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Archive date 16th February 2006

I have suffered extremely bad mouth ulcers all my life, to the point that when I have shown them to Doctors and Dentists, they have winced in sympathy for me so I know they are bad. However I was reading an article in a magazine the other day that said Cranberry Juice was good for stomach ulcers and gum disease. Well, I thought I get ulcers on my gums so why not try it. So I bought Tescos cranberry juice and drink about a carton a day and I have honestly not had a problem since. It may just appear to be a coincidence but the times when I get ulcers most (i.e. monthly cycle etc) has come and pass and there had been absolutly nothing. I felt I had to share my experience with this website as ulcers have made my life hell for years.
Hope everyone else finds it useful!

Bronwen Pollard 08:57 , 23 July 05

Great - im going to try this too! Currently on Lysine, Vit B/C Zinc & Iron. Do you get ulcers from fruit though? I find fruit/tomatoes are the leading irritant and seem to make them worse/spread.
This morning I had two small ones on my tounge - had home made tomato soup for lunch and now my whole mouth is on fire!! SADLY, I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT SOMETIMES I GET SO MAD AT NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT THINGS I LOVE THAT I JUST DO IT ANYWAY!!! (AND PAY FOR IT LATER!!)
Does anyone else do this to themselves??? Sound mad don't you think? I can remember being 15 yrs and having the worst case I think I have ever had and resorted to sissors to cut the ones on my tounge off. It bled like mad but I rememer it healed really quickly. LOL :)
TT-NZ 03:36 , 25 July 05

i do that i sit and eat things that i no will bring ulcers on,mad eh but i think if i only have a bit i will be ok how wrong am i,but im sure we all do it at times lol
michele 06:22 , 25 July 05

If you told me dog poo would work,I would try it!
To TT-NZ,I noticed too much of something like chocolate for eg. may trigger those SOB's but I still say for me,it's all stress related,I am going to try the cranberry juice,thanks BP
Gail 06:22 , 25 July 05

Another thing that I have tried is writing a food diary...I know it sounds really boring but by writing everything that you have ate and drank and then writing how many ulcers you had that day enables you to see what irritates your mouth. Also try going to a nutritionist..I did and she told me what food my body didnt like but to be honest it didnt help my ulcers but it might help narrow down what's the cause of the little blighters!!
Bronwen Pollard 08:16 , 25 July 05

The food diary is a good idea. You may simplify your search for ghit triggers by eating the same stuff the same time daily or weekly and note how long after it takes for a ghit to form. ( for me it takes 36 hours). This is also boring and can be very difficult to achieve.
Ed 15:03 , 25 July 05

I am just recovering from a severe bout of mouth ulcers, which actually lined my entire mouth, gums and throat. I may have made matters worse by homeopathic granules which I have been assured will definitely work, BUT the condition will get worse before it gets better, as the granules are designed to bring out all the ulcers. It really is an endurance test!!! I have discovered a great soother from my local Holland and Barrett store, "Tea Tree mouth wash". It goes off the shelves as soon as it arrives in the shop. I have tried many mouth washes all which have added to the problem, but not this one. It contains aloe vera and I promise it is very soothing and tastes Quite good. Tomatoes, fruit, fizzy drinks, peppers, salad cream, pickles, salted cashew nuts or peanuts are all no go areas with me. Some breakfast cereals which are very coarse and some multi grain breads affect me too. Sometimes they start as blood blisters. I can empathize with all of you. Thankyou for all you've shared.
Diane 20:30 , 26 July 05

Well, im back again!! Having tried the cranberry for the last 3 days and you guessed it!! - more ulcers!! Grrrr... I really just wish something would work once and for all! Currently have 4 or so on my bottom lip and about 15 on my tounge. It's the ones on my tounge that drive me insane!!!!!!! Have had a continious stream of ulcers for 3 months now with not a day of relief.
Soooooo frustrating! Sorry but just had to vent :)
TT-NZ 10:09 , 27 July 05

Perhaps they could just hook me up to one of those food drips.... LOL ;)
TT-NZ 10:12 , 27 July 05

I have just come back from the doctors...again....!! I have been suffering from severe mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember (I am 25 now). They are so big and bad I look like I have punched in the mouth a few times!!!! I am talking funny and eating, drinking, talking leaves me in agony. At first they thought it was my anaemia, but that has now passed and I still get them. I do get them more when I am stressed about something though, although I get them when not stressed too! When I get them the pain goes down my throat, to my ear and my head and I just feel generally awful. They are now testing me for Celiac Disease (allergic to Gluten), will keep you posted on this. I truly hope it is not that as there is Gluten in nearly everything and I love bread!!! They have also prescribed a strong mouth wash for me to use twice a day (can't remember the name, but will check later when I go home and let you know) to see if that helps and also said to try and eat a yogurt everyday as this has anti-bacterial agents! I really do sympathise with you all :) x
Donna 13:30 , 27 July 05

What is the mouthwash ? There is lots of advice to be found here and things to try, I hope you find something that helps.
Dom Walton 00:00 , 28 July 05

The mouthwash is called Crodysyl. I had is on prescription, but you may be able to buy it over teh counter. I used it last night and this morning, taste isn't great (comes in mint,aniseed and original, I asked for mint but think I got original!!), but hey, if it does the trick I can handle the horrible taste for two minutes a day! :) x
Donna 10:44 , 28 July 05

i suffer from terrible mouth ulcers as well and found that ambesol takes the pain away for a little. Stress is the cause of my ulcers. I guess that means I wil always suffer from them. lol. I am 32 and I have gotten them since about 16. It is crazy and I sympathize with you all. I have tried all different toothpastes, mouth washes and prescription steriods...nothing seems to help mine! I will try the cranberry juice remedy next.
Melissa 18:02 , 28 July 05

Donna, Corsodyl is a chlorhexadine preparation, which is quite popular and should improve things rather than making them worse. It has alcohol in it which is irritating to the lining of the mouth. There is a new chlorhexadine preparation which has no alcohol and doesn't stain the teeth, I am currently trying to get hold of some for the shop. Good luck.
Dom Walton 21:51 , 28 July 05

Dom, yes, hopefully the mouthwash will help! I realised when I got home I had spelt it wrong…soz! I also find TCP very good…not the most fragrant of things but I really don’t care as I am in so much pain! I carry a small bottle everywhere and dab it on neat, it does sting a bit but it actually numbs the pain as well as heals it. Bonjella does nothing for me, except taste good! :) x
Donna 11:57 , 29 July 05

I recently told my dentist about these annoying little pests, called mouth ulcers, well, she caused me great pain everytime i visited the dentist, she was always accidentally prodding them. She advised me to stop using the toothpase brand Colgate. So I did. She recommemded TCP. So I did. Now I hardley get them anymore and when I do I use cotton buds to apply the TCP and they dont last long. I would especially recommed that anyone suffering from mouth ulcers to use TCP last thing at night and not to eat after. Better if you can use it through the night also because obviously that is when our body repairs its self, while we are sleeping.
I really do hope that this information is of use to someone. For me it was a life saver.
Best luck xoxo
kelly 20:55 , 2 August 05

P.S The toothpaste i use now is Macleans detox. No, I aint a rep.
kelly 21:12 , 2 August 05

Corsodyl gel is excellent for stopping the ulcers in their tracks. My Hygenist gave me some to try and told me to keep it in the fridge. It has helped greatly, although it is a little difficult to target the ulcers with the gel as it tends to slide off. Best applied with a cotton bud. After a severe bout lasting about 7 weeks, I am glad to say that I have no mouth ulcers at the moment. Although as I wrote before, I am also taking a homeopathic cure, (Merc Sol) which seemed to bring the condition to a head. As the ulcers kept popping up, I zapped them with Corsodyl Gel, and now, they've gone.
Diane 22:49 , 3 August 05

Be warned with corsodyl , i had it prescribed to me a couple of years back and it wasnt too good at fighting current ulcers, but quite good at prevention. however, i had to stop using it as it was staining my teeth
Hayley 19:13 , 4 August 05

I apologise in advance if this sounds commercial... the chlorhexadine preparation I mentioned earlier which has no alcohol in it, and negligible staining (and xylitol too, as it happens), is here. I received the first shipment yesterday, and it is now available in the shop.
Dom Walton 00:39 , 5 August 05

The Corsodyl gel is clear and has not stained my teeth. That is why my hygenist gave it to me instead of the mouth wash, as that was one of my concerns too. I've been using it for nine months now, so far so good, but best of all, I don't have any ulcers.
Diane 17:00 , 6 August 05

I have suffered with ulcers since I was a child, I can go months without one, and then have a bad attack. There does not seem to be a pattern to mine but I do find that stress, particularly when combined with generally being rundown or having a cold, does bring one on, although they sometimes crop up when I'm not stressed at all. I can't suggest anything to prevent them, but Diafflam mouthwash is magic for the pain, I only heard of it after my sister was recommended it for painful wisdom teeth. It's quite expensive, but well worth it!
Louise 16:15 , 7 August 05

Have just found this sight and its good to know I'm not on my own. I've lately been toying with the idea that these ulcers may be some sort of auto immune response. I have had 'dry eyes' which can be associated with auto immune disorders and I've just discovered that my B12 is low. I think this can be due to gastric malabsorbtion, again, as part of an auto immune disorder. I have an excellent organic diet so I can't believe its due to diet.

