Mouth ulcers - An auto-immune malfunction?

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Tonyoi 30 June 14
I have throat ulcers for the first time, unlucky me. I went to my doctor yesterday and had blood drawn, Medrol for the ulcers and another antibiotic. The first time I had a mouth ulcer was two years ago, got really sick around Christmastime, went to the doctor and prescribed antibiotics. The mouth ulcer appeared not long after. 2012, sick again at Christmas, antibiotics and subsequent mouth ulcer. Injured this summer and had two different types of antibiotics, both extremely strong and I've had mouth ulcers since July and now the fabulous throat ulcers. The common denominator in all this is antibiotics. The Keflex is going in the trash and I'm going to double up on probiotics. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Rhonda 22 November 13
I had to go through a bone marrow transplant in 2005. Since then my mouth gum, immune system, digestive system, nervous system and more, have been turned hyper sensitive to what you would consider the most common foods and daily habits. I now have regularly mouth ulcers and bet why: I can't daily limit my life to what my body requires even if I am very disciplined on many things I had to adapt to. I do not know how to manage both at once! But I am growing Mash Mallow hopping it will help to stop ulcers.
Nathalie Hildegarde Liege 4 October 13
i hace tried almost everything but nothing helped. I am now trying cayenne pepper but for now its still better.
adelaide 18 September 13
If your suffering is bad, it's so worth going sugar yeast and gluten free ( includes alcohol, sorry!) After 20 years of extreme pain I have had no ulcers for 9 mths. Almost instant relief. Don't even want chocolate or wine any more, let alone miss it! And iron tablets if your blood tests show anaemia. I had tried everything else on the forums...saved the extreme one til last...wish I had tried it years ago. Good luck.
Katy 13 September 13
I have been suffering from Lupus for last 5-6 yrs now. Initially, it was a pain but now it is kind of manageable. However, of lately, throat ulcers and inflammation in my mouth is something that I frequently suffer from.
I believe we suffer from any dis-ease because we adopt a wrong life-style or let stress accumulate in our body. Everytime, I see myself doing late-night working or reading it just aggravates the ulcers.
Following are small changes that I have done in my lifestyle to keep the ulcers at bay:- 1) Sleep by 10 o' clock so that my body gets enough 8 hrs rest. 2) Get-up by 6 or 7 am, if nothing else, I always make it a point to go for a walk or do pranayam in open air. It helps a lot. 3) Take enough water. 4)Adding salads in my food has helped. 5) Do not keep a long gap between your meals.6) Most important, chew your food well-ideal no is 32 times, I realized whenever I do not chew my food well, I end up developing acidity or indigestion, which is obvious, we cannot expect our stomach to chew food. The grinding is function of teeth after all.
Divya Singh 9 September 13
My 6yr old has arthritis and frequently suffers from mouth ulcers and more recently throat ulcers. On 3 occasions over the last 4 months we suspected he was taking tonsilitis as he was having symptoms of extreme fatigue, temperatures of 102, swollen glands and sore throat. However, on each occasion he has then developed between 6-10 nasty ulcers on his throat & soft palate. Like you with your daughter with lupus, it is awful to watch your child suffer and not be able to get any answers as to why this is happening & what you can do to help. I'm sure there must be some connection as both lupus & arthritis are auto-immune. What medication does your daughter take?
Jennifer 27 November 12
My daughter suffers from lupus. One of the worst things she deals with related to this disease is ulcers down her throat. It's miserable watching your daughter not able to eat, sleep or live a normal life. After many doctors, nothing ever given that really helps. Suggestions please? Can't stand her suffering anymore! She also has acid reflux.
Susan Kozlowski 11 November 12
I will share what I've learned about throat ulcers after having them for the past 5 years. I noticed that I developed an ulcer on my right side when I slept on my right side and on my left side when I slept on my left side. If I slept on my back, I would get them directly on the back of my throat. Finally it occurred to me that it was probably acid reflux, even though I didn't have any symtoms. My doctor prescribed Nexium and almost instantaneously, they were gone. I've noticed recently, when I have too much caffeine, I will still develop a small one or two. If I cut back on the caffeine, no all. Just wanted to share since I know how debilitating these things can be.
Lisa D 5 August 12
I want to advise every one of you. If you want to be healed of either throat or mouth ulcers, come to THE LORD'S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL CHURCH. That is where you will get your healing. I am a living Testimony. Come and save your soul and your health.
Bro. Ugochukwu 20 June 12
i am having continuous mouth ulcer for the past six years... i cant able to eat properly also... please tell some prescribition to cure my mouth ulcer...
vignesh 14 June 12
I'm North of 40 and have suffered for years with mouth ulcers.. back in the 90's I became ill with a chest infection and was put on antibiotics.. after that course of antibiotics the Doctor suggested my immune system would be low and I should take echinacea 3x a day 3 400 mg capsules .. yes 3 of those 400 mg 3x a day. After a couple of months of taking the pills I noticed I no longer had ulcers. A dentist I had been going to for years had always told me about the kids in his practice that suffered as I did. So I told him of my anecdotal evidence and he began to suggest to his patients to take similar doses. The results were fantastic. I still take echinacea daily 18 years later and suffer no more. More recently I have become gluten, fried food and processed food free with amazing results to my health.
juice 18 May 12
When I was younger I got one mouth ulcer ever so often either on my cheek or tongue but then it would go away within two weeks using warm salt water. Now I get like twenty of them all at once all over my throat and mouth and I've seen countless doctors and they cannot figure out what the problem is. I've tried everything possible even from suggestions from people on different sites and nothing seems to work at all. Cannot eat for days and it is the most painful thing ever to get in life. What I find strange is that statics show that 6,000 people die from ulcers a year and yet they still cannot find a cure. Nothing eases the pain not even salt water. Is there anyone out there who has suffered as bad as me and gotten rid of it completely. Sometimes I fell like giving up because the first set I got rid of came back after two weeks and I don't plan on living the rest of my life with this pain constantly coming and going.
J J 2 May 12
I have had mouth ulcers for 2 years. I have stopped eating chicken and started taking alot of vitamin B12 and iron and eating more red meat. I dont know if it the horomons or something else in the chicken caused it but the ulcers have cleared up for the first time in 2 years. I done just the vitamins with little results. Not a virus even tried antivirals with no results. When stop eating chicken and started eating the red meat in 2 weeks they were clear.
Wayne 27 March 12
hi guys i have been getting mouth ulcers since i can remember and they always get me down. anybody know any quite instant cures they would be helpfull. i get them at least 1-2 a month and up to 3. sometimes i do have aps where i dont get them for a while but then i get one which has happened now. i am using special toothpaste which contains NO sodium loral sulfate- someething that can irritate your mouth if u are prone to ulcers. it has helped alot but when i want to go out with friends on the next day t bugs me and i wish their was at least a one day cure. any help? thanks
bob123 22 March 12
May i suggest to everyone dad some salt right on the ulcer, it will sting like hell them may even bleed a little
but it really works! you have to keep doing it all day, or another option is mixing salt in hot water and swishing it around your mouth, you just have to be brave but i find it very effective.
Also it may be your body telling you your lacking something so load up on veges and fruit and cut out the junkfood
and booze for a little while..
Bdogg 16 March 12
what causes throat ulcers ?i am suffering cant even eat properly am having regular mouth ulcers what is the cause for recurring ulcers?
mittal 27 February 12
Take Aloe Vera 5000mg capsules one a day. Cured me!!! my life has changed no more ulcers.
Virginia 26 February 12
My son from approximately 6 months old has been having high temperatures and sore throats, plus lots of mouth ulcers. Since he had his tonsills removed at the age of 4, he still continues to get the high temperatures and the mouth ulcers, but no other symptoms. He is 8 now and currently has some very large ulcers in his mouth. I have always put the ulcers down to him being low and having a viral infection. Doctors couldn't give me an answer either. It does seem strange though that he should keep having the temperature and ulcers together. Anyone ever experiences symptoms like this? Thank you.
Jo 5 February 12
By the way, the ENT that found this pocket of food the first time, actually saw an ulcer on my vocal cord that was caused by acid reflux and doubled the strength of the heartburn medicine that I take.
JMK 5 February 12
I have now had twice a pocket / ulcer on the side of my throat. The first time I got it the ENT cleaned out the pocket with a dental probe. Just realized it came back today and figured since it is Saturday to try and fix it myself this time. I used a flashlight, said ahh and stuck my tongue out all the way, and then used a toothbrush to clean it out. I THINK I FIXED IT MYSELF! I am wondering if biting my nails has caused it? Maybe a nail got caught on the side??? Think I am going to gargle with salt water for a few days.

I am just wondering how long it takes for this pocket to heal to prevent food from getting caught in it again.
JMK 5 February 12
Is there possibilities that throat ulcer will lead to HIV??
cecilia 2 February 12
I get ulcers 24/7 i can never go a day without having an ulcer and i cant stand them. I have been to all kinds of dentists and i have gotten all kinds of pills, toothpaste, stuff to put on them, and many rinses.. any way it has gotten so bad there is one in my throat, on my tongue, and even some on my gums and sides of my cheeks, im only 12 years old and for like ever i have always had them i just want something to stop them i have had many ulcers at once and some for months and months. anything that can help?
Anna 29 January 12
I love that everyone has throat ulcers and everyone has no ideas what it could be.... many of them sound like what I am going thru it is an HSV Virus. Go to your Dr get an antiviral they won't ever go away or disappear completely. Don't share food or drinks and be Consious of Who and What your saliva touches.
meeee 20 January 12
I would reccommend a complete blood test, please check the level of white blood cells. If it is lower than required (normal) you may be prone to mouth ulcers. I have suffered to mouth ulcers 7 years due to the low amount of white blood cells (neutrophiles especially). As a treatment I have used Urgo Gel. It covers ulcer completely and reduces the treatment period about 2-3 days. What is the most important reduced level of pain.
Lauri 16 January 12
I have frequent mouth ulcers also and wonder if it is connected to my occasional B12 deficiency. I treat my ulcers with clove oil (full strength) applied directly to the area with a cue tip.
sue clark 16 January 12
To the person who posted WAYYYYY back, I too am gluten intollerant and this was a HUGE contributing factor to my throat ulcers. When my iron levels are down I suffer with them then too.
ulcers be gone :) 3 January 12
I went to urgent care yesterday and he saw the ulcer in the roof of my mouth I told him I had a gi ulcer and he says I have herpangina well I talked to a nurse through my insurance because I could have died in my sleep if I hadn't been sleeping on my side but I had clear thin water like stuff that smell and tasted like throw up the nurse told me that it's probably do to the same thing causing the ulcers in my stomach causing it in my throat I have acid reflux but it never been nearly this bad maybe it's due to my cancer that I've put off the treatment for
Snowangel81 31 December 11
To Chinese, mouth ulcers usually means you have lots of "heat". Often you also feel thirsty as well.

There are things you can do. Firstly, no grilled, fried and oily food.. that means, eat light food and things you can digest easily. Eat things that are "cold", such as: cucumber, celery, watermelon, no orange. Fish and pork are fine, chicken is ok but no beef.

Lack of sleep and stress also give you mouth ulcers. Sleep more, drink lots of liquid (no coffee or tea, just plain water). No ice water, just tepid or room temp water.

Take vitamin B complex supplement helps too.

Use Chorohexidine mouthwash before you sleep. Gargle the throat as well.

Alan 28 December 11
Im 27 and since i was 21 i have had frequent ulcers. The last two years i have had fatigue which has been unbearable at times. I have been to doctors countless times and they have no answer. Have tried lots of things. Bee polen capsules have given me some relief the last six months but i still suffer at times. Any help would be greatly recieved.
John 25 December 11
well i have been to the ent twice now and had an endoscopy both times the sores i was seeing were scar tissue from my tonsils but they were painful and my throat was sore from acid reflux ive been diagnised with lpr and given a pro inhibiter for my stomach pain is subsiding in throat and ears she is also senging me toa nutritanist not sure if this helps anyone but please have things ivestigated and not rely on theses sites to diagnois your problem you may be worrying dfor nothing i found this site helpful to know thaty i,m not alone but seriously get checked out
loi from on 8 December 11
My dad tells me that Ulcers are caused by stress and not being relaxed and worrying to much. I seem to get a mouth or throat ulcer at least once a month, sometimes 3 at a time, they're killing me. What else can I do?
Hudson December 1 2 December 11
I have mouth ulcers (canker sore) since I was little... and earlier this year I was diagnosed with auto-immune disease after taking amoxicillin!!! I got very sick for a couple months and since then I have throat ulcers every 1-2 months... ulcers are virus so nothing much we can do except to get rid of the symptom... and these throat ulcers make me to have very swollen lymph nodes on both sides and fever at 100-101F... doc never found out what happen about my autoimmune and/or the ulcers.. not Strep throat... they even test me for HIV, which I am negative!
Lindsey 18 November 11
PINEAPPLE JUICE gets rid of ulcers - I know it sounds contrary to what you'd expect, but it works. Swish it around in your mouth to make contact with the ulcer, then swallow or spit it out. My wife develop ulcers in reaction to chemo treatments. The medication they provided for the ulcers didn't help at all. When I discovered the pineapple juice remedy online, my wife was reluctant to try it, but when the medication didn't work, she was ready to try anything. What a welcome relief - and the reaction took no more than two days.
Yale in Pennsylvania 10 November 11
Please help!! I'm worried sick.. My dad has been suffering with mouth ulcers for the last couple of months. He also had an infection which caused his face to swell, thankfully that has passed but the ulcers are still here. Hes been to doctors and recently has been to the dentist who told him it could be stress and it could possibly something more serious... Has any one else had this, if so what is the problem. Please anyone help. Thank you
Amy 9 November 11
After 2 years of suffering from recurrent ulcers - always in the same spot at the back of my mouth - I finally figured out it is a citrus allergy. I get ulcers every time I eat anything with lemon juice, citric acid, or other citrus fruits. I just read an article that says it is caused by a deficiency in Pantothenic Acid. I haven't tried this supplement cure yet, but I'll let you know in a few months if it works.
Emma 9 November 11
I've had these very painful and extremely annoying mouth and throat ulcers for 3 and half years solid now. They last anything up to a couple of weeks, and as soon as they start to disperse, NEW ones come straight away. And it has literally been this way for 3.5 years. I've been to the DR's numerous times, Dentist including hospital dentist, had blood tests all to no avail. These ulcers have gotten so bad, that I can't eat properly, do my teeth properly or even speak without slurring. The only thing that absolutely works for me, has been Doxycycline. My DR gives me these antibiotics in capsule form, from which I pour the capsule contents into a glass of water (enough to gargle) for a minute, and if I do this for a few days morning and night, it will get rid of ulcer within a couple of days. Or stop it from developing properly if caught in time. I know it's not ideal, but this has been the ONLY thing that has worked for me personally, and just wanted to pass this on.
Darren, Scotland 6 November 11
seen 3 mds now im going to an ent im not sure if it is just stress my dad is dying of pancreatic cancer i have problems at work causes i hurt my wrist found out today i need surgery on that on top of everything else i have these lesions or blisters in my throat and back of my mouth they are all im dwelling on im looking in the mirror every 5 min and sticking my tongue oyt to see if they have gone or changed ive had theses since aug when i developed a cold they may have been there before not sure also my cousin has throat cancer and i feel i have some of her symptoms i have been taking her to her tratments so i guess i want an answer but really scared to get one never had this ever before
lori in ontario canada 27 October 11
Hi lori, have you had a doctor look at your mouth and throat? there are a few things you can use to ease the pain, they are probably not cancerous but a doctor could tell you what they are.
Gloria in Australia 27 October 11
i wish someone would be a to tell me for sure if these lesions or blisters a cancerous dam i,m going crazy mouth hurts throat huets what the heck is going on please someone help this is driving me nuts

lori in ontario canada 26 October 11
Hey, fellow ulcer sufferers. I used to get ulcers a lot when I was younger. But now that I gargle Listerine twice a day, the ulcer rate seems to have dropped off. But if you do get them, consider a cayenne pepper gargle to soothe the pain for an hour or two. Seriously. Your mouth will burn like the sun for 15 mins, then blissful painlessness. Google "sore throat cures" for the recipe.
Dan in Melbourne 24 October 11
Colloidal silver,neem tea, and vitamin C may work.You need to make up a mug of Neem tea, 1/2 teaspoon,with or without honey or lemon juice and let it steep and strain.Use as a mouthwash and gargle, then drink the rest slowly.Can reuse the tea leaves, store in fridge overnight.

