Adcortyl in Orabase - manufacturing problem???

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Hi All

I swear by Adcorrtyl in Orabase and I ran out in the week so I went to buy some more today. I have been to 4 chemists, (2 x Boots and 2 X Lloyds Pharmacyís) and was told buy all 4 that there is a manufacturing problem with it at the moment and that they canít get hold of it. Has anyone else heard the same thing? Has anyone brought any recently, and if so where from?? Dom - can you get hold of it from any of your suppliers??

Hope someone can help.

Nicki 4 February 06
Hi Nicki, I am not allowed to sell it. You should be able to buy it from a regular chemists where the knowledgeable pharmacist will be able to assist you in every detail of your ailment, if the pharmacist is out then any member of staff whoís intelligence may or may not exceed that of an amoeba will be able to sell it to you - if they can understand what you are saying.
It is quite an old product and although it works well, BMS seem to have no interest in marketing it all, I wouldnít be too surprised if it just disappears altogether.
I will ask once again.
Dom Walton 5 February 06
Why donít you try Kenalog in Orabase. Would they stock this in the chemists there? I am pretty sure itís an Australian product. This is excellent really works for me. Hope you find some.
Maria-Sydney 6 February 06
Kenalog is the same stuff, they simply call it Adcortyl here in the UK, and supply it in the smallest little tubes too.
Dom Walton 6 February 06
I think youíre right Dom - I canít even order it via any of the on-line pharmacies. Looks like we are all going to have to find an alternative. Will have to persevere with the cankermelts!!
Nicki 8 February 06
I have tried to buy it in London and Southampton and nowhere has it! Where can I get Kenalog?
Lucie 11 February 06
Is Kenalog available in here in the UK? I too would be interested to try it if it were available over here.
Nicki 11 February 06
Evening, just thought you would all like to know that my husband has just found a website that appears to be selling Adocortyl at a very reasonable price as well. I have just ordered 2 tubes (the maximum order permitted) at £3.95 per tube with only £2.49 p&p. Hopefully it will turn up. The website if and it is based in Mayfair in London. I will let you know if it turns up!
Nicki 12 February 06
Well, itís not turned up yet so Iím guessing they donít have it in stock either, so it looks like the quest is on still. Lucie - have you managed to find any yet?
Nicki 17 February 06
I contacted Kent Express which is a wholesaler for dentists, they said they could still get it (but I donít think they really know!) they wonít sell it to me, but you could try asking your dental surgery if they can get it for you.
Dom Walton 17 February 06
No as yet but Iíve just got back from a little break so Iíll be on the case tomorrow............just in time too as Iíve got some mean MoíFoís in my mouth.
Take care and Iíll keep you posted, :-)
Lucie 19 February 06
I canít even access the site properly! I log on but canít get past the first page.......Iíve ulcers on my tonsils now......:-( Feeling very run down and mOOOOdy.
Lucie 22 February 06
Well Iíve heard back from the website and they confirm that they canít get it either due to this manufacturing problem; although they canít be more specific than that. I have a nasty unlcer on my lip, so could really do with getting hold of something soon.
Nicki 23 February 06
Itís rubbish isnít it?! Adcortyl is the ONLY thing that works for me, Iím scraping out the last teeny weeny offerings in my last tube...........Iíve got eight huge b*ds in my mouth and I canít talk :-(
Lucie 23 February 06
Got some! Boots in Southampton (UK) had two tubes and I bought both! The chap behind the counter said that there was a manufacturing problem but they are starting to get the odd small delivery. Keep trying!
Lucie 24 February 06
You must be really pleased. Thanks for the update. I will try in town tomorrow.
Nicki 24 February 06
You must be really pleased. Thanks for the update. I will try in town tomorrow.
Nicki 24 February 06
Phew - itís back!! Boots in Maidstone (Kent) has enough stock of adcortyl to supply the whole street with a tube - I got 2 tubes. Lets hope itís back to stay!!

Thanks Dom for making your enquiries, and Lucie for the tip off.

Take Care
Nicki 25 February 06
My pleasure! Mine are clearing up but I have massive craters left from the last lot. I managed to avoid tonsilitus which I was definately on course for which is a relief. But eating is still painful as is talking. I ate earlier and was nearly sick through the pain.........very embarrassing in front of my boss. Right, I am off to slaver the stuff over my ulcers........lucky lucky me.
Hope yours are on the mend.
Lucie 28 February 06
I was told by the manufacturers that they were discontinueing due to lack of profit, I e,mailed to complain they rang me back, said if we get enough complaints we may bring it back but until then!!!
Lynn 12 February 10

It's funny how different things work for some and not others. I was part of a trail many, many years ago for adcortyl in orabase and found it of very little benefit to me. I have tried it again some years later and again, found it of little use. Gargling with Oraldene was good (although I would get through at least half a bottle a day!)

I have started suffering with ulcers again quite badly after what seemed like a positive stretch of not having any. Any recommendations as to what is out there currently. No disrespect to either my GP or dentist, but both would say I needed to consult the other and then when I did, I seemed to know more about current treatments and medication than they did!!!