Chrisitne 21:59 , 7 August 05

I have been undergoing some chemo and as a result have terribly painful mouth ulcers. Thankfully the cancer is cured, but the mouth ulcers are hard to cope with. Have tried most of the things mentioned here, but can anyone tell me if TCP is more effective than anbesol? I can't imagine TCP hurts any more than anbesol, which has me jumping up and down with pain! Or any other suggestions, I was recommended vitamin c plus echinacia - anyone had any success with this? I would be delighted to hear from anyone who can answer these questions, or has any other advice. It is 3 in the morning and I can't sleep, drink, talk, eat, help!
Mary 03:51 , 12 August 05

Mary, I really do sympathise with you, I am in agony too. Like you eating, talking, drinking, smiling etc leaves me in agony and also very grumpy and moody! I have never used Ambesol so I’m not sure how painful that is, but the only thing that heals mine is TCP. It does sting and depending on how large the ulcer is it can bring water to my eyes, but it’s not an unbearable pain and it only lasts a few seconds. It numbs the pain as well as heals. I have tried most things to get rid of them, only TCP does the trick for me! My doc has advised me to start taking a multi vitamin, as my diet isn’t very good, so maybe the Vitamin C will help. I have taken Echinacea in the past, not for my ulcers but if I feel a cold come on I start taking them and they always get rid of it…good stuff! I do hope you find something that helps. :) x
Donna 12:57 , 12 August 05

I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you who post on this site. It has made me feel so much better to know that i am not suffering alone. I have always gotten ulcers but this last year i've began to get them on my tongue. Those are the worst!! They make me miserable! Can't eat, sleep or talk. For some reason, I now get at least 3-5 when they come on as opposed to one like when i was in high school and college. Does anyone know why? I'm 30 and have never had them like i'm getting them now. Please continue to post "cures" as you discover them. Maybe oneday I'll find one that works for me. :o)
Dixie 21:06 , 12 August 05

wow someone replied to me! Thanks, its a comort to know I am not alone and i empathise with everyone posting on this site, I have never suffered with ulcers before but now know just how utterly miserable they can be. Today has been a challenge, my 4 year old daughter went down with tonsillitis and we have been grumpy with each other all day - I have had to draw on every ounce of patience and calm! (Oh and my hair is falling out - great stuff). It is 12 midnight, slept for 2 hours (hurrah) but now up again. Today's drug of choice has been Difflam mouthwash, and dissolved asprin held in the mouth - both seem to take the edge off the pain far more effectively than anything else I've tried. (you need to wait 5 mins for relief). Oh, and hot drinks seem to help, strangely. Thanks again for msgs and ideas.
Mary 01:03 , 13 August 05

i've suffered from mouth ulcers since i was 9 when my mum passed away, i am now 22, i an honestly not remember when i havn't had at least one, it id good to read all of your reccomendations and will definatly be trying them out!
Della 22:05 , 13 August 05

thought I was the only one around to suffer with mouth sores, before I discovered there are so many of you the same. I've just had a rinse with Difflam and find it numbs the pain for a while. Thanks everybody for ideas.
Irene 03:09 , 15 August 05

Just to add to Donna's comments, TCP really does help. Yes it hurts (temporarily) but it feels so good afterwards that its worth it. And in my case at least I'm convinced it's clearing them up much faster than normal. It's been particularly good on my ulcers on my lips. If you can't bear to dab it on neat you can dilute it and use as a mouthwash - not as effective at healing them I don't think but definitely takes the pain away.

Mary I can't believe how hideous this must be for you to cope with as well as the chemo - my thoughts are with you (and everyone who suffers). Concentrate on what it feels like to be healthy and well and try not to get too down. Easier said than done I know.
Ellen 20:29 , 15 August 05

In my experience, lack of sleep seems to be the primary culprit. I can accidently scratch myself with hard crusty bread or eat any fruits and with inadequate sleep the ulcers come. In fact, as someone who occasionally works through the night, I don't need to do anything but stay up late and by the afternoon of the next day I will feel the ulcers begin.

I feel that whatever the cause, If you get a full nights sleep on a regular basis, i.e., 7-8 hours rest for most people, you will have no ulcers, less ulcers or ulcers of shorter duration.

Early use of topical oral steroids or debacterol has also been helpful once an ulcer starts but if I don't catch up on my sleep, these will likely not stop the ulcer process. If you need 7-8 hours to feel refreshed and only get 6-7 for several days you may need up to a week to actually catch up. Our body stores up the sleep debit account and one night of good sleep doesn't erase a months worth of shortages.

Good luck!
Eric 18:07 , 16 August 05

Well. I am seventeen and within the last year I have started getting these mouth ulcers. I do not get much sleep as I am a college student, working two jobs and playing soccer. Don't really know if that adds to it. They started coming one at a time but now the are beginning to appear in groups of 5-10. They are very painful and occassionally I get one in the back of the throat new my toncils. I drink about 7 cans of coke a day, so I didn't know if that aids to the start of the ulcers. I also get lie bumps which I guess are the same thing, just on the tongue. If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know. I am just trying to keep them from worsening right now.
Kyle 04:41 , 17 August 05

My daughter has had mouth ulsers for practicly a week and now she's going to try the cranberry juice. I hope it works. She said she doesn't like cranberry juice though
someone 08:14 , 17 August 05

This site is amazing! so much useful information. I have a gigantic ulcer at the moment and it is causing me no end of pain. I have tried everything that I can, including Aloclair Spray, Anbesol, mouth pastilles, salt water and Adcortyl. I have found the best option for numbing the pain is Anbesol, although it doesn't last too long. My dentist recommended Adcortyl to aid the healing process and I must admit it does tend to speed up the recovery process.
I work on a help desk and so I am constantly on the phone and it is absolutely awful when you have to talk all day with a mouth full of ulcers. My sympathy goes out to everyone, thanks for all your useful advice!!! x

Laura 20:44 , 17 August 05

I get mouth ulcers to the extent that the pain i am having makes me grind my back teeth into my gum to take the pain away from the ulcer...but all it causes is my whole mouth to KILL! I grind without even knowing it and its not untill someone says what are you doing that i even realise. I pour salt onto mine and as much as it kills me i find that i can usually go off to sleep well that night. ( i also use my sons teething gel on my gums to stop me grinding)
Lara 04:05 , 19 August 05

Last year I suffered a batch of painful mouth ulcers and found this site in a quest to find a remedy. Found bonjella to be not much good, cordosyl mouthwash didn't really help either. Warm salt water made a big difference and eased the pain; and I then tried L-Lysine 1000mg tablets and straight away noticed a difference. Within days they were diminished and gone. Now when I feel an ulcer starting I take L-Lysine which to date has always worked. I'm so grateful for the advice on this board without which I would never have come across Lysine - thanks and sympathy to all.
Bella 12:15 , 19 August 05

I would suggest a gluten-free diet.

See your GP and dietician as gluten intolerance could be the cause. If you have this you will need to be on gluten-free diet for life and you will need to see a qualified dietician to make sure your new diet gives you the correct vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium.
Graham Hobson 01:57 , 21 August 05

Just found this site this morning - Dom, you are my new best friend! I have already been into town and stocked up on Lysine from the health food shop. Also got some Adcortyl in Orabase from Boots, mainly because when I asked in there for Lysine I got blank looks, even from the pharmacist, who at least had the sense to get his book out, then asked me to start at the beginning.

I told him it would take too long, I've been getting them for 30 years (I'm 36!) and I wouldn't waste his time but would go to the health food shop instead. I put the Adcortyl on after lunch (you try eating a pasty with ten ulcers in your mouth!), and it definitely helped ease the discomfort (the sticky feeling is novel though, especially when you're trying to have a conversation!). Will have another 1000mg Lysine (are you sure you're supposed to swallow them? They're HUGE!) after dinner, and another before bed, then keep my fingers crossed.

These ten new ones are the merely the latest in a bout that's lasted for most of the last three months, triggered I'm sure by a stressful time in May. I've been getting them for as long as I can remember but can usually keep them at bay, oddly enough, by taking high-dose Vitamin C. Guess that doesn't work any more!

Mum used to paint them with Frador and then mop up the tears that poured down my cheeks, I've tried Zovirax from the doc, Corsodyl worked for a while but stained my teeth badly, now doesn't seem to have any effect, I use Bonjela to give me enough relief to get some food down, and am sick to death of salt water.

My husband is fed up with not being able to kiss me (likewise!). I can't taste anything, I can't even poke round my teeth with my tongue without making my eyes water.

Sorry to go on, but I have just one more thing to say:

Kyle - please stop drinking so much Coke! Have you ever seen what it does to a 2p coin? It's doing that to your teeth and stomach as well, so yes, it's probably a lot to do with why you keep getting ulcers, along with the stress of holding down two jobs and studying as well. Take care XX

Sarah B 17:37 , 22 August 05

Update - the Lysine and Adcortyl seem to work for me, of the ten I had two days ago, there are only seven left; three the tiny ones were stopped in their tracks and I can no longer feel them. The biggest one just inside my top lip is half the size it was and healing rapidly, the one under the tip of my tongue also stopped growing and, although still painful (it is, after all, one of the most sensitive places on your body) is shrinking rapidly. I have one on the back of my throat I can't reach with the Adcortyl, and two under my tongue towards the back which I can't get Adcortyl to stay on, there's a hole in my cheek where I bit through last week but it doesn't seem to have the white coating any more, it's still painful but feels more bruised than anything (hardly surprising!) and is closing up nicely. Having suffered a crop on holiday in early July (including a huge (1cm) one on the underside of my tongue) which took a fortnight to go away with just salt water, I think I can safely assume that the L-Lysine has worked for me. Many thanks for your help. XX
Sarah B 10:03 , 24 August 05

Glad to hear of your success, I first heard of lysine here on the board too.
Dom Walton 11:14 , 24 August 05

after constant pain and discomfort with mouth ulcers i stopped eating apples,stopped drinking cola,took care of oral hygene,and ulcers actually went away when i took an iron tablet daily,drank fresh orange juice and plenty of water!!! i gave in to the cola and apples(guess what)lots of ulcers! i feel if my mouth is dry i also get ulcers so i dont know if drinking lots of water helps....am i just clutching at straws!
gary 21:00 , 25 August 05

Five days on Lysine - ulcers all gone. My eternal gratitude to you all.

