and it hurts so much to smile and everyone thinks I am mad at them. I am not mad but it is so painful to swallow. Even brushing my teeth is painful and it hurts enough every morning and night. I sometimes pull my lip so my teeth don't touch the sores and I find I am really cranky. I'm 16 and I have never felt this much pain from an ulcer my whole life. It hurts so bad. What can I do to relieve the pain and make it heal faster. We have a dinner party tomorrow and I don't think I'll be eating:(
In so much pain Nadia 22 September 12
ive had mouth sores, canker sores, mouth ulcers, whatever you wanna call it, all my life ever since i could remember. im 22 yrs old now and i still get them. i never went to the doctor even when it got really bad cuz my mom always told me that it was normal and that it just meant that i had to brush my teeth more often then just twice a day and i'd have to just clean it more thoroughly. everytime i get a sore i just sucked it up and pour salt all over it then i'd push the salt down on it with my finger and leave the pressure their for a couple minutes. it hurts like a bitch but i just tune it out. soon after it ussually heals pretty nicely. i notice i only get these sores though when i bite the inside of my mouth by accident. i'd bite it while eating and a sore would develop in the same spot i bit into.

everyone should just pour salt on the sore. it'll kill the bacteria and it'll make the healing process much faster
Hanyan Keith Sy 6 September 12
I want to try the salt thing, but how bad does it really sting? And how long do you have to wait until you rinse or so? I have never gotten a mouth sore/ulcer before, this is my first time and I'm FREAKING OUT!
In pain 20 June 12
I've got just salt directly on mine now. Kills like hell but I've been pretending to be calm, listening to music and stoking my cat and just not thinking about the pain... When I get this salt of my ulcers (I have like 10 because yesterday I had 3 teeth out and now my other teeth are scraping against my gums) I'll tell you all how it goes :s
My brother's girlfriend said she just does the salt/water rinse but it doesn't do anything for me. It just... makes them less icky :s So I was just like 'whatever, try it!' put on the salt and now I'm in hell xD
I don't know of anything for permanent removal, I don't think it's possible but still, salt seems to work in most cases.
Okay, it's off. My lip feels numb mainly... but I can still feel them. Also the gum/skin whatever you want to call it that the ulcer is resting on looks like it's been burnt ._.
Rawr 22 April 12
Crush a small piece of panado and mix with a tiny bit of saliva, then apply this to the ulcer (dry the ulcer first with tissue paper to get the panado to stick if it slips off). Leave it on for a few minutes, then wash it off, most of the pain will now be gone when you use salt or some other treatment, or just for some relief.

Salt and mouthwashes don't really seem to help much, what does help is a proper diet. After 2-3 days on an all-fruit diet the ulcer will start healing. Stay on the diet until the ulcers well on its way out.
JJ 10 May 11
Vegemite worked for me in 24 hrs after 5 days of hell.
Alan 5 May 11
i usually put salt straight on it and leave it there for 20 mins. hurts like a bitch but then when you rinse you cant feel any ulcer pain for over an hour. not sure if salt makes a difference long term to be honest
dave 7 March 11
The only treatment I have found to work is Adcortyl in Orabase. I have practically lived on the stuff for years but I am worried about possible side-effects. Would be grateful for any info on this
Bill 15 May 03
To make an ulcer heal quicker: Crush a vitamin B complex tablet and apply the powder directly. Not as painful as the direct-salt method which sounds awful. Salt and water is also good, especially if you rinse your mouth out before applying the vitamin B.
Tristan 15 May 03
Have had these devils for years and have become fairly knowledgable. Like everyone, I have not figured out the cause but have come up with a reasonable treatment that manages these things. Until I came up with my management routine there were times that my mouth ulcers were so severe that my lymph nodes under my jaw would swell and become very very painful. Hope this works for you, its made my life normal again

