Does Salt help to kill an Ulcer

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Instead of putting salt, you will get faster results by dehydrating. Dehydration for 12 to 18 hours cures mouth ulcers in 95% or more cases. During dehydration do not take anything liquid. You will also be saved the trouble of sting that salt will cause on ulcers. As a child I used to get mouth ulcers. Since we were entitled to treatment at govt dispensaries free of cost, we used to visit doctors.
Karla Birch 20 January 20
I didnít work for me, Iím yet to try all thease other ones but salt water gaggle didnít work for me :p
Alice 28 May 18
Had a big one. I put some salt on it like I had before, but I felt it wasn't effective. It was still there the next day, so I put salt on it again, and again. Then after a few days I felt it spreading had some on my tongue that were still too deep for raw salt to have any effect. I felt like I couldn't brush my teeth right because one side of my mouth kept hurting. So I tried a mouthwash, and it started stinging in all the places where the bacteria might be digging in. A localized salt treatment wasn't enough, I needed to disinfect the whole mouth, especially after days of ineffective teeth brushing.
Josiah 7 October 16
I've had mouth and throat ulcers most of my life. I get them so frequently I own silver nitrate sticks to treat ones in my throat or that are taking too long to heal. I felt one coming on my lip and cauterized it. For a day it was fine but then I think I created some necrotic tissue and about half of my lip developed a huge white ucler/blister looking thing that was excruciatingly painful. Much worse than any ucler I've had. I also have Kenalog orabase that contains steroids and often helps but it did not! This stupid thing stayed exactly the same size for about two weeks with the pain not abating whatsoever. I was about to make a Dr.'s appointment when I remembered I'd heard salt might help. It always seemed masochistic and not efficacious to me but I was truly going insane from the pain so I basically poured a pile of table salt directly on the ulcer, within a second I experienced some of the sharpest, skin peeling knife stabbing pain I have felt in my life but I forced myself to tough it out. In about 40 seconds the pain started to quickly wane and it actually became numb. I washed that off then applied more salt, but this time pain free. All in all I kept the salt on the ulcer for about 3 minutes. I then used a dry Q-tip and the necrotic scab on my lip easily sloughed off along with some fluid. There was raw red skin underneath but I felt way way better. The numbness went away in about ten minutes but the pain was reduced about 70%. I've repeated this three times a day for 3 days now and the ulcer is almost gone!

I read the salt suckers water out of the ulcer and acts as a debriding and disinfecting agent.I think when I cauterized the skin it got infected, held fluid underneath and magnified my problem. I wish I knew about the salt treatment earlier. I really feel like good old table salt saved my life.
Morton 4 September 16
I really recommend getting a thin and clean preferible new paint brush and get it wet, the put a few grains of salt on it place it on you upset, I find it helps. Also get a cup of boiled water stirr some salt into it get a mouth full of it and swish it aggressively for around 5-6 Minuit's it worked straight away with mine you can even do 3 Minuit's then do anther three muintes a muinet after sorry my spelling is rubbish
Ellie Read 27 July 16
Hellllllp ive been to the ER twice in two days my ulcers cover my mouth started on my tongue.... NOW MY LOWER LIP AND UPPER ARE COVERD the forat day was awful couldnt sleep eat talk do anything but hold cold water in my mouth rhats the only relief i could get..... Tryed biotien for dry mouth peroxide the slt did once when i first saw them gurt like hell bothing changed so didnt do it again the pain was so bad i cryed for two days not sleep bo eating doxtors gave me paun pills ana steroid and a pill for inflamation today my mouth doesnt sting like it was still gurts alot tho im so scared to irritate it again i sont wanna do the wrong thing im despret and broke :( has anyonw had this before
Ericaericaeri and 22 July 16
somw says that adding water in milk, 2 to 3 sips of milk & a glass or 3 of water & make it a little cold & drink it slowly
hanook 14 July 16
Wish I could tell you all what causes these, most likely a T cell-mediated immune response (look up Aphthous stomatitis). However, for those of us who have recurring mouth ulcers, I do know without any doubt what helps and it's pretty simple: A CONCENTRATED SALT RINSE.

SALT is a known antiseptic, a cauterizing agent, an alkalizing agent, and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are people here talking about applying the salt directly on the ulcer. Ok, whatever works, but that's just spot treating. I personally use Balene's Sea Salt mixed with warm water, but any salt will work I think. The key is to rinse and swish the entire mouth. This takes care of tongue issues as well.

1. Put about 1 tsp, or even up to 1 tbl, of salt in just enough warm water to make a mouthful.

2. Swish around aggressively for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can stand it. Do not swallow!!! You should experience relief almost immediately. You'll notice the salt attacking exactly where you have ulcers or tongue issues.

3. Spit out the salt solution. Completely rinse out your mouth.

Do this twice a day or at least once at night before bed. This won't always work to prevent a recurrence, but overall you'll have less and smaller mouth ulcers that will heal in about a day or two.

- Just say no to pizza.
- Avoid salty, rough, snack foods.
- Avoid too much cheese
- Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a very common cause of mouth ulcers.
- Hydrogen Peroxide is not nearly as effective as a salt rinse and it drys out your mouth.
- L-Lysine and a B-Complex may help, give it a try.
- You can try some of the other herbal home remedies people advocate here, but honestly salt is the best. Who has myrrh laying around?
- Kenalog Orabase (triamcinolone topical) is good for emergencies, but try to avoid regular's a steroid after all.
- Lemon juice and lemonade does not bother me or cause mouth ulcers. Weird, huh? But, avoid it if it bothers you.
- For those with acid reflux: get off any proton pump inhibitor medication you may be taking for acid reflux ASAP. If you must, take generic famotidine (brand name Pepcid). Try 2 ounces of Aloe Vera juice twice a day (buy the good stuff: Lilly of the Desert - Preservative Free)
- Ask your doctor to recommend a really comprehensive stool test to rule out a fungal infection like candida. Fungal infections are becoming more and more common and bacterial infections often accompany fungal infections. You may need to be treated with Diflucan and/or a powerful antibiotic.
- Take probiotics with caution, they are not the cure-all people think they are.