Sarah B 00:15 , 28 August 05

I have had mouth ulcers aka Canker sores ever since I was 3 years old my mother had them and then I got them she doesn't get them anymore. Now that I an a adult I get them ten times worse they are everywhere in my mouth right now my lip,bottom of my tongue and the back of my damn throat. I have went to the doctor to a specialisy had cultures taken and everything in between. AND NOT A DAMN CURE. So I checked out this site. I am willing to try anything. My mother told me to buy alum the stuff that thry make pickles out of it is a antiseptic. It burns like a sob. It doesn't work for me but hey it might work for someone else. Both my children have the sores also. It sucks at least I know I am not the only one out there that has tried and paid and still looking for a end to the agony. I want to cut my head off at some points it makes your ears hurt it hurets to talk, drink, eat,and everything in between. Myt doctor gave me denavair. It says on it for external use only It worked for the one on the outside of my lip but also made me see double everything. I have used zylicain, Oral gel, Bactain, Kanka, salt water and biting the damn sores until I want to cry. Thank you for letting me complain it is nice not to be the only one. It sucks my boyfriend doesn't even want to kiss me. I was told it could be caused by a HGI Deficiency. What ever that is in medical terms. No one I have ever been around has gotten them from me only my children. Thanks.
Amber M.
Amber M 05:08 , 8 September 05

Having read this message board, I've just sent my husband on a hunt for Lysine - are they tablets or what? The big question is going to be whether I can take them when pregnant. I seem to always get terrible ulcers when I'm pregnant and I'm just desperate to find a cure that I'm actually allowed to take. Anyone got any thoughts?
Hilary A 10:35 , 9 September 05

What a relief to find that I'm not the only one to suffer from these little so-in-so's. They really do bring you down for quite a period of time, especially the ones on the side of your tongue which tend to occur when stressed. Don't you just crave all those things you can't bear to eat or drink when these terrors take over your mouth. Living on luke warm milk and honey, soup, and ice-cream, gets a bit tedious, until you just have to brace yourself and go for something painful like salad or a sandwich!!!! Then you suffer the consequences of course!! Am definitely going to look for this Lysine. I'll try anything as no painkiller seems to touch the pain they cause. Good luck to everyone else in their quest to conquer these white devils.
Jo D 11:06 , 9 September 05

In the UK Holland & Barratt is the cheapest source of Lysine (or you can buy on-line from the link at the top of the page) great big horse pills they are, I tend to suck them rather than swallow them, in case it helps to have the amino-acid absorbed right into the oral mucosa.

Hilary - bad news I'm afraid, you are NOT supposed to take Lysine while pregnant, I don't know why though. Does anybody else ?
Dom Walton 12:41 , 9 September 05

it so depressing... watching my fiance in tears bec of her mouth sores. Can anyone help me please. I printed most of the featured articles here as well as the entire msg board just to show her that she's not alone...kindly email me at josephdomingo@yahoo.com. thank you
joey 16:59 , 9 September 05

i have about 30-35 ulcers lining my toung and inside lips, and this is not new. :(
i have tried everything to help them heal and to stop the pain. here are some things that work for me:

recently i have mixed equal parts of liquid Milk Of Magnesia (Kaeopectate, etc) with liquid Benedryl to swish around in my mouth. It works really well to soothe (doesnt burn at all!) and help heal, because one of the main reasons for getting those bastards is high acidity in your system, so the antacid brings that down, and the benadryl helps to numb it. Also, both Milk of Magnesia and Benedryl are mild antiseptics.

another non painful mouth rinse is tea tree oil, aprox 10 drops in 1/3rd cup of water. it is especially great for after eating to make sure nothing is sticking to those SOBs. ;) Tea Tree is an antiseptic so it will help prevent secondary infections and help heal the sore.

(the really painful mouth applications such as salt, alum powder, tumeric & honey mix, etc. really do nothing for me but make tears stream from my hot eyes and make me pity myself more)

i really believe
1) that everyone has different reasons for the outbreaks and different methods to heal, but we can definitely help each other try new methods.

2) that often getting canker sores is because of poor digestion and overheating (too much acidity) in your system. So eating easily digested warmed and cooked foods, such as soup, rice, lentils, steamed/boiled veggies, really helps, and staying away from highly acidic foods like sugars, breads, meats, and hard cheeses help heal them faster.

3) that getting rid of clogged toxins in your body (i.e. drinking the Milk of Magnesia to induce bowel movement) is a good place to start.

4) making sure you are ingesting enough vitamins, especially: B Vitamins (esp.B-12), Vit. C, and iron. also, Lysine does seem to improve the situation.

5) not making any abrasions in your mouth (by eating sharp things or brushing with non-soft toothbrushes) definately helps. and avoiding the aggrevator sodium laurel sulfates in your toothpaste.

6) realizing that it is probably an auto-immune thing, thus if your immune system becomes weak for any reason (stress, colds, mild-allergens), your body has no reserves to combat it and all hell breaks loose. therefore, maintaining a healthier (vitamins and minerals, foods that arent acidic or aggrevating, enough sleep, and time to relax any stresses temporarily away) lifestyle will greatly help reduce the outbreak of canker sores.

and lastly,
7) systemic enzymes, specifically Vitalzym, help to restore health, and they actually EAT viruses instead of surpressing them.

good luck to all, and thanks for making me feel not alone :-)
jenny 23:06 , 11 September 05

Both my son (14yrs) and I have been trying out L-lysine for just over a month with some limited success. He hads only had a couple of ulcers, which for him is an improvement. Apart from an initial lull in mouth ulcer activity, I have not been so fortunate. Just how long has anyone given it before it has really worked for them? Also, has anyone ever dabbled in the thought that their situation is genetic? I just wondered, that was all. I'm not sure how to pursue this theory though, any ideas?
Amanda 13.09.05 21:21 , 13 September 05

My grandmother had them just as badly as I do.
Her triggers were stress and bringing up my mother and my uncles and aunts!
She always thought they were hereditary.
Jez 09:46 , 14 September 05

I am 35 years old and until three weeks ago all I had ever had was one or two ulcers a year which always disappeared very quickly. Three weeks ago I got loads of them on my tongue, I had had the previous three weeks off work and as I work shifts I was actually more rested than ever..so I have no idea what has triggered them, but every time I think they have all gone....I get a new load! I've been trying bonjela but apart from a few minutes of relief it's not really helped. I'll try some of the ideas on this site, but like others, it is really comforting to know that I am not alone (not that I'd wish these on anyone)! Has anyone else started having them for no apparent reason, having never suffered before?
Charlotte 21:12 , 17 September 05

I've had ulcers as long as I can remember. They come in batches, and stay put for two weeks no matter what I assault them with (Bonjella I tried and rejected as being about as effective as a wine gum around 25 years ago). The latest weapon is Gengigel from my dentist - that was seven quid down the drain. So far nothing has beaten TCP. It doesn't reduce their lifetime, but it does kill the pain, and as such is useful before meals (which taste vile, of course, but it's either that or not eat). I once got stuck with them in America, where the closest I could get to TCP (trichlorophenol) was a spray containing monochlorophenol. It's one third as effective, but might be useful for US readers who are wondering what TCP is. Alternatively, do what I did and phone a friend in the UK and ask them to courier out to you a monster bottle of TCP, though I don't pretend to know what would happen if Customs opened the package.

Stress, colds, and flu all bring them on, but sometimes they come of their own accord. I've also found that shop-bought pizza often raises those little blisters that turn into ulcers unless you drown them in TCP. Cheese (which I love) is something a Chinese herbalist once told me I should avoid, as it is a "heating" food which was potentially responsible for the excema for which I was seeking help. So I was particularly interested to read Jenny's Point 2. Are we talking the same thing here? Should we be looking to Chinese medicine for help?

Something I have noticed is that they appear to spread like rot from a bad apple, so if I get one on my gum, within a week it will have spread to the facing gum. After a week and a half they will have multiplied and spread in all directions. It would be nice to find a reliable way to stop the spread (during this latest batch I wondered if I could make use of a small sticking plaster).

Anyhow, thanks for all your comments, which have allowed me to add Lysine to my list of things to try. And thinking of you all joining me tonight in getting up several times to dribble a capful of TCP over the little buggers will raise a smile on my face (but not too big - that hurts).
Robert 19:00 , 19 September 05

Sorry - I should have said that Rinsteads were about as effective as wine gums (though I've had no more success with Bonjella).
Robert 19:15 , 19 September 05

I have had ulcers before, usually one at a time - under the tongue or on the sides of my mouth (inner cheeks LOL). I FREAKIN HATE THEM! It's been a while since i got any but two days ago, i got one (i think).

The thing is that it's in my throat. Well, the entrance to the throat anyway. It could either be there, or under my tongue at the far end of my mouth, almost under the tonsils. I know it's there somewhere as every swallow is unbelievably painful - Believe me! Today, not only did it hurt when i swallowed, but even when i talk. Plus, my ear (just one, the left) has started to hurt everytime i 'attempt' to talk. As i can't really move my tongue right now, i can't really see whats going on there. I'm assuming it's an ulcer (it feels and acts like one).

Further more, the pain of swollowing (on it's own) almost just as bad swallowing other liquids and solid food which has resulted in me not eating since the day before yesterday. I'm really hungry and thirsty but i can't really do anything. It's hurts like hell! Call me a wuss but by the time i had gotten through less then a quarter of my sandwich, i was in tears. Now i fear that being unable to eat and drink might effect my stomach and cause ulcers or others unwanteds to occur.

The worst part? I have the worst fever now. I assume the daily stress of having to swallow (how many times do we swallow a day again?) and preparing for the pain of swallowing (we can't not swallow right?) has added more stress and indeed, more pain, to my friend in there.

Usually, I'm an avid user of Bonjella and sometimes, I find that putting a grain of salt into the actual ulcer helps. It's freakin painful (and gets you high on the pain. Rinse with warm salt water and it should be fine. Always work for me, but please don't try it if you have a severe case. Maybe try on one of them and see what happens. Don't attempt to do all of them at the same time.

