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I just had a banana muffin yesterday and it was not even my fault. I was eating in a restaurant and i ordered a meal of chicken and rice. They gave a free muffin with the meal. The muffin looked like an apple muffin. So I took a bite and then my mouth feels strange. When I asked the waitress, she said it's a banana muffin!!! They should at least ask me before i ordered the meal! Because i sure saw that they have other flavor on display. And i already had an ulser in the side of my left lip. Today, i saw another ulser coming on the right lip. I was so in pain right now.

I had avoided eating bananas for awhile but will eat a tiny bit just for taste. I always love banana but when i know i was allergic i stop eating them. In my country we eat banana fritters as one of teatime dishes. Not to mention that there are so many stalls selling them. But i am allergic to all banana dishes be it cook, in a cake and even flavoring. I've tested everything and i almost always end up getting my mouth swelled up and an ulser with it.

So it's been a while since i had an ulser but now going on two was a bit much. I already gargled some salt water. Am hoping that the swell will come down.
Dilly 19 August 17
I get instant canker sores from eating bananas, vinegar (salad dressings or just vinegar on its own), certain organic chocolates (but not all), strawberries, cherries, peaches, pineapples, walnuts, any citrus fruits, tomatoes (only raw) and raspberries. It's frustrating because I love fruit, nuts and raw tomatoes. It takes several days, sometimes more than a week, for the sores to go away. I also feel like my lips are getting an acid bath from fuzzy peaches (clingstone ones I think). It feels like the little hairs on the peach skin are stabbing into my face while I eat a peach. I have B12, D and Iron deficiencies that I correct by taking supplements as the doctor prescribed. I just lived with this without realizing that maybe something's wrong until this year and I'm 51. Thanks for all your suggestions and info.
Beisha 8 August 17
I have never liked bananas and generally don't eat them . I started eating banana recently to get more fruit in my diet bc they are easy to eat on the run. Within several hours of eating I get ulcers in my mouth. I am not prone to ulcers except with pineapple, tomatos, and eggplant. I guess I can add one more to the list.
Evelyn 7 February 17
Just a note Bananas were always bad for me and I recently found out I have lymes disease.. Always get the sores to some degree because of the lymes and fighting it off so immune system is working overtime. But the bananas add tons more ulcers that the normal one or two. I ate some banana bread, it smelled so good, and bammmm three more ulcers!! So bananas are a potential cause, but if you get them a lot, they are generally also caused by an underlying illness.
Tina US 30 November 16
For years I love and eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I discovered about 20 years ago that I could eat this sandwich once a week and be ok but if I eat another within the week I would get an ulcer under my lip. Today I ate one of these sandwices and got an ulcer pretty quick and decided to google it and found this page. Now im not sure if it's the peanut butter or bananas that cause the ulcers. I usually always eat my bananas fairly green. I hate eating bananas that are good and ripe. This web page confirms I'm not crazy. So helpful. Thanks to everyone suffering along with me on this.
m. fen 14 July 16
Yes. I found out that it was eating bananas that caused me mouth ulcers. I have been suffering from this irritation for many many years but never thought it was bananas. Since I noticed it I tried to stop eating them and it didn't appear. To make sure that banana is the culprit I repeated it several times for the last year. Every time I eat a banana, I get the mouth ulcer within 2-6 hours and it would last for a day or two. Once I stopped eating them there were no issues. After about 3 months of not eating them and didn't have any problems, I ate a banana 2 days ago. I felt discomfort on my toungue within a couple of hours, and ulcer began to appear an hour after!
Aby 4 December 15
I am 56, watch my diet and health closely to be aware of direct dietary effects on my body, so I can limit or eliminate anything that doesn't sit well. I have seen a correlation with eating bananas that have ripened too much in my mind. I have gotten a fever blister around 6 times in the past 5 years and every time was within hours of eating a very ripe banana. I usually throw them out, but is hard to throw out food nowadays. No more "overly ripe" banana for me!
Jim S. 2 December 15
recently realized that it's the dates and walnuts which are the culpret for my mouth ulcers. I usually get ulcers when starting a go-healthy diet, and give up because it doesnt agree with the lining of my mouth. So those nutty health bars are a no-no. Some types of melon also causes my mouth to blister. What worries me is what it does to our stomachs... could be the cause of worse things in the future...
Caroline 14 July 15
wow, this site has been so helpful to me. I've had a huge ulcer on the side of my tongue which seemed to appear after a really bad case of oral thrush. But, I was also eating huge quantities of watermelon, bananas, avacados and ground flaxseed. I've just come back from a biopsy and am awaiting the results in 2 weeks. But, in the 3 months or so that I've had the ulcer, it never changed i. size or shape, so I'm hopeful it isn't cancer. But I was continuing to eat all of the now I have a starting point of foods to eliminate. Thanks to all for all your hard work finding information and for posting it here. Bless you
Kathie 8 January 15
I have found that my mouth sores usually come after either direct mouth trauma, such as extreme dry lips, sunburn, wind burn or times of high stress, I have eaten banana's from child hood and don't seem to have a direct relationship with them, also a doctor once told me that all when you get a fever blister it is always Herpes simplex 1 and that about 90% of the population has it and don't even realize it. Like any herpes you can go through dormant periods. But it's always there.
matthew 29 August 14
yes, after searching all night long, i have come to a big conclusion of the whole matter. that my lip cracking ocassionally was caused by eating bananas. i should think bananas are not good for all. somebody shd research into it.
