Rheumatiod Arthritis and Ulcers

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Iíve had RA for over ten years, never had any mouth problems until now. I was started on a new drug called Kevzara. I noticed a rash at the injection site, then a rash on my chest and now horrible canker sores throughout my mouth. Nothing takes the pain away, eating isnít even an option anymore. Iím sipping cold water and drinking smoothies. I plan to call my rheumatologist and ask if I can change medications. I believe Iím sensitive to this one.
Kay Bloomquist 29 December 18
I live with RA, on April 11th the rheumatologist decided to switch me from humira injections to orencia infusions. 3 days after the second infusion on April 25th I started with cankers sores in my mouth, ulcers inside my cheeks and what appeared to be salivary gland stones. I notified the Dr he said it wasnít a side effect from the orencia. The dr made me go for the third infusion. 3 1/2 months later and I still have canker sores and ulcers. Iím very frustrated and tired of them. I visited the ER twice, my primary Dr and a ENT and they havenít been able to help me get rid of them. And my rheumatologist left me hanging. I call his office leave messages to the receptionist and to the medical assistants and no one returns my calls. What do I do? What should I do?
Lydia 17 August 18
My Rheumatologist had me take B12. I no longer got canker sores. He took me off the B12 after 2 years and the canker sores ha e come back. It's worth checking into it with your doctor. I think i will definitely be going back on it. Hope this helped someone
annie 24 November 17
It didn't even occur to me that the ulcers might be related to an auto-immune disorder. I too have the HLA-B27 gene, along with almost every other symptom of AS; so my rheumatologist is treating me as though I have it. Plus, my sister also has the gene and has been diagnosed with AS. Anyways, I realized last year that when I eat nuts, mainly cashews, it felt like my tongue and throat swelled up and would be covered with sores. Then, about a month ago, I ate some fresh pineapple and the same thing happened. It took 2 weeks for the sores to go away. Two days ago, I ate some strawberries, and again, sores on the back of my tongue and down my throat, plus my tongue and throat feel swollen. I didn't use to have food allergies. So why now, all of a sudden? But, my AS just surfaced about 3 1/2 years ago. I guess it's just slowly taking over. I just wish I knew what was going to be next, so I could NOT eat it and save myself a lot of pain. :(
Carmen 5 August 17
My RA doctor told me to take a folate vitamin when it happens. I take one am and pm .They clear up very quickly.
Maisey 11 September 16
I have Ra and now developing mouth ulcers. it is so frustrating these Dr's can't seem to figure it out . I have seen my primary, dentist, oral surgeon and had a biopsy of my tongue which is benign. Now he is referring me to see another oral surgeon to get a second opinion. I am so frustrated.
Nichole 22 June 16
Yes I also take methotrexate. At first my pains and stiffness eased and now stiffness is back and I feel like I. V been kicked about.i have also got the biggest ulcer on my tongue and it swelled to twice the size on one side .sore and very scary
kathy 5 October 15
LIN 19 August 15
I have the medical issues with HLAB27 too. I have been fighting with these painful ulcers my entire life. I can't eat pineapple at all without having a mouth full of ulcers the next day. I think a peach did it this time. I have also developed an allergic like reaction with almost all laundry detergents and all soaps. I have to use cetaphil instead of soap or bodywash. I wonder if it could be the sulfate in toothpaste and if that is the ingredient I am reacting to with all of these things!!! Thanks gor the post.

Triamcin/Orabas 0.1%

A prescribed oral paste applied to the ulcer with the tip of a Qtip 2 to 3 times a day after you finish eating. Mine comes in a tube that I keep in the orange medicine bottle with extra Qtips.

