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Every since I was a child I can remember suffering from mouth ulcers usually when I had consumed too much sugar and lack of rest. These ulcers would cause low grade fever at times and general malise. My mother would promptly take me to the Dr. for tx of silver nitrate sticks directly on the ulcer burning it but usually would still take another 5 days to heal. The doctor said my stomach acid was causing this sores. Now in the last 3 to 4 years I am now 41 the ulcers have been reoccuring almost monthly. One dentist suggested that it may be horomonal. I had a Dr. friend that recommended a dietary supplement that worked beautifully causing no ill side effects. I would take it daily and not only did it speed the cure of the already established ulcer but while taking it would not get any ulcers. Unfortunately after they would heal I quit taking it and disposed of the bottle now I canít remember the name. If anyone out there knows of the supplement I would appreciate knowing what it is again. Thank you!! My email address is
Theresa Morris 3 September 01
If you do find out, please let me know, and Iíll give it a try.
7 September 01
Thanks for the tip! It reminds me of the girl I met - she was gorgeous, but I lost her phone number.
Richard Wilson 4 December 02
Yes, Theresa, please let us know if and when you remember--or find out--the name of the supplement.
Charles Patti 7 December 02
Dear Theresa,

The dietary supplement could have been a general Vitamin B supplement. There was a good British study that showed certain B vitamins are important in preventing mouth ulcers (I donít have the reference handy). Over my past 6 years in helping people with canker sores this appears to ring true in a lot of canker sore sufferers BUT only if they were already deficient in the B vitamins. Taking excess B vitamins if you already are getting enough didnít seem to provide any additional protection. The specific B vitamins include:

Vitamin B1, vitamine B2, vitamine B6, vitamin B12 as well as folic acid and iron.

Iíve also heard of many Chinese herbs that are supposed to be helpful but have not found any proof that they were really beneficial.

Hope this helped.

Chuck Peters
Author of Ē7 Steps to a Canker Sore (Mouth Ulcer) CureĒ
Chuck Peters 10 December 02
I have been getting mouth ulcers all my life and am convinced they are hormonal as they get bad at the same time every month
11 December 02
All I can make out till now after reading all about it that the best way to cope with these ulcers is to learn to live with the pain. Sooner you do it better it is. Aint much that I can see as a promising treatment.
Guys good luck.
Nadim 29 December 02
I know this message is 4 years too late ...but i dont think sufferers should just sit back and accept the pain and discomfort they are going through. That is the whole point of this we can all share our experiences, ideas and help each other to either prevent ulcers or ease the pain.

michelle 25 May 06
Here here!!
The point is we CANíT live with the pain thatís why weíre surfing the net trying to find cures/preventions and any information we can!!! Oh how I laughed!!
Lucie 25 May 06
I have to tell U this site has helped me psycologically, as all of U know the slightest noise during an outbreak feels like your brain will explode. It doesnít help if your kids find just that time to annoy you either. Iíve found comfort in prayer and trying to lie as still as possible. With my lastes outbreak I rinse my mouth with slightly salted water several times a day in addition to the medication the doctor gave me, which Iím not even sure that it works or its just time for the ulcers to go away. What did work was an anti-inflammatory injection the doctor gave (donít remember the name) in minutes I was able to talk. I took a few suppositories as I was able to administer these myself at home. Does anyone else get inward fever during their outbreaks? I wonder if thatís what causes them to get infected? Who knows.... Iíve decided to put myself on a special diet. Sushi, salad and fish. Iíll let U all know how it goes. This site has become my support group. Thanks for sharing. God bless you all, and I pray that U have a painless nights rest.
Ursel, St. Maarten 30 May 06
hi, i have suffred from mouth ulcers all my life almost daily, and nothing has helped. im convinced that its from consuming to much acidy foods, eg. tomatoes, chutney, oranges, orange juice, all whihk i love. so if any one has any ideas please leave your information onm here so i can read through! thakyou!
jen. 11 June 06
hi, I have had acid reflux for years and do not eat acidy foods, tomatoes, oranges, etc., but I have been getting canker sores for the last two years. I do think there is a link between stomach acid and the sores, though. I have noticed when I have an outbreak, my heartburn is worse.

nikki 13 June 06
Maybe the heartburn and reaction to acidy foods and getting mouth ulcers/canker sores is a clue that you are gluten intolerant. People who are gluten intolerant usually canít absorb the necessary B vitamins and they often have gastric and intestinal upsets and often get mouth ulcers/canker sores. It is worth a try to check it out, even though eliminating gluten from the diet takes some self-discipline and determination. Generally your doctor wonít be any more help in determining whether you are gluten intolerant than he or she has been with curing your mouth sores: it is just something you have to do yourself.
TomF 13 June 06
This is the first time Iíve been to this site - found via Google. I didnít realise that there were so many others who suffer from mouth ulcers. Iíve suffered with mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember and Iím 58 this year! Iíve been to the doctor various times, also the dentist. The last time I mentioned them to my dentist he just told me to ídeal with it because after all they get betterí. Wonder if heíd ídeal with ití if he had a 2-week+ ulcer. Iíve tried about everything there is over the years with varying degrees of success. The best thing I tried were some tablets which the doctor prescribed several years ago. Theyíre of the same type that treats cold sores and I had quite a lot of success with them. The ulcers seemed to get better but the next outbreak I had didnít seem to be as bad or last as long. At the moment I have an ulcer on my tongue which feels about the size of a small mountain. Iíve had this for nearly 2 weeks now and have tried all the usual things but finally gave up and started taking paracetamol to dull the pain. I think my boss thinks Iím drunk because I keep slurring my speech and I have to repeat things several times because people canít tell what Iím saying. Iíve also tried the other gels and remedies which have been mentioned on the board, but havenít tried any of the natural remedies - perhaps I should give them a try.
SueN England 14 June 06
I still get MUís once in a while, but usually when someone slips something with a lot of acid in on me. Ever since I was a kid, I had MUís..but through trial and tribulations, figured it was from fruits (peaches - oranges or orange juice..etc) and the íotherí fruit - tomatoís (which if not cooked I will also wind up with a killer case of hives). Ever since I gave those most fruits up, I rarely get MUís anymore.