richard 20 August 14
Heather my potassium is low but I'm going through the same thing with these ulcer.the one on my tounge always come in the same spot.they are very irritated.
Glenda 2 July 13
I cannot seem to have anything with bananas or any potassium like gatorade without not being able to eat for weeks cause of the ulcerations in my mouth after! Why? I have no medical, do I just stop eating these things? Isn't potassium important?
heather 1 July 13
I too facing with ulcers in my Mouth after started eating bananas.
Vamshi 11 October 12
Ulcers can be a sign of underlying disease. As someone who has had ulcers most day of her life since teen years, because of an autoimmune disease, i cant stress enough how important it is to seek medical advice.
Saying that, certain foods definitely are more painful to my mouth ulcers, and yep, Banana is one of them.
I very much doubt they cause my ulcers, as i have attempted strict elimination food diets previously which did not stop the ulcers coming, but i'm sure in other individuals food allergy/intolerance may be the likely cause.
Please be open minded and consider your own individual case.
A.S. 26 September 12
I'm 40 and have eaten bananas all my life, usually one or two with my breakfast. About 3 months ago I developed a very painful canker sore on the side of my tongue, accompanied by random ulcers on my lips. It lasted for several weeks and made eating and talking very difficult.
I analysed my diet and excluded banana for a period of 1 month. Last week I ate my first banana in a while and the sores immediately returned. I do not believe it is an allergy (I am not allergic to latex or anything else). My local supermarket changed banana supplier some months ago and I suspect this may be a factor. I often ate the banana not fully ripened.
Must investigate more....
bananalover 25 July 12
I am from india. I also faced problem of ulcer in mouth and abdomen for six months. It's very bad and uncomfortable. Then i start analysing my diet and effects and i found bananas as ulcers. Here in india bananas are ripened with CARBIDE which is poisionus of nature. Not only bananas, other fruits like mango, papaya, are are ripened through CARBIDE. ALL READERS CAN SEARCH IN GOOGLE ABOUT CARBIDE RIPENING HEALTH EFFECTS.
Sarbhjot 4 July 12
thanks everyone this has been helpful... I think the lining is an issue.. This is something that never happened before and now Im in 50's/ Also I had a long time on steroids for ulcerative colitis. I recall my Dad breaking out in mouth sore after a bout of steroids too. Believe it or not he had STOPPED SMoking for 20 years and because of the ulcers he heard it might help, so for a short period of time he smoked again! YUK I was so upset, but now I understand, it cleared them up. I wouldn't recommend it. He had a very severe case of ulcers in his mouth, they called it shingles, but I trust doctors are that smart anymore. I have them ow and it's not shingles.. I am not going to SMOKE tho! I did get off Almond milk and now drink rice milk. I became a vegan and dropped COFFEE, no one has mentioned that culprit yet, big one, and have noticed they go away faster which is some relief! The ibuprofen vs paracetamol is a great tip.. I hope. I have been using the ib to help with the very painful ulcers.
Georgia 14 June 12
The latex-type element in the bananas could be causing a reaction. Perform a Google search.
Skweekah 6 June 12
Mouth ulcer not only cause by banana's , There is many thing which result ulcer by eatting them . e.g Banana , Straswberry , Mango , Dry fruits , nuts , Fish , chicken , date's . The stomach is responsing immediatly to mouth ulcer because such foods are damaging the layers of stomach or vally parts of stomach is not accepting the protien which is extracting for those foods .
Shoaib 10 May 12
I am 58 years old and JUST discovered eating bananas causes blisters in my mouth, especially under my lip. Does anyone know what causes this?
kalohu 13 April 12
I used to suffer from recurrent mild type apthous ulcer and did not know the cause. Had tried several treatment but nothing helped. Later I realized that I get the ulcer when I eat banana. It is good to know that other people who are suffering from apthous ulcer have similar experience like me. Thanks for sharing your experince
Alemnesh 12 April 12
So I typed into the search engine regarding bananas and mouth ulcers and I am happy to find that I am not going mad. Every time I eat a banana I start getting mouth ulcers, it's crazy! I think I will have to eat other food and supplements.
has 14 February 12
I am suffering from this mouth ulcers FROM my childhood.i came to a stage, even B-complex injections with folic acid did not cured me.I saw hell.i have seen many doctors, lots of tests all the time,no use.finally in 2002 (whenl was 40), one doctor (GOD for me) said to me that i have two very deadly enemies called 1st- GROUND-NUT, we used to have Ground Nut oil(my mother then, after my marriage wife) and 2nd BANANA. iMMMEDIATELY I SWITCHED TO vijaya SUN FLOWER OIL, in three days the ulcers vanished.Not only that i stopped eating bananas.
YES if i eat GROUND NUTS or BANANAS EVEN TODAY I GET MOUTH ULCERS, Then i came to know,remembered- i used to have ground nuts and bananas daily or now and then,FOR TIME PASS or during Journeys had caused
this problem and shown hell. So friends not only BANANA , CHECK GROUND NUT(OIL or nuts) also may cause MOUTH Users.
krishna kumar emani 18 January 12
I had terrible trouble with my mouth ulcers, up to 10-20 at a time and huge, infected, stuck my lips together in the morning. I was prescribed antibiotics as one was infected, but realised that I had stopped eating bananas and they went. I have been off my antibiotics for 3 days and not eating bananas at all, so far, no ulcers, I won't get my hopes up though.
Sally 4 January 12
I too used to get mouth ulcers from bananas. I noticed that if I slice the banana into thin disks and mix with yoghurt I no longer have ulcers.
Thomas 2 January 12
I have written on here before some months ago about my sister who had mouth and tongue and also throat ulcers for about 18 months with not much break in between each outbreak,she took folic acid tablets after a chemists advice and has not had them since she still takes it two or three times a week,she has recommended them to other sufferes and they have had none since either,worth a try I should think
Kerry 31 October 11