1) A lot of the pain and problems with mouth ulcers can come from secondary infections. I rinse twice a day with Listerine for a full minute. Once I started this it did not prevent the ulcers, but it did a)seem to lesson the interval at which they occur and equal important b)made me realize when I had one in the very early stages because of the tingle on the ulcer from the Listerine. If left untreated my ulcers will grow for about 4-5 days, then after 10 days or so go away. If I can catch them when they are small I can cut the entire process down to 3 days max, usually less and I am pain free hours after the first treatment.
1A) I recommend that you use this treatment just before bed. While your sleeping you donít irritate or rub the ulcer as much as when you are awake and since part of the treatment involves covering the ulcer, it increases the likelyhood it stays covered
2) By using salt, alum or any other caustic agent you are in effecting burning the ulcer and its surrounding tissue. While it is very painful to do this I have been assured by my Dentist and MD that it is not harmful if not over done (burning too deep into the tissue). I ĒburnĒ the ulcer until the white edge and center turn black and is just bleeding. Salt takes a long time to accomplish this and is messy, though it works just as well as anything. My dentist has trusted me with a sodium nitrate stick that I just barely touch on the small ulcer then rinse (have your dentist show you how to do it the first time), it does the trick nicely. If you use salt, be warned that it takes a while to completly burn the ulcer (several minutes).
3)Disinfect and cover the ulcer. I dab on a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide, (or better a dab of Bacitracin with pain reliever) rinse it and then cover it. Kenalog in orabase works great as a cover, but its expensive and messy (grainy and dry). Iíve found that a coat of waxy Carmex (yes the lip stuff) works well if you go straigh to bed, if you have to last all day I have not found anything that covers it very well with out multiple reapplications.
4) Check the ulcer in the morning, if you did it right it will either still be black and starting to heal normally. If you did not get it all, you will see that part of the ulcer is still there (usually the white edge). If its still there, you have to repeat the process and burn if off again, so believe me, you get good at this very quickly.
5) Keep the wound clean all day and repeat nightly applications of cover, after a few days it heals up quite nicely.
I realize to many that this sounds rather like blood letting and draconian at best, but after you get the routine down (rinse twice a day, burn it, cover it) it takes only 1 or 2 minutes for treatment of an ulcer when you get one. My weekly ulcers are now down to one every two months or so and when they came they tended to in batchís, now just one sometimes two. A note of caution too, be careful with this method on ulcers near your saliva ducts, especially if you are using something more caustic than can still do it, but in this case over burning the affected area could cause an infection in or hurt your ducts.
I have found that this treatment works for larger more established ulcers as well, but the pain factor increases when the ulcer is larger, so get them while they are small.
Anthony in IN 15 May 03
Gosh. I found this site researching the exquisitely painful red spreading dime-sized rings I get from time to time on my tongue (usually after wine and/or citrus - last weekend I had sangria and WOW what an explosion), but I never connected them with the occassional cancer sores I get until now. What a great website! I have always used alum with great success for the cancer sores. Sounds a lot like the salt advice - cover the sore with alum, grin and bear it through the next 10 seconds, let it sit for a while and rinse. It not only numbs the pain (after the initial 10 seconds!) but seems to form some kind of coating over the sore, after which it heals rapidly, at least for me. I hope that helps some of you out there. Alum, by the way, is a binding agent used in pickling and you can get it with the spices and things at your local grocery store.
9 May 03
I feel that the application of salt directly cant be a good thing. Is the numb feeling afterwards because the pain sensors in that area have been overloaded. (as opposed to using an anasthetic gel) Doesnít pain = damage.
Bigmax 8 May 03
Have just fallen ill with flu and mouth ulcers at the same time. Oddly enough, I hardly ever ever get flu and my mouth ulcers in the past have been minor. This time one of the ulcers is particularly bad. All I can say is this came at a time when I was getting stressed at work. Sometimes itís hard not to get stressed but now that I have this combination of flu and ulcers Iím going to try and take things easier. I know no cure. Iím drinking hot water with half a peeled lemon put in the mug and some dissolved aspirin. So helping me stock up on Vitamin C if nothing else.
26 April 03
Alan. Drinking beer just makes it worse. The effects of the alcahol, numbs your taste buts which is that my thoery on why these damn things appears. Iím a weekend beer drinker. I also smoke cigarettes. All the beer is doing is irratating the ulcer. It becomes more painful.
Ron 26 April 03
I generally find beer helps, once iíve drank roughly 3-4 cans of stella artois the pain disapears, brilliant!!
I have developed a rather serious drinking poblem though!