Hope this helps you.
John 16 May 16
Hi, I suffer from mouth ulcers quite a lot now, especially with my braces and i have used salt but sometimes it doesn't take effect but most of the time it does
Vy 5 May 16
Vegemite works too!
Bobby Harolds 11 April 16
Hi! Got two mouth ulcers at the moment. Try wetting a cotton bud or q-tip and covering it in salt. Dab straight on the affected area and boom the ulcer will open and shrink. Repeat this as often as possible. I've had mine one day and I've done it say six times and I can hardly feel them! Try not to swallow the salt and wash out mouth after every procedure. One the ulcer has opened and shrunk use antibacterial mouth wash. This should get rid of it! Sorry to all those who have them in their throat! Sounds painful!
Sophie 19 March 16
The salt method does work for a limited time to help relieve pain. The use of bonjela and other antiseptic gels as well will get rid of ulcers. For those of you that are saying you have had these ulcers for weeks or even months please go to your dentist or doctor as it could be a more serious reason behind them. I have had reoccurring ulcers on my tongue for years and just let them take their course until one time they were that unbearable that I couldn't eat drink or talk, I went and saw my doctor told them what was happening they ordered some blood tests and it came back that I have celiac disease. So please get them checked if been there for more than 2 weeks or are reoccurring.
Justin 17 October 15
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Amit 26 September 15
Exactly! That's why I was taking it oiinrgally! When I was researching the health benefits to include, I discovered many other surprising and wonderful healing properties! It is very bitter, but that's part of what gives the smoothie a sour apple flavor!! Hehe! I made it again this morning and added too many greens plus, the apple was smaller. Hehe.
Abu 26 September 15
salt and water solution is best method but only for some ulcers,get help of medical practitioner if it doesnt heals within a week or two..............
Good Luck!!!! :)
RRK 19 September 15
A Tincture of Myrrh and Borax is effective. Pharmacists don't keep that much around these days, though, so working out the formula is dicey. Salt: extreme pain, next day not so much, by the 3rd you are happy again. Better pain than 2 weeks of agony and annoyance waiting for it to heal itself.
Eamonn 10 September 15
Baking soda dry heals fast
Linda dire 10 September 15
Put salt on my ulcers which were on the roof of my mouth, killed those suckers in 3 days flat! Yes it's painful but it's a quick way of getting rid of them.
Christy 2 September 15
Just rinse your mouth with warm salty water. It stings for a few seconds and then the ulcers goes numb. It works for me. Is that does not work then try bombshells. It also stings a little but it helps. I normally use iglu and that creates a protective shield against acids that may hurt your ulcer. Best thing is salt. Either apply it directly or use salt water. I have a very painful ulcer today actually but I used salty water and I can no longer feel it
emma 31 July 15
Tea tree essential oil can give relief. Boil some water and allow to cool for a while. Whilst its warm, take a tablespoon into a glass, add one droplet of Tea Tree oil and hold in the mouth for a minute or so. DO NOT SWALLOW- spit it out and try again every couple of hours. It definitely brings relief.
Mojo 31 July 15
I used warm salt water and the pain became less! thanks salt!
girl 19 July 15
is it normal for the ulcer to bleed when i give baking soda on it? it does reduce the pain though
Lex 4 May 15
salt will be very painfull...use watermelon frost instead........but salt is the best one...
lovely 22 April 15
Apply salt on ulce . It works the best. Never fail to make me recover it FAST
suet 13 April 15
I've heard the salt thing doesn't work but every time I've tried it has worked a dream, use a t spoon of salt and a glass of water mix together then slosh around In your mouth for around 10secs then spit out keep repeating until the glass is empty;)
5N0WM3N 21 March 15
hi i have mini ulcers on the back off my thoat, feels like something stuck there n i am 11 weeks pregant and i had this a week now. what can i do to help?
sorethroat 26 February 15
I usually put salt on my ulcer and it works fine. The pain is just a bit stronger but 10 seconds later the pain reduces and my ulcer size became smaller. The pain will go away around 5-10days using salt method..
darkwolf22 20 February 15
Make sure you use EVERY TIME SEA SALT
Sandra 13 February 15
Im having the salt on my ulcer now it hurts for 10 secs then u will find a huge difference
uUlcem 11 February 15
When I got a ulcer i got warm salty water and used it as mouthwash. It hurts the first time no buts it works for sure
Megan Reynolds 23 January 15
the salt thing is rubbish, ive done this twice now and its still as painful as it was yesterday. please come back with a new idea
alejayman 19 January 15
I tend to move it and bite it till the pain from it becomes less potent, that works ok for me but it doesn't get rid off it, to be honest I wish you could get a knife a cut it off, but that would do more damage than the ulcer, defiantly going to try both the salt methods, going to put a few grains of salt on at first and if it's not too painful gradually increase it,
Paul the alien 17 December 14
I just tried putting salt on my ulcer for about 5 minutes, and then I rinsed my mouth out with warm tap water and the results were instantaneous!!! My ulcer has already reduced in size!!!
Genevieve 11 December 14
Can someone who has multiple ulcers please try systematically applying salt to one and nothing to another and report your findings?
Felix 20 November 14
Just apply salt, it will go down the next day.
Bobobear 11 November 14
try sm33. It comes in a little jar you buy from the chemist and it is especially designed for the little buggers. It numbs the area you apply it to and kills it in a couple of day quick. When i cant afford to buy some, i rub salt into them because that works too. But sm33 kills it asap.
peter 1 July 14
How long do you swish the Majic mouthwash in your mouth? My mouth is so numb it feels better but it frightened me when my mouth became numb.
Robin Myers 27 June 14