I have recently switched to a low carb and high fat diet and wonder about the alpha linolenic acid connection. I have increased flax seed and coconut oil to my diet too. Very useful info. I have just started L lysine no miracle yet, but may try the digestive enzyme suppliment next. Thanks for all your help.
JEN 27 October 11
I too have same problem. I really love bananas as its full of calcium... but from some last weeks, whenever i eat banana, i get mouth ulcers... :(
Flora 5 October 11
I am so glad I found this page. I have loved bananas all my life and never had this problem before and dont know why it has started now (I am 57) over the last 2 years I have been getting really bad ulcers on my tongue, I now know for sure that every time I eat bananas, banana cake etc, the bananas cause these ulcers, usually withing 1/2 - 1 hour. So sadly for me, no more bananas.
Diana 3.10.11 3 October 11
Try toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl worked for me, and I was never without ulcers well into my I hardly get them
Simon 16 September 11
I get mouth ulcers mainly under my lips. My lips and mouth are dry which probably causes it. But I have noticed that when I eat bananas I have a worse flare up. I didn't put it together until I read here. I avoid tomatoes, and tomatoe sauce, because my dentist advised me to stay away from acidic foods. If the ulcer is in my cheek, a spray of Aloclair/Ameseal spray that my dentist gave me checks it quickly. But the ones that I get under my lips don't respond very well to it. Aloclair forms a covering over the ulcer, and it goes away quickly, but when it's under your lips, it's hard to form a covering. There is an Aloclair paste that works a bit better under the lips, but I find it hard to put it on. Aloclair is only available in England, though Ameseal used to be available in U.S. You can still get it at Amazon. I find all in all it's easier and cheaper to just order it straight from GB over the internet.
Charlotte Lawrence (nee Cohen) 16 September 11
colchicine should be only taken short term in conjunction with alapurinol, it clears out the purines that alapurinal pulls from joints but can damage nerves and tendons. bananas used to give me instant canker sores as a kid, but don't know. DON'T even consider NON-organic bananas... have seen and interviewed plantation workers, the 6 chems used go right through the plastic clothes. And the taste is discernible
howlingwolfphotos dotcom 18 July 11
Wov, lot of reasons pointing at banana; I have started to eat banana in last 2 months and I developed ulcers. Today I suspected banana and find so many believers. That aside, I have other sources for my mouth irritation. In Germany they use heaters everywhere. I immediately get sores when I enter a public transport or shopping mall. My theory is lack of oxygen; I cannot substantiate as I am not an expert. What works best for me is barley, less oil in food, good night sleep and avoid stress. Excercise and sweat while playing; this can be a killer cure. I also have a strong belief that the weather plays a big role. Back in India I had less problems :-(. Anyway, fingers crossed when somebody has a solution (bullzeye). I don't like resorting to medicines and I try to keep away
Xajnam 24 June 11
Jayne Towgli 16 June 11
Try Biotene toothpaste. and I take 1 floragen pill everyday.. works good.
Annie 15 June 11
Even though nnot eating bananas from last too weeks i m suffering from mouth ulcers all over my mouth on lipss to tongue .. Its unbelievably painful ... i have about 130 small dot type red n yellow ulcers in my mouth .. i m pt able to speak properly n the salaiva from my mouth is unstoppable .. My family doctor told me that its because of Less blood in my body .. I asked him to give me a permenant solution .. He always says that it will be solved with his alopathic tablets .. but it never happened ... Now am gone insane ... dont know what to do ...
joy , gujrat, india. 23 May 11
I also suffer from Oral Lichen Planus and am using Betsenol steroid tablets to dilute and swish around mouth, must say a big help, however it just takes me to eat peanuts, crisps, citrus fruit or drinks, boiling sweeties and next day cheeks inside mouth are raw and inflamed, for me there just is no cure as I have tried everything on the planet for years now and oral doctor said keeping ulcers under control is about all anyone can do with Oral Lichen Planus as it can be an allergic reaction to something eaten. I try and find out what makes them worse and what keeps them at bay at least for a while keeps me sane. I also use SARAKEN toothpaste from health shop which is free from additives and tongue brushing especially at night helps. A Vitamin B complex tablet and an iron tablet daily is my routine, hopefully someone somewhere will find a cure.
Best of luck everyone.
Scottie 20 May 11
I suffer from oral Lichen Planus, hence my mouth has been full of big ulcers (at one stage my mouth was one entire ulcer nearlhy) .. have been on steroids now for two years and I have to admit that the first thing I noticed when the condition started was that banana's hurt my mouth far more than any other fruit... I can quite happily eat apples, oranges, etc.. but banana''s (and tomatoes!) cause me pain... I avoided them for a long time, but now that the condition is much better have started eating them again... only to wake up with blisters all over my tongue two days after starting to eat them again :( no more banana's for me....
Unfortunately NOT eating them has NOT cured my condition... but eating them does make it worse :(
mizzy wonder 20 May 11
My husband and son have frequent canker sores. I will be interested to ask my husband about bananas or other sources of alpha-linolenic acid (like canola oil, flaxseed oil, etc.)... I remember reading somewhere that canker sores are caused by dry mouth, right? And I know that giving my son omega-3 fatty acid supplements helps his dry skin. So could it be that a problem metabolizing alpha-linolenic acid causes dryness problems that in turn promotes or causes canker sores?
LeoEtc 30 March 11
I have a banana here by my desk... should i eat it!!! Yicks
Ive had thise problem ever since i was younger. My parents always told me it was a cold soar. Not until last year did I see a doctor about, because it went from having 1 or 2 a year, to about 1 or 2 a month, then almost every day! He informed me about the Apthous Ulcer, and Im glad im not the onyl one out there. I wish they could narrow down all the possibilities of how they surface...