Sip Colloidal silver, about 2 1/2 to 5mls each day. Vitamin C repairs and you may need your immune system built up by taking a multi-mineral liquid supplement (not vitamin, they don't work without minerals).my daughter has the ulcerated spot on the roof of her mouth with fills with pus.I have put her on these remedies. Liquid selenium also heals any lesions.
Faye in Bundaberg, Australia 18 October 11
I have suffered with severe ulcers for about 4 years. Massive ones at the back of my mouth sometimes and sometimes many all around my mouth at the same time, particularly on my tongue. They ruined my life and that of my family. Aftazen is the only thing that has stopped them, I stopped taking Aftazen for half a year, but now my ulcers are back so I am ordering more.
My ulcers were so severe I had to go to hospital ( they thought I may have mouth cancer at first) many times and despite taking my wisdom teeth out and suggesting other things they don't know how to stop the problem.
Anyone out there suffering, I know how they feel ‚Äď Aftazen worked exactly as the packet said it would and despite all combinations of vitamins I have tried, is the only thing that has worked for me
Jono in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom 11 October 11
Have had ulcers appearing in my mouth for years, have even had my Wisdom teeth out and also my tonsils removed but still these ulsers start usually oin a gum and then move to the back of the throat on one side and slowly move round the back of the throat causing aches and pains, headaches, hot and cold temperatures and then they go away only to return again a short time after and go through it all again... i have had 3 months this time the longest period without them in about 5 years maybe using makubi Honey may have helped.. but they are back :( any ideas
Peter in London 9 October 11
im not sure if mine are ulcers or blisters i have 3 maybe 4on the of the back of my throat they are red and look blister like hurts to swallow burns when i breathe sometimes they feel itchy ive had them for about a month had antibotics peridox mouth wash my md said it was an allergic reaction to something maybe seasonal .i have postnasal drip .so scared it is cancer but doc not seeing it has anyone had anything similar to what i have or any sugestion also really stressed and this isnt helping i,m constantly shinning a light in my throat to see if they are going 1 looks like it broke but the area is really red looking in fact my whole throat looks red HELP please
lori in ontario canada 7 October 11
Colloidal Silver it is a natural immune booster. You can get it in liquid, spray or cream for a variety of ailments and it is great. My four yr old daughter had ulcer like things all over her tonsils and back of her throat and penicilin over 7 days did absolutely nothing. It was glandular fever - the pain the poor wee girl was in was excruciating and there was very little I could do and was getting annoyed with having to constantly fill her with painkillers. Colloidal silver fixed her in 24hrs to be able to eat again. Like all medicinal tonics don't over indulge!!
Lucy 23 September 11
I've gotten two throat ulcers in the past week. They came along with a sinus infection, a stomach virus, neck aches, headaches and sweats. All of these are gone except for the sweats and the ulcers. I had hoped when everything was dying down and that they would disappear, but they aren't. They're so painful that I avoid eating and drinking just because it hurts so badly to swallow. I try to make myself drink water because I often feel that they're dry and that maybe that will help. They're the worst when I first wake up. Here are some things I've found that make them worse:
Orange juice. It's probably because it's so acidic.
Warm or hot liquids. At first I drank lots because they help with a sore throat, but they are NOT effective on throat ulcers. I've actually found that drinking iced beverages help much more.
I hope this helps. I hope all of our ulcers go away. :(
Molly 17 September 11
Hi im 16 and I really started getting the sores last year but i can remember getting them when i younger. I had a rough year last year and thats when i noticed they were showing up at least one or twice a month. I have a high tolerance to pain so some dont hurt as bad but some of them make me cant talk,eat,and/or drink liquids. I also made the mistake of googling it which i convinced myself that I have many diffrent reasons why im getting these sores. I think its genetics because my Grandpa gets them and I think my Dad gets them also but dosent say it. Im not sure if they are contagious or not, but i noticed that this year im happier and i havent gotten any since the school year started.I learned to just cope with them and until researches find a way to stop them ill have to keep eating right,avoide stress, and other factors
Hello World 28 August 11
does any one know where i can buy Bocasan POWDERS it did really work for mouth ulcers or something similar
soo 25 August 11
I know what you people are talking about xcept mine dry mouth did not start tell I got my teeth deep clean then after that I have had Dry mouth for almost going on 3 years now and I know its not my meds because I have been on the same meds for a very yeras - n - years and if I was going to get that I would of got it yaers ago so.. so ya i'm deeling with my mouth drying and getting hard to swallow and I drink water 24/ 7 hour after hour plus my mouth gets so dry that i'm getting souers around the inter part of my mouth and it hurts ...But I did like so many of u have I have gone to my Dr. and other Dr.s and they say to try this n that and it dones not work But I have tryed extra Virgin Olive Oil and it works for a little bit But it does keep my mouth mosty for a little bit plus after I put that olive Oil on I also put Carmex on my lpis too keep them moist and it helps for a little time but I still have to drink lots of water at night because of my throat being very dry and I sleep better at day time then I do at night ...night time i'm always drinking lots of water plus running to the bathroom every few mints after drinking so much water thats why I say I know what u people are talking about and i'm 51 years old now and I have had this like I say over almost 3 years now... I kind of wounder if there is a Driffence in the air that we breath now a days since this is the firts time in some years we have had a very dry and hott summer if there is something in the air and it is cause this ?? thats the Question??....
Barb.. 22 August 11
ive had throat ulcers for about a year now and they are very painful and although i have been to the doctors serval time the dont seem to be getting better infact the last time i seen the doctor(3weeks ago).ive been given serval times of drugs to try and cure them and none of them seem to work anyone got any advice id really apericate that as i find it every hard to swallow food and its get in the way of my normal evryday life
lottie 17 August 11
I've had ulcers for as long as I can remember. They're always so large and extremely painful. I usually have one or two at a time and I can hardly remember a time where I didn't have any at all. Doctors haven't really been helpful, but now I have two throat ulcers and it's hard to breathe and eat and sleep. I'm going again to visit my doctor today, and see what he says.

It's so stressful and i can't believe how many others have them. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wish they would find an answer already!
Violet 9 August 11
I am so glad I found this site. I've never had a throat ulcer before but I have one now and it's AGONY!! I've also had flu like symptoms with it which doc says is caused by the infected ulcer, but I think it's more likely than I have a fluey virus and the ulcer is a result of the poor immunity :( I'm on amoxycillin but it's doing nothing, nor is paracetamol/ibuprofen or salt water gargles. I feel like ripping me head off with the pain. Night time is worse.

I have had a really stressful time lately so knew I was heading for a fall. This throat ulcer lark is a lot more than I bargained for though - it's really pushed my pain barrier boundary to the limit.
nicnoo 28 July 11
I have had mouth and throat ulcers for most of my life. Sometimes I will go a year or longer without having one. Other times I can only go a month. The doctor has told me that nobody really has a definitive answer of what causes them. There can be many things ranging from Herpes Simples (contagious), Shingles, respiratory infections, stress, calcium deficiency, tonsilitus. No answer to the causes, but there are a lot of helpful solutions to getting rid of them. Whenever I get one, I eat yogurt, a lot of it. It seems to cut down the healing time. If you're having trouble eating, I would recommend eating smoothies with yogurt. Easier to swallow, good for you too. It seems to sooth the pain for awhile as well. I also take Airborne just as an immune boost whenever I get one.

I have a throat ulcer right now and this time I noticed something. I had spent 6 hours sweeping in an underground parking garage with poor ventilation 2 days before I developed the ulcer. At the end of the day sweeping, I was coughing a lot and trying to clear my sinuses of all the dust. The next thing I know, 2 ulcers, one at the back of my throat and one really deep down my throat close to my esophagus. I don't know for sure if its related, but the last time I got one, I was in a similar situation (doing yard work cleaning out my lawn mower with a leaf blower (very dusty).
luzseeker 16 July 11
And the oral ulcer doesnt seem to come singly. The recent ones and in my thoat makes me so sick, cant eat, drink or talk properly. Even ran a fever. I was really sick and looked like am walking ghost. Any body has any effective remedy or preventive measure for this oral ulcer problem. Doctors or dentists, do you have any clue for all the sufferers?
wong 11 July 11
dear sir
i have throat ulcer from last three month , i had andrscopy and taking threatment till now it was not heel yet, kindly suuggest.
rajiv singh 10 July 11
i was hospitalized for almost a month and during the whole course of treatment at the hospital i was given continuous dosage of antibiotics in intravenous form. then after getting discharged, i was prescribed oral anti-inflammatories. just about three days ago, i started having painful on-the-throat ulcer and swallowing makes it uneasy for me. i feel it's due to weaked immunity due to dosages of antibiotics i was given. my sister has been prompting me to eat spoonfuls of yogurt since at the time i was hospitalized but i had postponed. i will try to eat my yogurt and come back here to let u know of good results if any.
Imee 9 July 11
I am 26 and have suffered with mouth ulcers all my life, having visited the doctor on many occasions I thought i was just 'prone to getting them' as he kept telling me! Two weeks ago I developed throat ulcers for the first time and the pain got so bad i was crying all the time; couldn't eat, drink, yawn or swallow my own saliva without it killing me! Went to a new doctor and at first she suggested Solpadine! I felt like squeezing her throat and asking her if she felt that Solpadine would help with that! I restrained myself and politely told her it was a bit more serious than an over-the-counter treatment. She gave me penicillin and zovirax tablets. A week on they didn't work at all! Went back in and she gave me steroid tabs and tylex painkillers, difflam and a new antibiotic! Apart from the tylex leaving me feeling really spacey...still no change! I just want to be able to talk again like a normal person :(
Frances Sullivan 6 July 11
I have been in agony for two weeks with throat ulcers, and I have lost an enormous amount of weight. I wasn't very big to start with, but if this continues then I will be skin and bone. I am on my second different box of antibiotics, and have been becoming very frightened that I am never going to get rid of them or something is seriously wrong and that my throat will choke me to death.. I am however so glad to have found this web site and to realize that I am not alone and in desperation I am going to try every single tip that everyone has recommended on here so thank you. I will be back at the doctors again no doubt as soon as I have finished these latest antibiotics. Pure misery.......
Sue Hall 1 June 11
Difflam spray i find to be the best
Debbie Mintern 26 May 11
Hi I started out with tonsilitus in feb which then turned into ulcers of the mouth and throat. I ended up in hospital for 4 weeks as they found out I am anemic, had a b12 deficiency and had 3 units of blood transfused. Couldn't eat or drink for nearly 2 weeks so lost loads of weight. I am still awaiting results of recent colonoscopy to see if this is all bowel related. Things have been gradually getting better as I have been on the steriods Prednisolone which I have been reducing week by week. This week I have reduced my steriod intake from 10 mg to 5 mg a day and omg my mouth is again full of ulcers and all the previous signs are coming back. I;'m horrified as been off work for nearly 3 months and hoping to go back soon. I;m just sooo fed up with it all even hosp dont really know whats going on with me. Roll on monday back to doctors I go.
Fed up lady 21 May 11
Sleep, lysine, vit B12, natural yoghurt, plenty of water and nurofen plus all help. Bonjela Once was brilliant for total pain relief but I think it has been taken off the market in UK. Anybody know where you can get aloe eze from?
Lifetimeulcersuffer 19 May 11
I've had what I assumed was a sore throat for 5 days now. It seemed odd that I had no other symptoms and the pain was really only when swallowing. Had a look in the mirror and it looks like mouth ulcers at the back of the throat - I'd never heard of that, so googled it, and found this site. I think it's answered all my questions, and confirmed that there's no point me going to the GP. I'll just do the same as with mouth ulcers (that I get, maybe one a month) - which is lots of corsodyl mouth wash and plenty of sleep. I'm looking forward to that realisation I get with mouth ulcers when you finally realise there on the way out again, and you've then probably got 2 more days of pain. At the moment they seem to be on that 'plateau' where they just stay the same for ages, no matter what you do...
Swallowing Carpet Tacks 12 May 11
saw a few posts regarding gluten and celiac and if you suffer from ulcers i implore you to go gluten free for a bit and see if they go away. i had ulcers my whole life. for as long as i can remember. seemd one set would go away and i'd be ok for a week or 2 and then another set would come along. i nver got classic sore throats instead i'd get ulcers in my throat and it would be like swallowing razor blades for a week. at age 40 i got diagnosed with celiac. that was 3 years ago this week. havent had an ulcer since. its so nice to NOT have ulcers!!! if you have em u know what i mean. in addition my chronic heartburn went away, i had terrible restless legs my whole life which led to basically no sleep and they have completely gone away. i was hypoglycemic and since going glutem free thats pretty mujch gone away. i also put on about 30 pounds in that last 3 years. up until age 40 i couldnt add a pound. i am a 43 year male and i thought i felt ok , very active , playing ice hockey a few days a week.. going gluten free was like a anchor taken off my neck. do yourself a favor and go glutem free for a 2 week period and see how u feel. but rememebr its gotta be 100% glutem free. u cant cheat. but its worth it. i truly hope someone reads this and id helped. cheers!!
MEF 28 April 11
I have suffered with mouth ulcers for my entire life. I always had at least one going. I had tried everything...and then I read that sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste is a harsh cheap detergent that makes it foam and in many causes the mouth ulcers. I began using Jason's toothpaste, and it cut mine down to almost nothing. I would still have one occasionally and then I started a gluten free diet. Voila! No gluten, no ulcers. I went 2 years without one, and then I cheated and ate some baked goods. Wham, mouth full of ulcers. I thought no, it can't be that simple! So I have tested it many times. I had not had gluten for a few months and the other night I had some whole grain "healthy" pasta. The NEXT morning I woke up with a huge one. It's worth a try folks, when I am not on gluten my high BP goes away also. Read "The Gluten Connection". You'll be glad you did....
N. D. M. 25 April 11
For mouth ulcers, if it is not too big, you could try a compound - watermelon frost. This is in powder form and it is easily available in Chinese medical stores. Just apply it a few times a day directly on the ulcer (it stinks a bit) and after a day or two you can feel the healing of the ulcer. It works for me most of the time and you can give it a try - it's cheap, non-poisonous and quite effective. However, it does not prevent future ulcers from bursting out.
Wong 20 April 11
When I get these, I immediately know I need to increase my probiotics. I go and buy them in pill form. Within a few days they are gone. It is possible that these are caused by yeast overgrowth in the gut. Too much sugar can do it. Eat an anti-yeast diet & this should also help.
Sufferer no more. 10 April 11
OK, gonna answer my own question. You CAN use the Oralmedic treatment on your tongue (I read the blurb in the packet) - beware though it is more painful than seems possible whilst you are doing it. However, subsequently ulcers are much better so it's worth it. I've also found that you can buy a similar treatment over the counter at Tesco called Galpherm Mouth Ulcer Treatment - I had to go looking in the shops as I have a crop more ulcers... great.
ET 6 April 11
I've just seen the comment re Listerine - funnily enough I've relied on that in the past & also my hubby who went through a phase of getting ulcers swears by it ! I have a question now though - have horrendous ulcers UNDER my tongue which are SO painful - can't eat/talk etc. Can you use the Bonjela Once on these - I've used them on the inside of my mouth but not sure about using it under my tongue. (I know it will hurt!!). Anyone got any advice?
ET 5 April 11
I use Cankermelts-GX as sold in the Mouth Ulcer Shop here on this site. I have always suffered from mouth ulcers, really huge, massively painful ones, and these things are the only thing that helps. As soon as I get that tell-tale twinge on the inside of the lip, cheek, or back of the throat, I put one of these discs on, and it prevents the ulcer from getting to that excrutiating, crater stage. I don't know how I'd manage without them. Different things help different people though, but worth a try.
Jo 4 April 11
I have had mouth ulcers since the age of three when I sucked my thumb and it became septic, the infection then went into my mouth causing a mouth full of ulcers. Ever since then I have suffered with ulcers until now(age 30). I feel run down and tired, not being able to eat most foods other than soup and soft bread. I am yet to find a cure but know that use of listerine at all times(when not got the ulcers) is key to keeping the ulcers away.
SH 4 April 11
Hi All,
First of all I am SO pleased to have found this website - I thought I was losing the plot (or worse!). I have been suffering with persistant ulcers for nearly 2 years now after a bout of tonsilitis - lots of them are in my throat & then I usually get swollen glands in my neck too. What is so frustrating is that the doctors (even an ENT consultant) are so dismissive. I had a blood test to check for food allergies, went on a mad no wheat, soya etc diet and eventually saw a consultant allergist who said the results weren't reliable. He did skin testing (put allergen on skin, make slight hole - if you are allergic you get a red lump) and found I'm not allergic to wheat - I do have oral allergy syndrome though which is allergy to raw fruit and veg (being very general here) so the fruit juice sensitivity might apply. I totally relate to the ulcers in the throat debate as this is something I get all the time & I just can't work out how to treat them as I can't really get to them.... my glands swell & I feel so run down. All this for about 1 week out of 4 - it's a nightmare. I'm really fit & healthy otherwise. Does anyone have any suggestions how to 'get to' and treat the ulcers in the throat? I seem to be living on painkillers which really is not good.
ET 31 March 11
Hi, I am new here and want to say Hi to everybody
worldk travelerp 29 March 11
constant stress and panics may worsen definetly the whole situation. continious stress and bad feelings destroy the human immune system. try to be loose with things that destroy our mood..I have noticed that when I get stressed from something or something goes wrong.. then the mouth ulcers rise from nowhere!! The first step is (at least try) to be happy all the time. the second is to have the best oral hegiene.the thirs is to have balanced nutricion habbits.
gs 26 March 11
I had mouth ulcers for years, I never went a week without having a couple. I complained to my dentist who sent me to the dental hospital in Glasgow.. After some blood tests I found that I had coeliacs disease. I changed my diet to gluten free and I now only suffer if I accidentally eat something that I shouldnt have... It might be worth a check.
Mark 21 March 11
i have had ulcers so many time every since i had braces and i get them so bad. i have tried using everything but nothing seems to work . for the most part i found that mustard applied on the ulcer is great it stings for a min or so but kills it . i just dont understand why we get them there such a pain . i feel for everyone out there getting them.
samina 11 March 11
Hi all. this is my 2nd time getting a throat ulcer... I sympathise with the excruciating, sleep-depriving pain... for those who have had theirs for weeks or MONTHS even- i am very sorry! I hope you know that that is NOT normal... your body gives you signs that something is not right and is out of balance... a sign such as an ulcer. It appears those who have sought out traditional medical doctors you've had no luck with the pain meds/anti-inflammatory meds given... because they only treat the SYMPTOM... they don't change any habits you may have or your diet which can have an effect on your health (not just in terms of weight gain). I would recommend finding a reputable Naturopathic Doc if you can afford it... they look take into account your lifestyle (the WHOLE picture) and not JUST the ulcer (the symptom of imbalance in your body). There are many causes according to Herpes Simplex virus, bacterial infection, excessive alcohol consumption, and chicken pox virus... some recommendations they suggest are gargling 3x/day with very warm salt water (if you can get hawaiian salt, that's the best- do not use table salt). This will at least help to relieve some pain... there are also many herbal remedies that can help to heal & soothe the ulcers, such as Tumeric... google it's properties and uses. Lastly, I urge you to think about your body as a whole unit, no different from your spirit (no matter what religion you are or are not), your mind, your emotions. I know that BOTH times I've got these throat ulcers have been simultaneous to me being pissed off at someone and have a LOT to say to them, but DON'T say it, and hold it in instead... this anger then manifests into an ulcer in my throat- the place where my words SHOULD have come out from but instead I stifled them there. If you are skeptical and think this is bogus, just ask yourself this- why do people get butterflies when they are nervous (an emotion of some cause)? Or when you are SO STRESSED out due to work or a big deadline/meeting/interview and you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on you shoulders... once the stressful event has passed, why do you feel so much lighter and less tension in your shoulders? As a massage therapist I encounter this on a daily basis with my clients. So, anyway, I'm gonna go address my issue with the person I have it with and I'm hoping with some extra remedies (tumeric and others) that my ulcers will subside very quickly! GOOD LUCK... if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. in other words, if you want something to change seek out new options- be OPEN to other remedies and beliefs if the one you currently hold is not working for you:) BLESS YOU!
chch 9 March 11
I have had a lge throat ulcer for 1 week and the penicillin prescribed by my Dr hasn't touched it but I shall still continue to take the course. I am v limited to what I can eat, anything acidic, too hot or with any salt absolutely kills !! It seems to be getting bigger and the pain in my ears is immense which affects sleeping at night too. I have never had ulcers in y throat before, only the odd one in my mouth/gum area so I haven't the foggiest as to why I am getting them now. Very bad timing as its my Birthday weekend and have a night away in London booked so I need some ideas to get me through this. Have read about Oralmedic, Cepracol, Difflocan and Anbesol - what is the best one? I am prepared for any amount of pain ( tbh the pain I have been suffering has been bad enough ) !! ANYTHING TO HELP GET RID OF THIS - ANY SUGGESTIONS ??
Emma 4 March 11 4 March 11
Hi all. Got a small lump on roof of mouth (upper palate) and I don't know if it's a ulcer or an abscess. How do I tell the difference? Any help would be appreciated!
Phil 29 2 March 11
For the past week I've thought I had a bad throat infection/cold/tonsillitus, as the pain my throat is like razor blades. I've had tonsillitus several times before. Went to the doctor who barely asked me any questions just looked down my throat and told me it was an ulcer on my throat, and I can see i now when I shine a torch down there. He gave me steroid lozenges to dissolve on it, which is stupid because I can't reach the back of my throat without gagging! I'm now trying Ibuprofen and Oraldene rinse but the pain is unbearable today whenever I speak... I'm wondering if anyone knows if ulcers just go away by themselves if left untreated? I'm still streaming with cold which is making it even more miserable! :[
Olivia 27 February 11
I get throat ulcers about once a month, very fit and healthy but if i am the slightest bit tired and someone around me has a cold its game over, one pops up on the back of my throat and its ten days of agony! doctor says let it run its course, have yet to find a cure that works, theres gotta be something???
keithbradley 9 February 11
Hi all -
I deal with frequent mouth ulcers, usually my lower lip area but I've had them at the back of my mouth, under my tongue, behind my very last molar. I get them from accidentally biting my lip when eating, or when I am just a bit run down. I'm from Hong Kong and Chinese tradition says to avoid fried or spicy foods as this just makes the ulcer worse.
A home remedy I've found that is VERY effective is "Corsodyl" which is an over-the-counter mouthwash available at pharmacies but stronger than say Listerine. It's to tackle gingivitis or for people who have had surgical procedures in their mouth to prevent infection. It really kills the germs. So when my ulcers return, I rinse frequently with Corsodyl and if they are really bad, I usually soak pieces of cotton in Corsodyl then leave them on the ulcer. Usually I find even very large ulcers disappear within a few days.
For all of those suffering, try Corsodyl, IT REALLY WORKS!!
Gabby 19 January 11
I get ulcers in my mouth and throat on occasion. I find they are caused when I sustain cuts inside my mouth. For instance, I will sometimes bite my tongue or the inside of my cheek by accident. Often the cut caused will develop into an ulcer. My biggest problem is that I get ulcers in my throat also. I sing in a heavy metal band and often sustain cuts inside my throat from singing in harsh, vibrating tones.
So far, doctors can't do much. I have been told many things: that the ulcers look viral; to try probiotic vitamins to strengthen the good bacteria in my mouth and throat; to gargle salt water; to take certain vitamins. I still get the ulcers all the same. They take about a week or so to heal.
To be honest, I think it's about lifestyle. I don't eat very healthily-- I think foods that are high in sugar are especially a problem--and I do get stressed out often. It seems the ulcers are just something I'll have to live with.
Karl 17 January 11
My Husband has had mouth ulcers for 10 years now, we have been to allopaths, homeopaths, got a biopsy done ( which was all clear), but he still gets the white crater of sorts in the same spot as a deep cut on the tongue. We live in Bangalore, can anyone suggest a reliable doctor we can visit as the pain is not only physically draining him but mentally bothering him now and i feel to helpless and unable to help.