I'm jealous of all of you. I know a lot of you have ha them all your life, I'm the same. However in the last 3 years or so, I've been getting even more. One every few months, I brush well, use mouthwash (listerine) and take care of my mouth due to this. However I get ulcers now in the back of my throat. Somewhere bonjela cannot reach, it makes me gag when they swell and I've seen doctors and dentists. They have no clue. I rinse with warm salted water and also every now and then have a shot of whisky or some wine to numb them since my throat ulcers are so far back in my throat I can't numb them with the prescription difflam I got or with other stuff like it. I have to swallow something to get it to cover it. Hence the whisky...
Fluffybumthecat 15 June 14
I also tried salt. It pain like hell when applied. But eventually numbs down.
Sushant Gupta 8 May 14
Hello:-) I would suggest you get a little salt on the end of your finger dab it onto the ulcer and wait for no more than 5 minutes. Your mouth will feel numb but the results worked for me. Afterwards I got a cup of warm water, washed it downed at I no longer felt the pain of my ulcer& it felt as it was no longer there!!
Isabella Gabrielli 19 March 14
I've had mouth ulcers all my life since I was about 6 and have them at least twice a year with most of them going away with just time and dealing with the pain. I remember I used Bonjela when I was small and it stung like hell, not to mention it tasted disgusting and I couldn't bear it.
I tried Kenalog and the last time, worked a charm! Definitely recommend, doesn't hurt one bit.
Mine ran out though a long while ago and right now my ulcer hurts like hell.
I heard of the salt thing and this morning I rinsed my mouth with salty water, didn't hurt but didn't really do much.
I put salt directly on it and as other have said, it hurts like hell. I just hope it heals tomorrow.
Amy 28 January 14
Dabbing a little bit of salt on, just enough to cover the ulcer/ ulcers. Wait untill it changes to white than dissapears than, rinse with warm water.
After you use salt on ulcers for abit, it has the same effect but you can't fe it. Other wise, rinse your mouth daily with warm salty water, putting bonjela. Also, vegemite.
Lana 13 January 14
Reading that people put straight salt on it makes my soul weep. That's so painful!! Just swish with warm salt water.... believe me when I say it does NOT burn at all if you get the right amount of salt. Not too much, not too little. It's soooooo soothing. Straight water burns because it is hypotonic to your mouth ulcer, and straight salt is hypertonic. A bit of salt in warm water is a balanced (isotonic) solution and it won't hurt your ulcer or cause pain. I've been holding salt water in my mouth all day lol, it's the only relief I can find.
Chay 7 January 14
Use of salt not so much useful insted its just painfull. I washed my mouth with salt in warm water and got result. 2 sores increased next day...:(
keshav 26 December 13
I have a mouth ulcer, right under my tounge and it hurts like hell. I can't speak or eat right because it's painful. Then I discovered SALT, I mix it with warm water (not too much salt ot water, just a right amount), swish and spit. It doesnt hurt at all. It has a soothing effect and numb the pain and in matter of.. less than a week,WHALLAH! bye-bye painful mouth ulcer. Thank you salt. Also baking soda works! I try it the first day, but I chose salt because my mom using it for baking. lol!
Shin 23 December 13
When I get ulcers I just numb it with an ice cube first then I pour salt all over the thing and rub xD Doesn't hurt as bad because the ice numbed it already.
Eren Jaeger 26 October 13
I use salt water and swish it around on that place but little by little and spit it out then I take regular water and wash it out like you do toothpaste then I spit that water out. but if you accidently swallow the salt water then swallow some regular water, that should help
kayla 8 October 13
Trust me when I say salt does help. Although I do not know exactly how, it does help soothe, numb the pain and help the ulcer disappear in a matter of days. Withstand the pain guys, withstand it.
Admin Mars 7 September 13
I'm suffering from 4 ulcers. 3 small ones in my mouth and 1 big one on my tounge. My tounge one hurts the most, it is the biggest. I use bonjela and pure salt to help mine. Then in the morning and night I brush my teeth then swill my mouth in mouthwash, mouthwash gets the baterica out of your ulcer/s aswell as swilling my mouth in salt water. I still have my ulcers but I've only had them for 3-4 days so there not gone yet but hopefully they will be next week. If they are not gone then I advice anyone to go to their doctor and get a medical treatment.
Skye... 24th July 2013 24 July 13
I have an overbite so while I woke up to my tooth being stuck to my lip due to dry mouth , causing it to get a cut and eventually turn Ito an ulcer , what I've been doing and the ulcer seems to be getting better , the white part and off today and it seems to just look like a cut again is using a Colgate mouthwash called peroxyl, it's a mouth sore rinse that is an antiseptic and cleans the wound , since the ulcer is on my lip not in my mouth I pour a little bit of the mouthwash onto a piece of toilet paper or qtip and hold it on my lip where the ulcer is , only my second day doing so but I've noticed an improvement. Hope this helps
Stefanie 9 June 13
I have like vampire teeth (they just grew that way) and I accidently bite holes, and chunks outta the inside of my cheeks, and lips. The holes dont heal right away, they turn into mouth ulsers... I have alwayse just kept them until they start pissing me off, and then I start putting salt directly on them... and to the guy who said "if it hurts, that means it's healing it" then stick a tooth-pick in it, and pour lemon juice on it... thats like the healing hand of God.
Jordan Griffith 6 June 13
I'm having a mouth ulcer after a pretty long time. It hurts like hell. I tried putting salt on it directly and the pain is still the same although it numbed it for a few seconds.
Rockstar 9 May 13
To treat ulcers on tongue/in mouth drink water and clean mouth with salt water daily that will help the ulcer go away in at least 4 days or less. Also brush teeth with bacteria killing toothpaste and baking soda.
Karlie D. 2 May 13
Chloe, I tried to reply to your email but it bounced back.