I still cant figure out what makes mine surface. Ive been experimenting for about half a year. First I thought it was all the red wine and chocolate I was eating throughout the holiday season last year. So I cut out red wine, cranberry juice/pomogrante, and layed off the swedish red fish/ twizzlers... I was terrified to eat anything red! lol sounds nuts, i know!

I did however have a couple bananas this week...and I typically dont eat them often. So maybe thats one trigger to my problem
Tina 24 18 March 11
Ed, thanks for the detailed info on the web site to find out about the lenolenic acid content in foods. I am presently strictly limiting my diet to try and find out the culprits. Your thereoy has my intrest as I eat Flax Seed milled and in the seed form with breakfast and lunch. Iíve gradually increased this amount and have been plauged with 10-30 the past few months. Although for me itís been this way in the past when I didnít consume flax seed. Iím willing to try most anything. And will look into this web site.
Monika 16 August 06
In a previous posting, I pointedout that the incomplete breakdown of alpha-lenolenic acid by desaturatese enzyme was apparently the culprit in causing mouth ulcers . Since I have no direct access to the enzyme in question, I tested the enzymes that I did have access to. Lipase, formed in the pancreas is the enzyme that breaks down fats and oils. it also available in diet supplement form at local health food stores. It is normally part of aconcoction of all the digestive enzymes. I was unable to find it as a stand alone supplement.