Since i have no freakin idea where the damn thing is, I've just been rinsing with salt water and tomorrow, as a last resort, I'm gonna go to the clinic and get it checked (I have clinics)! i'm unable to carry on with daily life. The pain is so excrutiating that i just sit/lie there cursing inwardly at the little bugger!
Any suggestions or have any of you gone through this? What did you do?
Justin H 08:08 , 20 September 05

I took 1000mg l-lysine every day for two months and only had a handful of ulcers i that time (I usually have 3 a week). I was advised that this might fix my problem permanently, so stopped when my bottle ran out. However, the little darlings are back and I am off to the shop to get a year's supply after work today. They are taking over my life as well as my mouth, they are the size of my fingernails! I use salt as well, pouring it on direct, it hurts like nothing else but relieves the pain for ages after. I find bonjela makes them worse. But...are the ulcers supposed to bleed after applying salt?
Rebecca 13:05 , 21 September 05

I too have tried Gengigel, Rinstead pastelles, TCP etc...all a waste of time. I've found that one high strength, chewable Vitamin C tablet before breakfast EVERY DAY has certainly helped me to keep them under control - they don't appear as frequently and when they do - they don't hang around for as long. I'm pretty sure that my ulcers appear when I'm a bit run down, so early nights are a good idea. I used to apply salt but came to the conclusion that it was a sick joke - it just makes 'em sing even louder!
Compared with some of the posts on this board - I reckon I'm pretty lucky - I really hope that you find something that works.
Bill 12:17 , 22 September 05

I suffer often and badly. I don't have loads at a time, but usually 5 or 6. They are usually badly placed, on the side of the tongue, epiglotis, back of throat, lips etc. Nasty stuff. Anyway, Cordysil I use, it burns all the taste-buds off my tongue and leave nasty taste over night, which my wife winces if I approach for a goodnight/morning kiss. I am now watching more what I eat. I really like spicy stuff. From pickles through to hot chillis. Do these help or hinder do you think? Maybe they aren't so good as they're quite aciddic aren't they. Aw.
Thank you to all the fellow surfferers who are adding ideas. Together we are stronger!
PS, don't mess with Freemasonry! I had the worst one of my life which stopped me talking right after I did some work for an arch-freemasons wife and they curse the tongue! It came on the very next day.
Christian 16:43 , 22 September 05

The more I've been reading, the more I'm realizing that 1) I'm not the only weirdo that has a problem with these annoying ulcers and 2) It seems like solutions are different for everyone.

I used to get huge ulcers on the inside of my mouth for years, and I heard that some people get them because of a certain ingredient in toothpaste to which they are (unknowingly) allergic. The incredient is SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE. It is what makes the toothpaste good and foamy, and it is a harsh detergent. There aren't many toothpastes out there without sodium lauryl sulfate, but I've found one that I really like. It is called BIOTENE, and there is also a mouthwash made by the same brand that helps keep ulcers away. After I switched toothpastes, they ulcers almost disappeared forever (now they are only rarely triggered by colds or high stress levels). Shortly after I had switched and missed my old toothpaste, I switched back to see if anything would happen...nothing did for 2 weeks, and then boy oh boy did I get the biggest ulcer ever...the allergy had to build up a reaction, evidentally.

If you are still using toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate, I recommend switching--you might simply be having an allergic reaction.
Jesse 16:47 , 22 September 05

I've narrowed down what causes my mouth ulcers to eating canned tuna fish, just one 6oz can in a month can set them off - anyone else experience this ? can anyone explain what it might be IN the tuna that's causing this ?
Matt 18:20 , 22 September 05

It can't just be a lack of sleep can it? Otherwise half of my school would be full of ulcers. But it just seems to be me! I cant be allergic to sleep deprivation can i? Has to be something else!

More research needs to be done to be honest! It's crazy how in this day and age noone can pin point the cause of such pain and suffering to people which can last for a life time, if not decades.
emit 08:49 , 23 September 05

hi everyone..i am so amazed at this site.i thought it was just me who understood ulcers..but u guys all sound just like me.ive been suffering with ulcers from as far bak as i can rem.i do think its genetic tho..cos my mum used to get them often n so did her mum.so i dunno..but i kinda noticed that when i eat crisps i get them really bad.i thought it was the sharpness of them so tried eating really slowly n carefully (like an idiot!) but i still got them.so i think maybe its the MSG in them.anyone else find this?i dunno man..its jus the most awful thing.i even feel the pain in my slp.something that does work tho is ORABASE.its called kenalog in this country(south africa) i dunno what its called elsewhere.but it does help.its like a sticky paste that u just apply on the ulcer b4 bed and it kind of seals the ulcer.makes the healing process quicker.hope ive helped.
naheed 10:54 , 23 September 05

I had a mouth ulcer before and my dentist said to use KANKA from local drug store. have one now and it healing already. this is day three. i have dentures and it's on the roof of my mouth. i have had thrush in the mouth and read not to use listerine I'm 67.
Gerry 02:46 , 27 September 05

I get mouth ulcers alot- sometimes 6-8 of them in one go. Id cry and get really angry because it stops me from talking and eating. I find that everytime i switch to a 'transparent' coloured toothpaste, i'd wake up with really bad ulcers all over my mouth.
lily 14:39 , 3 October 05

So there I was, in a world of pain (or so I thought), when I decided to revisit the web for inspiration and found this site. Wow, do I feel like a fraud now! I've been suffering mouth ulcers for a couple of years, and get up to five at a time; the little beauties on the end/sides of my tongue or the corner of my inner lips are most common, but having read some of the comments on this site, it seems I have it VERY easy! 30-35 at a time? Some the size of fingernails? I need to pull myself together! Have TCP, a SLS free toothpaste and cranberry juice on my shopping list, so thanks for the advice. Also, since I am told ulcers are caused (at least in part) by a breakdown in the surface of the tongue, I'm off to my dentist this week, because I have noticed I often get them right on the edges on the tongue which could be due to abrasion of the tongue by sharp edges of my teeth. Its worth checking out. Won't need to post a message on this board if any of these remedies work, because you'll all HEAR me shouting for joy!
Steve 17:26 , 9 October 05

Well I thought I had it bad too. I think 5 at a time is my maximum, but I've always been able to get rid of them within a week of using topical kenalog with orobase. But now I actually have one that has gone through my gum and has bared the base of my tooth! Yuck. Incredibly painful, can't talk, hence I am here writing. Using the kenalog but I am doubtful this time because of the severity. Thanks for the advice on this site though - I will definitely be trying everything... except those homeopathic granules as they sound hideously painful.
Erika. 13:30 , 10 October 05

Hi! I am so glad to have found this site, i have 10 ulcers at the moment 7 have suffered with them on & off for years,I have no idea why! i find the best thing to help with the pain is 2 gargle with soluble asprin dissolved in water, tastes foul but u could add some squash, it stings but then the pain goes long enough for me to eat a meal. I am going to try TCp after reading the tips on this message board
Heather 16:00 , 10 October 05

Glad I discovered this web page as I have had them for 8 weeks now, including a giant white one bigger than a finger nail across my tonsils and was prescribed and anti fungal lozenge to suck by the doctor. This reduced the tonsils but had pain in left ear every time I swallowed, and felt like broken glass. Currently have quite a few small ones or rough patches on my tongue edge which makes it painful and the odd one in the gum. Teeth are unaffected and tonsils not too bad. Never had these many or this happening before despite being on a good all round diet and vitamins and minerals. Probably have underlying stress due to losing my father in April, but life does go on. Will try L-Lysine. Tried Chlorohexadine - so so. TCP excellent, bonjela is useful, Listerine stings.

Great website though.

John Rowley 13:57 , 11 October 05

Just saw your website, and thought i would write in about a quick fix that my family use.
My mum suffers from Celiac disease and has lots of mouth ulcers because of the gluten free diet, and uses this remedy.
All you need is a tissue and some Vaseline (pure white petroleum jelly). Before you go to bed at night, you dab the ulcer with the tissue to dry it (yes it hurts a bit but you have to dry it for the vaseline to stick), and then lightly cover the area with the vaseline. At most we have only ever had to use it 2 nights running, after the first night at least the pain is usually gone. The tissue gets the mouth acid off the ulcer, and the vaseline seals it so your mouth can heal.
I do agree though, i think diet and stress are big causes of mouth ulcers, so preventative measures have to be taken, this is just a quick fix once you have them

aj 14:50 , 11 October 05

I've suffered with mouth ulcers for two years ...The last six months were particularly unbearable as when two mouth ulcers healed I gained three more or vice-versa....There was not a day in a week when I wasn't suffering. Eventually I found a doctor who prescribed a multi vitamin, extra iron tablet ( like the one that pregnant women take ) & an extra dose of Vitamin C 800mg daily ..adding that I would notice a difference in 6 to 8 weeks if vitamin deficiency was the cause... I am amazed that for the first time in absolutely ages I am mouth ulcer free , it took two months but it's been two months & I'm free......I hope this helps other sufferers ...there really is nothing more miserable than trying to talk, eat & function with a mouthful of sores...I'm on cloud nine now!
Anna Patrikakis 16:21 , 11 October 05

Gday all,
I am another sufferer from mouth ulcers, I usually get more than one at a time. I usually get them at least a couple of times a month. Sometimes they only last a couple of days and other times a week or even longer! I have one at the moment that just won't go away and ive been in that much pain tonight ive had to take a panadeine forte. aj i remember my mum telling me about that vaseline trick when i was a young kid, i have forgotten about and will try it tonight. There is a gel i bought from the chemist a few years ago called SM33 gel and it relieves the pain so well, you have to apply it about 5 times daily for about 2-3 days.
Michael Heath 11:29 , 13 October 05

I am desperate to find a cure for my daughters mouth ulcers. She is 12 years old and has hit the puberty stage!!! Could it be a hormone thing or is it just that because she is going through puberty she is a bit run down. I have started today by cutting out all sugars, spices,garlic and vinegary things and then when her ulcers she has got at the mo have gone i will let her have one thing at a time to see if we can find a trigger. My husband also used to suffer badly and we found that every time he had fresh garlic he developed new ulcers.
wullawulla 22:09 , 13 October 05

My son who is 13 currently has another bout of tonsilitis. He has 4 ulcers in his mouth and two at the back of his throat. He is really miserable. He has agreed to try the vaseline treatment. He has been in agony for days. Fingers crossed! Great website, so glad I found it.
Jules 23:29 , 13 October 05

I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a child. I am now 35 and I still haven't found a cure.
At the moment I have a huge one on the side of my tounge and when I talk I look like a looney because I'm trying to avoid it catching on my teeth.
I quite often big red cracks on the roof of my mouth when I am suffering form ulcers (like now)
Does any one else have that too ?
For all those people who suffer from ulcers I give you all my sympathy.
Ruthie 09:46 , 14 October 05

My 3 year old son and I have only just started getting really bad ulcers - at around the same time too! I was getting really worried and have just looked at this site - I honestly didn't think that it was such a huge medical problem! I have 6 and can't talk properly.
Anyhow when I read through the history I realised that in the past few months I have introduced peanut butter to our diet - I believe Peanut butter is not all that good for you but I do like it and so do the kids. In fact I have also just read that the Australian Government have just allowed an increase in Cadmium in imported Peanuts (there is apparently a link between Cadmium replacing Zinc in the brain and causing ADHD as well - another reason not to feed it to the kids) - could also be another link their with the Zinc???
So I''m going to throw away the P.B, try the bicarb instead of toothpaste and pick up some lysine and tell you all how I go.
I have also been suffering from dry lips - so I will try the drinking extra water (something I dont always do...)
Toni 15:39 , 14 October 05

I m so glad that i am not a lone sufferer! It has been a while since i have had a mouth ulcer but last week a whopper on the roof of my mouth at the back appeared out of nowhere. Now i can't eat, sleep or talk properly and it has really gotten me down. Strange how a ulcer can make you feel so ill! I've just been recomended a paste which is called Adcortyl Orabase, it was only available on prescription a few years ago but now can be bought over the counter. I'm going to give it a whirl since nothing else works except maybe a little dab of TCP! I hope that this info is useful to all fellow sufferers.