Alas, there is no easy fix for everyone, the cause is kind of a personal thing.

Here are some recommendations though:

Switch to a toothpaste that does NOT contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate).
Keep well hydrated.
Limit sugary drinks and sweets.
Probiotic yoghurt drinks like Actimel and Yakult can be helpful.

In terms of actual allergic reactions then Gluten and Lactose would probably
be top of the list.
Dom Walton 17 April 13
I have a really bad ulcer on my tongue I get them a lot and I'm only 12 :(
I have tried everything, bonjela, direct Salt, slaty water, is there anything
Else I can try? It's putting me off my school work and i cant sleep its that bad please can u say if there are
Anymore solutions?
Chloe 16 April 13
I was suffered with mouth ulcer, by using dix method firsty d place BLAM! AAAAAAAAA!!! But when i add for the second time i realy recovered.thankyou SALT.
Comrade Sadiq 25 March 13
Base on my experience,
1. Apply salt directly to my ulcer and wait till the white membrane disappear.
2. Then apply bonjela/Kenalog
3. Make sure you rinse your mouth with salt water 3 times a day and re-apply your bonjela/kenalog
4. By the end of the day use Kenalog before you sleep.

Albothyl are not recommended (i usually use that for an instant pain killer if i wanna have some fancy food)
Kenalog helps in recovering the ulcer
Bonjela helps in painkilling and killing some bacteria
The salt help in in clearing the membrane for better absorbtion of the the medicine and at the same time killing the bacteria
The salt rinsing stuff helps in neutralizing the acidity of your mouth and kills the bacteria to prevent the ulcer to get infected
It is important to brush your teeth properly to prevent plaque getting into the ulcer and clean your tongue daily
The watermelon frost are quite good too but it takes longer curing process but it doesn't contain strong chemical like albothyl does and it is in powder form
The applying of salt on the ulcer stuff, do it only once rest of all just use salt water rinsing for preparing your ulcer before applying the medicine (apply excessive salt on the ulcer may cause it to get bigger)
Drinking vitamin e could help as it helps in the process of curing
Bonjela and kenalog are in gel form
And don't forget to eat healthy food

Hope this help and good luck ^_^
Kevin Wu 18 March 13
Just did the salt method, worked a charm.
Kieran 12 March 13
I used salt...yes it hurts like hell. Not sure how bad hell is, but if its anything like salt on an ulcer...well it must be a pretty bad place. Anyway, for you poor young guys of 12 years old suffering from multiple mouth ulcers. My advice to you, is go to the doctor and have them treated accordingly. Stay away from sugar and all sweet stuff, especially coke cola. Drink lots of water, and stay away from fatty junk food and exercise often as possible. Wash your mouth with warm salt water before you go to does help relieve the pain. When you reach 18 and feel like a million dollars, dont forget to look me up and thank me :) Good luck, be strong, think positive they will go away. :)
joey Dent 28.feb. 2013 28 February 13
I got one for the first time.. and oh my did it freaking hurt!! Anyways i went online and looked for home remedies and thr salt thing i tried... which hurt like a b....hh! But i saw on a website someone said to try lemon or lime juice and add sugar to it. Its gotta be a little warm so u can put it in the microwave or stove.. anyways you get a Q-tip and apply it to the ulcer and it helps with the pain!! I was so happy! My pain went from a 10 to a 3!!! It does sting at first though but it works for me :)
LatinBeauty9309 14 February 13
I added raw salt onto my ulcer and it hurts like heck! I applied it twice and the second time,the ulcer bled!!!
Sharks 31 January 13
You say you gargle with salty water, then rinse with cold water after you have gargled. Well that completely defeats the purpose. It not just there to gargle with for 60 secs. The salty water in your mouth helps kill bacteria.
mad 24 January 13
The salt really helped, i put Salt with water and it burned a little, i put salt by itself , alittle watery, and BOOM! It burned alot it hurted so much, still hurts right now, but it shrinked. Thank you salt.
Thank You Salt 6 January 13
woah!. salt helped. burned like hell for a few seconds , then its reduced so much , i couldnt talk before. i also applied a gel called anabel after washing the salt . its much much much better now.
deepthi 31 December 12
I have been getting mouth ulcers since i was two and from experience I can tell you salt DOES NOT WORK. Mouth ulcers are due to lack of vitamin b , you could be hitting your mouth when your brushing your teeth or it could even be your toothpaste. There is no solution to remove mouth ulcers but you can you a few mouth ulcer gels that will help it to be less painful. I can name a few : Oracort, Smyle these have been very good so far for me.
Tanya 28 December 12
I had sores for years and I found out the secret to why it causes it. Bacteria runs up and down your stomach and tongue the germs is actually festering on your tongue to cure it or prevent sores, use a tongue scraper especially every morning when you brush it will reduce the amount of germs and prevent sores and also improves your taste buds.
Jeff 20 December 12
Oralmedic works wonders, after you apply, only one application required, you don't feel any pain & the ulcer disappears over a couple of days!
Alli 15 December 12
I just tried salt on all 3 of my ulcers the small one seems to be healing the white circle is now gone but my two big ones are still white and very sore and just to add salt stings quiet a lot so be prepared.. I'm from aus are there any other creams or things that will help get rid of them?
Sarah 30 November 12
i have had really bad ulcers for years and i would say bonjela is rubbish. salt is good but nothing actually works with me. i have to just take the pain and hardly eat for days i know its not good on your body doing that but thats what i do. all the cures i have tried just dont work on me!
Callum 30 October 12
I had a huge pain ulcer last year for a week which was so bad I could barely eat. I didn't try bonjela, or the salt method however my boyfriend informed me I had to use TCP. I was extremely skeptical about this because of the pain but to my surprise it didn't hurt at all. I used a bandage doused in TCP and held it on the ulcer for about 5 minutes then left it there for as long as possible. My ulcer felt better straight away and within 2 days had completely disappeared! Would recommend trying it, definitely a big help.
Chelsea 20 October 12
Put salt on the ulcer. It always helps, yes it may be very painful but it's actually killing the bacteria on the ulcer. It also numbs the pain afterwards; so if you're planning to eating something put salt on it. After a few minutes it will feel like there was no ulcer there at all so you can enjoy the meals you love. One method:
Helper No.36865 10 October 12
Never put salt directly on the ulcer, it makes it worse. I have had treatments with oral maxifillary surgeons for other conditions and they told me when I have a mouth ulcer to rinse with warm salt water many times a day (1/2 teaspoon salt with 1/2 cup warm water) rinse and spit it out. Also rinse twice a day with listerine diluted with water (half water and half listerine(. This should help and you will have relief in about 2 -3 days.
Kim 26 September 12
Oh my goodness, so much pain and suffering with the alleged salt cure. Rinsing with a salt water solution can't do any harm and may well help kill off some bacteria, but try using homeopathic remedies. It's really effective and painfree! I'm fortunate that I don't get ulcers often but my children do from time to time, which drive them crazy. If they have ulcers on their edges of their tongues I give them Nit Ac, and if they're inside the mouth/inner lips etc, I use Merc Sol. Merc Viv is also good. These almost always work brilliantly. The tongue ulcers can clear up within hours. If you have ongoing problems with ulcers, it's a sign that something is really out of balance with your system and a visit to a homeopath can help get to the source of the problem, rather than using harsh, short-term measures from the pharmacist. I recommend taking the supplement Lyseine if you suffer from cold sores, but not so much for ulcers.
Merisonne 30 August 12
my ex bf`s family recommended me albothyl.... (it s red liquid) ... it hurts like hell. (more painful then salt) the pain only takes 5 - 10 seconds.. you will feel numb afterwards and you will see that the ulcers becomes white and thick (it seems that albothyl regenerate new skin layers covering the ulcers).. in 1-2 hour later.. ull will feel the layer of ulcer peeling one by one.. then ur ulcer will be gone ... i lived in australia now... and i couldnt get albothyl.. so i use kenalog... it helps (takes to 2 days usually until it s fully dissapeared)
painful mouth ulcers 19 August 12
Wow for me I tried putting salt on the ulcers, it burned like hell and now it's red and swollen, and not only that, the white part which you guys said was the protection, GOT BIGGER ! I almost cried putting the salt, but if it hurts it's supposed to be healing right? So I'm just going to do this again... :/
Charmaine 8 August 12
i gotta ulcer on my tongue , is saltwater good or bad , will listerine help, is gumex effective, do b vitamin tablets or whatever those are help
Joe 30 July 12
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for many years, I know this is the internet and it is as reliable as a drunk guy down the pub but here is what I do to firstly deal with their presence so i can work, socialize and live without too much pain and what i do to clear mouth ulcers up and get rid of them so I can move forward.

