Mentrual Ulcers

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Can you vape vitamins? For example i take CBD vitamins but was thinking about starting to vape it because they have these now I really wana try something like this. Anyone have any experience with vaping CBD?
SarahFuela 20 September 18
Hi, I also use to get horrible tongue ulcers, my lips would swell and peel right before my period. I had my gyno place me on birth control to see if I could get any relief while I tried to figure out what was going on. It stopped the ulcers and the swelling. I later found out I have CIRS. It took many doctors and a lot of bloodwork before finding this. I searched all over the internet to try and find something similar to what I had going on. Those were the worst symptoms but also had fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, hot flashes, headaches, tingling in hands and feet, trouble finding my words, increased static shocks. Symptoms came in waves usually always starting before my period. I hope this helps anybody out there looking for a possible cause to their illness.
Kate 21 April 18
All, for SO long I was suffering from mouth ulcers, 10 at a time that wouldn't go away. As soon as some healed, more would pop up. This happened for almost a year before I connected it with eating Gluten and Dairy. When I cut those out they went away! I still do get them occasionally, and have now since been diagnosed with both Celiac Disease and Chrons, both of which have mouth ulcers as symptoms. I urge anyone suffering to look into this for themselves. I wish someone had been able to connect the dots for me so I wasn't suffering for so long because doctors were no help. Must GP's are ignorant about the rising cases of autoimmunity and it's symptoms. Hope this helps someone.
Alissa 26 September 17
I am suffering from these since my very childhood. And it even runs in my family.but i show this strange connection of ulcer and periods. Its painful. Very painful. I cant eat talk or even drink water. Sometimes its just 2-3 but sometimes its 10-15 and rach time i rinse my mouth its a near death experience. So much pain. i was suggest a vitamin B complx and i am suppose to start drinking it 10 days before my date. Ulcers start healing as soon as i have my periods and its worst on the night before i wil hv my periods. Pls sggest some effective vitamins if possible. Living with this has become a curse.

n.goswami 25 September 17
I get toung sores after mensuration for 5days n causes bad breath.
anu 11 July 17
Wow what a relief to see Im not the only one! I seem to get one or multiple mouth ulcers a few days before my period a they last usually as long as my period does *sigh* it's seems to me as though hormonal change causes them but how to balance that I haven't figured out yet. I've read alot of comments that iron and folic acid supplements may help so I'm going to give that a try.
Good luck ladies, if anyone has more information or solutions I'd much appreciate the help!
Stefanie 25 June 17
Hello All!
I am going through the same thing here, i get at least 10 canker sores plus more either a few weeks up to a few days before my period. This has been happening for 3 years now and my doctors are stumped as well. Its so annoying to not have any answers.....i been told its stress but i am not stressed when this happens, its been every other month. The pain can sometimes become a 15 with pain meds, i cant drink water without it hurting. Lately i notice my lips are starting to blister along with canker sores on my cheeks, gums, tongue, roof of my mouth, inside of my lips, also my tongue turns white for a few days, my mouth become very dry as well. I keep searching for answers!!!
Jessica 4 June 17
I am so happy to know I am not alone. I was scared what was wrong with me and so
Frustrated I couldn't figure it out. I've had these sores for years off and on, but just
Recently linked it to pms. My mom is a nurse and taught me to mix liquid benadryl
And liquid maalox....and swish my mouth out with it a couple times a day. It kinda
Numbs the mouth, relived pain and helps heal the ulcer.
Shannon 2 June 17
Wow I am amazed to have found this page! I have gotten oral ulcers for about 5 years now on and off. I would get 1-2 every couple of months. Then, about 3 months ago, I had an outbreak of 10 at once, with serious lymph node swelling and fatigue. Since then, I have had at least one in my mouth at all times as well as scalloping on the sides of my tongue. After a few days of bad ulcerations, my whole tongue starts burning.

I have been seeing my primary care doctor about this, and she suggested it may be a vitamin deficiency-- I had blood work done and it was not that. I then had viral loads done for herpes simplex virus, which I am positive for as I have had cold sores in the past, but the blood work only indicated a latent infection, that is, not currently active and therefore not responsible for my current problem. Something that did interestingly come up positive is my Sed Rate or ESR, which is often an indicator of some kind of vasculitis or autoimmune condition-- so my doctor is stumped. My dentist has had no ideas, and neither did my endocrinologist, who I see for some hormone imbalances. I'm actually having the bloodwork repeated tomorrow.

I have tried multi vitamins, altering my diet to remove dairy, added sugar, and even night shade vegetables, to no avail. I don't think mine come with my periods, though there's no way for me to know since they're there constantly. Someone above mentioned flaxseed oil-- has anyone had success with this? Or with CQ10? I have never tried either of these.
Miranda 8 May 17
I am thankful to find this page. I'm post menopause however I still have mouth sores that occur every thirty days or so and last about a week. I did have an ulcer in my tongue which would not go away for several months and it was diagnosed as cancerous and was removed surgically at MD Anderson. So ulcers are concerning for me. Please follow up with a dentist or doctor if they do not go away. I was lucky to have an early diagnosis. I am going to try some of your ideas and see if it helps. Even though I no longer have a period I still believe there is some link to hormones.
Sarah T C 28 October 16
Hi, I too get mouth ulcers in the week before my period so I'm very pleased to have fund this page! A few here have mentioned Ketoconazole cream. I looked it up and understand that it's only meant for topical use, not to beput in eyes, nose or mouth! Is there a different type specifically meant for the mouth?
Annie 21 October 16
Great site. I thought I was the only one with that problem.Thanks blogger
Donna 22 September 16
Carrie, try some B-Complex and Folic Acid. That should help the tongue burning, I have that too and have had it for years right before my period. Both help a lot.
jessicas back 25 August 16
Over the past several months I have been experiencing a burning sensation in my mouth, mostly my tongue. Last month I actually went to the dentist and she treated it as thrush with Nystatin oral swish. It seemed to help but now the sensation has returned and I'm just a few days away from my menstrual cycle for this month. There are no sores, ulcers, blisters etc. just the uncomfortable burning/ raw feeling. I really thought I was crazy thinking it could be related but it definitely occurs every month just a few days before my cycle. Any advice would be very much appreciated!!!!!
Carrie M. 8 June 16
My dr believes it is due to our PH levels dropping so drastically before menstration.
I was prescribed Diflucan which is often used for yeast infections (take one pill each week for six weeks). Then I got on a pro biotic that I take daily. Sugar and dairy exacerbate the sensitive tongue
Tricia 25 February 16
Hy I get mouth ulcers just before 5-6 days of my's so much painful am unable to talk eat n drink plzzz help me out
Tabassum unissa 25 February 16
Ketoconazole cream 2%. Is the answer at least for me. I use it every month now before my period and havnt had a problem since. I got a perscription not sure if there is anything comparable otc. I suffered for yrs. Do yourself a favor and tr6 this first. Now if I nust knew why it worked and what the hell is really wrong with me...
Jessica2016 16 February 16
I started experiencing mouth ulcers about a year ago. I get this right before my period. It is relieving to know that there are other women experiencing the same symptoms. I will try some of these remedies and give an update. I haven't tried anything to help with it yet. Thanks for your advice! :-)
Mecca 6 January 16
I used to get ulcers before 6 days of my periods n its too painful..can u suggest any medicines for this..
suneesha 25 April 15
Update 3-18-15!! Drs seem baffled by this one. Mine are still happening during pms. My dr gave me Ketoconazole cream 2%. Gets rid of it over night. Still comes back every month but at least Ive found a "bandaid" for now until I can determine the root of the problem. While folic acid did help, this cream works much faster and better.
jessicasback 19 March 15
Patting on some turmeric powder helps the sore to heal faster due to its antibacterial properties and as it is reduces inflammation the pain goes away faster. Discovering this has made my life easier when I do get a sore. Now I seem to get less sores since I started using turmeric powder.
Merita 19 February 15
i have mouth ulcers all the day except period time ( 5 days). i can't eat anything including water.this is big problem for crying alone.please solve my to cure this problem.what is the solution for this problem.please help me anybody.i have meet lot of doctors but nothing my mind thinks trying to suicide for this.please help me..
painful heart 19 October 14

I have had four outbreaks this year. It's always been when I'm on my period. My lips swell and itch and I get huge white ulcers on the end of my tongue and all way around the side. It's literally impossible to talk, eat or drink for three days, it makes me feel so ill. I've been to the doctors about it and they've been utterly useless. They actually don't know what it is. One said it was herpes, the other ulcers and the last time I went he said it could be thrush. I've started eating natural yoghurt which seems to soothe it.
Charlitte Cowan 13 October 14
Wow, I am not alone or an anomaly. I got aphthous stomatitis when I was 15. My entire mouth filled with cankers, my throat and stomach lining too. My lips swelled. I had to be hospitalized. That was the most severe I'd ever had it, but I got it less severely two more times between then and 20. It happened the exact same each time. I'd come on my period. Go off and next day, ulcer had formed.and lips swelled. It got progressively worse from there. I was under a tremendous amount of mental and emotional stress when I first got it. I was made fun of in school constantly. I was very sad, scared, etc. I think it was the stress/hormone combo. I've always had bad pms (started menstruating at 9) and now finally at freakin 40 I know my pms is mostly because of low progesterone (eyes rolling, thanks docs).

I do still and have ever since frequently gotten a cancker sore before my period. They flare up and are painful, but go away in 10-14 days. I use this canker rid (Durham's on amazon) and it works well in reducing length of canker but burns badly. I think though I just had an aphthous flare up after 20 years of none. My tongue swelled, mouth and canker center the tip of my tongue of all places. My periods are crazy now though because of fibroids. I came on, went off and started day after last day very heavy bleeding. Then canker flared and aphthous symptoms followed. It's miserable. If I wasn't single it would be more difficult.
Lala 9 May 14
I just turned 40, and I've suffered from mouth ulcers my whole life. They get worse right before my period. I had them as a child but as an adult, for the past several years, I have been getting them a few days prior to and during my menstrual cycle.

A life saver is a patch called Canker Cover. If you put one on at night, it seriously relieves the pain and makes the life of the sore much shorter. After two nights, the sore is usually nearly healed. I recommend the patches to everyone. (My ulcers got so bad...several huge ones at a time...that I could hardly talk each month. I prayed about it, and my husband discovered Canker Cover. I really feel like God helped me out with that!)

Also, dry, powdered creamers bring on canker sores for me, so I try to avoid that. Using Rembrandt toothpaste sometimes is helpful, too.

I also get a sore throat, stuffy nose and headache right before or a few days into my period, along with the ulcers. This has to do with progesterone levels dropping and causing acid reflux into the throat at night, according to one doctor.

