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This web site is a public knowledge base for prevention, treatment and causes of mouth ulcers and associated ailments. I hope information contained herein is of benefit to new, young and long-term sufferers alike.

I am not a doctor, and am not employed by pharmacuetical organisations

The views expressed on the message board are of those submitting the messages - it is monitored electronically and by a real person so spam, junk and irrelevant or irritating messages are removed quickly.

I prefer to keep the site open to all, without requiring registration and user log-in. It is for the common good, I hope you find it helpful.    Dom Walton.


1999 - The Mouth Ulcers Home Page was originally set up. Shortly afterwards the domain mouthulcers.co.uk was purchased (the .org and .com were already taken by spammers with irrelevant sites that spawned endless pop-ups for mobile phone deals and on-line casinos.

May 2001 - Message board was introduced, which is now the most informative part of the site.

Spring 2002 - the site physically moved on to an Apache server, and FileMaker server within my own premises, such that when something gets broken the repair time is a lot shorter (or should be!).

September 2002 - Introduction of on-line causes and treatments surveys, and purchase of the .org domain which eventually became available.

October 2002 - at last we can now be found on Yahoo!

July 2003 - Average daily new-hits now exceeds 400

March 2004 - Launch of the Mouth Ulcers Shop

May 2005 - Average daily new-hits now exceeds 700

February 2006 - Average daily new-hits now exceeds 2000

January 2008 - Complete re-write of the entire site to make it faster and more informative.

March 2012 - The average number of visitors to the site each day now exceeds 3000.

March 2015 - The average number of visitors to the site each day now exceeds 4000.

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The Mouth Ulcers Home Page is a non-profit-making, non-commercial enterprise. It has now grown into a significant entity, requiring time and resources to maintain it, these have been provided for by sponsors and donations.

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A very very big thank you to those of you who have so generously made donations and sent letters of gratitude. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you decide you would like to make a donation, let me know if you would like to be credited on this page.

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