1) As you know mouth ulcers hurt and eating while you have them is not only painful but lessens the experience you are trying to have, be it a nice meal alone, with the GF or out on the town with family and/or friends. I will explain in point 2 how to cure them but when they crop up and are painful just dealing with their presence is vital, the curing bit comes after a few days treatment so:

- Bonjela, Bonjela, Bonjela, tastes like liquorice, hurts only a little but numbs up the area nicely which means you can eat, converse and be in a happy mood while you partake in culinary delights. (I apply Bonjela often as it does not last all that long, it is over the counter seriously you can't overdose, it's bloody Bonjela)

- alright and now to get rid of it "KENALOG" it is a paste that comes in like a mini toothpaste tube, very expensive (well at least here in Australia it is) you apply a small "dab" on the mouth ulcer/s just before you go to bed after you have finished eating brushed your teeth etc and it clears it right up, I even use it when during the day I know I am not going to eat or drink for a few hours, or when really bad after eating drinking just to hurry it along.

Hope this helps all of you


Daniel Harris 20 July 12

Eat a kiwi fruit and the mouth ulcer will cease or go away the next day.I have done it.I feel I am getting an ulcer,I eat a kiwi fruit.By next day it is gone.I have done this 5 times already.
vlad 16 July 12
I have one painful mouth ulcer on my inner lip. I would suggest making a salt water mouthwash and using it three times a day. Being somebody in the dental profession, I would also suggest getting any mouth ulcer cream that seems to suit your ulcer type and status, and then mix it up with warm water with a pinch of salt. This may seem strange and crazy, but I promise you. If you do it correctly, it will work. And the ulcer will be gone for good, not to mention that the bacteria that starting forming the ulcer will be gone too, so you won't have to worry about it reforming again.
Nancy 8 July 12
u can also try the powder of becosules capsules(vitamin B complex). Just open capsule and apply the powder directly on will definetly work on pain, and heal the ulcer soon.
Sneha 28 June 12
Last night the pain was so bad I couldn't sleep. I got up, soaked a cotton ball with some orajel and placed it between the sore and my gum. This morning I pulled the cotton away (much like peeling off a band aid) and after the pain the sore was about 50% better, the pain is definately dulled! Probably not sanitary, or safe if youre prone to choking on things, but it helped me!
Jack 14 June 12
i actually work in a pharmacy and suffer from mouth ulcers really bad myself. heres the best three ways to get rid of them. 1. Gargle salt water or apply salt directly on it (stings like crazy) at least 3 times a day. 2. over the counter gels at chemist, either medigel or bongela (which are both just anticeptic gels you apply on the ulcer). and/or kenalog cream, which like a barrier so stops it rubbing. 3. heat/hot water extracts bacteria, hold a cotton bud that had been dipped in hot water on the ulcer for 30 seconds. GOOD LUCK :)
steph 16 April 12
I have a really sore ulcer on the top gum nd it kills, especially when i wipe my nose because my ulcer is right under my nose but on my gum in my mouth nd it hurts so much, I've tried kenalog be it doesn't seem to do anything but taste really weird, I've tried putting salt directly on it nd it stings BADLY but I'm not too sure if it's doing Anything, I've done it 3 times today nd the last time I washed it out with warm salty water . Hopefully it does something by tomorrow :(
Cherish 22 March 12
My girlfriend has just told me to put salt on mine. She said she'd had a lot of salty mouthwashes in her time. I wept in pain at first but it numbed it after that. Three cheers for salt, hip hip......
Salt-master flash 11 March 12
try an over the counter gel for mouth ulcers, just ask the chemist!... and try avoiding eating hot food. Gargling with warm water and salt for 30 secs also helps dry out the ulcer.
Alison 27 February 12
I can't function at work due to all the pain. How do you all function at work with having to talk on the phone and conduct business as usual?
Jen 2 February 12
Don't know if anyone has suggested aspirin-but I've always held aspirin on spot until it begins to become soft and continue a few times and it is gone forme everytime...
Ashley 2 February 12
If it is on the side of the mouth or under the tongue, I will rinse my mouth with Listerine. Then I tear off a piece of paper towel and fold it up so that it will be big enough to get wedged between my gum and the part of my lip with the sore. Big enough that it stays there, bot so big it looks like I have a hunk of chaw stuck in there! I soak the piece of paper towel in Listerine and then tuck it in my lip. This next part is the most important.... Leave it be! I have found that just doing the paper towel without the Listerine helps, as well but a lot of it is just keeping the sore from getting more and more irritated. My general guide for myself is to leave it at least for one hour, longer if I can, and then swap it out for another one. I will leave the same one in my mouth over night (not safe I am sure). I find that this will very quickly heal a sore that I had stupidly been ignoring until it hurts too bad. Less than a day.
Gabe 23 January 12
I just put salt directly on two of mine on my lower lip. Hurts SO much but it reallly does seem to have numbed them. Only problem is, the white part isn't going so I'm worried I've made it worse....

btw John, I am also from Leeds England !!
Rachel 20 January 12
I don't put salt on the ulcer I mix it in warm water keep it in ur mouth for about 45 second works like treat I'm from Leeds England !! Try it . It don't even sting !!!
John 6 January 12
I just applied salt directly onto my ulcer. Hurt like a mutha but seems to have helped 'seal' the sore. Got rid of one yesterday applying salt directly to it, now dealing with a newer (hopefully last) one. Haven't had mouth ulcers in yonks and want them all gone by the end of the day!
Saltwater 26 December 11
Salt can sometimes actually cause staphylococcus to grow even more, so if it is an ulcer caused by infection DON'T USE SALT.
Sally 26 December 11
Use salt I've always used salt it burns but apply 3+ times a day n u will c it prove. Yes it burns but it's for a good reasons. It's killing germs. This last time I've tried oral ease. Yes it stops the pain for a few hrs but for 3 days ive tried it n didn't see it helping to get rid for the ulcer. So I went back to salt n c improvement within 2 days. Kicking my ass I didn't go back go it at the start. Go salt good s***t
Trev 25 December 11
I have my first ulcer and its on the tip of my tongue. Its small, but it hurts like hell! I've had it for the last 3 days and only realised it was an ulcer today, so after going for an internet search, I used my toothbrush to scrub the white part off until it bled(which was suggested). It was almost physically impossible for me to keep going cause the pain was excrutiating! I then applied direct salt and again, incredibly pain ful, I was squeezing a towel to help cope! I've applied the salt twice and while I can still feel the ulcer, it seems to be a little bit numbed. We'll see how it looks/feel tomorrow!
Mif(Australia) 6 December 11
ps I once remember a treatment made from Rhubarb, I remember it worked, stung like heck but it worked. It was a dark brown/black thickish liquid that you put on the ulcer. Has anyone heard of it?
Philip (London) 22 November 11
I've had mouth ulcers since I was a teenager, they come and go. now at 37 I get them when I am tired and run down. I can get a few, quite deep ulcers. Usually if I get one, I will get a few more. I've tried everything from dabbing salt onto the sore (which acts as an antiseptic) however this burns away the white part of the ulcer, the white bit contrary to common thought is not bacteria, it is fibrin and helps protect the ulcer. Putting salt on it burns that protection away.

