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Just saw your website, and thought i would write in about a quick fix that my family use.
My mum suffers from Celiac disease. She often suffers from mouth ulcers because of the gluten free diet, and uses this remedy.
All you need is a tissue and some Vaseline (pure white petroleum jelly). Before you go to bed at night, you dab the ulcer with the tissue to dry it (yes it hurts a bit but you have to dry it for the vaseline to stick), and then lightly cover the area with the vaseline. At most we have only ever had to use it 2 nights running, after the first night at least the pain is usually gone. The tissue gets the mouth acid off the ulcer, and the vaseline seals it so your mouth can heal.
I do agree though, i think diet and stress are big causes of mouth ulcers, so preventative measures have to be taken, this is just a quick fix once you have them.
Hope it helps.
aj 11 October 05
Thank you - Iíll definately being it!!
Lucie 11 October 05
my daughter often have mouth ulcers since itís so hard to treat them my pediatrician have me to make a mixture of benadryl and malox gargle with that for a couple of days do not swallow just gargle the pain will get better and they will leave you can find both medicines just about anywhere
amanda scott 15 October 05
I have been reading these pages with interest as i to suffer badly from severe mouth ulcers. Over the last year or so i seem to have had an almost permanent mouth full of them. I have just in the last few days returned from a three night stay in hospital as they got so painful and infected i was unable to eat or drink for more than a week. That was the second time i had been admitted for the same problam the last time in July. My problam does not just occur in my mouth but seems to include my lips as well. They get really ulcerated, swell, then the ulcers turn black. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else and would be really interested to hear from anybody in a similar situation as my consultant is strugglig to come up with a diagnosis. When they start i have a steroid mouth wash which i use but they always last about two weeks whatever i do. This seems like a good site i hope someone out there may have an answer for me.
Debby W 15 October 05
the petrolium jelly is interesting. My son and I both suffer with ulcers and weíve tried everything. I am a big advocate of preparation H ointment on everything from fever blisters to sunburn to mosquito bites. I always use it on my husbands fever blisters and they disapear in a day or two. I keep saying Iím going to try it on one in my mouth but I havenít. I guess itís worth a try.
Kelly 4 November 05
I am going to try this,it is worth a shot..Preperation H is good for mosquito bites( I had no idea) thanks for the info Kelly =) I had so many this past summer..
I also get them on my lips,tongue,gums,throat.I just had one the size of a lima bean for 3 weeks.I could not move my face or laugh or smile or anything..this is why I need a new dr b/c he seems oblivious to this,when I explain it.and this adds more stress in my life
Gail 5 November 05
O.K. Preparation H results. I put it on my sore last night and not on my sons(only bc he thought it was grose) Instant pain relief! Taste like crap. This morning I brushed my teeth with no pain and my sore was half the size of my sons. I applied some later in the day and itís not bothering me at all. by the way my son used it later as well. He said it helped alot on his inner lip but not as much on the one on his tounge. Weíll see.
Kelly 5 November 05
Debby, youíre not alone.

My boyfriend suffered in the same way that yu describe. His ulcers didnít turn black but stayed yellow/green. In March, he started using Squigle toothpaste and hasnít stopped since. it has been great. He doesnít have to go through spouts where he cant eat, drink or talk (sounds similar to you) and he doesnít have the embarrasment of them on his lips. His doctor and the specialists at th hospital really didnít know what to do with him, they just kept telling him to come back fro biopsyís when they are bad! Thats why I logged on this site and got some Squigle - give it a try, you never know!!
Viki 14 November 05
Thanks Viki its nice to know im not the only one who suffers so badly. But i have a diagnosis finally after months of tests and the most painful biopsy you could ever imagine they think i have something called Erythema Multiforma. Its a disease of the immune system so i am now waiting to see a new consultant so will keep you all informed how i get on. I have been using Squiggle for a few weeks now and so far so good not had any flare ups since. I know exactly what you mean my consultant who has been wonderful, was really not sure what was wrong untill the biopsy results came back last week you should tell your boyfrind to go back for the biopsy it was painful but worth it in the end. Having had two stays in hospital and months of agony i was getting desperate to sort this out as the pain was unbearable and going out in public a nightmare as my lips were so swollen and black. If anybody else out there has this diagnosis it would be good to compare notes. Good luck Viki i hope they finally come back with some good news for your boyfriend.
Debby 14 November 05
I have got Celiac disease or coeliac disease...both the same. Found out that was the reason why i was getting so many ulcers.
mark 14 November 05
The Vaseline works well.
I live outside of America so don't have access to things like preparation H. But the Vaseline is a good temporary fix for the pain.
Rachel 17 September 10
hey folks, I am also from the same category you suffer from. I try to do lot of thing to prevent but they come and stay as long as they like and go away. But sometimes we don't have any control. I know there are many things to heal the ulcers when they come up but my question is why do they come so many sometimes and why they keep coming for year and years. I believe in prevention than cure. So, we need to do something to prevent it from coming. But the remedies looks good. By the way what Vaseline do we put on mouth ulcers. Is that vaseline same as we use for the dry skin.
Mouthulcervictim 20 September 10

I never post to online forums but this worked so well for me...
I have exams this week and spent all of the past few days chewing on my lower lip. I then developed this raised, white open bump/ulcer on my lip. It looked horrible, you can't see it when my mouth is closed but when I talk its pretty obvious.