I wish all of you the best!
Jessica 19 March 14
Im also one of u guys nw i knw that i must take vitamins with high in folic acid and vit.b complex thnks for the info!!
shereeann 7 February 14
I get them right before my menstrual cycle begins as well. Also did not get them while pregnant. I found listerine works well for the lain. Cleans the sores out and essentially numbs them.
Danielle 11 September 13
I have to say that I have tried most of what is posted.. will try the CoQ10.. but at 61 years I think the menstral cycle theory isn't the problem here. I do know that stress and being run down are a gaurantee to a an outbreak. Often a good nights sleep or two does it for me. PH is likely part of the issue. It does help to know that there are SO many of us.. small comfort.
Shelley 27 August 13
When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I got diagnosed with Grographic tongue which is like sores on your tongue and nobody knows what causes it :( I had my child and got that under control but now a year later after my period finally came back it has come back! And now I am getting mouth ulcers too I have tried everything! I guess I will just have to live with it.
Kasey 24 August 13
It's a progesterone allergy. Happens on week right before your period.
Estela 20 July 13
Hallo.. I have lived with mouth ever since l was a small kid but after started getting my period l noticed that they used to come a few days before l received my periods. Currently am married with one child and have learned to live with them. first and foremost eat healthy, avoid sweets, cakes, chocolate,sause,crisps etc
Jane 29 May 13
UPDATE! Prescription strength FOLIC ACID is AMAZING! 1000mg
jessica 23 January 13
WOW! Im now sure it's not only me that suffers from the pleague of mouth/ tongue ulcers! Im 31 and i've had this since I was 21. What a relief!
Reemazeela 9 January 13
Update: Raw corners and swollen tongue
Not gone, but a wee bit better. Been to several drs, none of which seem to care too much about it or have any helpful advice. Here is what I have found through friends and forums.

Folic Acid high dose
B-Complex high dose
No Coffee
Cut back on alcohol beverages (about 2-3 a wk now)
Cut back on all medications and dosages
Started Juicing. Looking for some good juice recipes for this.
Dandelion Root tea for a healthy liver
Flaxseed oil in shakes
Fish oil at night (a good one)

Please report back your own results, that is the best help of all!

Also, list other symptoms that you are having as well. ..

(Swollen painful tongue, raw, cracked red corners of lips)
I have had bad heartburn too, wondering if they are linked. Muscle and joint pain that comes with the Fibromyalgia. Dry, stuffed, painful nose, Weirdly dry elbows, chronic fatigue (has improved with juicing). That's all I can think of right now. Wondering if any of these might be linked.
jessica 30 December 12
What has worked for me is coQ10 and coconut oil. I take both daily and have not had a sore since I've been taking them. I've also heard that Pycnoginol and the berberine help. I didn't have to try them since I've found what works for me!
Maren 14 August 12
Amazing! Its got to be hormonal!! I would get a sore in my mouth my first month if prenancy. I have 5 children and it never failed. BUT now after ny fifth child exactly a year after I got pregnant with her I got these painful sores on my tongue. It stated out with 1 then a day before my period boom! I got them all over my tongue. Very interesting. Just wish there was a cure/sonething to ease the pain or rid them quickly. My vote is its hormonal/viral thing.
Arellano 28 July 12
Wow I thought I was the only woman in the world who had this problem. I also get them before and during my period. I know my ulcer issue is hormornal because when I was pregnant I did not get them and ate EVERYTHING in site. I asked my doctor (gyn) at my last check up about this, and he said it could be something to do with your PH levels changing in your body when you have your period. I am not on any birth control, so I don't know if that helps or makes it worse. If anyone finds something that works. Let us know. They are very painful and make life miserable during that time of the month.
kd 27 June 12
Having at least 2 now. A big one on the inside of my right cheek (kills me to brush my teeth), and a little one on my tongue (kills me to talk, or sneeze, or blow my nose). Maybe another one on the roof of my mouth. Sneaky lil buggers, finding just the right places to make you suffer. I haven't taken anything for them, except gargled with salt water once.
BONJELA gel works for me when I've got them bad & I need to eat. The gel stings like mad, but it numbs out the pain for eating.
Tiny 24 June 12
HI,,,,,, I started getting these mouth ulcers just 2 months back and this month i noticed that it comes just 3 days before the period and it stays for 10 to 15 days, its very painful and before i was getting ulcer like once or twice a year only but now......:( its monthly and sometimes its more than one at a time..
HA 22 May 12
Glad to know I'm not alone - but wouldn't wish this on anyone. My mom, aunt, sister and I refer to these buggers as "dot tongue". I am 45 years old and have been getting these extremely painful, raised little dots on my tongue since I was 13 years old. It has taken me years to tie it to my menstrual cycle. I'm convinced that it happens after ovulation and then when I get my period it immediately goes away. I have to figure out which hormone drops off or appears at menstruation. It doesn't happen to me every month - I have had more than a few ovarian cysts and I think that it plays a part in when I get these. I did notice a few years back that when I was on this diet - basically no white four, no white sugar, no processed food, no yeast, that I didn't get the sores. I am going back to that diet. I don't know why but if I eat red licorice, later in the month I get the sores. Maybe there is a hormonal deficiency that makes me crave the licorice that month. I have heavy periods, I did ivf to have my twins, had endo surgery twice (stage 4 and stage 3), I have hormonal imbalances. I'm sure my tongue is related to that - just wish I knew how to cure it. I was anemic for a long time but did not have tongue issue while anemic.
RJ333 28 April 12
feeling slightly relieved thought i had tounge cancer and maybe i do i have ulcers and burning mouth and a weird shape on my tounge appeared after new pill i am also 47 . the shape has stayed and not gone away. anyone out there heard of this. need a piece of mind.
meg 26 April 12
Wow, I had no idea there were so many other women out there who suffer each month as I do. I get mouth ulcers the week before my period starts, faithfully. I know for a fact that I inherited this from my mother. I used to wonder as a child why she was so short & grumpy, didn't want to talk or eat while she was PMS'ing. Now I know! Just read an article that said it can be a family thing, and there can be no known cause at all. Most of us here know the correlation now between our cycles & the mouth ulcers. For those who have them all the time, month long or whilst breastfeeding, you have my sincere sympathy. People who do not have to deal with this pain really do not realize how very blessed they are!