Many thanks
Tanya 13 February 10
I often get mouth ulcers and have found that adcortyl is the only paste that works for me. I am still trying to find some. Gargling seems to take ages to get rid of them. Have tried other alternatives

Any suggestions?
Maurine 6 march 10 6 March 10
best treatment for lichen planus to keep it calm.
Lyn 25 march 10 25 March 10
I have suffered with mouth ulcers for years and the only thing that was of any use was adcortyl but as its very hard to get hold of my dentist told me to check the internet which i did and found a site that sells a cream called Kenalog in orabase which is very simalar to adcortyl you have to send abroad for it so there is a charge for shipping the site is called:- lifepluspharmacy Hope this has been of some use to you
Ethel Elliott 1 April 10
Found the web sit in NZ £7.95 PLUS $18 for shipping. The chemist will ask for some basic information as they sell it under NZ law.
Paul 1 May 10
search this in Aloclair Gel for Mouth Ulcers it seems to be like orabase
Gavin 2 May 10
Aloclair! Yer 'avin' a larf. It's rubbish. In my most humble opinion.
Jedd 2 May 10
FYI, I just received three tubes of Oracort which seems to be the same as the marvellous Orabase from Lifeplus Pharmacy in Hamilton NZ. Took about a week to get to me in Berkshire UK and cost about £20 in total inc P&P. Pricey but well worth it. Recommended! Their website is lifepluspharmacy dot com
Stuart 5 May 10
many thanks to you all my poor wife has been suffering in silence for a while now! we live in ireland and cannot get it anywhere offto london soon so we at least have some hope.
gerryb 25 may 10
gerry 25 May 10
I have suffered from mouth ulcers all my life as did my parents and so do my kids.
Adcortly is the only thing that worked for me. I was told by my GP that it is no longer manufactured but that it is available in Spain!! Viva la Espania
David 29 May 10
well i live in spain and i cant get it so if you find it i would be gratefull if you can tell me where
marie 7 June 10
just found some here Have ordered some and shall see whether it arrives or not
Kit Lam 7 June 10
please bring Adcortly back we all need to get on to the makers its the only ting that works....
Thomas 9 June 10
Utterly amazed, and delighted, that so many other people have the same probems as me and love Adcortyl as much as I do. Shocked to find it had been discontinued, what are they thinking of? My dentist told me she had not been informed of its unavailability. I was recommended Soothagel (Boots) and am just trying it out.
Rosalind 21 June 10
Hi Just wondered did anyone manage to get hold of some, I have suffered since I was in early teens and this is the only product that helps I can't believe they have stopped making it, I just ran out of my stash that I built up before they stopped. I have to talk a lot at work and I am in agony HELP.
Julie 21 June 10
I have called the company and customer services confirmed it has been discontinued. There are no plans for any alternative and could only say it was discontinued for commercial reasons.
Nik Percival 23 July 10
Hi all - have been getting recurring tongue ulcers since 12 (am now 43) best product I ever used was 'applicaine' a numbing type liquid applied with cotton bud, but that was discontinued years ago. So ever since then I have tried everything with the next best being the Kenalog and Adcortyl. But as no longer made I have now switched to Iglu here in England and find it not too bad as it is a paste and best used before sleep each night.
Guy, Southampton 23 July 10
I suffer along side all of you...had ulcers since i was 18 an now 42...have tried all the pastes on the market including iglu,but sadly thats no good either!!!:-'(....what are on earth were they thinking when they discontinued this product an why haS no other pharmaceutical company took it on board,they could make a fortune!!!if i knew how to make it myself i DOESNT ANYONE HELP US!!!
Angie,birmingham July 10 29 July 10
So annoying!! Orabase is the only one that works and doesn't sting like Bonjella. I regularly get mouth ulcers and it is horrible. Am just having to put up with them at the moment...OUCH :)
Callum 1 August 10
Really miss adcortyl. Have 2 ulcers on tongue at present and can hardly eat. Dental hospital has given me a tube of dermovate cream but the instructions say not to be used in the mouth. However, so desperate I am trying it. Has anyone else tried dermovate cream?
Jaz 24 August 10
BRING BACK ORABASE! I can't eat or talk at the moment and it was the only thing that ever worked for me. Have tried Iglu but it just sticks to my finger and not to the ulcer, its useless!
Does anyone have the contact details of the manufacturer - I would happily put some pressure on!
GStarr 9 September 10
How I agree , I have had mouth cancer, & get a lot of rubbing on the scar where my obturator fits. Only Orabase with adcortyl heals it quickly!! So it's all about profit for the company that it has been stopped! And all my fellow sufferers feel as I do. BRING BACK THIS PRODUCT PLEASE____________
Daphne, Loughton, Essex.September 10 10 September 10
do not despair....get watermelon frost. it works!!!!!
kk 13 September 10
Hi All,
I have several NEW tubes of a product that is IDENTICAL to Adcortyl in Orabase! Leave a message here and il email you further details! Dont let those ulcers control you!
Chris 24 September 10
Hi Chris