He was initially told by some doctors that it is his acidic saliva, some say stress as he is in a sales job- we have no idea what it is, we are willing to try any doctor who is reliable.
helpless 15 15 January 11
I have always had a tendency to get mouth ulcers although not quite on the same scale as some people -I feel for you all. They can be a result of eating things like nuts or anything that can scratch the inside of the mouth - I have also read that people severely lacking in B vitamins, particularly folic acid, develop ulcerated lips,mouth and throat. When I take a supplement of brewers yeast I notice an improvement - not immediate but I find once they heal they don't come back. I don't think there is a simple cause/ solution that works for everyone but stress seems to be an important factor.
Jules61 10 January 11
I've had very bad bouts with many viral infections over the past three months: the flu, a very bad cold and finally throat ulcers!! I have had step in the past and thought that is what it was. I went to th Dr. but came back negative. My throat has never hurt so bad in all my life and for sooo long! I just toughed it out just took Tylenol. Finally my throat sores are gone but now i have many other sores throughout my mouth. :( After reading all of the comments I am starting to believe that these sores are due to a number of things: 1. I have an autoimmune disease which may contribute 2. I have the herpes virus-have been getting cold sores on my lips for many years 3. Recently switched toothpaste 4. Very stressed out at work and home 5. never sleep-have a seven month old 6. Breastfeeding so could have a lot of hormonal changes happening. I don't know but could be any one or all of these factors contributing????
zgirl 1/7/11 8 January 11
..the sad fact is that many people in this day & age tend to get mouth &/or throat ulcers to varying degrees. Salt water gargling does help, but not for everyone. If you suffer like I do whenever you attempt to take down food (I guess that would include everyone) & the ulcers are ONLY on one side of the mouth, try laying on your other side on your bed (as if you were watching the tv) when eating a meal - a lot less painful!! Obviously this won't help those with throat ulcers - note...
Andy 2 January 11
i got a ulcer RIGHT BESIDE my....the thing DANGLING in my throat...i've had it for about a week ..all its done is gotten bigger!AND IT HURTS!!!! :( how do i know its an ulcer and not bronchitis??????btw ive never had bronchitis before.
Cortley december 17 10 18 December 10
Hi Lil, i agree with you. No one would really bother to pay attention when i say how hurt it was to be having throat ulcers for nearly 2 weeks now. The pain is driving me nuts and it is worse when i have a lot of meetings these days. I see doctor 3 times already. No medicine has given me any relieved. When i see myself in the mirror, i am shocked to see about 10 ulcers on my throat. Every 2-3 months, i have this god damned sore throat problem. When i feel sore throat, i wish it is is normal virus infected so that Amoxicillin can do the work immediately after 2 days. Amoxicillin cannot help me relieved for my throat ulcers. Any medicine to cure this so i can suggest doctor what medicine to give me? Just a tip, warm salt water really help to ease the pain temporary and make sure you have no constipation during this period.
Dennis (Singapore) 17 December 10
I can't believe that we now have a cure for HIV but not mouth unlcers. This makes me sick!!! I hate it and hate feeling so miserable everytime I get them (which is very often - I have a few right now). I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't feel like speaking, eating, or drinking because of the pain. I started getting them on my throat recently and I was shocked when that happened. I wish I never have to go through this torture and no one really understands unless they're going through it.
Lil 15 December 10
I had a sore throat 2 days ago, the next day I had 2 mouth ulcers, today I have 9 mounth ulcers and went to the drs who said I have them at the back of my throat! I got nilstat drops, diflam lozenges and clove oil. I am sucking on soothers too and started taking multivitamins! Getting married in less than 3 weeks so I hope they are gone and my dress fits coz i cant eat!!!! Dont know if reading this helped or made me scared! I also started to use nite white acp to whiten my teeth for the wedding so hope that wasnt the cause :/ Ive stopped that now anyway!!!! Arrrgh
Danielle (Australia) 4 December 10
I have had mouth ulcers for as long as i can remember. Never just one at time. The current record is 13. They make my life a misery as they never go away. One heals another one comes. I have had all the tests but nothing ever shows up. The only relief i ever got was during both my pregnancies. I have had them on every part of my mouth from my throat right up to inside my lip. I had some on my gum line which as they healed resulted in my gum being striped back from my two front teeth. The only thing that helps a bit is anbesol liquid and holding cold water in my mouth. I would do anything for a cure.
Yvonne 13 November 10
Hey there, I am so fed up with these throat Ulcers. I get them at least once a month. But the most important thing is, I am a opera singer and it does not help me at all! Every time I get these ulcers they come with brute force. I get between 2 - 5 ulcers at a time and it hurts like hell! I currently have 3 that I can see, but there are more lower down that I cant see, it is so painful and I can sing properly while they are there, because of the swelling! If ANYBODY knows of ANYTHING I can do to get rid of them, please please please email me!
Riaan Hunter 11 November 10
I have had these for years. I read somewhere that SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate ) a harsh chemical found in lots of soaps and toothpaste and washes,, it can cause the ulcers. so I switched to a toothpaste that doesn't have SLS and for a few years it worked, not they are back again.. not sure why... but I also notice if I eat too much sugary foods or candy, I get more.
cassi 4 November 10
Hi folks ! I had my daughter 2 years ago and about a year ago I started taking mouth ulcers . My dentist referred me to the hospital. I got my blood checked and I was slightly low on iron So 3 months of Iron tablets and I still take mouth ulcers !! This time I have taken really bad mouth ulcers and swollen glands it seems to be the worst I have ever taken , there just seems to be no end to it and the docters tell me there is no solution !! There is nothing they can do for me . So I started seraching the net and came across this site . Am glad am not the only one but it saddens me that there is nothing anyone can do and there is no reason for taken these ulcers which is every week I fell for use who suffer like I do :)
Rhonda 10 October 10
I have suffered with mouth ulcers for years and throat ulcers for time to time aswell. Currently I have a throat ulcer (painful little guy) and am finding it difficult to eat not to mention the shooting pain to my ear! I just got over having stomach ulcers thank God so can't really complain but was excited to start eatting properly again! I have read above about different remedies ppl recommanded for the throat ulcer but any suggestions about the ear pain? Thanks and my sympathy to all you ulcer suffers be it mouth, stomach or throat, you are not alone!
Farah 1 October 10
I have been suffering with chronic mouth ulcers almost 2 first the Dr. gave me rounds of antibiotics(did nothing) I also at about this time started having issues with ulcerative colitis...come to find out the 2 problems are related. I have undergone several tests with more to come...Outcome is most likely to be Chrones. What has worked great for the mouth ulcers is dextramethazone mouth wash and the colitis is canasa....doesnt eliminate the problem but keeps it manageable.
Amber 24 September 10
Mouth ulcers are pound for pound the most painfull feeling known to man!
They are shit-house!
Get your hands on a Zinc supplement an take a dose a day to keep them at bay. If you have an out-break dose 3-4 times a day till they go.
I AM FRANK. 23 September 10
i got shingles two years ago and have had blisters under one side of my tongue and blisters in back of throat ever since. I have been to dentists,infectious disease doctors, regular M.D. all to be told the same thing, didn't look like anything i should be concerned with well it's obviously a systemic infection because i am getting sicker. i have lost all faith in doctors. They just want their money and to send you on your way or prescribe some drugs that will only make things worse. trying herbal and homeopathic route.
jennifer Pa. 19 September 10
Hi everyone, I am mid 50's female in the UK, who has had mouth ulcers since I was quite young. They appear maybe 2 or 3 at a time on my tongue and hurt like hell, then they disappear and I may not get another outbreak for years! Yet 2 weeks ago I had a crop of 6 on my tongue and like the rest of you have talked about, you can't eat, drink, talk, sleep..its agony.

I remember my dad used to get them a lot and he liked to have a few drinks in the evening.. now interesting thing here is that alcohol destroys Vit C in your body.. so I thought about this a moment or two ago whilst reading some of your posts and correlating in my mind that information and came up with this possible cause - that in my case, it could be attributed to a Vit C deficiency or rather an attack on my Vit C resources rather than a lack of. 3 weeks ago I bought some scones from a local bakery as they looked so nice, they were really puffed up and my mouth watered as I thought about having them with some clotted cream and jam. I had one a week for 2 weeks and I did notice whilst eating one that there was a strong burning sensation in my mouth, I mentioned this to the bakery and they advised that they may have overdone the baking powder (the size of them would affirm that I think) and they were replaced with a fresh batch for me FOC.

Now I put those in the freezer and in the meantime with the help of RINSTED pastilles from the chemist, my ulcers finally cleared up but did take about a week and I was sucking these things as often as the dosage allowed for to obtain some relief, even waking in the night about 2am and having one, anything to try and relieve the pain! They may be small but my god do they hurt! This past week, I had one of the scones again and low and behold - another ulcer has appeared.

So tonight I did a google search on it and it would appear that if too much baking powder (baking soda to Americans) it can deplete the body's source of Vit C! Hmm I thought.... possibly a link for me. Also though I have made a link with others posts on here between taking anti-inflamms (Celebrex this time and 15 years ago with Voltarol) for my osteoarthritis. Back 15 years ago I was waiting for a hip replacement and on Voltarol Retard for years.....constantly had tongue ulcers. I was also advised at the time to take L-Lysine, which I took religiously and my ulcers disappeared for good it seemed. Had my hip op done in 97 and so eventually came off the anti-inflamms....that is until recently as I have had a bad flare up again of pain this time in my feet and other hip. Back on the inflamms again as a daily dose and guess what? Yep mouth ulcers. I think there is a connection here between both those things.. the excess baking powder and the anti-inflammatory drugs. Interestingly though one of the cures I have read for mouth ulcers is baking powder made into a paste. I also just read one about mixing cider vinegar and baking powder and swish it around your mouth for a few mins and spit out, so am going to try that now before bed.