I did use Frador, the only topical thing that ever worked but it has been discontinued. :( I am also prescribed the banned medication thalodomide. This works, if I get an ulcer, I start a course of thalidomide and it will be gone in a couple of days. This is quite extreme as the drug presents lots of risks especially to pregnant women. You have to jump thrugh hoops to get it prescribed, but it works. It will only be prescribed to people with severe reocurring ulcers.

For instant relief I use a bit of bicarb of soda to take the sting away.
Philip (London) 22 November 11
I have braces and an ulcer on the inside of my lip and my lip keeps getting stuck on it. I am freaking out!
Matt 20 November 11
Yes, I tried puttin salt straight on for the first time last week. I had a massive ulcer on my lip and two on my tounge. Like Emily says, it gets rid of the white stuff. It worked a lot better on my lip than it did on my tounge. I was amazed how better the lip ulcer looked afterwards and was annoyed that it has taken all these years to find this out, but now I know (thanks to this site). I will definately do it again. Ok it hurts a bit but it isnt that bad. I just wish I could stop gettin them full stop.
Glenn 17 November 11
I swear by undiluted salt, straight on the ulcer. Yes, it hurts like a BITCH, but it has been effective for me every time. I hold my lip or tongue out, rub some salt straight into it and then just stand there and drool and tear up for a few minutes, then swish with cold, clean water, and repeat 3 or 4 times, at the end of which almost all the white stuff will be gone from the ulcer and it will start the healing process. Usually if I do this twice in a day, esp. right before bed, the ulcer will be gone or at least tiny and almost painless the next day.
Emily 16 November 11
try salt water instead of plain salt
Peter hay 14 November 11
I suffer really badly and this site has been amazing so nice to know im not alone.... my advice would be avoid all mouthwash as these mess with the PH balance in your mouth.
painfulperson 27 October 11
I put salt right on mine several times yesterday. Today it is so much worse. Don't know if thats the salt, or just the way it was going to be. My whole jaw is starting to ache from it
Straws 26 October 11
I had two on my inner lip I applied the salt on it and it just made it worse :(
Nic 28 September 11
I had two really painful ulcers, one on the inside of my lip, one on my gum, and I rubbed salt into them both (and yes, it hurt, but not that bad) and left it there for a few minutes, then swilled out my water with warm salty water. My mouth tasted disgusting, but about five minutes later, both ulcers had faded and become less painful, and the next day they were almost completely gone!
Sian 2 September 11
I often put salt directly on my ulcer. I continually put it on the ulcer until it is numb and so it doesnt hurt so much. It get really red and inflamed but after a while it is fine. I guess everything has too look worse before it gets better
Heather 24 August 11
I have a ulcer on my bottom lip its like the size of my finger nail and I love eating spicy food but the pain is absolutely insane but over the years I've just gotten use to it and I now find the pain pleasuring might sound crazy but it does heal right away for me...
Emily 10 July 11
Does "LISTERINE" helps to cure and kill an ulcer? :(
Djrunza 29 June 11
Best fix for ulcers is Penicilin
phil 24 June 11
friend from malaysia reconmended me watermelon works!!!!
james 6 June 11
I ALWAYS get ulcers- i've had them since i was little... i always get told to use salt and water and it never worked, however putting the salt DIRECTLY on the ulcer is another story. i put it on for about a minute and when i rinsed my mouth the ulcer was HALF the size! And now its massive again so im gonna go and do the Salt method again :)
Minky Moo 29 May 11
Going to apply salt now. 2 ulcers at bottom of lip side by side. :/
Pearl 27 May 11
Hurricane salve helps I was prescribed it for my ulcers!
JJ24 26 May 11
salt mouth sore was really hurting...i put some lime salt on it and the white part went away, immediately it feels better. Painful but not for long
mlbt 19 May 11
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) free toothpastes.

