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I keep getting mouth ulcers...

“I keep getting mouth ulcers and they stay around for weeks, tried loads of things, and been to the Doc's any suggestions?” Steve L

Mouth Ulcers Shop meets Breaking Bad - Walt WaltonI receive a great many requests for help just like this. It is not surprising really given the amount of pain caused by such a small area and how debilitating they can be. The cause and therefore treatment varies from one person to the next, there is no single golden bullet, which is why health professionals often seem unable to help.

You will find a huge amount of suggestions on this message board, but, here is a list of things that are mentioned regularly as causes or triggers:

  • Stress and lack of sleep; sure-fire triggers for ulcers, anything that compromises the immune system is likely to cause them.
  • Giving up smoking.
  • Gluten intolerance (wheat in particular).
  • Lactose intolerance, and sometimes it can be specifically dairy products from cows.
  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate, and to some extent cocamidopropyl betaine) used in most toothpaste.
  • Auto-immune disorders; Sjögren's, Behçet's, Lupus, Oral Lichen Planus... and the list goes on!

What would I recommend? Well, there’s not much you can do about stress, real stress, if this is you then I can but wish you get through it quickly. Same with the giving up smoking, don’t cave in, stick with it. Here is a shortlist of things to try:

  • Switch to a toothpaste that does not contain SLS. I put this at the top of the list because it is easy.
  • Try and maintain a healthy balanced diet, don’t overdo sugary and fatty foods, but by the same token don’t overdo fruit and juices. Keeping well hydrated is good for you too.
  • Cut out all sources of gluten, not very easy, maybe an allergy test of some would be easier (I don’t know how good the self-test kits are).
  • Cut out all sources of lactose, ditto the above!
  • If the ulceration is persistent or is associated with other symptoms then I recommend you check in with your doctor to find out if they are an indication of some deeper immune malfunction.

What I have mentioned here is not a definitive, or even comprehensive, list of causes or treatments - but, hopefully will at least give you somewhere to start. I wish you luck and speed in your search for relief. There are assorted preventatives and treatments available in the Mouth Ulcers Shop.

Finally, if you have constant ulcer in the same place, ulcers that do not hurt, or ones going strange colours, get down to your doctor and get it checked out.

Dom Walton 7 May 2015