The good news: since adding the supplement (Multi-Enzyme Formula made by Rexall) to my meals I have not had a single mouth ulcer and it has now been two months. The amount of Lipase in the formula is 10 mg. I take 10 pills befor each meal and I eat normal meals.

I donít know if Iím taking more than necessary, but I will continue to take this amount for some time before I experiment with taking less. I have decided not to test it with flaxseed oil as the amount of alpha-lenolenic acid in it is so great and frankly I am tired of getting mouth ulcers. I any of you decide to follow my example, please let the other sufferers here know how you fare.
Ed 16 August 06
Hi Kelly from Zimbabwe here!!! Does anyboby know what we can use for ulcers here?? It sounds like everyone is going on Colchicine - donít think we can get such a thing in this place, what can we use here, can anyone helpl?? My daugther who is 6 now suffers like me, who has suffered for about 8 years, been to doctors and noone knows - but now my little one is suffering, so thought would try internet?? Any advice is hugely needed. Thanks -
Kelly Foster 12 July 06
Iíve been suffering from mouth ulcers for about eight years now. Often, canít talk or sleep due to the pain. I donít eat bananas so I canít go with that theory. I went to nineteen different doctors, from allergist to rheumetologist. tests and more tests. No one could figure out what it was. A regular allergist put me on a limited diet to see if it was a food allergy. He said that if I still broke out, it wasnít a food allergy. Well, I broke out, not a food allergy. Then finally a break through, we recently discovered that they pop up when I am around any kind of fragrance (cleaners, perfume, fresh paint, candles, laundry detergent, just to name a few). As long as I stay clear from fragrances (which is extremely hard to do) I am ulcer free. Being that it is so difficult to avoid scents out in the world, from the clean floors in a mall to co-workers and clients using fragrances, I continue to look for some relief. I have used prednisone (not a long term answer), zyrtec helps (I notice a differnce when I donít take one) and I also use dexamenthosone rinse. I started using Squigle yesterday. I am happy with the taste thus far, hopefully that too will add to the relief. I just wonder if anyone notices breakout when around fragrances. It was not so obvious for me and took a lot of people for us to figure it out.
Diana 4 July 06
Hi Martyn, I read that smokers have a tougher lining in their mouth (for obvious reasons).
I keep going on here abput taking L-Lysine on a regular basis and it has worked for me. I am very interested in the banana theory as I eat them a lot. Anyone know the type of test I should be taking for food allergies and who would I contact to carry out the test?

Brendan 3 July 06
My daughter had a bout of mouth ulcers, and a nurse advised her to get some pineapple pieces and freeze them. Then suck them them slowly in the mouth and it will help to cure the problem. It worked!
Dave 26 June 06
hey how is everyone?ive suffered from mouth ulcers for years,nothing much seems to work.i find that gargling salt water is the best thing you can do,also rinstead gel was the best i could find for pain relief but they dont seem to do it anymore.a guy i used to work with said that his son in law used to suffer but after going to a specialist who went through his diet he found out that he was allergic to bananas and that was causing his ulcers.also my mother recently gave up smoking after being a smoker for about 30 years and shes started getting her first ulcers,make what you will of that.
martyn 25 June 06
I recently noticed that whenever I eat banana, I get Mouth Ulcers. It is true. At least in some people bananas work in favor of Mouth Ulcers.
AH 13 May 06
I scared to death to eat a banana now
Gail 9 May 06
I play quite a bit of Tennis and bananas are a highly recommended food source for the potassium content that prevents muscle cramps. I also take ibuprofen to soothe my muscles and for my recurring tennis elbow. Although i have had ulcers since childhood, they have become much worse as i have become older. I also have yougurt as a main breakfast item.
AB 8 May 06
Lynn: In early December my back started giving me pain and I began taking ibuprofen for relief. It helped, but I soon began developing mouth ulcers/canker sores. I had been essentially free of the sores for the past 6 years after I realised gluten was causing them for me. The only thing I could imagine different was that I was taking ibuprofen, so I switched to paracetamol, and the sores healed and stopped occurring. My conclusion is that ibuprofen was the cause. I did a ĒGoogleĒ of the Internet and found that mouth ulcers are indeed a common side-effect of ibuprofen.