I do find that taking vitamins (a multivitamin plus 400 mcg folic acid plus 1000-2000 mg Vitamin C) on a daily basis seems to help them heal faster and/or prevent the severity of the outbreak. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Wish there was a miracle cure out there somewhere...
Tea 12 April 12
So, so pleased to have found this site and reading other posts I am not the only one who gets mouth ulcers around the time of their periods. Drives me mad along with the rest of the PMT symptoms! Will try Lysine can you get it in a health shop? Men don't know they're born!!!! Xx
Jules 13 March 2012 13 March 12
18-02-12 I am suffering from ulceration sort of thing with frequent urination after completing my periods and it gets automatically over after 10 to 15 days . I tried many medicines but all useless .consulted many gynaecologist and urologist . no complete remedies for my severe pain and burning. allopathic medicine failed, a little relief by ayurvedic medicines. can someone suggest me what problem is this? I am 41 now having two kids caesaerian .suffering from this problem from last 4 years. What could be taken to get relief from this problem? Kindly help me out.
Anjali Gupta 17 February 12
Ever since a child, I have lived constantly with ulcers in my mouth. I have been off and on birth control pills and on birth control pills for medical reasons. I have mentioned about my constant mouth ulcers to many doctors and no one has found an answer or even tried. I can live with constant mouth ulcers for months as I have them constantly and they do not and will not go away...or if they do.. maybe only for a few days. Since I have been on birth control pills for a long time, I decided to go off of the birth control pills to see how I feel. I noticed that when I was on birth control pills that I did not have many ulcers or not any at all. Since I am now off birth control pills, I know again have my constant ulcers and they will not go away. I believe that there has to be chemical imbalance or something that is happening that is causing the ulcers.... or there has to be a hormonal imbalance that is causing them as it seems like that there is something that is in the birth control pills that help prevented me from having my ulcers... I can't figure it out... I don't like living my life each day with having ulcers in my mouth... I know birth control pills have helped them tremendously... but can't live on birth control pills all my life but tempting. I wish I had the answer to why I have them.... they keep moving around to different places in my mouth... One just already went away and now another one is coming in a different spot. I think it has something to do with hormones... I have tried L-Lysine, Acidophilous, ucler cancer sore numbing such as Kinkaid... and nothing ever seems to help. I even have had a Dr. say I have Thrush in the past and prescribed medication for that and that never worked either. They can be very painful... and I have even have had them on my tonsils too. I wish I knew an answer to why and wish I knew what it was that keeps my in a state where I live with them on a daily basis and there isn't many days where I have been without having an ulcer in my mouth... and the only thing that has seemed to help is birth control pills. I am very discouraged... and have been ever since I have been a little girl and still today. I'm 37 now.
Anna 17 February 12
What an interesting blog... I've found that I've had flares of swollen gums and mouth ulcers when I'm not well and fighting viruses. Several times I've had swollen bleedy gums alongside a very thin discharge during a run down period. Initially I panicked and went for swabs and was told it was my body fighting a virus. No STI as was my initial panic. Also After a miscarriage I had an infection during which also left my gums terribly swollen and bleeding. Perhaps i was just a misfortunate soul but I was prescribed antibiotics to clear up the infection, to my amazement they also cleared up my gums. Reading the print print on the anti bi's I thought it was interesting that a drug for clearing up such infections also cleared up gum disease. So I can't help but believe somehow its not so crazy that the two are linked.
Ashly 11 February 12
Hi Girls,
I started the pill yaz, just last april, it was find for the first three months, until just before i'm about to get my period I get ulcers too. At the moment I have three small ones in my mouth! The horrible thing is I also get mild thrush. Ive been to the doctor but they said it looks like just before my period my immune system weaken so i get thrush which goes away without any medication because the period flushes it out and the ulcers go away after a few days, however, I hate them. Like it just upsets me to have these stupid ulcers in my mouth especially since i've never had them before! I was never on the pill before however.
kcm 20 January 12
Hi, I used to be on the pill (was to supposedly help stop my periods being so painful, didn't work just made them regular) and I never really noticed mouth ulcers but I recently came off pill due to health reasons and bam week before my period mouth ulcer and it kills :( I just wish I could find something that made my periods easier to handle. I get cramps, exhaustion, whoozy feelin, nausea etc all in the week before and during my period and as I said pill did nothing :( can anyone recommend anything? I'm 23 by the way!
CharBean 14 January 12
I'm glad I'm not alone!!! I started getting sores in my mouth 3 months ago - right around the time of my period. I'm not on any birth control pills or anything. I was taking medication for migraines for a while, but that's really the only difference in my medication. I'm off the medication now and the sores are still occurring. They start as just red, raw feeling patches on the underside of my lips, then get white and kind of blistery/peely looking. They are also on my gums and inside of my cheeks (it KILLS to brush my teeth). The first time I had them, they were accompanied with some other pain, so I thought it might be a yeast infection (a friend of mine suggested it might be thrush). They went away after maybe 5 days - I took lots of acidophilus (pro-biotics) and gargled/swished with baking soda in water a few times a day and salt water occasionally. I told my doctor, and she seemed pleased with my taking pro-biotics. After they came back a second time, I went to the doctor, she did a mouth swab (ouch!), and suggested that it was herpes/cold sores. She prescribed some meds for cold sores and also some for yeast. That seemed to take care of the problem in fewer days. Now... I'm on my period again and they're back! I'm gargling with baking soda, taking some more acidophilus, and might try some natural meds for yeast. After reading lots of previous posts, I'm going to amp up my vitamins, and see if increasing iron might help. I'm borderline anemic, so I'm sure when I'm on my period, my iron is probably way down. It's just strange that I'm 23 now, I've been having very regular periods for the last 7 years, and I'm just now experiencing this. Good luck, everybody! I'm up for experimenting with different cures!!!
Shan 2 January 12
My father has suffered with mouth ulcers for forty over years. He would have multiple ulcers at least 25 days out of a month, horrible right? But things take a turn when a friend recommended him Flaxseed oil. Initially he took it to reduce his stomach acid, but he soon discovered that his mouth ulcers now seldom reoccur. You may want to try taking Flaxseed oil?
Cecilia 27 December 11
i never got these before. but after i turned 40 they started up like clock work about a week before my period. they take about a week to heal. so this is two weeks a month dealing with this. it happens directly in the corners of my mouth. i do suffer from fibromyalgia and take medication, so im thinking it may be in combination with hormones and the immune system. i am bumping up my iron but tried that last month and it didn't help. i have noticed that a "good" b-complex does help.
jessica 11 December 11
I have suffered with canker sores my whole life. Multiple sores on the tounge and cheeks. Some up to a pea size in diameter. I went to the doctor for over 20 years and my cankers were excused as stress. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in my late 30's that I got rid of those sores for good. I am now 9 years gluten free. When I eliminated all wheat, rye, barley and pretty much all forms of gluten I started to notice a huge difference. It takes time for your body to heal from all the inflamation that gluten creates in your gut and in your system. You might have celiac disease and not even know it. It's so worth getting tested for. Doctors miss the diagnoses all the time because the symptoms similar to PMS. I believe when your immune system is at it's lowest ( pre period time), your resistence drops and your open to getting the canker sores. We see the pattern all the time. I believe if you have gluten in your system, on top of the stress of an up coming period, it's the perfect storm. I haven't had a canker sore in 9 years and I have not had any gluten until this past week. I knew I was taking a chance when I experimented on myself with some wheat and sure enough... I just got my period and with it, a canker sore. So bummed, but I am relieved to know that I know what to do. I remember the years when I didn't I had CD and the sores haunted me with every cycle and understand how you feel. They are dreadfull and so painful. Ask your doctor about the test. It's sooooo worth it. Good Luck.
Anita 7 December 11
wow!! me too me too!! I have gotten a slight cold before my period (almost like allergies) for years. My family jokes with me that I'm allergic to my period. And with every cold I get, an ulcer comes with it. So I'm wondering if the menstrual cycle is somehow lowering my immune system?? and triggering this mild cold every time.... I'm not a scientist, or a doctor.. so if there are any of those out there can you tell me if this is plausible?
carrie 1 December 11
Does anyone get a sore throat / unwell feeling when the ulcers appear? I feel like I'm coming down with a cold every time.
juli 1 November 11
I'm so glad I found this post. I've been having an ulcer appear on the tip of my tongue a week before my period for about the last 9 months. I have gotten maybe one or two a year in the past and then they only lasted about 3 days. Now they last at least 7 days. I'm in constant fear that something I will do will bring one on but I'm starting to think it's hormonal. Last month I started being very strict with taking B12 and I began eating red meat again ( I had been meat free for a few months before). After reading that you can get ulcers from B12 deficiency I though maybe that was the problem. This month I was a bit more lax with the B12 and sure enough the ulcer came back. Some of you have said that while pregnant you didn't get them. I've read that we produce a steroid when we are pregnant that alleviate many different ailments. My dentist prescribed a steroid cream to put on my tongue but I didn't get it filled. I think I will now that I see a link between being pregnant and the ulcers going away. I feel so bad for you all and hope we find some relief in this. I will post later if the steroid cream works!
juli 1 November 11
Wow this amazing post has been going for years! Kept reading to try and find the answer....I too have had a lot of mouth ulcers in my life and after not being on the contraceptive pill for a couple of yrs(trying for a family and having twins)I have gone back on the pill the last couple of months and suffered again ever since with a constant supply of ulcers so surely it has to be a hormonal pos oestrogen thing!! Shall be off to the docs as soon as poss to see if there is anything else....just can't believe I never made the connection when I was previously on the oill(for 12yrs). Microgynon def seems to be worse, Yasmin better but think its a lower hormone pill do probably of luck all x
Na 27 October 11
Wow. I suffer too. I get them like every other month, I don't even know when it goes away or comes back. No solution as of yet. Vitamins may be a major player for my ones. I started taking prenatal vitamins for my hair and stopped for a couple of times already this year. So I guess vitamins made them stay away. But, I must say: once you get them-no vitamin will make it go away. Especially if this is due to a shortage of iron in the body, because our iron reserve takes time to build up-around a month actually. Anyways, I've had this forever. Glad to know I'm not a freak of nature :)
Tb 26 October 11
I had been taking Microgynon 30 for about 7 years when my ulcer attacks became unbearable. I had at least one, often two / three ulcers at all times and was in constant pain. I suffered for 5+ years, trying many treatments and having many tests. I managed to control them by taking bee propolis, effervescent vitamin C and multivitamins but still only had a few ulcer free days / weeks. Approximately 3 months ago I came off the pill to start trying for a baby and although I initially had a bout of ulcers these subsided and I now seem to have just one ulcer per month in the middle of my cycle. I wanted to post this as I wish I had made the connection earlier. To all sufferers on the pill I would strongly suggest you come off it for a couple of months and see what the effect is, you really have nothing to lose (obviously use another form of protection against pregnancy).
Rachel 12 October 11
I also get multiple, large, painful ulcers every month about a week before my period. I've found that using chloraseptic throat spray provides some relief. I've been to an endocrinologist and found that my hormone levels are all low. I will definitely post again if this hormone therapy works. I just started on Progesterone. Has anyone else tried this approach?
Tam 6 October 11
I just now put together that during my pregnancy I didn't have the ulcers in my mouth or the horrible ovary pains that I usually have. Every month after my period during the time I ovulate I get cyst on my ovaries as well as ulcers in my mouth and throat. It is horrible. I want a solution. My obgyn says the pill should get rid of them. But reading this, it seems that the pill is making most of everyones ulcers worse. I have heard that iron and b12 can prevent them. I'm trying to decide what was different when I was pregnant. I took prenatal vitamins daily so I was getting plenty of iron and b12. But I also kept taking them for months after my pregnancy and I still devleoped ulcers after my period. If a hormone surge supposedly causes it or hormones being out of wack then why when I was pregnant and my hormones were crazy did I not have the ulcers then? My doctor told me the only options I have to not have ovarian cyst are; the pill, a hysterectomy, or to be pregnant. I guess that answer would be the same for mouth ulcers. I think some how they must be sort of the same thing. The pill hasn't helped me with the cysts, I cant be pregnant all of the time, and I am only 25 I don't want a hysterectomy. As all of you know these mouth ulcers are so painful. Add ovarian cysts to that at the same time its crippling. Surely there has to be an answer out there.
Brooke 5 October 11
I've suffered with sores at the corners of my mouth & sometimes in my nose, for about 5 yrs. I've been in Peri-menopause since I was 35, I'll be 43 this month. The theory from the dr. who says it's due to monthly bleeding doesn't sound right to me. I almost never bleed, just spot Very lightly for about 5 minutes! However, I still get all of the other pms symptoms :-( So I'm thinking it has to be hormonal. I have read it could be a Vitamin B deficiency, yeast, bacterial. I started taking a Super B supplement & they cleared....until I started pms-ing a few days ago. Unless a Dr. cultures it, who really knows? I've also read a forum where many women with this were diagnosed with lupus. I hope I actually get to menopause soon so this hormonal stuff ends! Unfortunately, my mom went thru peri-menopause for 15 years, so I may have a while to go :(
Alli 4 October 11
I too have suffered from severe mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember but only the week before and during menstruation. I am a nurse and pretty much diagnosed myself as my GP was not really interested. Its great to find this web site that confirms my diagnosis and realise I'm not mad or imagining the connection. Interestingly the only time I never got ulcers was during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of both my pregnancies. Unless you suffer I don't think people realise how painful they are and how much they effect your lifestyle. I have tried iron and Vitamin B12 supplements without success. I'm now 52 but no signs yet of the menopause so not sure if I will 'grow out of them' any time soon.
Karen, UK October 2011 1 October 11
Just curious if anyone that gets these ulcers has been diagnosed with endometriosis. I have been (Stage 4) and also get the ulcers before my period and sometimes when I ovulate.
Anisa 26 September 11
Keri although I don't feel that I have cured my ulcers I have had a bit of success recently. I have a theory that breastfeeding has bled me dry of some essential nutrient and I am therefore having real trouble with ulcers. I have taken Lysine for about a week now, rinsed with Difflam and have caked the Kenalog on for 3-4 nights in a row. The ulcers disappeared (who knows, they may have been finished anyway) and I have been to the dentist, and so far no more, although I do have a few suspect sores that may progress to ulcers. I'll keep you posted regarding the progress over the next little bit.
Amy 26 August 11
I'm 32 and have dealt with this for as long as I can remember. Tried everything to really no avail. Amy, I too am currently breastfeeding my second child (5 mos) and have had them NON-STOP for several months! Usually 2-3 at a time... those will heal only to be followed by 2-3 more. I was ulcer-free both of my entire pregnancies (heavenly times!). I breastfed my first child for over a year and I do not recall getting ulcers or cold sores much during that time. This time? It's been horrible. My 2nd child also had a horrible diaper rash for the first couple of months. I cannot help but wonder if these odd things are all somehow related. The ONLY thing I'm looking forward to in getting older is NOT HAVING MOUTH SORES!!!! I hear most women "grow out of it"!!!! :) Those who don't get these things just don't understand how debilitating they really are. It's hard living with this constant mouth pain. I find myself getting depressed and easily agitated when I have them. It's really awful!
Keri 22 August 11
I am also glad to have found this link. I have suffered from painful mouth ulcers my whole life (35 years) but they are so bad at the moment I am losing weight. I get 6 or 7 at once and this usually incorporates at least one on my tongue, making everything very difficult and painful. I have recently thought about a possible link between breastfeeding and ulcers, but it looks as though this is the exact opposite of most who have commented. I am currently breastfeeding my second child, but I don't remember them being so bad with my first. Has anyone else had them flare up specifically whilst breastfeeding?
Amy 16 August 11
Wow, so happy to have found this place. I've been getting these mouth sores since I started my period at age 9 (yep, lucky me, early bloomer). I am 26 now, and they remain my only reliable PMS syndrome...cramps, bloating, soreness, fatigue, nausea, cravings, etc., those all vary from month to month, but the mouth sores stay the same. I sometimes describe it to people as "gingivitis over one or two teeth only", but sometimes, like this month (due to have my period on Friday), I get a mouthful of raised sores, one ofwhich has caused some swelling in my jaw, so in irritation I googled "mouth sores while on period" and was so relieved to find this page. None of my friends or family have this problem. My dentist told me once it might be because I'm not flossing enough, but I don't think that makes sense; I floss about once a week (sometimes more) and have never had a cavity or gum problem (other than these pms sores) in my life. It's really relieving to know I'm not just gross or something...and I will definitely be trying the Lysine supplements! Thank you, ladies!
Audrey 26 Washington DC 9 August 11
I can't believe there are this many other women suffering with these horrible ulcers! It certainly shows the strength and ability to suffer well that we've been gifted with. I'm 28 yrs old, when I was 20 living in Malaysia, I spent a day in the sun and by that night had a HORRIBLE rash all over my body. I saw a Dr. and he gave me a steroid shot in my bum (that actually caused morphia in the area where the shot was administered), and didn't seem to alleviate the pain or irritation. Within a few weeks I started my period which was early at the time, and for 6 months had a recurring cycle of 4-5 days on my period and 4-5 days off. After my whole life thus far of almost completely clear skin my face broke out into full fledged acne, as if I'd just hit puberty. I also began having the oral ulcers, but never
madea ny connection. When I returned home to the states I saw my obgyn and he prescribed progestin (synthetic progestrone) but things only got worse. He switched me to natural progestrone and all the symptoms slowly started
to subside but I still had the recurring ulcers, (not noticing yet that they were right before my cycle). I became
pregnant with my first child and they were gone the entire time I was pregnant (while taking Rx prenatal vitamins)
and throughout breastfeeding (still on the vitamins). Shortly after I stopped breastfeeding they returned. I became pregnant a few months later and was pregnant/breastfeeding off and on for the next 3 years, so i didn't get them very often in that time period. It wasn't until after I stopped breastfeeding my son (and began to have a normal cycle & ulcers again), in late 2007 that I began to realize that I NEVER had them when I wasn't pregnant. I thought it was either an auto-immune deficiency, hormones, or prenatal vitamins. I told my doctor and he continued to prescribe Rx prenatals for me during the next 1-2 years. I took them every day without fail and had no ulcers that I can remember. In Jan. 2010 the prenatals he was giving me were no longer covered by my insurance. My Doc said not to worry, to just take OTC prenatal vits cuz they were all the same, and so I did. Within a month or two they were back
worse than ever. I haven't had any of the other symptoms, irregular period, rash, or acne... and the morphia went away after my first pregnancy. When the ulcers first began I had every test in the book done and nothing proved to be the cause, I was so discouraged that I haven't seen a Dr about my ulcers specifically in years. I still believe strongly that it is one of the three causes. Hormonal seems most likely right now. I haven't been on any type of contraceptive. I also have not gotten pregnant in the last 4 yrs (not for lack of trying during ovulation for the past 2 :) I had 4 pregnancies in 3 1/2 years so needless to say I was extremely fertile for a while. but I am going to return to
taking Rx prenatals and throw in L-lysine and sublingual B12. I will check in to let anyone interested know if and how that helps. I'm so happy to have found other women who share this devastating issue, and at the same time proud to be one of the very strong individuals who choses to wake up and "start all over again" with ulcers every day. I can only imagine a handful of other things more discouraging as a mother and wife than to go days at a time without proper nutrition and only a painful way to communicate. I look forward to reading more!
Crystel 83 5 August 11
hello folks,
Im on the contraceptive implant - i noticed that my ulcers are related to me being on the pill - i had them constantly from 16 - 24 when i was on the pill, worse before my period, then nothing form 24-28 while i was single and not on contraceptive and then recently i have had them again - coinciding nicely with my contraceptive implant being put in. My periods at the moemnt are a bit all over the place - none for ages then one that lasts two weeks! Each ones comes paired with a nast hugey ulcer 1.5 cm across- usually on the back of my throat with a swelling of the glands under my throat and earache and gumache included!