Abi 16:01 , 14 October 05

Forgot to ask does anyone else suffer with extremely dry mouth when the little blighters are showing an appearance? I just can't stop drinking! On saying that tho ice cold water or warm tea seem to ease the pain alittle has anyone else found this this to be true? I really feel for you all out there I know EXACTLY what you are going thru!
Abi 16:28 , 14 October 05

I am glad I found this site, you have all given me some good ideas on how to deal with the pain I am in. I have just been diagnosed as anaemic and didn't realise that this might be linked to that. I have been using anbesol liquid for the last three days but it doesn't seem to be working, the pain is increasing and the ulcers seem to be breeding and I'm not sure if it is responsible for the soreness in my throat now. I am off to see if I have any TCP in the cabinet, my husband will probably moan but he can always sleep in the spare room! I agree with Abi, cold things seem to help, I have just tried an ice lolly.
Deb 18:04 , 15 October 05

Anemia and mouth ulcers are both often found as symptoms of gluten intolerance.
TomF 19:36 , 15 October 05

Just thought i would add my experiences to this great site, have just arrived home from my second stay in hospital due to my severe mouth ulcers. I have been suffering for over two years now which compared to some people on this site is nothing. My problam is i get them in my mouth, both sides, then they spread to my lips which swell and then go black, not a pretty site i can tell you. Eating and drinking is almost inpossible as the pain is unbearable. The consultant i am seeing is baffled but very good. I have tried all the over the counter remedies with no sucess. I now use a steriod mouth wash and aanti biotic one, they seem to ease them but nothing has stopped them. The pain is sometimes unbearable and living on painkillers is a nightmare. If antbody out there has any suggestions for me i would be eternally gratfull. By the way cranberry juice does not work for me as i love it anyway and drink gallons of the stuff.
Debby W 00:53 , 16 October 05

Dear Debby,

Please try SQUIGLE Toothpaste. They sell it at the Mouth Ulcers Shop (link top right of this window).
Money back guarantee, too.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLE Toothpaste
Dr. Edward Cutler 06:01 , 16 October 05

Thanks for your suggestion i have ordered some this morning and will try using it. Im willing to try anything and everything that may help.
Debby W 11:40 , 16 October 05

Dear Debby,

Thanks for trying SQUIGLE. Use it exclusively for 1-2 months, floss daily, and don't use any
mouthwash (you won't need any with SQUIGLE).

I also suggest you greatly curtail your intake of fruit juices--they are all sugary (all sweets aggravate mouth ulcers), and some fruit juices (citrus, cranberry, etc. contain irritating
constituents which may also trigger mouth ulcers). The best drink for you would be good old H2O.

Please keep us informed.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLE Toothpaste
Dr. Edward Cutler 16:08 , 16 October 05

MILK OF MAGNESIA works great for the pain. I have suffered from these ulcers as long as I can remember and I read in a magazine about MOM. IT REALLY WORKs for the pain. If I am in pain with an ulcer, I just swish it around in my mouth and the pain is gone, instantly! It gives me relief for a while.The only downside is it works for awhile, and then you have to swish again, But it allows me to eat dinner, pain free! then I just swish again after I eat.
Jenny 05:06 , 18 October 05

My SQUIGLE arrived today so have started using it, for the first time in ages was able to brush my teeth properly without jumping around the bathroom screaming. I will keep you informed with how i get on. Its really good to have other people in the same situation as me as most people think they are not as bad as i make them out. If only they knew the pain i go through when i have a severe outbreak. Have also cut down on my cranberry intake as suggested above.
Debby W 00:18 , 19 October 05

My 14 year old daughter started to use squigle combined with lyosine about a mounth ago, after a year of hell with persistent ulcers. we have been ulcer free for three weeks now, not sure if its the lyosine, squigle or a miracle but we will continue in hope!
Gail B 13:31 , 24 October 05

My doc prescribed Eludril mouthwash (can also be bought over the counter, £7 ish for a litre), which I swish and gargle twice a day, and it really seems to be working. You can almost feel it working. Ulcer free for a couple of weeks now. The crunch test (rather literally) was four days ago when I bit my cheek while eating. Usually this would be a certain route to a painful ulcer for days, but it hasn't developed, when before using the mouthwash they always have. Coincidence maybe, but I'm sticking with the mouthwash for the time being. Hope this helps someone.
Steve 18:10 , 26 October 05

Has anyone else got a mouth ulcer support group?
I am setting myself up as a mouth ulcer consultant and can arrange to do talks to groups of sufferers.
Bob Oskins 18:42 , 28 October 05

CARLA 13:17 , 31 October 05

I had ulcers as far as i can remember.To make matters worse on my wedding day i had about 10 ulcers two of them were so-o big like that little finger of yours!i don't know how i made it through that day but i was in so much pain.I spent my honey moon in pain.I feel for my wife.Recently i didn't have any ulcers.Please try to remove stress from your mind.The best cure in one day is ginger.it looks like little onion.you need to bite that one and google the liquid around your ulcers.Also avoid using sharp tooth brushes as they trigger ulcers.Don't change your tooth paste as well as it boosts them.try eating a lot of fruits each and every day of your life.Do some exercises as these things gets rid of stress and buids your body.
Taz 19:44 , 31 October 05

I get mouth ulcers when anything with icing sugar in it. little tiny ones on the tip of my tongue that hurt like hell, I One can't look at merinque or pavlova one teaspoonfull and I am in pain for days
Rosheen 12:59 , 2 November 05

Can anybody tell me what TCP is or where to get it. I have suffered with ulcers since I was a child and so has my brother. My son who is 11 has also suffered since he was about 3yrs. We've tried everything. The Dr. prescribed a mouthwash with lidocane, benadryl,milk of magnes. and zioxide. When were out I just use benadryl, milk of mag. or malox, and peroxide. It helps with pain and swelling. My son had so many and one so big in the front of his mouth he could hardly open it. I hate sending him to school like that, but if he stayed home for every episode he'd never be at school HELP! Kelly
Kelly 16:01 , 2 November 05

Can mouth ulcers be passed on to other people, in kissing or sexual actuvity?
Ljndz 22:39 , 2 November 05

my 14 year old daughter has just been ulcer free for 3 weeks after taking lysine and using squigle for the last few months. i have been delighted to get my happy smiling daughter back. unfortunatly this week they have returned with a vengence, very depressing, will continue with regime in the hope that it needs time to work.
gail b 10:54 , 4 November 05

I have had mouth ulcers for over 50 years. Thankfully they only occur periodically. I am absolutely sure that salted peanuts is one of the major causes of my problem. I can almost guarantee there arrival within hours of consumption. There are of course other causes and like all of us have difficulty assessing their cause.
I have used bongella, tcp etc, and have found tht adcortyl in orabase made by E R Squibb gives me greatest relief. Apply before going to bed is probably best because it is not removed whilst asleep.
Stanley Jordan 11:59 , 4 November 05

I get mouth ulcers regularly but I never get them on my tongue, lips or inside cheeks. Instead I usually get them on the roof of my mouth, also on the sides where my tonsils used to be (I had them removed a few years ago when I was about 23, I'm 27 now). When I get them I find it impossible to eat properly and it also affects my talking. They can get really big, about the size of my thumb nail and I've no idea what brings them on as I have a healthy diet.

Right now I've got about four or five on the roof of my mouth and one right on my uvula (the dangly bit that hangs down the back of your throat). Even when I try to drink some water or just swallow my own saliva it burns.

My doctor prescribed me some tablets called "Corlan Pellets" which are actually steroids, you don't swallow them you just let them dissolve in your mouth. I've found that they don't seem to work for me though, I usually just have to wait about two weeks for them to go away.

When I get these mouth ulcers I usually get really bad earaches too and my whole throat right down to the base of my neck is painful too. I've had type one diabetes for seven years (wll under control), my doctor thinks it's probably something to do with this.

Anyway I feel your pain everybody!
S 12:40 , 4 November 05

My 9 year old son has suffered with mouth ulcers since the age of 5. I always feel so sorry for him, because having had the odd one in the past, I know how painful they can be. He only usually gets 1-3 a time, but are always very painful. The current one he has is absolute agony. Its on the inside of his bottom lip and constantly rubs against his teeth. He has only ever used anbesol liquid and in the short term, this does the trick, but does not last very long.

Just found this site today, and I am truly elated. I am going to try all the various remedies, but one at a time! Squigle toothpaste here we come!!

He also loves peanut butter, so gonna have to break the news to him that that is gonna have to stop!!

Will let you know how he gets on.
Deborah Harding 13:32 , 4 November 05

Toothpaste arrived first thing the following morning. Well impressed!!

My son loves the taste, and is actually keen to clean his teeth for a change!! Going to persevere with this and will let you know our progress.