I am also, as others have pointed out, sleeping less .. this is due to the pain in my hip/feet at night and so its all a vicous circle I think. I was also taking Vit C, 1000mg, B Complex and a multi Vit/mineral complex and felt generally better, stopped taking it about 4 weeks ago so another link perhaps as the ulcers started 3 weeks ago. Another thing that is a known cause for me is that EVERY time is if I have a boiled sweet(Candy) like a Fox's boiled fruit sweet or a pear drop (they are so acidic) I will get mouth ulcers and yet if I have a humbug mint boiled sweet, no problem at all.

I do believe though in the ethos of homeopaths which is that these are not diseases themselves but symptoms of something else. Our bodies are telling us that something is wrong. Worth getting advice from a homeoapth or registering on a web based group for advice - also check books in the library for homeopathic prescribing. If anything else comes to mind, I will let you all know or if I find something in one of my alternative health books. (ie., aromatherapy, herbal etc) Sorry it was a long post!
HMC 26 July 10
Riz again, I suspect drinking habit can cause this. Last week I had, few pegs of Whiskey, 1-glass wine, 2-30ml cordial vodka + 1 can of beer..! b'cos of back to back parties..! and this caused my immune to weaken and triggered ulcer on my throat..!
Good thing after this.. I stopped drinking :-D
Riz 15 July 10
Hello, I'm 26 years old and this is the first time I'm getting throat ulcer..! Dr said it is because of stress and lack of vitamins..! After taking the medicines for 5 days its gone. But now I'm worried whether it will come back or not? I never had this experience before. Please help i'm a beginner ;-D
Riz 15 July 10
I used to get several mouth ulcers monthly until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Once I cut gluten from my diet, the ulcers were GONE. And when I accidentally ingest gluten, they come right back. It may be something to think about. However, if this is what you suspect, do not go gluten free before you are diagnosed with CD. The only way to diagnose it is a biopsy of damaged tissue (small intestines).
Cathy 18 June 10
lads i get mouth ulcers every 2 weeks and every month or so it hits my throat, which kills: however i have come up with the best way to get rid of them ...... anesthetic spray whcih you spray to the back of mouth, gargle aspirin, strepsils and very very strong ginger tea, drink warm water and eat greek yoghurt do combination regurlaly, shud be good in a couple of days.
Ulcer Boy 8 June 10
I used BioK from Planet Organic (Calgary, Canada). They are small yogourt-like drinks that taste awful. Half of one in the morning, the other half before bed, for about 6 days, and they are GONE. Since then i just eat Activia yogourt every day and i haven't had them again.
jay 7 June 10
I get them rarely but am convinced the origin of the sore is a scratch to the mouth or throat
and bacteria causes an inflammation to the tissue. Whenever I get a cut in the mouth I get a
sore. I always wait them out and whine a lot.
canner21 27 May 10
I will get straight to it.

Reduce acidity in the body, try a teaspoon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR daily. If you eat lots of sugar, this could be creating alot of acidity. - I have found alot of lollies etc bring on large painful ulcers. Even if you don't eat sweets try the vinegar, lots of foods create acidity.

Look into Codine consumption, as above, I find a link between pain killers and ulcers.

Look into a possible gluten intolerence, experiment with reducing your intake, white bread, wheat pasta etc, see what happens.

If you're suffering right now, you must get a product called Kenalog. I'm in Australia where it is a easily found and bought over the counter. I can't say enough good things, if you have large open sores and find it difficult to eat and suffer major pain, this product soothes immediately and reduces the inflamation from 10 days to 2 days. Google it, see if you can get it or the equivalent in your area. Get it shipped over from Australia if you have to.

Last thing I will suggest is WATERMELON FROST, you can buy it from Asian Grocers, it's a Chinese Remedy. It is a fine powder, very easy to apply but needs to be applied as soon as you get the inkling that an ulcer is developing, it's not much help once an ulcer has developed.

Good luck, I think the common thread here is that Western Doctors are really not much help, it's up to you to really look at your diet and do some detective work, be gentle and kind to your body and try and find out what it doesn't like.
Fiona 14 May 10
Hi, i get mouth ulcers around that time of the month and when stressed... i currently have one at the back of my throat which is agony.. i am drinking soluble paracetamol which is helping the pain. i agree on the make it bleed / salt front. My mum swears it is a zinc deficiency... i am also a vegetarian for the guys above (also had tests not iron deficient).
moomoo 12 May 10
hey guys i suffered from frequent mouth ulcers nothing seemed to work blood work doctors nothing i then resorted to yoga n haven't had an ulcer since results may be diff for u guys but even if it helps one of ul it will be great . it is a simple breathing exercise its called "Kapalbhati pranayama" and "Anulom Vilom Pranayama" there are vids online take a look be careful to do it the right way . hope this helps ul take care
jeff 11 April 10
guys, i have throat ulcers now, i thought this is just a minor one but it almost 5 days i'm having it. i drink more than 10 cups of water each day! and take in antibiotics from doctor but the pain are getting annoyed .. any solution guys? tyxs! =D
Aidil 717 10 April 10
Try Bonjela cool on mouth ulcers it's the only thing that gives mine any relief.
sansash 30 March 10
Have 2 ulcers in my throat virtually impossible to eat/talk/swallow with them they're making my life terrible! I've tried gargling disprin, got a spray called difflam from the pharmacy only numbs it for like 10 minutes, tried a spray called locabiotal that I got from the doctor and the difflam use :( gonna go try salt and water now. I'm so tempted to put salt strait onto it ..Doctor said its from being run down but I'm not. :(
Rach 28 March 10
Used to get mouth ulcers all the time, after around 2 years of doctor/hospital appointments, the cure was Iron tablets :) Very rarely get them now!
Taf 21 March 10
I have had ulcers for as long as I can remember.One thing that has helped me when I get ulcers on my gums, is to use baking soda on them. It has helped me get rid of them faster.
Gary 4 March 10
I have suffered with mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember, at the moment I have 2 huge ones on my tongue 2 on the back of my throat and 2 on the side of my gums all so so painfull. I have just gone back to the doctors (again) to see if there is anything at all he can do. The simple answer is no not really! His son suffers with them and there really is no cure. Although he has now suggested that when I feel one coming to take Soluble Prednisolone for a few days and see if they clear up any quicker. The ones I have now have been painful for over a week, I can hardly eat or talk! Will keep you posted.
Sue, Manchester 3 March 2010 3 March 10
I am 40 years old. I suffered severely from mouth ulcers when I was between 16 - 20 years. Ulcers used to get vanish and reappear . Doctors could not able to really sort out this problem. But I had responded well to Vitamin B complex. I used to be in great distress as some days I would not be able to speak at all. One of the doctors adviced me that ulcers will no longer trouble me once I will start the job. Fortunately it happened the same way. I rarely got ulcers after 23 years, only occasionally when I am too stressed or have biten my tongue.
Rajiv Agarwal 12 February 10
I'm 32 and have had ulcers in my mouth since I was a child. I would get many of them at a time and like everyone else... the Drs really don't know what is really causing them. I get them on my gums mostly, but recently have mostly been getting them on the back of my throat by the uvula. I had gotten a chemical burn on my espopoagus from an Aleve. (Took it without drinking enough and lying right down.. so it's stay on my espospogus too long) While at the gastrointerologist(I was put to sleep and they ran a camera down my throat), the dr also notice I had mild gastritis and mild esposagitis) .. I rarely get hearburn so this was a shock to me. He said I would have some of the acid come up while I was sleeping and that could have caused the ulcers I get on the back of my throat. Who knows? Try this over the counter remedy .. it helps some... Gargle with liquid Benedryl and then gargle with milk of magnesia. When you go to the dr.... get him to mixed you up the benedryl, milk of magnesia and lidocaine. But you don't have to have the lidocaine.. it you helps out with pain more... hope that helps.. good luck
TonyaK 12 February 10
hey, I am 25 years old female and i have apathus stomatitis.. I AM REALLY AFRAID THIS IS CANCER! PLS HELP ME! I AM SO AFRAID RIGHT NOW AND I AM SO ANXIOUS! PLS PLS
Diwa Dagami 9 February 10

DANIEL 9 February 10
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for years now, been to doctor a few times but everything he prescribed me did not work. I feel the only thing that helps ease pain is to garggle twice a day with corsodyl mint mouthwash. It may take a few days but it does work.
christine 8 February 10
its hurts.
i never had a throat ulcer before. its exact same as a mouth ulcer except on the throat.
i'm going to go see the doctors tomorrow ... hopefully.
Hopefully he doesnt yell at me for wasting his time either.
JEN 8 February 10
Hi, I have suffered with the apathus ulcers for 5 months and my doctor sent me to have an biopsy because i am 63 male and now on top of the auful pain of the ulcers in my throat and mouth the biopsy has almost killed me it has made me ill for a week and i have lost my voice. Has this happened to anyone else?
Stu 30 january 10 31 January 10
As an update to my above post - I can now say that the pain is finally getting better. I have looked in my throat and I can see 4 ulcers, 1 of which is down my throat and is pretty big (1cm across).
If you like me asked the question how long the pain lasts for but no-one ever answers or returns to answer - the answer for me is 8 days until the pain has died down. Still hurts to talk, but I can eat and swallow most of the time ok now.
No idea is another batch will immediately erupt or in the future, but again I will update here if they do, as I found this forum very helpful.
In summary, I ended up doing nothing for the throat ulcers in the end and let them run their course.
Mike 22 January 10
Hi all. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out on Wednesday, and from Friday I felt this awful feeling at the back of my throat when I ate or swallowed. When I was able to open my mouth a bit on Saturday I saw this ulcer at the back of my throat, about 5 mm with big angry red loop around it. As the days have gone on this has been getting worse. I have been to the doctors about this twice now, first time I was told it will go away, then second time I was prescribed Corlan pellets, but I can't possibly put these on the back of my throat.
So doctors were a waste of time. It is now Wednesday, 5 days from when I first saw the ulcer and it isn't any better - I struggle to even talk, and eating and swallowing is sooooo painful.
I am going to have to sit it out - but just wanted to share my expereince of pain! If I remember i'll post up again here to let you all know how long it took to go away and be pain free.
Mike 20 January 10
I have been getting cankers sore forever it seems but in the past 10 years I get pain in my throat that would only last 24hrs and go away, but this one now is on 6 days and counting, I really think they are cankers in my throat but I can not see anything, an ENT looked one time and said he saw nothing, HELP! They feel like a sore of some kind I am not sick, so weird! Anyone else have this? It usally is around my period and hurts more at night and morning then during the day so so.
Jas 19 January 10
"Magic Mouth" is a mix of benedryl, malox and lidocaine. It helps with the pain. Also Any mouthwash used frequently and motrin helps.
anna 12 January 10
Try "Magic Mouth" Your Dr needs to prescibe it.
anna 12 January 10
helo. i used to experience tongue ulcers and tongue blisters of 2-3 spots three months ago til this date. it's very painful, uncomfortable and awful small-spots bleeding, whenever i have my oral hygience. i've tried all kinds of mouthwashes but to no avail,it keeps coming back. i just wonder where it came from... i have complete supplements at home to include herbal ones.. my teeth are all still complete,i'm 33 though. i'm afraid to consult a physician, its quite shameful.. a lady with tongue ulcers.. please starting to experience inferiorities.
joane 2 January 10
I got a sore throat on boxingday and thought It would go away soon enough, next thing I know I have a cluster of these mammoth ulcers on the back of my throat. I went to a doctor and I could have saved myself 50 bucks there as he told me nothing. So I am to the point now that I have not slept for 3 nights and have only been eating wholemeal bread with vegemite. This is not my staple diet and I am screaming to eat something else. No sleep, no eating can hardly drink water and lost my voice, I cant talk at all. tonight I have taken two panadine forte and a strepsil and hope to sleep tonight. I have been so cranky. If it doesnt work then I will try out AK's remedy and give that a crack. I hope to get some releif soon. Happy New Year everyone
danny 29 December 09
Hi everyone I suffered from mouth ulcers for 20plus years which then when to my throat but about 10years ago i bought my computer and it was the first thing I googled and the result was out of this world they advised to use a toothpaste which doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulphate i use Senodyne gentle whitening which is the only product I can find in the UK and also to take 1000mg on L-Lysine you can purchase these from holland and Barrett best to buy 500mg and take 2 tablets which are smaller to take good luck everyone hope it works for you
Teresa sheehan 13 December 09
I am somewhat relieved to have seen this site; I have had a throat ulcer before and have had this one for a week. Although the pain seems to have nearly gone the ulcer hasnt, and I was worried that it could be something more sinister. I have Ulcerative Colitis which is linked to Chrones disease and I note others above who have both conditions. At least I will be a little more relaxed since reading these posts.
Rob Dodd Bristol UK 13 December 09
I have heard that organic sunflower oil works to extract the virus' and bacteria from the mouth causing the ulcer breakouts. This is what I'm going to do - Use a tablespoon of organic sunflower oil (must be organic) swish it your moth from cheek to cheek, firt thing in the morning. Then spit it out, in the bathroom, toilet bowl basis. Look at the white circles and these represent the bacteria and virus' coming from your mouth. After that clean your teeth to remove remnants of the extracted bacteria nad virus. You can brush your teeth in bicarb with a bit of hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. This should work very well according to my sources. Let me know of any feedback. I'm going to try this too.
AK 13 December 09
Hey fjc, thanks for your tip, excellent advice, I tried Oral Medic on Saturday on a little cluster of 3 of the blighters all in one spot that was causing me a right pain in the back of my mouth and it really does work. Oralmedic it's called, I had to ring round a few places before I found one that had it, they stock it in Tesco's for readers that are in the UK. I would suggest as well that when you use it put a towel or a saucer under your chin because it caused a load of salvia to be generated that ran out of the mouth. It tasted really bitter but after an hour or so there was no pain at all and I could hardly feel them. At last all my ulcer problems are taken care of, no short term measures I'll just get this every time. It like zaps the dead skin on the ulcer and all the tissue turns sloughy and white but there's no pain there at all, absolute bliss.
Mike Gibbs Staffs UK 23 November 09
"Hey guy's how's it going! I hope all is well..just thought I'd make a post introducing my self and to share a bit about my self, I'm 24 years old...Im orginally from Canada but I moved here about 6months ago..I have a pretty exciting week coming up..I'm meeting up with a amazing man I've met online at we've met up a few times now, he lives about 15 hours away from me and everytime he comes down we have an amazing time! Thats all for now, I look forward to meeting some of you to"
DarceyBlackwell 23 November 09

i have been getting them regular and i now swear by this stuff
its a cotton bud, you snap 1 end and allow the liquid to flow into the cotton bud at the otherend,,when it soaks ip you put it on the ulcer,, it stings like hell for a few minutes but it DOES WORK