I dont feel stressed, i eat and exercise well, im happy so the oly change is my radom period cycle!

Someone needs to work this out!! Scientists please do your best
bea, 28, UK 2 August 11
I have taken the pill since the early 90s. I am 37yrs old. Used to get ulcers as a child if I was tired/run down and then once I got a coldsore, these seemed to be my 'rundown curse'. Since May2011, I am having bouts of ulcers - nasty little clusters of them which hurt like hell. I have observed that the last two bouts have coincided with the week before my period. Unsure why they are coming to me after so many years without. Only other factor to throw in (wildly) is that I have not eaten meat since the early 90's and have eaten fish only. In the last couple months I have had an occasional taste of meat.....probably totally unconnected.
Jane 31 July 11
Hi, I'm 14, not on any sort of pill. I have a really irregular period and the only way I know that I'm going to get my period is when I get a huge, painfull sore on the roof of my mouth. I also get smaller sores on my gums and lips and sometimes on other parts of the body. Can anybody tell me a way to get rid of it or at least why its happening? I also get very sick (vomiting, diarrohea & wind pain) while on my period. My doctor doesn't know what it is and everything he has given me hasn't helped. I really want it to stop! Thanks
Natalie 27 July 11
Just checked in here, to see how everyone has been getting on. Thankyou for your comment KimS, I do hope the L-Lysine has been successful for you. I originally posted May 2010 and kept you all updated with my last post on October 2010 - I am still taking L-Lysine, 5 days before my period is to start and continuing taking them right the way through that week too. I still take a good multivitamin everyday. I have not had one single ulcer since I began doing this back in June 2010... it has been an absolute God send for me.. I have my life back again, having suffered badly with these every month. I'm not saying this will be a miracle cure for each and everyone of you, but it is definitely worth a try and has been my miracle cure (I found out about it from previous posters on here myself!!!) Alex
Alex 17 July 11
Im 21 i just started recently gettin these mouth ulcers when i stopped takin birth control i was on the depo shot for about 7 years and then go on the pill, well the pill was givin me yeast infections and as soon as i quit takin them i started gettin these ulcers in my mouth, they usually occur around the end of my cycle. I've been to my docor a he prescirbed me PREDISONE! It helps with inflammation that causes these mouth uclers, i started taking them as soon as i notice the burning and tingling sensastion in my mouth, i've only been on it for 2days and the ulcers have not formed yet, hopefully this is the answer to my prayers because those ulcers are extremly to painful! Lysine is also good, i recommend predisone and lysine ladies!
Jasmine 7 June 11
I use Myrrh tincture (natural health product), 2 drops rince 1 min in mouth, 3 Times a day. It goes away after 1 or 2 days, before that they lasted a week.
France 31 May 11
Alex, Thanks for all of the updates on L-Lysine. They didn't go unnoticed. I'm going to get some tomorrow. Thanks again.
KimS 27 May 11
Hi I'm 26 and I began taking Microgynon 30 a week and a half ago after being on the depo for 6 years. Since I began the pill I have had multiple mouth ulcers that do not seem to be calming down and the sides of my face feel very bruised. I think Microgynon is the cause of the ulcers as I never suffered badly with them during the time I had the injection or when I wasn't taking birth control. I can't think of anything else I have done differently except age.
Lyndsey 19 May 11
I am 25 years old and have suffered from canker sores pretty much my whole life. My sister and I always have cankers in our mouth at the same time, now I am wondering if it is supposed to be when we are supposed to have our period? I have Mirena I.U.D and my sister is on depo shot so we both don't get periods. I have a huge nasty painful canker under my tongue, one on my cheek between the gum and cheek and another on the other side on my cheek. I am in so much pain I can not eat, drink, or talk and I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed lidocaine viscious 2%. It is awesome it numbs the pain for about 30 mins to an hour and gives me enough relief to fall asleep or to eat.
Ashlie 11 May 11
I have also been getting mouth ulcers off and on for about 30 years. They went away for many years after I had my children but returned a few years ago. In the last year (as I'm getting closer to menopause), in addition to my mouth, I began getting ulcers in my nose around the bottom of my septum. It feels like there's a small piece of glass just under the skin, and for the first few days of my cycle, it moves from the base of my septum up about a quarter of an inch. These ulcers are very painful, look terrible, and take at least a week to heal. Has anyone ever experienced or heard of this before?
Donna 10 May 11
I can't beleive I've found this website after 4 years of suffering with severe mouth ulcers!! Initially they appeared at the same time as blisters on my hands & lower legs appeared after being in the sun for a day! (Can't remember if I had my period then too.) Anyway, ended up seeing dermatology consultants but they were baffled & didn't think it could be sun causing mouth ulcers. I had biopsys taken from hand & lip which came back a Erythyma Multiforme, which means red blotches anywhere basically & no known cause!
Then I heard that dairy produce can cause mouth sores, & so cut out dairy & this seemed to help. (apparently dairy can stop you absorbing iron).
When they came back though I saw a Gastroenterology consultant & his registrar suggested iron/B12 deficiency, so I've been on a high iron diet for the last year more or less (liquid B12 supplement, Spa Tone sachets, Bran Flakes, soya milk, pate, sardines, liver, red meat, Bovril drink, spinach, broccoli etc, & no coffee, red wine or choccies - AARGGHHH!!!) When I've got on top of the ulcers this way, I then get a bit naughty though & slip back into old habits & then they recurr.
I've been pretty clear for the last 6 months ( just minor ulcers that I could handle), but then on hols last year & again last week they flared up big time after a day in the sun - so i'm wondering if the sun or heat has some effect on iron absorption - does anyone know??
Anyway, at a trip to my doctor this week, blood tests were taken again, which like some messages above will probably show that I don't have a problem as before (except for low iron stores which they say is OK for menstruating women). I asked the doc if taking the pill again would help & she said they have prescribed that for people with anaemia in the past, to reduce blood loss - so maybe that could be the simple answer & maybe the sun has nothing to do with it! (Not that i'm a sun worshipper - it'd just be nice not to have to search out shady spots when the rest of the family want to play ball in the garden or on the beach!!)
I will let you know how I get on in the next few weeks & hopefully I can help others who are suffering like me.
Samantha 5 May 11
Wow, I am glad that I found this website. I, too, have suffered from canker sores. I used to get them when I was a teenager but then I went on the pill in my early twenties. The sores stopped. I stayed on birth control until I turned 36 (when I was trying to get pregnant). Shortly after stopping the birth control pills, I began getting the mouth sores again. I started noticing a pattern (like you all before me) and they come now every month, about a week before my period. Sometimes, they last for a couple of weeks and then, like clockwork, I get them again a week before my period. I have asked other women and none of them seemed to have the same problem. It can be so depressing to get them every month. I am now almost 40 years old and still no relief. I have asked my detnal hygienist and she told my that it could be my mouthwash....Crest Pro Health. She informed me that there is a chemical in this mouthwash/toothpaste that sloughs off tissue in the mouth which makes one prone to get these mouth sores. She suggested that I stop using Crest Pro Health and start using Biotene. Now, I don't really know if her claims have any merit or not, but I can tell you that since I have used Biotene, while I have not stopped getting the mouth sores, the intensity of pain has not been as bad and the mouth sores have not lasted as long. So, take this information for what is worth. Maybe if you switched to Biotene, you might see some releif as I had. In the meantime.....I will try suggestions that others have made here at this website and maybe together, we can find the cure...
Kathie 25 April 11
I have posted earlier about suffering from these ulcers for 20 years. It's the same hormone story as just about all of you.. I thought there was nothing I could do until recently.. And honestly, I think I've found something so bloody simple, that has stopped mine for the last 4 months... I've gone from having about 10 ulcers for 2 weeks out of every month, to 1 or 2 trying to come through, but not making it... It was advice from : Embarrassing bodies" a show on TV. A girl had the same problem, they did every test under the sun, but they all showed nothing. So they prescribed her some ANTI-INFLAMMATORY"S. I thought what the heck, my husband has some for an old injury ( CELEBREX ) and I started taking them.. OMG!!! It's like I have won the lotto!!! It has so definitely made a massive difference to my ulcers!! I just don't get them!!! I'm not trying to sell anything, and I'm not full of crap, this honestly has worked for me.. and after 20 years, I'm just so happy!!! If you decide to try it, please let me know if it works for you!!! Cheer's!!!!
Emily 24 March 11
I stopped getting ulcers almost entirely when I took gluten and bananas out of my diet. Just recently, I developed a bunch of sores after traveling and eating new foods. I had also started my period the first day they showed up, so it's hard to sort out what caused this outbreak. The good news is if I avoid foods I am allergic to, the sores do not show up at all. I did a IgE/IgG blood test from USBiotek to sort out allergies. I'd highly recommend an allergy test if you get recurrent sores (before eliminating anything because it's really hard to sort out after removing a food from your diet.)
Jennifer 17 March 11
hi every one i gave birth to my son in october last yr he was a very big baby and i lost a lot of blood 2 litres ,i refused a blood transfussing and just took iron tablets for 8 wks ,however iv been getting these mouth ulsers too since then, i
started the pill in november i think both could have a link toward this constant discomfort of these mouth ulsers , iv had bloods taken twice since then and they come back fine . my doctor just keep perscribing me oraldene which does not work ,and i brush and clean my mouth twice a day i need to no a solution for this .
claire 8 March 11
I've read extensively about these sores with the hope of finding a cure but to no avail.They are too painful and they give me headaches. Most times, i get sore throats in addition and they last for two weeks and running. . I read more about it on this site. These sores are going no where and will have to take their full course when they come. In addition, i have to deal with menstural pains. I'm in big trouble if i don't take a pill before it comes.