Fingers crossed for pain free days for my little boy!!
Deborah Harding 11:16 , 7 November 05

After more than 35 years as a sufferer I can can conclude that my mouth ulcers are stress or sleep depravation related. Last weekend I flew to NY to watch the marathon and got 2 crackers for my troubles. Ouch!
They are still throbbing as I write this despite Bee Propolis, Anbesol and Orabase at night...
A good hot cup of tea is as good as anything at supressing the pain for a few minutes and to deal with the stress of eating with mouth ulcers, try a hot curry or other dish heavily spiced with chillys.. I will give Lysine a try as not heard of that one before.
Thanks to all contributors here, great to know I am not alone, good luck all.
George Formby 11:55 , 10 November 05

I can only my own story for what it is worth. My son who is 18 now has had them terribly all his life. We switched to the toothpaste that says it is for canker sores when he was about 12 or so. It really helped, but what I wanted to say is that we finally pinned it down to Orange Juice a few years ago. Unfortunately he loves it and when gets some he drinks it all day everyday and then has sores from top to bottom, throat, etc....and nothing makes them go away. Then he realizes that it's not worth it to drink the OJ. What a strange problem this is for SO many people. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.
pattymac 18:45 , 10 November 05

Great site. I, also, have ulcers, however, I don't have the pain when swallowing. I did use the Listerine foam, a teeth whitener. I will be looking up the ingredients that are contained in that product. My worry is because I don't have the pain you all speak of, could my mouth redness be different for what you all are experiencing. I am 39 and have never had a mouth ulcer. I do feel a tingling sensation and often use my tongue to scratch my the roof of my mouth... I do use salt water and it controls it, and, in most cases reduce the number of spots...
R.J. 05:37 , 12 November 05

I can't believe I found so many fellow sufferers!! I am having the worst bout of my entire life right now. This has been the worst year of my life, as I had a cancer scare which led to surgery on my leg. Luckily I don't have cancer but I have a rare bone infection and the recovery process has been really hard, especially dealing with my last year at college at the same time. With all the anti-biotics I took, as well as the stress involved with trying to balance all my crap, I've had a horrible outbreak of sores in my mouth. HUGE ones on my tongue right where my back teeth rub against them, as well as maybe a dozen small really sharp ones. ugh!! As soon as one of them feels on the decline, a brand new one or two show up! I'm really feeling worn down from these..

Unfortunately this thread is pretty overwhelming. Could someone please give me the very most effective treatments?? Currently I am trying everything I can think of: acidophilis (to compensate the anti-biotics), my dentist recommended B-Complex vitamins, I am using biotene mouthwash and Tom's Natural toothpaste. I have Orabase Soothe-N-Seal and Cankermelts but nothing seems to be working!! What is this TCP people are mentioning? If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it SO MUCH! I'm in agony!
Brettster 09:24 , 14 November 05

Hello all. Just found this site. Thanks to all that post input. I hope mine will add something to it. Right after my chemo and radiation treatment ended, ulcers started. First, my medical team thought they could cure it. But then there is one, one big ulcer that does not sem to go away. Thankfully, the biopsy results showed it wasnt cancerous but after all the drugs they have put me through, NOTHING has decreased the pain, the size etc. Like all of you, the pain is keeping me from eating, sleeping, living. I am more than fed up with it. My doctors are going to order a study on the matter and I am to go through more tests, scans etc to try to figure out why these things are so persistent. They tell me they have never seen this in 30 years...maybe they need to go to this site! The only thing that has helped (again take "Help" very lightly" is Zilactin which numbs the pain for a long time. THe only bad thing about it is that it leaves a residue which is hard to take off and causes a lot of pain when you are trying to get rid of it. As for pain management, I have yet to find one pain killer that actually kills the pain. If only I could get rid of that ulcer, I would be able to finally start my recovery from cancer. Instead, it is just prolonging the agony. Anyone who has any suggestion for me, please don't hesitate. I am even thinking about going to Europe to see if they have found a cure for that over there. At this point, it is all gain, no loss.
Best to all.
Sabrina 16:25 , 16 November 05


Ask about laser cauterization. Believe it or not, it doesn't hurt (though they could numb you if they needed to). This is considered the highest prob solution I've heard of...you just need a dentist with a laser. You can't do it at home, but you may not need to, based on what you're saying. Something about the lasing process kills the nerve cells and a layer of whatever is on top of the sore, allowing the healing to begin.

Best of luck.
Chrisf 17:44 , 16 November 05

Wow. I had no idea mouth ulcers were this big of a problem for so many people. I found this site after searching for some relief (i just got the first big wave of ulcers i've ever had and i'm on the verge of insanity). i would say that stress is the cause, but I have an anxiety disorder and am generally stressed no matter what. So I don't know what would be different now? One thing that has changed was I've drank alot (of alcohol that is) this past week, much more so than usual. Anyone else think it could be attributed to too much drinking/smoking?
Jaaye 22:43 , 16 November 05

Just found this site after searching for possible new ideas/findings for prevention. I've had ulcers for about 25 years. So I thought I'd share my experiences. Various pharmacists have suggested Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron supplements(not all at once!) Vitamin C and B showed improvements, but only in the way that instead of getting about 10 at once, I would get about 2 and they weren't half as bad. My dentist once sadi that you don't get them in the same place twice, but you would have thought I'd have run out of possibilities by now! I had a blood test to test against certain foods. It came back a big reaction to dairy, and a slight reaction to wheat, so instead of cutting out dairy (which obviously includes chocolate) I tried cutting out wheat. This does seem to be the cause for me, since I love bread etc I don't do it stirctly. I get tempted by warm crusty bread and think that I'll have it just that once, but then wake up the next day and think its so not worth it!
I've found Adcortyl in Orabase is the best thing to help get rid once I've eaten bread or pasta, plus anbesol for taking the pain away to be able to eat and talk etc. I once tried bicarbonate of soda directly on to a particularly bad ulcer on my lip. Pain, far far worse than salt or anbesol, that lasted for about half an hour, even after I'd rinsed it off, but it that time, the ulcer had physically decreased in size, but obviously, this remedy is only for desperate times! Never tried it again since.
Fran 18:23 , 19 November 05

Hello all and thanks for the replies. I think I FOUND THE REASON for the bad ulcer. Apparently, my wisdom tooth was cutting into my cheeck creating an ulcer the size of a coin. Because of radiation which swelled up my skin and chemo which destroyed my immune system so I was unable to fight the attack, the ulcer kept on getting worse. A tooth later, I cannot feel the pain and look forward to the healing. PS: Chocolate made it worse for me too!

sabrina ousmaal 23:12 , 19 November 05

OK. I have no idea why this works but it does. I have suffered from ulcers forever. Alcohol, stress & lack of sleep make it worse. Drink that GNC product Met-Rx and mix it with a bannana & milk in a blender it makes them go away. It also mitigates pain.
john 05:36 , 20 November 05

SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've suffered for god knows how long and tried everything! if someone has any cures i will love them forever! have tried everythin from bongela to corsodyl. nothing works for me! please, please, please. put up any workable cures.
vicky 10:56 , 25 November 05

Dear Vicky,

Please try SQUIGLE Toothpaste. Use it exclusively for 1-2 months. They sell it on this website at
the Mouth Ulcers Shop. Money back guaranteee. SQUIGLE is not just SLS free:

1. It's free of all irritants, including the usual SLS substitutes

2. It has 36% by weight of Xylitol (more than any other toothpaste) to profoundly inhibit the
growth of acid secreting plaque, which can trigger mouth ulcers

3. It has a patented ultramild surfactant system to hold the active ingredients onto your sensitive
oral mucosa

Hope you get relief.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLE Toothpaste
Dr. Edward Cutler 12:32 , 25 November 05

Funny thing is reading this seems to have taken some of the pain away? I suppose it helps numb the helplessness I alweays feel. I've had them as long as I can remember (I'm 21) and I always thought it was down to flouride in my toothpaste, which I struggle to avoid. But I now tink it could be down to SLS, so will be buying some squigle soon. So far i'm 6 weeks into a run, which usually last 8-12 weeks and there is usually only a day or so inbetween. My girlfriend is soooooo fed up of me not being able to talk as the last few weeks they've been on my toungue. Plus there are other intimate things they make impossible, along with actually enjoying a meal. The only thing i've ever found that numbs the pain is alcohol, usually beer but that makes them worse in the morning as the sugar seems to feed them!

So i'll try squigle and lysine and hopefully i might be able to enjoy xmas dinner this year!

Jon Crowson 12:56 , 29 November 05

Lysine deffinatley works. You should try that before the squiggle toothpaste. Plus all you need to do is go into a Holand and Barrett to get them. They are £2.99 and deffinately help. I've just had an outbreak and i only have one left since I've started using Lysine.
Vicky 14:27 , 29 November 05

Wow! I have stopped feeling sorry for myself - I am 46 and have never suffered with ulcers untill I had a cold about a month ago, since then I have had 2 outbreaks. But only 5 at a time. My problem seems so small to some of yours. You all have my greatest sympathy.
Debby 23:58 , 29 November 05

I suffer with tiny pin prick ulsers on my tounge more often than the larger type on the side of my cheek and have done since i can remember and only tonight have i managed to cure my pain. Looking through the BBC web page it mentioned that you should take paracetamal which i did, but what really works for me long term is to put one disolvable asprin such as anadin extra into a glass of ice cold water and gargle with that and leave it on your tounge for about 30 seconds before swallowing or spitting out. Not sure if it will work for any of you but its worth telling you about just incase.