TIP: Let it dry for a few minutes before you close your mouth or it won't seal or help to heal the sore. Works like a dream until the paste wears away.
Meghan 16 August 15
Hello, I am also taking Methotrexate for mouth ulcers and have been having the worst mouth ulcers, especially on the roof of my mouth. I am really concerned about taking the next dose as I fear the ulcers returning. I haven't taken the methotrexate for the last 3 weeks and the arthritis is getting much worse due to this. Any further ideas for treatment of the ulcers, or other drugs rather than methotrexate anyone can suggest? Thanks,
Lyn 9 February 15
TERESA 4 November 14
I've had chronic canker sores for 10 years. I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and put on methotrexate. I have seen my doctor, dentist & ENT...I've been prescribed various mouth washes, using special tooth paste, made diet changes but nothing stops the 10 mm sores from forming all over my tongue, roof of my mouth & under my tongue. What is the connection?!
Tricia 3 August 14
i have had cancer sores all my life (as did my Mom). I have found that toothpastes without sodium laurel sulfate make a big difference. The sodium laurel sulfate changes the balance in your mouth. For those of you taking drugs for arthritis, I hope this will still help. Additionally, I have found one treatment that really works. I have to buy it through my dentist, but it shortens the 10+ days of an awful cancer sore. It is called Debacterol, manufactured by ephien medical,inc. It is one application of a stingy med, but it works!!! good luck
Lissa March 16 16 March 14
Thanks for the advice cody - I too have Reiterís syndrome (chronic and very severe) and I get these awful mouth ulcers from time to time. Interestingly I do find that every time I change mends they come on with vengence! I have a terrible one now on my tongue that is quite large and painful. The only thing I can see as a potential cause is the celbrex I started taking late January. I got bad mouth ulcers then for the first week then they subsided. But now they are back again. I started some antibiotics about 10 days ago for a URI so maybe this has something to do with this???

And yes methotrexate which I used to take gave me the worst mouth ulcers! I am so glad I am off of that stuff.

I think I will try the raisins - Iíll try anything at this point as it is so painful to even talk....
Michele 26 February 06
Thanks for all the info Cody. It will be very helpful on my next trip to the doc on Mon. Hopefully I too will find an answer.
Angelina 24 February 06
There is a condition known as Reiterís Syndrome that has an assocation with Rheumatiod Arthritis (RA) and patientís with this disease also have a common issue, mouth ulcers. Reiterís is an autoimmune dissease sometimes associated with RA and another condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. Reiterís can cause pain on the sacroilliac ligaments located in the gluteus maximus. (IE, your rear is oh so very stiff and PAINFUL! FOR REAL!) Reiterís is not fully unnderstood, but there is definate linking to mouth ulcers and people with RA and Reiterís. I have Reiterís. It is very similar to Rheumation Arthritis and can be diagnosed by having a blood test for HLA-B27, a gene that is commonly associated with this condition.
I have been going to a rheumatiologist for a few years and it took 3 years to make a final diagnosis. A mouth ulcer is terrible to get. I also have an oral pathologist and have ran the gomit line of things to try.

There is a Rx called Magic Mouthwash that helps, but it can be expensive and doesnít really Ēdo the trickĒ as we would all like it to.

There is another Rx called Pentoxifylline ER which allows more blood flow to the mouth and is supposed to help. (It didnít help me....)

Zilactin (all forms) will relive the pain temporarily, as in maybe 10 minutes. It burns like HELL when applying.

Anbesol will not really do any more harm than good.

Salt will only burn and honestly do no good but attempt to kill current bacteria in the oral cavity.

***A remedy my mom found out about through the medical field is eating raisins will help ulcers. A box a day keeps the ulcers away.

My ulcers will get large and bleed. It is SO painful to eat, sleep, drink and anything that involves the mouth. This is my first visit to this website and I hope to get some new information on relief.

If anyone would like additional information, or have some questions for me, my e-mail address is: Bakinovf@aol.com.

Hope this helped you a little bit guys.
Cody 24 February 06
Yes Angelina, I read that ulcers are a side effect of the drug. Hope you find some relief soon.
TomF 23 February 06
Thanks Tom. You have read that the ulcers are a side affect of the drug? I am not currently taking and meds, but was under the impression that the ulcers are a symptom of the arthritis. I have taken L-Lysine for over a year, on and off, with no relief. Every doc so far has been clueless... It is so frustrating!
Angelina 23 February 06
Iíve seen references to a drug for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis having mouth ulcers/canker sores as one of its most frequent side-effects. The drug is methotrexate. ĒMethotrexate is a medicine that makes your immune system less active. Methotrexate is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and other diseases that are associated with an immune system that is too active.Ē
TomF 23 February 06
Can anybody tell me the connection between Rheumatiod Arthritis and the ulcers? I have been to several doctors, oral surgeons, dentists, and now seeing a dermatoligest on Monday. The Ear, Nose and Throat doc asked about joint pain, but at the time I was so overwhelmed with mouth pain that I didnít notice the shoulder and leg pain. It feels as though I pulled a muscle, but I am beginning to make a connection. Anybody have a suggestion? Thanks.
Angelina 23 February 06

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Rheumatiod Arthritis and Ulcers

20 messages in this subject.