It could be that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is causing them as it was in my case.
The problem is that all of the main stream toothpastes contain this ingredient. The are toothpastes sold by "Holland and Barrett" that do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and also Lidl sells Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free toothpastes
Ed 3 May 11
I had ulcers in the past and believe it, I have tried everything. Gels like bonjela so dnt bother wastin money. What always works for me is drinking 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning (empty stomach). And for the pain try applying glycerin to the ulcer. In experience there are three things which causes ulcer. 1)Eating too much junk, 2)Lack of vitamins in the body esp B12, 3) Not brushing ur teeth every morning. Oh almost forgot, try eatin fruits likes apples. It help soothe the pain. Remember! ulcers are best cured when you have a clean stomach.
Gary 2 May 11
bonjela doesnt work neither salt. my cousin reconmended me watermelon frost and it really works!!!!
mao, malaysia 1 May 11
I am so proned to ulcer and I cannot remember how many ulcers I have in my life. Just last 2 weeks I have 2 1cm ulcer side by side now I have one about 3mm developing. Read that Vitamin B12 helps. I just rubbed salt till it turned red. I usually have more than 1 ulcers when it erupter. I love spicy food maybe thats the cause. Have stopped eating spicy food to see if it helps.
Jeron Leow, Singapore 30 April 11
yeah i agree, salt always makes mine way worse, stick to boring meals with no taste :/ avoid sugar, salt, acid at all costs!
casie 14 April 11
NO! dont put salt on it, sugar, salt and acidic things make ulcers SO much worse or can cause them, at least thats what i find :)
... 14 April 11
LIME stings but works. Put the lime on the sore and leave it until it stops stinging....and that's it. It has gone without fail for me and I don't have to do it multiple times.
=D 13 April 11
i use watermelon frost
anakin 10 April 11
Please dont drink your p**s or apply salt grains as such.A best remedy which my grandmother told me was to fry (not deep fry, just till the fresh colour goes) small onions(shallot) in ghee and then eat the shallot and apply the ghee on the ulcer surface.Do this for two nights before you sleep and gargle your mouth with salt water. Never use gel based toothpaste because they are the main causatives of ulcer.
Deethu Krishnan 8 April 11
it doesnt hurt that much :L i tried it 2 minutes ago and i can see a difference already
beachwhale 1 April 11
The applying of salt and vinegar kills the germs, and though it hurts like hell, i always apply salt. It's okay, i believe everybody needs to go through pain =). I am from Singapore.
Brian 1 April 11
It's amazing how this thread has gone over 6 years, I have a bugger of a Ulcer on my tongue, people I show it too say they've never seen anything like it, I used to have them all the time until a chemist informed me that it was me eating a Banana everyday that caused them - too much Pottasium.
I have a few things, Do i use the recommended mouthwash - Corsadyl (Cause I do) - sorry bad pun.
I've put salt directly on it, I think I'm immune to any pain as I just want them to go, salt hasn't helped, maybe with water is better, A nurofen obviously targets pain. - There is amazing things you can get, it's like cotton buds but inside them is a liquid you snap one end and it rushes to the bud and it heals the ulcer instantly - now that pain I can feel, but boy does it help, although I can't find them in any shops!
Also...a year or so ago a doctor prescribed me a paste, but when I went to get some more they had pulled it of the shelf..anyone know why? it was AMAZING! Other people saw me using it and commented how it had freed them of ulcers for over 10 years!!!
Jakey 16 February 11
Try using vinegar instead of salt
Jacob 10 February 11
doing the experiment with the salt.. gargle about 20+ times just now..and the white is gone but left the red.....we'll see it does works..i will reply to this tomorrow.
zuzu 3 February 11
I have an ulcer right by my tonsil, I have put salt directly on to the sore and it has only got bigger! waaaa :(
Jordan 14 January 11
salt will be very painfull...use watermelon frost instead....
watermelon 1 January 11
Applying salt directly dentist said it actually kills the bacteria and helps it to heal. Peroxyl is another which is hydrogen peroxide and water and it also really works. If you look on a hydrogen peroxide bottle it actually says helps with mouth irritations so you can actually mix hydrogen peroxide with a little water and it works wonders. The last thing i have that I tell everyone as well as the other to is going to walmart, target, any grocery store, or cvsor walgreens and get a bottle of lysine its where all the vitamins are and if you are prone to getting them alot start taking one a day I do and I NEVER get ulcers ever! I think lysine is one of the best products to rid u of ulcers, even if you dont get them alot if u get one every now and again start taking lysine once a day or whatever the directions tell you and u will b free from ulcers...I promise!!!! Good Luck
Rachel 30 December 10
If you use the direct salt method, you need to either leave the salt on until the white part of the ulcer is eatten away or keep reapplying until it does. I have a big One ATM causeD from dental work. I know salt works for smaller ones. I'll let you know if it works on the bigger ones.