You can read more details on this message board if you go to the list of the topics on the board, find the Search function, type ĒibuprofenĒ without the quotation marks/inverted commas and you will see plenty of posts on the topic.
TomF 1 May 06
Tom, why do you say ibuprofen is a cause?
Lynn 1 May 06
Ed: Iím keeping your hypothesis in mind, too, as I try to understand why the very occasional sores still crop-up in my mouth. So far Iím absolutely certain that gluten was my major cause. I learned early this year that ibuprofen, the pain-killer, is another cause. Now I am wondering about bananas, and in line with what you have written, the linolenic acid form you think is a cause. Still, I devoured a lot of almonds some months ago and didnít get any sores.
TomF 30 April 06
Tom, one cup bananas has 60.8mg linolenic acid divided between the alpha and gamma types; that with my normal diet would be enough to cause a ghit.
Ed 29 April 06
I have a small canker sore/mouth ulcer on the inside of my right cheek, next to the biting surface of the molar teeth. I canít think of anything in my recent diet that might have caused the sore, but yesterday I remembered that I had eaten two bananas earlier in the week.

I donít know whether the bananas had anything to do with the soreís appearance, but this thread certainly makes me wonder about it. Today I was thinking of what could be happening and I remembered that bananas have certain enzymes that are active in causing them to change from green to yellow (there may be plenty of other enzymes that I am not aware of). Perhaps an enzyme in the banana adheres to a bit of the fruit left between teeth after eating the banana, and that enzyme goes after the mucous membrane of the lip/cheek opposite the teeth.

I think the key to whether a person gets an ulcer from something like this is whether the mucous membranes of the mouth are good at self-repair or not. In my own case, I find my skin in general is fairly ĒstretchyĒ and I often get scratches on the back of my hands from things that donít seem to bother most other peopleís skin. Maybe Ēconnective tissue disorderĒ is at the root of my mouth ulcers/canker sores, leaving me more susceptible to attacks that others skin or mucous membranes simply shrug-off with no ill effect.
TomF 29 April 06
I would think Colchicine is available in the UK. The steroids are not a good long term answer. Colchicine is typically used to treat Gout. So, when your doctor(s) think you are nuts for wanting this drug explain to them that it scatters neutrophils which is what combines to form the sore. There is research you can google on the web to support the use of Colchcine. I think if you type in ĒColchicineĒ and ĒCanker soreĒ it will produce results.

I really urge people who have chronic sores to try this drug. It really helped to give me my life back.

Good Luck. Please let me know if it helps you!
Betty Boop 7 April 06
Iíve been on a much reduced sugar diet for the past few months, eating sugar only found naturally in other foods. Iíve not gone a week without a mouthful of sores. I do have a banana or two a day, along with banana-based smoothies. Bananas being the only friut I can bear in my mouth.
Is Colchine available in the UK. My doctors can only think of steroid treatment.
Julia Ingram 6 April 06
Bananas are not the problem, the problem is sugar. banans are raise you blood sugar levels very quickly and i am convinced this is the cause. I try to avoid sugar at all cost, but when i do eat anything high in sugar (natural or processed) I get an ulcer the next day. This has been tried and tested.
duncan hellyer 2 April 06
Karen B,

Have you tried Colchicine? It is a prescription drug but it has helped me regain a much more normal life. I still get some these buggers but I now have weeks without them. I hate that I get them still but believe me, having the breaks in between helps immensely.
Betty Boop 26 March 06
Iím with Andy and Annie, I donít eat bananas and still have mouth ulcers. Iíve tried elimination diets in the past and found and even with only rice and beans I still get them.
Karen B 24 March 06
Betty, you proably donít need to avoid almonds as there is no linolenic acid in them, I use them as a snack and eat them by the handful. They do not cause me to gain any weight at all. They have yet to give me a ghit even when I eat them covered in chocolate as in Hersheyís kisses. Chocolate is very low in linolenic acid and is very high in antioxidents. They are fattening.