try it!!!!!
fjc 10 November 09
there are many causes of mouth ulcers, most commonly these causes are due to stress, or bacterial infections in your mouth. i have suffered from i was a baby and its only this last year i have started getting them in my throat (my god its sore!!!) i find when i was cutting my wisdom teeth the worst, as the new teeth were coming up and my gums were 'open' that the bacteria harvested and alot of ulcers formed around the wound. Difflam is a fantastic numbing antibacterial mouth rinse, i cant stress enough how good this stuff is, however i found the diflam spray to be of no help at all, both are availible over the counter and at a very resonable price too for a big bottle. It will numb your throat an the ulcer, allowing you to eat, drink and talk! even before bed i used to gargl some as i often was unable to get to sleep with the pain.
i hav previously used amoxicillin drops for my ulcers which is prescribed by doctors, in my own experience and one bottle later it was the most useless thing i have used so far, i may aswell be putting drops of milk on them for all the good it done. Im no doctor (im a nurse though) and this is just some advice from my own experiences and what ive found works, just keep it clean and it cant get worse than it is, however i plan to see a doctor asap about these bloody throat ulcers as hey are an absolute pain in the ass and i need ri of them for good!
good luck everyone!!!
mxy 09 30 October 09
I jus recently got the ulcers on the back of my throat n a couple of toungue ulcers are gone now, what is the cause of this .. It hurts when I swallow n its kind of hard to breathe sometimes!!
Sandy 17 Ocotber 27
sandy vang 27 October 09
Hi I have suffered with mouth ulcers on and off for as long as I can remember. Now about a week and a half ago I got one on the tip of my tongue which is not unusual it healed after a day or two now I have one right back in the same spot. I smoke cigarettes and often eat spicy foods could this be the cause? Or should I see my Doctor?
Julie 23 October 09
Have any of you heard of Behcets syndrome? One of the main symptoms is mouth ulcers along with genital ulcers... and no herpes is causing them. You get alot of ulcers but when tested for herpes then it comes back negative. Its an auto immune disease and is quite complex, affects more than just ulcers like vision loss, joint problems etc. ITS VERY RARE less than 2000 in the uk BUT WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS??? I have Behcets and my first symptom was mouth ulcers = lots of them and very frequent. Went to docs etc and them just fobbed me off like I am sure you get all them time. Had them for 5 years without any other symptoms - but then last year got other ulcers and joint pain. SO what I am saying is that it can be something else in very rare cases and if you have more symptoms then keep being persistant. I don't have a magic cure - wish I did - but my treatment now which includes steorids has drastically reduced my ulcers. I use on top corlan pellets which are steroid pellets you hold on the ulcer until it dissolves and these help for me.
Beckie 20 October 09
Hello fellow Ulcer sufferers I live in the UK. I take tablets called Sulfasalazine for a medical condition which I'm pretty sure cause my mouth ulcers as on the internet it states that mouth sores or ulcers are one of the side effects. I get a batch of mouth ulcers for about 3/4 months every year. I'll get one under my tongue for example then just as that's going away I get another one or two in the back of my throat and so it continues. The ones on the side of your throat are the absolute worst as they are on the soft tissue that connects to your ear and I get severe ear-ache as well, it makes it hurt to swallow and to speak sometimes it's so bad. Over the many years I've had them I've found mouthwash to be the most effective at getting rid of them quickly, after experimenting with several I've found Corsodyl Daily defence to be the best, I used to think that Oraldene was the best until I found Corsodyl. I use it twice a day as part of my daily hygiene rouitine and to aid them not appearing but once they do I use it every hour if I can and they usually dissapear within 3/4 days. For more immediate relief from the pain bonjela works best as well as Dequacaine lozenges. I haven't found them to be contagious, when I have them I kiss my wife every day and she doesn't get them. Sending out love to all ulcer sufferers. X
Mike Gibbs Staffs UK 20 October 09
I will just second koko's comments. I got the throat ulcers for the second time in my life about a week ago. I had forgotten how awful and distracting the pain is. They were so distracting that I had difficult time concentrating on anything other than the pain they were causing. Plus, I was completely exhausted because I couldn't sleep with the amount of pain; and constantly being in pain is exhausting in and of itself.

The doctor was having me do 3 advil every 6 hours and 2 tylenol every 4 hours, but nothing really seemed to stop the pain. He then prescribed a mouthwash that I was to swish around and swallow just to numb them. didn't really work. So then I started focusing on Listerine. And I did the same thing as the person above...I used it probably every couple hours during the day, and when I would wake up in pain at night I would do it periodically throughout the night. And while they are not gone yet, I did notice a significant reprieve from the pain and the feeling that they are starting to heal...only after 2-3 days of using listerine. I also made sure that I was going to bed early to try to get good sleep, which I think also helped. My experience may be unique to me and a few others, so it might not work for everyone. But for me, it was listerine and sleep. Good luck me, I empathize your incredible pain.
PW 18 October 09
I suffered the horrible pain from canker sores/mouth ulcers for many years before I discovered what worked for me. Back in the early days (the 70's I think) I used to just go to the doctor, he would cauterize it with (if I remember correctly) aluminum sulfate, it would immediately start healing, it was wonderful. They don't do that anymore. A few years ago I had several of them at the same time, all over my mouth. When I gargled with Listerine it burned like crazy, but it seemed to have a temporary analgesic effect. I was MAD, I started gargling once every hour thinking 'burn you devils, burn!'. They started to heal! Now, I gargle with Listerine twice every day, and almost never have one. If I feel one coming on, I gargle every hour for several hours. Since I started doing this I have actually gone for years without having one. I hope this helps someone.
koko 17 October 09
Hi there,

This is just a quick post as in a rush, will try post some more info later...

- Change your toothpaste to an ALOE VERA toothpaste and make sure it is SLS free.
- Avoid SLS at all costs, it will make your ulcers worse.
- ALOE VERA toothpase can be found in herbal and health food shops.

This is by no means a cure but if used often it is one way to help soothe the pain NATURALLY!!!

- Try looking up alkaline diets, reducing the acid levels in your body can have huge benefits. If your body is too acidic then it won't even react to vitamin suppliments as an acidic body cant absorb them.
- Constantly popping painkillers is very bad for your body, so i will try to find more herbal and natural remedies for you all.

Hope this helps a little for now.
Paul 16 October 09
I have had these canker sores for years now, but the ones in the back of my throat and palate are the worst. Dime to nickel-sized craters that cause pain in my ears and down my throat to the base of my neck. I am FED UP with the pain and inability to eat, drink, or swallow. I am 47, and don't know how many years I've had these. They have worsened with age, and I can't remember when I haven't had them...
I have reached the point of desperation, so I thought I might go to the Dr. and see about my options.... I wanted to research a little before my appointment. This website is awesome, but after reading these posts all day, going to the Dr. seems to be a waste of time. At times, it feels like we sufferers are going crazy, and our loved ones (and doctors!) just don't understand if they haven't experienced it. I have a very high tolerance to pain with other health issues, but this takes the cake. I have used everything available to me. Lysine and Vitamin B didn't seem to help at all. I use Rembrandt Toothpaste for Canker Sores. It seems to help, and it sure can't hurt! Sometimes I can't eat for days. Chloraseptic spray helps a little, sometimes just long enough to eat a little meal before it wears off. I have had great success with Debacterol on most canker sores, but I cannot order it any more, and it doesn't work too well on the back of your throat. It is too difficult to dry the area and swab it without gagging. It hurts like heck, but if applied properly, it does make the pain go away IMMEDIATELY. If they get too large before treatment, the pain can sometimes recur the next day. I treat it again and it will usually go away after the second treatment. Now my dentist wants to try the laser treatment, but I feel that I have too many sores to treat. I would be in constantly. It would never end, and would be expensive. (Maybe that is his motivation?!?!?)
I am convinced that we have some control over situations that make it worse. I believe they are worse when our immune system is down for whatever reason. I know that my occurences are worse with stress. Everytime I have major events in my life, the outbreaks are worse. I have been the happiest of my life these last couple years...I met a wonderful man and married this summer. Interestingly, my outbreaks were actually very light for the first time in years. Recently, several stressful situations have arisen, and the outbreaks are back with a vengeance. I also have a problem with a lack of sleep for many years now. I believe foods trigger it. I have always eaten chocolate, and can't bear to give it up! So many foods seem to trigger it..what is left to eat??? Good thing I like chicken and vegetables.... But I really do want to try to approach it from a preventative direction and not just try to ease the pain as they occur.
I understand so many of you feel relief by finding others to relate to, but it doesn't make me feel better to find all of you. It saddens me to see how many people suffer like me. I wish you all never had reason to search for this site!!! I wish you all the best in your search for whatever works in your own individual situation.
Jenee' 12 October 09
Remedy For throat ulcer....
Just 2 Days before I had written about my agony, so you guys must be thinking how can I preach so early, but I met an ayurvedic doctor (Ayurveda is an Indian medicine system) and I followed his instructions and Im better the last 2 days. Here is what I collected from him.

1) Throat \ mouth ulcers have many a time their origins in a bad \ upset tummy.
2) It is many a time caused by the dis balance of bile (pitta in sanskrit) in the system.
3) You should drink plenty of water, I cannot stress that enough.
4) If you are prone to mouth ulcers it will do you good by gargling with luke warm salt water as soon as you get up in the morning. (This even if you dont have and ulcer, its very good)
5) Chew a few (10-12) basil leaves (Ocimum Sanctum) early in the morning before you have anything (powerful remedy)
6) Ulcers are also caused when your body's immunity is low. So keep exercising and have good food.

Bye guys...I'm also fighting with the same.
Jay Nair 30 September 09
I seldom had throat ulcer, but I was hospitalized last week with High Fever and severe throat ulcers. I was in IV injections for 5 days and the doctor says much of the ulcer has disappeared and I need not be in hospital. However he has advised antibiotics for five more days. The pain has become bearable now, but it pains more in the evening time. I know a lot of us are sailing in the same boat. My throat swab revealed a bacteria by name moraxella catarhallis. I just wanted to know how long does this pain take to go away. Its really agonizing. Cant eat,talk,sleep :(.
Jay Nair 28 September 09
hi... i have had what i though was a sore throat for 8 days now.. finally went the docs this morning to see what it was and i have been told i have some ulcers in my throat!! Painfull it is indeed.. it makes u miserable as u cant eat/drink/sleep properly.. I have been given an antibacterial mouthwash and told if its not cleared up in a few weeks to go back.. Like a lot of these posts say the docs dont really have a lot to say other than see how it goes... I have really bad ear ache which is obviously all connected to the ulcer... i dont really have any advice to give as i have never had these before in my life (im 27 now) I'm just going to take the advice from some of these posts and hope it goes... quickly!! :-(
jessica 21 September 09
I have been to the doctor numerous times whenever I have these throat ulcers because I have thought they were always strep throat or tonsilitis or something to that nature. But, everytime I go, I always get the same response and it is almost always because of stress. I am dealing now with the flu and 2 of the biggest ones I have ever had in my throat =( and the only solution that seems to help is gargling warm salty water and the doctor prescribed me with this stuff called magic mouthwash. It has lydocaine in it which helps by numbing it. I hope this helps some of you out there and I definitely understand your pain! Hang in there though
Logan 21 10 September 09
I've been to the doctor many times about ulcers in my throat. I've had one say it was acid reflux, but my Gastro doc says it isn't. Try cutting out foods with high acid levels either way - tomatoes, peanuts, cokes, etc. Switch to drinking a lot of water. My ulcers make my throat hurt, cause me to have a temperature and basically just make you feel awul. A lot of tylenol, water and I buy the Listerine spray to spray directly on the ulcer to make the pain go away momentarily. I have found that toward the end of the Ulcer's life, when it is healing, it does make it hard to talk as it hurts every time you talk and eat. When in doubt- go see your doc, but ultimately, just stop stressing out, drink water, relax and use listerine and warm salt water a lot.
Ginny 31 August 09
Liquid Anbesol is great stuff. It numbs the pain and has antiseptic in it. You are supposed to dab it on with finger or cotton bud but I have a big ulcer on the back of my tonguge and gargled with it today. I discovered it in Israel about 15 years ago, where they call it 'Magic Ink'

Most docs have told me they are stress related (very annoying) but somewhat true I think. Also I hate to admit it but avoiding alcohol for a while helps :-(

Jo 26 August 09
hi, i split the corner of my mouth last week and i'm sue an ulcer has set up home in the split as ive been having ulcers for over 20 years so recognise the feeling... any advice on how to rid this as its half in and half out of my mouth..
moon 24 August 09
Hello everyone!! Whats causing these mouth ulcers?? im having them every 3-4 weeks and i get 2-3 each time! i dont know wat 2 do anymore. Ive used that 'bonjela once', yes its good but only for like 12 hours and once it wears off the pain is just the same. Im constantly putting bonjela on all the time :-( ive got an appointment with my doctor on monday and just hoping she can do something. Its really getting me down, i cant even brush my teeth properly! My mouth just feels so sore and swollen. Any ideas why this is happening?
Jennifer 22 August 09
I've just recently got a throat ulcer. I knew i was going to get it, but gee...I should have listened, my mum told me if i kept spitting up flem/bacteria harshly it would reck the lining of my throat and i would get THROAT ULCERS!!!

There is no way to cure an ulcer instantly or quickly or not even in a time frame. My Mum and Dad now suggest i stop spitting up flem, gargle hot/warm salty water then spit out or swallow...gag and puke it out is what you're suppose to kill bacteria from the mouth and throat.

~Prevention of mouth/Throat Ulcers:
keep mouth and throat clean of germs by: brushing teeth, gargling a colgate mouth wash

~Cures of mouth/Throat Ulcers:
None...except clean ya mouth out!

I suggest not cutting Ulcers off, nor popping them, treat them carefully.
If popped...there will be germs and such lerking for that hole in the wall of your mouth/throat = INFECTION...i guess possibly operation leads on from there...

Thank You very much...I'm Mitchell Digney, I'm 15 years old, My mum is a pharmacist, she knows alot about the body...MY POST IS YOUR SOLUTION!
Mitchell Digney 11 August 09
I've just recently got a throat ulcer. I knew i was going to get it, but gee...I should have listened, my mum told me if i kept spitting up flem/bacteria harshly it would reck the lining of my throat and i would get THROAT ULCERS!!!

There is no way to cure an ulcer instantly or quickly or not even in a time frame. My Mum and Dad now suggest i stop spitting up flem, gargle hot/warm salty water then spit out or swallow...gag and puke it out is what you're suppose to kill bacteria from the mouth and throat.

~Prevention of mouth/Throat Ulcers:
keep mouth and throat clean of germs by: brushing teeth, gargling a colgate mouth wash

~Cures of mouth/Throat Ulcers:
None...except clean ya mouth out!

I suggest not cutting Ulcers off, nor popping them, treat them carefully.
If popped...there will be germs and such lerking for that hole in the wall of your mouth/throat = INCETION...i guess possibly operation leads on from there...

Thank You very much...I'm Mitchell Digney, I'm 15 years old, My mum is a pharmacist, she knows alot about the body...MY POST IS YOUR SOLUTION!
Mitchell Digney 11 August 09
I've not had Sodium Lauryl Sulphate toothpaste for for about 3 weeks. The ulcers went away completely. This is the second major health improvement I've made from using the net!!
Dude48 4 August 09
My daughter has had these ulcers in her mouth and throat a few times now. I took her to the GP and she got blood tests which resulted in a deficiency of folic acid. She was given folic acid supplements which she took for 3 months, however didn't go back for another blood test after she had finished the course. She is on holiday now in Ibiza and has been suffering from these ulcers which developed within 5 days. She has had a miserable holiday and has been left in the apartment alone while all her friends are out at night. I wil be making another appointment for her and hopefully the folic acid supplements will prevent this happening again..
Kari 3 August 09
Thanks so much for the advice about the toothspaste. I was in the store and they had some toothpaste on sale from a brand I didn't recognize. I noticed it didn't have Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. I just tried brushing my teeth and don't feel any pain in my throat. So far so good. Thanks again!
Dude48 18 July 09
I was so happy to find this site! To know I'm not alone. But unhappy that we all have to suffer!

I used to get them very regularly, and found it was my toothpaste because it contained Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (all toothpaste has this in) and when I stopped using it and switched to one without SLS I found a dramatic drop. Try your local health shop. Anyway, I get bouts now when I'm tired or run down, but they are agony! Several at once and on my throat, tongue and really awkward places. I'm miserable, don't want to eat because it hurts so much, andcan't sleep because the pain is PERMENANT!! I just don't know what will work. Adcortyl (steroid based) worked for a while, but now that doesn't help. Bonjela is useless, and I feel so pathetic that I am so unhappy over such a small problem. No one understands but a ulcer sufferer! It's really hard. And I'm a stroppy person to live with when I have them. Ouch. I hope someone has an answer for them soon, but for now guys, change your toothpaste. There are some nasty chemicals in there which are not needed (SLS is just a foaming agent to make you think your teetch are getting clean). It might make the bouts less often, Also, might want to steer clear of harsh mouthwashes (listerine for example). Up vitamin B intake as stress and fatigue deplete your body of this and this results in run down sypmtoms like ulcers. Good luck everyone. I want to cut my ulcers out right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caroline 15 July 09
Anybody have an idea how long throat ulcers last? Do they go away or do they last forever?
Dude48 7 July 09
I have had throat sores since getting Shingles in late 2005. They hurt the most when I eat bread. Had a flare up a few days ago. Still hurts when I swallow. I don't have the intense pain that people are reporting on here. Can still eat and talk but can be uncomfortable.
Dude48 7 July 09
PLEASE REPLY THANKS.... i have and can see lots of throat ulcers in back back of throat, ive had them for 6-7 days now, ive gargled with salt water, taken max halls, hot tea, stoped eatin so much junk food, even managed to put bonjela on some of them, its the first time ive had one in back of throat and i dont know how they got there, i have to admitt i have been gettin lack of sleep lately, could be a reason for them? i USE to have a little little runny nose but thats gone now, im seeing doctors tomorrow or tuesday, but all the will do is give me antibiotics and that, what coud i do to get rid of them FAST, i can hardly speak, eat, i feel less social because of it, how long could they stay there for? when will they go away, hwo many days/weeks? its really agony i just want to get on with life..
PLEASE reply, thanks so much
SeanB 28 June 09
Currently have about 10 small ulcers at the back of my throat. Might have caught it from my 2 year old daughter when i was sharing a spoon with her when she had multiple mouth ulcers. Daughter has gotten better but i'm really miserable at the moment. I can't eat or sleep at night because of the pain. Doctor prescribes anti biotics 2 days ago and they don't seem to have any effect. Lozenges are crap. Using something called Bactidol to numb the ulcers and try to get some food down. Just hope this clears up soon.
Echo_O 27 June 09
I have a throat ulcer since March. Went to the Dr. did the prednisone for 6 days, had antibiotics it helped but didn't cure it. Right now it has been lying low for a few days but swallowing and pressing in the general area I can tell it is just lurking waiting to erupt. I started taking QCO10, centrum silver, evening primrose oil, and grape seed oil. I also started eating greens and fruits again and I think it is helping. When I was basically eating alot of sugar and no greens and fruits it was really raw. I made another Dr.'s appt to see if he would culture or biopsy to make sure it isn't cancer but I want to go when it is in full bloom. Hang in there everyone I think each situation is different. I also think hormones are playing a role in this somehow.
Ann 26 June 09
The Prednisone-steroid and Omoxycillian seems to have done the trick...i got immediately relief on day one..I finished up all the Omoxycillian yesterday and today makes Day 9 on the Steroid....I can eat more pain, no more throat tingling or anything...I have 10-refills of the steroids...So we'll see what happens when I'm done with the steroid pills in 3 more days...