Hope this helps
nat 01:53 , 30 November 05

Thanks for that. I might try that if Lysine doesnt work. But then again it's been working for me, so I think I'll stick by it. (By the way, Debbie. You said you get about 5 a time. That's the amount I normally get but this time it was about 7. So me and you are in the same boat.)
Vicky 11:30 , 30 November 05

=( I have two massive ulcers at the mo both on my bottle lip, its is so hard to eat and talk i am nearly in tears from brushin my teeth. i am so sick of them i must have had at least 6 a month every month this yr and no1 knows y :( just wish they would stop as they are so painfull...
katie 17:12 , 30 November 05

Hi all,

I'm so sorry for all of you suffering right now. I can honestly say that I have never had an ulcer until this week. I'm 25 years old and have no clue as to where they came from. I woke up one morning and noticed tenderness in my mouth and when I looked in the mirror, three beastly ulcers were staring back at me. I've started Lysine and it seems to be helping. Thought I'd add this as well--I did some research today and found this product called Cankermelts. It claims that it heals regular mouth ulcers as well as canker sores in 4 days or your money back. Don't know much about it, but I guess it's worth a shot. I'll try it out and let you all know how it works.
Kelly 07:31 , 1 December 05

The odd thing about gluten intolerance, or Celiac/Coeliac Disease, is that it can progress very slowly and take years to cause symptoms. One of its symptoms are the mouth ulcers/canker sores that people might start noticing at various stages of life. I don't think I started to really suffer from the sores in a major way until about 1997 when I was 56 years old. Others might start getting the problems at age 25.
TomF 10:41 , 1 December 05

Does anyone know how you could buy Squigle toothpaste in Australia? (We get mouth ulcers here too!) Seriously, I believe from painful experience that the potential to have them is there at certain times (eg when we are run down) and its what we put into our mouths that makes them errupt like they do. Toothpaste and its toxic ingredients are one of those irritants. Thanks for a wonderful site, found at a desperate moment.
Diane 13:53 , 1 December 05

You can buy it mail order from the Mouth Ulcers Shop and, no doubt, other mail order outlets. The postage for a tube or two shouldn't be too steep.
Dom Walton 00:27 , 2 December 05

hi all, i have been suffering with extreme mouth ulcers some of them the size of a 5p piece for over a year now. I have been to the doctors, dentist and finally the hospital. I found the only thing that took the pain away was actually having them cut out by the doctor. They healed within a day or two compared to the weeks it takes on there own. I have tried every mouthwash and cream on the market and the only that sooths them for me is difflam which i get from the docs. I will say this. having the uclers has made me give up smoking due to the increased risk of mouth/throat cancer. But i am still suffering to this day with at least 6 ulcers at a time. if anyone has any other info or advice i would love to read it.
kerryb 00:48 , 2 December 05

Dear Kerry,

It is well known that when people stop smoking they frequently start to get mouth ulcers. I would not suggest you resume smoking, but I would suggest:

1. Start using SQUIGLE® Toothpaste (they sell it on this website at the Mouth Ulcers Shop)

2. Floss daily

3. Take a Centrum® multivitamin + multimineral

4. Cut your sugar consumption to zero

5. Get sufficient sleep each night

6. Avoid foods which may trigger your mouth ulcers (this requires careful trial and error)

Let me know how you're doing in 1-2 months. If you've still got the problem, I'm willing to
try addtional approaches. My email is: drsquigle@yahoo.com

Hope you get relief.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLE® Toothpaste
Dr. Edward Cutler 13:03 , 2 December 05

sleeping with mouth open causes ulcers!

I found after 2 years of unbearable ulcers (liek everyone else) that if I woke at night with a dry mouth I would get ulcers emerging over the next day or so, lasting as usual ten painfull days.

I tried everything (by the way for me there's no question Adcortyl/Kenalog heals them fast and stops them developing as long as you can apply it on the right spot several times aday).

SO I just thought, well what if I can keep my mouth shut and not get a dry mouth - worth a try...

So I apply an elastoplast fabric stiking plaster across my mouth (yes this is for real!) and ...HEY PRESTO NO ULCERS!!!! I ONLY get them now when i go to bed and forget to put on a plaster - yes it's a pain to have to do it, but its been well worth it. Anyone else found the dry-mouth-at-night thing?

Anyway, try it, you just breathe through your nose all night and no ulcers develop (in my experience anyway). Good Luck.

jbr 21:31 , 2 December 05

hi all, well chuffed i found this site, my ulcer has pretty much ruined my weekend, finding it difficult to talk, eat etc and feeling really run down. I'm gonna try Lysine, will hit the health food shop 2moro - heard Ulcaid is supposed to be good? anyone ever used it?
Neil 11:36 , 4 December 05

Not used Ulcaid but I know that Lysine works. I use it myself. Deffo to use.
Vicky 12:46 , 5 December 05

Hi All

So glad I found this site. I have suffered from ulcers since I was a kid and I am now 44. I am going to try lysine, but I am curious about the effects toothpaste can have on ulcers. I never gave it a thought that my toothpaste might be doing this to me. So I am off to the health shop at weekend for Lysine and non chemical toothpaste. Will let you know how I get on and thankyou all.
Lesley 21:49 , 6 December 05

Well I don't know what the effects of toothpaste are, but I do feel sorry for you. My god! Over 30 years. I've only had mine for about 7 or 8 years and I thought that was bad. Ahh! Hope you get rid of them.
Vicky 09:25 , 9 December 05

I thoght it was just me that suffered with ulcers so badly.I'm 35 and even during my childhood i can't remember a time when i havent had at least a couple. Ive tried everything to no avail,dabbing salt hurts like hell but gives respite and enables me to eat. Don't know about you but it drives me mad when people say "aw you must be run down".
Gary Axe 15:09 , 9 December 05

desperate mother of 11 yr old boy. huge ulcerated regions with scarring on his tongue. wcc down especially neutrophil component. any suggestions.
eorann 00:48 , 10 December 05

Try Lysine tablets. You can get them from Holland and Barrett and they really work. Hope this helps!
Vicky 12:54 , 12 December 05

thanks 4 the suggestion will certainly give it a go
eorann 16:13 , 13 December 05

I would also try Corsodyl. It get rid of the pain for a while and if the ulcer is really bad it helps to numb it. There are other different types of treatment like Difflam spray and TCP. Also I've heard that rubbing salt straight onto the ulcers works. (Dunno though becuase I'm too scared to use it. Because of the pain)
Vicky 11:22 , 14 December 05

My son ova the past few days has got ulcers, hes in so much pain it dus me head in litening 2 him going on all the time, i get them from time 2 time but i just drink loads of water and plaster them wiv anbesol, it kills but its the only way 2 get shut of um, i don't envy any1 who gets them all the time, i feel sorry 4 u, i know that dusn't help.
I hope 1day there is a cure 4 all who get ulcers, i know its horrible and i only get a few.
hope u all have a happy new yr anyway in pain or not
ZENA 22:22 , 30 December 05

One thing to check when you have ulcers is the potential for UC - Ulcerative Colitis. I have been diagnosed with UC for several years now and one of the first signs was mouth ulcers. The literature on UC references mouth ulcers so as a precaution check on the potential, or possibility of having UC. Most folks know fairly quickly about UC because of its devistating affect. But, again if battle with mouth ulcers check for UC as well. Irocically, when I was on steriods (oral and IV) for the UC I had practically no ulcers. But, prednisone is not the way to cure mouth ulcers - lots of side effects.
Len 22:30 , 30 December 05

Hi to all you subscribers. I have suffered from ulcers for years and boy can I sympathise with these messages I am reading. Vicky, if you read this I really FEEL your suffering as with you all. These blighters can ruin your quality of life. Over the years here are some tips I have picked up, they may help. L- Lysine I believe has helped but I am not yet 100% convinced. DGL liquorice - the tablets you chew (from Holland and Barratt) are very effective at relieving the pain - there is also a product called cankermelts that employ liquourice in a form that covers the ulcer, I've sent off for some, if they work I'll get back to you. Here is an intersesting tip that caught me out - soluble aspirin is very effective at relieving the pain as a mouthwash, However! some soluble analgesics and aspirin contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, so read the box! It may be a bit of a bore but regularly bathing your mouth with warm saline solution does help (don't swallow) Finally for any budding pharmaceutical research departments out there - come on you guys! Finding a cure for these blighters is a multi-billion pound industry - or could be; so get on with it - WE ARE ALL WAITING!!
PS Thanks Dom for this site. This is definetly on my favourites list.
Neville 17:49 , 31 December 05

Hi.....just found this site while looking for a cure for my mouth ulcers which I just started getting on a regular basis. Had no idea they were so prevelant! Thought maybe I had mouth cancer or something........I have found relief by using Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil. I put it an a cotten swab and dab it on the area. Seems to work pretty well.....I use tea tree oil for everything though because of its antiseptic qualities. It works great for all kinds of abrasions, burns, stings, etc. That's what made me think of using it on the ulcers. It takes the pain away as well as heals the wound, temporarily anyway. I've been concerned about the area of my gums in the creases, where my cheek or lip meets my gum line. It hurts very badly and there seems to be alot of dead skin collecting there that I have to scrape out. Don't understand it at all. Does anyone else experience this?
Kay 10:21 , 1 January 06

hi, i found out that i only got ulcers on my tongue after i'd being eating chewing gum, i stopped and they went away. av got a bugger now on my bottom lip, i think its cos im a bit stressed cos i havent had 1 for a bit and i used to get them all the time. also i used to eat loads of crisps and since i stopped, the ulcers come less and less often.
Tony 13:26 , 1 January 06

Everyone......I ve had mouth ulcers for all my life and once even had a big cluster ulcer, anyway after visiting my GP and even the dental hospital, I was given a PERSCRIPTION DRUG called GELCLAIR (www.gelclair.co.uk) since using this I ve havent had an ulcer for a month, and when I did have one, with this drug, the ulcer died after one treatment. So my advise is to ask your GP for this, as for me it has been the only true cure of my ulcers.
Jon 12:51 , 5 January 06

hi all, my heart goes out to you all and it puts the few i get into context, i have major problems with them appearing in the throat making it difficult to swallow. Fells like eating that large chunk of crisp you should have chewed once more.
in my defence i am a man which allows me to be a whimp in situations such as these :o) my only defence to the true suffers i have read on this site is that i work in a job which means i have to talk all day!!! my current ulcers are thoat front lip and the killer under my tongue that grates upon my teeth!!!
having sites like this allows many more people to discuss possible remedies. Not thought about SLS in toothpaste definately going to try L-Lysine. Let you all know.
Bry 21:33 , 6 January 06

Thanks, it worked!
I had cranberry juice light (just not as much sugar), brushed with Macleans toothpaste, applied kenalog one night but drank cranberry juice 2 x a day and Im ulcer-free atm! The tooth paste costed $3 bucks, and I made sure it didn't have sodium laurly sulpahte in it,so once again it depends on what
works for you but if a cheaper in price and not quality toothpAste does the trick then try it and if it doesn't work, try the other stuff. Wish you all many ulcer free days
Maggie 09:26 , 9 January 06