Only the good Lord knows why i have this kind of painful thing but i'm better alive with it than dead no matter how painful. So ladies, It is well. God bless us all.
Pearl. 8 February 11
Read all of your comments with interest..very helpful. I have a 3 yr old and a 10 month old and have never suffered from ulcers before. 2 weeks ago I had to new Nexaplon implant and within days my tongue is covered in ulcers. I've been using oraline mouthwash and ambesol to help but they go from one place to another.... heading to the docs tomorrow.... if it continues think I'll get the implant removed... feel so low and exhausted with them.... def the implant!!
Alix 2 February 11
I have tried a homeo medicine and found extremely useful..Nuxvomica 200. One good drop on the ulcer releives your pain immediately and i applied a second drop after 4 hours...i am yet to use the third drop because i strated using today morning have to use it to beleive it...i also get them during my period
Meena 31 January 11
Wow! I can't believe other people have this same problem. I googled ulcers during your period, not expecting to find much. I start my period in three days and I have four ulcers right now on my lower lip and gum. I suffer from a disorder that won't allow me to menstrate so I HAVE to take bc (Nuva Ring) to ovulate. I quit for a few months and I just started back up about three weeks ago and these ulcers flared up. It's definitely from hormones. I hope you all find something to fix yours. They really are terrible.
Autumn 31 January 11
I agree Lizzie...when I get them I feel totally drained and exhausted. Would go as far as saying that I feel very unwell. Takes them about two weeks to heal. I've been getting them continuously now for about a year. It started initially when I gave up smoking. Still haven't figured out though if it was because of that or not. It's not an easy task to go Gluten free so you must have been very disappointed when they came back!!
Anne 28 January 11
Try using an Asprin mouth wash, if you already have the ulcers it takes the edge off but does not get rid of them. I was given Corlin pellets by my doctor. When I felt an ulcer appearing I put a pellet on the sore bit and after about three days max the ulcer had not appeared. I have now been prescribed Clenil Modulite at the Dental Hospital which is actually an inhaler for asthma but it has worked for me, I have not had an ulcer for just over a mounth though at least ten have started. I have not had the results of my latest blood tests, so I still do not know what causes the ulcers but these things have helped.
Shona 8 January 11 8 January 11
I had baby #4 and no sores through ANY pregnancies or during breastfeeding. Prior to children, only had them here and there, no pattern and definately not what would be thought of as regularly. Now I seem to get them every cycle without fail about 1 week before I start my period. They are usually on my tongue and inside lower lip. Extremely painful! I am so happy to know i am not alone. I dont know what to make of this but know I want it to stop! LOL! I have found that holding a swab dipped in silver sol. on it a couple of times a day for as long as you can 5- 20min. makes them less painful and has healed mine within 24-48 hours. Hope this helps! Havent had any luck with prevention though!
marie 30 December 10
I feel Sooo drained by them but good to know i am not alone. have been gluten free for months now but they have come back with a vengence. gutted............lizzie
lizzie 26 November 10
Hello everyone! Thought i'd write an update like i said i would on previous posts 4th June and 10th May. I have kept taking the L-Lysine and Multi-Vitamin with extra added Iron (and touch wood!) have had no more throat ulcers. After having had these throat ulcers without fail every month, this is a real break-through for me and I hope you are having success too. :-)
Alex 22 October 10
I used to suffer with migriaines monthly for 3-7 days before my period and then sometimes again after my period, my doctor prescribed me with the mini pill and this helped for a while then I started getting them again so my doctor prescribed me with blood pressure tablets which have helped greatly what a relief after years and years of suffering... But guess what I'm now getting instead of migraines ... You guessed it throat ulcers... And sinusitis ! I'm in the process of having some blood tests done to see if it's an underlying issue but after reading this site I don't think it is I think it's all to do with our lovely hormones.. Ahh the joys of being a woman!! I'm going to attempt going of the pill and see if that does any good wish me luck! : )
Jo - Adelaide,Australia 18 October 10
large ulcer at the moment and on my period. I believe that they are always going to appear when I get hormonal or stress as they are hormone related and we cant regulate our hormones constantly - that would be unnatural.

As much as I feel your pain girls, I think we need to remember that Doctors cant solve all our problems. Medicine has made amazing advances but we still don't know everything about the complex human body. So cut doctors some slack, they are humans too and go through years of expensive and stressful medical training. Its unrealistic to expect them to be able to solve everything. Having said that keep going back to your GP until the problems fixed (thats what im doing).
Lili 14 October 10
Hi every1 wow it is so good 2 know that there r other people like all u guys who suffer with this dibliating condition! I suffer from MASSIVE ulcers at least upto 10 in my mouth before and during my period!this has been going on 4 12 years and the pain is unbearable!!! I find that 3-4 will heal then other buggers pop up aargh! They last 4 3 weeks then I get a week of freedom and then what do u know it starts all over again! I get heavy periods had my bloods done whilst on my period and it showed anemia! Suffer with heavy periods! Well like every1 else doctors don't have a clue! Being tested 4 bechets disease at the moment but still no treatment given from gp! Been taking complex vit b and zinc! Hasn't helped so gonna try lysine and iron tabs next! Thanks 4 ur tips and advice girlies! Unfourtunately I haven't found any cure or pain relief yet apart from grinding ur teeth and becomin mute x
tasha 2 september 2010 24 September 10
Try Coconut Oil! I'm 37 and just started having the exact same problem a year ago. This also happens to be the same time that I was finished nursing my 3rd child. The week of my period seems to be the ONLY time that my ulcers actually subside. The rest of the month I'm in some other phase (initial/inflamed/healing). Mine seem to be the herpetiform ulcers (sp?)- small ulcers that group together into large sores. I've tried everything (rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, dabbing crushed-up aspirin, you name it). I just started a vitamin regimen of B complex, Folic acid, zinc, mag, and calc. I'm hoping I'll get some relief. Just in the last week, I've discovered the help of Coconut Oil. I rub it on my ulcers. It provides relief and also seems to keep them from progressing. Oh and it's the only remedy that actually tastes good!
Emily 19 September 10
I'm so glad to find this site and read these postings. I've had trouble with canker sores as long as I can remember but nothing like I have this past year. I have 3 kids, the last of which was born Oct 08. During all of my pregnancies and breastfeeding, not a SINGLE canker sore. It was wonderful! But as soon as done breastfeeding, back to getting them monthly. And the last 8 - 10 months, I get 10-15 at a time. My lips swell up and it is SO painful. I have tried every remedy under the sun. Seems like the only thing that helps lessen the duration to maybe a week (versus 2-3) is Chlorhexidine mouth rinse (Aka Peridex), but it is not available OTC. I have also read a lot about Debacterol. This is a fairly new drug that apparently "cauderizes" the sore and all pain is gone within 5 minutes. I have read several articles that say they are trying to get a version of this fast-tracked through the FDA so it is available OTC, but I can't find anywhere that has it yet. The last article I read said they were targeting 1Q:04 for it to be available OTC. I assume that is first quarter 2004, but doesn't seem to be available anywhere yet and I can't find any other info on it. Anyone else know anything about Debacterol?
Holly 13 September 10
Go the to the dermatologist and get colchicine. There are some studies that show it's helpful for women who suffer this problem.
Min 13 September 10
Hello I am 37 and I get a mouth full of ulcers (about 15 to 20 at a time) about a week before my period. My son was born in '96 and I had my tubes tide. Two months later I started getting mouth ulcers a week before I would start. The ulcers were so bad under my tongue, top lip, and bottom lip ( to many to count) that my lips swelled so big that I could even close my mouth (very painfull) Went to several doctors nobody knew anything about it. So I have been getting these for about 13 years and they are still very painful at least my lips don't swell anymore... If anyone knows anything to help please let me know Thanks...
Wendy 11 September 10
Well, I have found everybodies comments extremely helpful, so thank you!

I have been keeping a track of my ulcers for over a year. They appear the week before i'm due a period and it must definitely be hormone induced as i've tried taking my pill right through two months without a break and didn't get any; however, I realise this is NOT a solution!!