So I would ENCOURAGE all Ulcer sufferers to GO SEE A DOCTOR...If you don't have a Primary Dr. then go to the Urgent Care facility or your nearest emergency room...The quickest facility is "Urgent Care or Dr.Care" in my opinion....They'll have prescribe you the Meds to fight the Ulcers so you can eat again and sleep without pain...PLEASE go see a Dr.!!!!
FastingGuy 21 June 09
I have 18 ulcers at the moment. two of which are at the top of my throat. I have three kids and would rather give birth again! Doctor has finally given me a steriod to take for ten days. I cant talk properly and havent been able to eat. I have discovered that if you put clove oil directly on the ulcers you get around 40 minutes relief. I have tried everything and this works a bit for me. My ulcers are related to Ulcerative Colitis which I have had since dec 08. Its definaltely an immune system problem for me. My colitis flares up, the ulcers flare up! This is agony. Hope steriod kicks in asap.
Alison Low, Dundee 16 June 09
i have had this realy bad mouth ulcer on my thought and it has been there for weeks and i dont no how to get rid of it becuse iv tryed leaving it. putting salt on it. bonjeler. ice warm salt water. everything. and i dont no what eles to do iv tryed getting an apponment at the doctors but they seem to be busy all week.
can anyone help me get rid of it please write back....
thank you !
miiiiaaaa 16 June 09
I'll keep all of you in my Prayers and please keep me in yours. One of us will eventually pick up on "the cause" & "remedy" for our suffering with the white throat Ulcers. Now I MUST tell ALL of you this and you read my words and REMEMBER for as long as you're battling the ulcers. I did the Master Cleanse Fast"...6 lemons a day along with about 10 bottles of Spring water. I couldnt take the Ceyenne Pepper that was a part of the "fasting". 2 weeks into the "Lemon water Fasting" and the white ulcers that gave me no pain grew WORSE and mad as hell. I don't know if leaving OUT the Cayenne Pepper is what caused them to turn on my and spread more in my throat, but I had to END the fast and see my Physician immediately..I'm now on Omoxycillian and the steroid Prednisone...

So for right now I can't tell you igf it was the LACK of Cayenne Pepper that cause the Ulcers to erupt more and spread more in my throat or if it was just the FASTING in general...The "Fasting" cured my nightly Snoring and drained ALL my backed-up Ear congestion within a week. I breath so much better you wouldnt believe it. the breath just comes out of my nose and mouth quietly while i'm awake and when I sleep. But the Damned Ulcers got worse while my Body began to heal everything else while on the "Fast"....I MIGHT have gone wrong by NOT taking the Cayenne Pepper and Lemon water together all day, every day. As far as I know HAD I taken both that COULD have been the CURE....I really don't know guys and I'm in pain now and taking the antibotics that I'm just TOO AFRAID to try the Fast again....My Body is CAPABLE of healing me while not eating any Food but I'm guessing the Ulcers is my BIGGEST enemy and I have to have additional help to fight it while my body is trying to heal everthing else it detects that need destroying....I must admit Guys this is very interesting to say the least...I just don't know where to go from here..For right now I just want to heal up the ADDITIONAL Ulcers that have shown up in my throat...When I'm feeling better I will PLAN ANOTHER attack on those Damn things in some way and i will show the Ulcer I can beat it....Right now the Ulcer has the advantage and it knows it. My Body wants to HEAL itself, but I got to help it naturally...Ceyenne Pepper is weighing on my mind heavily right now...
FastingGuy 13 June 09
Well its fantastic to find this site but i see a lot of different advices. I constantly get mouth ulcers but this week i got my first one on the throat and they are the worst ,arent they?. The pain is reducing everyday but i look forward to the day it will be gone 100% and i can eat properly. Could anyone just summarize how to prevent this piece of shit . Any mouth wash? toothpaste specifications?
Sushan 1 June 09
Apart from Longovital which appears to have disappeared from the market since the brand was taken over by a Swedish firm which does has an online shop - in Swedish - which rather complicates matter, it is most important that people follow a diet based on the intake of arginine and lysine: you can find all the information on this If you can get hold of Longovital it is a fantastic product which PREVENTS herpes - no one would believe me but my daughter began having cheratite in an eye when she was 7 - she is now 28 and although she has scaring her cornea is intact I am convinced that without the help of Longvital (and Zovirax during the attacks) her sight would have been severely compromised.
Mable 30 May 09
I've been suffering for about 2 years from ulcers in mouth and throat. It has gradually become more regular and I now get them once a month and always within 2 or 3 days of my period! I too have had blood test and mouth swabs taken by Gp but nothing shows up. They're back again now. I start with a mild fever then the ulcers appear on day 2. They are always on left side of mouth (which seems to be a common location after reading this site ) and go down my throat. I can't open mouth to eat properly becaus it feels like my jaw if locking. They always go away though and come back the following month. GP is useless, dentist says I'm OK. I'm off to see a homeopath next. Will try toothpaste thing but why do my ulcers happen once a month. i would have thought that if it was something serious they'd be there all the time?
Susan 29 May 09
December 08, my mouth burst out in 5-6 ulcars around my mouth and i had a awful pain in my throat. Went to doctors 3 days later and were no help. They stated i was probably run down and they took my bloods as the doctor thought i was lacking in iron but they came back fine. Mouth ulcar came back feb and one in march went to doctors. Took my bloods again as they thought it might be a very rare illness were you get ulcars on your front and back parts also the doctors tested me for HIV. Bloods came back ok again. May I noticed an ulcar appearing but killed it before i exploded a few days later on the other side of my mouth i felt a tingled but think i caught it intime. Tried Bonjela gel works if you get them quick but the new bonjella once is excellent it kills them straight away but is very expensive. Doctor gave me Soluble Prednisolone and kills them for me within 24-48hrs...I scared to go back to the doctors. Whenever i go now they make me feel like i have some deadly virus......Thank god i found this website i thought i was the only one.
Graham 25 May 09
i have had 2 bouts of throat ulcers in the past 2 weeks i used corsidol mouthwash fom the supermarket. It was very good and cleared it up but came back yest... i also suffer with 3 stomach ulcers i wondered if they was connected is anyway. i am 22...
abi 25 May 09
my mom says to gargle/rince out the mouth with a cap-full or two of Hydrogen Peroxide - but dont swallow it.

and "Burt's Bees Toothpaste" is another toothpaste that doesnt contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate).
shane 19 May 09
Can I just say that I have been suffering with mouth ulcers for years. No sooner had I got rid of one and I got another. My dentist suggested that I may be allergic to an ingredient in toothpaste. He gave me sensodyne gel which is the only on the shelf at supermarkets non sodium lauryl sulphate (no foaming agent) toothpaste. He also told me to use a sensitive mouthwash and floss every day.
Two years on, I haven't had a single ulcer. What a result!
I would recommend this simple method to anybody and it's not too costly either.
Lynda 17 May 09
Rose, been on the steroids for three days now and thought they were helping. Ulcer didn't feel "raw" but could still feel something is in my throat, like a scare or skin tab. Then I chewed gum and ate salted cashews and it started to feel raw again for about an hour or so. This is the weirdest thing. I've had it for almost 6 weeks now in one spot. Three more days on the steroids. We'll see what happens. I also found one of Sensodine's toothpast without SLS since someone mentioned it irritates the ulcers. Do feel stress, lack of sleep, diet play some role in this. Also noticed that at times my tongue and inside cheeks get a burning feeling. Does anyone get this?
Ann 27 April 09
Ann if your throat ulcers are caused by a bacteria infection, then you should pay attention and see if you get worse by taking steroids! I tried a type of steriod and it made my tongue ulcers get worse. The only thing I have found is that when I am on Clarithromycin 500mg 2x per day the ulsers go away and stay away as long as I am on it. This has not been a remedy for me but a piece to the puzzle regarding the connection of tongue ulcers and an infection hiding somewhere in your body. I am still researching...
Rose 26 April 09
I have had a throat ulcer for the past 5 weeks. Spicy food and acidic fruit irritates it. It seems to be better when I wake up and depending on what I eat will lay low or worsen. I went to the ENT today because I was worried it might be throat cancer since I am a former smoker. First he couldn't see it until he went up my nose and down my throat with a scope. He thought it looked "mild." I assured him it was there and could flare up at any time. He gave me a round of steroids. If they don't work I'll try another doctor. I'll try some the suggestions I have read here. Can't hurt.
Ann April 09 24 April 09
I have also suffered with mouth ulcers (cankers) for most of my life until I ended up in the hospital because I had a mouthful of them as well into my throat - a very painful time. Many tests were completed. It was found that my system had an imbalance or deficiency of Vitamin B. I don't absorb Vitamin B as others do so I get regular shots monthly or sometimes every 2 months and I haven't had the ulcers in ages. Some people can just take the actual Vitamin B orally - check with your doctor on which one to take. I have also stayed away from any citrus fruits although I love them - I haven't had an orange in years - I found that oranges gave me some flare-ups... Also, beware of Aspartame, its a nasty substitute that is used in many of the sugar free products (like gum) that we consume.
Christine 21 April 09
I have suffered from mouth ulcers since childhood. Sometimes there are periods of being completely free of them and then they flare up again out of the blue, one after the other. Soo painful. Right now i have two on my tounge and one on my throat. Have googled everything about them and it seems nothing can be done. They drive me nuts with the pain sometimes and leave me in really bad form, not so nice for my work mates!
Frances 21 April 09
I just took co codamol and dicloflex for the ulcers in my throat......I fell asleep for the first time in 4 days! And at the moment i can swallow without feeling any pain from the ulcer in my throat.....I highly reccomend it, if you can get hold of it from a doctor, it is an anti imflammatory drug so just eases the pain consderabley. Together with painkillers and Anti inflammatories i am also gargling Corsodyl which is great at making sure your mouth stays clean and numbs any pain from other ulcers you might have, at the moment i have three ulcers the size of 5p peices.
Lily 18 April 09
I have had consistent mouth and throat ulcers for the past 2 months, once one bout go away the next one turns up! The more ulcers i get, the less sleep i get, and hte less sleep i get...the more ulcers turn up! Its a vicious and miserable cycle! By the time i think they're getting bad enough to see a doc they start to get better, go figure! I have had ulcers for as long as i can remember, it would seem stress is the trigger for me, the problem i am having is that the longer they stay the more worn out i'm getting, i fear that they will never go away. =( I haven't been to see a doctor as i get the impression that they wont do anything about it, my only other option are pills and potions, but nothing seems to work!! Is the doc worth a try?
Amy 18 April 09
I get throat Ulcers about once a year, I must say this year is the worst I have seen. Once I sat in the doctor's office for 4 hours and saw 3 docotors because they were all stumped. Finally they came out and told me I had something called STOMATITS. Gross. So they treated me with steroids and amoxicillin. It worked. And fast. Now 3 years later I got another throat Ucler (I want to die), and I was just in the doc's office. They gave me amoxicillin again because they think that I have an ear infection to, and my ear does hurt. They also gave me a big bottle of "magic mouthwash", the mouthwash helps to numb the pain so I can eat for a minute or fall asleep comfortably, but once it wears off Im back to my death bead. I take 800mgs of ibuprophen and that seems to help for a bit as well. I have had the stupid thing in my throat for 2 weeks going on 3 now and its GROWING!. This time the drugs are not helping one bit. I called back today to leave a message with the nurses and hopefully they will get back to me. I am always tired and can't seem to catch up on my sleep. I have had blood work done and all that happy horse crap and they can't seem to find anything! I guess I'll just wait and see this time, and for now keep eating the ibuprophen. If anyone EVER comes up with something....let me know!
Meagan 13 April 09
wow, i thought i was all alone! ive never been to the doctors but i ve had mouth ulcers all my life. my mum always told me it because i would put my mucky fingers in my mouth. now though i have a throat ulcer and im just about ready to start planning my own funeral it hurts that bad. the best thing ive found is chorsodryl,painkillers and orasol gel. my mum bought the orasol gel from walmart when she visited the states and its the best thing ever to numb the pain and doesnt sting that much when its applied either.
adam 9 April 09
I've got a throat ulcer and the thing is killin me! findin it hard to swallow, eat, drink, laugh, talk. It's also makin me feel ill !? Symptons similar to the flu !! any one usually feel like this !

Can't get an apointment to see the docs either bein bank gholiday wkend 'n all that :(
Sam 9 April 09
I am so glad i have came across this site! On saturday 28th march i had to visit to out of hour service at my local hospital as i had very painful legs and hips. The doctor tested my urine to find i had blood in my urine so put me on cefalexin antibiotics. They couldnt under stand the pain and weakness in my legs (Which i still have) and think i have GB Syndrome which effects peripheral nervous system. Anyway, when i woke on the next morning, i could not talk or swallow. the pain in my throat was so bad. i went to the doctor yesterday thinking i had tonsilitis when infact he counted 12 unclers!!!! He prescribed me Difflam oral wash and Diclofenic ant inflammatories which i take with paracetamol and i must admit, it is easing the pain. I was in that much pain when i got back from the doctors, i attacked the ulcers with bongela. while it stung wike mad, the pain now is very dull instead of being firey.