PS - I'm not sure about the urine or semen treatment but if you have an ulcer and want to try the semen method please let me know. I'm more than willing to provide 3-4 treatments a day with a little help....Lol
Josh 9 December 10
All, I do is put regular salt dont matter is its table salt or idolized salt . It does the same thing I pour some salt on a counter lick my index finger so the salt can stick to the finger . Then just set it right on top of the ulcer . I aint gone lie but it hurts after a while after its eaten up it'll just sting as it sets on there. Then I'll gargle with a glass of cold water to take the salt off and its a relief . Now when you talk or swipe your tongue over the ulcer there is no pain what so ever . You have to do this everyday . In a week it should be good and dead and gone...Well for me had a small one
Anonymous 4 November 10
I suffered with mouth ulcers for most of my childhood, saw dentists, doctors and hospital consultants who never really helped. I did find that chewing gum helped, maybe because it kept the mouth mobile and also because it made saliva flow and that could have helped the healing process. Other than that Anbesol kept close to hand and contantly dabbing on. I wish this kind of thing had been around then, my heart goes out to all you sufferers. By the way my mother thought it was funny to tell me to put vinegar on my ulcers as it would heal them, it didn't!
Anon 2 September 10
Many say gurgling saltwater helps, so I tried, and it worked. (: Do it thrice a day, and gurgle till it doesn't hurt anymore each time. :D It helps, but it hurts much less that direct application does, and the pain is quite bearable. Good luck with your ulcers! ><
Anonymous (: 2 September 10
I rubbed salt on my ulcer the other day, twice a day for 2 days. It didn't do a thing. If anything it's mad it bigger. My ulcer is right against that flap of skin which holds your bottom lip and gum together. As you can imagine, it's very sore and rubs when i talk and eat. So im trying anything i can to get rid of it. As for rubbing salt on it, it's just made it bigger!
Mollie 25 August 10
I rubbed salt on mine yesterday and not only did it kill, I'm fairly sure it made it worse. Now my ulcer bothers me more ofter and also hurts more. I'm not saying it doesn't work at all, but I'm guessing it'll work for some people and won't work for others
Dee 22 August 10
i have one now and i read to put salt on it. It was one of the WORST pains i have ever felt but it does look a little better. so what im doing now is putting salt on it then swishing salt water then useing my mouth wash it looks better but its not healed.
Lindsey 27 July 10
Try vegemite, good Aussie cure rich in vitamin b. Rub straight onto an ulcer once or twice a day. Hurts a very lot and brings tears to your eyes but you can feel improvement same day or next. Also happens to be good on toast with lots of butter. Different brands of same sort of thing are promite and marmite.
Ozem 24 February 06
I donít think youíll find many nutrients in urine, neither will it contain probiotic bacteria, however, it does contain your own antibodies, which is presumably why it is meant to be helpful for wound healing etc., as for seminal fluid... not sure I want to know.
Dom Walton 22 February 06
I am going to try the salt solution thing - cause I started with a tongue ulcer about three days ago and now I seem to have them all over my mouth - they are really annoying and irritating rather than majorly painful, but its hard not to be aware of the niggly horrible things, the one on my tongue is the worst cause its right on the end. I will do the salt solution and let you know how it goes - I think I will give the piss a miss though, donít really fancy that, even though I do understand how it may have a beneficial probiotic response - I wonder if sperm would have the same effect - I may try that and let you know
Howard Wood 22 February 06
well, i agree. Swishing with your own urine would definitely help. in addition, a good swish with hydrogen perxide. now, some people may grimace at the thought of swishing your own wee wee. but it is perfectly natural and does not harm you!!! the nutrients will take those ulcers away. as far as Squiggle product goes. maybe just maybe if squiggle could be mixed with your own pee then maybe it would be much more effective. anybody care to share their experience?
Jethro, USA,RI 22 February 06
i have huge ulcers like bigger than 1cm... then i hav normal ones and huge ones al in all i hav about 10 in my mouth and i found the salt water thing didnt really work for me i reapply bonjela about every 10mins that the only thing that seems to stop the pain temporally
christina 20 February 06
I tried salt with the ulcer I have at present. (going on 3 weeks on tongue!) Didnít do anything for me. I am using sm33 at the moment. (They both sting when initially applied) It was giving me about 2 hours of peace last week, but nothing helps this week.
Mrs G 2 February 06
My son gets ulcers frequently. Salt does not help, only causes pain. The dentist recommended we try Peroxyl. He swishes it around his mouth a few times a day and it has helped to clear them up. Hopefully some of you can find this useful, give it a try.
Candy 2 February 06
Hi there ive got 2 mouth ulcers at the moment 1 under my tongue & 1 at the bottom of my lip at the base of my teeth boy they hurt!!!! I was using Oraldene mouthwash for the first ulcer the other day & now Iíve got 2!! dont use it, it makes them worse!! Iím just gonna go & try the salt (yikes!!) If it works iíll let you know or you might hear me scream from your house!!
linz 27 January 06
I have heard of the urine thing before, allegedly it can be rich in your own antibodies, I have also heard of it being used to sterilize things too. Probably not a good idea to use somebody elseís though.
Dom Walton 27 January 06
My experience is that salted snacks, like peanuts or corn chips and potato chips (crisps) often bring-on a canker sore/mouth ulcer for me. My guess some salt gets lodged against a surface in the mouth and actually damages the skin or mucous membrane and sets the scene for a sore. I think that it is very important for people who get the sores to be sure to rinse the mouth well after having salty snacks.
TomF 26 January 06
Iím very curious as to how you managed to come up with that cure. is drinking your own p**s something that you practice or do on a regular basis.............?
Deckers 26 January 06
i first rub salt where iratated let it settle for five minutes then gargle a cup of my own urine. i know it sounds a bit crazy but it absolutley works do this three times a day for two days and i guarentee you in two days you will be ulscer free.
greg 19 January 06
Yes, applying salt does help. But when ever you apply salt on the ulcer, you have to rub the salt on the ulcer until it bleed (must do it for days (3 times a day) until you feel the pain is almost gone) . For sure the pain is quite unbearable, but this is 1 method i use to tackle tongue ulcer and itís really work!
den 16 January 06
Lo-Salt which is Potassium Chloride rather than Sodium Chloride should, in theory, have the same effect but with less pain. Has anyone tried this ?
Dom Walton 15 January 06
A chemist today told me to try the salt method. I thought Iíd bit the bullet and try it, which I did about 5 minutes ago - the pain was like something else. Whether it works or not, time will tell

Russell 14 January 06
I have to say rinsing your mouth with a warm strong solution of salt water before you go to bed has definately worked for me,the stronger the better ,it is indeed very unpleasant and you should try your hardest to put up with it for as long as possible,but dont swallow as you will hurl like never before,Adcortyl gel from the chemist when applied before bed is also a good relief....good luck
Dave.K 19.24 jan06 14 January 06
im 12 years old and suffer from realy bad mouth ulcers but i took your adzice even though evreybody said it hurts but i was at the limits i couldnít take another day with this ulcer i put the salt on my ulcer but it didnít hurt i must admit it did tingle but i could feel it eating the ulcer away now i have a ulcer free mouth yeeeey thanks a million
olivia 7 January 06
OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!~~ This really hurts! Now if all of yall think yall ahve it bad,yall dont know anything!! I have 38 Ulcers in my mouth and im only 12~! Ive tried Tums,Mylanta,Salt,and a bunch of other stuff and they still ahvent gone away!! I ahve them all over my bottom lip,5 on my tongue and like 4 on the front side of my bottom lip! If you find another cure please help me Iím hurting real bad!!!
Tiffani 7 January 06
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww no that just sounds like absolute torture to me! I remember distinctly the very first time I had mouth ulcers as a very small child. I had a supper which included potato fries covered in vinegar and salt and accompanied with baked beans in tomato sauce! You can understand why I remember it so clearly I am sure! OUCH! I have to avoid all these things when the ulcers are at home. I got Anbesol liquid for my babyís teething and that numbs the ulcer pain for a short time.
Rhona 6 January 06
Everyoneís body is different and hence responds differently to chemicals.
The direct salt application works wonders for some and yes it hurts but if youo can stand it, you will feel much better, it doesnít kill the ulcer off but I think it reacts with the bacteria, thereby killing some off them, best to use what works for you.
Maggie 6 January 06
I have tried using bonjela in numbs it for ten minuits then the pain returns and i think that it has spread. Any advice on home remedies please its really painfull.
Kayle 5 January 06
Oh yeah, you may also want to try non-iodized sea salts in the mixture as opposed to standard table salts....I got my lip pierced and the piercer who was an emergency medical technician also, told me to do whole lip piercing was healed in less than a week.
Kristen 4 January 06
I have tried the salt method, and oh my...I had an ulcer the size of my fingernail on the inside of my lip and a friend told me to put salt on it....NEVER AGAIN!!! I thought I was going to die, and if anything it just made the ulcer worse because it irritated it so much....if you want a more gentle way to soothe it, try mixing 1/8 teaspoon of salt with about 1 ounce of very warm water and swish it around in your mouth for a minute or so. Salt does have an amazing capacity to heal and soothe if it is used in the right quantities.
Kristen 4 January 06
i suffer from Ulcers all the time and find them really painful. someone told me that applying simple table salt will effectively ĒburnĒ the ulcer away. i know so many people who have done this and had success. i tried this yestarday morning for a huge ulcer that i have right on the middle of the tip of my tounge and it absolutely killed. the pain was unbelievable and the ulcer still hasnít gone away. i was just curious as to wether anybody else has tried this method and if it worked for them. iím wandering if only once is not enough.
Deckers 29 December 05

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