Here's how I fixed it:
First with a clean wet finger dipped in salt I rubbed the sore a bit. Not too rough... just enough to remove some of the dead tissue there (the white stuff). This does hurt a bit.
Try not to let your saliva get on that spot (this is key).
Keep applying salt. Rub a bit. Then LET THE SALT SIT on the sore... do not let your saliva reach it. I rolled up a tissue paper and put it between my lips (not touching the sore) so it could sit for 15 or so minutes without interacting with saliva.
Then gargle with warm water.

Once that's done put a dissolvable (sublingual) vitamin b12 tablet on the sore and let it dissolve there. Again keep the sore spot away from saliva.

After that the white is gone!! Its still a bit swollen but it is not at all obvious when I talk anymore.

Everyone says the salt hurts.. and it does but I found it bearable.

Hope this helps!
Sabrina 28 November 12
I also suffer from chronic mouth ulcers that prevent me from eating and talking. However, I've discovered I'm allergic to an ingredient in many toothpastes called triclosan. Check your toothpastes guys and avoid the ones with this!!
Ela 13 April 13
Hello everybody. i stumbled on this site by accident. I would like to share some info and hope it is of help to someone suffering from repeated gum pinholesulcers that abcess. (STRESS #1 FACTOR THAT CAUSES THIS IN ME, NOT FOOD OR LACK OF VITAMINS) I don't know why, but one evening I decided to put Preparation H ( using the USA Formula, I am still waiting for the Canadian formula) on three troublesome areas. There is significant HEALING. These areas had an extremely irritated appearance, undoubtedly due to my continous pushing on them to extract matter. I have added nothing to my eating lifestyle, because I became exhausted and financially broke too, in my quest for a "Miracle" supplement that would help and keep me away from a Frankenstein Dentist. After 4 days, I saw improvement and it has continued. These pinholes (3) haved oozed for 4 MONTHS. The benefits I received were worth the slighty fishy taste/odor. hope this helps.
judy 16 July 14
I also have ulcers in my mouth, and I have been looking for quick fixes. I date a guy that puts a lot of spices in food and I tried telling him to calm it down a little till it gets better but he keeps forgetting. It burns so bad but when I get home I just want food and to go to sleep. I have been really stressed out with workouts and school and trying to juggle everyday thing. I have an anxiety disorder and they took me off my medicine and that made it so much worse. I sit and chew my lip when I know I can fail something and I know that's my problem but I need to know if Vaseline is for sure going to help it. You can see mine when I smile and my birthday is in 5 days and I was hoping for it to be completely gone. Mine is really big because it was a 254 question test and I crammed really bad the night before, which I shouldn't have done. I will keep looking at this and see if anything has changed.
Martha 6 March 15
I'm suffering from ulcers and I found out the best way to get rid of it quick
Get egg Yoak and salt mix them together and rub it off don't let saliva get on it and it will be gone in around 9 hours
Max 26 July 15
i have very sore gums. can petroeum jelly help this/ i am told to leave my dentures out for 3 weekks. wont this make my face droop?
wanda 20 September 17
I have suffered with a mouth ulcer for about a month now and am booked in for an emergency biopsy tomorrow. The ulcer is huge and I have 2 sharp, dead teeth at the back constantly catching on it making it unable to heal and very very painful. Iím having the teeth removed this week fingers crossed. I am starving and thirsty but it hurts so bad it brings tears too my eyes even drinking water or eating soups. What I have been doing to male it slightly bareable to eat is a warm salt rinse, followed by applying salt directly to the ulcer (painful but does soothe after) leaving. A cotton wool ball in my mouth for the salt to sit. Afterwards I apply plenty of anbesol gel, oragel and spray an ultra chloraseptic abaesthetic throat spray on to it followed by iglu gel which is like a coating on wall paper paste. Yes there are lots of products that cost a few pounds each and itís a lot of faffing around but the £15 odd is worth it for the odd half an hours relief so I can eat a meal and enjoy a cold drink! I have cirrhosis of the liver so eating plenty and nutrition are very important to my recovery. Also I enjoy sherbet fountain sweets they have a slight sting then relief too. Hope this helps somebody itís long winded but these things are so so sore!
Alex 3 January 18

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