Good luck everyone. i really hope this helps!!
Claire 31 March 09
I cannot describe the amount of pain I'm in at the moment.. I can't swallow, when I do its that painful my legs buckel.. I have about 7 ulcers all over my throat - this is after getting a virus of sorts. This particular virus has been the most painful of my life, I have had 5 separate symptoms with ulcers being just one of them.. good luck to all..
spencer 29 March 09
I have had mouth ulcers for the past 3 months. i have been to 7 doctors, ENT's, Infectious disease doctors, oral surgeons, rhumatologists, etc....they all thought it was herpes and put me on Valtrex. others thought it was erosive lichen planus, some thought it could be oral lupus, etc....BUT, i was really reading up on the internet, trying to figure out what causes mouth ulcers...I mean i had them EVERYWHERE! Even went to the emergency room! I watched what I ate and the other day I finally realized what it was...IT WAS SOY! I scheduled an appointment with the allergist that day, had the appointment at 10:00 am the next day and DAM! I WAS ALLERGIC TO SOY! I was eating it 24/7 since I couldnt get any food down and I am lactose intolerant. I had soy in the past, but recently, I had it all day! Soy protein shakes (about 3 a day), soy yogurt, and cereal with Soy milk! I also had lentils, which are in the soy family!!! I have stopped ALL SOY in my diet and I am getting better. My ulcers are slowly dissappearing! PLEASE, READ UP ON SOY AND HOW BAD IT IS FOR YOU!!! Here is a link that I read, which lead me to believe I was allergic to soy. I just needed an allergist to approve it, and that was my answer!!! good luck to all. I know how painful they are!!!!! I hope this can help someone out there!!! scroll down and read the symptoms!
cheryl 28 March 09
I get ulcers fairly regularly, but less than I used to. I read somewhere that they can be caused or aggravated by Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in toothpaste, so I've started using one without, and taking Vit. B was suggested by one doctor. I do suffer less now, but when I do get them I use Adcortyl in Orabase which is a paste so can't be sued in some parts of the mouth and I only use at night. Need to dry the area first as well, which can HURT! Bonjela Once is my new favourite, though is quite expensive. For throat ones, gargling with salt water is the only thing. What fun!
Kylie 27 March 09
I've suffered constantly for the last 3 years now and im rather annoyed. Docs and dentists have sent me to have so many blood tests and all come back the same. I have counted 19 today and its agony... Cant eat and cant drink. The only thing that i have found to bring some short term relief is Listerine mouthwash. Hope this helps someone else
Ste Forshaw 5 March 09
KEVIN 5 March 09
Sorry to all you guys out there with these horrible things. I am suffering at the moment from a collection that feel like they go all the way down my throat....nice! I have been using the usual cordysl mouth wash and TYROZETS (over the counter lozenges). These are anaesthetic to numb pain and antibiotic to fight the infection. Using this combo with a few pain killers gives me ok relief most of the day. Just found this site whilst feeling sorry for myself thinking i am the only lepar this happens to and feel better already knowing i have not got some wierd prob. Doc's are waste of time too. Keep your peckers up if your suffering it could be worse x
David H 18 February 09
mouth ulcers can also be a form of oral herpes and it will come and go. most people think herpes and straightaway assume that this is an std and most people who are have it never realise they are carriers. it can occur several times in a year and last for a week to two weeks. someone mentioned a box of valtrax and that works for herpes simplex hsv 1 (which is oral herpes) and hsv 2. i have an ulcer in my throat for 6 weeks now and the blood test (hsv igm/igc)came back showing that I had the herpes type 1 antibody Igc). if it is recurring, then pls hv a bloodtest done to find out if it is herpes. this can be transmitted through kissing and saliva. there is no cure but if you valtrax just bfr a breakout, it reduces the healing time which will help the wis worth checking if you ar suffering as the correct treatment makes all the difference in the world.
Justine 10 February 09
i agree with naomi i was getting these ulcers on my throat for years then i found something on the internet about toothpaste causing ulcers so checked up and found it's the sodium lauryl sulfate a foaming agent in toothpaste so i tried a toothpaste without sls and now i only get them once in a while instead of every other week and they are not as aphthous ulcer and check out wikipedia. good luck
robert 3 February 09
awrytiiiiii am a male 19 years n av been sufferin heavy duty mouth infections for past year
n a half its the worst thing ever n theres fukalll a kin do for 10 to 13 days completleyy florred
a cant eat sleep talk smoke or even think happy thoughts no got a clue wit causes it (herpes ) av been googlin it and thats the conclusion a have came to no cure either wota shoker ehh !!!!!! raginnn and still in severe agony
stevo h 2 February 09
I have been getting throat unclers for years and as I get older the more often I seem to get them. I also suffer from ulcers under and the side of my tongue, which makes it very hard to speak, without being in agony. My doctor, always tells me its tonsilitis, but i know myself, its not!! I recently was told, it can be related to your teeth, so i would suggest to anyone, that they should get there fillings checked (bacteria an hide under them) and brush your teeth, as atleast twice a day, using a good mouth wash! I am going to try this aswell, so i'll let u know how it goes.

I would also try Corrdyll mouth wash, is excellent for gargling, and will give you some relief.

Good luck everyone!
Lollie2001scot 2 February 09
I have never had a throat ulcer before in my life until now! I'm scared for my son 'cause my doc says it's congaious and caused most likely by coxackievirus(sp?). my son's only 3 mo and this could be dangerous for him. Still, I've been all over the internet about htis one and it also sounds like this could be caused by thrush... my son got thrush real bad when he was born 'cause I was BF on antibiotics and it would not go away. Then at his 2 mo visit the doc said that he still had thrush but not to worry about and stopped treating it. So, now I'm scared for him too. I've four blood trans. in my day and am also wondering if that has effected my immune system (I had two when I gave birth), I'm concerned about aids through the trans. and about throat cancer because I use to smoke. There seems to be so many directions this thing could go and I'm frusterated 'cause the doc. didn't seem to care much. He thought I'd be comforted when he told me that he's only seen one infant fatality from this. WTF!
Amber 1 February 09
I've just noticed a white ulcer in my throat just above the tonsils. The funny thing is it does not hurt. When I showed the doctor he prescribed me Novamoxin, which is a type of amoxicillin. This seems like its not really helping much. I still have the darn thing and its been 1 week already. Does anyone know how long does it take for this ulcer to go away?
oscar 30 January 09
I have had mouth ulcers since I was a kid. I am now 36 and still have them. I do believe that eventually they are contagious, because my husband used to never have them and now he does quite frequently. My kids now have them also, and they frequently share their drinks. I currently have them at the back of my throat near my tonsils. I makes it feel like I have a severe soar throat and also makes my ears hurt. I have been worn down with a cold for a month and 1/2 now. I took a B12 shot three weeks ago, went to the doc and got 2 shots a couple of weeks ago, but neither helped-then got the ulcers. My mom swears by taking vitamin B on a regular basis. She also always told me to rinse my mouth with warm salty water and put alum on the ulcer (very bitter). You can also rinse your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide (don't swallow). You can use Orajel (gel) directly on sores, and they also make a mouthwash for mouth sores. My husband says that Scope or the other major mouthwash and colgate cause his ulcers to be worse. He says that Listerine is a better mouthwash to use.
khendrix 28 January 09
hi every ulcer sufferer had throat ulcer about 8 weeks now tried antibiotics no good tried every mouth wash no good doc says need to do biopsy feelind pretty scared now
mary 16 January 09
I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a child but over the last few months they have increased so much it is unbelievable. I had about 12 just before christmas all at the same time. The pain was unbearable but they went fortunately for me in time for christmas but by jan 3rd they started coming back and now at this moment I have 5 and wondering how many more are lurking. I can hardly speak and am getting very down now as people who have never experienced this condition cannot understand how painful it is. I went on the internet about it and the information I found was that it is a lack of zinc. So it said to take 15mg daily, I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now but it hasn't made the slightest difference . I am at my wits end as the pain as you all know is so bad that I dont know where to go from here. I should be as thin as a rake as I cant eat when the pain is so bad but I make up for it on the rare occasions when I am ulcer free so I am a fat girl
babs morley 8 January 09
SOY !!! YOU ARE allergic to SOY!!!! I have figured this out myself after years of suffering and $$$ doctors, dentist, meds....etc...years !! SOY products are in everythings we eat today. I LOVED SOY MILK.. Cereals, breads bagels...I weight 120 and would loose pounds from not eating for days because to the ulcers...NO ULCERS IN 6 months because I don't eat anything made with SOY in it....TRY THIS PLEASEJ!!!! READ THE LABELS OF THE FOODS YOU ARE EATING>>..BREAD has soy in it !! I make my own bread....I have been ulcer free for months and I had not been for YEARS! SOY....stay away ....let me know ....THANKS
chris g. 7 January 09
Just to say I have been reading all your ideas and keep trying each one until I find the one that works for me. I am amazed that there are so many fellow sufferers. Glad I found this. Thanks
marie 7 January 09
I suffered from reoccurent mouth/throat ulcers, often 5-6 at a time for years. Blood tests showed no reason, nor did visits to the Dr/Hospital. About 3 years ago a collegue brought me an article that said that in many people this is caused by a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate (I think it's spelt like that!) which is added to almost all toothpastes to make them foam. Apparently if you are sensitive to it - which many ulcer sufferers are- it affects the mouth lining in such a way that small injuries don't heal & so become ulcers. I got hold of a herbal toothpaste that didn't contain it and within a week or so the improvement was incredible. I still get occasional ulcers (I have one in my throat at present which started when I was suffering from a flu like virus), but they generally only come singly & heal more quickly. Some toothpastes for sensitive teeth & gums don't contain SLS either. Check carefully when you buy toothpaste - get one without it, and hopefully you'll have the same improvement I have!
Naomi 5 January 09
hi, i have had mouth ulcers for most of my fun but recently i got really painful ulcers with white spots mainly over the back of my throat, iv been to doctors had blood tests etc and they all came back clear and my white blood cell count was normal, i was told by 3 different doctors that its a viral thing that should be almost gone however i have had it for 6 coming into 7 weeks. my doctor told me to get some tablets which did help but at $160 for a box of 6 it was to costly to keep buying box after box, the tablet was called (valtrax) or something like that, the first time i got the white spots i could hardly eat,drink or even swallow anyways im putting it down to stress and lots of late and sleepless nights, so if anyone has any idea of what i have or what i could do to make them go it would be really appreciated thx
Andrew 3 January 09
Hi, I used to get mouth ulcers almost continually from about age 17. I was often unable to talk or eat properly and had them on my tongue, inside my cheeks, edge of my lips and also right at the bottom of my gums. Once, I had them on my tonsils and the back of my throat. My dentist and GP were unable to pinpoint any problems and I didn't think I was stressed.

It has been in the last 8 or so years they have reduced (now 29), I think it was due to a situation at home that I didn't realise was having such an impact. Since then, they have dramatically reduced and I'm more aware of when I'm feeling under pressure. I would have sworn at the time I wasn't stressed, but with hindsight I obviously was.

Currently nursing an ulcer (Christmas stress me thinks!). I often keep Anbesol liquid at home as I've found it to be very affective in reducing the pain (totally numbs the area) and have recommended this to a number of friends. The liquid is best as it can't slip off the ulcer like the thicker formula in the tube. You'll be able to pick some up in Boots (UK) or any high street pharmacy, usually behind the counter. Hurts a LOT but only for a few seconds and no pain, no gain as they say! However at the mo, I'm out of stock so have resorted to the old fashioned bicarbonate of soda rubbed on with my finger. Has certainly eased the pain a bit so feeling happier.

Good luck finding something that works for you.
Debbie 28 December 08
ive got ulcers round my wisdom teeth spread onto both sides, and onmy toung and throat. its agony i have ate for 4 days now, i cant bite or swollow, any one now how long before the pain subsides, am starvin!
si 23 December 08
I take 800 mg. of folic acid each day. I still get alcers but not as often. I use to get them every week. Now I get them on my tongue maybe once every month. My dr. told me to take that. Also the applecider vinager is what I use when I do get the alcer. Try it cuz it can't hurt nothing.
marie 20 December 08
I'm having mouth ulcers at the inner lip, and also on the gums around the wisdom teeth both sides, and also throat ulcers! Does anybody who ever has these ever feel like your gums (around your wisdom teeth) are coming out and are like "flapping" around?
rol 18 December 08
Everybody that is suffering, and cannot find a cure, go and buy Oralmedic. It wont shift them, but it kills the pain instantly (NB-After first suffering the most terrible pain you will EVER feel). I have used OM 6 times now, and the pain goes straight away, of course, after suffering the same pain a person getting their head chopped off first.
Ashley. 17 December 08
Spicy cinnamon candy sounds like a bad thing to suck on if you have ulcers. It may provide temporary relief, but , the irritation caused by the cinnamon could well make matters worse. Good luck.
Dom Walton 17 December 08
I have a large ulcer on the left side of my throat that has been there for four days. The doctor told me it would go away in about four more days, but I can't eat or talk, and even air going through my throat makes it sting. How do I relieve this?
The only thing that works for me is sucking on spicy cinnamon candy, I think because the taste is so sharp I can't think about my throat, only my tongue. But this doesn't help me eat or sleep.
Somebody please help me!
Kary 17 December 08
um havin this problem for like 10 yrs.n i ges u all people know what it pains like.a short time pain relief can be achieved by placing a gulp of alcohol in ur mouth. i know this sounds wierd but its a really good short time analgesic.
Tahrim Hasan Bangladesh 15 Dec 08
Tahrim Hasan 15 December 08
Ive just been to the doctors with an ulcer at the back from my throat, he's put it down to low iron and prescribed me with TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE ORAL PASTE!
Ive just used it and so far it does feel abit better, its kind of gunky with doesnt sound nice but compared to the pain its like stepping into heaven!!
I would prefer to use oral medic because that the thigs that works immediately for me, but with it being on the back of my throat and it being quite leathal stuff, i didnt think it would be the best idea in the world!
Natalie Rowntree 15 December 08
I suffer from ulcers regualrly in my mouth and tongue, and have had sharp stinging pains in my throat before that never felt quite like a sore throat but stung like hell when i ate.. could this be throat ulcers???
Katie 14 December 08
I have started having ulcers over the last 2 years, every month two or more at a time, in my mouth, on my tounge, back of my throat and even one that i am sure is creeping up my ear canal via my throat...i have had a barium swallow to rule out any hernias, gastric issues...but all is normal. My doctor suggests it may be GORD (gastric oesophageal reflux disease), but no reflux was seen on the scan,,,so dont know what next. But what seems to work a little for me when i feel one coming on, is that i put salt on the area (before it develops into a full blown ulcer) and often gargle with WARM salty water. My sister put me on to Borax 30cc from the naturopath, and honestly the first time i took it i gave me relief and ended the ulcers quite quickly...thus i am experimenting this time again and will let you know of the duration of these little buggers....someone find a cure please!!
azza from aus 11 December 08
PROVEN Prevention:- Xylitol Natures alternative to sugar (see link [copy and past to browser] )
Xylitol the main and only "active" ingredient in Squigle Enamel Saver Toothpaste.

The ONLY immediate relief ORALMEDIC, kills pain immediately and permanently, but you MUST numb FIRST with Bonjela unless you like hanging from the ceiling.(you have been warned)
Brian 7 December 08
I suffer mouth ulcers frequently, they really get me down and everything the doctor has given me to try has seen no improvement.
I find honey Tea helps get to throat ulcers.. to ease the pain but not for very long.
I've got a really bad one in my throat right now and i've been trying all the right things such as salty water in the hope it will heal quicker..i face ten hours of work tommorow and i really cant miss it. I'm not sure how i will cope!
harry 7 December 08
I have had canker sores/mouth ulcers since I was a kid. I got my first throat ulcer this week and I have much empathy for everyone who has written in on this site. The pain is unbelievable and I'm afraid to eat! I broke down and had some oatmeal yesterday and scrambled eggs today because I was starving. I'm going to try yogurt tonight. All I feel like doing is sleeping. The pain zaps my energy. I hope we can figure out the cause of these horrible sores soon. Good luck to all of us!!!
Amy 6 December 08
If anyone is considering going to the doctors regarding mouth ulcers, I wouldn't bother. They don't see it as a major issue with people suffering from them and they will only tell you what you know, use Bonjela or salt water and they will go.

That info is rubbish and they know it. They just havnt a clue what or why they are there. So between us all here on this site, one of us is bound to come across something that may stop these horrible little/big things occuring in our mouths.

