Mouth ulcers: what causes them? treatment, opinion and surveys.

Hey look, a picture of Dom with some Curasept! Hello... Do you get mouth ulcers (canker sores, aphthous stomata, oral mucositis)? I do, and I don't like them, they are a curse. I get these great big jobs on my tongue which hurt like screaming great hurting things. Sometimes I go for months with none, sometimes I get an odd one or two, and sometimes there are weeks of non-stop affliction, with no tangible reason. Doctor doesn't know what causes them, dentist doesn't know what causes them, I don't know what causes them. I wish they would go away.

Since first writing this introduction 19 years ago, I have actually got my ulcers mostly under control, this is the first time since childhood - different things work for different people, the things that work for me were brought to my attention on this very message board. If you are looking for what causes mouth ulcers, a cure for mouth ulcers or treatments, read the messages, look at the surveys, be methodical in your approach. If you are new to the curse though, do please get checked out by a doctor or dentist first to confirm that it is mouth ulcers (canker sores), particularly if you have a persistent pain-free ulcer in the same place.

I wish you good luck in your search, and do be methodical (you can find out what works for me in the Featured Articles section). If you find this site helpful please do share it around.

Dom Walton 22nd February 2018