I have found that when I eat certain foods I get ulcers, i.e.. Acid foods (orange juice, tomatoes, cantaloupes, pineapple, pink lemonade, walnuts, chocolate, mustard) and many more to list. Last week I was sick and did not think about it and drank 3 tall glasses of orange juice, oh my gosh! I had so many sores it was not funny!. I also get a prescription from my doctor of (Magic Mouth Wash). It makes the sores go away a little faster and I would recommend anyone to try it! I now am on a mission to see what all foods I no longer can eat, because the pain is not worth eating the foods!
Gail C 18:35 , 9 January 06

After years of blaming sugar and stress, I made a possible connection for myself: burns. Since I am very impatient and a dummy, I tend to eat cooked food and coffee too soon. I discovered that mouth burns smolder for a few days then become sores. My problem is exagerated since I cant help but "figit" with sores. I also tend to use Zilactin "a little too late in the game" and I think it irritates the sore. I just found this great forum after running across something about SLS ( Sodium Laureth Sulfate). My heart goes out to all suffering contributers -- "Grabber"
David Grab 20:28 , 9 January 06

the lysine definately works... tablets are rather large though, 1000mg per day. yet swallowing the liitle missiles is suprising easy. I would like to say it completely cleared but alas it didn't. I've put this don't to my other affliction 'talking!'
If i could only stay quiet for more than 1hr it may start healing. It works well overnight definate improvement by morning. (then one time i'm not talking i think?!?)
For anyone new to the site read 'featured articles' tab below "read this it works"
Once again sympathys to all
Bryan 20:04 , 10 January 06

well i use lysine as well but i normally take it in the morning. maybe i should take it at night because it mighjt work better...
Vicky 14:39 , 12 January 06

i have been getting mouth ulcers ever since i can remember, just recently i was complaining about how painful they were and i was told to apply vegimite on them at night before bedtime, so thats just what i did and amazingly the ulcers had reduced in size and severity the next morning, ever since that i apply vegimite and it works for me
annette 04:06 , 22 January 06

i have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as i can remember. i have had two children in the last 3 1/2 years and for the nine months of both pregnancies I didn't suffer from any ulcers at all. no doctor, dentist or naturopath i go to seems to be able to point me in the right direction. they have all suggested things to try and they might work in the short term but the ulcers always seem to return.
sue 06:09 , 22 January 06

Hi All,
I just want to say thanks, I have been so miserable over the last couple of days, I have about 8 at the moment, most of them on some part of my tongue, I am so hungry at the moment, tried having some breakfast, not worth the pain, I did the salt gargle first and had some paracetamol, then I thought I'd search the net for help, and I came across all you guy's, it actually makes me feel a little better to know others out there know how I feel, and its great to know that this pain in my throat and left ear is due to these SOB's!! I'm going to head of now and search for some of the products you've recommended.

Sinead 13:08 , 22 January 06

I have suffered from mouth ulcers ever since i was little and from my family history it's heredatry. And that different people on one side of my family are allergic to anything citrus, this being lemons, oranges, pineapple ect. Just thought you'd all like to know to check it out for yourself. You may just have the same allergic reaction to citrus.
Ouchie! 13:20 , 29 January 06

Wow, what a wonderful resource this site is. I'm thrilled to have found it! I suffer mainly from ulcers on my throat, but just started getting them on my inner lip and tongue area. I was misdiagnosed by two doctors as having herpes simplex, so for 2 years I wasted time taking famvir and valtrex to no avail. I have come to find out that a genetic form of anemia is the underlying cause--everyone on one side of my family gets ulcers. Seems to be anytime the immune system gets weak, an outbreak occurs. I certainly believe fatiugue and alcohol consumption are directly linked to outbreaks. I cannot hammer down which type(s) of alcohol are worse than others, but red wine seems to be deadly. You may want to look into anemia as a cause--my type does not respond to dietary changes, but some of you may simply need to eat more iron and/or vitamin B rich foods in your diet.
Steve, NJ 15:43 , 29 January 06

I have always suffered from ulcers and about 3 months ago during a severe attack I came upon this site. I tried the cranberry juice, it didn't really help. I changed to a herbal toothpaste and took lysine, I take 1500mg a day. The difference is amazing. I still get ulcers but they are barely noticeable and only last 1 to 2 days . I eat and talk without pain, which is such a breakthrough. I can't determine whether it is the toothpaste or lysine but i won't be changing either. my life is so much more pleasant (touch wood).
Before I found this site, I felt so guilty and pathetic that I couldn't cope with a few mouth ulcers. Thanks everybody for sharing and I can't express how good this site makes me feel, knowing I'm normal and not alone.
Lea 13:00 , 30 January 06

Steve: chronic anemia and mouth ulcers are also symptoms of gluten intolerance/Celiac Disease.
TomF 14:15 , 1 February 06

This site is just the greatest!! Sorry you are all going through this (with me) but glad to know we are not alone! I am having a miserable two, going on three weeks, with this big blighter on my tongue, stopping me from eating, talking & swallowing. I have had these before on my gums, but never on tongue until a month ago, and I can't believe the pain. I was beginning to think I had tongue cancer :(
Mrs G Australia 12:09 , 2 February 06

Im under the hospital at the moment and go back 9th feb for blood results,finding this web site has made me feel so much better and i'm not alone in my pain! mine have been on and off since oct 05 i've tried difflam,corsodyl,adcortyl in orabase the latter being the best for ulcers that aren,t on your tongue! bongela makes my mouth sore and anbesol no good either,but my fellas been out tonight for a big bottle of TCP and i,m off to health shop tomorrow for lysine!!!! THANX again for tips and advice! x
karen 22:35 , 2 February 06

I can't believe this. I knew I shouldn't have said anything about my ulcers being under control. I now have a huge one on the inside of my top lip. My lip is so swollen it looks like I've had collagen and its gone wrong. I can only eat soft food and then i can't do it in public because i can't chew with my mouth closed. I haven't stopped with the lysine but I had a few days of reverting back to normal toothpaste instead of SLS free. I couldn't help it because I like the clean teeth feeling that colgate gives but if this is my punishment never again. :(
Lea 20:39 , 4 February 06

I have had ulcers now for the past 3 weeks its not only driving me made but its driving my wife made with the constant moaning. It seems that when i get an ulcer 20. Ive tried lots of different mouth washes and i am currently on listerine, it hurts like hell but gives me some relef for a least 10 minutes after. I use this method just before a main meal to try and enjoy what i am eating.
Does anyone no of anything better for numing the pain for longer. ive even used calgel, normally used for babies cutting teeth. Good luck to all in there search for the end of the ulcer.
scott 22:48 , 4 February 06

when i write made i mean mad and for any other spelling mistakes sorry

scott 22:56 , 4 February 06

It was so great to find this site and know there are so many others like me - even someone in Australia gets mouth ulcers?? I have only suffered from them for the past couple of years and don't know what started them - have been to doctors who haven't come up with anything positive. My current crop are the absolute worst yet - on my tongue and I can hardly swallow, eat, talk, but I can still cry! Haven't eaten anything for days so at least I won't have to go back to Weight Watchers!!! Have tried the vegemite trick (being Aussie), SM33, Kenalog and other pastes, rinsing with listerine, salt but nothing seems to work but I will try the cranberry juice - at least that shouldn't make them sting more! Am about to go back to the doctor this morning but I doubt whether he will be of any help - just tell me to take Panadol like they all do.
geraldine 01:48 , 6 February 06

I only get 1-2 every 1-2 months. But even 1 can be hell! I used the SM33 liquid but it didn't work, but the Kenalog in Orabase (Aust. product) is great. It works for me. I really recommend it. I am still mistified as to what the cause of these nasty things are. I have to admit, I only sleep 5-6 hours a night due to my early morning job and my fruit/veggie intake could be more abundant. But I am stringent about taking Blackmores Executive B stress formula and multivitamins. Perhaps more sleep and a better diet with no stress would be the cure! The perfect lifestyle...I should be so lucky!. Thanks for all your advice.
Maria-Sydney 08:01 , 6 February 06

Bought lysine 1000mg on fri 3rd feb taken one a day,its now tuesday and my ulcers have GONE!!!
Dont know wether this is just a coincidence or what but i'm elated! please try them they are £5.95 for 60 1000mg from holland and barrett these will last me 2 months.Beware tho they are like horse pills they're massive but worth their weight in gold !!!!!
karen 19:51 , 7 February 06

Hello everyone.

It's nice to read what everyone has posted on this site and I think it is great and comforting to read all of the stories, in search of an answer or some kind of reassurance that I'm not crazy. I have always suffered from the occassional ulcer when I was run down or not looking after myself, maybe thats still the case, but recently and still ongoing, I have had the worst period suffering from over 30 at a time, over my whole mouth, lips, tounge and gums. As you all know, eating, swallowing, drinking, talking and even smiling is so extremely painful that I end up in tears because of the pain. Like everyone I have tried all of the remedys, SM33 liquid and gel (not too bad but it only lasts for a hour max), Kenolog, which has helped but can only be appied as a paste mainly at night, Salt water (even the ocean), I have seen doctors and my dentist who prescriped an anti-biotic mouth wash which didn't help.

I think I really do need to concentrate on being less stressed, get more sleep and eat well, I can sympathise with Maria in Sydney as I would love to not have to work and I too only seem to get small amounts of sleep, despite attempts to change my behaviour, it's so hard hey? As of yesterday and because of alot of people on this site I am on Lysine, and because a blood test showed I was low in iron, I am taking iron supplements and a multivitamin, everyone who is also taking these, remember what the label says they are not to replace a balance diet.

Thanks to everyone, it's been hard (as you know), hopefully the treatments you have all suggested will work!


Rebecca, Australia 06:04 , 8 February 06

I noticed that Dr. Cutler suggested cutting cranberry juice out of your diet, but I find that it actually helps to cut down on the frequency of my ulcers, and I've read that it helps other people on this site too. Anybody else have that experience?
Melissa 00:35 , 13 February 06