Ashley. 5 December 08
Has anyone found a connection between anti-inflammatories and mouth ulcers? I've often taken quite high doses of these drugs for sports injuries and ulcers seem to follow soon after. I have cut right down on the number I take but even the occasional use seems to spark outbreaks of ulcers. Can't find any other cause though maybe they're not that logical!
cheers for sharing tips

TP 5th December 5 December 08
I have had ulcers in the back of my throat twice in the last 6 weeks. After a week of pain and agony, I went to the doctor to get an antibiotic for (strep) and didn't haved strep. The second trip, because I literally couldn't eat, was perscribed a "magic mouthwash." This gave the best relief that I have had. These are signs of stress and perhaps herpes zoster virus, like a fever blisteron the outer lip. Acyclovir or Zovirax may be needed.
Duke 5 December 08
Aysha - You don't say if you did actually have your tonsils doctor is suggesting a tonsilectomy as a "radical" treatment for mouth ulcers....(I'm in my 40's w/ no problem w/ my tonsils). thanks.

bobby - unfortunately, many of us have suffered continuous ulcers fo over 10 weeks....try some of the suggested treatments....maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones that actually finds something that works!
kfc 10 November 08
Hi i wondered if anyone has suffered continuous mouth ulcers for over 10 weeks. I was getting worried and wondered if this was normal?
bobby 9 November 08
Oh my goodness. I am in so much pain.
I started getting mouth ulcers when I was a teenager, the doctors recommended I have my tonsils out which would improve the chances of me not getting them again. Well, I have not had them as bad as this for 10 years...
I am so fed up with the doctors as well. This started on Tuesday, sore throat and shivers, I felt like vomiting. I left off work and the car ride must have just done it for me because as soon as I got home I vomited my guts up. Had to climb into bed with a panadol. Later that day, I had to go to the clinic. They gave me a shot, told me I had flu and gave me antibiotocs. Wednesday morning I woke up in even more pain, vomitting again. Another hospital told me I had an inflammed throat and gave me Advil, another injection and anitbiotics again. This morning, I was crying, trying not to vomit because it hurt so much. I begged an ENT to see me asap. He saw me and told me I had a severly ulcerated throat which was slowly seeping down my throat poisoning my stomache! He has given me medicine for my stomache and also some good stuff for my ulcers:
I have a mouthwash called Betadine that really soothes.
A mouth Gel called Daktarin, you will gag trying to get it into the back of your throat but it helps.
Steroid tablets that I crush in my mouth and try to get to the back of my throat - Medrol
Arcoxia - for my poor tummy.
I must say that I do not mind not eating - I have had some soup today and am drinking some iced tea that feels nice when going down (by the way, you can have warm and cold drinks it does'nt matter). The pain is still awful and it's making me grumpy but it is less than this morning.
I came across this on the internet which is quite interesting :

My sympathy is to all who have or have had throat ulcers!
Aysha 6 November 08
There used to be a tablet available in South Africa many years ago which you dissolved in water and kept the liquid in your mouth for a few minutes, that helped me but for the life of me I cannot remember the name. MY sister in law has continuous ulcers and is really in sever pain. Can anyone help. The tablets had a slight metal taste
June 2 November 08
I tend to get throat ulcers every couple of years and there is 2 things I do to get rid of them. 1. I gargle with salt water, multiple times a day. This will kill some of the crap that is in the back of your throat and the salt will actuall help reduce the swelling. I think it has something to do with osmosis. 2. I know it is almost impossible to eat when these ulcers rear their ugly head. But I have found that eating yogart keeps nutients in your system and is very easy on the throat. Make sure you get the yogart that has active cultures. I have found that this actually reduces the pain greatly. Other than that.. that like some kind of night time medicin to gets alot of rest. I hope this helps
cbass1856 1 November 08
When you have a thorat ulcer, do you have any other symptoms,
Sian 30 October 08
I had throat ulcers in August this year, it started with flu like symptons for about a day, couldn't get out of bed and throat was sore. Ended up having over a week off work and was in absolute agony. At the peak I had in excess of 10 ulcers all over my throat. I took codeine and ibuprofen (Nurofen plus). I also used Difflam spray.

I assumed it was because I was a bit stressed at work and it was my bodies way of telling me to slow down.

Anyway just this week I've had the same thing again, sudden flu sympton, absolutely exhausted, fever shivers etc.. and now a couple of ulcers have appeared and several other ominous tiny white spots - really worried they are going to come out in ulcers like before. Been and got the Nurofen plus in just in case though.

Off to see the doc tomorrow too...
Paul 29 October 08
I've been under so much pain in my throat and so I started taking cepacol thinking it was just a soar throat. I've been really stressed out these last couple of weeks so my immune system is down. I thought I was getting better when al of a sudden after another stressful day I developed a high fever and cold shivers...I started taking everything to help me bring down my fever...Nothing worked...still had a fever of 39.6. I went to the doctor and he told me I have throat ulcers so he prescribed me amoxicillin and a mouth was to gargle with...I dont know what caused this...this is the first time I had this. Can anyone help?
Irene October 23, 2008 23 October 08
I have suffered with mouth ulcers regualrly for years and years and now have throat ulcers, this is the second batch I have had - they are all over both sides of the back of my throat and also on my epiglotis - very very sore. I went to the dcotors last and was given penicillin which did nothing and when I went back was told nothing more they could give me and they would go eventually. I had blood tests and my throat swabbed but all came back clear.

I hav found gargling alcoclair and sucking dequacaine tablets (both available over counter helps)
Eleanor1 21 October 08
as a regular mouth ulcer sufferer i have two tips - one is B6 or B12 tablets - they seem to have reduced the number i get. once you have them, i can only recommend Bocasan mouthwash, which i now have to buy at great expense over the internet as they don't seem to sell it in the UK any more. none of the other remedies mentioned here have worked for me, but hope these might help some of you.

cannot believe how miserable these little things make me!
Helen 7 October 08
How I haven't found this website sooner I do not know! I have been a sufferer of mouth ulcers since as long as I can remember (since 10 years old) and have never found a cure! I have been to doctors, dentists, ear nose and throat clinics, etc. I am fit, healthy (i.e. eat well and exercise). I find that as mentioned previously that less sleep, and more stress does add to it, but I have had them when my life is going well, happy, healthy, awake, etc!

I've just been to Boots and spent £14 quid on Anbesol 'Adult Strength' gel, Bonjela 'Once' and Aloclair gel.. that is in addition to bogela cream, corsadol, listerine, and the old school salt!! I will let people know if any of these seem to cure the current ulcer I have in my mouth which is about the size of a five pence coin!

Does anyone know if there is a specific mineral, food, etc that is worth taking more of to help get rid of these things?

I really feel for those people who have them on their throat too.. I have up to 5 or 6 in my mouth, gums, tounge at any one time, but thankfully they haven't made it to my throat.... yet!
Gavin 6 October 08
Hi all, i get mouth ulcers all the time and it's starting to be a real pain! Are there any good mouth washes i can use to try to keep them at bay??
Colesy 2 October 08
for ulcers in the mouth,,, put applecider vinager in a cup with water ...hold it in your mouth for afew seconds and in afew days the ulcers will be gone
anne bartee 26 September 08
Ihave mouth ulcers every week, I have been to the Doctors he says dont know what causes them, I have tried salt very painful does nothing, different things work on different people, he has told me to try bongela, as fast as they clear up 2 days later I have them again,at the moment I have a large one on both sides of mouth and the roof of my mouth is covered very painful, I have been on the sick from work for 3 months now with carpul Tunnel Op on my wrist and trouble with under active Thyroid Gland and I must admit they are worse so I put it down to stress and anxiety as I feel very low at the moment, so to me it proves it all to do with stress, when I was well I still got them but not as many as I have been getting recently
THELM 25/9/08 25 September 08
I have a few painful ulcers in the back of my throat for about 5 days now and have been taking anti biotics and advil to ease the pain as well. The last time I had this problem (which was a few years ago) it was much worse. I went to the dentist and they removed 3 of my wisdom teeth. The ulcers went away. I still have one wisdom tooth left and now my teeth are bothering me slightly and the ulcers have returned. Im about to go to the dentist and get that last one removed. Hope this may help some of you all.
Moietyhalf 23 September 08

If you are having stomach problems then you need to tell your doctor. My mouth ulcers were a sympton on Crohn's Disease which I didn't know I had. Please consider going back to your doctor and telling them all of your symptons.
Good luck and keep us posted,
Lucie - Crohn's Chick 23 September 08
ive had a ulcer on my throat now for a week and i cant talk or eat. I ve had to miss work and school. The doctor i went to over the weekend just told me it was viral and would pass and gave me Vicoden and Lidocaine for the pain. But they make me sick to my stomach. Ive had stomach problems too for about a month and i have lost weight i wonder if they are connected?
Jessica 22 September 08
Gosh, I know it sounds bad but I am glad that I am not the only one suffering this pain, have had throat and mouth ulcers every month for the last six months, went to doctor who said it was just viral and would pass!! I finally got him to give me some anti-viral tablets - they only worked for one month now the devils are back with a vengance. This month they are on the left side of my throat and under my tongue and it feels like it is creeping in to my ear!! have tried lots of things but nothing works. Really feel very down. Has anyone tried vitamin supplements? At the moment I would attempt anything for the pain to stop.
Dee 22 September 08 22 September 08
Blimey!! Please get PROPER medical advice when taking PREDNISONE! It is a steriod and 40mg is a large dose, your body needs to wean it's self off from use. Please be careful and be informed.

Love and regards
Lucie Crohn's Chick 21 September 08
I get big batches of throat ulcers on the back of my thoat, my tongue and my cheeks! this tends to happen quite alot and is really sore, should i go to the doctors? I had my tonsels took out a few years ago and its bin happeneing since =/. cant eat, breath properly, drink, even swollow my own salyver! Please suggest a soloution! VERY Painful
Charlotte 21 September 08
i went to my doctor today with severe sore throat ive had for 3 days, i noticed yellowy spots on my throat & was told theyre ulcers caused by te virus im getting over. The doctor wasnt helpful, i have 5 of the & they hurt like mad. im using vicks chloraseptic throat spray (for sore throats) to totally numb the are even though it only works for 20 minuites! its the only way i can eat!!
sharlene 19 September 08
The only thing that helps me get rid of throat ulcers is Prednisone. I find that if I take a quick does of abour 40mgs as soon as I feel one coming on (but before it appears) I can get rid of it in 2 days. The second day I take 20mg. If I wait until the ulcer appears, I usually have to take prednisone for a solid 5-7 days. The side effects suck so I try only to use it when I know I'm getting a big one. I use Debacturol on ulcers that appear on my gums or lip (not often for me) and it works great--kills the pain asap and heals in a couple days. For some reason though it not only doesn't help but often makes my throat ulcers worse. Sucks, but my friend who is only 33 just got diagnosed with cancer on his pancreas so believe me, it could always be worse!
Steve 15 September 08
WAIT I FOUND SOMETHING :) camomile tea helps relieve discomfort for a while, it tastes like crap without sugar though so remember to add sugar, It's herbal tea so only hot water and the tea bag... and sugar :D
hope it helps! mine's starting to feel better already
Reeen 8 September 08
I apparently have a throat ulcer! well everytime i swallow it feels like i've got a lump in my throat and its really uncomfortable.. is that a throat ulcer?! I like this little site thing. If i do have throat ulcers then how do i get rid of them? apparently that antibacterial mouth wash worked so i might give that a go but ahhhhhh help.
Reeen 8 September 08
Hi there, I feel sorry for everyone who gets mouth ulcers, I have for years now but over past year started to get a t back of throat and on tonsils, got just now, alsolutely agony. Went to docs this time, told me it was tonsilitis, gave me penicillin but go figure, its not tonsillitis cos ulcer still there so on co-codymol just now so that i can swallow. For me it is nothing to do with stress, being run down or lack of sleep. I'm a healthy person who has a good diet but still suffer from these awful ulcers. Anyone got a solution let me know, cos doctors don't have a clue.
Amy 8 September 08
Thia ia the second time i have had a throat ulcer. It hurts soo much. I went to the doctor the first time and he Prescibed an antibacterial mouth wash. it numbed them for a while and made it easier to drink, and eat. This time, now i know what it is, instead of going to the doctors i got one over the counter. Not so good. But seems to be working Slowly. Why have i got them for a second time?? I brush my teeth twice a day, floss and use a normal mouth wash. So there should not be any bacteria in there to cause them. I dont think i am stressed. Eat really well, not over weight and dont put things in my mouth i shouldn't! Any Ideas?? If it comes back again i think i will go back!

Cassie 26 August 08
Hi, i have been having a few mouth ulcers in the last month or so. But untill this weekend i never had one on my throat. It started Sunday, when it was sore to swallow, and when i checked/looked at the back of my throat that night i saw on my throat, to the back left (not my tonsil) a white/creamy spot with reddnes around it. Today i can swallow a little better but, looking at it in the mirror its a bit bigger -the size of a small pea, still with reddnes around it. I can feel it there all the time, it feels like a little bit of popcorn stuck at the back of my throat, which wont go away! And to add to it another little ulcer came up last nite at the front of my month under my lip! .... im no doctor, nor have a been to one about any of them, but i think its down to stress, or if your run down.

I eat healthy and keep fit! so it cant be lack of vitimins. But there not nice and quite sore. I have put salt on one b4, not to long ago and wowww it hurt..... But if anyone does come up with a way to get rid of them quick, please let us all know. Thanks
Jay 5 Aug 08 6 August 08
HI,around a month and a half ago,i was diagnosed 4 amoebiasis and then weeks after that i got ulcers,my doc told me dat my infection hadnt gone yet!i had bin gettin ulcers in my throat since my 3 rd std but with hot water gargling i used to ward it off,but now no medicines work on them,i get clusters of them in my throat and by gargling wid hexidine solution it just subsides,but regains its ugly form the very next day!my throat seems to be full of pits n craters left by previous ulcers!i m having sleepless nights because of these hideous white lumps,another dodc told me these are nothing but calcifications by bacteria!what do i do?SOS
POOJA 17 June 08
I have to disagree with the passing on of mouth ulcers - I have had them for about 10 years and not once has my other half had any!! Very irritating as he cannot sympathize. Thankfully I have never had one in my throat, and I sympathize with those who have, I do however get a lot where my gums join my cheek. I am a veggie and so the doctor thought it was maybe an iron deficiency but the results came back clear. I also tend to get more when I chew gum, so now I don't! My father swears by his cure - rub the ulcer with a tooth brush until it bleeds and then cover with salt! I have yet to be that desperate but he has suffered too with them from having false teeth from an early age.

Apart from that I can only suggest a good mouth wash.

Jo, 28 10 June 08
i went to take my daughter to a pediatrician one day with suspicion of tonsilitis. turns out i was right. doctor questions me next: "anyone at home has tonsilitis?" or mouth ulcers?" i told him i had the mouth ulcer. he adviced me against sharing mouth and/or drinks with anyone whilst suffering from the ulcers as it could be passed around.

so no kissing your husband/partner while you've got ulcers as you'll be like playing pingpong (passing it to each other!) - when yours is cured, he's got it & vice versa... it's a vicious cycle!
Erwani 10 June 08
Oh no! How disappointing to read that nothing can be done about these ulcers.

I went to my doctor this week about my sore throat and was told i had tonsillitis, but i just know it's ulcers. They look like huge great veruca's right at the back of my mouth where my tongue meets my throat. They've been there for a week now and the penicillin isn't touching it, they are getting worse if anything. Paracetamol doesn't help either.

I've been gargling with corsodyl and that's the only thing that seems to help. I think if i were to snip off the sore bits with scissors it would hurt less than it does right now. SO painful.

My sympathies with everyone who has to put up with this devils work. It's hiddeous! :o(

Nicki 7 June 08
Sounds like a mucous retention cyst, but, you should get it checked though to be sure.
Dom Walton 2 June 08
I'm in such a state. I've had an ulcer for about 6months and have made the fatal mistake of now I've convinced myself I've got oral cancer :-S Have any of you had ulcers for this long? Mine is in one spot only. Lies low for a few days, then sort of flares up with a kind of blister on it, which pops (sort of) and then it lies low again. Does this sound familiar to any of you?
hermione2001ie 2 June 08
Hi, have had a throat ulcer for nearly 2 weeks now and it is agonising, it makes me so miserable! I seem to get them more frequently now, usually around my period time, although they have always gone away after a few days, this one is making me consider going to the doctors, but having read the above notes, I dont think I should bother, any other advice anyone, its driving me nuts.
Pam 1 June 08
I do get mouth ulcer frequently...
Consulted very many doctors (ENT,Gastro,MD)... but no one is clear....
Do any one have a clear idea?...
C.Senthilkumar 28 May 08
I had a throat ulcer and the doctor prescribed amoxicillin. I was okay but now it's back. What causes throat ulcers? What else can I take to get rid of it?
Lani 27 May 08
hey to get rid of the pain you can take cepracol its an over the counter cough drop like tablet (or its in spray form too) and it numbs your throat. I had an ulcer and this is what my doctor told me to do... hope this helps. Unfortunately I think I am getting another one so this will be what I am going to do.
Jen 15 May 08
i am having a throat ulcer now. Doc gave me korzen to prevent inflmmation and it doesnt work!!! well, i am letting it run its course, drinking more water and sleeping early.. hope it get lost fast
momo 14 May 08
I've had them in my thraot before now, the doctors are useless. I was prescribed Corlan pellets, although you can get them from behind the counter. And had to disolve one on it - back of throat - go figure?!
Jenny 7 May 08
oh dear, ive come acros a ulcer on my throat and its soo painful i have been looking on theses sites and there seems 2 b a lot of people that have them, i not sure weather just to give it itme 2 go or go the the doctor?
isobel 6 May 08
There is a notion that the ulcers are causes by ones own saliva (and enzymes in it) attacking the lining of the mouth and tongue - which could be termed an autoimmune problem. So I wouldnít get to anxious about. It certainly would be nice if someone could find the answer.
Dom Walton 10 January 03
I tell you, I am glad I came across this site! Actually, just got back from the doctors. I have been to 3 different ones about my monthly bouts of ulcers/fatigue. The latest visit was a bit scary. My doctor seems to think that the frequent sores could be a sign of an autoimmune problem. He sent me to get blood work to see if I have epstein bar virus, which I donít even think causes ulcers. My other doctors never came to this conclusion. Sometimes I think that they donít know jack. Then I came across this site and find I am not alone.
Ker 9 January 03

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