Tuna itself has little lenolenic acid but canned in oil it has between 108 and 127 mgís. Tuna salad, one cup, has 681 mgís and would definitely give me a ghit.
Ed 24 March 06
I have a number of triggers so sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint which food in fact is the culprit. I havenít had a banana in a week and have been ulcer free. Of course, Iím still taking my Colchicine twice a day and also avoiding nuts and tomatoes. So far, that seems to be working well for me.

I would highly recommend others trying the Colchicine. It is a prescription but a very inexpensive one. I only paid $3.47 for a monthís supply. I do have insurance too. At least it is something that prevents them from occurring.

Hope it helps!
Betty Boop 24 March 06
I get mouth ulcers all the time, just when one lot seem to be going away, a new batch will appear.. I get them if I eat bananas or if I donít eat bananas, I donít seem to be able to find a trigger. But in the past 15 years I did experience one year relatively ulcer-free (as in I only got 3 or 4 in the whole year) - when I was backpacking! Yep, I think it was a mixture of the lifestyle, nutritionally devoid diet of carrots and pasta and copious amounts of beer.
Annie 22 March 06
I get a lot of mouth ulcers and always have, but I never eat bananas. I really dislike them and havenít had one since i was a child. I guess there are lots of reasons why they occur, not just bananas!
andy 21 March 06
Wow Iím shocked having read these messages, Ive suffered with ulcers all my life, never thought of bananas as a culprit but just recently Ive been eating a lot of them and oranges I thought it could be the oranges wow will cut out yellow buggers out for a while and see hope it is them
thanks to all.
lea 20 March 06
Yes there is. It has 999 foods and list their nutritional components. You may have to play with it a while to discover what all it can do. On the home page in the upper right hand corner just type in the name of the food and hit GO. When your food page comes up in the left column will be the fats and fatty acids go down the list to the heading Polyunsaturated fats,
under that find the number 18:3 n3 c,c,c that is linolenic acid. Double click on that will take you to the page that explains all the numbers.
Ed 18 March 06
I know for a fact that bananas set ulcers off in my mouth. I love bananas and would hate to think i could never eat another one again, but it seems that whenever i eat one an ulcer appears as a result. If i donít eat bananas then i donít get ulcers - simple as that really.
Pink 18 March 06
I was never aware about a link between bananas and canker sores. Just this week I had some banana bread and a banana and developed one on my tongue. It is hard to say that was the cause but it was the only food I had every day for several days. Of course, I have identified other foods that I know cause the problem for me (tomatoes, nuts, and salty foods like potato chips). Iím also on Colchicine twice daily and that alone made a dramatic change in my life.

Is there some website I can go to that lists the alpha linolenic acid content? And how would I know if the content is too much? You mention that alpha linolenic acid is in most foods. Do you think tuna is a problem?

Thanks for any help you can provide. Also, I would recommend the Colchicine too. It sounds like you are trying to find the source of your canker sores and eliminate them naturally. However, I have found the Colchicine to be an absolute lifesaver in preventing most of the canker sores from appearing. I know it doesnít work for everybody but to me it is definitely worth a try.

Betty Boop 18 March 06
Rapeseed oil is (Canola Oil) 7% Alpha-linolenic acid; soybean oil is 9% alpha-linolenic acid. Perilla oil is comparable to flaxseed oil at approximately 50% alpha-linolenic acid. Since most foods contain some alpha-linolenic acid, it is not surprising that the study was not conclusive. Had they used safflower oil or Oil of evening primrose which have no linolenic acid at all they would have stood a better chance of seeing a difference.

The conclusion seems to indicate that the alpha linolenic acid in the Perilla Oil did not metabolise to the omega 3ís as expected. This would support my theory as I feel that a defect in the metabolism of alpha-linolenic acid is what causes our problem. As I indicated before, my trial of flaxseed oil and the subsequent severe case of ghits that I experienced is what caused me to examine this further.

Thank you Tom for bringing this trial to our attention. It is gratifying to see that someone is seriously trying to find a solution to our common problem instead of just whining about it.