Going to try vitamins and this L-Lysine stuff so i'll keep you posted :0)
Bobby 24 Aug 10 24 August 10
Hey everybody! I'm in the middle of basically having to diagnose myself! I've had bouts of constipation and diarrhea, weight loss, sever skin rashes, extreme GERD, frequent fevers, headaches, extreme exhaustion, etc ... and now ... mouth ulcers. All of these things get worse within 10 days or so of the onset of my menstrual cycle. Been to doctor after doctor and NONE of them can find a thing wrong with me. Had skin biopsy done, been tested over and over for Lupus, etc. Experimenting on myself, and using common sense that I do have terrible digestion problems, I am now going to go Gluten Free for at least 3 weeks and see if that helps. You know Celiac Disease is turning out to be the cause of lots of unexplained problems and diagnosiing it is like finding a needle in a haystack. The only true way to know, is to quit eating Gluten. So, going to try that for a few weeks and see if it helps, as my doctor did recommend to do that as well. I did manage to make it for 5 days once and I did feel much better. So, hoping to make it for a few weeks this time. I tell you, if I make it and get over all this mess, then I will NEVER eat gluten again! Suffered for years with all this, but the last 3 years have been really bad ... meaning whatever it is is progressing. So, thought some of you might like to try Gluten Free ... because if your digestion is not working correctly, NOTHING else in your body will work and be right as well. Digestion is where it all happens folks :) Good luck!
Becky 30 July 10
Sometimes I get mouth ulcers a week before my period and sometimes just after my period. It is obviously caused by hormonal changes/imbalance. My younger brother is also prone to having mouth ulcers. Is he also affected by hormonal changes?
christine chan 11 July 10
I started getting these mouth ulcers after having my first baby. I mean I've gotten them before in my life, but never so regularly as this! I usually get them during the week before, week during and heal up the week after my period. I get them on my tongue, my lips....ugh! So painful, and theyre there for 2-3 weeks! Makes it painful to eat and talk :( I get heavy periods, so maybe the iron thing? I've just started getting B-12 injections last month for low B-12, maybe it'll help? I was thinking immune issues, but iron makes sense too...
Cindy 7 July 10
Hello again, yes my period is due and I have had a constant stream of ulcers for the last 7-10 days! I have just read an article about sublingual vitamin B12, has anyone tried it? The report seems to say that in a trial it virtually stopped monthly recurrent mouth ulcers.
Cokey 1 July 10
I'm so relief when i found this website. Welcome me to the Club! I think we have enough mamber to form a MU Club - Menstrual Ulcers Club. So everyone can yell ouch! ouch! ouch!
Monique 30 June 10
has anyone tryed suppressing ovulation with the new birthcontrol that keeps you from ovulating for a yr? I am going to try this starting in a couple of weeks and see how it works for me!!
tara june24 24 June 10
Hi there, I would just like to say that I have suffered from mouth ulcers all my adult life around the time of my period. I suffered both when I was on the pill and off the pill. Like others, the ulcers stopped through my pregnancies and breast feeding. I had three babies in a row and did not have any for about 5 years between being pregnant and breast feeding.
Cassandra 22 June 10 22 June 10
ooops... typo... meant to say L-Lysine!!!
Alex 4 June 10
Hello again, i thought i would post again and tell you all that after reading several recommendations on this board to try L-Lyseine tablets i went out and bought them. I spoke to the health advisor in a well known chain and they told me that this is what i needed to help prevent the monthly ulcers.. she recommended i start taking them a week before my period (it needs time to absorb into your system) and continue throughout your period. I have trialled this this month, and can tell you that by this stage in my cycle i would usually have had many throat ulcers but i haven't one. (and also.. might not be an issue for you, but I have also noticed my period was much lighter and far less crampy!). This may just be a "fluke" month (unlikely i feel!) so i am going to continue using it for the next few months, and update again. It is well worth a try though, and i hope this might be of some help to you. Good Luck!
Alex 4 June 10
Hey all, I'm not sure if it's related to period really, but i notice that when i'm stressing or when i start getting other menstruation symptoms which is usualy a week/week and a half before i get my period i also get ulcers. They are usually really bad and multiple.. is it really related to the period? and does anyone know a way to avoid them or get rid of them? my Dr. had me do tests to see if its related to any other illness in my stomach or soemthing like that but the tests came -ve. he had nothing else to say and he said its just stress and nothin to do about it ... :( ( ps: i remeber having ulcers all throughout my childhood and teens as well, they are most frequent recently though)
Mahi 2 June 10
I get mouth ulcers with every single menstral cycle since I first gave birth 10 years ago. I have had them pretty much my whole life, and I never made the connection before then, but I am sure they are somehow related to hormone levels. Glad to hear someone else agrees because the doctors look at me like I am stupid when I tell them this. And, like many others, I did not have them during pregnancy and nursing. But after that, they would come back with a vengence. The sores also come in the back of my throat and it causes decrease in appetite because of the pain association. Some may think this is a minor issue. But, for me they last sometimes one to two weeks. Imagine not wanting to eat for one out of four weeks your entire life. The lack of substance then causes fatigue. I have an ulcer right now with my cycle. I am hungry, but can't eat and I'm tired. I just want to go to bed. I don't like feeling this way because I am a very active person, and I am going to try the iron pills for a few months to see if that helps. I am also going to get my free hormone levels tested. In order to do this, they have to do a saliva test. If the free hormones are not balanced in the saliva, that could be the problem. You haev to find a wholistic type doctor who works with natural hormones.
Dee 1 June 10
Hello! I too suffer from throat and tongue ulcers towards the end of my period week, and they continue to cause me great pain and discomfort for days afterwards preventing me eating. I have been on the pill for 14 years, only noticeably suffering with ulcers for the past year and have only just realised there is a definate pattern regarding my period. I went to the doctor last month regarding my ulcers, and he just told me that because i have moved to a new area, it was quite normal while my body adjusts to its new surroundings (i've only moved an hour away!!!) NEVER HEARD that before!!!! So pleased to see that i am not the only one suffering with this, as i don't know anyone in my circle of friends who does. Currently have 4 in my throat (2 on the stumps that used to be my tonsils-had them out 3 years ago!) and 2 on my tongue-and having just had my period week of excessively heavy bleeding and cramps i could do without a second week every month of feeling under the weather. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, any pain relieving tips or cures pleeeease... as my gp couldn't care less and these ulcers are so painful.
Alex 10 May 10
Hi everyone,
It is great to know we are not alone! I have had ulcers most of my life, as did my dad so I think part of it could be genetic!
I have also been on the pill (microgynon) for 6 years and got at least 3 or 4 big ulcers every pill free week during my withdrawal bleed, they seemed to go when I started the pills again.
I have now come off the pill (not taken any for 2 weeks now) for various reasons and i now have the biggest ulcers all over my mouth and down my throat!!!!! I think it must be hormonal as my body must be confused by the decrease in artificial hormones! Not seen much about this anywhere else though but from what I have read there must be some truth in it!
Em 6 May 10
well,its good to know that am not alone,they are so painfull,comes two days before my period,double pain.
amanda 2 May 10
i have had ulcers in my mouth(under tongue and inside top and bottom lips) for about a year and a half to two years now,but not just ulcers they start as red, raw, tender line things. i have an iud(marina) also. i got it when my son was born-hes now 3. never linked it to my period, tho i have thought it may have been linked to food allergy, blood deficiency, or name it i have cut it out or tested it. even went to homeopathic doctor for detoxing drops. mine doesnt go away tho, they get somewhat better, but never go away! having a few other side effect symptoms from iud(hair loss)-thinking about removing but really hate the idea of being on pill again. ?????uuuggghhhhh??? waiting to wake up and see that they have left my life just as easy as they came!
laura 29 22 April 10
i can't believe I am reading this site - i've been trying to find a link to my ulcers for about 20 years - i'm now 36 and have been suffering with mouth ulcers since I got my braces in highschool - i was about 13. it is only now that i have had a baby and finished breast feeding (about a month ago) that I've made the connection. All thru my pregnancy, not a single ulcer. When I got my first period a couple of weeks ago - bingo - five painful ulcers on my tongue that WILL not budge. Why can't someone come up with a solution to this problem? I'm really down about it. I've tried everything. All the stuff that has been mentioned above - kenalog in orabase is the only thing that relieves them..but that is not preventing them. I'm at my wits end and now am trying to deal with the debilitating effects of ulcers and raise a gorgeous 6 month old. i can't believe so many women have the same problem. at least i know i'm not alone......
kylie 21 April 10
Like many of you I am glad I am not alone!! I am 34 and on the concetrpitve pill Celeste...I have just finished my cycle and suffered with 2 very large and painful ulcers for two weeks..on Sat just gone I work in agnoy to find that yes 20 ulcers have appeared all in clusters., Im climbing the walls in pain!! Been docs today and been prescribed some pellets (steriod base) but are not working mind you only used 3 and also using Difflam spray to ease the pain, plus using Iglu!!! I have spent a fortune over last month on ulcer treatments. I am now booked into the wellwoman clinic as I am now certain it is my pill. I was on a mini pill for while and stopped getting them, gone back on Celsete combined and they are back with a vegance.

I get very down just before my cycle and I am certain its hormal imbalance. I am taking iron and vit b vitamins to see if this helps. Docs dont have a clue and not much they can give!!