Alan, 27 Manchester 18 April 03
I DO use salt directly on any alcer that might occur. Yes it hurts alot but only for like 3 seconds then it helps the pain go away for a few hours by numbing it. AND my alcers heal in like 3 to 4 days instead of 2 weeks! It really does hurt but it also helps alot too! The pain only lasts for like 1 to 5 seconds then it is numb! Makes the gum around the ulcer red and the ulcer white. Itís very good for ulcers imo!
Lisa 17 April 03
Hey Kristen,
Luckily I am slowly recovering from my mouth ulcer (after all it has been a little over a week) and I left mine to heal on its own. However, I found that maybe you should try to avoid eating bananas and perhaps acidic food like tomatoes and oranges. I know they kill so much but bear with it and keep up with the saltwater thing - I think it does help a little even though you may not think it does.
Good luck and let me know how it goes :)
Worried, 22 f
15 April 03
:( I am barely 17 years old. I have had these darn sores in my mouth on and off for as long as I can remeber. My dad had them to, and still gets them. I am tried EVERYTHING possible and have been researching-thats when I found this site (its great knowing I am not alone!) Anyway, I havenít found any real conections. Only that I get BAD breakouts around Ēthat timeĒ of the month, however, the little suckers will pop up whenever I bite my tounge/lip/mouth ect. and even when I burn my tounge on something. I have been to the doctor several times and I have been told that these are associated with the Herpes 1 virus, are not contagous and I have been given lidocaine for the pain (which of course got me through a quick tastless meal and was gone). Saltwater didnít seem to do anything, however mouth wash would take the pain away for a small amount of time. I have been on pain killers for the times where the pain was so unbearable I couldnít open my eyes without bursting into tears! Right now I have a swollen lip with two giant craters on the inner lip and a large ulcer on the side of my tounge. This is easy from what it normally is! If ANYONE ANYONE AT ALL knows of anything that can help me please please! e-mail me at I am desparte for relief! Thank you so much!
Kristen 14 April 03
I was doing some research and like Brenda this is how I found this site. Apparently, mouth ulcers arenít contagious but things like cold sores are. Itís also a bit of a relief to know that I am not the only one in this world that is suffering from an ulcer and that we can give each other some tips and advice. My doctor prescribed this paste called :kenalog in orabase. But Iím going to try a salt + water mixture first.
Thanks for the tip on avoiding just salt.
Good luck everyone, hope the ulcers are fading.
worried 11 April 03
Hi everyone,
This is the second time that Iíve developed a mouth ulcer and it is near the base of my teeth just at the front of my mouth. It is only one (thanks goodness) but it hurts a lot. I was wondering, how long do other peopleís ulcers last for and can they lead to cancer and other horrible diseases?
Worried 11 April 03
Are these contagious?
rob 11 April 03
I get some of these dang annoying things and am trying half peroxide and half warm water. It is somewhat painful but numbs for a long time. I am waiting to see on healing effects as I have only started doing it tonight.
7 April 03
I have two canker sores in the floor of my mouth. They hurt really bad and make me crabby. Help!
Carrie 1 April 03
For the first time in my life I have got one of these very painful things, I feel sorry for all those people who have endured them for years! But I am in that much pain I jumped on the net to find a QUICK FIX!! No such luck! Like some other people I have also had a case of tonsilitis and I am breastfeeding a baby (they take every nutrient) and I am in a very stressful time in my life so I am putting it down to all these things. Trying salt - inflicts major pain, but will persist as it numbs the area for a few hours.
Jade 25 March 03
Oh my goodness....I was hoping that after trying so many things that you would have had SOMETHING work!!! I am 53 yrs old, and am sick and tired of these horrible ugly, sores. It is very hard for me to be quiet but I find myself having to be because it hurts to talk! We went to Europe a couple of years ago and they ruined our trip. Visited family in Italy and they were insulted that I wouldnít eat, they thought I was a snob Iím sure! So I drank wine instead which still hurt but at least I had some fun while hurting. Iím sitting right now researching and thatís how I found this site.....sure makes me feel good to know Iím not alone. I get so tired, worn out with the pain, which makes me more stressed so they hang around longer...arghhhhhhhh, oh well I guess that is my lot in life and it sure could be a lot worse. Iím armed with lots of new advice after reading all of these posts....Iím off to take my multi-vitamin, Kenalog, Folic-acid etc. and WINE!
Brenda 25 March 03
I have had mouth ulcers all my life - I remember as a child always having them, they were so large and painful that my mother used to take me to the doctor. All he could suggest was that she use some kind of blue liquid on them - the name of it I forget but it ended in violet.