Now that I am quickly approaching 50, I have to increase my fiber intake. My doctor suggested a lot of fruit, to which I told him about my acid issue. He recommended bananaís and apples (which he states have no MU causing acidity-yeah right). I will start my apple/banana intake next week (not going to ruin my 3 day weekend), and I will post back in a few. I know what everyone is going through.
Buck 27 June 06
Hi. Iím another Mouth Ulcer sufferer. Iíve had it for as long as I can remember, and itís really painful. I grew up in Norway, and to start with I generally got MUís when I had fever. But then they started appearing when they felt like it. I used to use a mouthwash called Vademecum, but Iím convinced it never worked. 7 years ago I moved to England, and my mouth ulcers seem to have got worse since then. I donít know whether thatís a coincidence or whether itís due to the fact that I lead a different life style here and have a different diet. I have tried to link my ulcers to certain foods, but struggling to eliminate what is causing them.

Every time I go travelling from one place to another, they seem to become worse. This could be due to change in routine, change in food or just because I get tired whilst travelling. Not sure what is the culprit. I use bonjela whenever Iíve got ulcers, and find it works great as a pain relief, but I donít think it help prevents or get rid of them faster. Recently Iíve started getting them on the side of my tongue too, which makes it very difficult to talk. Not much fun when Iím answering the phone and talking to customers at work. Sounds like Iíve got a speech impediment.

It would be great to find out what is causing them. I have asked my doctor and dentist in the past, and the only sensible answer Iíve ever had is that my dentist reckon itís stomack acid thatís causing the ulcers. I donít know. Iím going to have a proper read of this site, and try some of the remedies suggested. Thanx for this site, itís helping a lot just reading about others with the same problem.
Cecilie 28 June 06
Hi I have just found your site and have found it really interesting. I have had the occasional MU most of my life (59 now) but just recently i.e the last week, the whole of the right side of my mouth feels as though it is just one big ulcer. I went to the dentist last Monday as my face was swollen and I thought it might be an abcess but he has put me on antibiotics for 5 days and the swelling is going down. However, the ulcers are still very painful and donít seem to be getting any better. I must admit that I do think that a salt water mouthwash helps heal (once the stinging stops!) I will keep reading the site now that I have found it and I hope and pray that I am not going to become a regular sufferer with these horrible little demons.
Pam 29 June 06
hi regarding cecilie getting mouth ulcers on the side of your tounge, you are probably biting your tounge while sleeiping causing trauma therefore causing ulcers,i used to do the same thing until the hospital made me a mouth guard to wear at night, they also recommended a tablet called longovital its speciffically for mu
neal 29 June 06
I am also a MU sufferer. This is absolutely insane that the drís donít really try and help the problem, they try to link it to something else. Iíve been getting mouth ulcers since I was young on a consistent basis when I eat chips, tomatoes, other acids etc. I also have acid reflux disease which I was figuring played a role but today the doctor said no. Are there any doctors out there that treat this?
chris 11 July 06
My cure for canker sores in the mouth is: Powdered Alum (available in most drugstores). Place a Q-Tip slightly dampened into the powder and put the powder directly on the Canker. I does not taste very good but it works!! The powder dries the ulcer up. I do this at bedtime so it can work over night.
Joan 14 July 06
I have a question... if mouth ulcers are a form of the herpes simplex virus... why canít people take Valtrexx for them? My daughter just had a TERRIBLE case of cankers down her throat and all over her mouth. She rinsed with Maalox (and swalloed some when the throat ones were real bad) and the dr had given her an antibiotic to make sure it didnít get infected. She was also in so much pain, he gave her Lortab. She is over the worst now, thankfully. She went to the dentist today for her semi annual check up and he said there is a condition called Herpitis(?) and with the onset, there is a mild fever... which she had the first night the cankers appeared! Has anyone heard of this??
Tonya 14 July 06
A painful old home remedy. Try this at your own risk, it works for me and has been passed down from generation etc. Bi carb soda, dip wet cotton bud or similar into some bi carb soda and apply the powder directly to the ulcer. Hold on the ulcer until burning fades away. Repeat 3 x day for 2 days. later ulcer is no longer painful and 5 days later ulcer is all but healed. BE WARNED it hurts, stings and burns. It works by changing the chemistry of the ulcer to alkali, hence stops the acidic function so your body can heal. This may cause more damage then good and is strictly only a home remedy, use at own risk.
Matt 14 July 06
This is a follow up to my post above. Iíve been eating grapes and bananaís like the good doctor told me.. and Iíve been very fortunate so far.. [knocking on wood]..looks like I may be getting my fiber after all.
Buck 21 July 06
Had MU's ever since I was a kid. As an adult, I've tried to figure out what the cause of these painful little demons are. I came across an article by Dr. Jamie Koufman and how acid may be the cause. Printed out her diet recommendations and stuck to the diet for 2 days. The MU's on my tongue (caused by eating extremely hot food) disappeared in 2 days. The others were gone in 3 more days. I would recommend that you Google Dr. Koufman's low acid diet and try it for yourself. Good luck!
Donna 20 February 16
I have been sufferings for mouth ulcer since from 6 year an d it pained so much.It comes twice in ever single year it comes all in mouth n gumes please if some one can help..
sahil 1 February 18

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mouth ulcer cure and preventation

25 messages in this subject.