I wish I could give everyone some advice but I am suffering like hell at the moment, its draining me....I only got difflam spay today - not cheap approx £6.00 but its helped the ones at the back of my throat. Take a look at Chemists 4 you as they have lots of ulcers treatments, if the ones Im trying dont work within next few days I am trying a wash called Aloclair which is for ulcers, again not cheap! This bout of 20 have bought me to tears and drained me!! had enough now :( lets see if the pellets docs gave me today help!!
Clare 19 April 10
Can any body help us? My wife is getting mouth ulcer at the time of periods and she is suffering a lot which i cant bear. We are newly married lovers and i love her a lot from long years. At periods she is suffering a lot. How can we prevent mouth ulcer?
Sam 12 April 10
I am approaching my mid forties . . as with everyone else . . . what a relief to know that I am not alone with these damn ulcers!!! I totally understand the misery they bring! I get as many as 10 in one go, on the sides of my tongue and inside of lip. I get a sore throat and burning sensation in my tongue also. Talking and eating is agony!! :( I don't seem to have many days without them now! They start about a week before a period and last for a couple of weeks! GREAT!! I have never taken the Pill. I didn't suffer with ulcers at all (except the odd one!) until after I had my two kids! None during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have tried all cures. I am trying Vitamin B12 and Vit C to see if this helps . . . any suggestions much appreciated!
Linz - 5 April 2010 5 April 10
I started getting regular mouth ulcers about 5 years ago, I get one maybe two when I ovulate and then after ovulation leading up to my period I may get several ulcers. I can pinpoint them to the day nearly. Tried vitamins, doesn't seem to make any difference. Visited the doctor who was hopeless, just gave me Corlan pellets, which are useless. It must be due to hormone change, and there must be a doctor somewhere who knows the answer! Anyone have similar?
Cokey 5 April 10
I have 4 huge mouth ulcers at the moment, I get them every month during my period along with the dreaded thrush, I cant take it anymore i get so upset and it pains me to have to speak to family and friends for the 7 day duration!! there is definetly a link between the two!
KatieLA 22 March 10
I have suffered from mouth ulcers ever since i was a teenager and im in my mid 40s now and still going thru the pain every month about a week before my menstruation. All this year i have been living with Kenologue Oral Base which is the only medication that helps to heal the ulcers until recently this medication was discontinued. No doctors have given solution so far.
Kay 3 March 10
I used to get nasty fever blisters when I was much younger,just before menstruation.After the birth of my first child,ulcers on my tongue started,right on time before menstruation and soooooo ... painful.Until after 3 children at the age of 47 the ulcers stopped, or rather so I thought,same time when I stopped menstruating,what a relief!Well, 2 days ago a tongue ulcer appeared with a vengeance!And I thought it was something of the past,well the suffering is back ! Susan 23 February 2010
Susan 23 February 10
i just started reading this site and was looking around on the net and found a site called
now i havn't tried it but i really am thinking about it so thought i would share it with all of you and i dont get canker sores as bad as most of you but i do notice i get them around that time of month when im sapose to have one but i have the marina(IUD) so i dont always have one so not just people on the pill get them i really do think its hormonal too!! well i wish all of you luck and take care....
Crystal 20 February 10
I have noticed that I get mine just before my period. It used to be only one but for the last 2 or 3 months I have 4 or 5 at a time. Also seem to occur in the same place. Been going to my doctors with it but can't seem to find anything, even had a full blood test. Currently been prescribed a strong antibiotics and a steroid pellet but my chemist still trying to get the pellets. Maybe by the time this comes, it will be gone but at least I will have it for next month. Not sure though why my doctors prescribed the antibiotics. Unless in desperation or pity on me or just to get rid of me!
Just changed my toothpaste to Squiggle and currently gargling Cordosyl. Also booked myself to some acupuncture sessions as they say it is the best way of getting rid of stress. The only thing that stressed me are these pesky things. Had anyone tried acupunture and whether this helped?
Irene 6 February 10
This website is such a relief for me, as I felt I was the only one who gets them this badly! I'm 20 and I have always been a sufferer since I was about 13 years old. My younger brother suffers with them now, and he's 12 and my Mum AND Dad used to suffer, so I do think it's genetic too. I have been to my doctors so many times and even the dentist but I never get an answer as to what causes them. I just get prescribed the same stuff (Oral base) Which is a total waste of time as it just sits in my mouth like concrete, making it very uncomfortable when I try to talk, and besides it doesn't even heal them anyway. I have gargled with salt water, TCP and ice cold water just to try and keep the pain away. It get's me down so much and I become such a miserable person just because of these small, persistent ulcers. I had the implant put into my arm about 2-3 weeks ago, and I have to say I have never had so many ulcers at one time. Last week I had 12 appear. Thankfully they began to calm down within a few days but then I went back to work (which isn't stressful at all) and more appeared!!! I am seriously beginning to wonder if getting this implant was such a good idea, it can't just be coincidence that all of us women are suffering and we all think it's hormonal. That's got to be it. I can't even sleep at night for peet sake, why won't they go away :'(
Katie 4 February 10
hi i have about ten on the end of my tounge i get after my period they are heavy have just gargled with a small glass of alcohol it hurt like hell but it feels alittle better now
margaret 19 December 09
Yes, my ulcers always come around my period!!!!! Glad to know I'm not alone.
Carla 14 December 09
Like so many of you I'm glad I'm not alone!! I never used to get ulcers with my periods but over the last 7 months I've been getting them on my Tongue and inside my lower lip. My periods have also changed, they start, then stop for 4 days, then start full on again!
I've been hormone tested for menopause (I'm only 34!) and it's all normal plus my ovaries and womb are fine (had a scan) and normal smear last month.
It's all very strange indeed.
I've been using bonjela cool for the lip ones but if I use it on my Tongue is stings like mad, anyone know of anything that works for Tongue ulcers?
Tara 7 December 09
i just want to know if ulcer affects our menstrual cycle.would you have long delays for how many days is it possible?
anne 1 December 09
I feel very glad to have found this page every month i get horrific ulcers in my throat always co-inciding with the week before i come on. Sometimes I think I am going crazzzy they hurt like hell and it's the same shit every month.
kris nov 09 29 November 09
Lisa, have you been checked for Crohn's? If not, then from what you describe, I think you should be.
Dom Walton 25 November 09
Anyone get them all the way through your digestive system? I started getting them in clusters a few years ago in the mouth. They would always start forming in the left side of my mouth, then new ones would develop in the middle, then in the right side. By the time they'd hit the right side, the left ones would be better. I would get them more with my cycle, but now it's all the time. One time I had them so badly that the left underside of my tongue looked like a honeycomb. I could hardly speak. Now I get them in the mouth, down the back of the throat, and I'm pretty sure throughout every twist of bowel, because I can feel anything acidic (coffee, tomatoes) and know exactly where it is inside due to the pain. I have been checked for stomach ulcers, gallbladder problems, etc. but nothing. And it always starts in the mouth!
Lisa 25 November 09
ive allways sufferd with them and ive never been on the pill but bit 2 old 2 try it now im 47 and had my kids along time ago and when i told my dr he said ive never heard of it im glad i found u lot thought i was the only one cos no one has ever mentioned it 2 me i thought i was strange thanks u lot
laura 11 November 09
It is a relief to stumble across this page. I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was 15 ( 18 years ago ). I had 3 children over 6 years, and breast fed all off them, and didn't have one bout the whole time. My youngest is now 20 months, and whammo, they are back again. When I first started getting the ulcers I went to every doctor imaginable. They checked me for auto immune diseases, contagious diseases, took swabs, blood tests, and could find nothing. I was the one that noticed that it was occurring about 10 days before my period was due. Not that it meant the doctors could do anything still. There must be an answer to this, it is so painful, and so unnecessary that we should still have to live with it. One thing that the doctors did find was that I had had herpes simplex at one stage in my life, but that could have been a cold sore, or even the chicken box.. Let's pray we get an answer soon
Emily 6 November 09
Hey!! I have three HUMUNGEOUS ones at present and i'm due on next week, I dont take any kind of contaceptive pill. So comforted that I am not alone, I was starting to think i had some kind of infection of something. I suffer with them quite badly on my tongue and inside my bottom lip they are SO painfull!!

I have been using Diphlam, Its a painkiller in mouthwash form. Don't do it before dinner tho (even tho its tempting) - it numbs your whole mouth and you can't taste anything :-/

With Love
Sarah 4 November 09
Hi all...I was wondering at the beginning of the year whether it was down to giving up smoking. I gave up last December and started to get mouth ulcers in January/February of this year. I used to get them when I was really young, then none for years. But as this year has gone on I have had them worse and worse. I stopped taking the pill (Microgynon - which is evil and made me into a bloody awful person!) at the beginning of the year too. But now every month without fail I get them. Nasty ones too. My mouth always feels really warm and my jaw aches from holding my mouth funny to stop them rubbing on my teeth and stuff! It also seems to make my gums bleed loads when I brush my teeth. I have been using Anbesol, that new Iglu stuff and some steroid tablets that you are meant to put on the ulcer and hold it there with your tongue, but when you have a mouth full of ulcers that is a little difficult to do! Anyway, nothing it working, so god knows! I was thinking it was about time to see a doctor about is, but it sounds from reading above that there is not much point! It sucks being a girl sometimes don't it! :-( Hahahah!!!!
Ellie 3 November 09
HI girls, like all of you i have suffered with mouth ulcers and have had all the tests done, only to find there was no reason for them. i have low iron levels like most girls and started taking iron tablets which helped but when i had my period (which is when you lose most iron) the ulcers would return. After my doctor finally gave up on me i asked him if he would change my pill and put me on a lower strength one, ive been on the new pill for a few weeks now and everything has been fine, im not counting my chickens before they hatch though.....
Hayley 22 October 09
I too get a mouth full of ulcers during my period and they are sooooooooo painful. Nobody else i know gets them so it is a relief to find this page! Funnily enough i have a one year old son and i never had an ulcer during the whole time i was pregnant with him. I may try taking a multi vitamin but failing that working i might go back to my doctor. Printing this page as evidence that this problem does exist! I'm thinking they must stop at the menopause because i never had them (apart from accidently biting myself) before i started my periods.
Laura 26 September 09
i to suffer, im on the pill 10 years,( never had any problems with ulcers,) i have a 7year old now, and just 4 years ago the ulcers attending a dental hospital, and my doctor, ive had every remedy and nothing worked.i do feel its hormonal as in the last 2 years i was again pregnant, and had not one through those best 9 months, how reality kicked in after, i just found a new website by typing : mouthulcers -hormones: its very interesting. i would reccomend you ladies to get a hormone test, oestrogen has its part, and we have to admit are hormones are everywhere. i can only go for the test myself, and if thats no help ,there is one way of a nine month break- loose the condoms... oh i also got a gel off my dr so i can eat- instillagel- its for the anus ,an annastetic but i use for ulcers. i strongly reccomend for pain.
miranda 20 september 20 September 09
I've just gone back on the pill Microgygnon and ever since I've had a mouth ulcer every week! I'm wondering if there's a link between the two as I never got them so frequently before when I wasn't on the pill!
Sophie 18 September 09
Can't believe I am after reading all the above and still am none the wiser. Tried everything suggested already and not good. I get about 3 whoppers during each period and like everyone else not a single on during pregnancy. I have had 3 ulcer free pregnancies and my latest baby is just 9 wks old and low and behold the divils are back again. I wonder do they at least stop after menopause?? It would take the sting out of menopause for me if I thought it would!! I do presentations as part of my work and it is a dread each month having to speak in meetings or speak in front of people with a mouth full of ulcers so it really effects my life. Doctors are you reading?? Please help!!
Anne J 14 September 09
For the past 3 months during the week before my period i get painful mouth ulcers, swollen tonsils & sore throat. I'm currently on birth control and I'm not sure if there's any link between them both. I would really like to know its cause so i can take precautions to prevent this next month....
Amanda 12 September 09
I am a sufferer of mouth ulcers hence why I am reading all your responses, I have suffered for years and am certain it is related to my cycle as every month without fail they arrive. I have never been on a contraceptive and have tried every thing known to man.. A natrupath friend has given me zinc liquid to take as this is supposed to help, I am starting this today will let you all know results ..
anne 7 September 09
each month before my period is due i get at least 1 big ulcer usually inside my bottom lip it is very painfull why is this???
lisa 6th sept 09 4 September 09
Hopefully your ulcers will go when you do get pregnant as that was the only time i havent had any!
Sarah 4 August 09
jus today morning i noticed i have three ulcers...i have always had ulcer problem but unfortunately never knew its bcoz of hormonal imbalances. I am planning for a baby and medicated with a lot of hormone tablets..infact i met the gastroenterologist last month and he prescribed probiotic i see the ulcers have popped up again! Now I am certain its bcoz of hormone tablets i am prescribed with..anyways, i have made up my mind to be sincere towards my medication so that i can form my family...wish me luck:P
Mahi 4 August 09
I began taking generic for ortho cyclen...within weeks i had sooo many ulcers in the back of my throat it was as if i literally could eat nothing but soup and salad...i went to an allergist thinking it was an an ear nose and throat dr NO luck....and my family doctor treated me for oral thrush.... and an oral surgeon!....NOTHING HELPING!! I have stopped taking my BC and ulcers have cleared up almost completely. has to be the bc! i am about to start Lo Ovral so lets hope this doesnt cause the same ulcers :( i have been battling severe ulcers for 6 months.
kenzz 10 July 09
I think there are many factors that contribute to mouth ulcers - hormones, general health, stress, etc. This is why doc's find it so hard to find the cause and also to treat them! I am in the week of my period am not taking the contreceptive pill and currently have 4 ulcers, I think it's a number of issues that make me get these ulcers, lets hope we can all treat them effectively, instead of trying to prevent them - which doesn't seem to work for me.
Clea 8 January 08
I started taking zinc and vit c after trying everything my doc could think of and my ulcers went for a few weeks. then I decided to not have a break from my pill and about 10 ulcers have appeared so iím thinking hormones play a big part in this for some people.
Kirsty 6 January 08
I too have also noticed that I seem to be getting ulcers before or during my period. Sometimes if i also brush my teeth too hard and miss the teeth and catch the gum it then turns into an ulcer and sometimes if i am overloaded with Uni work i stress and I get them. I have tried a lot of things, ie warm salty water, TCP, bonjela and the increasing intake of vitamins but nothing seems to work - does anyone have any other ideas or shall i just go to my Drís???
Cassie 6 January 08
I was using HBC for a long time and constantly had ulcers. I always thought it was stress related since I was a full time student raising 2 children. I went off HCB for about a year and didnít get a single ulcer. I recently decided to try Yaz hoping it would clear up the acne I recently developed and am starting to get uclers again. I am now thinking mine are not stress related and may be related to HBC. As a side note, I recently discovered a product called Canker Cover. It is a tablet that you place on your sore and it dissolves into a thick gel like substance. It stays on for about 6 to 8 hours. It completely takes care of the pain and allows you to eat while it is on. It tastes kind of funny but it is much better than the burning constant pain of an ulcer.
Stacie, USA 3 January 08
Have just found this website - so good to know Iím not alone. I started the festive period with an ulcerated tongue and gum, and then developed a horrendous 15 ulcers in the back of my throat - (my partner counted them, with the aid of a torch) - totally spoilt my enjoyment of Christmas dinner, etc., wincing in pain with every mouthful - left me really miserable. First Christmas Iíve not gained weight - couldnít face really eating anything, even soup hurt. Wasted £15 at the chemists on the usual treatments and having suffered for a week, in desperation went to the doctors yesterday - total waste of time. I had blood tests earlier in the year for deficiencies (Iím vegan) which came back fine and so all the doctor could say was she felt sorry for me and suggested I ate ice lollies! I too get ulcers before my period and am on the pill. Earlier in the year a hospital consultant gave me an Beclazone 100 asthma inhaler to use as I felt the beginning of an ulcer, but I havenít used it much as it doesnít seem to help. Anyone else have one of these?
Cindy, Berkshire, UK 29 December 07
I think thereís a definite link btwn hormonal birth controls (all kinds) and cankers. Iím currently on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo and have never had so many cankers so frequently in my life. Iím going to talk to my doctor next month about switching to Yaz HBC b/c Iíve heard that it *might* lower my canker occurence. If that doesnít do it (Iíll probably give it 6-12 months), then Iím going to try the Copper IUD since it has no hormones. Iíve been doing a lot of researching over the last few days, and Iím really hoping that switching the HBC will do the trick, or at least help the situation. :)
Abbi in USA 26 December 07
hi i am 26 year old with a two year old daughter.. i was never a chronic sufferer of mouth ulcers... maybe one per year if so much... but then last two months i had to go to the hospital for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Some months before that and until now i have been suffering with mouth ulcers. I am bleeding irregularly still. Is there a link with the cyst, the bleeding and the mouth ulcers?
orchid 20 December 07
WOW - felt like I was the only person in the world suffering from mouth ulcers, hardly anybody else I know does....I have also noticed that they come on the week before my period is due - even if I donít keep a track of my cycle, I can tell its near when the ulcers come out....currently have one huge one under tongue, one on inside bottom lip and two huge ones on side of tongue which is interfering with talking (and thatís killing me!), eating and sleeping. Am finding myself hot and sweaty for the past three days and its not related to the summer weather.....strangely enough, had no ulcers during pregnancy or breastfeeding either........?????
Sue Melb 13 December 07
I feel like I belong now hahaha!!! to all the sufferers of this horible, annoying, depressing, agitating and unexplainable agony. . I feel for you!! and I hope that one day, in this lifetime maybe, just maybe some wonderful doctor finally and successfully finds the answers and most importantly cure to our agony.