Any help would be much appreciated, i'm literally in tears with the size of ulcers covering my tonsils! Been suffering for a week now! My email is

Lauren 24 September 10
After reading the messages on this site I went on line and found Kenalog available from Lifeplus Pharmacy in New Zealand. It has exactly the same ingredients as Adcortyl in Orabase and is made by the same company. Two tubes cost £27 including postage. delevery was about two weeks after order acceptance. They do ask a few medical questions.
Simon 4 October 10
I was gutted when Adcortyl was discontinued. It was the ONLY product that relieved my pain, due to the steroid ingredient I think. Bonjela etc are completely useless. I have located a paste from Thailand, on ebay, called KANALONE. God knows if it will work, but it cost about £8 so im willing to give it a go! Trouble is, i've got 6 REALLY painful ones at the minute and I go on holiday tomorrow, so no relief till I get back :( The only other one which I will use when totally desperate is SOOTHAGEL. I don't think it has a steroid ingredient, but it does seem to ease the pain while I eat/sleep etc. PLEASE BRING BACK ADCORTYL IN ORABASE!!!!!
Jayne 20 October 10
I recently found out that they had discontinued orabase, I get quite alot of ulcers, I'm suffering now, the most I've had is 11 at one time, that was painful, lips, tongue, gums, inside wall of mouth you name it i have had them their.
I use a vitamin called Selenium everyday, I've tried mouth washes but not to much effect, still looking for a good alternative, Cheers, John
John in Hull, East Yorkshire 19 November 10
I've been suffering from constant bouts of mouth ulcers because I take NSAID for arthritis. Ive tried everything but the one that has sorted out my problem is vitamin B12. I take 3 tablets each morning on an empty stomach and the results have been great. I recommend it to any fellow sufferers.
Jackie, West Midlands, 24th November 10 24 November 10
Hi did anyone manage to get hold of some ? only thing that works for me .
Julieiom 26 March 11
Just seen an advert for Kenolone oral paste which is meant to be similar to adcortyl cost
£9 .99 and in the uk. Has anyone tried it ?
Liz P 2nd April 11 2 April 11
I have successsfully ordered and received a 5mg tube of 'Kenalog in orabase' from Lifepluspharmact in New Zealand for £11.20 + £5.00 flat-rate postage. This is the same as Adcortyl in orabase. When you order, you will have to complete a health check questionaire and this is then checked by the pharmacist, before confirmng your to order, so that it is safe you to use. I am very pleased with the product and received this within a few days from ordering. I went onto the 'escrow' website in Australia first, to price-up the same product but the smallest they offer is 10mg, price was similar but the postage was £15.00!! So I reccommend A+ A+ A+
Silverspoon 14 May 11
Kenalog 5g tubes, as mentioned above, from is NZ$18.50 plus flat rate NZ$10 shipping. So 6 tubes (my regular order) is NZ$121, or about £64. I was hesitant about buying on the internet - there are Indian manufacturers of equivalent much cheaper preparations, but I'm not brave enough to be a guinea pig - but I've been buying the genuine Bristol-Myers Squibb stuff from these people for over a year without problems.

And if you think that's a lot of money just for mouth ulcer ointment, then you simply don't need it! Whereas, having suffered from mouth ulcers all of my life, I'm just glad to have found a supplier. :)
William Old 9 September 11
There is an alternative called corlan pellets. Although the brand also seems to be discontinued think there still available as hydrocortisone 2.5mg pellets. Basically let them dissolve beside the ulcer. They taste really bitter by the way!! The other alternative is betnesol soluble tab, dissolve in a small amount of water and use as a mouth wash. Only thing with these is that they must be prescribed by dentist/doctor.
Marc 27 September 11
Aware that they are worth more than their weight in gold, I recently managed to obtain two 5g tubes of Adcortyl in Orabase (expiry date 04/2013).
Would anyone like to buy one or both of them?
Erin Dobson 3 October 11
Erin, Just came across your message. I would be interested in buying both tubes if they are still avaiilable.
Ian MacRae 12 October 11
Erin, My e-mail address is if you wish to contact me about selling the two tubes.
Ian MacRae 12 October 11
Thank you . all of you wonderful web researchrs and Silverspoon esp. Have ordered from NZ since Corlan pellets seem to be now discontinued too
Matt Dauphin 15 October 11
I ordered some from the US and Irish customs confiscated it. You'd swear it was contraband they made such a fuss!!!
NZ seems our only hope
Patricia Casey 9 February 12
I've only just run out of Orabase (Nov 2012) as I bought it in bulk (when I heard it was being discontinued) at a chemist in the West Midlands.
Boots chemist gave me Iglu gel because it has SOME of the ingredients of orabase. It's not as good (no surprise there) but it may work for some of you out there who are desperate. Good luck.
nunu 16 November 12

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Adcortyl in Orabase - manufacturing problem???

60 messages in this subject.