Over the years my attacks have slowly got better, and now I only get Ēan attackĒ when I am run down or stressed out.

As for the cure I have tried everything from salt to oral creams, I have found that NOTHING works, Nowadays I just leave them be, clean my teeth regally and take a multi-vitamin..
Ian 24 March 03
I have tried using salt directly on the ulcer as well as the salt water solution. Neither seemed to work for me. Putting salt directly on the ulcer almost made me pass out because of the pain, and it still did not help. It is nice to hear that some people have luck with salt and salt water.
24 March 03
ĒI find that using a very strong salt/water mix is not painful for me at all which seems to contradict most of what has been written by various people on this siteĒ
Ya.. like mentioned above..
water + salt = no pain
salt + no water = pain
14 February 03

I am finding tongue ulcers in my mouth (obviously) for the first time in my life (I am 27).

Interestingly I seem to have contracted these ulcers which are multiplying almost daily by one at the same time that I also contracted tonsillitis of which I am sure the two are related in some way.

I have tried salt water rinsing and it seems to do nothing for me at all although I am sure that if anything it is killing some of the bacteria in my mouth which is not such a bad thing.

I find that using a very strong salt/water mix is not painful for me at all which seems to contradict most of what has been written by various people on this site, I have been seriously involved in heavy duty body piercing etc. (I am not a pain freak) for some years now and also use strong salt water to help heal piercings etc. with great results and absolutely no pain at all.

Thanks 13 February 03

As a kid, it was suggested to me that a good way to get rid of mouth ulcers was to rub Vegemite on them. Yes, I am Australian :)

Those of you who are familiar with the stuff will know how salty Vegemite is.

It hurt like HELL when I applied it - but I thought it worked a treat; the Ulcers healed up promptly thereafter.

However in my adult years, I havenít had as much success with Vegemite. It doesnít seem to work at all, unlike my childhood years.

... although it still hurts just as bad :)
Uncle Fester 12 February 03
Just last night a friend suggested that you should not put salt directly on the ulcer, but hold a mouthful of saturated saline solution around the ulcer for 10 minutes. Apparently, this allows the salt to íseepí into the mouth tissue more effectively. Iíve got a couple now, so Iíve just tried it. Iíll let you know how I get on with this...
vinceloach 8 February 03
Iíve tried salt quite a lot. I donít find it ícuresí them in any way, or speeds up healing. However, what it does do is ínumbí the ulcer for a good few hours. Itís rather like getting *all* the pain up front in one excrutiating experience, rather than several hours of niggling pain. This is useful if youíve got something like a nice meal coming up. You can ínukeí the ulcers and enjoy it. It *is* pretty painful though.
vinceloach 8 February 03
yeah weird.
water + salt does good stuff...
but salt alone doesnít. weird
2 February 03
I decided to pour salt onto a lip ulcer a while back. It kinda made my eyes water a bit ;-/
(btw, it didnt seem to do much in the way of heal time)
Mr C Farrant 30 January 03
First time I tried using saline Iíd never heard of it being used for ulcers. I find it helps get rid of the horrid dry mouth feeling that often accompanies (my) ulcers.
Dom Walton 26 January 03
I have always put salt on my canker sores, and I can agree how badly it hurts...and I donít know if it really works or not but I am willing to do anything to get rid of these things.
26 January 03
Read about rinsing mouth with salt + water. Thought, why not just stick salt on the ulceres if thats what we are trying to do indirectly by doing above. OUCHY MAMAA!!!!!!!! NEVER TRY THAT you guys! It hurt like *£&^*%^Ē)*. Sitting in agony and the friggin ulcer is dancing around doing moonwalks. Noone ever try this. And if you do, reply to this message so I can see who it is.
25 January 03

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