I have been a sufferer as long as I can remember, I have been to many docs... tried vitamins tried brushing after anything entering my mouth, tried the pill....u name it , Iíve tried it. yet as most of you ladies, the week before, during and after, my ulcers are always starting to come out and in the long process of healing (Iím talking about 5 at once ). I fell pregnant, It was heaven to me, ulcer free for 9 months. I didnt breastfeed so they started, back into business straight away.
I dont take any pills so i would not think that is a cause (well, not in my case)

Why canít doctors help us : ( ?????????????

Hang inthere guys!!

MB Syd Aust
MB 3 December 07
Didnít have any......due on and have three whoppers.

Lucie Crohnís Girl 28 November 07
Glad Iíve found this site, it is good to know Iím not alone. Iíve never heard of Lysine but will be straight down the health shop to get some! Thanks.
My ulcers are definately pre-menstral and SOOO agitated by the chocolate which I crave at the same time!! Wish me luck with the Lysine and hereís hoping for pain free chocolate-joy next month!
Penny UK 27 November 07
I have this problem after startnig a particular brand of contraception pill. i didnt ever have this problem before, and even when stopping the nasty pill, i still get them two days before my period. at the risk of sounding dramatic, its ruining my life. does anybody have any medical knowledge about why this may be happening? doctors generally seem to be incredibly clueless, especially because menstrual ulcers only effect women and they dont really care.
hurting 11 November 07
I started getting really bad mouth ulcers after I had the pill injection I now have the oral pill and still get them but not as bad. but I now get them on my throat alot. I do think thereís a link as I notice I get them a couple of days before I come on my period.
Kirsty 9 November 07
I got four this week and it is also my period week, two started the week before due to biting, but the two on my tongue came right this week! I also am glad to know I am not suffering alone, doesnít make the pain any less horrible though. I had noticed the link before with my period, but not with the pill, will have to look at that the next time they crop up.
My dad gets mouth ulcers really bad too, so I dunno wether the hormonal thing really explains it all. I have also gotten bad ones on a non period week.
Karen, Iceland 4 November 07
I um, used to be a smoker, never bothered with ulcers tho I did get them when I was young. When I stopped and got pregnant i had none at all until I stopped breastfeeding, now all the time particularly before a period. To my mind there is definitely a hormonal link to susceptible people, I say susceptible because the hormone thing doesnt explain it for men (or does it??)I am out of my mind with pain at the moment , it makes me so depresed, but there is comfort in company. But also it makes me so mad that the medical profession dont know anything, so many people suffer and its so debilitating.
mandy 3 November 07
Im quite interested in this...I seem to got for a while without ulcers, then i get an attack of around 5 or 6 in one go in my mouth! I wonder now if it is linked to my menstrual cycle...i just hadnít noticed that it was. Hmm, i will have to check up on this!
Ali. 1 November 07
Iím definitely more prone to ulcers right before/during my period, Iím also prone to anaemia as I have arthritis so Iím pretty sure itís the iron levels dropping. Taking L-Lysine from a few days before my period (Iím on the pill) for a week or so seems to help - last month I stopped taking the lysine a couple of days before my period finished and I immediately got an ulcer, not doing that again. Unfortunately Iíve got a huge bastard on my lip from an accidental bite and I get my period in a couple of days, so I think I might be screwed this week!
Amy 24 May 06
I used to get ulcers during and before the week of my period before i started uing the contraceptive pill...not that iím advising that starting using the pill just to stop ulcers, however for me the effect on the ulcers definitely proves a link between particlaur hormones and ulcers.
charlotte x 21 May 06
Sorry to interrupt, ladies, but I think menstruation is a process whereby the lining of the uterus is shed. Maybe the shedding is prompted by hormones and because the lining is like the lining of the mouth (mucous membranes and all that), the hormones also thin or weaken the mouthís membranes and leave them open to attack by all kinds of agents, or make them slower to repair themselves, leading to sores. I would think that constant addition of hormones via tablets or implants would be a very bad idea for anyone, especially someone who is liable to mouth ulcers/canker sores. We donít have a terrific record in Ēfooling Mother NatureĒ.
TomF 21 May 06
I wouldnít do an implant anyway - too many constant hormons raging through my body is just scary. Perhaps trying the patch? Thatís hormones, but may not affect you in the same way. However, they are known to cause blood clots (but then again, the Pill and IUDs can cause sterileĒnessĒ so itís a lose/lose situation).

I definitely get them whilst fact, right on time. I had one under my tongue, and as that is going away, one developed on my gums right when my period is due.

I am quite the chatterbox tonight.
Lynn 21 May 06
An implant that causes ulcers for 3 years... not a good prospect at all. Opinions or experiences with implants or injections would certainly be most welcome.
Dom Walton 10 May 06
hi Fan, this is very interesting to me. I also get the bouts of ulcers just as iím starting a new strip! i also noticed on another message topic that some other people had experienced no mouth ulcers whatsoever whilst pregnant which would suggest indeed some hormonal link. I am terrible at remembering to take my pill and so my doctor has recommended the contraceptive implant to me. An ideal solution maybe for the problem of remembering my pill but what about the mouth ulcers? Does this mean i could be inflicted constantly for 3 years untill the implants are removed? I would like to hear from anyone who is a mouth ulcer sufferer and is trying or has tried the contraceptive implants or injections as i dare not risk this without being sure iíll be safe from ulcers.
Clare UK 9 May 06
Hi Clare, I started using the pills 3 months ago. I only noticed this a few days ago that there might indeed be a link between the pill and the ulcers (at least for me). Within the 3 months that Iím taking the pills, Iím beginning to get ulcer-attacks.. one after another... however it stopped during the 7 days of Ēpill-breakĒ. The moment Iím starting with a new strip, Iím getting ulcers all over again. This is why Iím convinced thereís a connection.
Fan 9 May 06
I became aware that the excrutiatingly sore bouts of mouth ulcers cropping up on my gums seemed to only happen before or during my period. i asked my doctor and he didnít really have much to say but prescribed orabase which i find is good at allieviating the pain but is too horrid to use every day for prevention. Then i became pregnant and for the whole nine months during and for the 6 months after that i breast fed my baby, i had none what so ever. The very week i stopped breast feeding however the ulcers came back with a vengeance and have reoccured monthly ever since. I did notice recently though that i had a few mouth ulcer free months whilst i stopped taking my pill, i wonder has anyone else noticed any link between the ulcers and the contaceptive pill.
Clare 29 April 06
Yes, I also get ulcers on my gums most months just before my period, itís obviously caused by hormonal changes/imbalance. At the moment though I have the most horrific ulcers at the end of my tongue - they are worse and have lasted longer than ever before. The pain is really getting me down. Not being able to taste things or eat properly is agony! Good to know Iím not alone though ....!
Nina 25 April 06
I noticed that the only time during each month that I would get these horribly HUGE ulcers was the week of my period. My doctor said it had something to do with because of the constant heavy bleeding, you lose your bodyís iron faster than you can replenish it-making it into some form of like monthly anemia. The ulcer is your bodyís way of trying to open up and find more iron. Vitamins and Lysine pills seem to work for me...does anyone else notice that their sores come monthly???
Anna 20 April 06

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