I have been researching fish and have discovered that a fish called ĒOrange RoughyĒ has some omega 3 proprities but no alpha-linolenic acid. I have only tried it once but plan to get more and if it continues as before, I plan to add it to my diet. I have determined that codfish and/ or codfish oils are not accepatble as in adddition to the omega 3ís it has copious amounts of alpha linolenic acid. ( I took the codfish oil capsuals and it took a week before the ghits begin to appear.)
Ed 17 March 06
Hereís the abstract of a recent Japanese study on linolenic acid and mouth ulcers/canker sores. I donít know if it supports Edís thesis or not. I suppose this was originally written in Japanese and is a translation by the web site ( or a translation commissioned and approved by the authors. I think the Ēreference oilĒ is a 50/50 mixture of soybean oil and rapeseed oil that all the people in the study used for a time to get their bodies used to that oil. Then they were divided between a group which used only perilla oil and another group which used only soybean oil. When the groups were compared for the number of mouth ulcers they suffered during the study, there didnít seem to be any difference. However the authors say they canít rule-out the possibility that
cooking with only rapeseed (canola) oil can result in fewer mouth ulcers. Might have been a poorly-planned test, or maybe the authors are hoping to get more funding for another test!

Effects of cooking plant oils on recurrent aphthous stomatitis: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial.

Hamazaki K, Itomura M, Hamazaki T, Sawazaki S.

Division of Clinical Application, Department of Clinical Sciences, Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan.

OBJECTIVE: One-third of the total population seems to develop minor recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) during their lifetime. However, well-controlled dietary intervention studies to prevent minor RAS are very rare. The objective of the present study was to investigate whether the prevalence of RAS decreased with perilla oil (rich in alpha-linolenic acid). METHODS: Thirty subjects (8 men and 22 women) who had minor RAS at least once a month were randomly allocated to a soybean oil group or a perilla oil group in a double-blind manner (experimental phase) after a run-in phase of 4 mo during which subjects used a reference oil, the most popular cooking oil in Japan, or a 50/50 mixture of soybean oil and rapeseed oil. During the experimental phase, subjects were asked to use soybean oil or perilla oil as the sole cooking oil for 8 mo. Blood samples were collected at the start and end of the experimental phase for fatty acid analysis of total plasma phospholipid fraction. Occurrence and needed days for healing of minor RAS were recorded during the two phases and compared. RESULTS: alpha-Linolenic acid concentrations in the plasma phospholipid fraction increased significantly in both groups during the experimental phase to a similar extent. The prevalence of minor RAS in the experimental phase decreased significantly in both groups compared with the run-in phase to a similar extent, without intergroup differences. CONCLUSION: Perilla oil, which is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, was not superior to soybean oil in preventing minor RAS. There was a possibility that avoiding rapeseed oil might be beneficial for prevention of minor RAS.
TomF 17 March 06
bananas have 60.8mg of linolenic acid (omega 3 precusor) divided between the alpha and gamma forms. I have found that the alpha form of the linolenic acid is what causes the mouth ulcers. (flaxseed oil is a rich source of this form). If I keep the alpha linolenic acid in my diet below 400 mg i donít get the ghits. linolenic acid is found in most foods, but not in almonds, cholocate (except milk cholocate) coffee, dates, and safflower oil. There may be others but I have not discovered them yet.
Ed 16 March 06
I also used to eat them for breakfast as they were the least painful fruit, never thought of that link although whilst on holiday (and not eating them) I was relatively pain/ulcer free.

Hmmm, food for thought indeed!
Ryvita uk 16 March 06
Bananas have been cited as a cause before. I believe they are rich in phosphorous and soluble fibre, whether or not this is related I donít know. Anyone else have an opinion about them ?
Dom Walton 4 March 06
Whilst in France a couple of weeks ago, I went into a Pharmacie to get some relief for yet another wretched outbreak of Mouth Ulcers (Some 10 to 15 of the blighters!) The pharmasist there told me that Bananas were a root cause. I was immediately convinced. I eat a banana for breakfast practically everyday. Needless to say for the last two weeks I havenít touched one. And guess what? No Ulcers. I am not saying I am cured, but this is the longest period in over ten years without any. The irony is I eat bananas as opposed to other fruit, because they are less acidic. It may be the bananas cause the ulcer and then acids cause the irritation and pain. I am not going near fruit of any description for the time being ... otherwise ulcers again may be making me go bananas!
Anthony 3 March 06

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